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chilacan anyone help me02:52
chilaubuntu server setup02:56
chilaand and setting up ftp with proftpd02:56
dguitar4Are you having problems? or are you looking for a guide of some sort?02:57
chilaI have ubuntu server installed and configured with apache2, proftpd, php5, mysql, ispconfig02:57
chilawell a little of both02:59
chilawell one, I cant connect to my computer form an outside ip02:59
chilai did all that03:00
dguitar4any specific problem?03:00
chilayeah I cant connect to ispconfig from an outside ip03:00
chilaI have a dyndns though03:00
chilausing ddclient03:00
dguitar4hmmm don't have a lot of experiance with dyndns03:01
chilawell how about proftpd03:01
dguitar4not really :\03:01
chilahow about ispconfig?03:01
dguitar4lol nope03:02
dguitar4well i might be able to help alittle03:02
mralphabetchila: what is the IP address of the linux box?03:02
dguitar4You do have apache running?03:02
dguitar4Can you get to apache from outside?03:03
chilaI dont think so03:03
dguitar4Do you have port forwarding setup?03:03
chilaI believe so03:03
=== mralphabet doesn't believe you
dguitar4You setting this up at home?03:03
dguitar4Most likely port 80 won't be able to be forwarded (fyi)03:04
chilayeah I might not have ip forwarding setup03:04
chilawhat about port 8103:04
chilaim trying to get there from the outside03:04
dguitar4port 81 should be fine03:04
chilaI can connect there from my desktop in my home network03:04
chilabut not from the outside03:04
dguitar4Well how are you trying to connect?03:05
chilausing my dns from dyndns03:05
foochila: Please don't private message people in here for help. Please just ask and wait in here in the future. 03:05
dguitar4Ah, well can you connect via your IP03:06
chilaI tryed yesterday and assumed I was doing something wrong03:06
chilanot my dyndns one03:06
chilabut the network one I can03:07
dguitar4Do you know what your public IP address is?03:07
dguitar4will tell you03:08
dguitar4so would go to your site, if you have port forwading setup correctly03:09
chilabut it doesn't03:10
dguitar4then you don't have Port forwarding setup correctly ;)03:10
chilahow do I set up port forwarding03:10
dguitar4It would be a setting in your router @ home03:10
chilai see03:11
dguitar4You'll have to chose a port, then choose what internal IP address it is forwarding to03:11
=== chila_ [n=dan@c-76-99-47-39.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
chila_hey it works now03:23
chila_thank you dguitar03:24
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levanderIf I want to add a virtual host to my already running apache config, is all I have to do is put the VirtualHost directive (which I've been supplied with) in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled?09:44
coNPlevander: true09:44
levandercoNP: so, why when I pull up the URL, does my browser say: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at louis:8888." without any messages about it at all in /var/log/error.log or /var/log/access.log?09:45
coNPlouis is your machine and 8888 is the port?09:46
levanderyes. here's the VirtualHost directive I was supplied with by this wiki software: http://pastebin.ca/56367709:47
levanderjust pulling up louis does pull up a directory listing off /var/www on that machine09:47
levanderand, i have restarted apache209:47
levander/etc/init.d/apache2 restart09:47
levanderi put that virtualhost directive in a file called wiki2go in /etc/apache2/sites-available, then put a link to it in sites-enabled09:48
coNPdoes you apache listen on port 8888?09:49
coNP/etc/apache2/ports.conf should contain "Listen 8888"09:49
levandercoNP: no, http://louis/ goes to the index of /var/www09:49
levandercoNP: that may be it09:49
levanderlemme look09:49
levanderWell, now http://louis:8888/ just goes to the directory listing of /var/wwww09:51
coNPis somewhere a "NameVirtualHost *:8888"?09:54
levanderi don't see a NameVirtualHost, but I see a "VirtualHost *:8888" in that file i pasted09:55
coNPtry to prepend a  "NameVirtualHost *:8888" line to that file09:56
levandercoNP: I just did that, no dice09:57
coNPwith apache2 restart, I guess09:58
levanderyeah, i did09:58
levanderi gotta give up for the night09:59
levanderthanks for trying to help coNP 09:59
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fabio__|hello, can you suggest me a very configurable FTP server for Ubuntu? 11:11
fabio__|i don't like very much vsftpd...11:11
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CrummyGummyHi all, I upgraded to Fiesty and now my mysql replication is broken. Were there any major changes in that space? The error is 12:00
CrummyGummyFailed to open the relay log './lloyd-relay-bin.000001' (relay_log_pos 0)12:00
CrummyGummy Could not find target log during relay log initialization12:00
CrummyGummycourse I have since changed the relay log by  hand in the relay-log.info file but the same problem was there with the original relay log.12:01
shawarmaDo you have a lloyd-relay-bin.000001 somewhere?12:03
shawarmaOr something that smells like it?12:03
CrummyGummyshawarma, Yes I do.12:08
shawarmaThat very file? Where?12:08
CrummyGummyhmmm, maybe a slave reset would work.12:08
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Try "mysqladmin variables" (passing it proper authentication if needed) and see what your datadir is set to.12:08
CrummyGummythe file is specified in relay-log.info as ./lloyd-relay-bin.00000112:08
CrummyGummyfrom mysql... var... 12:08
CrummyGummydatadir                         | /var/lib/mysql/12:08
shawarmaCrummyGummy: The "./" bit should be ok, I think.12:11
shawarmaCrummyGummy: As I believe it's relative to datadir.12:11
CrummyGummyYeah, it works on the master server. The repl is circular.12:12
shawarmaI really have no idea. You log files don't say anything clever?12:15
CrummyGummyits very wierd... I'm gonna reset the slave and see if it fixes it.12:15
CrummyGummysorry, didn't see you rlast comment. No nothing else in the logs. Lemme have another look...12:15
shawarmayou could always do a "mysqlbinlog lloyd-relay-bin.00001" and pipe it into mysql to make sure you don't lose whatever's in the log.12:15
CrummyGummyThanks, I did that. No nothing else in the logs :(12:17
CrummyGummyCool, reset fixed it :) wierd....12:19
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sommertshey everybody. i have a question about postfix. anybody who can help?02:46
sommertsanybody, postfix savvy?02:49
=== stratus [i=stratus@conference/debconf/x-bf3be1cb52a5a9b5] has joined #ubuntu-server
Kamping_Kaisersommerts, ask your question, if someone knows about postfix they will answer, if not , you may be out of luck02:49
=== foo [n=foo@cpe-76-175-79-80.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
Kamping_Kaisersommerts, and dont be afraid to wait02:50
sommertsalright. I'm receiving mail on mail@mydomain with the standard postix setup. so only local accounts should receive mail. mail altough is not a local unix account. how comes? RFC?02:51
shawarmasommerts: Well, just because you're running a standard setup that does local delivery, that doesn't stop the rest of the world from sending e-mail to mail@yourdomain? Or am I not unerstadning your question?02:53
sommertsyeah right, but the message should be rejected as if i would send something to xy@mydomain. mail@mydomain gets delivered to /var/spool however.02:56
shawarmasommerts: /var/spool/mail/mail ?02:59
sommertscould it be that mail is similar to abuse and postmaster?03:01
shawarmaNo, it seems not.03:08
sommertshmm, what else could it be? any idea where to start looking?03:08
CrummyGummyshawarma, Hi, can I bend your ear again?03:09
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Sure.03:10
shawarmasommerts: I'm looking into it. Gimme a sec.03:10
CrummyGummyI'm now upgrading the next server and mysql is insisting on putting the relay-bin file in /var/run.03:11
CrummyGummyThe datadir is /var/lib/mysql.03:11
CrummyGummyThis is wierd.03:11
shawarmaCrummyGummy: That's... odd.03:12
CrummyGummyThats what I though...03:16
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@24-193.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Directly in var/run or in /var/run/mysql ?03:17
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Feisty, you say?03:19
ivokswhat's the problem?03:22
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shawarmaivoks: Mysql server putting relay-bin file in /var/run/mysqld03:22
=== CrummyGummy nods
ivoksi can't see it03:23
ivoksdoh, i upgraded to gutsy this morning :/03:23
shawarmaivoks: No, it's just CrummyGummy.03:24
CrummyGummy I've run a "reset slave", "change master", edited the relay-log.info to the right file (.//mysqld-relay-bin.000001 pos0) and run 'start slave' and within a second the error above shows and its relay-log.info is back to /var/run/mysqld/mysqld-relay-bin.000002 pos 23503:24
CrummyGummyI've grepped all the config files and only pid_file and socket point at that dir.03:25
ivoksno idea03:28
shawarmaivoks: Well, CrummyGummy and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.0/+bug/119271.03:28
CrummyGummyshawarma, hmmm, so one other person has the same problem and the maintainer doesn't see it. wierd...03:31
CrummyGummyand it only happened on one of my servers.03:32
ivoksothers are ok?03:32
CrummyGummyyup. and the config is almost identical except for slave stuff.03:33
ivoksCrummyGummy: no one confirmed his problem and he didn't reply to question, so... you can't say maintainers didn't see it03:33
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Um, I'm the maintainer. :)03:37
CrummyGummyivoks, Not didn't see it. Doesn't see it (the problem)03:37
shawarmaCrummyGummy: So I've seen it, and asked for further info .:)03:37
ivoksok, i've setup replication, but... nothing in /var/run/mysqld/03:38
CrummyGummyso its still just me and some random dude...03:40
ivoksmaybe i did something wrong :)03:41
ivoksin /etc/mysql/conf.d/ i added new file with content03:41
ivokslog-bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin-test.log03:41
ivoksbinlog-do-db and server-id03:41
=== sommerts_ [n=sommerts@80-218-243-206.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaYes, sure that would work around it. Default should not be to put anything in /var/run that is as important as those logs.03:43
=== sommerts_ is now known as sommerts
shawarmasommerts: Noone in #postfix seems to able/willing to answer. It appears to be behaviour by design on local(8)'s part that it delivers it. It likely means that it should be filtered elsewhere.03:44
shawarmasommerts: Like in /etc/aliases or something.03:44
sommertsi'll look into it deeper later on the day. thanks anyway. appreciated.03:48
shawarmasommerts: If you could file it as a bug, that'd be great.03:48
ivokspostfix bug? :)03:48
sommertsif it is one. i'll do that.03:48
ivoksoh, there it is...03:48
ivoksin /var/run/mysqld03:48
shawarmaivoks: Really? It's reproducable?03:48
ivoksmysqld.pid  mysqld-relay-bin.000002  mysqld-relay-bin.index  mysqld.sock03:48
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ivokseasy to reproduce:03:48
=== Panzer_ [n=Porsche9@] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaMan, I need more hardware, so I can test these things.03:50
ivokskvm? :)03:50
shawarmaHere's a complete list of my hardware:03:51
ivoksnone :)03:51
shawarma1) IBM Thinkpad X4003:51
shawarmaIt sucks to be me.03:51
ivoksdon't worry03:51
ivoksi have toshiba satellite pro U20003:51
shawarmaWhen I grow up, I want decent hardware.03:51
ivoksanyway, bbl03:52
shawarmaWell, my thinkpad is decent, but insufficient for my current needs, unfortunately.03:52
shawarmaivoks: See you.03:52
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Could you make a not in that bug report that it's happening to you, too?03:53
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CrummyGummyI got dropped, did I miss anything?04:16
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mralphabet08:52 < shawarma> CrummyGummy: Could you make a not in that bug report that it's happening to you, too?04:24
mralphabet08:52 < shawarma> note*04:24
CrummyGummyK, I'm setting up an account.04:25
shawarmaCrummyGummy: Excellent. Thank you!04:25
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shawarmaCrummyGummy: Thanks. I won't have time to work more on it today (or tomorrow, probably), but I'll definitely take a look at it soon.05:03
CrummyGummyI'm going to have to spend time on it before then. I need to reboot at least one of my servers tomorrow and this could turn out to be a big problem.05:08
CrummyGummyReported on the second of June.05:28
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shawarmaCrummyGummy: Ah, great. Thanks for digging that up! Could you put a linkt to that in the bug report?05:33
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CrummyGummyI've added05:46
CrummyGummyrelay_log       =       /var/lib/mysql/mysqld-relay05:46
CrummyGummyto my my.cnf and it seems to be working as expected.05:46
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sommertsdo you guys have a unix account named 'mail' in /etc/shadow? and is it unlocked?05:50
mralphabetsommerts: mail:*:13629:0:99999:7:::05:57
sommertssame here. tks05:57
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ivoksCrummyGummy: great06:07
ivoksCrummyGummy: just, don't add stuff to my.cnf06:08
ivoksCrummyGummy: add it in files in /etc/mysql/conf.d/06:08
ivoksCrummyGummy: it makes upgrade of packages easier, *a lot*06:08
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