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fabbionedoko: ping?01:40
dokofabbione: pong01:45
fabbionedoko: are we still maintaining gcc-3.3?01:45
fabbioneand 3.4 for the matter....01:45
doko3.3, just for libstdc++5 :-(01:46
doko3.4 for g7701:46
fabbionei wonder how many legacy applications are left on ++501:47
dokofglrx ...01:47
fabbioneperhaps we should try to kill it hard after gutsy+101:47
fabbionei am wondering for stuff that's not in the archive01:48
shawarmaLast time I tried to install oracle, I think it needed ++5.01:52
shawarmaIt *was* a couple of years ago now, I think. They may have grown up now.01:52
dokoyes 9i did require libstdc++501:55
fabbionei think oracle express doesn't need ++502:07
fabbioneso there is a good chance that neither 10 does02:07
fabbioneshawarma: there is a deb for oracle express db... perhaps you want to look at it?02:07
shawarmafabbione: Not in particular :) At least not any time soon.02:10
fabbioneshawarma: just to check if it still depends on ++502:10
fabbionei am not asking you to play with it02:10
fabbionei know it works :)02:10
shawarmaWell, if you already have it installed can't you just try removing ++5 and see if it implodes? It's not (only) that I don't feel like it, but I don't really have the time. :)02:13
fabbionei don't have it02:16
fabbionenot even installed.. i know it works for other reasons02:16
=== fabbione asks around
shawarmaAh, I see.02:24
fabbioneanyway i asked02:25
fabbioneno big deal02:25
=== fabbione needs to wait for the slackers in MV to wake up
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