Burgundaviashawarma: what are you thoughts?12:14
shawarmaBurgundavia: The interested reader can see some of the work in progress at http://ppa.dogfood.launchpad.net/shawarma/ubuntu/12:14
Burgundaviatheir debs are really nasty require hackish things like runit12:15
shawarmaI'm using upstart instead.12:15
shawarmaIt's working great so far.12:15
Burgundaviahave they split out their client from their server?12:15
shawarmaBut that's *far* from being the worst bit.12:15
Burgundaviais ebox pretty much what we are going with then?12:16
shawarmaRandom things: It nukes any existing postgresql config in their postinst.12:16
shawarmaBurgundavia: I'd say yes.12:16
Burgundaviawe should figure out with we can tie together ebox and puppet12:16
shawarmaIt's simply too complete to ignore :)12:16
Burgundaviamaybe have a puppet recipe manager module for ebox12:17
shawarmathe major problems are configuration file handling and packaging magic, but I've got it under control, I just need a bit more time.12:17
Burgundaviacan I add that repo to my sources.list?12:18
shawarmaBurgundavia: sure can:12:18
shawarmadeb http://ppa.dogfood.launchpad.net/shawarma/ubuntu/ gutsy main12:18
shawarmaI'd advise you to stay the heck away from it on anything that you actually care about.12:19
Burgundaviayou guys rock12:19
BurgundaviaI need to figure out how to use something vmware or virtualbox for testing12:19
shawarmaIt happily nukes config files all around so far. I have yet to make it all the way through those issues.12:19
shawarmaI use VirtualBox for now.12:19
Burgundaviais there a good howto on that?12:19
shawarmaThe provide .debs.. Install 'em and click on it. :)12:20
shawarmaI just remembered that I need to stop using VirtualBox or start paying for it now..12:21
Burgundaviaso I assume your work is going upstream?12:21
shawarma..or compile it myself, but I'm a lazy bastard. Let's not forget that.12:21
Burgundaviaisn't virtualbox gpl?12:21
shawarmaBurgundavia: Yes, but the .debs include other stuff that's not GPL, so the bundle is licensed differently.12:22
shawarmaBurgundavia: If you want to use it under the GPL, you need to compile it yourself.12:22
shawarmaBurgundavia: Or wait for the Debian package. It should be in the works.12:22
Burgundaviaah, ok12:24
shawarmaWell, I'm off to bed. It's getting late around these parts..12:30
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dendrobatesWhat is the state of the directory work for gutsy, and who is the core developer?01:02
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dendrobatesWhat is the state of the directory work for gutsy, and who is the core developer?02:10
dendrobates What is the state of the directory work for gutsy, and who [is are]  the core developer?02:43
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shawarmadendrobates: Um..04:02
shawarmadendrobates: ajmitch has been working on packaging fds (Fedora's directory server) to Ubuntu.04:03
shawarmadendrobates: and my eBox work sort of falls into this category as well.04:03
dendrobatesshawarma: I have quite a bit of ldap experience and would like to help.04:12
shawarmadendrobates: Wicked.04:12
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BurgundaviaI believe ajmitch has put his fds work in bzr somewhere05:35
shawarmaBurgundavia: Oh, really?07:13
shawarmaajmitch: Any idea where he might have put it?07:22
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