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mptPerhaps it was a keyboard layout that required Shift for "-"12:06
cjwatsonmpt: I was about to claim without proof that there were no such layouts, but sadly there are ;-)01:01
cjwatsonca(multi-2gr) and ca(multix). Those freaky Canadians01:02
cjwatsonand the user in question came from an IP owned by a Montreal ISP, so you might actually be right ...01:03
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ElwellHey folks, is there a way to dump out progress into a preseed file to use on other machines?01:33
Elwellexplicitly d-i partman stuff :-)01:33
cjwatsonyou can run debconf-get-selections --installer after installation01:35
Elwellaha. ta01:36
cjwatsonbut in the case of partman that won't be very useful, since partman needs to be preseeded with a special recipe01:36
cjwatsonand debconf-get-selections won't give you that, I'm afraid01:36
cjwatsonit should be somewhat helpful with the rest, but do look through it in conjunction with the installation guide as it probably won't be appropriate exactly as-is01:36
ElwellI'm looking at the exanple expert_recipie parts01:36
Elwellbut they don't have an LVM example01:36
cjwatsonI know LVM preseeding is possible, but I'm afraid I'm not an expert on it yet01:37
Elwell:-) yeah - 'twas I who poked bigkevmcd earlier01:37
cjwatsonthere is some mention of lvm in the partman-auto-recipe.txt document01:38
ElwellI promise to write this up if I get it working01:38
cjwatsonyeah, I'm going to need to become an expert in order to get Kickstart going for it01:38
Elwell[background - was going to install 25 machines with Scientific Linux 5 (RHEL5 clone) then discovered that the bundled firefox is still
Elwellso decided to go ubuntu as per my laptop] 01:39
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blackskadhi all03:24
blackskadcjwatson: I attached a patch to bug #45690, however it's not conform to the hig03:24
blackskadwhat would you propose so it conforms to the hig?03:24
cjwatsonblackskad: would be better to have non-stock text and translate that in the same way we translate stuff like "Continue using the live CD" and "Restart now" (via debian/ubiquity.templates and special widget names that ubiquity knows to go and translate)03:26
blackskadcjwatson: ok, and what text would you use? I would use something as "continue" and "abort"03:28
cjwatsonit's possibly worth noting that OOo uses save/discard/cancel and gedit uses close without saving / cancel / save as03:30
cjwatsonso cancel doesn't *seem* to be forbidden there ..03:31
cjwatsonbut anyway, strings like "Continue installing" and "Abort the installation" sound like they'd work03:31
cjwatsonor maybe03:32
cjwatson"Do you really want to abort the installation now, or would you like to continue?"03:32
cjwatson"Continue" "Abort"03:32
cjwatson(current dialog text is "Do you really want to abort the installation now?")03:33
cjwatsonI like reusing the verbs from the text03:33
cjwatsononly trick is to make sure the translators are aware of that, but that can be done with comments03:33
blackskadcancel sounds fine if the other choices are well defined, so that the meaning of cancel is clear too, which is not realy the case03:34
cjwatsonmaybe "... or would you like to continue installing?"03:34
cjwatsonmm, abort and cancel are too similar in meaning for that to be clear I think03:34
cjwatsonso I think abort and continue are fair enough03:34
blackskadyes, those continue and abort should do fine03:35
blackskadI'll try to make up a patch03:35
blackskadit might take a while though :)03:36
cjwatsongrep for the ids of other widgets that are translated and it should help to understand how it works03:37
cjwatsonthese should be one of the widgets that are translated immediately when you select a language on the language page (before hitting next)03:37
blackskadok, I'll try to figure it out03:40
blackskadcan I ping you when I encounter a problem?03:40
markgrr, dovecot in feisty is rather broken04:55
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(cjwatson/#ubuntu-installer) one problem is that outside the installer what you want is for the LVM to be activated immediately10:58
(cjwatson/#ubuntu-installer) but inside the installer, that's not entirely obviously the case - I wanted to think about whether that would cause problems for the partitioner10:59
Elwellin my case I want to blow the HDD's completely and start afresh11:02
Elwell(preinstalled Dell XP stuff...)11:02
ElwellThe reason for the delay is I'm rebuilding the same box over and over till I get the kickstart/preseed working11:03
Elwellso get bitten by the timeout11:03
Elwelltempted to see if I can do something like pxeboot into a "mini setup" system to get things laid out, then reboot into the ubuntu install11:04
cjwatsonok, check with Keybuk then11:05
cjwatsonhe's usually around UK business hours, or mail him11:05
Elwellta. I suspect I'll still be working on this tomorrow11:05
ElwellOK - http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/amd64/apb.html.en -- has the ubuntu installer diverged wildly from the debian one?11:16
=== Elwell suspects its svn time and serious pokeage needed :-)
cjwatsonElwell: not *wildly*, but a bit; try https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html11:21
Elwellta. what package is the source for that - still "debian-installer"?11:24
mirkobuholzerwhere can I find a list of answers to run ubiquity with the <noui>?11:46
superm1cjwatson, were there any other rough edges you wanted me to look into before I attempted to cleanly add our files as deriving from your files' as base classes?11:50

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