gnomefreaknot sure. also changing for HEl.... to Times made a slight difference12:32
asacit is just disgusting how fonts look with disable pango12:32
asaceyes hurt12:32
asaci think its the serif font12:32
asacbecause folder font and message subject fonts look good12:32
gnomefreakmy eyes hurt looking at small fonts notice how small the mail is compared to tbird main window12:32
gnomefreakasac: yes just the mail font12:33
gnomefreakand that big ass tbird window is default :(12:34
gnomefreakmy res. is set to 1600x1200 you would think it will be smaller, if it does shrink i can change res to 1024x76812:35
gnomefreakthat might help viewing mails a bit12:35
asacgnomefreak: i think its the monospace font12:36
asacif you change to variable font size it looks more decent12:36
asacbut what the hell is going on there12:36
gnomefreaknot sure. but you see the issue right?12:36
=== gnomefreak hoping its not just me
gnomefreakothers have the same issue but who knows everyones could be different issues but same complaint12:37
=== gnomefreak needs to ping finalbeta and hit him over the head with something hard and metal
asaci see *an* issue12:38
asacif i disable pango12:38
=== gnomefreak figures since i have window open i might as well upload iceape
asacmaybe latest firefox/thunderbird does automatically disable pango on non indic locales?12:40
asacor ... maybe even pango disables itself automatically?12:40
gnomefreakthat would be bad for pango to disable itself IMHO12:41
asacthats interesting12:42
asacpkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 doesn't work12:42
gnomefreakummmm that weird but we did just update gtk+2.012:43
asaci think there is a serious bug in the gtk+2.0-dev package (not that it matters for our case here)12:44
gnomefreakif it wont build against that what should it build against? fff anf tb are gtk212:44
asaci had to add libxcomposite-dev and libxdamage-dev package to build-depends12:44
asacto build thunderbird12:44
asacbecause pkg-config on gtk failed12:45
gnomefreakwhen you built for gutsy to start with?12:45
asacnot long ago12:45
asaca few days ago i uploaded thunderbird 2.012:46
gnomefreakah ok12:46
gnomefreakseems sparc is borked or extreamly slow its still on glibc12:48
asacyeah ... iceape is finished12:49
asacgnash has failed12:50
asacactually i didn't know why gnash failed ... but now that i see that latest gtk appears to bring regressions i am not that concerned anymore12:51
gnomefreakdont blame you gtk more important than gnash12:54
gnomefreaki need to run to store ill be back a little later12:54
asaci will be out in a few minutes01:41
asacgnomefreak: i added --disable-freetype2 to debian/rules of gutsy tbird01:49
asacand no PANGO switch makes a difference01:50
asacall look good01:50
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gnomefreakok cool ty02:04
=== bluekuja_ [n=andrea@host221-175.pool8252.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
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=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: can you please test iceape? iceape on feisty that i built doesnt have the go button i enabled,04:31
gnomefreaki see, adding the patch gave you the choice to add the go button, i have to figure out how to make this default feature04:34
=== gnomefreak going to bed
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Admiral_Chicagoevening all04:52
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp4-60.lns4.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=FreddyM@adsl-68-255-110-41.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Admiral_Chicagothunderbird has the beginning of a clue file07:48
Admiral_Chicagohad to rename it to mozilla-thunderbird.07:59
Admiral_Chicagobzr has been fighting with me recently...08:03
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
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Admiral_Chicagohey ther asac10:49
Admiral_Chicagoif you have time, I'm stuck with this clue file in -bugs10:49
Admiral_Chicagoimproper formating?10:49
asacwhat happens?10:50
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ?10:50
asacwhats the error you are gettin'?10:50
Admiral_Chicagoi got it now10:53
Admiral_Chicagoapparently has two </clue>s for one <clue> file10:53
Admiral_Chicagoworking now10:54
asachow often does dholbach's cronjob run?11:08
Admiral_Chicago2 hours11:11
Admiral_Chicagoi just commited the thunderbird clue file now, its the general outline, the tagging and master clues11:12
asacok ... looks like we don't need to respin openoffice.org for dapper ffox 2.0 backport11:17
asacwhat a great news :)11:17
asacAdmiral_Chicago: i have the feeling that we need some students/volunteers that regularly work on the cluefile output11:18
asacfor instance, merging duplicates, blacklisting false-positives11:18
asacand fixing tags :)11:18
asacAdmiral_Chicago: http://daniel.holba.ch/bugs/mozilla-thunderbird.html ... this isn't recent, right?11:19
asacor are those all triaging bugs in tbird?11:19
asachmmm firefox.html has gotten pretty small11:19
asacwho did all that work fixing states?11:19
Admiral_Chicagowait a second.11:20
asacoh ... appears that the batch run copied over not-yet-ready file11:20
Admiral_Chicagoyea might have been when it was broken11:20
asachmmm ... but the output is chopped11:21
asacwhat was broken? the cronjob?11:21
Admiral_Chicagono the clue file11:21
Admiral_Chicagoif you check out the latest revision, i fixed it for an error i accidently left in there11:21
Admiral_Chicagoi could see getting more poeple working on clue files regularly.11:22
Admiral_Chicagoits a very good beginnner project11:22
asachmmm ... but why would the process end in the middle of processing ... are clue files updated during a single batch run?11:22
Admiral_Chicagoyes i think so11:22
asacthat is probably a bug :)11:22
asaci mean ... it should start with a clue file and only update on next run :)11:22
Admiral_Chicagoall i know is that it should be fixed in 2 hours11:23
asacok :)11:23
asaclets see11:23
Admiral_Chicagooh no thats not what i thought you meant.,,11:23
Admiral_ChicagoIts probably related to me </clues></clues> good11:23
asacyes ... i think the job must have been killed in the middle of its run11:24
asacanyway, lets wait what happens next :)11:24
Admiral_Chicagohehe, you can wait, I need to sleep a bit.11:24
=== Admiral_Chicago is spending tomorrow doing doc work.
Admiral_Chicagoso i need to be up at ~12. it's almost 4.30 here11:25
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes, rest :)11:25
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=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: hi12:45
asacgnomefreak: you slept well?12:45
gnomefreakasac: hi yes thank you i did12:45
asacgnomefreak: good news :)12:47
asacgnomefreak: we don't need to respin openoffice.org for dapper12:47
gnomefreakwhy not?12:47
asaci looked into it and the rdepends is just a suggest that doesn't make sense for dapper12:47
asacappears to be a leftover of breeze where there was a mozilla-openoffice.org plugin12:48
asac(like what we have now in gutsy again)12:48
asacso ... let me look at your dapper archive to check if there is everything rebuild (and not too much) that is needed12:49
gnomefreakwhos not busy today12:49
asacyou are not busy?12:50
gnomefreaki have a test case and personally im not all that sure its firefox12:50
gnomefreaki wont be busy around noon that is still 5 or so hours away) unless i can cancel my PT appointment12:50
asacgnomefreak: ok ... here a list of things that can be dropped:12:51
asac1. xubuntu-desktop + xubuntu-live12:51
asac(dropped from dapper repo)12:51
gnomefreakk you list ill drop after coffee12:52
asac(in fact 1. is xubuntu-meta source and all binaries that come from that)12:52
gnomefreakonly 1 or 2 binaries12:53
gnomefreakasac bug 120326  is this the one that failed to build12:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120326 in gnash "gnash 0.8.0" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12032612:53
asac2. everything sun-java related (though this should be noted so people verify if java plugin still works in dapper)12:54
asacbug 12032612:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120326 in gnash "gnash 0.8.0" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12032612:55
asacyes i close it fix released with changelog entry from last upload12:55
gnomefreakwhy are they still tagging it than12:56
asaci don't know ... i further don't know why the changelog in launchpad doesn't contain an entry for the initial 0.8.0 upload12:57
asacdo we crash firefox with vlc plugin on http://www.redgreen.com/index.cfm?app=cart&a=menu01:00
asacif so we could add that to our vlc master crash bug i guess01:00
asac(though I think i already reassigned it to vlc)01:00
gnomefreakbug 11766701:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117667 in firefox "Time slider isn't working on Blender tutorial videos" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11766701:00
gnomefreakasac: that page didnt have a video01:01
gnomefreakcan we get a testcase for it01:01
asacyeah that page has sound01:02
gnomefreakif you click on episodes you cant click on them to open them01:02
gnomefreaki didnt get sound01:02
asacaccording to debian iceape reporter it just crashes01:02
asacif you just have vlc plugin installed01:02
gnomefreakah that one yes i saved that email to test in iceape01:02
asacdebian bug 42876501:03
ubotuDebian bug 428765 in mozilla-plugin-vlc "Segfault on page with sound if you return to the page" [Important,Open]  http://bugs.debian.org/42876501:03
asacthere is the testcase ... do we see that crash in iceape/firefox?01:04
gnomefreakhttp://download.wikipedia.org/images/archive/etwiktionary/20060912/etwiktionary-20060912-abstract.xml was the one i thought you were talking about01:04
asacno ... thats an out-of-memory thing01:04
gnomefreakasac: it didnt crash firefox for me01:04
asacnothing iceape can do much about01:04
asacgnomefreak: you sure you only have vlc plugin?01:04
gnomefreakonly have?01:04
asacgnomefreak: look in the bug ... you have to switch pages as well01:04
asacgnomefreak: no totem, mplayer et al01:04
gnomefreaki will look at it soon i need to finish email and get coffee. it shouldnt matter what is installed as firefox will open using the proper plugin. cant remove totem01:05
asacmplayer can be dropped (or maybe move to some other directory for now) from dapper backports as well01:06
asacso now we have:01:06
asac1. xubuntu stuff01:06
asac2. sun-java stuff01:06
asac3. mplayer stuff01:06
gnomefreakremoving totem-mozilla01:11
asac4. nip201:11
asac5. ubuntu-meta01:11
gnomefreakwhat vlc pluging is needed? they have some for sound (arts alsa) and about another 8 or so01:11
asac6. ubuntu-php*01:11
asacgnomefreak: ? try just to install default vlc mozilla plugin01:11
asacand use what that brings in for you01:11
asace.g. just vlc i guess01:11
asacjust install that and hope that something soundish comes with that01:11
asacotherwise we might want to ask on debian bug for details01:11
asacbut first lets try ... looks like a fail-safe testcase01:11
gnomefreakwill let you know as soon as i test it. i have to cancel my PT in a little while01:11
asachmmm venkman definitly needs to be updated to at least edgies version ... maybe go for feisty one01:13
asacthe dapper venkman will not work on 2.001:13
asacoh how i hate this dapper 2.0 thing ... will cause me restless nights at some point i guess01:15
gnomefreakasac: iirc that didnt build but i will try again unless your doing it. i have a call to make and smoke with 1st coffee and i will be back01:23
gnomefreakwhat is the full name of the venkman thing? ill grab it while im on phone01:28
asacapt-get source it in edgy/feisty ... then build in dapper (where you have your firefox backport installed)01:29
gnomefreakyep i have to install everything again01:30
gnomefreakshould i add ~mt1 to the end of the version01:34
gnomefreaktoo high and you will have issues upgrading to edgy01:34
asacgnomefreak: use: ~dapper0.mt101:35
asacso we can release with ~dapper101:35
asacyeah ... if edgy version is 0.9.87-6ubuntu1 ... then yes01:37
bluekujaasac: do you know if there is the possibility to install a security device in firefox using a tool and command line?01:38
gnomefreak^^ edgys01:38
asacbluekuja: security device? what kind?01:39
asacgnomefreak: append ~dapper0.mt1 to whatever edgies version is01:39
gnomefreakim building feistys no?01:39
asacif there is a version in edgy, better use that01:40
asacso we get a clean upgrade path01:40
bluekujaasac: for reading smart cards01:40
asace.g. dapper -> edgy -> feisty01:40
bluekujaasac: using an ubuntu packager (opensc)01:40
asaci have no idea ... i know that you can use a pgp device with enigmail01:40
bluekujaasac: https://launchpad.net/bugs/7258401:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 72584 in opensc "Installing Mozilla-opensc package not enough to use smart cards" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 01:41
asacoh if there is a package ... then probably it should work01:41
bluekujathat's the bug01:42
asaclet me see01:42
asacwhat that package installed01:42
bluekujait should allow you to use smart cards with firefox01:42
bluekujabut it doesnt work01:42
bluekujaand you have to do it manually01:43
asacthats the instruction01:43
bluekujayeah, we are trying to do something to fix it01:44
bluekujathat y I asked01:44
asacbluekuja: did you find the spurious changelog entry?01:48
asacin grandparadiso?01:48
asaci get it now as well :)01:48
bluekujait was a white space here01:48
bluekujabut I tried it today01:48
bluekujabranching et all01:48
bluekujaand I get it again01:48
asacwhere is the white-space?01:48
bluekujait was on my entry01:48
bluekujabut today is ok01:49
bluekujaand I still get it01:49
bluekujacurrently I'm investigating01:49
bluekujabut it seems everything ok01:49
gnomefreakasac: why is iceape-calendar empty?01:52
gnomefreaktthe binary is empty pitti just said it in #ubuntu-devel01:53
gnomefreak07:51 <           pitti > gnomefreak: iceape-calendar binary is empty; I'll  accept it for now, but I guess it should be fixed01:53
asacah ... i remember01:55
gnomefreakis that because what i thiink it was01:55
asacthey dropped it :)01:55
asaci mean upstream dropped it01:55
gnomefreakyour kidding?01:55
asacfrom source tarball01:55
asac --> debian now produces a handcrafted tarball01:55
gnomefreakok so we remove it from our build01:55
asacnow we can either decide to drop -calendar01:56
asacor do it the same way as debian01:56
asacgnomefreak: yes, i would vouch to drop it01:56
gnomefreakdrop it we will have sunbird to replace01:56
asacgnomefreak: sunbird nor lightning will be integrated in iceape though01:56
asacbut hey ... iceape doesn't deserve a calendar :)01:57
asacgnomefreak: ok ii  will see if just dropping -calendar helps01:57
gnomefreakk ty01:57
gnomefreakshould i drop edubuntu as well?01:57
gnomefreakfrom dapper repo01:58
asacgnomefreak: actually, it doesn't make sense01:59
asacyou *have* to prepare a patch01:59
asacinstead of recreating orig.tarball01:59
asac... so we can use iceape tarball from debian01:59
gnomefreakthought we were dropping -calendar01:59
asacyeah ... but then ... i don't know... its like if we do our own tarball anyways, we can do seamonkey as well02:00
asacand creating tarball has always been a pita for you02:00
asacgnomefreak: so do it once:02:00
asaccreate a proper tarball for ubuntu02:00
asacdownload debian tarball02:00
asacextract them next to each other02:00
asac*without* debian/ dir of course02:01
asacjust *plain* origs02:01
asacthen run a diff -ru /path/to/debianorigdir /path/ubuntuorigdir02:01
asacaeh wrong02:01
asacthen run a diff -ru debianorigdir ubuntuorigdir02:02
asacgnomefreak: the idea is to get the differences of debian orig and ubuntu orig once02:02
asacthen use that diff to patch debian sources during build02:02
asacgnomefreak: you will do it02:02
gnomefreakim still waiting for you to look at them02:02
gnomefreaki did this already02:02
asaccopy the instructions above ... then you will succeed02:02
asacgnomefreak: you did it wrong02:02
asacbecause you had no differences02:03
asacif you produce a fresh orig.tar.gz now, then it should work02:03
gnomefreakasac: please look at the ones i uplaoded already you said they were good and to leave them there02:03
gnomefreaka day of screwing around with them remember02:04
asacwhere are they?02:04
gnomefreakhold on ill ge tit02:04
gnomefreakget it02:04
gnomefreakasac: there02:05
asacdon't see02:05
asacdiff-Nr.diff is not good02:05
gnomefreakdiff.Nurp.txt and diff-ur.txt02:06
DarkMageZon ubuntu feistys package. if i throw in --disable-cairo into the rules. will that kill cairo? and what side effects might i suffer?02:06
asacthose are not good02:06
asacthey don't contain any relevant change02:06
asaci upload a good orig02:06
asacfor ubuntu02:06
asacyou can download and diff it02:06
asacwith latest debian02:06
asacDarkMageZ: svg will break02:07
asace.g. not work02:07
asacmaybe build will fail too because you try to build svg02:07
asacwithout cairo02:07
DarkMageZso i'll change --enable-svg to --disable-svg :)02:07
asacyou should be able to start with MOZ_DISABLE_CAIRO=1 environment variable02:07
asac... that should have the same effect02:08
asacwithout a respin02:08
DarkMageZhmm, i'll give that a shot02:08
asacmaybe its MOZ_ENABLE_CAIRO=0 ... but i think its DISABLE02:09
asacgnomefreak: forget it we need a good 1.1.1 tarball to compare02:09
asacbecause there are changes beneath the calendar/ directory that we need to capture02:10
gnomefreakwhy 1.1.1 we are already done with 1.1.202:10
asacsee above02:10
gnomefreakjust change it in .202:10
asacif we don't have a good 1.1.1 debian tarball you need to produce one as well02:10
asacgnomefreak: read above ... .2 doesn't have a calendar/ directory ... so we will miss changes02:11
gnomefreakwhats wrong with the one you uploaded02:11
asacit doesn't have calendar/ directory02:11
gnomefreakeither way im not gonna beabel to it for a few hours (maybe 4-5)02:12
asacyeah ... produce a debian and a ubuntu orig.tarball :/02:13
asacfor 1.1.102:13
asacsorry for that, but otherwise we will  always have big troubles02:13
asaconce we have a good diff, i can even try to fix it in a way that we can drop the patch at some point02:13
gnomefreakso we have no good ubuntu orig tar at all?02:14
asacyou have to produce both for 1.1.102:15
asacas debian tarbal isn't available anymore02:15
asacyeah ... but do it right one time ... then we are out of this hell02:15
asacfor a long time02:15
DarkMageZi tried both enable=0 and disable=102:16
DarkMageZi'll just rebuild to make sure02:16
gnomefreakhow in the hell would you like me to prduce a debian tar without debian anything for 1.1.102:16
gnomefreakif the tar isnt around than the files arnt around02:17
gnomefreakalso means that our debian branch is pretty much usless as well02:17
asacgnomefreak: you do it the same way as you do for us02:18
asacbut you use debian svn checkout02:18
asacinstead of bzr branch02:18
asacgnomefreak: you can use our debian branch as well02:19
asacjust branch a revision before the 1.1.2 changelog entries appeared02:19
asacgnomefreak ... branch our debian branch with revision 5002:19
asacaeh 5902:19
asace.g. bzr branch -r 59 urlfordebianbranch02:20
gnomefreakif i use svn wont need our debian branch to do anything02:20
asacbzr branch -r 59 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/iceape/debian-1.1.x02:20
asacyes ... use debian branch02:20
gnomefreakdont use svn02:20
asacyes ... don't use svn02:21
asacand branch revision  69 of ubuntu-1.1.x to get a good ubuntu 1.1.1 tarball02:22
asacbzr branch -r 69 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/iceape/ubuntu-1.1.x02:22
gnomefreakok stop there for now, repo is done everything built everything removed02:23
asacgnomefreak: great!!02:23
gnomefreaknot really02:23
asaci will now setup a fresh dapper chroot and see what happens02:23
gnomefreaki have no clue if it works02:24
asacgnomefreak: i will try02:24
gnomefreakwould it make sence to get the diff now before building orig.tars since once i unpack tars im at same place02:26
asacgnomefreak: i don't understand02:26
asacyou have to produce orig first02:26
asacthen go to /tmp/02:27
asacextract both there02:27
asacand then diff them02:27
asacthey will have a different dirname02:27
asacso no problem02:27
asace.g. *don't* extract at same place02:27
asacgoto /tmp/02:27
asacto do that02:27
gnomefreakok let me see this i have 30 minutes max02:31
gnomefreakno im sorry i have a bit longer02:31
gnomefreakcrap i need the 1.1.1 source dont i02:32
asacof course02:33
gnomefreakthan extract move files produce orig02:33
asacyes one time for debian-1.1.x branch02:34
asacone time ubuntu-1.1.x02:34
asacthen extract both orig in /tmp/02:34
asacand diff them02:34
gnomefreakdiff -ru debianorigdir ubuntuorigdir??02:36
asac(however the dirs are called02:37
asaci think its just like the dir of branch was called02:37
gnomefreakright. and it will make and name the diff itself02:37
asacbut you will see :)02:37
asacno ... the diff will be dumped to console02:38
asactake a look if its reasonable and then redirect to a file02:38
asacwhich is then the patch file02:38
asacwe need to look at02:38
asac(e.g. if its ok02:38
asacmaybe use diff -rup02:39
asac(if it doesn't choke) ... otherwise use diff -ru02:39
gnomefreakgot a while before i can do much of anything02:40
gnomefreakyou didnt push 1.1.2 into NEw yet did you?02:42
asachjmf: when do you plan to apply for ubuntu membership btw?02:43
asacgnomefreak: no ... would like to have -calendar thing fixed02:43
asac... but without the patch that won't work well02:43
gnomefreakyeah thats why i asked02:43
asaci hate bzr bd02:45
asacyeah bzr buildpackage02:46
asacbzr builddeb02:46
asac(short hand for that)02:46
gnomefreakive heard of that02:52
gnomefreakare we uploading 1.1.1 again with fix or just screw it and fix in 1.1.202:55
asacgnomefreak: we produce the patch based on 1.1.102:57
asacthen i use that patch and apply it against 1.1.202:57
asacso no ... 1.1.2 will be next upload02:58
gnomefreakok so 1.1.1 will stay the way it is02:58
asacbluekuja: i pushed the granparadiso branch ... fixed the whitespace and now it builds with bzr bd --merge .02:58
bluekujaasac: wooohoo02:58
asacso you should be able to start the *real* work :)02:58
asacmaybe pull latest02:58
gnomefreakwe need to merge it to bzr as well02:58
bluekujaasac: I prefer to branch it out again02:58
bluekujaI made some local changes02:59
asacjust branch it cleanly ... and start with a bzr bd --merge --dont-purge . ... after that you can develop in build-area/...02:59
gnomefreak@schedule new_york02:59
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 14 Jun 12:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Jun 13:00: Xubuntu Developers | 19 Jun 15:00: Technical Board | 20 Jun 16:00: Edubuntu | 21 Jun 14:00: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 16:00: Ubuntu Development Team02:59
asaclike in *normal02:59
bluekujaasac: ok02:59
asacbluekuja: cool02:59
gnomefreakhmmmmm was there no devel meeting?03:00
bluekujaasac: do you have a link for code.lp?03:00
gnomefreakoh nvm03:00
asacbluekuja: revision 22 is the latest03:00
asacin case http sync lacks behind03:00
asacbluekuja: yes wait a second03:00
asacbluekuja: ^^^ branch that03:00
asacbut if you still get revision 20 ... pull again in a few minutes03:01
asaclatest revision is 2203:01
bluekujaoki :)03:01
asacchangelog and control is already changed to granparadiso03:01
asaconce it built for you we need to rename binary packages and adapt some patches03:01
asacthen done :)03:01
bluekujasounds great03:02
bluekujawe can make it for tomorrow03:02
bluekujaI think03:02
bluekujaasac: mmm03:02
bluekujastill on rev. 2003:02
asacbluekuja: i think that the tarball i uploaded yesterday had a wrong name (maybe you already fixed it)03:02
asacit should be firefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha5.orig.tar.gz03:03
bluekujaalready fixed03:03
asacbluekuja: yes ... wait 3 minutes03:03
asacthen do bzr pull03:03
gnomefreakchmod +x debian/rules?03:05
=== gnomefreak cant remember
gnomefreakthat was it :)03:06
bluekujaasac: sure to have pushed it?03:11
bluekujaseems still on 2003:11
asacyeah ... it takes time ... damn03:11
asacbluekuja: can you try to branch with sftp?03:11
asacyou probably cannot write ... but maybe you can read :)03:11
bluekujaasac: let's try with sftp03:12
asactry that03:12
asachttp apparently has been moved to some cluster setup ... so it takes long till it gets synched03:12
bluekujanot a branch03:13
asaci ask the bzrlp guys03:16
gnomefreakthats odd03:16
gnomefreakits not building proper orig03:17
gnomefreakdo you care what version is in changelog?03:18
asacwhat doesn't work? debian or ubuntu?03:18
gnomefreakiceape (1.1.1-3.mt8) feisty; urgency=low is latest changelog entry03:18
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... drop the .mt803:18
asacmaybe that helps03:18
gnomefreakubuntu it builds a hidden .orig.tar.gz03:19
asace.g. just temporarily03:19
asacgnomefreak: can you push bluekuja into mozillateam? ... i then he can branch with sftp from mozillateam branches03:19
asacit just takes ages03:19
gnomefreakhe is a member afaik03:19
bluekujaasac: I'm already in03:19
gnomefreaki approved him weeks ago03:20
gnomefreakmaybe a month or so03:20
gnomefreakthat did it much better :)03:20
asacoh :)03:20
asacbluekuja: ok i push it to mozillateam then03:21
asacso you can branch with sftp03:21
bluekujasounds great03:21
asacok launchpad people are poking at it ... synch to http should not take longer than 1-2 minutes03:23
asacanyway ... currently pushing to mozillateam03:23
asacbzrlp people look into this phaenomenon03:29
asacbut it appears to have concept, because yesterday we waited ages for iceape branch to sync03:29
asacand finally gnomefreak pulled from sftp03:30
gnomefreakwe have an issue03:30
asacto get latest03:30
asac@schedule berlin03:30
gnomefreakdebians doesnt seem to want to build its own orig03:30
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 14 Jun 18:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Jun 19:00: Xubuntu Developers | 19 Jun 21:00: Technical Board | 20 Jun 22:00: Edubuntu | 21 Jun 20:00: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 22:00: Ubuntu Development Team03:30
asachmm ... ok 2.5h till meeting03:30
gnomefreakmaybe because iceape_1.1.1.orig.tar.gz03:30
gnomefreakalready exsits03:31
asacyeah ... move it away after you produced debian03:31
asacotherwise you mess it up03:31
asac(maybe you already did ... so redo :))03:31
gnomefreakgood thing i already moved it but kept one copy there03:31
asacgood ... lucky man :)03:31
gnomefreakhow do i upack them if named the same03:32
gnomefreaki would have to rename one of them03:32
gnomefreakmaybe make one iceape_1.1.1-ubuntu.orig.tar.gz?03:33
asacgnomefreak: no03:34
asacyou just go to /tmp/03:34
gnomefreakcant put 2 files same name in same dir03:34
asacthen tar xzf /path/to/debian/iceape*orig.tar.gz03:34
asacyou don't need to have them in the dir where you want to extract03:34
asacthen tar xzf /path/to/ubunt/iceape*orig.tar.gz03:34
asacbzt you can rename if its more convenient for you03:34
asacits more important that they produce different directories03:35
asacjust try to find a way03:35
asacto have them next to each other (the extracted directories)03:35
asacyou can extract at differnt places and then move to same location with different name03:35
asacor whatever you want03:35
asacbluekuja: push has finished03:36
asacbluekuja: https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/granparadiso03:36
asacthere you find the url03:36
bluekujalet's branch03:36
asacbluekuja: you can just say pull03:37
asacin what you have branched alrewady03:37
asace.g. bzr pull NEWURL03:37
bluekujaasac: deleted previous branches03:37
asachmm ok.03:37
bluekujaasac: branching03:38
bluekujachangelog is already ok?03:38
gnomefreakasac: piping output to iceape.diff?03:39
gnomefreakrunning first pass atm03:39
asacgnomefreak: yes03:39
asaclest see03:40
asaclets see :)03:40
gnomefreakso far looks good so when its done ill pipe it and upload it for you03:40
asacare there differences?03:41
asacLike Debian -> Ubuntu ?03:41
asacthere should be just a few03:41
gnomefreakalot of them to be honest but i have to re run it i forgot something but im fixing it03:43
bluekujaasac: bzr: ERROR: Unprintable exception DebianError: dict={'_preformatted_string': None}, fmt='A Debian packaging error occurred: %(message)s', error='message03:45
asacyes tarball is wrong03:45
bluekujatarball name?03:45
asacdoes it tell you where it looks above that?03:46
asactry if you have that file03:46
asaci got that error when my tarball was named bad03:46
asacdoes it exist?03:46
asactry ls ../tarballs/firefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha5.orig.tar.gz03:46
bluekujaoh wait03:47
asacgnomefreak: btw, gtk was really broken yesterday ... seb pushed a new version yesterday evening ... so gnash should now build again03:50
bluekujaasac: worked03:52
bluekujaasac: installing build deps03:53
asacshould build03:54
asacyou should take care that gutsy is up-to-date03:54
asacyesterday gtk was broken03:54
bluekujadont worry03:56
gnomefreakk cool i saw that this am03:57
asacgnomefreak: diff finished?`03:57
gnomefreakno i had to step away03:58
gnomefreakok while its running i go shower03:58
bluekujaasac: building03:58
asacjau ... if that works you can start to rename binary packages03:59
asacshould be as simple as changing names in control*03:59
asacand bzr mv debhelper files04:00
asace.g. firefox-trunk.install -> firefox-granparadiso.install04:00
asacmaybe do the bzr mv of all those files in one checkin04:00
asacah ... and i guess that firefox-trunk is in path in those files04:00
asacif you look into them you will see04:00
asacbut modifying the files should be done in a separate checkin i guess04:01
bluekujathink so04:01
asace.g. first change control + mv files04:01
asacsecond -> fix paths in them04:01
asacthird ... maybe fix patches ... and rules04:01
asacsounds easy ;)04:01
bluekujaasac: mmm04:01
bluekujapatch failed04:01
bluekujasame of yesterday04:01
asacfor me it just worked04:02
asacplease show me what files you have in build-area/firefox-granparadiso-*/04:02
bluekujacan't find file to patch at input line 904:02
asace.g. just an ls on top level dir04:02
asacyes ... i guess your tarball is bad04:02
bluekujafirefox-granparadiso-3.0~alpha5                   firefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha5-0ubuntu0.dsc04:03
bluekujafirefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha5-0ubuntu0.diff.gz  firefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha5.orig.tar.gz04:03
asacno ... inside04:03
asacin firefox-granparadiso-3.0~alpha504:03
asacor show me the content of04:03
asacbluekuja: you  have a bad tarball04:06
asacits completely wrong layout04:06
bluekujaI downloaded the on you posted04:06
asacyou made the orig out of the upstream tarball04:06
bluekujaon people.ubuntu.om04:06
asacyou appear to have extracted it04:07
asacthen extracted the tarball thats in there04:07
asacand then repacked that04:07
bluekujaasac: can you please point me04:07
bluekujato that link again04:08
asaci guess it happened because you wanted to do it *manually*04:08
asacand didn't know about "embedded" tarball layouts :)04:08
asacso you might got confused04:08
bluekujaI tried it manually04:08
bluekujaand that confused04:08
bluekujait was inside a tar.bz204:08
asacbluekuja: thats why get started with bd ... and then go to build-area/....04:08
asacwhere you will find the right layout04:08
bluekujanow downloading04:09
asacno problem :)04:09
asacjust remember to rename that tarball (e.g. - -> _)04:09
bluekujaok downloaded04:09
bluekujaworks now04:10
bluekujaI didnt see there wasnt tar.bz204:11
asacbluekuja: yeah ... you tried to setup manually and got confused04:11
asacembedded tarball is good ... because otherwise creating the diff.gz takes ages04:11
bluekujafirefox got a non-standard setup04:11
bluekujathat's why04:11
asacno ... its embedded tarball layout04:12
bluekujanot everyone use that04:12
asacwhich is common for packages thata are based on a huge code-base04:12
asacyes ... its not the first thing you do when you learn to package :)04:12
asacbut now you know :)04:13
bluekujaI know that this method exist04:13
bluekujabut I dont use frequently04:13
gnomefreakasac: http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/  has both rup and ru diffs, im gone now04:13
bluekujaas you know04:13
gnomefreakasac: let me know when i get back about 2 hours or so04:13
asacthey are bad04:14
asacno difference04:14
asac(the .bzr dirs don't count)04:14
asaci will look what the remove.nonfree script does04:15
asacgnomefreak: will let yo know when you return04:15
asacoh distro meeting has been moved ahead04:18
asacred_herring: yt?04:25
DarkMageZwhere can i find oldschool firefox 1.0.*? http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ doesn't have it.04:40
asactry ftp.mozilla.org as server04:48
asacreleases is stripped to reducce the load on main mirrors04:48
DarkMageZoh cute. even 0.1 :)04:50
asacin meeting soon04:54
bluekujaasac: build never ends05:03
asacyeah ... what cpu/mem?05:03
bluekuja3.2 Ghz 1 GB ram05:04
DarkMageZi count 1.5-2 hours on an amd athlon xp 2100 with 768mb with a clean ccache.05:04
asacyes ... that right for athlon05:05
asaci think on 3.2 ghz you should get 35 minutes or something05:05
asacyou should do dpkg-buildpackage -nc if you change something in dehelper files05:07
asacshould work pretty well05:07
asace.g. not to rebuild everything05:07
asacotherwise you won't get much done :)05:07
bluekujaasac: built05:09
asacyou can go directly to build-area05:10
asacand do your bzr operations there05:10
asacjust remember to push your changes back to the main dir:05:10
asacbzr push ../../balblabla05:11
bluekujaIn build-area05:11
asacbefore you try remove build-area05:11
bluekujaI've got only .debs05:11
asacyou have to pass --dont-purge05:11
asacas i said above05:11
asacotherwise it will be cleaned05:11
asacon successfull build05:11
bluekujaI have to change all trunks files05:12
bluekujaand names05:12
asacnow you can dpkg-source -x firef*.dsc05:12
asachope that .bzr dir was included in diff.gz05:12
asactry if you can do bzr operations before changing anything05:12
asacotherwise its a pita05:12
asac...for you05:12
asacok meeting05:12
bluekujaasac: damn, no bzr folder05:15
asacjust start the bzr db05:15
asacand if it starts to build abord05:15
asacthen work normally in build-area05:15
asacbzr folder should be there05:15
bluekujalets see05:15
bluekujaasac: doesnt work05:16
bluekujanot a branch05:16
bluekujafor bzr bd05:16
bluekujagonna import bzr folder05:16
bluekujafrom branch05:16
asacyeah ... but wierd ... worked for me05:17
bluekujaasac: now05:21
bluekujaI change all names05:21
bluekujato granparadiso05:21
bluekujaone commit05:21
asacwhat names?05:21
bluekujaI update control05:21
asacwe use firefox-granparadiso05:22
bluekujayeah, that's what I mean05:22
asacah ok05:22
bluekujaneed to change them05:22
bluekujafrom -trunk05:22
bluekujato -granparadiso05:22
asacyes the debhelper ones, right05:22
asacinside them there might be -trunk pathes05:23
asacthose need to be changed as well05:23
bluekujaneed to do them manually05:23
bluekujacant use bzr mv05:23
asacno ... please use mv05:32
asaceverything else is bad ... really05:32
asacbluekuja: ^^^05:32
asacand you *can* move ... thats for sure05:33
bluekujaasac: done05:33
asacbzr mv debian/firefox-trunk.install debian/firefox-granparadiso.install05:33
asacwill work05:33
bluekujayeah, done05:33
bluekujabut things inside05:33
bluekujaI modified them by hand05:33
asacbut in a second commit?05:33
bluekujaall in one05:33
asacyeah ok .... not what i hoped for, but should work05:34
bluekujachanged name from trunk to granparadiso05:34
bluekujawhat to do now?05:35
asacin control as well05:35
asacin control(.in) ?05:35
asaclook in rules05:35
asacis there -trunk named somewhere?05:35
bluekujadone in rules too05:35
bluekujafixed too05:35
asactry to spin05:35
asacbluekuja: at best push it to your main dir05:35
asacin case something bad happens05:35
bluekujaand spinning05:36
asacwhy readding?05:36
asacwhat do you do?05:36
asacsounds strange05:36
bluekujait wasnt on build-area05:37
asacah ... so you did it in main dir directly05:37
bluekujaasac: building05:39
bluekujaasac: gonna ping you when done05:39
bluekujaasac: if it works05:40
bluekujawe're done?05:40
asacdunno :)05:40
asacyouz have to test if it works05:40
asacif binary is named properly et al05:40
bluekujagonna test it05:40
asacok meeting is over06:00
bluekujastill building06:04
bluekujaI'm working on something I got assigned06:04
bluekuja.desktop file missing06:04
asacbut should finish soon06:06
asacif you are on your 3.ghz system06:06
bluekujaasac: for registering .desktop files06:07
bluekujadh_desktop is the script06:07
bluekujaif I'm right06:07
asacdrop them to /usr/share/applications/06:07
asacno idea06:07
asaci don't use dh_desktop06:07
asacbut maybe thats wrong06:07
bluekujaI've added a .desktop file06:08
bluekujaneed to change rules06:08
asacis there no .install ?06:08
bluekuja(I'm talking about another app)06:08
bluekujanot firefox06:08
asacok so a rather basic package design :)06:08
asacyeah i know06:08
asacwas just wondering06:08
bluekujajust need to add06:09
asacah ok06:09
bluekujaand I'm done06:09
asack ... you renamed firefox-trunk-dom-inspector (and -dev and all) et al as well?06:11
asacreally cool06:11
asacbluekuja: oh you need to edit the trunk-fsh patch06:12
asacotherwise it will fail (or packages will be empty)06:12
asacno problem06:12
bluekujashould I stop the build?06:12
asacbluekuja: please make a backup06:12
bluekujayeah, already done06:12
bluekujalets change it06:13
asacthen just rename the trunk-fsh patch to granparadiso-fsh06:13
asacchange the name in series file (in patches/) dir06:13
asacand edit granparadiso-fsh06:13
asacyou will see06:13
asacif you look into it06:13
asacjust don't mess around with whitespaces (or with lines that have a - or noting in front of it)06:13
bluekujaasac: gonna substitute06:14
bluekujawith gedit06:14
bluekujatrunk --> granparadiso06:15
asacyeah replace -trunk with -granparadiso06:15
asacbut look at diff to see that it was sane what you diff before you commit06:15
asac(e.g. to learn the good practice :))06:15
bluekujaI commit and I diff06:15
asacfirst you diff06:15
asacthen you commit :)06:15
asacbut i know what you mean06:16
bluekujadiff clean06:17
bluekujamodified name06:17
bluekujaand stuff inside06:17
bluekujanow I delete the diff06:18
bluekujaand I start merging06:18
gnomefreakgood news?06:19
gnomefreakasac: please tell me the diffs are good06:20
gnomefreakyay iceape hit archives :)06:21
bluekujaasac: buildin06:23
asacgnomefreak: no they are not06:24
asacgnomefreak: i will look at the remove.nonfree script06:24
asacmaybe it doesn't do a thing anymore?06:24
asacgnomefreak: please look into the file calendar/sunbird/app/brand.dtd.in06:24
asacthat should be in your origs06:25
asacDo you see Debian or Ubuntu in there06:25
asacor even Mozilla ?06:25
asacgnomefreak: oh sorry06:25
asacall my fault :)06:25
asaci thought we sed around more06:25
asacso everything is fine06:26
asacwe can use debian origs in future :)06:26
asacsorry for the pain that has cost you ;)06:26
asacthe changes are just sunbird specific06:26
asacthose files probably don't exist for iceape06:26
=== salty-horse [n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: i guess i owe you a few beers :) ... but hey, I always repacked them as well :)06:27
salty-horsegnomefreak, need any assistance from me on the cursor bug?06:27
gnomefreaksalty-horse: not yet i have a bunch of other things i need to get done first06:27
gnomefreakasac: so what are we doing about 1.1.206:27
=== gnomefreak is now confused
asacyeah :)06:28
asacgnomefreak: we are taking the one i prepared06:28
asacoh no06:28
gnomefreakbut calendar s still empty?06:28
asachehe me is confused as well06:28
asacgnomefreak: i will take debian orig06:28
asacrun remove.nonfree on it (because we remove more files now)06:28
gnomefreakand make all the changes over again?06:28
asacand package it as a new tarball06:28
asacits all ok06:29
asaci just do that and i am done06:29
gnomefreakk, im installing 1.1.1 atm and i need to check patch06:29
gnomefreaki was pissed lastnight06:29
gnomefreakgo button wasnt there06:29
asacyeah i red that06:30
gnomefreakbut its here in gutsy :)06:30
asacok let me finish 1.1.206:30
gnomefreaklet me know before you finish it :(06:30
gnomefreakscrew it leave it as is06:30
gnomefreakill add some to patch after it hits06:30
asacgnomefreak: we can always update afterwards .. or when mike pushes an update06:31
asacif you don't get it now, we can add it later06:31
asacif you think you will get it soon let me know06:31
asaci can hold back upload then06:31
=== gnomefreak just thinking maybe drop the print button from tool bar (to keep it sinular to ffox)
asacactualyl i don't know if its really a good idea to change the default layout a lot06:32
asaci mean seamonkey developers already think about that :)06:32
gnomefreaknot very good or they would have added the go buttom06:32
asacyeah ... i never use go button06:32
gnomefreakor no matter what you do opens search side bar06:32
asaciceape is more for the fans of old mozilla suite06:32
asacwhich didn't have a go button afaik06:33
gnomefreakasac: even enter brings up searcch06:33
asacyeah thats mozilla way06:33
asacif you want to search you type your words in location bar and press enter06:33
gnomefreakto bring you everywhere but wher eyou wwant to go?06:33
asacyou can change to that behaviour for firefox as well06:33
asacactually i have that in firefox set06:33
asacno ... you have to tpye http://www.launchpad.net06:33
asacand you will directly go to that page06:34
=== gnomefreak types in www.ubuntu.com i want to go to link not to search
asacor just www.ubuntu.com should work as well06:34
gnomefreaknot without my patch06:34
gnomefreakthats why i wanted that there06:34
asaci don't understand actually06:34
asacif you type www.ubuntu.com you go to www.ubuntu.com page, right?06:34
asacor do you get to google?06:35
gnomefreakasac: type in link address say www.ubuntu.com hit enter it would bring you the search sidebar up06:35
gnomefreaknot directly brin gyou to page06:35
gnomefreakit googles the address you type in address bar06:35
asacyeah ... then use http://06:35
gnomefreaknow with patch you hit enter it brings you to www.ubuntu.com06:35
asacand it will go directly there06:35
gnomefreakasac: how many people use http://06:36
asacjust want to say, don't change too much06:36
asacotherwise people *will* complain :)06:36
gnomefreakusabilty i would think is better than adding a button06:36
asacand its you who has to dear with the angry users then :)06:36
gnomefreakasac: i agree i was just thinking about the print button06:36
asacgnomefreak: i would first package properly ... then get some experience about what users like and don't like and then try to improve things06:37
asacmaybe with upstream together06:37
gnomefreakyeah i am like i said just a thought :)06:38
gnomefreaki can remove it locally since i dont like it06:38
asachmm i am spinning a ffox 2 and don't know why?06:39
asace.g what i want to test o rwhat i did06:39
asacits just building ;)06:39
asacmaybe i started the build accidentially?06:39
gnomefreakflash works in it :)06:45
gnomefreakwe might have issues with java06:45
gnomefreaki dont think its browsers i think its java06:45
gnomefreakanyone here on 32 bit feisty with sun-java*-package installed?06:46
gnomefreakbluekuja: http://java.com/en/download/installed.jsp06:46
gnomefreakcan you go there and run the test06:47
gnomefreaklet me know what it says please06:47
bluekujajust a mom, installing one package is missing06:47
bluekujait wants to remove all my system06:48
bluekujafor it06:48
gnomefreakfor what?06:49
gnomefreaknot java06:49
asacbluekuja: whats up with the build?06:49
bluekujagnomefreak, for java want to remove tons of packages06:49
bluekujaasac: still building06:49
asacwhen started?06:49
bluekujaasac: 10 mins06:49
bluekujagnomefreak, I know06:49
bluekujabut he wants to do06:49
gnomefreakasac: remember java bug not being able to see applets06:50
gnomefreakasac: iceape i can play pogo the java applets work fine (so maybe it is ffox bug)06:50
bluekujagnomefreak, that's definitely bad06:50
gnomefreakbluekuja: it shouldnt want to remove anything unless they are all java dependant06:50
bluekujagnomefreak, I know but for an uknown reason wants to remove tons of packages06:51
gnomefreakbluekuja: can you pastebn the packages06:51
bluekujagnomefreak, awww my problem06:52
bluekujahad to force something06:52
asacgnomefreak: is it broken in firefox?06:53
asacgnomefreak: can you verify that?06:53
gnomefreaki havent tried since the other morning (maybe yesterday?)06:53
asaceverywhere or just some special use cases?06:53
gnomefreakwhatever day hug day was06:54
asacbluekuja: is java broken for you as well?06:54
bluekujaasac: can't check06:54
bluekujaif I install a package, tons of packages gonna be deleted06:55
bluekujafor a force I did06:55
bluekujaneed to fix it later06:55
gnomefreakgnome-www-browser == no iceape (any reason off hand why?)06:55
asacgnomefreak: look in .postinst06:57
asacfor iceape-browser06:58
asacin debian/ dir06:58
asacis there an update-alternative invokation?06:58
asacif so, is there an alternative installed?06:58
asacbluekuja: work in chroot for development06:58
asacyou should have a few at hand, in case you break one you can directly go to another :-D06:59
gnomefreakjust x-www-browser and mozilla both i have set to iceape06:59
bluekujaasac: yeah, had to test new desktop-utils06:59
gnomefreakbut i cant open links now06:59
asacthats bad06:59
asacaeh i mean that we cannot verify06:59
asaci will try i guess06:59
asachave to setup gutsy32 chroot for taht06:59
gnomefreaknow it works it seems (wonder why it didnt in tbird :(07:00
asacjava in tbird?07:00
asacyou are talking about tbird?07:00
gnomefreakcant open a browser by clicking on a link.07:00
gnomefreakim working on it07:01
asacgnomefreak: does the link point to the proper iceape script?07:01
asace.g. the alternative?07:01
asacif so, you most likely need the patch of hjmf07:01
asacfor makefile.in07:01
asacmaybe ask him if he can do that for the seamonkey mozilla.in as well (it is probably wanted upstream as well)07:01
gnomefreakit might be how i have it set to run in prefferences07:02
gnomefreaksince there was no iceape entry i used custom07:02
gnomefreakiceape %s i beleivve07:02
asacthere should be mozilla entries still07:03
asacthey should work07:03
asac(e.g. replace mozilla -> iceape)07:04
gnomefreakno iceape one though unless that is sensible browser07:04
asacfor that just create a link in /usr/bin/mozilla to /usr/bin/iceape07:04
asaccan you start x-www-browser from command line?07:04
asacis that alternative set to iceape?07:04
gnomefreakit starts by calling iceape-bin07:05
asachmm ok07:06
asacif it works then i don't know07:06
asacyou will figure out :)07:06
gnomefreakwould be nice to have an entry for it in system>prefferences>perferred apps07:07
gnomefreakassuming desktop file hold that07:07
gnomefreakbut it works from irssi just not tbird07:07
gnomefreakits tbird07:10
gnomefreaknot me07:10
asactbird is broken07:12
asacor wait07:12
asacno it shouldn't be broken?07:12
asacis it?07:12
asaci think it aheres gnome preferences only07:13
asacuse gnome preferred applications application07:13
asacto set iceape %s07:13
gnomefreaktbird wont open links except in ff07:13
gnomefreakno matter what it is set to it seems07:13
gnomefreakthat will work for irssi(gnome term)07:14
gnomefreakbut not tbird07:14
bluekujaasac: built07:16
asacbluekuja: cool ... please test07:17
bluekujaneed to fix those07:17
asacto missed control entries07:17
asacif you did that you just need to run07:17
asacdpkg-buildpackage -nc07:17
asacso you don't do a full rebuild07:17
asacdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -nc07:17
bluekujaneed to change control07:18
asacmaybe remove the .deb files before building07:18
asacso you can better see what gets created07:18
bluekujaneed to fix those07:18
asaccontrol[.in]  file07:22
asacplease fix both for now07:22
asac(is there a control.in at all?)07:22
bluekujaasac: yup07:22
bluekujaasac: It has been already fixed07:22
bluekujacontrol files are correct07:22
asacyeah ... look at timestamp07:22
asacmaybe its from last build07:22
asacleft over07:22
asacare ther firefox-granparadiso* packages as well?07:22
asacare the -trunk packages empty?07:22
asace.g. size?07:22
asacis it close to zero?07:22
bluekuja2 of them yes07:22
bluekujaoriginal is ok07:22
bluekujaok now all updated07:22
asachmmm you sure you have no trunk in no control* file?07:22
bluekujaasac: yeah07:22
bluekujathere was07:22
bluekuja2 trunk07:22
bluekujanow changed07:22
asacah ... you forgot two07:22
gnomefreakthat really is odd anyway i have to get some shit done ill be back07:22
bluekujashould I test firefox-granparadiso deb?07:22
asacbluekuja: just run the -nc buildpackage to test07:22
asacbluekuja: first fix the packages07:22
asacthen test07:22
asacgnomefreak: ok cu07:22
bluekujaasac: where should I put the tarball now?07:23
bluekujaright after debian?07:23
bluekujaasac: we're not using bzr bd anymore07:25
asacbluekuja: what do you do?07:27
asaci mean you have a ready do use directory07:27
asacwhy don't you stay in there07:27
asacotherwise you will loose hours/days with this firefox package always building from scratch07:27
=== salty-horse [n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Leaving"]
asacno joke07:28
asacwhat happened to the directory?07:28
asacwhere you just finished the build?07:28
asacits still in shape for a test build07:28
asacnot using that dir to do more development wastes time07:28
bluekujabuilding now in build-area07:28
asacdoes bzr work in there?07:29
asacyeah ... but why did you say that it doesn't?07:29
asacbluekuja: remember to pass --dont-purge07:29
asacotherwise your build-directory will be remmoved again07:29
bluekujawhich command should I use then?07:29
bluekujadpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -nc?07:29
bluekujaas you told me07:30
asacbluekuja: so build-area is still the directory that produced the debs?07:30
asacyes then just dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -nc07:30
asacbe sure that you push your bzr changes back to main dir07:30
asace.g. by using bzr push ../../maindir07:30
red_herringasac: hm?07:30
asacred_herring: hey ;)07:31
red_herringwanna know whats smart?07:32
red_herringpouring boling water on your hand07:32
asacyou wanted to help on the php webservice :)07:32
red_herringyeahhhhh i do07:32
asacyeah ... thats definitly a smart thing :)07:32
asaci am currently setting up the extension that will redirect plugin requests to that web service07:33
asacdo you have any preferred place where this testserver will run?07:33
asace.g. so i can add the right url?07:33
gnomefreakasac: let me know when you push changes to mozilla-team branch for iceape so i can merge07:33
asacor should i take care that we get a hosting place for that?07:33
red_herringasac: i got hosting07:33
red_herringjust tryin ti think of where07:33
asacred_herring: how easy is it just to take the request, then do the request for the user at mozilla.org and return the result of that?07:34
asace.g. as a first step?07:34
asachmmm red_herring is that a dsl line?07:34
asacwe can use that for pre-testing07:34
red_herringcable =p07:35
bluekujaasac: building07:35
asacred_herring: cool 2mb?07:35
asacbluekuja: cool07:35
red_herringi get 500kbps up07:35
asacbluekuja: did the backpush work ?07:35
red_herringasac: yeah i can foward everything07:35
asacred_herring: ok ... for pretesting tahts definitly enough07:35
asacred_herring: programmatically (e.g. in php code)?07:35
bluekujaasac: I'm building into build-area now07:35
asacred_herring: i have no idea how easy that is to do in php (e.g. running a http request)07:36
red_herringasac: fairly07:36
red_herringall i have to do07:36
red_herringis forward the http request07:36
asacbluekuja: yes, but did you successfully push your commits to your "main" directory from there?07:36
red_herringgrab mozillas07:36
red_herringand then add in our own07:36
asacred_herring: can you still modify the response?07:36
asacred_herring: cool07:36
asacwhen can you setup a basic proxy (that adds nothing) ?07:37
red_herringasac: course07:37
bluekujaasac: yeah, the fixes of control files07:37
asacbluekuja: the build should go rather quick ;)07:37
bluekujahope so07:38
bluekujaasac: when built07:47
bluekujashould I test all paths07:47
bluekujaand names?07:47
asachow is the binary called?07:48
asacor still firefox-trunk ?07:48
asace.g. /usr/bin/firefox-*07:48
bluekujayeah, all things like that07:49
asacdpkg -L firefox-granparadiso should have all files beneath /usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso and /usr/share/firefox-granparadiso07:49
bluekujaok, let's wait it finish07:49
asacfurther the packages should have reasonable sizes07:49
asace.g. main package about 10 MB07:49
bluekujayeah ok07:49
asacothers not close zero07:49
asacif that looks good test if firefox-granparadiso works well07:49
asacif it shows the proper name07:49
asacif the menu is ok07:49
red_herringhey what was the url of the mozilla plugin site?07:49
asac(e.g. gnome menu)07:49
asacred_herring: wait a second ... you can find it in about:config ... but here:07:50
red_herringi was gonna ask what to search for07:50
asacpfs.datasource.url    ...07:50
asacred_herring: you can remember it easily ... it starts with 'pfs.' aka plugin finder service :)07:51
bluekujaasac: I go to eat for a while07:51
bluekujawhen I'll be back should be all ready to test07:51
asacbluekuja: yeah07:52
gnomefreakasac: mozpad is the new debugging stuff?08:03
gnomefreakplanet mozilla08:04
asaclet me see08:04
gnomefreaki was just reading blog on it let me get it08:04
Admiral_Chicagoi thought breakpad was08:04
Admiral_Chicagowait breakpad is the crash handler08:04
asaci thought breakpad as well08:05
asacbut maybe that was just a code-name08:05
gnomefreakhttp://www.allpeers.com/blog/2007/06/14/minutes-from-mozpad-irc-meeting-13-06-2007/  (minutes from meeting08:05
asacor something08:05
asacmozpad might evolve to be an IDE08:06
asacsounds much more than "debugging stuff"08:06
gnomefreakah ok08:06
asacI believe Mozpad should focus on the following high-impact investments:08:09
asac* reducing the barrier to entry for developers (code and documentation); * providing tools for viral programming (view-source, copy-paste, debugging and inspecting code) * evangelizing the platforms strengths08:09
asacouch ... copy-paste ;)08:09
asacviral programming08:09
asac(from http://moon.mozpad.org/)08:09
red_herringthe PluginFinderService.php on my page08:13
red_herringreturns the EXACT same result as the mozilla one08:14
red_herringyet firefox doesn't understand taht mine is xml08:14
red_herringliterally, the source is a 1 to 1 match08:14
asacred_herring: does it start with <?xml ....08:16
asacred_herring: if so, there must be no newline above that08:16
bluekujaasac: omg still building08:16
asacred_herring: further you might need to tweak the mime type08:16
red_herringasac: exact same checksum too =p08:17
bluekujaasac: gonna finish in minutes08:17
asacred_herring: text/xml i guess08:17
red_herring8cb279d9617bef7a728e61e99a24d546  PFSmoz08:17
red_herring8cb279d9617bef7a728e61e99a24d546  PFSrj08:17
asacred_herring: wait a second i can show you the source of PluginFinderService.php08:17
red_herringof theirs?08:17
asacred_herring: whats that?08:17
asacred_herring: yes08:17
red_herringplease do08:17
asacheader("Content-type: application/xml");08:18
asaci think "no-newline at start" + right content-type should do the trick08:19
red_herringit does the trick08:19
red_herringyou can redirect your pfs to my site08:20
asacred_herring: cool ... do you get results?08:20
asace.g. for flash?08:20
asacthat is really cool08:20
bluekujaasac: woooohoo08:20
bluekujaeverything ok :)08:20
asacred_herring: can you dump the xml of a result somewhere08:20
asacred_herring: so we can see the syntax for our "own" entries08:20
asacbluekuja: great08:20
asacbluekuja: how many commits do you have?08:20
bluekujaasac: 208:21
asacbluekuja: please backup, then uncommit 2 times08:21
asacand then just commit to get all in one commit08:21
asacbefore you publish08:21
bluekujaasac: yeah, I think I'll do everything again08:21
bluekujato be SURE08:21
asacbluekuja: no08:21
asacyou can just08:21
asacbzr uncommit08:21
asac2 times08:21
asacthen just commit08:21
asacto commit all at once08:21
red_herringasac: i was thinking making a database for that08:21
bluekujaasac: now I test08:22
bluekujaand then I do it08:22
red_herringasac: we can either just throw the extras in the script or add them to a database08:22
asacred_herring: actually we have to setup a database, that is build from wading through what packages we have08:22
asacred_herring: i think on the  long run we need  database ... at some point even caching of pfs.mozilla.org results08:23
asacso we don't have to call them for every similar request like (1 million times someone wants flash)08:23
asacred_herring: ok ... lets think about the database08:23
asacred_herring: i will try to take are then that we can fill that database08:24
asaci thiunk the most basic layout is something that maps the combination of all parameters to a package08:24
asacwhat parameters do we have?08:24
asac1. mime-type08:25
asac2. app-id ?08:25
red_herringthe db should be indexed by mimetipe08:25
asacyeah ... it can be indexed by the whole tuple to speed things up08:25
red_herringhave a table for every mimetype08:25
asacwe have app-id + mime-type + application version08:26
red_herringand if the table doesn't exist? we just ignore that plugin and send them the default mozilla response08:26
asacthose need to be mapped08:26
bluekujaasac: impossible running firefox-trunk in menu entry08:26
bluekujaneed to change it08:26
asacbluekuja: yes08:26
asacyou need to fix firefox-trunk.desktop08:26
asacin debian08:26
asacyou have to bzr mv it08:26
asacand change the content08:26
asacyou just need a -nc build after that (no need for a full recompile)08:27
asacred_herring: what are the parameters that are passed to the plugin finder service?08:27
bluekujaasac: mmm...if I start it with firefox-granparadiso08:27
asacred_herring: ok i see them its:08:27
bluekujaIt opens up
red_herringmimetype, appid, appversion, clientos08:28
asacmimetype, appID, appVersion, clientOS, chromeLocale08:28
asacred_herring: ;)08:28
gnomefreakbluekuja: did you close firefox first08:28
bluekujagnomefreak, nice question :)08:28
bluekujanow closed08:28
gnomefreakbluekuja: only one can be open at a time08:28
gnomefreak2nd one will launch whatever the first one is08:29
bluekujagnomefreak, thanks for the hint08:29
bluekujait works now08:29
bluekujagranparadiso here08:29
gnomefreakyw :)08:29
bluekujaomg it rocks08:29
=== gnomefreak updating feisty's trunk
gnomefreakor not, shit08:30
bluekujagonna use granparadiso for now on08:30
asacred_herring: what do you get as clientos ?08:30
bluekujais really fast08:30
asacred_herring: e.g. the exact string?08:30
asacbluekuja: so  .desktop file was correct?08:31
bluekujaasac: nope08:31
asacred_herring: let me think08:31
bluekujastarted it from console08:31
bluekujagonna change it locally first08:31
red_herringif i did this08:31
asacred_herring: somehow we need a way to determine distribution08:32
red_herringi'd index it by mimetype -> os/arch type -> chromLocale08:32
asacred_herring: can you look at http headers send by client?08:32
red_herringasac: of course08:32
asacred_herring: yeah ... i think we should index it by all and allow NULL values in case there is no variant available08:32
asace.g. by all we have08:32
asacred_herring: if we are perfect we would make the package table (with name, description) multi language capable08:33
asacso we can add descriptions in different languages08:33
asacbut maybe not for the first version08:33
asacred_herring: we should be able to find feisty somewhere08:33
asacor edgy08:33
asacred_herring: in the user agent string08:33
bluekujaasac: firefox .desktop name is ok08:34
red_herringin the user agent string08:34
bluekujaexecutable is bad08:34
red_herringasac: thats independent of the request08:34
red_herringbut still can be taken into consideratoin08:34
asacred_herring: yeah its hackish ... but for now good enough08:34
asacred_herring: i will figure out a way to get that info into the URL at some point08:34
bluekujaasac: icon bad too08:34
asacred_herring: but first we need to live with that i guess08:34
asacred_herring: so we need to index by "distribution" as well08:35
bluekujaasac: ok fixed in local now works08:35
asacso we see if a package is available for feisty et al08:35
asacbluekuja: so you have three commits now?08:35
red_herringasac: true08:35
asacbluekuja: or did you already merge the first two like i said?08:35
bluekujaasac: yeah, need to do last08:35
bluekujaI did it locally need to import it08:36
asacif you have committed you have three ... then just bzr uncommit 3 times and commit all at once08:36
asacred_herring: ok ... so lets use a simple package table: just packagename, short description, version08:37
asacand index that by the fields we talked about08:37
asacred_herring: you think you can setup a .sql script that sets up that table layout?08:37
asac(for now for mysql i guess)08:37
red_herringi suck at mysql08:37
asacred_herring: ok ... i can do that08:38
red_herringsorry, databases never were my thing08:38
asacred_herring: ok let me create a bzr repo where we can put our things. Can you give me the initial version of the .php script? so i can add it to that?08:38
red_herringwoo phps08:39
bluekujaasac: so all in one commit you said?08:39
bluekujaand then I publish08:39
asacred_herring: did we need to use https?08:39
asacred_herring: or did mozilla just eat unsecure http url as well?08:39
red_herringmozilla won't take normal http last i checked08:40
red_herringlemme check again08:40
red_herringnvm it odes08:40
asacred_herring: i mean the source :)08:41
asaci cannot get it because it just is running08:41
asaci mean i get RDF back08:41
bluekujaasac: ?08:41
asacred_herring: you PluginFinderService.php script08:42
asaci don't see any php code in it because i cannot download the source08:42
gnomefreakasac: bluekuja does the branch have embedded tarball?08:43
asacred_herring: oh damn08:43
Admiral_Chicagowhen I install Gnash, how do i get the plugin to be found my Firefox08:43
asacred_herring: i did a wget08:43
gnomefreakfor gran....08:43
bluekujagnomefreak, nope08:43
asacred_herring: and just saw html08:43
bluekujagnomefreak, need to download it from people.ubuntu.com/asac08:43
asacred_herring: maybe next time just copy the file ;)08:43
asacred_herring: now i can copy-paste :)08:43
bluekujaon bzr you find only debian dir08:43
red_herringtoo lazyyyy08:43
gnomefreakk what is the branch link?08:43
red_herringits not a terribly sophisticated script =p08:43
red_herring6 whole lines08:44
bluekujagonna publish new stuff in minutes08:44
bluekujagnomefreak, ;)08:44
gnomefreakbluekuja: let me know once pushed please.08:44
bluekujaok ;)08:44
gnomefreakbluekuja: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/ is the link08:45
gnomefreakyou left out ht e~08:45
gnomefreakthe ~08:45
bluekujayeah sorry08:45
asacred_herring: but i assume you can you code sql queries in php ... e.g. if you need i can give you the select statements afterwards ?08:46
red_herringthough im a little rusty08:47
red_herringive done it before08:47
asacred_herring: cool ... then I will do the sql basics tomorrow and maybe add some sample data08:47
gnomefreakasac: is there a reason for using a tarball for granparadiso instead of svn or cvs?08:47
asacred_herring: yes ;) ... we are all to refresh our self :)08:47
red_herringalso, $_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT]  is the way to find out if they're using edgy or feisty08:47
asacgnomefreak: yes ... upstream released the tarball08:47
asacgnomefreak: while trunk is updated from cvs so we can build any day we want :)08:48
asacred_herring: yes ... we probably need just gutsy for now ;) ... but later feisty and gutsy+108:48
gnomefreakyeah i figured that. we need to change trunk to build for gran... if we build that way08:48
asacgnomefreak: yes ... trunk is trunk :) ... its just that it currently uses the granparadiso branding08:49
gnomefreakthat is assuming its more than a name-version change08:49
asacgnomefreak: but its just a random snapshot08:49
red_herringasac: yeah, all are easy to searhc for08:49
Admiral_Chicagoasac: any idea how to install flash player on 64 bit systems? I mean the "official" way08:49
asacgnomefreak: the granparadiso package will only be updated when new releases get out08:49
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes08:50
asacAdmiral_Chicago: install nspluginwrapper08:50
Admiral_Chicagoi've found a ton of hacked up scripts, but nothing official08:50
gnomefreakdid they decide if they are gonna release tarball (weekly or sometime frame?)08:50
asacAdmiral_Chicago: its simple:08:50
bluekujaasac: is StartupWMClass=Firefox-Granparadiso-bin correct?08:50
Admiral_Chicagookay i'll research that08:50
asacinstall it like upstream says08:50
asacthen run nspluginwrapper -----with-some-arguments--from-doc :)08:50
gnomefreakexample each alpha release or weekly builds08:50
Admiral_Chicagoasac: thats in gutsy right, not in feisty?08:51
gnomefreakthat tarball is huge08:51
asacbluekuja: i have no idea ... i guess its still Firefox-bin ... but we can try ... when the startup notification doesn't disappaer when the initial window pops up then its wrong :)08:51
bluekujathere was08:51
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes nspluginwrapper is new in gutsy08:51
asacAdmiral_Chicago: but you can just apt-get source it and then build and install in feisty08:51
asacAdmiral_Chicago: should work08:51
asacbluekuja: at best try08:52
asaci think Firefox-Trunk-bin never worked as well08:52
asacbluekuja: if you start from menu ... you see a startup notification (e.g. in the desktop taskbar)08:52
asacthat should disappear when first window shows up08:52
bluekujalets see08:52
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: if you let me know a day in advanced i can see if i cant get it in feisty repo for you/anyone else08:52
bluekujaasac: works08:53
asacgnomefreak: in preview?08:53
bluekujawith Firefox-granparadiso-bin08:53
asacbluekuja: change that to something wrong so can compare08:53
asac... or didn't it work with trunk in the name?08:53
gnomefreakcan build from gutsy source and backport it (im sure depends on very little)08:53
asacgnomefreak: yes should be easy (though not sure) :)08:53
gnomefreakasac: only one way to find out08:54
gnomefreakbut wont do it for the fun of it08:54
bluekujaasac: keeps loading08:54
bluekujafor some time and then works ok08:54
Admiral_Chicagoasac gnomefreak: i ask because i'm writing xubuntu documentation. I just need to know the official way08:54
asaci am currently drafting the nspluginwrapper script that will allow our 32-bit plugins to be seemlessly installed on amd6408:54
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: what do you mean a day in advance?08:54
asacAdmiral_Chicago: for gutsy?08:54
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: thought you wanted it built for feisty08:54
asacAdmiral_Chicago: for gutsy there will be improvement08:54
asacso don't too much08:55
Admiral_Chicagonope, just looked for it and couldn't find it which is wh i asked08:55
gnomefreakits gonna be an on going project during pre gutsy release08:55
asacit should be straight forward like:08:55
asacamd64 users just install flashplugin-nonfree08:55
asacfor feisty it might make sense, but then we need nspluginwrapper in our repo or in feisty08:56
asacgnomefreak: you cannot backport, because you need amd64 :)08:56
asacgnomefreak: i have to do it i guess ;)08:56
gnomefreakoh yeah08:56
gnomefreakgood point08:56
asacyeah :/08:56
asacAdmiral_Chicago: if you need that package for something i need at least two days pre-notice to get it sorted out :-P08:56
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i don't need it, i just need to know that it exists.08:57
asacyes right.08:57
gnomefreakok that link is wrong too08:57
asacthough testing it might be beneficial ;)08:57
=== gnomefreak goes searching
gnomefreakor not08:58
asacred_herring: can you dump an example result somewhere?08:58
Admiral_ChicagoI would test but I have a 32 bit system08:58
gnomefreakasac: you might want to  fix branch08:58
gnomefreakfirefox 2.0 preview package - granparadiso08:59
asacred_herring: so i can see what other info might be helpful in db08:59
gnomefreakthat should be 3.0 no?08:59
asacgnomefreak: he?08:59
asacgnomefreak: ah you mean description08:59
asacgnomefreak: thanks08:59
gnomefreakyw and yes08:59
=== gnomefreak grabbing and building it tonight for testing
Admiral_Chicagowhere does flash install again , is it ~/.mozilla/profile/*.default09:00
asacupstream flash?09:00
asacor ours?09:00
Admiral_Chicagoor is it /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/09:00
asacits linked to that place09:01
asacthe real .so file is at09:01
Admiral_Chicagosay i were to install flashplugin-nonfree, you need to chose the firefox profile09:01
asacAdmiral_Chicago: atm you can't install that package on amd64 (because of depends)09:02
Admiral_Chicagodon't you have to chose the path?09:02
asacAdmiral_Chicago: i will fix that, but than nspluginwrapper will run09:02
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ajh09:02
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i know, but I'm working on just the 32 bit now09:02
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes09:02
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you should not encourage them to install globally09:02
asacsay they should install locally only09:02
bluekujaasac: committing09:02
asace.g. ~/.mozilla/plugins09:02
bluekujaand pushing09:02
Admiral_Chicagoso with path would you pass adobe's plugin?09:02
asacno idea ... i think you get ask if you want global or per user09:03
Admiral_Chicagohmm, i don't have that folder.09:03
asacif you say per user it automatically gets to right place09:03
Admiral_Chicagolet me reinstall it09:03
asacAdmiral_Chicago: it will be created09:03
asacAdmiral_Chicago: try what adobe installer does for you09:03
asacbluekuja: cool09:03
asaclet me take a look09:03
Admiral_Chicagoyea i'm reinstalling to see the default options.09:04
asacAdmiral_Chicago: right09:04
asacbluekuja: push finished?09:05
bluekujanot yet09:05
Admiral_Chicagohmm, no that was the adobe install script, the one in the packages does not require you to do taht09:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: as i said09:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you cannot install the package09:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: on amd6409:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: if you want to write instructions you have to tell them how to do that with adobe installer09:06
asacAdmiral_Chicago: once the package can be installed on amd64 (which I will do soon), you won't need your docs anymore, because all will happen automagically :)09:07
asacAdmiral_Chicago: if you want you can help on that instead ;)09:07
asacits basically just an update of the .postinst script09:07
asacof the flashplugin-nonfree package09:07
asacand adding dependencies for amd64 (so i32-... libs get installed)09:08
Admiral_Chicagoasac: sure I'd like to help09:08
Admiral_ChicagoSo I will write up the documentation to showthat09:08
Admiral_Chicagothat you can install it09:09
Admiral_Chicagonot now.09:09
asacsorry that is the spec09:09
asaci will finish it this week ... so we can start implementing it next week ;)09:09
bluekujaasac: pushed09:11
asacbluekuja: your checkin looks perfect in the web :)09:12
asacpress expand all09:13
asacmaybe your comment could have been a bit more verbose, but that is fine :)09:13
bluekujayou know that I do short comments09:13
asacbluekuja: cool you even repulled the latest from my branch :)09:14
asac(maybe more like an accident .. but who cares) :)09:14
=== gnomefreak gets beat for short comments :(
asacyeah ... but short comments imply that your changes are not worth much ... because you don't spend the time on the comment that the change deserves09:17
asacat least i feel that way :)09:18
bluekujaasac: granparadiso is REALLY nice09:19
bluekujait's damn fast too09:19
asacyeah lots of improvements in the layout engine09:19
asachuge patches landed ... maybe keep an eye on how the password manager works09:20
asacits pretty bleeding edge and things might be broken09:20
asaccurrently hot issues can be found on the blockers page09:20
gnomefreakyou wanna laugh or cry?09:20
asacgnomefreak: both :)09:21
asacgnomefreak: how sad is it?09:21
gnomefreakthe directory from granparasimo is empty09:21
gnomefreakhint pretty frigging bad09:21
asacwhich directory?09:21
asacgnomefreak: what are you doing?09:21
gnomefreaki grabbed the branch and its empty09:22
asacah ... no09:22
asaci just pulled from it09:22
gnomefreakit gave me granparaismo folder but nothing inside09:22
asac4 minutes ago09:22
asacgranparaismo --> see the spelling09:22
gnomefreaki have a .bzr09:22
asacor is it a typo09:22
gnomefreakbut no debian09:22
asacgnomefreak: just bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/granparadiso ?09:23
gnomefreakyeah i keep typoing it09:23
gnomefreaki used clone09:23
asacyeah thats the same09:23
asacbut that url?09:23
gnomefreakits still empty09:23
asacgnomefreak: remove it again ... and try again09:23
gnomefreaki got it from your LP page under code09:23
gnomefreakok will try again09:23
asacthis must be a follow up problem of something messy before09:23
gnomefreakoh shit09:24
asacyeah ... either use ~mozillateam ... or ~asac ... they should be in sync atm09:24
gnomefreaknever mind09:24
gnomefreakthe tar was done downloading not bzr :(09:24
gnomefreakummmm you built the orig.tar for us?09:24
asacbluekuja: #09:25
asacBy Andrea Veri <andrea@seagate> 4 minutes ago09:25
gnomefreakim sure thats not how mozilla named it09:25
asacyou should set your EMAIL= environment properly09:25
asacbluekuja: ^^^09:25
bluekujathat's my localhost09:25
asacbluekuja: look man bzr09:25
asacto see what variables you can set09:25
asacand play abit around with bzr commit; bzr log; bzr uncommit09:25
asacto see if its right09:25
asacgnomefreak: yes09:26
asacgnomefreak: the easy way to build is now bzr bd :)09:26
asactarballs/ directory  with tarball09:26
asacnext to it put the clean bzr branch09:26
=== gnomefreak doesnt know how to use it
asacthen build bzr bd --merge .09:26
asacyou need bzr-buildpackage installed for that09:26
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(bluekuja/#ubuntu-mozillateam) wb ubuntulog10:57
asacyeah ;)10:58
asacok cool paradiso builds ... lets see what gets out of it10:59
asacnext big thing would be to stem a xulrunner-trunk build and make firefox-trunk build against that ;)11:01
gnomefreakgnomefreak@GutsyGibbon:~/gutsy_builds/work/granparadiso/debian$ bzr pull11:01
gnomefreakUsing saved location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/granparadiso/11:01
gnomefreakNo revisions to pull.11:01
bluekujagnomefreak, use mozillateam branch11:02
gnomefreaktheres another branch?11:02
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... i will push not before i verified ;)11:02
asac.. this time :/11:02
asacbut it looks good from what i see11:02
gnomefreakwhere is this mozillateam branch at?11:03
gnomefreakim only showing asacs11:03
gnomefreakas found it11:03
asacgnomefreak: found it?11:05
bluekujagnomefreak, https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/granparadiso11:05
asacok i am off for today ;) ... fridays i start early :/11:10
bluekujaasac: gnight :)11:12
=== bluekuja [n=andrea@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakdoes bzr bd --merge use the internet to build or is it still done as if you were using dpkg-buildpackage?11:33
gnomefreakwait a minute, asac no need to use -i.bzr? or should we be adding that to command since building with .bzr is bad11:34
gnomefreakanswer tomorrow11:35
bluekujagnomefreak, no dont need internet for it11:36
bluekujabzr bd --merge11:36
bluekujanothing more11:36
bluekujanothing less11:36
gnomefreakthe problem there is you will have binaries that you dont want during upload11:40
gnomefreakthats why we were using dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -k3C1C3C2A -i.bzr11:41
gnomefreakit would not use .bzr in build11:41
gnomefreakwith the -i.bzr11:41
gnomefreakim assuming since .bzr is still there its gonna use it in build11:42
bluekujagnomefreak, dont worry about .bzr dir11:42
bluekujabzr bd will do everything11:42
bluekujabzr bd --merge11:42
bluekujaand you're done11:42
gnomefreakah there is a --native flag that will use .bzr in build11:43
gnomefreakso im gonna assume that it wont include native by default11:43
bluekujait wont include that11:44
gnomefreakthis looks like a wrapper for dpkg-buildpackage11:44
bluekujait's quite nice11:45
bluekujaquite limtied11:45
bluekujafor now11:45
gnomefreaklooks fairly nice but long run we will have to see, plus its another differnet way to get used to11:46
gnomefreakall packages seem to use a different way to buidl11:46
bluekujais something different from stantard way11:47
bluekujabut it's usefull11:47
bluekujato check clean stuff11:47
bluekujaby doing bzr status11:47
bluekujaso you know what's going on in your build directory11:47
gnomefreakit has its perks11:48
bluekujayou just need to make some practice11:48
bluekujaand it will be easy11:48
bluekujato setup correct layout11:48
gnomefreakyep and tonight/tomorrow will be alot of practice11:49
gnomefreaki have notes i take just incase im having a bad day11:49
bluekujawhy you need bzr bd tomorrow/tonight?11:49
gnomefreakplus we have different ways each mozilla package builds11:49
gnomefreakyep and gran..11:50
bluekujawell gran is ready11:50
bluekujaneed asac to do some tests11:50
=== gnomefreak has a feeling iceape is gonna be a beast (im hoping he tested it)
bluekujaand it's done11:50
bluekujagran is quite nice11:50
bluekujaworks perfectly11:50
bluekujajust a long build11:51
asacbluekuja: did plugins work for you?11:51
bluekuja30-35 mins11:51
asacfor me they don't :(11:51
gnomefreakhe should be done with iceape and uploaded by now (he was working on it 12 hours ago11:51
bluekujaasac: nope, they didnt work :/11:51
asacgnash somehow displays in bad place11:51
gnomefreak30-35 crap i wish11:51
asacand totem didn't work at all11:51
gnomefreakmore like 2-4 hours11:51
bluekujaasac: same11:51
bluekujaI tried gnas and totem11:51
bluekujaas you suggested11:51
gnomefreakasac: no need for -i.bzr :)11:51
asacyeah ... maybe object frames still have some glitches because of new reflow code11:52
asacgnomefreak: not?11:52
gnomefreakfrom what bzr-buildpackage --help says it has a flag for --native11:52
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... thats not what we do11:52
gnomefreakso im gonna assume it would incude native11:52
asacwe have to stay with orig11:53
asac--native is source without diff.gz11:53
gnomefreakwe had to add the flag for dpkg-buildpackage11:53
gnomefreakno exclude native11:53
gnomefreakbut i dont see a --no-native flag11:53
asacyeah ... i think thats not needed for bzr bd11:54
gnomefreakor anything the like11:54
asaci mean its not needed to pass -i.bzr11:54
asacjust bzr bd --merge . :)11:54
gnomefreakill test iceape tonight (assuming you already built it)11:54
asacadd --dont-purge if you want to work on the tree afterwards11:54
asacyeah it will build11:54
asaci am pretty sure ;)11:54
gnomefreakwork on the branch?11:54
gnomefreaklike push?11:55
gnomefreakoh shit11:55
bluekujawtf happened?11:56
gnomefreakits gonna purge build dir?11:56
gnomefreakthats not good :( one build per use11:56
bluekujagnomefreak, everything will be done in build-area11:56
bluekujaso dont worry11:56
asacif you don't pass --dont-purge it will purge the extracted source in build-area11:56
asacnot the .deb and source files11:56
gnomefreakoh ok much better11:56
gnomefreak--dont-purge          Don't purge the build directory after building11:57
asacits pretty clean ... you just have a dir ubuntu_bzr/ where all your branches reside ... no junk nothing11:57
asacall junk accumulates in build-area11:57
gnomefreakbuild dir to me is the exstracted dir11:57
asacwhich you can use as an apt archive as well :)11:57
asacyeah ... by that definition *your* build dir will be in build-area if build fails or if you pass --dont-purge11:58
gnomefreakwould be nice if it included a tarballs dir with a tarball in it :)11:59
bluekujathat's not12:00
bluekujagnomefreak, it's a quite nice method12:00
bluekujajust need to focus on what need to be done for the layout12:00
bluekujaand taadah12:00
bluekujabuilds great12:00
gnomefreakit is, i just have to get used to not moving files by hand ;)12:00
gnomefreakoh build iceape 2 times and granparadiso once :)12:01
bluekujaasac: why they called it using italian words?12:01
gnomefreakor not12:01
gnomefreaknope just once12:02
asacbluekuja: no idea :)12:03
bluekujaasac: :D12:03
gnomefreakkubuntu people have been busy12:03
asacbluekuja: maybe to attract you :-P12:03
bluekujaasac: this one was nice xD12:04
asacmaybe its the same in spanish?12:04
bluekujaasac: nope12:05
bluekujaonly italian12:06
bluekujain italy we say "grande"12:06
bluekujafor big12:06
bluekujaso grand is an abbreviation12:06
bluekujafor next work12:06
bluekuja"grandeparadiso" sounds bad12:06
=== bluekuja is going to bed!
bluekujagnight gnomefreak, asac12:07
bluekujacu tomorrow12:07
asacnight ... me too12:07
gnomefreakill be in and out for a little while12:08
asacyes cu tomorrow gnomefreak12:09
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