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Keybukwasabi: so let me try and explain :)01:25
Keybukyou have a job for a web server01:25
Keybukin this job, you define the configuration for the web server itself; what needs to be run, how to prepare the machine and clean up afterwards, etc.01:25
Keybukany chroot/chdir/resource limits/etc.01:25
Keybukthis is the "job"01:25
Keybukyou also define the machine state in which the web server should be running01:25
Keybukthese are events and pairs of cancelling events01:26
Keybukor references to other job/states01:26
Keybuke.g. the web server is running while there is at least one non-local network interface up and the filesystem has been assembled01:26
Keybukthis is "the state in which the web server can be run"01:26
Keybukand the web server job state is nominally coupled to this state01:27
Keybukany changes to this state change the goal of the web server job01:27
Keybukhowever this is not "the state in which the web server IS running"01:27
Keybukbecause the web server could fail to start, and stop again, without the underlying state being changed01:27
Keybukor the web server could be started and stopped manually01:27
Keybukor the web server could be a member of a disabled profile01:27
Keybukjobs that reference "when a web server is running" are NOT referencing the state in which the server could be running, but the state in which it IS running01:28
Keybukso there's a second state here01:28
Keybukone state is defined in the job configuration and is tied to the goal of the job01:28
Keybukthe other state is implicit and is tied to the state of the job01:28
Keybukso "with apache" means the state of the apache job01:29
Keybuknot the state in which the apache job can be running01:29
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wasabii see02:22
Keybukdoes that make sense?02:33
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=== Keybuk has issues with blocking
wasabidoes this # have logs?04:05
Keybukupstart-... :p04:06
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AlexExtremeheh, the implementation of profiles i did before was purely lazy06:13
AlexExtremewell, it had absolutely no support for changing profile at runtime, in fact it was quite easy to do that06:15
AlexExtremeit used multiple variables to store info about the current profile rather than a struct06:15
AlexExtremeso i've had to do a fair bit of work to get it working with the new config code, rather than changing a few lines06:16
AlexExtremelaziness != good ;)06:16
Keybukoops, sorry06:27
AlexExtremeparse_profile.c written06:36
=== AlexExtreme adds the necessary parts to conf.c
Keybuknever read code you wrote when you were 1806:37
Keybukit's very disturbing06:38
AlexExtremei have code here that i wrote when I was 906:38
AlexExtremeit's *very* disturbing ;)06:38
AlexExtremenot to mention that it's written in VB06:38
ion_Anything VB is disturbing.06:39
ion_Speaking of disturbing and VB, http://johan.kiviniemi.name/blag/2006/12/26/excellence/ (in you havent been spammed with this URL yet).06:40
wasabiblah. this new server will not run mdrun and vgchange properly in the initramfs06:47
wasabithese packages are constantly pissing me off heh06:47
Keybukwasabi: which release?06:48
Keybukheh, yeah, that was pretty bustef06:48
wasabiMy desktop on gutsy is busted too.06:48
Keybukyeah, gutsy is more busted righ tnow06:48
wasabi... my desktop is weird. It looks like udev spawns a ton of mdadm processes.06:48
Keybukevms installed?06:48
wasabiNope, I've removed EVMS from teh picture.06:49
Keybukoh right06:49
Keybukdunno then06:49
wasabiYou win.=)06:49
KeybukI do?06:49
wasabiYup. No more evms for me. heh06:49
=== Keybuk starts on the next project
Keybuk"make wasabi use ext3" <g>06:50
wasabiAre you still familiar with the local-top/mdadm|run scripts, or is somebody else doing them now?06:50
wasabiOh, you won that too.06:50
KeybukI'm trying to understand what they do/are for06:50
wasabiI just reformatted to ext3.06:50
wasabiMostly because half of my files because mysteriously truncated.06:51
Keybukheh, it's interesting how most people abandon XFS after an "event"06:51
Keybukmine was when a bunch of files had \0 through them for no readily apparent reason06:51
wasabildconfig: file /usr/lib/libwine.so.1 is truncated06:52
wasabiat least ldconfig is very clear about the problem. heh06:52
wasabiRUN+="watershed -i udev-mdadm /scripts/local-top/mdadm from-udev"06:52
ion_keybuk: Ditto.06:52
wasabiThat's an odd one. What's the 'udev-mdadm' in there refer to?06:52
KeybukI don't understand why ian runs that06:52
Keybuksince in the real filesystem, we just run mdadm itself06:53
wasabiYou mean mdrun?06:53
Keybukerr, mdadm I think06:53
KeybukI don't really understand what the difference between the two mdadm related initramfs scripts is06:53
Keybukand what the difference between mdrun and mdadm is06:53
Keybukonce I understand, mdadm shall be fixed06:53
wasabiLooks like mdrun does auto detection. It's a single shot line that probes all drives.06:53
wasabiProbably not what you need with udev feeding events.06:54
wasabiHmm. Yeah, looks like mdadm has the work mdrun does duplicated... just in a harder fashion.06:56
wasabi... builds a config file on the fly from --scan, and then uses that.06:56
Keybukneither seems right though, since we need to run something repeatedly until it sticks?06:59
wasabiYeah. I think what mdrun does is technically rigth... probes all devices.06:59
wasabiJust watershed it on any device event.06:59
wasabiOh except mdrun is deprecated.07:00
wasabiwell that cinches that. *deletes the file*07:01
Keybukwelcome to my world07:10
Keybuk"ah, this looks exactly right ... wait, what'd'ya mean deprecated?"07:10
=== Keybuk scowls at the weather
Keybukyou rained yesterday, so flying was cancelled07:18
Keybukyou're raining again today07:18
Keybukyou better not rain on Saturday07:18
AlexExtremeheh. sometimes I wonder whether this really is summer...07:22
AlexExtremei think we had summer here in april ;)07:22
ion_Not very summer-ish here either, but thats to be expected, this is Finland after all. :-)07:25
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AlexExtremewell, that's a start07:59
AlexExtremeit segfaulted07:59
wasabihonest question. how do you know what is "supported" and not "supported" on ubuntu. md, for instance. How can it be that it is knowingly busted in feisty?08:07
AlexExtremeit helps to call nih_list_init on a NihList before using it08:07
wasabiIn fact who specifically should be tarred and feathered for this?08:08
AlexExtremei'm not sure about md in feisty, i used it once it it was broken, kinda.08:09
AlexExtremecan't remember what happened exactly08:09
AlexExtremebrb, testing again08:10
wasabiOr perhaps it's my fault for thinking feisty would work at all the same things dapper did. Perhaps the lack of the LTS.08:11
AlexExtremeit worked08:12
wasabihmm. wonder if mdadm and vgchange could somehow deadlock on each other.08:16
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