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vidd_bricktopanyone know how to disable a touchpad on a laptop when a mouse is detected?03:49
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Jester45pull the touchpad out ? :)04:01
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homebrewciderhas anybody had any luck getting the scanner part of a Canon MP510 working in Xubuntu?04:33
=== namelessjon [n=jon@stott1.demon.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
homebrewciderhas anybody had any luck getting the scanner part of a Canon MP510 working in Xubuntu?04:51
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with CUPS. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:53
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vidd_bricktop*wave* maxamillion05:11
=== buntu [n=ac@adsl-160-105-149.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_bricktopyour on late05:11
maxamillionhiya vidd_bricktop  .... bricktop?05:11
vidd_bricktopos[Linux 2.6.20-16-generic i686]  distro[Debian 4.0]  cpu[1 x Celeron (Mendocino) @ 433MHz]  mem[Physical : 313MB, 54.3% free]  disk[Total : 4.21GB, 41.90% Free]  video[ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x]  sound[] 05:11
vidd_bricktopmaxamillion, this thing weighs like 5 pounds05:11
maxamillionyeah, a little late for me to be starting my irc session for the evening ... but i probably won't be on for too long, been uber busy at work and i'm beat05:11
maxamillionvidd_bricktop: lol05:11
maxamillioni love how it says "Debian 4.0"05:12
vidd_bricktopman.... i HATE php....05:14
vidd_bricktopmaxamillion, you know anything about it?05:16
maxamillioni know _very_ little php05:17
maxamillioni know python though :)05:17
=== maxamillion is proud of his hack-tastic compiler written in python
vidd_bricktopParse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /var/www/vidd/registration.php on line 1605:18
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vidd_bricktopmaxamillion, what kind of compiler?05:18
maxamillionvidd_bricktop: for some made up language my prof created in order to teach the compiler theory course05:19
j1mcmaxamillion: how did that turn out?  :)  i remember you hacking on that.  :)05:20
j1mcit was a "pita", iirc.  :)05:20
vidd_bricktopwe have anyone here with a clue what im messing up?05:21
maxamillioni got a B05:21
vidd_bricktop"iirc"? "If I Recall Correctly"?05:21
=== vidd_bricktop thinks he's getting too old for this "IRC-Speak"
vidd_bricktopbut its better then that r3erc  (?) speak05:23
maxamillioni knew iirc ... but what is "pita"?05:23
j1mcpain in the a__  :)05:23
j1mciirc = if i recall correctly, yes05:23
vidd_bricktopwhat is that talk with numbers instead of letters, etc....05:24
=== vidd_bricktop knew pita
vidd_bricktop=] 05:24
j1mcmaxamillion: how did the compiler turn out?05:24
vidd_bricktopwe used it...pronounced PEE-tah.... in Basic Training05:25
vidd_bricktop(20 years ago this week)05:25
vidd_bricktopj1mc, YOU have any clue as to why my php form dont wanna work?05:27
j1mcvidd_bricktop: sorry, don't really know php05:27
maxamillionj1mc: i got a 'B' on it ... it compiled fine, but there was an issue with my parser and curly braces so you couldn't nest more than like 5 statements within while loops and if statements05:28
j1mcnot bad.  was it your first one?05:28
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionj1mc: yup05:32
maxamillionj1mc: and probably my last .... it really wasn't fun05:32
jgamiohi everybody I need to do a visual basic program to windows. Can use mono to developed it?05:36
maxamillionjgamio: sure can05:38
maxamillionjgamio: develop on mono and then re-compile on windows and life should be good05:38
maxamillionjgamio: or their might be a cross compilation option in there somewhere ... not entirely sure, only ever played with it in passing ... i have no need for windows development tools05:39
jgamiomaxamillion: thank you05:39
maxamillionjgamio: anytime05:41
j1mcmaxamillion: where do you go to school again?05:41
jgamiojgamio: but a question if I need to put windows in my machine for test which is the best virtualbox or quem or vwmare05:41
j1mcjgamio: hi.  :)  it depends somewhat on your hardware...05:42
vidd_bricktopjgamio, depends on which version of winbloze you want05:42
vidd_bricktopif you are using < xp then qemu is good05:42
jgamioj1mc:  i had two machines now a semprom 2.6 and pentiun d 3.0 with 756 MB05:42
vidd_bricktop>= xp...no idea05:43
vidd_bricktopjust NOT qemu05:43
j1mcjgamio: ok... those likely don't have the latest virtualization tech built into the processor...05:43
j1mci'd recommend virtualbox, if only because it's worked ok for me.05:43
jgamio j1mc: ok i going to tested05:44
jgamio j1mc:  A have a question about the documentation. how can i help i readed you and vincent are working on it05:45
j1mcjgamio: myself and Admiral_Chicago, yes...05:45
j1mcvincent would be welcome to help, but to my knowledge he's not going to be one of the main helpers.05:46
j1mcwhat would you like to know?05:46
jgamio j1mc: I used the svn to donwload the last version but look the same like the 7.04 default05:48
j1mcjgamio: you're correct.  we haven't uploaded any changes to it yet.05:49
jgamio j1mc: I wish to help to read and to check the info because my english is not good enough05:49
j1mcjgamio: :)  thanks!  we would appreciate your help.05:49
j1mcjgamio: what is your native language?05:50
jgamio j1mc: in the writting but i dont have problem with the reading. Spanish05:50
j1mcwhat country are you from?  could you help with the translation to the language in your area?05:50
jgamioj1mc: Peru but I live in Venezuela05:51
j1mcok.  :)  my closest friend is going to visit peru!  she leaves this weekend!  :)05:51
j1mcshe is very excited.05:52
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jgamioj1mc: my sister in law is from atlanta and she love peru05:53
j1mcAre there other *ubuntu users in your area?  is there a venezuelan loco team?05:53
jgamioj1mc: yes05:53
j1mcif you want to help with reporting "bugs" in the english version of the documentation, that would be fine.  translating would be fine, too.05:54
jgamio j1mc: ok05:54
j1mci'll be back in a bit....05:54
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Chikubuim having hard time mounting windows shares, im using pyNeighborhood, it listes the share, the one im trying to mount is "Shared Documents" just says unable to mount, suggestions?06:04
maxamillionChikubu: i believe you have to run pyNeighborhood as sudo ... so run the command "gksudo pyneighborhood" in the terminal or the run dialog (alt+f2)06:08
Chikubuok, ill try sudo06:08
Chikubushouldve thought of that :)06:09
maxamillionChikubu: no worries ... i think i heard that somewhere and i also recall complaints on how it wasn't very well documented06:09
Chikubuthat did it :)06:11
Chikubunow, why isnt this ancent sb 16 isa card working....worked in windows before i erased windows hehe06:11
Chikubuits like its not detected, device manager isnt listing it06:11
maxamillionChikubu: its very possible that support for it was dropped, but i don't doubt there is a module floating around for it somewhere ... might just wanna search google for "ubuntu sb 16 isa" or something similar ... or go more vague and say "sb 16 isa card linux module"06:12
Chikubuive read that support for it is in almost all distro's06:12
Chikubuthat is pretty solid being an old tech alot was built on06:13
Chikubudo you know what irq a modem is likely to use by default?  read something that if a pci device has irq 5 sound card might not be detected, guess i can just yank it06:13
Chikubumeans a reboot, ugg have a zillion things going06:14
Chikubuhave a post scrip printer i need to get working, via printer port, parrallel06:15
maxamillionChikubu: you don't have to reboot ... if you know the module, just remove the module and yank the card ... no harm done06:16
Chikubudoes xubuntu detect printers or is it a manual affair?06:16
vidd_bricktopsorta manual....06:17
maxamillionChikubu: well, if they are usb it is "detected" as a device, but you have to resolve the drivers (which generally isn't too painful) ... the one i have at my office at work took me i think 3 button clicks06:17
vidd_bricktopthere is a tool06:17
Chikubunot usb, though i have a usb parrellal port06:18
vidd_bricktopwhat kind of printer?06:18
Chikubuits a very odd printer, not standard, its wide format06:18
vidd_bricktop(please dont say lexmark)06:18
Chikubuprints up to 54inches wide, feet long hp designjet 3500cp06:19
vidd_bricktopChikubu, the driver is available via the config tool06:19
Chikubuwere is the config tool06:20
Chikubuoh im looking at that, thougth u meant another, so i manualy add the printer06:21
Chikubuwhen it asks for location, what do i put? under win/dos it would be lp106:22
=== vidd_bricktop left that blank
Chikubuits is not a usb printer06:23
vidd_bricktopi know06:23
vidd_bricktopbut it IS going through your usb port06:24
maxamillionChikubu: that's fine ... it doesn't have to be, the printer setup tool will work with parallel printers06:24
vidd_bricktopthe location would be like "upsatirs" "in the basement"06:24
ChikubuO lol i thought it wanted were it was connected06:25
Chikubuguess "human readalbe" should have clued me in06:26
vidd_bricktopmine says "baby's momma's youngest son's room06:29
vidd_bricktop=] 06:29
Chikubumine's in the loft, about broke my back getting it up here hehe06:30
Chikubuu sure i can pull the pci card with out a reboot?06:31
Chikubuthe modem06:31
maxamillionChikubu: well if its managed by hal or you rmmod the module first, then yes ... technically you should be able to ... but then you get into the realm of "how electro-statically safe is this?"06:32
Chikubui think the modem might be using irq 5 which might be interfering with the hardware detctin of the sound card isa06:32
vidd_bricktoplike "crack the case, unscrew the screw, " yank the pci?06:32
Chikubu ah heck ill just shutdown06:32
Chikubuthere is lazy and then LAZY06:32
=== vidd_bricktop does NOT recomend placing hands inside a powered on case
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maxamillionvidd_bricktop: i used to do it all the time while i worked at BestBuy because it wasn't my hardware06:35
vidd_bricktopmaxamillion, I did it ONCE.....caught my watch in the cpu fan......never do it again06:36
vidd_bricktoplike to have broke my wrist....06:36
maxamillionthat's no good06:36
maxamillionvidd_bricktop: sooo .... why you on the bricktop?06:37
vidd_bricktophad to replace the fan too06:37
vidd_bricktopt it to FINALLY connect to the internet06:37
maxamillionah, so using it out of celebration?06:38
vidd_bricktopis there a way to tell apache that "this site has a php library, and it can include from there as well as the system default"?06:39
maxamillionvidd_bricktop: apache2-mod-php and then some config06:41
vidd_bricktopin /etc?06:41
maxamillionno clue06:42
maxamillioni didn't set that stuff up on my server, i just know the modules that are used06:42
maxamillioni'm outta here06:43
maxamillionnight all06:43
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coldstealwhats the app that i can select what starts in w/e runlevel08:15
coldsteali used it to remoce gdm08:22
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alnoktahow can i reduce the size of dialog boxes?09:38
=== yesdup [n=dad@124-197-24-40.callplus.net.nz] has joined #xubuntu
yesdupHi all. I have installed firehol as my firewall but recently i found that i switched on but haden't logged in and there was a stream of 11111111...... s continually been entered at my log in screen. I think this is possibly a hacker trying to get in through remote desktop?? And i also think that i haven't set Firehol to initiate at the correct run level i.e 1 or 2.?? Or i have set it to run at startup?? So how do i do those things and also I'm 10:16
yesdupSorry meant to say i HAVEN'T set up a rd server10:18
=== gabkdlly [n=gabriel@dslb-088-073-034-130.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #xubuntu
PumpernickelI'd check your keyboard for stuck keys / shorted keys / messed up connections first.10:20
PumpernickelXubuntu doesn't ship with any remote access server software, which makes 'hacking' it a bit unrealistic.10:21
yesdupOk no remote desktop so scratch that idea.10:21
yesdupThe keboar is fine, i have checked. and it work 100% under windows.10:22
yesdupbut the firewall should still start at an early run level, Right? And if its not a sticky key (happens only in xubuntu) then what is it.10:25
PumpernickelFirehol is just a graphical rules-builder - it produces a working configuration for iptables, which is implemented in the kernel.10:30
PumpernickelIt doesn't actually have to be running for the filtering rules to be in effect.10:30
yesduppumpernickel Ok. So your saying that my firehol firewall should be working from run level 1 and that is't the problem? So what/who is writeing 111111...s on my screen and how do istop it?10:40
yesdupOh by the way "Firehol is just a graphical rules-builder" it incorrect. It isn't graphical. just text based.10:44
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MaxFramesa strange thing happened when I upgraded from v. 6.10 to v. 7.0410:47
MaxFramesI did the upgrade last tuesday, and the result was that a few seconds after the log in, the mouse freezed for a second, then the display went blank, and then I was taken back to the logon screen10:48
MaxFramesToday instead everyting goes fine... but I did not change anything whatsoever!10:49
MaxFramesI just booted again (for the n.th time) and this time the problem has gone...10:49
=== benpicco [n=administ@p54B464A4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
yesdupMax frames good to hear that your prob has gone. but does anyone know why i have 1111111111...s on my xubuntu screen in any and all text enrty boxes when the firewall is turned off.11:02
MaxFramesno clue, sorry11:03
MaxFramesanyway... I installed xubuntu to learn something about Linux... this self-solved problem didn't leave much room for learning though :P11:04
MaxFrameswhat was the problem? unknown. how was it fixed? unknown.11:04
MaxFramesanyway v7 is sooooo much better than v6! :)11:04
MaxFrameseven faster on my old PC11:05
yesdupif i run /etc/init.d/fiehol stop then after about five or so mins someone starts writing 11111111..... and my network monitor shows traffic in both directions. If i run/etc/init.d/fiehol start the 11111111... stop and so does the network activity.????11:05
benpiccohey, as you mention a firewall, how can I get xubuntu using one for alle internet related stuff?11:05
benpiccowell, it more a proxy11:06
MaxFramesyesdup: looks like someone is doing stuff to your system11:06
MaxFrameslike a remote desktop session... and his "1" key is sticky :P11:07
yesdupThats what i think too.11:07
MaxFramestry to trace him11:07
yesdupbut there is no RD server with xubuntu apparently. and i haven't installed one.11:08
MaxFramesI'm not into Linux enough to be sure, but I guess there are so many ways one can make stuff appear on your edit boxes11:08
yesdupI can stop it with the firewall Firehol. but i recently just switched on and didn't logg in when i can back to the screen there was 1111111111... in the log in box.11:09
yesdupSo i figure that my firewall isn't starting soon enough11:10
yesdupfiesty xubuntu is good isn't it.:d11:10
yesdupbetter than v611:11
MaxFramesany idea why the terminal window is opened TWICE when I launch it from the X menu the first time?11:11
MaxFramesI log in, I start the terminal from the XFCE menu, and it is opened twice (two terminal windows)11:12
MaxFramesif I close both windows and launch terminal again, only one window opens11:12
yesdupYour not double clicking?11:12
MaxFramesit did this with v.6 and it's still doing it after the upgrade to v711:13
yesdupJust the first time. On every session.11:13
MaxFramesanother weirdness....11:13
yesduptry creating a shortcut on the desktop and use that11:13
yesdupIt may be a fault after updating.11:14
MaxFramesit was doing this also before the update11:15
MaxFramesalso, sometimes I click on XFCE - QUIT and nothing happens until I click it a second time11:15
yesdupSame here with the quit. try using the panel quit button on the right it works for me11:16
MaxFramesanyway... with v6 I couldn't display 1280x1024 (my native monitor resolution) and the display was garbled in OOo... both issues are gone with v7 :)11:17
MaxFrameslooks like they implemented better vcard support11:17
MaxFramesand the removable drives are better supported too11:17
yesdupthere was a similar problem with thunar opening up two instances in the older versions but thaT 6.06 I THINK11:17
benpiccoany Ideas how to get the system using a html proxy with wich it connects to the Internet? It works if i can configure it in the program, but things like apt-get still try to connect directly to the net - so they don't work11:18
TheSheepbenpicco: you can configure it in apt-get too, see man apt.conf11:19
TheSheepMaxFrames: Bug #6572011:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 65720 in xfdesktop4 "Quit-button in desktop menu in Xfce does not always work" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6572011:19
benpiccoTheSheep: but do I have to this this for *every* single program? ping, nmap. wget, $you_name_it?11:20
TheSheepbenpicco: no, you can instead edit /etc/environment and add 'http_proxy="http://addressofyourproxy:port" there11:20
benpiccoTheSheep: THX!11:21
yesdupThe Sheep: any thought on mysterious 1111111111.......s11:22
TheSheepyesdup: no idea11:25
yesdupThe sheep:Thanks any ways.11:26
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meborchi all, a short Q - what ftp client are you using with xfce? i have constant troubles with GFTP and trying to find something to replace it with12:13
benpiccomeborc: FileZilla is nice12:13
meborcthanks, will try it out12:14
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meborcbenpicco, i get this error when running filezilla - ***MEMORY-WARNING***: [6829] : GSlice: g_thread_init() must be called before all other GLib functions; memory corruption due to late invocation of g_thread_init() has been detected; this program is likely to crash, leak or unexpectedly abort soon...12:20
meborc*** glibc detected *** filezilla: free(): invalid next size (normal): 0x085b1fa0 ***12:20
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #xubuntu
meborci have a really crappy lappy :) so the problem might be hardware12:21
meborcthanks anyway :D12:22
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shirishguys is there an xubuntu+1 ?01:40
saispoand i reinstall a feisty :/01:44
saisposome bugs today with X :(01:44
shirishsaispo: I tried but didn't see an xubuntu+101:48
saispoi see an announce, but i don't remenber where01:48
=== grazie [n=grazie@88-110-97-206.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
shirishI had downloaded an alternate .iso .torrent previously but it had ubuntu on it, rather than xubuntu if you do know please lemme know.01:48
grazieshirish: I've only seen your last message...can't follow what you want to know01:51
shirishgrazie: I went to xubuntu.org to download an alternate xubuntu .iso .torrent I did manage to download the alternate installer to find it had ubuntu & not xfce on it.01:52
shirishOf course this happened few days ago. Can somebody recheck & give me a correct .torrent link01:52
shirishor is the xubuntu 7.10 testing tribe 1 doesn't have an alternate installer ?01:53
shirisheven now the one which I'm downloading has the name gutsy-alternate.iso & doesn't say if its ubuntu or xubuntu01:54
=== Laibsch [n=Laibsch@c-134-231-41.f.dsl.de.ignite.net] has joined #xubuntu
grazieshirish: Ah you want 7.10 testing? I've not download gutsy yet so I don't know. Should be the same kind of link as feisty testing (but for gutsy)...I'll check01:56
shirishgrazie: thanx a bunch01:59
grazieshirish: I can only see the daily live (desktop) image here >> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/02:01
graziedo know why there know02:01
graziedo know why there's no alternate02:02
graziedon't know why there's no alternate (sheesh!)02:02
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shirishgrazie: is there a mailing list where I can talk about this issue?02:07
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Pumpernickelshirish: 1. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/20070612/02:23
Pumpernickel2. https://lists.ubuntu.com/#Development+Lists02:23
shirishPumpernickel: I am downloading that same daily alternate .iso the problem is the label, it just says gutsy alternate, shouldn't it say xubuntu-alternate or something like that?02:25
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StaticRasenganany one there?03:33
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:34
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StaticRasenganhas any got wireless working in xubuntu 7.04 on a 20" intel iMac?03:35
StaticRasenganneed wireless working real bad03:36
StaticRasengangrateful for any help03:36
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PumpernickelHave you checked the documentation here (hang on a sec...) yet?03:41
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:41
vidd_laptopPumpernickel, i have noticed that in the WPA HowTo, there is a link to a Kubuntu HowTo, but not for xubuntu....does this mean xubuntu works the same as ubuntu, or is it just more lack of support for all things xubuntu?03:45
=== vidd_laptop feels like this is the black sheep of the (*)ubuntu family
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tanlaanDoes anyone know of a way that I could have an applet in my taskbar that will check on thunderbird while it is in the background? *if that is even possible*03:48
Pumpernickelvidd_laptop: Link?03:52
grazietanlaan: I think it would be possible if you're prepared to write your own applet. Refer to http://xfce.org for documentation (I don't know if thetr is any though)03:52
tanlaanhmm ok, thanks03:53
tanlaanoff to school =] 03:53
vidd_laptopit was off the link you gave Pumpernickel03:57
vidd_laptopwhat about the "mail checker" applet included by default?03:59
vidd_laptop"mail watcher"....sorry03:59
vidd_laptopoh...he left....03:59
Pumpernickelvidd_laptop: Looks like no one wrote an Xubuntu-specific howto.  The basic networking portions would be identical, but the front-end would be different.04:01
vidd_laptopdo i need to do anything special to my router to use WPA, or does it still use the WEP key i already have?04:03
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MeneerEcan anyone help me with -what seems to be- a bug in the alternate installer? (the newest version, i believe it's called feisty fawn)04:24
PumpernickelPossibly - details?04:25
MeneerEit keeps halting at the configuration/installation of "anthy"04:25
MeneerEthe chinese character input04:25
MeneerE-which i dont need, by the way-04:25
MeneerEusing the alternate installation because i'm trying it out on a celeron laptop with 64 mb memory04:26
MeneerE(and 4 gb hdd)04:26
PumpernickelHow long did it pause there?04:26
TheSheepMeneerE: you can switch to the second console with alt+f2 and kill that process04:26
MeneerEan hour or three04:26
MeneerEand then i just killed the laptop :/04:27
TheSheepMeneerE: then it will just continue the installation04:27
MeneerEah, and anthy wont be installed, saving precious hdd space? :D04:27
TheSheepMeneerE: list the processes with 'ps' and kill the anthy with 'kill PID', where PID is the number listed in the first column by ps04:28
MeneerEthis is able during the installation? (there is no OS on the laptop yet)04:28
MeneerEpossible *04:28
TheSheepMeneerE: yes04:29
MeneerEcool, thanks04:29
TheSheepMeneerE: alt+f2 will give you a second console04:29
MeneerEgoing to initialise the installation then04:29
MeneerE(attempt 3, 3rd time lucky?)04:29
MeneerEis it possible to change the keyboard layout later on? (i'm unsure if its US english)04:32
vidd_laptopMeneerE, yes...there is a tool to change keyboard layout04:34
MeneerEyaay for linux then04:36
MeneerEi thought installing it would be harder04:37
MeneerEand weirdish04:37
vidd_laptopMeneerE, do you have a "qwerty" keyboard?04:37
=== MeneerE is dutch
MeneerEso i guess thats mostly standard us english04:38
vidd_laptopMeneerE, then it is 95% likely that you have standard us english04:39
vidd_laptopis this a laptop or a desktop?04:39
MeneerEcompaq armada v30004:39
MeneerEoldie :P04:39
vidd_laptopnothing wrong with that04:39
MeneerELVM isnt neccesary for a basic user, right?04:40
PumpernickelNope.  It's useful if you have a complex partitioning scheme.04:41
MeneerEuse entire disk it is \o/04:42
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technelI just installed Xubuntu 7.04. Why in the world does Open Office look so terrible? It doesn't fit in with the interface at all....04:55
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MeneerEhow do i get out of the 2nd console?05:03
Pumpernickelalt + F705:07
=== tomeff [n=teffenat@igw.wireless-zone.info] has joined #xubuntu
tomeffit here anz cyech<05:07
PumpernickelAny of F1 - F7 are valid by default.05:07
tomeffit here any czech?05:08
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepMeneerE: alt+f105:08
TheSheep!ch | tomeff05:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ch - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:08
TheSheep!cz | tomeff05:09
ubotutomeff: esk uivatele dme, aby mluvili v kanle #ubuntu anglicky. esky je mono se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Dkujeme.05:09
tomeffi know05:09
TheSheepfunny there is no chinese text :)05:10
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese  #ubuntu-cn  #ubuntu-tw   #ubuntu-hk05:11
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technelCan't you add a separator to a XFCE panel like you can in GNOME?05:18
TheSheeptechnel: you can05:20
technelTheSheep, Is it in the "Add New Item" menu? I must be blind :(05:21
TheSheeptechnel: it's called 'separator or spacing'05:21
technelTheSheep, I looked through the menu TWICE and didn't see it, but now I found it...heh, thanks...05:21
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usr_robi'm downloading xubuntu now, have a question about the desktop icons, are they transparent ? on a screenshot i did see that the icon text do not showed transparancy06:58
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TheSheepusr_rob: depends on the hardware07:13
MeneerEah, there07:22
MeneerEits configuring anthy07:22
=== MeneerE alt-f2
MeneerE[16:28:25]  <TheSheep> MeneerE: list the processes with 'ps' and kill the anthy with 'kill PID', where PID is the number listed in the first column by ps07:22
MeneerEi listed the processes07:22
MeneerEand i see /bin/sh/usr/sbin/update-anthy-dics07:22
TheSheepMeneerE: now, see what number is to the left of it07:22
TheSheepand type 'kill that-number-here'07:22
TheSheepkill 266507:22
TheSheepkill 26666507:22
=== TheSheep <-- can't type today
MeneerEwhat about /usr/bin/mkworddic -f /etc/anthy/dict.args?07:23
MeneerEkill it too?07:24
TheSheepit should die by itself07:26
TheSheepI think07:26
TheSheepif not, you can kill it too07:26
TheSheepswitch to the first terminal (alt+f1) to see if the installation proceeds07:26
MeneerEand the [anthy.postinst]  ?07:27
MeneerEit doesnt continue07:28
MeneerEit does :D07:28
MeneerEomg thank you07:28
MeneerEit passed the magical 65%07:29
MeneerEtypical that it runs a process with daemon in it at 66%07:29
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alnoktawho is the author of xubuntu?07:39
TheSheepalnokta: community07:40
alnoktaTheSheep, well, we need how it is pronounced see : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Xubuntu07:41
TheSheepalnokta: I thnk it's mentioned on xubuntu.org07:42
=== alnokta checking
TheSheepalnokta: I don't know where this text comes from originally, but in the materials for the Welcome Centre it says this: http://welcome.sheep.art.pl/Welcome07:43
TheSheep"Xubuntu, pronounced as Zooboontoo, is a complete GNU/Linux based operating system [...] "07:44
TheSheepalnokta: found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Xubuntu_2006-11-25?highlight=%28Zooboontoo%2907:45
alnoktaTheSheep, any text to search ? ;)07:46
TheSheepalnokta: 'Zoo'07:47
alnoktavery nice07:48
Jester45i say it like Xoobuntu07:50
TheSheepJester45: how do you pronounce that X ?07:51
alnokta<somerville32> I don't think it really matters.07:52
TheSheepJester45: there are generally two schools: ks and z07:52
alnoktait really matter ;)07:52
ArkhTheSheep, X like Hacks?  XD07:52
ArkhHacksoobuntu :P07:52
Jester45o x like ex wife07:53
TheSheepJester45: eksubuntu?07:53
ArkhTheSheep, lame is not leet :P07:53
TheSheepJester45: sounds too Japanese ;)07:53
Arkhlol yeah07:53
MeneerEcant be07:53
alnoktathere is no consensus on a term07:53
alnoktawhere is that wiki?07:54
MeneerEjapanese syllables dont end in consonants07:54
=== MeneerE goes off to hide
TheSheepMeneerE: that's why exubuntu sounds oriental07:54
TheSheepMeneerE: they have one consonant -- n :)07:55
alnoktaTheSheep, where is that wiki?07:55
TheSheepalnokta: which wiki do you mean by "that"?07:56
MeneerEso that would make ekusubuntu07:56
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alnoktaTheSheep, <vinze> Perhaps we can collaborate on something on the wiki and when it's finished put it on the main website07:56
TheSheepalnokta: wiki.ubuntu.com07:57
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aboyousifHello guys .. why xubuntu 7.04 read my IDE hDDs as SCSI SDA ?08:12
j1mcaboyousif: Developers found out that SATA/SCSI drivers handle PATA drives better than the PATA driver did, so they started using them for all disks. No need to worry about that.08:14
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MeneerE80% in the installing of the software (if anyone cared to know) \o/08:16
alnoktaTheSheep, should i create a page on the wiki about pronunciation?08:18
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alnoktahow light is xfmedia?08:31
MeneerEis the installation08:34
MeneerEat this rate it will take an extra hour to install the xubuntu here :(08:35
alnoktaMeneerE, yo u running the virtual disc?08:37
MeneerEi am doing the alternative install cd08:39
MeneerEit failed :|08:47
MeneerEit un-failed itself :o08:52
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PeP`I have a little problem with a xubuntu I just installed :/08:56
PeP`every time I try to run the terminal the x-server crashes and starts again....08:56
PeP`the only way of running the terminal is by logging out and logging in again in the termimnal mode... :s08:57
PeP`Doe anyone know why this could be like that, or have an idea how I cold solve my problem? :/08:57
PeP`I can get it working with gnome2 terminal, but it is a bug...09:01
PeP`I suppose you all now about it -_-09:01
PeP`well ok, I'll install gnome2 then09:02
PeP`bye :D09:02
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maxamillionhello all09:12
=== maxamillion is on his lunch break .... been a really busy day :(
tonyyarussoshort lunch09:23
MeneerExubuntu is quite limited, but it'll do on the laptop09:24
vidd_laptopMeneerE, it is extremely expandable.....09:25
MeneerEi know09:26
MeneerEbut i was kinda used to knoppix09:26
vidd_laptopits lite so you dont have stuff you will never use hogging your valuable system resources09:26
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(MeneerE/#xubuntu) i put in a webcam10:57
(MeneerE/#xubuntu) wonder if it will recognise it after reboot10:57
(MeneerE/#xubuntu) :/10:57
=== vidd_laptop has to go home
TehRealNexGenMeneerE: why wouldnt it?11:02
MeneerEwhat programme would i use with it, then?11:03
TehRealNexGeno sorry i thought u meant it had already recognised it11:04
MeneerEjust plugged it in11:04
TehRealNexGensudo apt-get install easycam211:05
TehRealNexGenor go to applications => System =>Synaptic package manager and search for it11:05
TehRealNexGendid it work?11:07
TehRealNexGenok i also forgot to mention something else...11:08
TheSheepMeneerE: you don't have to reboot11:09
MeneerEwhere _is_ easycam2 in xubuntu?11:10
TehRealNexGenin synaptic package manager goto Settings => Repositories => Add11:10
TehRealNexGendeb http://blognux.free.fr/debian unstable main11:10
TehRealNexGenthat line add it in as a source11:11
TehRealNexGenof software11:11
MeneerEi will experiment when i have time11:12
TehRealNexGenits sounds complicated now11:12
TehRealNexGenbut when you really get into its a much better way of doing things then windows11:13
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TheSheephi cheeseboy12:19
cheeseboymy other pc gets glined because it has a fizzerbot12:19
cheeseboyhow i get rid of it?12:19
TheSheepcheeseboy: I think that this sort of administrative things are best asked at some general freenode support channels12:23

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