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DaSkreechIs there a way to run an install from the CLI on the live Cd?05:12
Jucatoyou absolutely need X to be up05:21
DaSkreechthat sucks05:22
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DaSkreechJucato: poke05:35
JucatoDaSkreech: yep?05:36
DaSkreechJucato: what's the policy for people who tell people looking for help to rm -rf /05:36
Jucato*I* usually reprimand them first... others just kick :)05:37
Jucatoah I see05:38
DaSkreechesp when they say @r$e things like Whoops sorry wrong window like they meant to type that in the terminal05:38
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lithium__can someone instruct me on installing software in kubuntu?06:49
crimsunusing Adept?06:49
=== Jucato points lithium__ at #kubuntu
crimsun(should probably keep it there, since you're already being assisted there)06:50
=== DaSkreech gently pushes lithium__ back to #kubuntu
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DaSkreechHa ha07:08
=== Hobbsee waves
=== Jucato surfs again...
=== Jucato does some heavy thinking....
DaSkreechSurf's Up!07:09
=== LongPointyStick pokes DaSkreech
HobbseeJucato: what's the heavy thinking about?07:11
=== DaSkreech giggles
=== DaSkreech ponders asking about the depth
=== DaSkreech doesn't like drowning
HobbseeDaSkreech: bigger than you07:13
DaSkreechyou know what he's thinking?07:16
Hobbseeabout how much work systemsettings is to do for kde4 :P07:23
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DaSkreechisn't it mostly a front fo kcontrol?07:23
DaSkreechso shouldn't we wait for kcontrol to get sorted first?07:24
Hobbseenot to my knowldege07:24
Hobbseethey're both frontends to the modules07:24
DaSkreechWell yeah same concept07:25
DaSkreechhow many of those have been rewritten for KDE4 already?07:25
Jucatokcontrol (the shell) currently doesn't work on kde4 at all07:26
Jucatothe modules work though.. but they need to be redesigned... terribly...07:26
JucatoHobbsee: how much work? can I say "lots"?07:27
DaSkreechShouldn't that be the place to start?07:27
JucatoDaSkreech: no reason why they can't be done simultaneously...07:27
Jucatothe individual modules need to comply with HIG, but the shell needs lots of work as well...07:28
DaSkreechtrue. But there might be a mindset change for KDE407:28
Jucatomindset change on what?07:28
=== Jucato thinks the General/Advanced separation isn't working a bit....
JucatoI mean the concept... but hey, I'm not el or seele :)07:29
DaSkreechNight all!! :)07:34
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Hobbseeyay, Riddell!08:42
HobbseeRiddell: archive still appears to work08:42
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RiddellHobbsee: phew10:31
HobbseeRiddell: :)10:31
HobbseeRiddell: please make sure someone takes pictures and posts them online if you end up being in your kilt.10:32
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marseillaiScottK: ? are you there?11:55
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mhbJucato: I agree on that general/advanced one01:11
Jucatohi mhb!01:11
Jucatobtw, I propose renaming System to "System Tools" in the K Menu if ever we do rename that...01:11
Jucatoand in Fedora, the Terminal is still in System Tools, not in Accessories01:11
mhbJucato: Fedora GNOME?01:16
Jucatojust for reference01:17
JucatoI'm wondering if we will have to change system settings' name if ever it becomes chosen as the kcontrol replacement in kde401:17
mhbJucato: is that even possible?01:19
Jucatowhat is?01:19
mhbJucato: I don't follow KDE discussions, so I don't know01:19
Jucatoah Riddell already proposed it to kde-core-devel...01:19
Jucatobut we need to fix a lot if it ever gets accepted...01:19
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Hobbseegrumble.  lost my voice now.01:25
=== Hobbsee spent too long talking on the phone...
Jucatohehe h:)01:26
Jucatooops... the 'h' detached01:27
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xerosisooh, the oxygen windeco looks *nice*01:36
Jucatois it finally done? O.o01:38
Jucatoer I mean semi-done01:38
Jucatolast time I tried to build it, it was all red...01:39
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alleeRiddell: I've got the .so into p2moto (only soft links missing).  I'll try later to fix this too02:42
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mhbhi RadiantFire03:10
RadiantFiresorry I've been missing as of late, there were some technical troubles with my shell account for a few days03:11
nosrednaekimhey... I was wondering something. When you try to copy something to a place where you don't have enough permissions, why doesn't konqueror prompt you with a "kdesu" dialog?03:11
nosrednaekimwhy does it just give you a " not enough permissions"?03:12
Jucatowhy should it?03:12
=== Jucato thinks hard...
nosrednaekimbecause other wise I have to open up a whole new konqueror window to drop to03:13
nosrednaekimwhich is annoying.03:13
mhbRadiantFire: no problem03:13
nosrednaekimmuch better to have a prompt to upgrade your permissions03:13
RadiantFireos x behaves that way03:13
RadiantFireit gives you an "Authenticate" option03:14
Jucatoit presumes 1) the user doing it is a sudoer and 2) it really something that should be done03:14
Jucatoimho only :)03:14
Jucatobut then you have to ask, why doesn't the shell do that as well? :)03:14
RadiantFirebecause authenticating from a shell is easier :-)03:15
nosrednaekimyeah well,on the shell its easy to just prefix sudo03:15
mhbit doesn't have to be automatic, just easy enough03:15
mhbI guess03:15
nosrednaekimin konqueror, you have to renavigate to where you want to paste03:15
Jucatothere are konqueror servicemenus that allow you to open a folder as root though... of course they're 3rd party03:15
mhbJucato: now that was unnecessary :o)03:15
Jucatomhb: after wondering for week where the bloody hell he was, that was just appropriate :)03:16
Jucatofor weeks*03:16
mhbJucato: oh, there's this lovely thing called email, that might help you sometimes :o)03:16
Hobbseebah. email's overrated03:17
RadiantFiremhb: I'm gonna be back a little later and then resume tinkering see if I can't figure it out. I've put it aside this week and now I have some ideas03:17
=== Hobbsee ignores her inbox again
nosrednaekimemail? too slow03:17
Jucatomhb: and you presume DaSkreech hasn't tried that? :)03:17
Jucatomhb: he even tried to send a mail...03:17
Mezhi Jucato03:18
mhbnosrednaekim: perhaps it might be better to concentrate on dolphin, as it's going to be the preferred file manager in both kubuntu and kde403:18
Jucatowelcome back Mez :D03:18
nosrednaekimmhb: will it have that functionality?03:19
mhbnosrednaekim: I tried the dolphin in Feisty now, which doesn't have it03:19
MezJucato, thx03:20
JucatoI seriously don't recommend trying Dolphin on KDE 3 :)03:20
nosrednaekimmhb: would such funtionality be a security risk?03:20
=== Hobbsee wants to see kde4 out soon... :P
=== nosrednaekim points to the kubuntu mirrors
=== Jucato points to "out soon" as meaning "released"
Hobbseeno, final.  or beta03:21
Hobbseea working one.03:21
mhbnosrednaekim: in my opinion a button to "get more privileges" doesn't sound that risky03:21
HobbseeMez: which guy?03:23
Jucatodon't think it's a security risk... I'm just concerned about other things...03:23
nosrednaekimmhb: I was talking on an operation by operation basis03:23
nosrednaekimthanks Jucato... I'll give it a shot03:25
nosrednaekimJucato: that doesn't do the right thing03:39
Jucatonosrednaekim: um ok.. hold on.. I think I made my own service menu :)03:40
nosrednaekimall I want it to do is "copy as root" or something like that03:41
Jucatonosrednaekim: well for one you can't have 2 "users" using a single Konqueror window.. so I don't think that would be possible without opening a new Konqueror window anyway03:43
Jucatohttp://jucato.org/stuff/open_as_root.desktop try that service menu...03:44
Jucatojust put it in ~/.kde/apps/konqueror/servicemenus03:45
nosrednaekimOk thats good Jucato03:50
nosrednaekimone _little_ thing more..03:51
nosrednaekimyou know the "copy to" dialog in the service menu?03:52
nosrednaekimwould it possible to add a "copy to as root"?03:52
nosrednaekimnot saying for you to do it or anything..03:52
Jucatonot sure...03:53
nosrednaekimI was just wondering if it was possible. I'll go out and do it if it is possible03:53
JucatoI'm not sure if it's possible... but I guess it depends on 1) the command to be used and 2) if Konqueror allows 2 users in 1 window...03:55
nosrednaekimI guess you could run "kfmclient copy <source> <dest>"03:56
nosrednaekimprefixed by a kdesu of course.03:56
nosrednaekimwhere are the default service menu's stored? I'd like to know what to copy?03:57
Jucato /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus I guess03:57
Jucatothere might be some in /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings as well03:58
nosrednaekimyep thats it.. thanks.03:58
nosrednaekimstrangely Jucato, there is no copy dialog in there.04:01
Jucatoyou mean the one that pops up when you drag and drop a file?04:01
nosrednaekimno, the one thats on the menu when you right-click on a file04:02
Jucatooh that's a built-in I think04:02
nosrednaekimhmmm what about the drag and drop, is that default as well?04:02
Jucatonot a service menu04:03
Jucatoanyway, I think it's not possible to have a drag and drop in the same window (whether it be a different tab or view) from normal user to superuser directories...04:04
nosrednaekimhmmm ok.04:05
nosrednaekimwhat if it popped up a kdesu'd file dialog?04:10
Jucatodunno... sory04:10
nosrednaekimyeah ok. I'll mosey along over to #kde04:11
Jucatonosrednaekim: first thing you have to consider would be how to run a script triggered by a drag and drop into a root owned folder... that's definitely not a servicemenu04:13
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marseillaii'm trying to build a package for autoq3d a qt4 3d modeling apps. but even if my package build well it is empty (only documentation) i think there is no install rules in makefile! how can i check wich files are build and where they are ton install them ?06:52
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Hobbseehiya jjesse07:00
jjessehow are you Hobbsee?07:00
Hobbseejjesse: i'm looking for a shotgun, to shoot the stupid people.07:00
jjessei have one in my basement, should i ship it to you?07:00
jjessethough i would have to clear it w/ my wife as the shotgun is heres07:01
ScottKHobbsee: Been adding to your killfile today?07:01
HobbseeScottK: yeah.  see ubuntu-devel-discuss ML and such.07:01
=== ScottK thought so.
Hobbseejjesse: that'd be good.  dont think they're legal here though.  especially to shoot people07:01
jjessemy wife and i shoot clay pigeon w/ it (skeet shooting(07:02
jjesseshe's better then me07:02
jjessei hate filling out expense reports07:03
Hobbseenwo, that's what i shoudl do.07:03
=== Hobbsee really should actually go and manhandle the scanner
=== Hobbsee has 13 days :P
Hobbseeuntil i cant claim anymore07:03
jjessei try to keep my work credit card at $007:05
jjessebut its hard to do07:05
jjessei am currently look at a 3 inch stack of receipts :(07:05
=== ScottK notes that the idiot in question continues to post to ubuntu-devel-discuss...
HobbseeScottK: indeed, yes.07:07
ScottKI've tried to "Help" him before and I'm pretty convinced it's impossible.07:08
ScottKWe may well end up needing a mod to the w.u.c software to automatically revert any changes he makes.07:08
Hobbseelooking at the recent wiki pages he's done...that's not a bad idea07:08
Hobbseeo rjust disable his LP account07:08
=== jjesse opens up email to look at ubuntu-devel-discuss
ScottKjjesse: Were sunglasses when you do.07:09
jjessei understood07:10
jjessein fact I didn't even notice the typo07:10
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=== Hobbsee --> bed
Hobbseedont let the place burn up07:14
jjessenight Hobbsee07:14
jjessewow that week expense report is $190007:14
jjessei have a nother week to fill out :)07:14
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marseillaiwhere can i setup a "basic" configuration for every user for an application? I'm packaging autoQ3D wich need to know where are other files (/usr/share/autoq3d), it's store in ~/.config/AutoQ3D/AutoQ3D.conf is there a way to make this config in my package?08:33
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mhbJucato: no exclamation marks for me, huh? How rude... :o)09:50
=== _StefanS_ [n=sfs@cpe.atm2-0-90156.0x5734b54a.naenxx14.customer.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_sweet, my cloaking works now :)10:02
_StefanS_and hi all.10:02
=== Riddell [i=jr@kde/jriddell] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== DaSkreech sticks My other vehicle is a Bird-Of-Prey bumper sticker on _StefanS_'s forehead
=== ash211 [n=andrew@wsip-70-182-240-156.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_ouch :)10:05
=== DaSkreech only licked it a little
_StefanS_so whats up.. ?  any news ?10:10
DaSkreechLinspire sold out after cursing novell for selling out10:21
ScottKDaSkreech: So how excited are you about getting their Click N Run service for Ubuntu now?10:25
DaSkreechsame as I was before10:26
ScottKNot so much I gather?10:27
DaSkreechI forgot about it until someone mentions it10:27
mhb_StefanS_: system settings might get into KDE4 as default10:27
Riddelllooking very likely that10:28
_StefanS_ah that sounds sweet10:28
mhb_StefanS_: but you may be aware of that, it's just me who doesn't read mailing lists10:28
_StefanS_better than kcontrol anyways10:28
_StefanS_mhb: didnt know it :)10:28
DaSkreechI've learnt with Roberts to wait until he does something versus him saying he's going to do it10:28
_StefanS_is it going to utilize that new klistview thingy from dolphin ? it looks kinda neat10:28
=== DaSkreech grumbles about keyboard navigation
_StefanS_btw, is the desktop starting to get more useful in kde4 ? (=working i mean, like rightclick menu and so on )10:30
_StefanS_havent seen the last snapshots10:30
DaSkreechI think that was working from alpha 110:30
_StefanS_oh, wait.. probably; but it never worked for me :) crashed every time10:31
_StefanS_oh wel..10:31
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jjesseis there a list of tribe1 bugs that need to be looked at?10:33
DaSkreechNight all10:34
DaSkreech_StefanS_: I'll give you an update when alpha 2 ships :)10:36
_StefanS_DaSkreech: thanks ;)10:36
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tomahttp://www.ubuntustats.com/ is cool11:59
Riddellis it ajax?12:01
toma"Skype 1.4 Beta does not like my KDE 4", someone living on the edge.12:03

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