asacbluekuja: still there?12:56
asacgnomefreak: i don't know ... thats indeed wiert12:56
bluekujaasac: yeah :)12:56
asacbluekuja: i can take a look at the debdiff, but will probably not be able to upload now :)12:58
asacbluekuja: where is it?12:58
asacwhat bugs are fixed?12:58
bluekujaasac: it has been uploaded some mins ago12:59
bluekujaworking on a merge right now12:59
asacbluekuja: even better :)12:59
asacbluekuja: do you have thunderbird 2.0 ?01:02
bluekuja1.5 currently01:03
asacbluekuja: are the fonts ugly for you in message texts?01:03
bluekujaasac: gonna test it tomorrow01:03
bluekujaif you want01:03
bluekujaasac: night01:24
Admiral_Chicagodid everyone see Brian's eamil to the bug squad02:43
Admiral_Chicagowe can now use bughelper to search by last commented date02:45
Admiral_Chicagothis will help us weed out untouched bugs02:45
Admiral_ChicagoI'll do a full write up later02:45
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: im not here but are we gonna hav ea wiki on how to use bughelper?05:18
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gnomefreakasac: you here this weekend?11:33
gnomefreakasac: bug 120621 can you please test on 64bit11:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120621 in gnash "[gutsy] gnash 0.8.0 will not play youtube, auto codec installation not working, other videos not working" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12062111:46
hjmfare crash reports for gutsy open?11:48
hjmfbug 12063411:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120634 in firefox "[GUTSY]  firefox crashed" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12063411:49
gnomefreakthe report you get when something crashes is an empty core file named core11:49
gnomefreakunless the core file is a new bug in apport dont know11:49
hjmfah, maybe that's why that reports lacks of everything :)11:49
gnomefreakits annoying as shit when trying to debug a crash11:49
gnomefreaki cleaned out the proposed memebers as none of them ever followed up11:58
gnomefreakasac: with iceape set as default browser i can only open a link in tbird if iceape is already running12:00
asacgnomefreak: i tested gnash a thousand times12:13
asacit works here12:13
gnomefreakwith epiphany?12:13
asacfirefox ... but should not make big difference12:13
gnomefreakthat was one browser i know i failed to test until this am12:13
gnomefreaki didnt think so either and epiphany works fine here12:14
asac... installing ephy in gutsy chrrot now12:14
gnomefreakbut i was wondering if maybe 64bit or 64 with a 32bit would change results12:14
gnomefreakwhat do i say "are you crazy works like a charm here"12:15
gnomefreakjust covering all bases before i tell him its unreproducible12:16
gnomefreakasac: what icon are they dragging? i cant drag any of them on gutsy12:22
asacgnomefreak: not its just that the icon is tooo big :)12:23
asace.g. if you drag the start menu entry to desktop12:23
gnomefreakoh start menu12:23
gnomefreakthat is huge12:24
gnomefreakgive me a couple of hours i should have it fixed12:25
gnomefreakasac: where in rules would i add that job? conifg options?12:31
gnomefreakfor patch12:31
asacgnomefreak: i told the dark lord to come here next time12:36
asacto learn how to build latest firefox from bzr :)12:36
asacyou think you can explain that?12:37
asacgnomefreak: do you really want to fix it ? ... now that the_dark_lord has applied to volunteer?12:37
gnomefreakif im here i should beable to12:37
asacgnomefreak: good ... just as a reminder, its just12:37
gnomefreakasac: i can fix for feisty (preview)12:37
asactarballs/ directory12:38
asacnext to12:38
asacbzr clone directory12:38
asacthen go to bzr clone directory and run bzr bd --merge .+12:38
gnomefreakis he gonna make patch or are you making patch12:38
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... but that would mean that oyu developed the fix for gutsy as well12:38
asacand that would remove the task from dark lords task list :)12:38
asacgnomefreak: he :)12:38
asacgnomefreak: i hope he ca fix rules and push that branch to me12:39
asacthen i can pull over that commit to my branch ... done12:39
gnomefreaki need to look at rules file12:39
asacgnomefreak: but first step is that he knows how to build12:39
asacgnomefreak: at best from bzr, because its so easy to pull changes over then12:39
asacgnomefreak: i thikn that should occupy him at least a day or so :)12:40
gnomefreakasac: im thinking if i can make patch ill make it if not rather for his first time you or me make it12:40
gnomefreakget him to build first (its a big enough task on its own12:40
gnomefreakyou dont want to directly change rules file right?12:40
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... but the icon problem is not really pressing either :)12:40
asacgnomefreak: so lets keep the fruit hanging there imo :)12:41
gnomefreakjust teach him basics of building atm?12:41
asacgnomefreak: i have no idea atm where to fix it best :)12:41
asacgnomefreak: yes ... tell him how he can clone bzr ... and build with bzr bd --merge --dont-purge .12:41
asacand keep the icon problem existing, so there is a goal he wants to come to12:42
gnomefreakok while i have a few im gonna set up build for bzr for ff12:43
gnomefreakwhat did you push to bzr 18 minutes ago?12:45
gnomefreakah nvm i see it12:45
asacyeah ... some changelog changes12:46
gnomefreakwe need a mozillateam branch for 2.0.0.x ff12:46
asaci dropped lots of details from patches that will got to a distromod extension12:46
asacgnomefreak: if you want, go ahead and create it12:46
asacjust pull mine and push it to mozillateam12:47
gnomefreakbzr branch --use-existing http://.....12:47
asacwhy use existing?12:47
asaci never used that option12:47
gnomefreakbecause last time i tried bzr branch http:// it failed maybe use sftp?12:47
asache? ... no use http to branch from my branch12:48
asacthat should work12:48
gnomefreaksaid this is not a branch12:48
asacbtw, for me youtube works in gnash12:48
gnomefreaki grab using http:// but to create branch is it http or sftp12:48
asacaeh in epiphany :)=12:48
gnomefreakasac: i figured it would12:48
asacgnomefreak: to create you need sftp12:48
asacto mozillateam branch12:48
asacwith --create-prefix12:49
gnomefreakthat would be why12:49
asac(but gutsy bzr should create prefix even without that option)12:49
gnomefreakill find out :)12:50
gnomefreakasac: i need an orig.tar with the firefox source tar in it for bzr building?12:58
asacjust grab the current gutsy orig12:59
asacyou have to put it in tarballs directory01:00
gnomefreakok no need for upstream source tar01:00
asacall should be ready01:00
gnomefreakah ok cool01:00
asacwhich tbird version is in gutsy?01:01
asac.4~rc1 right?01:01
gnomefreakyes tbird that is right ~rc01:02
asacso need to hurry :)01:03
asacno need i mean01:03
=== gnomefreak wont hurry for this
gnomefreakhes gone (for the day i guess)01:05
gnomefreakim just setting everything up and getting my notes ready01:06
gnomefreakmake my life easy when he gets ready01:06
asacyeah ... i will be out soon01:06
asacwill be here tomorrow again i guess01:07
gnomefreaki might01:07
asacbecause my gf has to work :)01:07
gnomefreakhe comes back on monday would be best01:07
gnomefreakyuck working on a sunday01:07
asacyeah ... she wants to gather some money :)01:07
gnomefreakmakes sense01:08
asachehe ... yeah ;)01:08
asaci don't know ... maybe he comes back today as well01:08
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp62-118.lns2.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asaci told him to come here01:08
gnomefreakok he comes if im here ill help him if not than wait till monday i guess01:09
asacgnomefreak: someone complains that tbird is not in feisy yet01:10
asac(i guess he means preview archive)01:10
asacdunno if it makes sense to push rc1 build there01:10
gnomefreaknope its there iirc01:10
asacotherwise lets wait till monday01:10
asacreally ... is rc1 already in there?01:11
gnomefreak2.0.0.4 is not01:11
gnomefreakhold on a sec01:11
gnomefreakits there01:11
asacyeah probably its amd6401:13
asacmy bad then01:13
gnomefreakthats not the reason01:14
gnomefreakisnt tbird the one that the version you gave me for preview is lower than what was in there already there but not sure how01:16
gnomefreakwe said screw it let them manully do it01:16
gnomefreakwasnt that tbird?01:16
gnomefreakbtw i pulled firefox out of that repo for now01:16
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp62-118.lns2.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... bzr branch you mean?01:20
gnomefreakno it was tbird but it was that we made lower than what we had in htere01:22
gnomefreaki will test in chroot if its grabbing it sometime today01:22
gnomefreakthunderbird: Installed: (none) Candidate:
gnomefreakits there01:23
gnomefreakmaybe he meant 64 bit01:24
asacyes i think so01:26
gnomefreakalso btw the java issue is in firefox not java01:26
asaci told him on monday he will get an update :/01:26
gnomefreaki never saw this convo so i couldnt tell you01:27
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... i can't deny that but i never was able to get a grib on it01:27
asaccan you reproduce=?01:27
gnomefreakall the time01:27
asacwhat is the testcase?01:27
gnomefreakwell seeing as java isnt listed in plugins for a start01:27
gnomefreakany java applets fail in ff01:28
asacwhy couldn't you see that problem last time i asked? was that still an older ffox?01:28
asacgnomefreak: so its not listed .... hmmm01:28
asacgnomefreak: what do you see on the console?01:28
gnomefreakdont know it worked for a while than it stopped working01:28
asacare there some errors spit out when running and trying to access page with java applet?01:29
gnomefreaki havent tried console but it seems to be missing symlink01:29
asacplease verify that the symlinks are in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins01:29
asacand then see what happens on console01:29
gnomefreaklibgnashplugin.so  libunixprintplugin.so  mozplugger.so01:30
gnomefreakonly 3 there01:30
gnomefreaknothing very usful01:33
gnomefreakasac: http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/56971701:35
gnomefreakthats full output from homepage to end where it couldnt load game room in pogo01:37
gnomefreaki cant create the branch wtf is going on01:54
asacgnomefreak: the log is a gnash output01:57
gnomefreakyes i know01:57
bluekujaasac: one of my packages has been tried to upload to unstable instead of gutsy -.-01:57
gnomefreakas i said its useless01:57
asacgnomefreak: can you uninstall gnash01:57
asacto remove the clutter?01:57
gnomefreakbluekuja: in changelog make it gutsy01:57
bluekujagnomefreak, it was gutsy :)01:58
gnomefreakcheck control file than01:58
asacbluekuja: then it will just be denied01:58
bluekujagnomefreak, he uploaded to debian01:58
asacbluekuja: no need to worry01:58
bluekujaasac: ok :)01:58
asacbluekuja: if sponsor has used a key that is not in debian keyring ... then even less to bother01:58
bluekujaasac: yeah, he's not a DD yet01:58
asacbut gutsy should prevent it from being accepted for unstable :)01:58
asacbluekuja: then .... /dev/null01:59
gnomefreakwhy is bzr branch sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/ubuntu-2.0.0.x  not working )--create-prefix fails as well02:04
gnomefreakasac: no errors without gnash02:05
gnomefreakwouldnt it need to use java to error?02:05
asacgnomefreak: are the links in place?02:06
asacshow ls -l /usr/lib/firefox/plugins02:06
asacgnomefreak: then the links are obviously missing02:06
asacis java plugin package actually installed?02:06
gnomefreakasac: yes that is what i said its failing to create links but only in firefox so maybe you removed something from latest?02:07
gnomefreakasac: yes02:07
gnomefreakit was there before last upload of firefox02:07
bluekujaasac: found out something on debian changelog02:11
asacgnomefreak: hmm ... sounds strange02:12
bluekujaasac:   * Now installing missing binaries: msexport, qgis_help02:12
bluekuja    (closes: #423989)02:12
gnomefreaktotal 1202:12
gnomefreak-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9136 2007-06-01 12:43 libunixprintplugin.so02:12
gnomefreaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   35 2007-06-06 19:27 mozplugger.so -> ../../mozilla/plugins/mozplugger.so02:12
gnomefreakis the ouput from command above02:12
asacyeah ... no links02:13
bluekujaasac: it FTBFS in debian too02:13
asacand in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ?02:13
bluekujaasac: http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=qgis;ver=0.8.0-4;arch=amd64;stamp=118191894502:13
asacbluekuja: yeah02:13
bluekujait sux^^02:13
asacbluekuja: did it ever build according to buildd's?02:13
asacbluekuja: i doubt it did02:13
gnomefreak07:30 <      gnomefreak > libgnashplugin.so  libunixprintplugin.so   mozplugger.so02:13
gnomefreaklibgnash im sure is gone atm02:13
bluekujaasac: he introduced some changes that messed everything up02:14
asacbluekuja: do you really want to take over maintainership of that package? better ask for removal02:14
gnomefreakthis is pissing me off the branch fails to create02:14
asachow old is it?02:14
bluekujaasac: I'm merging it for ubuntu02:14
asacgnomefreak: what are you trying to do ... to clone (aka branching) ... or to push (aka creating a branch)02:14
bluekujaasac: currently debian got a maintainer that uploaded it02:14
bluekujaalso with FTBFS02:15
gnomefreakim trying to make mozillateam firefox branch and something is really weirs02:15
asacbluekuja: yes but since when does the package exist02:15
gnomefreakif i use name trunk it works02:15
gnomefreakif i use what i want it fails02:15
gnomefreakbzr branch sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/trunk firefox_trunk   << works02:15
=== asac hopes that you don't mess up any of the other branches by coincident
gnomefreakbzr branch sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/ubuntu-2.0.0.x firefox_2.0.0.x  << does not02:16
bluekujaasac: 200402:16
asacgnomefreak: that branch does not exist02:16
asacyou have to branch my branch02:16
asac... next push it to the mozillateam url02:16
asacbluekuja: and it never build since then?02:16
gnomefreak bzr branch sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/ubuntu-2.0.0.x ubuntu-2.0.0.x  <<doenst02:16
asacbluekuja: when was last upload?02:16
gnomefreakcommit and push?02:17
asacgnomefreak: you have to branch *my* branch first02:17
asacthen push that to sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/ubuntu-2.0.0.x02:17
bluekujaasac: seems only on 938602:17
gnomefreaki cloned yours already02:17
bluekujaasac: but it fails here02:17
asacthen just push02:17
asacbluekuja: yes ... does a grave bug exist?02:17
asacotherwise post02:17
asacand if no answer pops up ... request removal of that package from debian02:18
asacbluekuja: if the maintainer couldn't prepare a buildable package... it has to go02:18
bluekujaasac: yeah, you're right, let mesee if there is a open bug02:18
asacbluekuja: actually its severity serious02:18
asacpost one if not ... then wait a bit ... and request removal of package02:19
asacif it never build, it should not be in ubuntu02:19
asacis it in ubuntu?02:19
bluekujaasac: yeah02:19
asachow comes if it never built?02:19
bluekujaasac: debian tracker is plenty of FTBFS02:19
asacbluekuja: long standing?02:20
asacold bugs?02:20
bluekujathey are marked done02:20
bluekujafor now02:20
bluekujaasac: but some builds worked out02:21
bluekujaasac: no02:22
bluekujathey failed02:22
bluekujaonly i38602:22
bluekujaseems to be ok02:22
bluekuja(because installed)02:22
asaci386 has probably never been build on a buildd02:23
asacbluekuja: http://buildd.debian.org/build.cgi?pkg=qgis02:23
asacbluekuja: your not telling the truth02:24
asacit build well in the past02:24
asacso either help maintainer to fix it ... or wait till he fixes it02:24
bluekujai3860.8.0-4InstalledBuilding2007 Apr 25 22:48:0702:24
bluekujais marked as installated02:24
bluekujaso he made it working02:24
bluekuja(dunno how)02:24
bluekujaasac: I report a bug02:25
bluekujaasac: so we can try to see what we can do02:28
bluekujaasac: severity serious?02:31
bluekujaor grave?02:31
gnomefreakok im out for a bit its still pushing02:40
asacbluekuja: ^^02:44
asacif it builds nowhere one might argue its grave as well02:44
asacbut for now its just a breach of policy ;)02:44
asacpackage must build on all architectures that build on previous uploads02:45
asacbluekuja: but if there are already FTBFS bugs02:45
asacyou don't need to post02:45
asacjust wait02:45
bluekujaasac: they are marked as done02:45
asacwhats the package name?02:46
asacyour bug is good i guss02:46
asacshe really messed up gnash02:48
asaci mean i just cleaned up the mess02:49
asacnow she did it again02:49
asaccompare 115 to 11702:49
asacwhat a mess02:49
asacapparenty she embbeded a gui.tgz.uu file in diff02:50
asacthat contains a duplicate of the gui/ directory02:50
asacwith changes??02:50
asaci think i have to fork from before that change to some "stable" branch02:51
gnomefreaki know her02:57
bluekujaasac; do you have a min for a merge?02:57
gnomefreakshe hangs out in #ubuntu-women (but left a little while ago02:57
gnomefreakout again03:02
asacbluekuja: no sorry i have to leave in hurry now03:06
bluekujaasac: aww oki :)03:06
asacgnomefreak: i know her two03:06
asacgnomefreak: but still i am confused ;) ... will talk to her at some point03:06
asacok bye all03:06
asacprobably tomorrow03:06
bluekujacya :)03:06
=== hjmf is doing a walk through dholbach's firefox bughelper page, the output is improved a lot
hjmfs/output is/output has04:08
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asacok i am in and out07:47
asacbut screen is at least displayed07:47
=== Fjodor [n=sune@0x55510b65.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: i found a workaround for recent glib borkage09:39
asacG_SLICE=always-malloc vlc09:39
asacshould fix your vlc crash09:39
asacgnomefreak: can you confirm that?09:46

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