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brockolican someone help me get mythweb running?  I have mythtv front&backend running fine04:14
brockolialso have apache2 running04:14
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rogue780oh I loathe comcast05:57
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kruulihey guys! :>06:51
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kruuliheya superm1 :)07:11
superm1hey kruuli07:11
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superm1Daviey, h=ping09:06
superm1kruuli, you still here?09:06
kruuliyeah superm109:11
superm1kruuli, do you have a spare hard drive you would be able to use to test a change that i'm making?09:11
superm1its not possible to test it in a VM09:11
superm1and i dont have any extra drives09:11
kruulino i do not .. does it include a reinstall?09:13
superm1yea it would be a full install (thats why i was saying an extra drive would be ideal)09:13
superm1i dont know for sure that it is going to work, and i dont want to blow away anything useful on any drives09:13
superm1i might just run to a best buy and pick up a drive to use for a week or two and return it then i guess09:14
kruulii whould have no problem reinstalling on my main drive... just one thing .. dave helped me get the via unichrome drivers to work and i dont know if i can do it on my own :p09:14
superm1oh i thought you were using nvidia :)  wouldnt even be relavent then...09:14
superm1the proprietary driver detection and installation is the thing i wanted to test09:15
kruulioh ok .. well ive changed it .. using the built in know as i needed a free pci slot09:15
kruulii could dig up my old 20gig from the storageroom and put in my nivida card again if you want to09:15
superm1well dont worry about it right this minute.09:16
kruuliaslong as it does not screw up my main install :)09:16
superm1its going to take a few hours to get everything that needs to be built done09:16
lagasuperm1: we should get someone to pay a extra drive and a swapable bay for you09:16
lagasuperm1: maybe i can spare a 40G or 120G hdd09:16
superm1laga, that would make things a lot easier :)09:16
lagasuperm1: shipping from germany to the Us doesn't sound too sensible, though09:17
lagaat least air mail is helluva expensive09:17
superm1good point09:17
kruuliget a paypal on the mythbuntu site and ill gladly chipp in09:18
=== laga considers himself a dev with an expensive girlfriend and refrains from donating money
superm1well i've got a usb external 5 gig drive.  let me see if maybe my work laptop is willing to boot from that09:19
kruuliif not ill get my stuff together09:19
superm1ok.  bbiab09:20
superm1laga, if at all possible could you wrap up the mythweb htaccess code in the near future?09:29
superm1i've got all the gui ready for it now09:29
lagasuperm1: i'll try hard to get some time. next wednesday will be the last part of my finals09:32
superm1great :)09:32
lagamaybe i can find some time tomorrow instead of browsing my EPG in mythweb09:33
lagalots of good stuff in there :)09:33
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kruuliguys .. is there a way to see if my mpeg2 acceleration is enabled?09:55
kruulicant test any videos yet as i only get a black screen09:56
kruulisuperm1 did you sort it out?10:28
superm1kruuli, it looks like my work laptop will be able to boot it10:28
superm1just need to get it all built/burned10:29
superm1kruuli, about mpeg2 acceleration - you mean like via-xvmc?10:29
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randyistHello all10:51
randyistcan anybody answer questions about Myth buntu ? .. I'm considering using an old system to install it10:52
kruulihey randyist .. bet if you post em someone just might :>10:54
randyisti'm just wondering what kind of Hardware I would need to set up a minimal Mythtv setup. I have an unused 500 Mhx P III computer .. I am just curious what hardware i would need10:57
randyistah. thank you!11:03
kruulisome thoughts about hardware there :)11:03
randyistyou're great. thank you so muc11:08
superm1randyist, will you be waiting a few weeks to setup?11:13
superm1we'll be having a new alpha coming out within the next two or three weeks hopefully11:14
randyistyeah. I'll be waiting a little bit11:17
randyistnow I'm just trying to find a cheap Tuner card that has on-board processing11:18
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kruulirandyist the pvr 150 is a great (and cheap) card imo .. with good support http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/PVR-15011:22
randyisti guess i'm really cheap. .they're all over a hundred bucks ! haha.11:23
randyistthanks though11:23
kruulisuperm1 any new candy you can tell us about in the new alpha? :>11:24
randyistoh . never mind .. it's under 10011:24
randyistman you're good .lol11:24
kruulirandyist .. well ive been naggin these guys for weeks .. so its really the devs in here you should thank :p11:24
superm1kruuli, well its gutsy based - so a lot has changed :)11:24
randyistthe linux community is amazing.. I wish i started learning about linux at an earlier age11:25
randyistpeople like you make it work though11:25
kruulirandyist same here started with it like 2 weeks ago :D11:25
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kruulisuperm1 gutsy based says nothing to me :p .. but im sure it will rock :>11:26
superm1kruuli, the big things that should be noticable with it will be some artwork changes and support for proprietary drivers11:27
superm1lots of "behind the scenes" stuff is happening though11:27
superm1with getting it coded so that it can be put into official ubuntu repos rather than have bits and pieces here and there11:27
kruulicool .. proprietary drivers? could you take that in swedish please? lol no but what does it mean?11:29
superm1that means nvidia or ati drivers will be installable directly from mythbuntu install11:30
superm1without any extra work11:30
kruulibah .. no love for the unichrome? :D11:30
superm1well unichrome is a whole different game11:30
superm1its on the plan11:30
superm1but not this alpha11:30
kruulihehe i see :>11:31
superm1along with PVR-350 support11:31
superm1(for its tv out)11:31
kruulicool alot of people will be happy then11:31
kruuliim in so much trouble :D i only have 1 pci slot on my EPIA-M and the built in soundcard is broken .. so ive sacked the nvidia card trying to get the unichrome to work .. ill be using a pvr - 150 on my pci slot and a zalman eternal usb soundcard .. think it will ever happen? :D11:34
superm1well i can't say i've ever worked with an external soundcard11:35
superm1so i can't comment how well that will work11:35
superm1have you researched whether its supported?11:35
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kruuliit should be yeah .. atleast the chip is11:39
superm1well good luck with it then :)11:41
kruulihehe thanks :p11:41
kruuliits a stand alone device .. if you use it in windows you dont need any drivers for it cuz its built in or something and from what i can understand ubuntu should be able to take care of it11:42
superm1well you haven't tried it yet?11:49
kruulinope sure have not :)11:50
=== Daviey has a usb snd device and it worked out-of-box
kruuliDaviey you have!? :D11:51
Davieydid somebody ping me11:51
kruuliwhat modell?11:51
Davieyhmm.. it's a usb headset - but it is recognised as an alsa sound device11:51
Davieythe only difference is that it's output is hardwired to headphones11:52
kruuliah ok cool :)11:53
kruulii have a question .. whats ubuntus version of windows add/remove hardware?11:59
DavieyHardware information12:00
DavieySystem -> Prefs' -> Hardware information12:00
Davieynot exactly eqivilant, but nearest12:00
DavieyWhat are you trying to do?12:00
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kruulino way to access it in mythbuntu?12:00
Davieywhat are you trying to do?12:01
superm1Daviey, i did earlier12:01
superm1i forget why though12:01
Davieyyou did access it?12:02
kruuliDaviey nothing right now .. but im going to add new hardware so i was just thinking :)12:02
Davieykruuli: tbh, console is better for that12:02
Davieykruuli: lspci to list pci devices, lsusb etc12:02
superm1kruuli, you should try just disabling your on board audio, and starting up with the usb device plugged in12:03
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superm1it might just work12:03
superm1as the default device then12:03
Davieyfailing that; use 'alsaswitch' iirc12:04
superm1or aplay -L12:05
Davieycan aplay change the default?12:06
superm1well you can see if its listed there12:06
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kruulidont have it yet .. as i said just checking :>12:08
kruulilspci and lsusb seems like usefull commands :> compiling a list of usefull command :D12:10
kruuliis hotplug enabled and functional from install in mythbuntu?12:11
kruulisweet! :D12:12
kruuliif i cant get this to work im gonna buy the exact setup parker is using .. i wont give up until i got mythbuntu up and running :D12:13
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superm1oh do you know him personally, or just referring to his site?12:16
kruulijust referring :)12:17
kruulihe has some great guides on hes site12:17
Davieythey are great; i've used them aswell.  But he has overcomplicated some of the method12:22
Davieyor rather; they have now become easyier - and he hasn't updated them12:23

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