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crutemeanybody in here that can help me out with some networking issues?04:01
crutemeI'm ex-Gentoo and am having some trouble bending my mind around ubuntu networking04:01
Kamping_Kaisercruteme, ask your question, if someone can help and is here they wwill answer04:02
Kamping_Kaiseryou may ahve to wait a while04:02
crutemeok... here's the story... I need to use CIDR style ip addresses and I can't seem to do that with the /etc/network/interfaces file04:03
crutemei know how to do it with the ip command line tool04:04
crutemebut thats transient04:04
crutemeso I just need general guidance on setting up networking04:04
Kamping_Kaiserwhat part isnt workin? you should be able to use netmask04:04
crutemewell I've been using CIDR style networking and would rather not go back to using netmasks if I can avoid it04:05
Kamping_Kaiseryou'd rather type ip/range then an ip line and a netmask line?04:06
crutemeis it even possible?04:07
Kamping_Kaiserjust checking, but it doestn seem to be04:07
crutemeyeah I did try it and it failed04:07
crutemethats why I'm here ;-)04:07
crutemenext question then... is it possible to use iproute2 as the backend for the network scripts instead of ifconfig?04:08
Kamping_Kaiserquick look at the man page indicates no cidr04:08
Kamping_Kaiserthat i have no idea04:08
crutemeI'm kind of accustomed to the flexibility of the gentoo setup... but its a hybrid linux/bsd04:09
crutemethe move to a straight up linux init/networking setup is slightly confusing for me 04:09
=== Kamping_Kaiser hasnt used bsd
Kamping_Kaiserin any real way at lest04:12
crutemei really love the hybrid approach that gentoo adopts but it being a source based distro is difficult to maintain04:13
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juliuswhich is the best open source ftp server?08:35
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Burgundaviajulius: the one in main :)08:52
juliusproftpd? im having trouble setting up users, is it supposed to be reading my /etc/passwd file?09:21
juliusIm a bit confused about how PAM works. Ive looked here http://www.proftpd.org/docs/faq/linked/faq-ch7.html and i am editing /etc/pam.d/proftpd and i want to add omne user oxyrich. Do i add the user to the pam file as "oxyrich required pam_shells.so" and then add oxyrich to /etc/password ?09:26
Kamping_Kaiserwhat can i use for dumping the trafic on a card? i need to find out if my rarp/dhcp services are getting hit by a sparc i'm trying to netboot :/09:43
coNPKamping_Kaiser: if you have graphical interface wireshark can be very useful09:50
Kamping_KaisercoNP, thanks09:51
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r00tintheb0xyay! shiny new vmware-ed ubuntu install complete w/vmware tools :D11:33
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m3thoshi there, I want to install a system with software raid5 + LVM and raid10 + LVM for the system and user partitions.. does the ubuntu-server install cd alow to do this ?02:13
coNPm3thos: I guess only the alternate CD supports RAID and / or LVM02:41
coNP(during install I mean)02:41
m3thoswill do that02:42
m3thosany difference between the regular ubuntu kernel and ubuntu-server kernel?02:42
shawarmacoNP: The server cd uses the alternate installer as well.03:02
shawarmacoNP: It has the exact same options.03:02
shawarmacoNP: The only difference between the two CD's is the selection of software available (on the cd) and the kernel that gets installed by default.03:03
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coNPsorry they have been different 03:04
coNPI did not know they are the same now03:04
shawarmaI'm quite sure they've always been the same..03:05
coNPnot really03:07
coNPthe server installer was not able to manage LVM / RAID partitions03:07
shawarmaWhen was this?03:22
coNPdapper, edgy for sure03:22
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shawarmaI think you're wrong. I don't care enough to check, though. :)03:23
shawarmaIt would seems silly (bordering on idiotic) to take d-i from the alternate cd, yank out raid+lvm and put it on the server cd. If anything it should be the other way around.03:25
coNPI check it03:25
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zimhi all04:50
zimcan i get ubuntu to run a script when i plug in a pen drive04:51
coNPzim: I guess you can, however this should be discussed in #ubuntu04:51
zimno this is a server Q04:51
coNPsorry 04:51
zimI want the server to mount it symlink a folder to another folder run a backup of it 04:53
zimthen when its removed remove the symlink and mount04:53
zimany ideas any one Q ???04:59
coNPpmount does similar05:00
coNPor some other package, I am not sure, which05:01
coNPI mean mounts it05:01
coNPand you can umount it as soon as the backup is done05:01
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YahooadamHi, if im using winscp and try to change a file, i get a permission error (most likely cos im not root) but you cant sudo in WinSCP - how can you edit a file with winscp ?08:26
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m3thoshi, what's the ubuntu way of configuring one ethernet device with _two_ ip addresses ?10:23
fooHm, not too sure about a "ubuntu way" ... but I'd just edit /etc/network/interfaces10:25
Burgundaviam3thos: are you familiar with setting a static ip via that file?10:30
m3thosso so, long time ago I used debian, but moved to gentoo, which does things "its own way"..10:30
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m3thosBurgundavia: I'll manage :D10:31
Burgundaviaok, Ubuntu uses the same manner as debian10:31
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Burgundaviatry adding two "address" lines to your interfaces file10:33
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m3thosthat was easy :D10:34
m3thosifdown ethX; ifup ethX ?10:34
AJBelayerTSShey can anyone help me get apt to upgrade to samba 3.0.25, it doesn't think there is an update out there but I can see it on the ftp site, btw i386 ubunut-server 6.0610:34
m3thosbut I'm in a ssh session10:34
Yahooadamcould always make a script10:36
m3thos/etc/network/interfaces:12: duplicate option10:36
m3thosifup: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces"10:36
Yahooadamor do ifdown ethx | ifupethx10:36
m3thosifup fails10:36
YahooadamAJBelayer, it depends on your sources10:36
Yahooadamsudo ifup ethx10:37
m3thosthat's why I didn't want to do a ifdown first!10:37
m3thosi'm running has root10:37
AJBelayerTSSwhich source do I need to get it, I thought I had all the ubuntu ones setup and running10:37
Yahooadami think you can do /etc/networking restart10:37
=== m3thos is away
=== m3thos bbl
Yahooadamwhere is the ftp site ?10:37
Burgundaviam3thos: running as root is a bad idea10:38
Burgundaviam3thos: can you pastebin your interfaces file?10:38
AJBelayerTSSmy sourcelist points to http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and I see the package under http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/10:39
Yahooadamif you do a sudo apt-get upgrade ?10:40
AJBelayerTSSno package to upgrade10:40
AJBelayerTSSor the similar10:40
Yahooadamsudo apt-get update first ?10:42
Yahooadamwhat version are you running ?10:43
AJBelayerTSS3.0.22 for samba currently10:44
Yahooadammaybe it has somthing to do with the number after ubuntu ?10:44
Yahooadamlibsmbclient_3.0.24-2ubuntu1_i386.deb 10:44
BurgundaviaAJBelayerTSS: what version of Ubuntu are you running?10:44
Yahooadamlibsmbclient_3.0.25-1ubuntu1_i386.deb  10:44
AJBelayerTSS6.06 server10:44
Yahooadamlibsmbclient_3.0.22-1ubuntu4_i386.deb  10:45
Yahooadamthe 24 and 25 releases are ubuntu110:45
Yahooadamand the 22 release is ubuntu410:45
AJBelayerTSShmm that could be, a full remove and then a reinstall should fix that right?10:45
BurgundaviaAJBelayerTSS: installing at version of samba might lead to bad things10:46
Burgundaviaie: your version of Samba will no longer be supported10:46
Yahooadamwhat does the number after ubuntu mean ?10:47
AJBelayerTSShmmm, but version 3.0.25 has 1 feature I really need on my server, I wonder how I can make it work10:47
Yahooadamyou may have to compile it yourself10:48
Yahooadambut as said, it may not be supported10:48
Yahooadamwell it wont be 10:48
AJBelayerTSSthat is what I am afraid of, jsut kinda makes it a pain, 10:48
Burgundaviano, you probably don't10:49
Burgundaviaif you are willing to update every six months, you might want to consider running 7.0410:49
AJBelayerTSSnot really to be honest, production server so uptime is critcal, that is why I went with 6.06 over 6.10 this was before 7.0410:50
AJBelayerTSSif I can get all the deps met can I use dpkg to install it maybe?10:52
Yahooadammaybe you can find a deb of .25 ?10:53
Yahooadamfound that link on the forums10:54
AJBelayerTSSahhh hey that looks promising10:54
Yahooadamno guarantees on that :o10:55
AJBelayerTSShey I'll take what I can get at this point10:55
Yahooadamif you have a less critical server to test it on10:55
AJBelayerTSSo this is all on my test server first, that would be a nightmare if I did it to the acctual production one10:56
Yahooadamthat might work10:56
Yahooadamsounds pretty painless10:57
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levanderI've got 000-default and default in sites-enabled.  These are both links to sites-available/default.  Is it normal to have that file linked to in sites-enabled twice??11:01
Nafallonot that I'm aware of. maybe you ran a2ensite manually?11:16
levanderi think it happened during my upgrade to feisty somehow11:20
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chilahello I need some help with ftp server setup11:34
Yahooadamask away11:35
chilaspefically, configuring proftpd11:35
Yahooadamsomone will get to you (eventually)11:35
chilawell I cant seem to upload or download when connected to my ftp using my dns11:36
Yahooadamlocally ?11:36
chilabut I can connect/download/upload fine locally11:36
Yahooadamumm on your internal network that is11:36
Yahooadamhave you opened the ports on your rotuer ?11:36
chilawell using dns I cant ul/dl11:37
Yahooadamrouter #11:37
chilayes I did11:37
Yahooadamdoes http://www.canyouseeme.org/ say its open ?11:37
chilait can see port 2111:38
chilai use port 2111:38
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Yahooadamif you get somone else to test it, using your IP does it work ?11:38
chilathey can't upload large files11:39
chilamore than 3mb11:39
chilaand sometimes not at all11:39
chilaie just now I couldnt upload anything11:39
chilawhen connecting using dns11:39
Yahooadambut on the internal network its fine ?11:39
chilawhen connecting to the internal ip it worked fine11:40
Yahooadamyou may get additional problems linking back through your own connection11:40
chilaI see11:40
chilabut I tested it with someone else and they had trouble uploading11:40
chilait timed out on the,11:41
Yahooadamhmmm, but they also used DNS, or did they use the IP directly ?11:41
chilathey can connect11:42
Yahooadamcan you try using IP directly11:42
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CarlFKwhat is a good URL to give someone that shows what u-s is?11:48
CarlFKand why isn't it in the topic?11:48
Yahooadamu-s = ubuntu server ?11:49
Yahooadamprobably cos this is a support channel for ubuntu server, therefore people here will already be using it, therefore they know what it is ;)11:50
Yahooadamapart from that, ubuntu server is ubuntu without a gui and possibly with a few more server programs, and fewer common problems, like openoffice11:51
CarlFKI know what it is - im trying to pass it on to someone else 11:51
CarlFKand it is less than what you just described :)11:52
Yahooadamie ?11:52
chilayeah I just restarted my ftp and it works now for some reason. My guess is I can't use my dns internally11:52
CarlFKit is a platform that has the 'minimum' packages installed so you can install just what you need 11:52
chilaeverything works fine11:52
chilathanks Yahooadam11:52
Yahooadamfair enough :)11:53
Yahooadamglad it works chila11:53
CarlFKu-s alone has no servers 11:53
Yahooadami havent really explored it that much yet :p11:53
Yahooadami used it because a P2 with 190mb ram wont run very much :p11:53
CarlFKbah - that is just enough to run desktop11:54
CarlFK128 starts to hurt11:54
CarlFK96 hurts alot11:54
Yahooadamits a fileserver, plus i might put bittorent on with (and that means moblock) so in all it doesnt really need a gui11:54
Yahooadamit would have been easier with one though :p11:54
Yahooadamthere seem ot be very few definitive instructions on partitioning/formatting hdd's :p11:55
CarlFKjust go with the defaults 11:55
CarlFKhttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/WhatIsUbuntu/serveredition 11:55
CarlFKkinda fluffy.. but oh well11:56
Yahooadamactually US isnt basic11:56
Yahooadami couldnt install it without it being a DNS or LAMP server11:57
Yahooadamor atleast i couldnt see an option to do it without that11:57
CarlFKum, don't check the box11:57
Yahooadamthere wasnt a box to check11:57
Yahooadamit just asked to choose one of them11:57
Yahooadamas far as i recall11:58
CarlFKmay want to try again 11:58
Yahooadammaybe cos i used the alternative disk ?11:58
Yahooadamor is there only the command line installer for US ?11:58
CarlFKcommand line?11:58
Yahooadamwell not quite command line11:59
CarlFKinstall gentoo.  then you will know what a command line installer is :)12:00
Yahooadammy first linux OS was fedora core12:00
Yahooadamand that didnt have a GUI either :p12:00
Yahooadamso i was kinda thrust into the linux command line :p12:01
Yahooadambah i cant work out why this transfer is slow12:03
YahooadamUSB hdd -> network -> switch -> switch -> File server12:03
Yahooadamnow which bit is slowing the connection down to 50mb/s12:03

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