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MAGOi want to install linux, and i'm downloading xubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso is it okay if my computer is a 32bits?01:25
TailsfanYes, hence of you downloading i38601:25
MAGOand the install is graphical?01:26
TailsfanYes it is01:26
MAGOoh ok, thanks i'll install it =)01:27
MAGOTailsfan thanks01:27
TailsfanDesktop = Graphical - Alternate = Text Install01:28
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MAGOTailsfan i forgot to ask01:30
MAGOwhat's the difference between desktop and alternate?01:30
TailsfanDesktop you can run the system and install at the same time01:31
TailsfanAlternate you can just install01:31
TailsfanI have Xubuntu myself and i did it via Alternate01:31
MAGOoh ok, so with alternate you have to boot it with the cd of install but still is graphical?01:32
MAGOand desktop, you run it from your running os?01:32
MAGOor is it, if you install it "desktop" there is no need to burn it into a cd?01:33
TailsfanDesktop is teh graphical CD where you can Run the system from the Live CD and install it at the same time01:34
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TailsfanALternate is just a text install01:34
cheeseboyhow i zip a file to a rar in 100 mb parts?01:34
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ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression01:35
MAGOshould i install desktop? i'm newbie01:35
cheeseboyrar not 7zip01:35
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:36
TailsfanThey'll both work, but if you want to use Dkestop, Go Ahead01:36
MAGOok, i'll see what happens01:37
MAGOthanks again01:37
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BFTDwould anyone know how well a broadcom 4401 wireless card will work?02:15
cheeseboywats command for archiving folder into 100mb 7z parts?02:22
viddwhen you are deleting directories that are not empty...its rm -?? /directory   ?02:25
viddis it -Rf or -Fr?02:25
cheeseboyrm 0f02:26
BFTD-rf works02:26
cheeseboy-f *02:26
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cheeseboyhelp ??02:31
BFTDrm -rf (directory name here)02:31
cheeseboywats command for archiving folder into 100mb 7z parts?02:32
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BFTDno idea02:35
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Chikubusuggestions for multimedia program for slow machine?  mp3, tracker (mod s3m ect), movie files03:05
Chikubuor programs03:05
Chikubuis there command line way to check for specific app or apps installed?03:08
=== cliebow [n=cliebow@cpe-76-179-82-249.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDor simply ls /usr/bin for whatever you're looking for03:10
Chikubuwhen you use apt-get install, it has a database or something, some way to search that data03:11
Chikubutrying to sort out dependancies03:11
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viddChikubu, from command line?03:20
viddor is synaptic ok?03:21
BFTDwhast wrong?03:24
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viddBFTD, there is no modual installed for the device?03:28
vidd(is this a test?03:28
BFTDhow do I figure out if there is a module installed?03:28
vidddo ls[type of card] 03:29
viddand tell me what your network card is03:29
viddor bastbin the results03:30
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BFTDBus 001 Device 006: ID 050d:705a Belkin Components03:31
BFTDlspci doesn't show03:31
viddbelkin componants.....03:32
vidddo you know which driver SHOULD be running?03:33
BFTDits a F5D7050 ver 3002 usb wireless G adapter03:33
BFTDI got it because I read that it can use the ralink drivers03:33
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viddthere is a command (lsmod?) that will list all your running moduals....03:38
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vidddarn...he left....03:39
viddah....he'll be back03:39
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Chikubugrr got bumped03:45
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Akuma_am i correct in thinking that xubuntu should be more stable than ubuntu/kubuntu ?03:51
viddAkuma_, at least as stable...why?03:51
Akuma_vidd: i just haven't had much luck with ubuntu feisty, i was hoping for something more stable03:52
vidd"stable" is a relative term.....03:53
viddwhat did you have issues with03:53
Akuma_i want stable relative to what i've had so far03:53
viddif you had driver issues...then it will most likely be very similar....03:54
Akuma_gnome's shutdown/reboot buttons disapeared, so i have to switch tty and sudo poweroff, the systray doesn't always seem to load on boot .. they're not huge issues but they're not too fun03:54
Akuma_vidd: no driver issues03:54
viddif you had issues with things crashing cuzz you lack memory (ram/hdd space) it should be better....03:54
Akuma_vidd: my biggest problem is a nasty kernel oops bug, although it most likely has nothing to do with xubuntu vs ubuntu03:55
Akuma_vidd: i have plenty of memory too ...03:55
viddif you had issues with app a, x and j...it may or may not be better/worse...depending on how you like the alternatives03:55
viddwhat bug is that?03:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 113793 in Ubuntu "error in terminal after upgrading to Feisty" [Undecided,Needs info] 03:56
Akuma_hmm... thats a neet ubotu feature ..03:57
Jester45Akuma_, if it was somthing wrong with gnome then xubuntu shouldnt have the problem because it has little gnome in it03:59
Jester45if you want really stable try debain stable (sarge??) its very stable... but for me i dont lie it04:00
Akuma_Jester45: i havent been extra happy with gnome so thats my main reason to want to try xubuntu04:00
Jester45i have tried lots of DE and window manager and i tend to get draged back to xubuntu04:00
Jester45i tried ubuntu kubuntu xbuntu debain (stable and unstable) gentoo redhat DSL knoppix sabayon morphix and maybe some others04:01
Jester45i used kde gnome and xfce and i like xfce the best04:02
Akuma_Jester45: what would i loose coming from gnome? anything that matters? i don't mean gedit or nautilus, but something i just can't do with xfce? any feature comparison chart somewhere? i havent found any myself..04:02
Jester45Akuma_, you can install anything from gnome in xubuntu04:02
Akuma_Jester45: no compatibility issues at all though?04:03
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viddAkuma_, do you have that issue?04:06
viddcan you the get the live cd and run it (dont install)and see if you have the issue still?04:07
Akuma_vidd: i do, i'm the one who posted the syslogd messages04:08
viddthe developers are waiting for that test....it is important that SOMEONE gets them the answers so they can fix it04:08
Akuma_vidd: i don't have the liveCD right now unfortunatly04:08
Akuma_vidd: i think i can do that04:08
viddAkuma_, you the original poster, or the second person?04:09
Akuma_although it doesnt exactly happen all the time so i'll have to just play around for a while with the liveCD, i'm not sure i'll have a few hours to do that04:09
Akuma_the second one; the original poster wasnt exactly helpfull04:10
viddthen open the terminsal...and let it run all night04:10
vidd=] 04:10
viddif it happens, it will fill up the terminal04:10
Akuma_yeah i thought about that but i'm not sure i trust my laptop enough for that. it gets pretty hot and all04:12
Akuma_i'm kinda confused about this though. i mean, obviously if it was present in the live cd as well it would have been a well known bug. so it means its either due to my hardware or something specific i do.04:15
Akuma_problem is i'm not sure i'll be able to do all the same things i do on the live cd04:15
viddAkuma_, you can do all the same things on the live cd that you do on the regular install....04:19
viddyou can even download from the repo's,  download and install libdvdcss and watch a movie...04:20
viddi had a friend that was able to run everything he needed for a whole month (no reboot) off the live cd04:21
Akuma_hmm. didnt know that04:21
viddafter the 30 day "test drive" he fired M$04:21
vidd=] 04:21
viddi think he did eventuall do the install...04:22
Akuma_i'm pretty happy i fired ms too, though i must admit that XP was ultra stable04:22
viddAkuma_, ????04:23
viddi had XP for 23 minutes before i got a BSOD04:23
Akuma_it was. 98 was crap, but xp itself wouldnt crash on me04:23
Akuma_really? i never got on on xp. on many different machines04:23
viddi know ppl that never got the chickenpox either.... but there are thousands of ppl that get it every year!04:24
vidd=] 04:24
Akuma_well i had several other issues with windows that were enough ... stability didn't help ms keep me on their camp =)04:26
viddthen again...i had another friend that desided he was going to change the screen resolution on my desktop....04:26
Akuma_although i hope i can find a *nix combination that will be as stable04:26
viddrather then simply use the tools to do it, he borked the daylights out of my xorg file and resarted the machine....04:28
Akuma_i think i read they'll work on improving stability for gutsy?04:28
Akuma_oh i see, he wanted to use his l33t hax0r skills hein =/04:28
viddand he proclaimed that i got a "BSOD" when the GDM failed to load04:29
R[a] ndomlol04:29
R[a] ndomblack screen of death?04:29
R[a] ndomthe console?04:29
R[a] ndom:)04:29
Akuma_ohhh. *black* !04:29
viddi took one look at the sceen...mutters some unpleasentries and went to a tty, reconfigured the x server, and restarted it (1 minute, tops)04:30
R[a] ndompwn, I guess.04:30
viddR[a] ndom, no...that blue and grey screen you get when xserver fails to load corerectly04:30
R[a] ndomoh right04:30
R[a] ndomwhat happens when I let the auto updates happen :P04:31
R[a] ndomits borked my xorg conf 3 times now04:31
viddi informed him that it was not a screen of death...cuzz i did not have to restart the machine04:31
R[a] ndomer well, borked the nvidia drivers actually04:31
viddi told him the system was running fine04:32
viddnow how he got my sudo password......04:32
R[a] ndomtyped sudo after you had recently used it in a console?04:33
R[a] ndomtruth serum?04:33
viddis there a way to specifically kill gksudo?04:33
R[a] ndomnever used gksudo, so dunno04:33
viddR[a] ndom, im not sure HOW he got into it04:34
Jester45vidd, look at htop and see if its listed04:34
Jester45vidd, who is this "he"04:34
viddone of the linux-bashers at work04:34
Jester45buddy of yours?04:34
viddor should i say THE linux basher04:35
Jester45or just a co-worker04:35
viddJester45, not really....hehe04:35
=== Jester45 wishes there was a linux basher in his whole city
Jester45im like the only one that knows about it04:36
Jester45me and the guy who has to peel off all the ubuntu stickers from the computers at my school04:36
=== vidd is trying to find that "psudo-virus" that makes the screensaver a box that pops up and starts showing a CDM box that lists all the files on the system, one by one and then shows DELETED
Jester45i got one that shows diffrent fatel errors from diffrent OSs04:38
viddi put that on someone's computer like 8 years ago...and they like to have died...tripping over a chair to get to the computer...then finding out it was just a screen saver....04:39
viddJester45, you have ubuntu stickers?04:40
viddfrom where?04:41
Jester4520 or 30 of them04:42
Jester45from ubuntu04:42
Jester45or... shipit04:42
Jester45i also have ~15 ubuntu cds04:42
Jester45i get new ones for my friends to use04:43
=== vidd would like to get some stickers like M$ slaps on pc's...."designed for linux...or ubuntu..."
Jester45or if im at there  i can just use ubuntu + a script of mine and everything is like my destkop04:43
Jester45or close04:43
Jester45they have the logo then UBUNTU and under the UBUNTU is linux for human beings04:44
Jester45nice little things04:45
Jester45i got all the parts in my computer sporting them04:45
Jester45even the disc tray04:45
Jester45and my psu fan has one that is cut up and it looks pretty good04:46
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@71-87-213-83.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45almost like the fan was made for ubuntu04:46
cheeseboywhats network config file called??04:46
=== vidd would like to make computers for ppl with sticker that say "built with linux" and "this is where M$ would slap thier tracking device[the reg code] "
Jester45cheeseboy, i think that depends on what kind of interface it is ie wireless ethernet usb04:47
cheeseboythe geneta one04:47
Jester45vidd, i would be your midwest branch :)04:47
viddcheeseboy, gksudu network-admin04:47
cheeseboywhere i put dhcp04:47
cheeseboyvidd, i want the file04:48
cheeseboynot gui04:48
vidd  /ect/network/interfaces04:48
cheeseboyits empty :/04:49
viddone moment....04:50
viddcheeseboy, sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces04:51
cheeseboywhat i did04:51
vidddid you copy/paste?04:52
cheeseboynvm typo04:52
viddor type by habd?04:52
cheeseboyon laptop hard to copy and paste04:52
cheeseboywhat i put for just dhcp device?04:53
=== vidd never had issues....
cheeseboytuchbad mouse thing jumps around04:53
viddcheeseboy, no idea...04:53
vidddo the gui way...it will edit this file for you04:53
viddthen you will see what it puts in04:54
=== vidd sets all his computers with static IP's outside the dhcp range of his router
viddmy dhcp range is 504:55
vidd=] 04:55
Jester45whats that04:56
vidddhcp range?04:56
viddthe ip addresses my router is allowed to give out via dhcp04:57
Jester45is that the rage of 192.168.0.*04:57
Jester45mines like... a lot04:57
viddmost routers default to 5004:57
Jester45vidd, got any cool sites to add for links to my site04:57
Jester45i a weird network04:58
viddnothing age (or channel) appropreate04:58
vidd=] 04:58
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45like the computer im at now has 3 diffrent routers  before it gets to the internet04:59
Jester45or wait04:59
Jester453 routers and a modem04:59
Jester45no really im trying to make a list of links to websites but cant think of anything04:59
jgamiosomebody can help I installed ubuntu and I dont have xubuntu in my grub list04:59
Jester45i got 4 but i would like 804:59
viddjgamio, you dont have linux in your grub?05:00
Jester45jgamio, did you install xubuntu or ubuntu05:00
jgamioi use xubuntu but i install ubuntu today in another partition05:01
jgamiobut my xubuntu is not in my list05:01
viddso you SHOULD have two linux listed in your grub05:01
jgamiovidd: I should but not just ubuntu05:02
viddlive or alt cd?05:02
Jester45jgamio, did the ubuntu installer say anything about a diffrent OS being installed05:02
jgamioI dont remember05:03
jgamiovidd: live cd05:03
jgamioCan I reinstall the grub ???05:03
jgamioor just modify my menu.lst05:03
Jester45you can just modify your list05:04
viddjgamio, since you used the live cd and not the alt cd...ubuntu MOST LIKELY treated this as an UPGRADE and not like a new install05:04
Jester45just tell it where all the needed info is at05:04
Jester45vidd, he installed to a diffrent partition05:05
jgamioi used a separate partition to the boot maybe that was the thing05:05
viddJester45, that does not matter to grub05:05
jgamioi have sda1 boot sda2 xubuntu sda3 ubuntu and sda4 home05:05
viddgrub gets written to the same place no matter WHERE you install to05:05
Jester45vidd, yes, but ubuntu would not upgrade if you installed to a diffrent partition05:06
Jester45it would only put data there and in grub05:06
viddJester45, have you done a dual boot linux install?05:06
viddok...i have not....05:07
jgamioi did before05:07
jgamioi dont know why doesnt work this time05:07
Jester45i had a gentoo/xubuntu/win2k/debian machine05:07
Jester45jgamio, you can just edit our menu.list05:07
viddbut from what i understand of the process, when you are picking the partitions, if you reuse ANY of the partions besides swap, grub treats it as an upgrade and not a fresh install05:08
Jester45that machine was a failure becuase i never got any of the installed customized like i want05:08
jgamioJester45: but where i get the root=UUID=05:08
viddjgamio, you dont05:08
Jester45vidd, no, i used the same /home partition05:08
viddyou use sudo05:09
Jester45jgamio, i dont know anything about the menu.list05:09
=== vidd will defer to Jester45's experience
jgamio Jester45: menu.lst is where the system are list to the selection05:09
jgamiothe so05:10
Jester45i know what it is but not whats in it05:10
Jester45like how to add a item05:10
=== j1mc [n=jim@72-254-50-132.client.stsn.net] has joined #xubuntu
jgamioJester45: is there ubuntu but is not xubuntu05:11
Jester45yes, so you need to add a entry for xubuntu05:11
Jester45thats the part i dont know how to do05:11
jgamioJester45: i think but is a  root=UUID= number i dont know where to get05:12
jgamioj1mc: hi jim05:12
j1mchi jgamio05:12
Jester45jgamio, well... you know more that me about that then05:13
viddjgamio, try this: http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/1670105:13
jgamioj1mc: jim i install ubuntu but i lost the xubuntu option you know how to add to my list05:13
jgamiovidd: i am going to check05:13
j1mcjgamio: i have to leave... otherwise i would try and help.05:14
jgamiovidd: thank you this look fine  i am ging to tested05:15
jgamioj1mc: dont worry05:15
j1mc:)  thanks, jgamio.  see you around!05:16
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=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
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vidd!ask |ki05:17
ubotuki: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:17
vidd!ask | kiosk05:17
ubotukiosk: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:17
kioskdoes xubuntu have a sys file checker?05:17
kioskmy time is counting ahead at a rate of 4x to 8x05:18
viddyes...but ive never used it05:18
kioskI think I have a virus05:18
kioskif I shut off the power and restart the harware clock maintains the correct time05:19
viddkiosk, you want to check the clockspeed of your processor05:19
kioskso the system seems to have separated from the hw clock05:19
kioskHW information?05:20
viddit is most likely being misreported, so linux thinks more time has passed that has05:20
Jester45vidd, he is talking about time kind of clock05:20
kioskI have a 366 MHz TP600 2645-5JU05:20
viddJester45, yes... i know....05:20
viddand if his system thinks he is running at 100mghz and hes running at 3oo mghz, then his clock will run 3x faster05:21
kioskSo the time clock is part of the CPU?05:22
kioskI thought it was separate05:22
kioskpowered by CMOS05:22
viddkiosk, is the clock advancing like one hour in 15 minutes time, or is it keeping time, just the WRONG time?05:22
kioskso that it can keep time when the CPU is not powered05:23
kioskI jumps many seconds at once05:23
kioskabout 2 secods at a time05:23
kiosk2 or 305:23
kioskevery second05:23
viddkiosk, you linux gets the time at boot from the cmos....then leaves cmos allone...unlike windows that is too stupid to track time itself05:24
kioskcounts cpu cycles05:25
kioskmy typmatic rate  is all messed up too05:25
viddkiosk, did you overclock your cpu on your board?"05:25
kioskwants to tyyyyype like crazy05:25
kioskbut it fluctuates05:25
kioskdon't think05:25
kioskeverything that uses the system time standard goes supper fast05:26
viddkiosk, this is a hardware issue....05:26
kiosktitle on xmms scrolls like lightening05:26
kioskthere was a way I could see my CPU speed05:27
kioskcan't remember it05:27
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has left #xubuntu []
kioskI can't even double click05:35
kioskIt thinks my clicks are too slow LOL05:35
kioskbefore i swap my CPU, how do i run the sys file check?05:35
=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
kioskI got booted05:49
kioskI think05:49
kioskthanks for help so far vidd05:50
=== vidd is off to bed....
kioskanyone know how to check xubuntu system files?05:51
=== Chikubu [n=Chikubu@] has joined #xubuntu
Chikubuis there a gui mixer that comes with xubuntu?05:53
Jester45amixer i think05:53
Jester45or might be alsamixer05:53
Chikubuamixer gives error no such device in term05:55
Chikubuwhats that command to list sound devices?05:55
Jester45lspci might be it05:56
Jester45depending on where your device is connected05:56
Chikubuaplay -l   hehe so glad the up arrow has a large buffer05:56
Chikubunot pci card, one isa card not working, other usb sound card05:56
Chikubusomething just isnt right on system with sound ugg05:58
Chikubuwhich is the best irc client listed in the packages manager?06:01
R[a] ndomdepends what you want06:01
R[a] ndomI use xchat06:01
Jester45depends on what you like06:01
R[a] ndomyou know it?06:01
Jester45i used xchat gaim/pidgin irssi06:01
Jester45irssi runs in a terminal06:02
Jester45gaim/pidgin is a multi procall client (aim yahoo msn jabber irc icq etc)06:02
Jester45xchat is just irc but has great scripting options06:03
Chikubuoh i forgot about gaim06:03
Chikubuim using xchat now, its ok i guess06:03
Chikubuare there scripts to modify function of xchat like there are for mirc?06:04
Jester45just like it06:04
R[a] ndomI'm listening to "Girl On A Motorbike" by Swervedriver06:05
R[a] ndomsuch as my np script06:05
Chikubulol you knew i was thinking mp3's06:05
R[a] ndomI have another with more info, but I went to change its colours and stopped halfway through06:05
R[a] ndomso its super ugly now. heh06:05
R[a] ndomGirl On A Motorbike by Swervedriver on Mezcal Head [Year: 1993]  [Track: 8]  [Length: 4:08]  [Bitrate: 235]  [Size: 6.95 MB] 06:05
Jester45R[a] ndom, is that working with mpd?06:05
R[a] ndomI'm using amarok06:06
R[a] ndom<3 amarok06:06
Chikubucan xchat connect to two servers or run two instances?06:06
R[a] ndomtwo servers no prob06:06
Chikubuin one instance?06:06
R[a] ndomxchat menu at top06:06
R[a] ndomnew06:06
R[a] ndomserver window06:06
Jester45you can connect to as many as you want from one instance06:07
R[a] ndomer server tab06:07
=== Jester45 is connected to 3
R[a] ndomI'm on 3 too06:07
R[a] ndomoink, freenet and finalgear :P06:07
R[a] ndommusic, linux and cars06:07
Jester45oink has its own server?06:07
R[a] ndomoops. freenode I meant. here06:07
R[a] ndomJester45, yeah, you a member?06:08
Chikubugrr so what is the gui for the mixer called in xubuntu again? the mixer settings i have is well, nothings there, just select mixing settings but no volume06:08
Chikubuunless its that knob on top but its stuck06:08
R[a] ndomxfce30mixer06:08
R[a] ndomoops06:08
R[a] ndomxfce4-mixer06:08
Jester45im on freenode efnet and one i cant mention in channel06:09
Jester45Chikubu, amixer or alsamixer06:09
R[a] ndomteh pr0nz06:09
Chikubuthank you!  the xfce4-mixer actualy did something06:09
Jester45R[a] ndom, no im not, i dont use torrents for music to much06:09
R[a] ndomhah. np. its what I use06:09
Chikubuamixer gives erros and so does alsamixer06:09
Chikubui realy would like to get the isa sound card working, the usb one does the job for now, but would like to hook an electric piano up and use the game port for midi control06:19
R[a] ndomisa?06:20
R[a] ndomoldschool.06:21
Chikubuisa is earlier than pci06:21
R[a] ndomyeah I know :/06:21
Chikubuoh u knew lol06:21
R[a] ndomheh06:21
R[a] ndomI was just slow in deciding what to say.06:21
Chikubuthe device manager doesnt list anything, i dont know if thats normal or if i need something special or what06:21
Chikubuthe card works under win9806:21
Chikubuor did a few days ok till i deleted win9806:22
Chikubuseems it was configurable via the driver, you could change the irq and dma values thru the driver, no pinis06:22
Chikubujumpers that is06:22
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=== feliciano [n=felician@as5300-17-171.cnt.entelchile.net] has joined #xubuntu
felicianohi there... Somebody use Drivel?? This Doesnt work now for me... this send me a "segmentation fault" error06:32
felicianothis is a paste bin for my problem http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25805/06:34
Chikubudoes xchat auto log ?06:37
BFTDyou have to turn it on06:38
Chikubuwhats it mean when someones text is in red, is that private?06:42
Chikubuusing xchat06:43
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Jester45Chikubu, it means they said your name07:06
Jester45Chikubu, red07:06
Jester45not red07:06
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=== OGDA is now known as BFTD
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Akuma_what will i have trouble with if i go for the x64 version?07:37
=== maxamillion [n=adam@mobile-166-217-047-116.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
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GI_JamesOoops... I meant /help08:24
=== GI_James [i=sdvid@hummer.dreamhost.com] has joined #xubuntu
GI_Jameshello, anyone around...08:26
maxamillionGI_James: i am08:27
GI_JamesI'm trying to install Xubuntu, with alternate install disc, it seems to be stuck on 65% (configuring anthy), the HD light is blinking, it has been going for several hours now...08:28
GI_Jameshow long does it take to installl (PII 300 mhz processor), shouldn't take this logn.08:28
maxamillionGI_James: i believe that is a known bug, but to my knowledge it does eventually finish successfully08:28
GI_JamesThanks... I'll leave it alone then...08:29
GI_Jameshopefully it will finish tonight... :), I've been trying to get linux installed & properly functioning on this laptop for a week now...08:29
GI_JamesI've tried several distro's...08:30
maxamillionGI_James: Xubuntu will probably do the trick :)08:30
maxamillionGI_James: i've installed it on lesser hardware (100mhz pention w/ 64mb of ram)08:30
TheSheepGI_James: you can skip the generation of Anthy dict by switching to a second console and killing the process08:31
GI_Jameswhat is anthy?08:32
TheSheepGI_James: something for the Japanese input method08:33
GI_JamesOH, I don't need that...08:33
GI_JamesI can barely read english08:33
GI_Jamesjust <ctrl><alt><F2> to another terminal?08:33
TheSheepGI_James: just list the processes using 'ps' and kill the ones with 'anthy' in their names08:34
GI_JamesI typed ps | grep anthy, then killed 3 processes...08:37
GI_Jamesoh... I found it.. I was looking for the installer...08:37
GI_Jamesthanks for the tip...08:37
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=== n00b [n=n00b@ip136-66-132.cust.bit.net.au] has joined #xubuntu
rhavennseems none of the programs in the start menu will start when doing a right-click from the desktop...they start fine if I got to the panel and select them...looks like most of the xfce processes are running..did i miss one?08:46
maxamillionrhavenn: no ... that seems like an odd bug, you might want to check launchpad for a bug report and if there isn't one, file one :)08:47
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Chikubuanybody alive still? im still tinkering with isa sound card09:38
Chikubudmesg tells me a bunch,  this included09:38
Chikubusb: PnP: Found Card Named = "Creative SB16 PnP", Card PnP id = CTL002b, Device PnP id = CTL003109:38
Chikubu[  852.176341]  sb: PnP:      Detected at: io=0x220, irq=5, dma=1, dma16=509:38
Chikububut aplay -l says  aplay: device_list:222: no soundcards found...09:38
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logmeinxub xub!11:02
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GeekMasterCan I get some help with my XFCE session?11:50
=== sg2006 [n=sg2006@ACBC82AA.ipt.aol.com] has joined #xubuntu
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GeekMaster1It's my panel size... When I shrink i tto anything less than 25 in height the icons in the quick lunch(don't know what you would call i ton Linux) shrink to a size where you can hardly see them. My problem is that when I make my panel that small in my regular GNOME session the icons STAY regular size how they are suppose to. How can I get this panel to behave like it should(the GNOME way)?12:28
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
=== GI_James [i=sdvid@hummer.dreamhost.com] has joined #xubuntu
GI_Jamesquestion:  is there a gui to configure video, I just installed, and the video is set at 800x600 and it's grainy... I think it's the refreshrate?12:40
=== tonilpizza [n=tonilpiz@host-84-221-61-229.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #xubuntu
tonilpizzahi everyone12:41
tonilpizzahow come the sound doesnt work in my xubuntu?12:42
GI_Jamesanyone around tonight...12:53
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livingdaylightis thjs where xubuntu people hang?02:26
livingdaylightis xubuntu only for old and low spec systems?02:28
=== sc0tch [n=sc0tch@12-227-172-64.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
predaeuslivingdaylight, no02:29
livingdaylightit is a real alternative to gnome and kde? i thought people only chose xfce because it is lighter... but would use either gnome or kde if they could ideally02:30
livingdaylighti don't want just a spartan desktop manager02:30
livingdaylightI have lenovo desktop R60e02:31
livingdaylight1gb ram02:31
cliebowxubuntu rocks!02:31
livingdaylight60gb hard drive02:31
predaeusI use xfce because I do not like how some gnome applications are entangled with each other, I want to chose what I use and I also want it leight weight, although my comp can easily run gnome02:31
livingdaylightdude, ubuntu and kubuntu rock too.... just wondering why one would go for xubuntu or xfce over gnome or kde?02:31
cliebowi know squat about xfce..for me it "just works"02:31
predaeuslivingdaylight, you can easily add KDE and gnome applications to xubuntu if you want. that's how I did it, just pick what you need.02:32
cliebowand...gnome session manager crashes drive me bonkers02:32
TheSheeplivingdaylight: xubuntu is just simplier and more responsive, you see difference even on fast computers02:32
predaeusI can't stand evolution and ubuntu/gnome forces you to have it installed02:32
livingdaylightdoes xfce do /have what gnome and kde have? or is it more spartan?02:33
cliebowli:you can put all three on your lapptop and try em..02:33
TheSheeplivingdaylight: id doesn't have *everyhting*, otherwise it would be a second GNOME02:33
predaeuslivingdaylight, it has some things gnome doesnt have and also misses some things, but you can get a lot of gnome and kde apps to run on xubuntu easily by installing the packages.02:34
livingdaylightpredaeus, but evolution is easy to remove, i have ubuntu on desktop and replaced evolution with thunderbird... what email client does xubuntu come with by default?02:34
cliebowstart with xubuntu..or ubuntu..or kubuntu..no one really cares..02:34
cliebowthen sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop02:34
=== livingdaylight downloading xubuntu live cd
livingdaylightno, not the same02:35
predaeuslivingdaylight, evolution was somehow entangled with other apps I needed on ubuntu, that got me over the line and let me try xubuntu02:35
cliebowi have started with ubujntu..then added icewm kde and gnome  as well as xfce02:35
livingdaylighti had ubuntu on desktop once and added kubuntu-desktop and it made ubuntu ugly even after i removed kubuntu-desktop02:35
predaeuslivingdaylight, also gnome apparently is so well designed, but actually it is a mess in my opinion. I like gnome but I love xfce now.02:35
cliebowi hagve just one machine running xubuntu but i'd use it on all of them02:36
sc0tchAre there any "preferred" bit torrent clients for use with Xfce?02:36
predaeuslivingdaylight, it is a matter of taste and partially tiny differences, just try all the live cds02:36
livingdaylightok, thx predaeus02:37
livingdaylightI have Ubuntu on desktop and looking for a different experience on my spare laptop hard drive for lenovo R60e02:37
livingdaylightis virutalbox or vmware no problem on xubuntu?02:38
TheSheeplivingdaylight: all ubuntus are the same under the hood02:38
predaeusanother point for me was that the gnome devs just refuse to add the compact file list to nautilus. and thunar just has it and it is the  one I always use now. nautilus was just unpractical to me.02:38
livingdaylightme thinking if xubuntu lighter on resources than more ram available for virtual machine... am i genius?02:38
TheSheeplivingdaylight: they only differnce is what is installed by default02:38
=== test3r [n=tester@71-89-151-154.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
livingdaylightwell TheSheep different window managers do things differently and hence affect our desktop experience.... I can also install fluxbox with ubuntu under the hood but it would not be the same, would it now?02:39
test3rdoes ne1 b-sides me still have a Dreamcast?02:39
test3rand would b interested in making a tool w/me?02:40
ubotuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..02:40
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test3ri think a cdi2toc  program would be nice.02:41
predaeuslivingdaylight, oh yea now I also remember that the gnome calender only works with evolution installed. overkill to me.02:41
test3rcdi has a CUE type burn pattern inside of it02:41
test3rlike toc can describe02:41
test3rcant b That hard to convert them!02:41
livingdaylighti asked what email client is default in xubu and comment of virtual machine02:42
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@unaffiliated/crdlb] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cdi - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:42
test3rheh, yeah, right. ill get right on that, bot.02:42
predaeuslivingdaylight, no idea, I just installed thunderbird or probably it was installed already.02:42
livingdaylightxubuntu download at 60% ... yea..very faster download than ubuntu02:42
TheSheeplivingdaylight: thunderbird02:42
predaeusvm might apply too. not sure.02:43
livingdaylighti see a gnomefreak here .... are there also xfcefreaks here?02:43
test3rxubuntu is plenty fast 4 u. u can really do alot with this- i have only run into two walls trying crazy things I picked to install02:44
livingdaylighttest3r, what were they? (so i can avoid those ditches)02:46
livingdaylightsorry walls02:46
livingdaylightxubuntu download at 73%02:48
test3rthere exists cdi2iso it says02:48
test3rbut iso should not have the capability to write the goofy DOA multitrack disk that the CDI image is02:49
livingdaylightno capito nada02:49
test3rum - the two walls i ran into?02:49
test3ri cant seem to install quake version one for the life a me02:49
=== alnokta [n=alnokta@wikimedia/alnokta] has joined #xubuntu
test3rand my wifi card on my laptop is rly old and the driver doesnt support crazy,,,,,,er,,,,,security things im testing with it02:50
test3rprob neither you will have to wry about.02:50
livingdaylighti have newer wifi card... lenovo R60e and don't care for quake, so i hope so...02:51
livingdaylight92%.... so fast the download... how big is xubuntu?02:56
TheSheeplivecd is about 700MB02:57
test3rbevis and butthead movie is on comedy channel  =D03:02
TheSheep!ot | test3r03:03
ubotutest3r: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:03
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livingdaylightxubuntu install failed04:15
livingdaylightindtaller crashed or something04:15
livingdaylighteither defect with cd or dirty?04:15
TheSheeplivingdaylight: you have an option to check the cd for deffects in the boot menu04:16
livingdaylightbut i did test on cd and there are no defects04:16
TheSheeplivingdaylight: how much ram does the box have?04:16
livingdaylight1gb. Ist that enough for xfce?04:16
TheSheeplivingdaylight: more than enough04:16
livingdaylighti am trying again now04:17
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
livingdaylightthere is an option for driver cd...04:17
livingdaylightbut i don't have driver cd :S04:17
=== elbing [n=elbing@42.Red-88-14-24.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeplivingdaylight: what was the error exactly?04:17
livingdaylighti didn't write it down word for word... i'm trying install again so if same error happes i will tell you04:18
TheSheepok, good luck04:18
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=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
livingdaylighterror: The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed04:27
TheSheeplivingdaylight: ok, it's a known bug, let me find a workaround for you04:28
TheSheepBug #9990804:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99908 in ubiquity "The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed." [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9990804:34
TheSheeplivingdaylight: it seems that Thunar automounts the partition, which prevents it from being formatted04:35
TheSheeplivingdaylight: try unmounting it after booting the livecd, and then running the install04:35
livingdaylightdon't get it04:37
=== insmod [n=insmod@d141-13-36.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeplivingdaylight: when yu boot your livecd, it checks your disk and sees you have some partitions on it -- so it mounts them, so that you can access them04:38
TheSheeplivingdaylight: but hwne they are mounted, they cannot be formatted04:38
TheSheeplivingdaylight: when*04:38
alnoktaTheSheep, hello04:41
=== gregory [n=greg@ip68-111-130-137.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheephi alnokta04:44
gregoryI've found something kind of odd about the gui in Xubuntu to manage users in feisty and gutsy: an average user can delete another user without being asked the admin password. Is this a bug or a feature?04:46
livingdaylightTheSheep, sorry, i was distracted... now, i wonder... the hard drive was blank, except for a 5gb slot for lenovos rescue/recovery space04:47
TheSheepgregory: average user can't really run that gui in the first place04:48
gregoryTheSheep, so logged in as the primary user is the only way to access that program?04:49
TheSheepgregory: yes, and it will ask you for password the first time you run it04:50
gregoryI just found it odd it asked for a password to add the user, but didn't when you removed him.04:50
TheSheepgregory: it only asks once04:51
TheSheepgregory: and then again after some time04:51
gregoryOK I'll try it as again.04:52
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livingdaylightshame i couldn't get xubuntu to work on my laptop...05:14
livingdaylightTheSheep, when is this bug going to get sorted05:14
TheSheeplivingdaylight: october05:15
TheSheeplivingdaylight: you can try the alternate cd instead, it uses a different installer05:15
livingdaylightthat is the next release date isn't it?05:15
TheSheeplivingdaylight: yes05:15
livingdaylighthrmmm... shame...05:15
livingdaylightis xubuntu more like a side-hobby of Canonical?05:16
test3raw shucks, man - it wouldnt go?05:16
livingdaylightbecause that sounds like a major bug... someone said xubuntu rocks... you can't say it rocks with basic problem of this sort05:16
TheSheeplivingdaylight: no, xubuntu is not supported officially by canonical05:16
test3rdid it make it past most , SHeep? how far did he get? does he just need to reconfigure xorg?05:16
test3rafter dumping to TTY?05:17
TheSheeptest3r: the standard 'failed to create ext3'05:17
TheSheeplivingdaylight: most people use the laternate cd I guess :)05:17
test3roooooow - Ouch.  (knocks on wood) Havnt seen That one yet05:17
livingdaylightwell, kubuntu install no problem... when choosing a linux distro we have to go with one that works with our hardware... shame coz i would have loved to play with xubuntu on my lappy05:17
TheSheeplivingdaylight: every release has bugs05:18
TheSheeplivingdaylight: and once the cds are pressed, you can't do much about them05:18
livingdaylightcds are pressed?05:18
TheSheepotoh, xubuntu doesn't have cds pressed, so maybe they'll release a fix sooner...05:18
=== cliebow [n=cliebow@cpe-76-179-82-249.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeplivingdaylight: the bug report is still marked as 'needs more info'05:19
test3ri cant believe it wont write to your HDD05:19
test3rperhaps you can get a new harddrive put in?05:19
test3rif linux cant write to it - honestly - you prob dont Want it05:19
TheSheeplivingdaylight: apparently it's not easily reproducible05:19
TheSheeptest3r: that's not it05:19
livingdaylighti just downloaded and burnt the latest iso to my cd... so, they could fix the bug before seeing as it is a mojor one05:19
test3roh   =(05:19
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TheSheeptest3r: it's the installer stepping on its own shoelaces05:20
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
test3rwould it help if he used GPated livecd at all? or is that not going to make a bit of difference?05:20
livingdaylighttest3r, this is a brand new 60gb hard drive shipped out with lenovo's R60e.... and kubuntu install now no problem... just not your rocking xubuntu05:20
test3rrly? K runs? but u cant get just GCC up> ??? thats flippin bizzar.05:21
test3ryes try the alt cd05:21
livingdaylightxubuntu is broken... so nothing will help05:21
test3rwell the alt cd has the classic install pattern tho05:21
test3rshep is right05:21
test3rit uses jus parted i think instead of gparted w/ extra ontop of That05:21
test3rits worth a shot05:21
livingdaylightok, i don't mind wasting blank cd's... i'll download xubuntu alt if you believe it will step around the problem05:22
test3ri honestly think it will. theres no pretty icon, now, though05:22
=== ZxEfR [n=zxefr@c75-111-8-193.amrlcmta01.tx.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3rits text on the screen05:22
test3rwith color bars. like DOS. but dont let it scare you its very ez05:22
TheSheeplivingdaylight: I'm sure you can workaround that bug my just unmounting the partitions before running the installer05:22
test3rdood he totaly should b able to get thru it using TTY - but what he'd ahve to do - i have no idea.  You say he has to unmount the local filesystems?  How does one mount the HDDs anyway? I think its time for a lesson05:23
livingdaylightTheSheep, unfortunately i don't know how to unmount partitions before running installer... When i put cd into tray it just boots into xubuntu and i have 30 seconds to choose an option before it automatically boots into live cd... what am i supposed to do there?05:23
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter05:24
livingdaylightanyways... now i have kubuntu to play with instead...05:24
test3rnonononononono i want mount and umount05:24
test3riso9660 type biz05:24
test3rdat Old School . how i do That?05:24
=== TheSheep shrugs
test3ri can mount drives fine - just not Hard drives manually05:25
test3rc?   =D  two years for me - i still dont know05:25
TheSheeptest3r: add sudo in front05:25
livingdaylightnow... kubuntu working like a charm...hrmmmm....05:25
test3rwell - naturally yes it wil have to be sudo mount sudo umount05:25
TheSheeplivingdaylight: kubuntu is nice too :)05:25
livingdaylightsorry guys... i will be back in October, maybe then xubuntu fix their bugs05:25
TheSheeplivingdaylight: hopefully05:26
TheSheeplivingdaylight: looking forward to seeing you again :)05:26
test3rwait - is our answer in FSTAB>?05:26
test3rjust thought of it05:26
livingdaylightTheSheep, yes... i was just excited about funning a really light os on my dual=core 1gb ram 60gb hard drive05:26
livingdaylightwith all that ram i thought i could really run virtualmachine fast05:26
livingdaylightplus i quite like mice05:26
TheSheeplivingdaylight: you can do 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' on your kubuntu to have both at the same time05:27
TheSheeplivingdaylight: but Iguess you had some bad experiences with that05:27
test3roh - thats right.  For  buntu - it wants to pass the UUID of root to the drive for root to mount it (im assuming thats kus of SUDO)05:27
TheSheeptest3r: ???05:27
test3r/dev/hda1  UUID=root /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 005:27
test3rwhere 'root;' = md5 or something05:28
TheSheeptest3r: ? ? ?05:28
TheSheeptest3r: you can mount devices normally too05:28
test3rthats the call ud have to make to manually mount an HDD, sheep - (at least I THINK)05:28
test3ryes but not if u want RW to an HDD (which is object - im thinking recovery times)05:29
TheSheeptest3r: no, you can specify the device any way you like -- by name, UUID, label05:29
test3roh so that UUID is nothing with root? it is the device label?05:29
TheSheeptest3r: it's a unique number identifying the partition05:30
test3rlol - but when i manually installed nubuntu, I had to pass that UUID in addition to all that rest05:30
test3rfor it to mount its home partition at all whatsoever. just to boot.05:30
TheSheeptest3r: you could have passed /dev/hdaX instead05:30
test3ri hakt the loader from inside Here.05:30
test3rthus since it HAD to have it i assumed it was something to do with root ownership05:33
TheSheeptest3r: no, you just need to specify which partition is the root in *any* way05:33
TheSheepuuid is just one possibility05:33
test3rright but the line already had /dev/hda5  ext3  and the ending05:33
test3rjust no UUID. and it wouldnt boot.  ?05:33
test3ri have no idea. im glad it made it in, though!05:33
TheSheepthere is some confusin because we use the same name for the *user* 'root' and for the '/' directory (the top of the filesystem)05:33
test3ryes / means root too but filesystem root, yes?05:34
TheSheepand in case of the kernel parameter 'root=', it's the /05:34
test3rand ~/ of course home05:34
test3rlike if u cd /\05:34
test3rit will pop u at root05:34
test3rcd /05:34
TheSheepcd /.. ;)05:35
test3rwithout the dots does same thing! never realised u could add those and have valid cmnd.05:36
TheSheepundocumented feature05:37
TheSheepyou can't get higher than /05:38
test3rthe "dance challenge" on Dance Revolution on sat morning TV looks like she is just connecting random stuff together with no flow, logic, or connection whatsoever05:41
=== somerville32 [n=cody-som@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #xubuntu
test3r"look ma - i can move like weird animal in pain or something"05:42
test3rsry that was offtopic.05:42
test3rSO -  is there any more i can do with a diff distro?05:43
test3rit's just going to b let down isnt it?05:43
test3ralot of them use K or at least G for its full installers05:44
TheSheeptest3r: no, why? the more distros you know, the more you know about Linux in general05:44
test3rvery true.  the one i want to try was developed at Berkely, too05:44
TheSheeptest3r: every one is a little different in details05:44
=== livingdaylight [n=conrad@77-99-138-99.cable.ubr03.camd.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
test3rsim sure u know which one   =)05:44
TheSheepbsd is not linux05:44
test3ri know its UNIX based05:44
test3rbasic basics05:44
TheSheepevery sane oprating system for pc is unix based nowadays05:45
test3ri want it like whole grain bread. methinks.05:45
TheSheepeven windows is posix-compliant05:45
=== insmod [n=insmod@d141-13-36.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3reven XP?05:46
test3ror you mean their Newest blunder?05:46
=== PeP [n=PeP@125.169-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeptest3r: I think it was NT 4.0 that got official POSIX certificate05:47
test3rNT 4, huh? that was just ~ win2000 time05:47
test3ryes?   I ran win2K for a bit.05:48
PePI just installed Xubuntu Feisty on a Pentium3... but I have a problem, my Xserver crashes each time I go in the terminal :/ I read that the problem went away if I changed the color depth from 24 to 16.. is this true?05:48
=== j1mc [n=jim@72-254-22-239.client.stsn.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3rPeP - what chipset is your grphics?05:49
PePI don't know honsetly...05:49
PePit is not a very new pc :/05:49
TheSheepPeP: yes, it's true -- or yu can use a different terminal program05:49
test3rif you run 'lspci'  after dumping to TTY when it crashes - you can tell05:49
PePbut this bug is apparently spread05:50
PePI saw it on launchpad05:50
test3ryes try switching your graphics its using05:50
TheSheepPeP: it most commonly appears with intel graphics cards05:50
test3rif u have INTEL graphics you might have to05:50
test3rbecome leet !~05:50
PePoh ok05:50
PePhow can I install a different terminal program? do I look for something like "terminal" in synaptic?05:51
PePTheSheep: which terminal program do you recommend? gnome2 ?05:51
TheSheepPeP: there is gnome-terminal, rxvt, xterm ...05:51
PePgnome-terminal you say05:52
PePand this runs on Xfce...05:52
PePI will try the gnome terminal05:52
TheSheepPeP: I've heard a lot of people recomment rxvt as a lightweight terminal app05:52
PePah ok05:52
PePwell then I'll try that one :D05:52
TheSheepPeP: but it may be a little hard to configure05:52
PePoh ^^05:52
test3roic its when he launched VTERM from within SIDE of xubuntu05:53
PePI'm no beast in this (as you might have guessed) so I prefer when it's not too hard :)05:53
test3ryeah after you get a different terminal05:53
PePTheSheep : is gnome-terminal easier to install?05:53
test3ryou will want to read how to reconfigure x server it is very easy.  make a backup of /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:53
TheSheepPeP: 'sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal'05:54
TheSheepPeP: or just search for it in synaptic and install it05:54
PePok.. I'll do that through synaptic05:54
test3rbefore you start - then if it messes up (or you mess up) you can always use old settings05:54
PePtest3r: thank you05:54
test3rnp!  you should run LSPCI before doing it so you know your graphics chipset #05:55
test3rthen choose the i###  that corrisponds to your intel set05:55
PePok, well I'll install gnome-terminal to begin :D05:55
PePtest3r: should I reove the xfce terminal also?05:56
PePI think the package name is something like Xfce4-terminal05:57
test3ri would not recommend that, no05:57
PePoh ok05:57
test3rjust use the new one instead of launching old05:58
PePthen I leave it peacefully on my hdd :)05:58
test3ryes yes then when it goes to upgrade its there05:58
PePAh yes, that's true05:58
test3r"tip toe...........  Throuooooouuuuugh the Tu Liiiiiiiiiips"05:59
test3rhehehehehehe.  administrator accounts can teach you Alot.05:59
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
PePtest3r: I just ran lspci06:02
PePmy graphics is intel chip06:02
PeP00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82815 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]  (rev 02)06:03
PeP00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82815 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]  (rev 02)06:03
PePoops sorry for the double post06:03
test3rOK - so when you run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" , and it askes you for your graphics set in the first questions, do NOT choose VESA, choose the i800 selection because you have an i8XX chipset06:04
PePok I will do that then06:04
PePbut why do you advise me to reconfigure it? I dn't understand really...06:05
PePI restart xserver...06:06
=== PeP [n=PeP@125.169-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has left #xubuntu []
test3rwoops - i got to get something for 3 sec and he leaves. ah well he'll figure it out.  it will enable Direct Rendering for him.06:07
=== PeP [n=PeP@125.169-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #xubuntu
PePHere I am again06:09
test3rthere u b06:09
test3rbtw - you run that when u enter "recovery" mode - choose it as the kernel to boot to06:09
PePafter having the new terminal, I edited xorg.conf and cahnged the default depth from to06:09
test3rin the GRUB menu06:09
PePand now the xfce4 terminal works too :D06:09
PePfrom 24 to 16 *06:10
test3r=)  kewl!  Well - when you decide you want Direct Rendering and good resolutions, just boot into recovery - and run those steps to configure XServer for your chipset06:10
PePwell it's a pc for an association in my town06:10
PePso I doubt hey will need that06:10
test3rthey use the net, yes?06:11
PePbut I remember06:11
PePno not even06:11
test3rwell - it Could help speed up OpenOffice some?06:11
PePthey just do like office work, and it should be able to run music06:11
PePyes I installed open office suite06:11
PePruns well06:11
test3rit will speed the music visuals by a large %06:12
test3rits like  having OpenGL support basically06:12
PePoh will it? so you think I will have better results with music playing when I have 24 color depth?06:12
test3rthats what the direct rendering is06:12
PePand direct rendering06:12
test3rno, it will speed performance if the music player comes up with visuals runing when it plays music06:13
PePahh yes06:13
PePyes I see06:13
PePoh, that's no priority to be honest ;)06:13
PePBut you think I can put direct rendering on this graphic card?06:13
PePI have it on my own pc, with a nvidia760006:13
PePbut on this one:/ I don't know06:13
test3ryes it must be assigned to use your chipset06:14
PePI think I'll just search how to get mp3's and avi runnning and then I'll leave it :) It doesn't need to make a lot more :D06:14
test3ri just finished doing all this for a Non-Profit, here, in MY town06:14
test3rthats how i know all this06:14
PeP(It is for the scouts in pmy town btw)06:15
test3rnice.  my best bud is an eagle scout. i helped with his community project.06:16
test3rwe cleaned up and remodeled a whole restroom area06:16
PePI'm the leader of this scout section to tell the truth :D06:17
PePso now you know why I'm interested in having linux on it06:17
test3rno chit? So was my Uncle- (when his sons went through)06:17
test3rgo 4 it - teach them06:18
test3rthey'll learn SO quik.06:18
PePIt is so that we can listen to music, do the official paper work, and show people that you can do it on linux :D06:18
PePyep ;)06:18
PePwe did this game the other day06:18
PePwith evil computer company that sued friendly programmers XD06:18
PePwithout any inadequate comparison :p06:19
test3rnow now, dont one side it, now06:19
test3ryou can tell them the *cough* benefits *cough*  of using windows06:19
test3reven if they are for the most part commercially driven06:19
test3rand driven by Capitalism.06:20
PePthe cubs had to basically run through the whole town, doing activities here and there to help the programmers show that they're program was actually there before the company =D06:20
test3ru didnt tell them to mail it to themselfs?06:20
PePthey had fun even if they didn't catch the depth/sense of it all :D06:20
test3rbrotha - u Failed !   ;D  rofl06:20
PePthey are 8 !!! xD06:20
test3rthey know what a stamp is! they're 8 !06:21
PeP9 to 12 actually06:21
test3rno - that's kewl though.  someones gota tell them to look out for their own arse06:22
test3rHey - u know where i can get a job as multimedia / video / music / or pre-press job?06:23
test3ri fancy programming too, but have no degree in that06:23
test3rall self taught.06:23
test3rand here i am - teaching you...06:23
PePI don't know honestly :/ I live in Belgium06:24
test3rBelgium??!!!  Whoa.  I think I have roots there.  I'm in Michigan (the big mitten)06:24
PePI am from Eupen06:24
PePnear the german border06:24
test3ri have alot of roots over there from Irish to Viking06:25
test3rto Sweedish06:25
test3ryeah, i suppose so hahahahahah06:25
PePI work at translations in my freetime06:26
test3rHey we should talk about the off-topic stuff in  #xubuntu-offtopic06:26
PePlike ubuntu website or apps on launchpad06:26
test3ri can hear Sheep already   =D06:26
PePhehe ok^^06:26
PePgo #xubuntu-offtopic then06:26
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=== Howdy125 [n=Howdy125@c-24-17-87-165.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3rhowdy there06:28
test3rEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Z.06:29
=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== maxamillion [n=adam@mobile-166-217-047-116.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptop*wave* maxamillion06:33
maxamillionhi hi06:33
somerville32maxamillion: Ready for the meeting?06:41
maxamillionsomerville32: yeah06:42
maxamillionsomerville32: i can only stay for an hour ... i actually shouldn't even be there, i am supposed to be on the road on my way out of town to visit my dad but i didn't want to miss the meeting06:43
=== PeP [n=PeP@125.169-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has left #xubuntu []
=== Live [n=ubuntu@cpc2-ptal2-0-0-cust71.swan.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
Livehi im installing ubuntu, system is windows xp home at the moment, 80gb laptop, need some step by step help with partitions etc, anyone care to take time to help me? :)06:49
maxamillionLive: what you need help with?06:50
Livemaxamillion: i need to partition everything so that windows still works alongside ubuntu06:51
Livei want to install ubuntu without touching windows, is that possible?06:52
maxamillionLive: yes, just boot the "desktop" install cd and double click the installer icon, it walks you through the process step by step, it will detect windows on the hard drive and ask how much hard drive space you want to give each operating system and then install right next to windows06:53
Livehttp://img458.imageshack.us/img458/6793/screenshotdevsdagparteden4.png is what I see at the moment in GParted06:53
=== insmod [n=insmod@d141-13-36.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionLive: you have 3 ntfs partitions?06:53
Livelook's like it, it's what the laptop came as06:54
Liveon windows, i see C: and D: drives..06:54
Livebut only use C: i think06:54
=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
Liveiit's a sony vaio, they tend to come setup like that i hear06:55
maxamillioncomputer companies are weird like that06:56
Livewhat partition would you guess C: is?06:57
maxamillionLive: well if you don't use the D: drive, you could delete the second partition and use that space for xubuntu06:57
maxamillion/dev/sda2 is your C: drive06:57
maxamillion/dev/sda5 doesn't have any data on it06:57
Liveis that enough space for ubuntu?06:58
maxamillionOHHH YEAH06:58
=== PeP [n=PeP@125.169-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #xubuntu
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Livei mean, a good ubuntu with space for packages etc?06:59
maxamillionLive: you can install and survive on a 5gb parition with xubuntu (depending on how much data you have)06:59
Liveill be using ubuntu at first, does that require more?06:59
maxamillionLive: yeah .... about 2gb more06:59
Livethat leaving me approx. 36GB for packages etc?07:00
Liveafter the base is installed, right?07:00
maxamillionmy xubuntu installation with _all_ my extra software, all my personal data, development tools, etc. ... i am currently using 3.4GB of my 160GB hard drive07:00
arooPlenty of space to work with07:01
maxamillionLive: more than enough space to work with07:01
Liveok and it will let me delete /dev/sda5?07:01
maxamillionLive: yes07:02
maxamillionLive: if you feel more comfortable, you can delete it from within windows07:02
vidd_laptopLive, make sure that your D: drive is not the recovery partition07:02
=== j1mc [n=jim@72-254-22-239.client.stsn.net] has joined #xubuntu
Liveoh yeh, shoot.07:02
Liveshall i switch to windows?07:02
Livei can tell you whats in D: then..07:03
vidd_laptopif it is, your bios may not let you change it07:03
maxamillionvidd_laptop: i think the 7gb partition on the head of the disk is the recovery partition07:03
somerville32Ok, I think we'll start the meeting here soon in #ubuntu-meeting (member of the CC is going to be there <g>).07:03
=== maxamillion is already idle in the chan
=== vidd_laptop did not see the breakdown of his drives....
Liveok i guess i'll brb07:03
Livewhat program do i use on windows?07:04
Howdy125No hidden restore drive I hope.07:04
maxamillionLive: i don't really remember07:04
maxamillionHowdy125: i think the 7gb /dev/sda1 partition is the restore drive07:05
Howdy125maxamillion, that sounds about the right size.07:05
Liveneed to find out where sony vaio laptops keep recovery..07:05
Liveany idea?07:05
maxamillionLive: looks like the start of the disk07:06
Live32.58MiB isn't enough for a recovery drive is it?07:06
LiveI mean, a recovery drive can't take as little as that, sure?07:07
maxamillionLive: no07:07
Liveso it can't be on /dev/sda5 surely?07:07
Livebecause if it is, it would only have taken up 32.58MiB, which it couldnt have possibly done,07:07
Liveit must be on another partition07:07
arooYou could probably google your laptop model and find out for certain07:08
vidd_laptopLive, usually...the recovery data is 95% of drive D and there is a smaller part witch is the installer07:08
Livepossibly /dev/sda1, used = 5.55GiB, does that sound more reasonable for a recovery partition?07:08
=== Zambezi [i=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
somerville32TheSheep: ping07:09
=== adam [n=adam@mobile-166-217-047-116.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
Livethis sound's fun, now this is the bit where i'm suppost to take a chance and delete /dev/sda507:11
somerville32You might check it first to make sure.07:12
Howdy125Key word was "chance" .. :)07:12
=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Livewhat filesystem does ubuntu require?07:12
somerville32There are several supported file systems07:13
arooext3 is common07:13
somerville32Ext3 is popular07:13
maxamillionext3 is reliable07:13
maxamillionover 7 years of use, 0 complaints07:14
maxamillionon 3 different servers, one of which sees corporate level load and traffic from a fortune 500 company i do some hosting for07:14
maxamillionand all my desktops/laptops07:14
kioskdoes xubuntu have a sysfile checker?07:15
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=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has left #xubuntu ["Konversation]
=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionkiosk: sysfile checker?07:18
shrikelI've just installed xubuntu with dmraid, but my sda1 and sdb1 drives (that are raided) automatically show up on the desktop.  Does anybody know what settings I need to edit to make them not appear?07:18
kioskCRC check on system files07:18
kioskthis just a guess I am a newb but delete the shortcut?07:19
kioskto   drives07:19
shrikelNo, they don't go away.07:19
shrikelI think it's part of the HAL subsystem, but I'm not sure that's it, and I don't know how to change it anyway.07:20
kioskwhy do you want them to go away?  It's a server?07:21
shrikelNo, it will be my main desktop, and I don't want the drive icons cluttering my desktop.07:22
shrikel*volume icons07:22
kioskin applications>settings>desktop settings07:23
kioskthere is a checkbox to "Allow xcfe4 to manage my desktop"07:23
kioskmaybe that will do something07:23
shrikelThe icons are shortcuts to the actual disks, but they should not be accessed directly; they should only be accessed through the dmraid device.07:23
shrikelhmm... I didn't try unchecking that yet...07:24
=== X-Ception [n=Freenode@pdpc/supporter/active/x-ception] has joined #xubuntu
X-Ceptionmaxamillion: i'm back on win now, (it's Live)07:25
kioskanyone know how to verify the systemmm files are not corrupt?07:25
shrikelActually, that makes EVERYTHING go away (i.e. the trash, home folder shortcut, etc.)07:25
shrikelWhich system files?07:25
=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
kioskyou probably need to put your own shortcuts then07:25
kioskthat you choose07:25
shrikelWell, I tried placing something in my desktop directory, but it didn't show up on the desktop at all.07:26
maxamillionkiosk: you might want to try fsck07:26
shrikelSo I wonder if unchecking "allow [etc] " just disables showing icons or something.07:26
somerville32Don't use fsck on mounted volumes! :D07:26
X-Ceptionmaxamillion: i'm back on windows now, just checking out D: and that doesn't seem to be a recovery drive, it has one file in it which contains "Verbose logging"07:27
kioskthanks maximillion07:27
kioskhow would you check the system volume though07:27
kioskisn't it mounted as soon as you boot?07:28
maxamillionkiosk: i don't entirely understand what you want to do07:28
maxamillionX-Ception: not sure what that is or why its in an empty partition07:28
kioskI think my system may be damaged07:28
kioskI want to verify the xubuntu components07:28
kioskie do a CRC check on system files07:29
kioskis there a centralized way to do this07:29
kioskI mean I'm sure you could get CRCs for each file and do them one by one manually07:30
kioskbut I don't know what files to check and that would take days or something anyway07:30
kioskWindows has sys file checker07:30
kioskAlternative is to actually re-install system to make sure it hasn't been comprimised07:31
kioskthen but  I would think that would take longer07:31
=== nalioth__ [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #xubuntu
kioskI am new to linux just trying to learn what there is07:32
X-Ceptionhey nalioth07:32
=== Zambezi [i=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #xubuntu
X-Ceptionnalioth: having a bit of trouble getting back on ubuntu alongiside windows, found a free partition thats 35gb but not sure if my recovery disk is on there or not.07:35
X-Ceptionthere is a few mb's taken on it, not much though, would that be a sign that my recovery files are on there?07:35
=== shrikel [n=adam@c-24-10-196-56.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
naliothX-Ception: recovery partitions are usually less than 2gb07:42
naliothi've never heard of any company using 35gb of disk for a recovery partition07:42
X-Ceptiondo you know of a free program to partition on windows?07:43
naliothyour Ubuntu live cd has parted for console, gparted or qtparted for the gui07:43
X-Ceptionyep, feel a bit more at home doing it on win though..07:44
nalioththere are no 'free partitioners' for windows that will leave your data intact07:44
naliothX-Ception: use the built in disk tools07:44
maxamillionnalioth: he just needs to delete a secondary ntfs parition07:44
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bigcx2hey all07:46
naliothX-Ception: if that is the case, the built in disc tools can do that07:47
bigcx2is it possible to run something from pygtk under xubuntu?07:48
bigcx2or xfce rather07:48
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maxamillionbigcx2: yes07:48
maxamillionbigcx2: xfce is written entirely in gtk, pygtk is go rather nicely07:49
bigcx2ah cool07:49
bigcx2i ran into a small problem when i installed xfce on my ubuntu machine however07:49
bigcx2it said something to the effect of it couldn't stat /etc/X11/X07:50
bigcx2and it died07:50
bigcx2that happened when i ran startx07:50
bigcx2has anyone seen that before?07:50
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maxamillionbigcx2: yeah, just need to reconfigure X1107:51
bigcx2with dpkg07:51
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionbigcx2: yes, that's probably the easiest way07:52
kioskIf I do a recovery from my system CD will I lose /home/myuser ?   (all my data)07:52
kiosk*install CD07:52
maxamillionkiosk: you shouldn't07:53
kioskI think I will try that07:53
bigcx2so what are the major differences between gtk and xfce then if they are both using gtk....smaller footprint?07:53
bigcx2is that all07:53
kioskbecause right now my clock ticks away four seconds for every one07:53
kioskthat only gives me 8 hours in a day instead of 2407:54
kioskthanks for help maxamillion and X-Ception07:55
kioskhopefully be back soon07:55
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X-Ceptionany idea what to do with a .lha file in shell maxamillion?07:56
X-Ceptionto unzip it or whatever..07:56
maxamillionX-Ception: never heard of that file extension07:57
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!07:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lha - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:58
ubotuA general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents07:58
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Chikubudoes default xubuntu install have an equalizer? how do i start it08:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about equalizer - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:28
somerville32Chikubu: What is equalizer?08:29
Chikubusound equalizer08:29
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mlalkakahi everyone09:31
mlalkakawhat is a good daap client for xubuntu? i know i could use rhythmbox, but that has a lot of dependencies on gnome.09:31
=== somerville32 has no idea, sorry.
vidd_laptopwhat is that?09:36
mlalkakadaap is a music sharing/streaming protocol developed by Apple. it allows you to easily share music over your network (or even over the internet) and stream it to other computers. rhythmbox comes with a daap plugin that allows it to be a server and a client. i'm trying to share my music from an ubuntu computer to a xubuntu computer.09:40
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godlessmlalkaka:  I was fiddling with daap a while back. Rhythmbox was the best solution I found. Evaile has some experimental daap support but it's not ready for prime time10:01
godlessI did manage to get it to play from a daap server on the internet, which is fun.10:01
Jester45i prefer shortcast streams10:01
mlalkakagodless: i just tried installing rhythmbox on xubuntu. but anytime i try to play music (local or from a daap server), rhythmbox seg faults.10:01
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mlalkakagodless: do you know how to fix this by any chance?10:01
godlessJester45:  The nice thing about daap is it isn't a stream, it just gives you access to a remote song library so you can play whatever you want10:01
Jester45godless, like mpd?10:01
godlessmlalkaka:  Not sure what is going on; I'm running xubuntu and didn't run into any crashes10:01
godlessJester45:  Yes, I think so. Haven't tried mpd10:01
Jester45mlalkaka, you could look into mpd/sonata10:01
mlalkakagodless: i think the problem might be that i dont have esd installed. can you check if you have that installed?10:01
godlessWhat's esd?10:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mpd - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi10:02
mlalkakagodless: esd is the Enlightened Sound Daemon. it is the sound system that gnome (and i suspect rhythmbox) uses.10:03
godlessI'm using alsa...10:03
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aboyousifcan anyone use mail-notifier with gmail on feisty ?10:13
somerville32I think there is an xfce4 applet for that10:16
somerville32And I remember it working just fine10:16
aboyousifsomerville32: yes it works but it don't display emails .. it just display the number and mail-notify display everything ..10:18
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gerrowhat is low latency kernel?11:15
gerrois it just for audio stuff?11:15
gerroI was wondering if it might have noticable affects when gaming on linux11:15
Chikubuhey im trying tightvncserver, how can i view desktop 0, 1 seems to be what im stuck with and it just shows blank destop with terminal screens11:16
gerroChikubu: no clue I usually just use openssh or nxclient11:17
gerroChikubu: was it hard to setup tightvncserver?11:17
Chikubuno it runs from default, its a wraper for vnc11:17
Chikububut like i said i cant get to 0 desktop11:17
gerrohmm think you have to edit a few things to get access to graphical desktop11:18
Chikubuprobaly not as secure as using ssh11:18
Chikububut i think you can make it use ssh11:18
gerroyou can use tight vnc over ssh11:18
Chikuburight now i just want desktop 0 then ill secure it11:18
Chikubuwhen i try to run it as desktop 0 says a vnc server is already running on 011:19
Chikububut i cant connect to it, connection refused, even localy11:19
Chikubutalks about .X0-lock, in tmp folder but no such file there11:20
gerro  hmm11:20
Pumpernickel!info x11vnc11:20
ubotux11vnc: VNC server which uses your current X11 session. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.2-1 (feisty), package size 438 kB, installed size 1104 kB11:20
gerrothat might help11:20
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gerroI was going to say it and all but someone had to so go into the cinematic summoning of ubotu to pwn that question11:21
Chikubudavid@Winky:~$ !info x11vnc11:22
Chikububash: !info: event not found11:22
gerroChikubu: apt-get install x11vnc11:22
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Chikubuits a perculating11:24
Chikubuis there an app installed by default to look at printer jobs in que?11:25
Chikubuwell that worked sorta, when i vnc'ed in localy it kept opening recursive windows11:29
Chikubuill try remotely later11:29
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aboyousifguys am i the only one who miss this /usr/lib/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/libhttp.so ?11:45
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