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shishirhi all02:19
shishircan somebody help me with Edubuntu Live CD02:20
sbalneavWhat do you need?02:20
shishirI'm trying it on Dell C600 laptop and I'm getting BUffer I/O error and then some Gnome display error02:21
shishirfinally it freezes while displaying the window manager02:22
shishirI tried Xubuntu also, looks like I get the same error02:22
sbalneavWhere are you getting this error?02:22
sbalneavAfter you've logged in?02:23
shishirwhile booting up after the Edubuntu splash screen02:23
shishirand then a series of console messages with [OK] 02:23
sbalneavYou might want to try booting it with the boot options "noapic", or maybe "acpi=off"02:24
sbalneavOr both02:24
shishirwill try that02:25
sbalneavhas some other boot options you could try.02:26
shishirI tried installing with Ubuntu with Alternate CD, it failed installing Ubuntu02:27
shishirthought may be some hard disk problems and so trying xubuntu live CD02:27
sbalneavlooks like you need "nodma" option02:29
shishirgreat, I'll try to follow that link ..thanx02:31
shishirhow much RAM do I need02:32
shishirfor this to work02:32
sbalneav128 might be a bit tight02:32
sbalneavbut workable02:32
sbalneav256's good02:32
sbalneavanything more's gravy.02:33
shishirI have 256 but somehow these days it says memory changed and it shows only 16002:33
sbalneavSounds like something whacky in your bios02:33
sbalneavYou haven't allocated 96 megs for video ram, have you?02:34
sbalneavin Bios?02:34
shishiryou think that might also be the problem02:34
sbalneavI'd check it anyway.02:35
shishirhmm.I didn't change anything in bios, it shows only 8MB for video ram I think02:35
sbalneavThat seems reasonable02:35
sbalneavWife's calling me to go for a walk.02:35
sbalneavI'll be AFK for an hour or so.02:35
sbalneavGive that last link a try, and see if you can get it booted, at least.02:35
shishirthanx for your help.I'll try02:35
sbalneavbe back later02:36
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LaserJockhi sbalneav05:26
lnswb sbalneav05:27
sbalneavLooks like the new ltsp-server package has made it to archives.05:28
sbalneavLooks like I'll have to rebuild my chroot :)05:28
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sbalneavMorning RichEd06:11
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emman101anybody know how to connect to mirc.undernet server?06:41
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willvdlhighvoltage, did the guys get back to you about the webserver?01:00
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stgraberArgh, seems like my Tribe-1 Edubuntu CD doesn't want to build the ltsp (stick at 50% for >1 hour ...), let's try a "command line system" install and then install ltsp + desktop01:10
ograstgraber, can you look at console4 where it hangs ?01:11
juliuxstgraber, switch with alt +f4 to the console there is a log file of the installation so you can see why it stops01:11
juliuxshit too slow01:11
ogra(it shouldnt)01:11
ograwrong keyboard ....01:12
stgraber:), IIRC it was about copying files/setting up the tftp server, quickly reinstalling it and will tell you exactly what that's01:12
ograbuilding the client later makes sense btw, since what was built on tribe1 is still the old ltsp ... you'd need to rebuild the chroot anyway01:13
ograbut it still shouldnt hang :)01:14
stgraberyes, I planned to install Tribe-1 and then update + ltsp-build-client but it doesn't really want me to do so it seems :)01:14
=== juliux is burning the tribe1 cd;)
=== stgraber should really buy a faster HDD for its test computer, 15GB isn't that large and it also is so slooow
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emman101i have created a bash program that can multiply thousand bash files and commands in a network in a certain period of time all i need is a php interface for web access01:40
emman101anyone who wants to help me?01:41
stgraberThe installer finally has started building the LTSP chroot, let's see where it gets stuck01:44
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ograits normal that it takes 10-20 min from 50% to 100 with no movement01:48
ograyou should see it working on tty4 though01:49
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stgraberogra: Updating /var/lib/tftpboot directories for chroot: /opt/ltsp/i38601:51
stgraberIIRC that's were it previously got stuck01:51
stgraberI'll wait some more minutes anyway01:51
ograthats just copying the /boot dir from the chroot01:51
stgraberI've a copy of "ps aux" and the syslog, do you want anything else ?01:53
stgraberogra: ^ (10 minutes it's "updating /var/lib/tftpboot")01:58
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ograno, thats enough, can yu file a bug and attach it ?02:04
juliuxogra, why is the tribe1 iso calle gutsy-server-i386.iso ? isnt there an edubuntu missing?02:08
ograits in the edubuntu dir, isnt it ? :)02:09
stgraberjuliux: distribution is in the iso file name02:09
stgraberogra: Is that a ltsp-server bug ?02:10
ograstgraber, ltsp02:10
juliuxogra, but not on my local harddisk;)02:10
juliuxand the ubuntu-server iso has the same name so if i have downloaded booth i cannt see the difference02:11
stgraberogra: bug 12154702:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121547 in ltsp "[Gutsy]  LTSP chroot building process hangs at 50%" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12154702:14
stgraberno problem, let's install the command line system now :)02:15
ograstgraber, oh02:28
ograstgraber, you are using updates during install ...02:29
ograthat means its building the squashfs image after copying the tftp stuff02:29
ograso thats normal02:29
stgraberhmm, I didn't do anything but following the usual steps :)02:29
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stgraberso that's because debian-installer automatically does the updates02:29
ograi see /usr/sbin/ltsp-update-image running02:30
ograbut not mksquashfs02:30
ograthere is no code in the installer yet to handle ltsp-update-image02:31
ograso you wont see any output02:32
stgraberhmm, what's strange is why did the installer get the new package ?02:32
stgraberdid they turn auto-updates on ?02:32
ograwell, it usually asks you02:32
ograif you would do a non networked install you would get plain tribe1 but this way you get updates02:33
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`6ogis there anythign talking about the new not-primary stuff targeted to edubuntu, and whwat sort of timeline would be attached?02:37
ograjsgotangco, congrats !02:40
ograjsgotangco, new job ... or did linkedin lie02:41
jsgotangcoahh yes02:41
jsgotangcoheh i actually am getting bored being unemployed for a month02:42
jsgotangcobut yeah i got a new job02:42
jsgotangcowe work in maven and hadoop02:42
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willvdlhighvoltage, ping03:06
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cottimais the thin client manager available for other distros?03:28
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ogracottima, nope03:34
ogranot afaik03:34
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cottimaoh, well.  I guess for now I will use the debian install, then recompile edubuntu to work on cpqarray scsi.03:35
sbalneavMorning all03:36
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stgraberogra: isn't : aptitude install edubuntu-desktop edubuntu-server && ltsp-build-client supposed to install the Edubuntu server ?04:05
stgraberI can boot a thin client, it gets the IP, then load the initrd & stuff using tftp04:05
stgraberI see the Edubuntu logo but a second after I've a shell04:06
stgraberand 4 mount error on tty104:06
ograthats bad04:06
stgraberTarget filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init it says ...04:06
ogracat /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ltsp04:07
ogradoes yours show the same ?04:07
RichEdogra: chatting to anestis in #edulinux ... if you want to join us or observe (optional)04:07
stgraberI also have a : nbdrootd : connect from in the server's syslog04:08
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ograstgraber, weird04:09
ograthe ip is your client ?04:09
ograso apparenly the initramfs tries to connect04:10
ogracan you type mount in the chell ?04:10
ograand see if there is /rofs or /cow in it ?04:10
stgraberI've : /sys, /proc, /dev, /cow, /root and /root/cow mounted04:11
stgrabermount: Mounting /rofs on /root/rofs failed: invalid argument (on tty1)04:11
ograseems like a bug in the ltsp-nbd script ...04:15
ogracan you check the PXE config ?04:18
ograit should have NBDPORT in the kernel commandline04:19
ograogra@laptop:~/devel/scotts-gutsy$ cat /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default04:19
ograDEFAULT vmlinuz ro initrd=initrd.img quiet splash NBDPORT=200004:19
ograand that port must match the setting in /etc/inetd.conf04:19
ografor nbdrootd04:19
ograalso check if the image is word readble in /opt/ltsp/images04:20
stgraberI don't have any NBDPORT in pxelinux.cfg/default ...04:20
ograwell, it falls back to 2000 if its not set04:20
ograwhat does your inetd,conf say ?04:21
stgrabernbdrootd on :200004:21
ogracheck the image04:21
ograogra@laptop:~/devel/scotts-gutsy$ ls -l /opt/ltsp/images/04:22
ograinsgesamt 14321204:22
ogra-rwxr--r-- 1 root root 146501632 2007-06-21 15:57 i386.img04:22
stgraberI'm rebuilding it (just in case)04:22
stgraberworld readable here as well04:22
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stgraberisn't : nbd-client 2000 /dev/nbd0 supposed to be correct ?04:24
stgraberok, weird : It returns : Negocation:04:25
stgraberthen the prompt04:25
stgraberand on the server I see the : connect from
stgraberbut mounting the squashfs -> No such device04:26
stgraber(I got the commands from /scripts/ltsp-nbd)04:26
ograi have to check myself ....04:27
ograsbalneav seemed to have the same prob last night04:27
stgraberis nbd-client supposed to launch some sort of daemon ?04:28
ograit should only create the device and background itself04:29
ogrado you have /dev/nbd0 ?04:32
ograand is a nbd-client process running ?04:32
stgraberI have /dev/nbd0 (in fact I've nbd0->nbd15) but no nbd-client process running04:33
ograok, so we're sure its the nbd connection04:33
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juliuxogra, tribe1 didnt reboot after finishing the installtion05:02
ograif you force it, does it work after boot ?05:02
juliuxit ejects the cd but didnt reboot05:02
ograacpi glitch it seems05:02
juliuxthe last row i see on the screen is sd 0:0:0:0: [sda]  Syncrhonizign SCSI cache05:03
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juliuxogra, strg+alt+del is also not working;)05:04
ograjust powercycle it05:05
ograits either uspash osr something low level05:05
ogranothing w eneed to care about now :)05:07
ograubuntu stuff05:07
juliuxi will install all the updates05:10
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RichEdogra: can you join a phone chat05:18
juliuxogra, should i remove the old chroot or just run ltsp-build-client again?05:32
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ograjuliux, yes05:46
juliuxogra, yes for an or question is not an answer;)05:46
ograyes to the latter05:47
juliuxi have the answer allready because ltsp-build-client said pls remove the old one befor running ltsp-build-client again05:47
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Ind[y] The whole thing with the Keyring Manager is just nonsense and should immediately be removed!05:56
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sbalneavThere's a man who's got a beef06:02
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxogra, that is my dhcpd.conf http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/11966/ and ps aux said there i also a dhcp3-server running but i didnt get an ip address on the client, any hints?06:10
sbalneavogra: Just got ldmgtkgreet listening to stdin, and am able to set a message area with a message :) :) :)06:20
sbalneavBetter logins, here we come!06:21
juliuxogra, any ideas about the dhcp-server?06:21
sbalneavYesterday, I couldn't even spell "gtk/glib programmer" and today I are one. :)06:21
sbalneavjuliux: where's your dhcpd.conf?  In /etc/ltsp?06:22
juliuxsbalneav, yes06:23
sbalneavjuliux: check in /var/log/daemon.log.  Is the dhcpd server seeing the requests?06:23
juliuxsbalneav, now the gutsy computer hangs up;)06:24
sbalneavWell, it is beta, you know :)06:24
juliuxsbalneav, sure06:26
juliuxi have an extra computer for gutsy06:26
juliuxso  i have no problems with reinstalling and crashing systems06:26
sbalneavCheck in the log file when you have it back up06:27
juliuxi think it is not beta it is a prealpha06:29
juliuxsbalneav, i think there is something realy brocken06:30
ograltsp is beta :)06:30
juliuxogra, but not networkmanager06:30
ograwell ...06:31
sbalneavAh, I've been having some problems with NM the last few days.06:31
ograi think the NM maintainers would tell you its past beta :)06:31
juliuxthe first thing i did on my home computer was removing networkmanager06:31
ograjuliux, http://www.wdr.de/themen/_config_/kurznach/index.jhtml?tid=138870906:31
sbalneavI have to ifdown  and ifup to get my static interface to wake up06:32
ograthats my landlord from my last house ...06:32
=== ogra is still shocked
juliuxogra, upps06:32
sbalneavFor those of us not German, what does that say? :)06:32
ograthey found him with cut throat today for people not reading german06:32
juliuxsbalneav, that somebody killed him06:33
ograin frnt of the house06:33
sbalneavOh, bummer06:33
ograwill be on tv in 20min ...06:33
sbalneavWhat does  "Schnittverletzungen" mean?06:33
ogradont want to miss it ...06:33
ograor wouldns caused by cuts06:33
sbalneavStab wounds06:33
juliuxso after a few reboots it is working now06:34
ograjuliux, reboots of the client ?06:35
juliuxogra, no of the server06:35
=== ogra wonders if stgraber's prob might also be NM related
juliuxsudo ltsp-update-sshkeys06:36
juliuxWARNING: /opt/ltsp/./images/etc/ssh not found. skipping...06:36
ograthere shouldnt be an /etc in the images dir :)06:36
juliuxah ok06:36
ograif you run update-sshkeys you need to run ltsp-update-image afterwards now06:36
ograsorry, i havent fod a way to prevent that06:37
=== ogra is off to the TV
juliuxyou are too fast with the ltsp development06:40
juliux/bin/sh: cant access tty: job control turned off06:41
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LaserJockmorning Edu land06:49
juliuxmorning core-dev06:51
=== padsan [n=padsan@] has joined #edubuntu
padsancould anyone tell me the name of the java packages of JRE for edubuntu06:58
padsanI don't seem to have them on my repos06:58
LaserJockleft too soon07:01
=== bdoin [n=coudoin@home.gcompris.net] has joined #edubuntu
stgraberLaserJock: yes, looks like a lot of people expect to have an answer to their question within the next 5 minutes :) (even 3 for him)07:27
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edistarthe installer hangs at 50% building chroot..08:19
ograedistar, gutsy ?08:20
edistarI have installed it previously on the same machine before and it worked, I have changed nothing..08:20
edistarno, feisty08:20
ograhmm, check on console 4 whats going on....08:20
edistarit's already 30 minutes setting up console..08:21
edistarno errors08:21
edistarthe cd is not broken, I ordered it.. and I checked it aswell..08:22
edistarany ideas?08:27
ogranot really, if you dont see any error messages ...08:28
edistarno :(08:28
=== encompass [n=encompas@dsl-hvkgw1-fe6ffa00-119.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #edubuntu
edistarthere isn't a keyboard combination that gets me a step back, is there?08:28
edistarI'll try to install again..08:29
edistarit worked once08:29
ograi havent seen such a behavior ever ... are you sure your HW is proper ?08:29
edistaryes, I am..08:29
edistardebian is running on it08:29
edistarI wanted to add edubuntu as a vm in xen08:30
edistarDomU can be unmodified cause of the virtualization in the cpu08:30
edistarbut I can't even install it08:30
sbalneavSo, you're not installing this ON the box, you're installing it under xen?08:31
edistaron the box.08:31
edistarxen takes the partition later on08:31
edistarbut first the OS is installed in a separate partition as if it were bootable08:32
edistarlike normal08:32
sbalneavWhen the installer's running for the chroot, can you switch to another console?08:33
sbalneavDid you log in and see what it was doing?08:34
edistarI can switch to F4 and it tells me about console-setu08:34
edistarbut that can't take 45 min, can it?08:34
sbalneavOne of them (f2 I think) allows you to hit enter to activate the console08:34
sbalneavthen you can do a ps -ef and see what it's up to.08:34
edistarokey... I restarted the install now, but I'll remember..08:35
edistarwhat kind of console is it actually?08:35
edistarsome kind of busybox?08:35
sbalneavBeleive so08:36
=== ace_suares [n=ace@fupi.suares.an] has joined #edubuntu
edistarbtw: anyone notice any bugs in sabayon yet?08:41
edistarI don't know where I can file them or even look at them?08:41
sbalneavogra: hehhehehehe08:46
sbalneavI've now got a greeter that's controlled by stdin08:47
sbalneavmsg <message text>08:47
sbalneavprompt <prompt text>08:47
sbalneavand quit08:47
ogralang/session ?08:47
sbalneavI'll add those.08:48
ograthats great08:48
sbalneavSo, now, we can script the login session08:48
ograstdin is the right way :)08:48
ograbetter than a socket or so08:48
sbalneavyes indeedy08:48
ograone thing bugs me though ...08:48
ograwe wot be able to make it a stadalone app08:49
sbalneavwhat, the greeter?08:49
ograat least with the socked being open as it is atm08:49
sbalneavNo, I suppose not, but we can't have everything. :)08:50
ogradepends ... we could run it as ldm user ;)08:56
sbalneavThat's possible08:57
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=== Jalex [n=Joe@] has joined #edubuntu
JalexJust installed 7.04 feisty and get this error NFS over TCP not available from
Jalexany thoughts09:44
ograwell, does your nfsd run ?09:45
ogradoes portmap run09:45
Jalexwill check09:46
Jalexboth run09:50
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LaserJockbluekuja: ping?10:20
bluekujaLaserJock, heya10:20
LaserJockbluekuja: I figured out the problem with you debian/rules section10:20
bluekujaLaserJock, you gonna push it?10:22
bluekujaLaserJock, let me knwo when pushed, so I can annunce it on MOTU list ;)10:25
LaserJockbluekuja: how did you turn this into docbook?10:28
bluekujaLaserJock, manually :P10:28
bluekujaoh wait10:29
bluekujaI just written it in xml10:29
bluekujadid *not* transformed it10:29
bluekujainto docbook10:29
LaserJockso you just rewrote it in docbook?10:35
LaserJockbluekuja: it's been committed10:35
bluekujaLaserJock, :)10:35
bluekujagonna announce it now10:35
bluekujathanks again!10:35
LaserJockbluekuja: look it over first before you announce it10:35
LaserJockI might have made a mistake10:35
bluekujaLaserJock, it gets automatically synced to doc.ubuntu.com?10:36
LaserJockI think so, doc.ubuntu.com is generally rebuilt daily10:36
LaserJockunless something gets messed up10:37
bluekujagonna wait that sync10:37
bluekujabefore announcing10:37
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LaserJockmoquist: around?10:46
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