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ubotuNew bug: #121450 in launchpad "no link from maintainer reassign page to maintainer page" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12145012:45
vprintsDoes my karma decrease because of bugs that get solved ?12:52
shawarmavprints: Not directly, no.12:53
vprintsWHY is my karma constantly decreasing then :D12:53
vprintscan't think of any other reason12:54
shawarmavprints: It decreases over time.12:54
shawarmavprints: https://help.launchpad.net/KarmaCalculation12:54
shawarmavprints: "Everybody's Launchpad karma decays slightly over time, to reflect how recent your work has been." (Not from that page)12:54
vprintsBtw, I did search for "karma" term on launcpad search, but it gives no results12:56
vprintssad :)12:56
vprints(it still gives no results)12:56
shawarmaWhich search is that?12:56
shawarmavprints: By the way: Front page -> What's new -> third entry :)12:57
vprintsbut still i'd expect an explanation when i type carma into LP search :)12:58
vprintswell, according to my logic :P12:58
shawarmawhich search?12:59
shawarmaThe box on the front page?12:59
vprintsQuestions and answers for example01:02
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mptGoooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!02:00
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nDuffWhat restrictions are there on projects to be hosted on Launchpad? I've got a Win32-only GUI for OpenVPN (which, unlike the preexisting one, uses the management interface and so is Vista-compatible); I'm wondering, however, if a win32-only project is welcome.03:13
nDuff...also, what exactly is a project's "title"? I've got a descriptive (and admittedly somewhat uncreative) name, and I don't really see anything that makes sense as a separate or additional descriptor -- but it seems to be mandatory.03:15
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bacnDuff: your win32 project is definitely welcome if it is open source.03:21
nDuffbac: so it is; nifty.03:21
bacnDuff: look here for the various project descriptors in context: https://staging.launchpad.net/project-name03:24
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nDuffI suppose the title and display name can match, then.03:24
nDuffhmm. Launchpad offers bzr hosting for the code... but since this is win32-targeted, I really ought to offer binaries too. Do I need my own hosting for that?03:28
nDuff(win32-targeted, and in a fairly obscure language [albeit one with a completely Free toolchain]  to boot)03:28
LaserJockI think recently launchpad as added the ability to host like tarballs03:32
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mptbug 104:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/1 - Assigned to Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl)04:18
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nDuffI grok how to upload code to a private branch... but what do the URLs look like to merge something to the project's primary trunk?04:38
mptthumper, ^^04:40
ubotuNew bug: #121480 in launchpad ""Why register?" text needs polishing" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12148004:40
thumpernDuff: what do you mean by private branch?04:41
nDuffthumper: a branch with ~myusername in the URL.04:42
thumpernDuff: it also depends on wher the project's primary trunk branch is04:42
thumpernDuff: do you have an explicit example?04:42
nDuffthumper: my code is presently at sftp://charles-dyfis@bazaar.launchpad.net/~charles-dyfis/openvpnsocketgui/trunk; however, on the openvpnsocketgui page, the primary trunk (which apparently that *isn't*) shows up as not having anything uploaded.04:43
=== thumper checking it out
nDuffoh, wait.04:45
nDuffI think I just needed to select that branch as part of the "series detail" info for the trunk...04:45
nDuffokay -- that works; my bad.04:46
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mthaddonLaunchpad is going down in 15 mins for a code update. Estimated downtime is approx 30 mins06:36
Hobbseemthaddon: must be time to do some bugwork, then.06:37
mthaddonyep, it's that time again!06:37
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Hobbseemthaddon: GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:51
=== Hobbsee cannot reject stupid bugs coming in, as LP is down!
spivHobbsee: use the email interface, they'll queue until LP is back up :)06:53
Hobbseespiv: i can only read the title...but that's a good idea!06:53
spiv(also using email means you don't have to wait for the slow https pages to load...)06:53
Hobbseespiv: ahhh..  now there's a thought.06:55
Hobbseespiv: but didnt you know that i love standard 20 second launchpad loading times?06:55
spivHobbsee: if you're enjoying them, don't let me interfere! ;)06:56
Hobbseespiv: heh.  where enjoying == has gottne used to, as it beats over a minute to load each page :P06:57
Hobbseenow *that* sucked.06:57
lifelessLeave the light bulb, I enjoy sitting in the dark.06:57
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somerville33How long is the downtown?07:01
Hobbsee[14:36]  <mthaddon> Launchpad is going down in 15 mins for a code update. Estimated downtime is approx 30 mins07:02
somerville33Sadly, it made me lose the edits I was making to a specification : (07:03
Hobbseesomerville33: ahh, you're not in #ubuntu-devel?07:07
somerville33I'm on a live-cd so I'm just using gaim to connect to a few channels.07:08
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mthaddonLaunchpad is back up after code update - total downtime was 26 minutes07:30
jmlmthaddon: sweet07:31
LaserJockmthaddon: is this 1.1.6?07:35
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mthaddonLasrJock: correct07:35
HobbseeLaserJock: works nicely07:39
LaserJockshould be quite a few nifty improvements07:40
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jameshyay for colours in bug listings09:22
somerville32How exciting :)09:29
FujitsuIt is a nice addition.09:30
FujitsuWhat defines release criticality? Being targeted to that release?09:30
HobbseeFujitsu: where?09:30
FujitsuLeft portlet.09:31
HobbseeFujitsu: ah yes, that's just targetted to release09:32
Hobbseei like this bit...09:33
FujitsuWhat's so oohsome?09:33
FujitsuYay for sane permissions!09:34
somerville32Dapper got released with 120 release-critical bugs?09:38
Hobbseethose were added later09:38
Hobbseesomerville32: people have been able to add random tasks for versions09:38
Hobbseeuntil it broke, or something09:39
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ubotuNew bug: #121512 in malone "canTransitionToStatus should also return a reason" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12151210:16
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kompressorlo all, how do i make my team to be a subteam of Ubuntu Translators in launchpad?10:23
kompressorlo ajmitch :)10:23
carloskompressor: either open a ticket on answers.launchpad.net/rosetta or tell me here language and team name10:29
kompressorcarlos will do just now thanx10:29
kompressorcarlos, i sent you an email earlier on the 13th about that ...did you get?10:31
carloshmm, let me check...10:31
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carlosSouthern Sotho?10:32
kompressorcarlos, yes10:32
carlosindeed, I missed it10:32
kompressor:-( well you cant miss it now...10:32
carloskompressor: could you rename your team to ubuntu-l10n-st ?10:33
kompressorcarlos, im on it now...10:34
carloskompressor: the team is set now10:34
kompressorcarlos, thanx the team is renamed now 10:37
kompressorcarlos, another issue is the plurals when i try to do some work10:37
carlosdo you know that information?10:37
kompressori'd probably know if i new exactly what is required ...the message given is not clear to me10:38
kompressorperhaps let me find one for an example10:38
carloskompressor: please, take a look to https://help.launchpad.net/RosettaFAQ#head-168f69f965337a49d0ca9a0c69da7fee29100bd510:38
=== kompressor taking a good look
ubotuNew bug: #121519 in soyuz "sync-source aborts with ForbiddenAttribute" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12151910:45
kompressorcarlos i think i understand...especially with the Polish example here http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_chapter/gettext_10.html#Plural-forms10:49
carloskompressor: you can see other examples on https://translations.launchpad.net/+languages10:49
carloswell, there is only the expression formula per language10:50
carlosbut I guess would help you if you have doubts10:50
kompressorso carlos i would have to describe how plurals are handled in my language..?10:50
ubotuNew bug: #121520 in rosetta "Language pages show merged accounts" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12152010:50
carloskompressor: yeah10:51
carlosif you don't know how to write the formula, describe it to us and we will prepare it for you10:51
kompressorok cool...let me check more on this and get back to you then10:52
carloskompressor: ok10:52
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ubotuNew bug: #121521 in launchpad "Launchpad teams have wikinames but there is no link to edit it" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12152111:05
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kompressorping carlos 12:20
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carloskompressor: pong01:06
kompressorcarlos, i was about to post the information via a question in https://translations.launchpad.net/+languages01:07
kompressorlet me just put it so you'll reply to it..01:07
=== cprov-afk is now known as cprov
carloskompressor: as you wish. Do you have the formula?01:08
kompressorhmm im not sure its the right one ...but according to the examples you sent me to yes01:08
kompressorcarlos, actually im posting a description so you'll prepare it for me01:09
carloskompressor: so01:11
carlosit's '0 faele' and '1 faele' ?01:11
kompressorit would be '0 difaele' 01:11
carlosso you have two different singular forms01:12
carlosis the same with plurals?01:12
kompressoryes 01:12
carlosis it 'difaele' for anything > 1?01:12
kompressornotice the 'di'01:12
carlosso 01:13
kompressorbut carlos 01:13
carlosthe right formula is 01:13
carlosn != 101:13
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kompressorin other cases the di is substituted with 'ma' or 'me'01:13
carlosdepending on the word or the number?01:14
kompressordepending on the word01:14
carlosthat's fine01:14
carloswith tha formula01:14
kompressorlike 1 person = 1 motho01:14
kompressor2 people = 2 batho01:14
carlosyou will get two fields when you are translating a message with plurals01:14
carlosso you will use 'di', 'ma' or 'me' depending on the context 01:15
carloswe don't do that automatically01:15
kompressorand 'ba'01:15
carlosok, and 'ba' :-)01:15
kompressorand lastly 'ho'01:15
kompressorits what we call classes of the language01:15
carlosI see01:16
kompressorthe singulars would be ...mo, le, se, n, bo ,and ho01:16
carloskompressor: I just applied plural forms for Southern Sotho to Launchpad01:16
kompressorcarlos, thanks01:16
kompressorat least ive shared a bit of the language with someone today01:17
kompressorcarlos, going on...are you aware of translations we do at translate.org.za01:18
kompressordo you work together somehow?01:18
carlosI know about translate.org.za01:18
carlosand we have use some of the converting tools provided by that project01:19
carlosalthough we don't share code between launchpad and pootle if that's what you mean01:19
kompressornext i want to change the countries in which Southern Sotho is spoken01:21
kompressorcarlos, the language is also spoke in Lesotho01:21
carlosthat will not be so fast01:21
carlosI don't have yet a direct way to change it01:21
carlosso I need to ask it to our DBA01:21
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kompressorok fine for now then01:22
carlosplease, file a new ticket for that. I have a couple of those requests pending01:22
kompressorok will file one01:22
carlosand I'm planning to do it anytime between today and tomorrow01:22
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shawarmaCan someone explain why I received an e-mail about bug 121292 ? I'm not the reporter, I'm not a member of ubuntu-bugs, kubuntu-members, nor kubuntu-council..01:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121292 in ksudoku "test bug" [Low,Invalid]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12129201:36
=== cprov is now known as cprov-afk
jtvshawarma: usually it's because some team you are a member of is in turn a member of a team that is subscribed.01:39
shawarmajtv: I usually is, but not in this case.01:40
shawarmaUm.. Yes.01:40
shawarmaI seem to be an indirect member of ubuntu-bugs..01:40
shawarmaso... why am I not getting *all* bug mail?01:41
jtvI'm not really at home in this part of launchpad...  is there any pattern you can distinguish in what you do get?01:42
shawarmawell. i've only gotten one unexpected e-mail and that was the one about 121292.01:43
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #launchpad
jtvAgain, I'm on very unfamiliar terroritory here, but could it be that ubuntu-bugs automatically gets subscribed to bugs now (but not before)?01:46
kiko-zzzshawarma, what does your email footer say?01:47
shawarmakiko-zzz: Nothing. "Test bug" and the url.01:47
kiko-zzzshawarma, huh? there's a rationale in every bug footer. 01:48
shawarmakiko-zzz: Well.. I can forward it to you. :)01:48
kiko-zzzshawarma, what does the X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale header say?01:48
kiko-zzzplease forward with full headers01:48
shawarmaOh, didn't know about that one. gimme a sec.01:48
=== neversfelde [n=neversfe@nrbg-4db4400d.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #launchpad
shawarmakiko-zzz: There's no such header.01:49
shawarmakiko-zzz: kiko@canonical.com?01:49
kiko-zzzshawarma, I think this is a piece of very old bugmail. like years old.01:51
shawarmakiko-zzz: It's dated yesterday.01:51
shawarmakiko-zzz: Sent01:51
shawarmaIt *is* 2007, right?01:51
carlosshawarma: are you member of kubuntu-council or kubuntu-members  ?01:52
shawarmaAh... I think I see it now.01:52
shawarmaI just noticed that the bug says it affected samba for which I'm bug contect... but why oh why doesn't it put that in the footer then?01:53
kiko-zzzit does01:53
kiko-zzzsomething's weird01:53
carlosshawarma: are you https://launchpad.net/~shawarma ?01:54
shawarmaMaybe it decided to send me the e-mail and when it finally got around to sending it, the reason for which it wanted to send it was no longer true?01:54
shawarmacarlos: Sure am.01:54
carlosshawarma: you are member of ubuntu-bugs01:54
carlosshawarma: https://launchpad.net/~shawarma/+participation01:54
carlosVia MOTU, Ubuntu Development Team, Ubuntu QA Team.01:54
kiko-zzzcarlos, but ubuntu-bugs has a mailing list contact address.01:54
shawarmacarlos: Yes, but ubuntu-bugs is bug contact for all bugs, right? 01:54
=== allenap [n=allenap@] has joined #launchpad
kiko-zzzso that's not the reason.01:54
carloskiko-zzz: oh, ok01:54
kiko-zzzshawarma, I know what happened. 01:55
kiko-zzzshawarma, this is not regular bugmail -- it's a pseudo-new bug notification.01:55
=== jsk is away: Gone away for now.
shawarmaUm... ok?01:55
=== jsk-away is back.
kiko-zzzI thought we added rationales in that case, but obviously not01:55
FujitsuPseudo-new? As in, a new task?01:56
shawarmakiko-zzz: So it was because of the samba task?01:56
kiko-zzzah I know why01:57
kiko-zzzit's not trivial to construct the rationales in this case01:57
kiko-zzzshawarma, it's possible to do but non-trivial. you can file a bug and let me know about it if you like01:59
shawarmaI'm not sure what to put in it? "In some cases (which I don't know how to define) there's no rationale in the bug mails"?02:00
=== statik [n=emurphy@] has joined #launchpad
shawarmaWould that actually be helpful at all? :)02:00
kiko-zzzshawarma, "Bug subscription notification does not include a rationale"02:01
=== cprov-afk is now known as cprov
ubotuNew bug: #121545 in malone "Bug subscription notification does not include a rationale" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12154502:10
kiko-zzzthanks shawarma 02:11
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MagicFab_mrevell, are this mornings announcements public ?02:18
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@canonical/launchpad/matsubara] has joined #launchpad
kiko-zzzMagicFab_, they went to the fridge didn't they?02:22
MagicFab_kiko-zzz, not seing them there yet02:23
MagicFab_kiko-zzz, tx - will wait for confirmation :) I was waiting for some of the features, particularly answers / language - specific02:24
kiko-zzzand launchpad-users02:24
kiko-zzzand UWN02:24
mrevellMagicFab_: Hi, been at luch, sorry. Yes, the announcements are public. The Fridge announcement should be up soon, subject to the editorial review process.02:25
MagicFab_kiko-zzz, I see lp-users archive has the previous release notes email, not the current one 02:26
MagicFab_mrevell, tx.02:26
kiko-zzzMagicFab_, 1.1.6? it went out earlier today02:26
MagicFab_oups - wait, was looking at the wrong place :) -> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-users/2007-June/001611.html02:27
kiko-zzzcatch you all later!02:28
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seb128hey guys02:36
kiko-zzzhey ho02:36
seb128is the new "Incomplete" supposed to be used instead of Needs Info?02:36
FujitsuIt has just been renamed, so yes.02:37
seb128I expect that will make quite some people not happy02:37
kiko-zzzit's actually an allusion to a bad religion song02:37
seb128but let's try02:37
kiko-zzzseb128, any and all status name changes will make some people unhappy.02:37
seb128it's also a bug rejection status on bugzilla02:37
kiko-zzzthat's why I tried so hard to not let them happen!02:37
kiko-zzzon gnome bugzilla only02:37
seb128yeah, those are the people I deal with though02:38
kiko-zzznote also that our New is Bugzilla's CONFIRMED 02:38
FujitsuThere was also the possibility of wider community discussion, and some warning.02:38
kiko-zzznote also that our New is Bugzilla's UNCONFIRMED02:38
kiko-zzzFujitsu, there was discussion at 3 UDSs02:38
seb128and I would not be surprised if some go "why the heck are you closing my bug because I didn't specifiy the version I'm using"02:38
kiko-zzznot that I'm arguing it couldn't have been better02:38
kiko-zzzbut there was discussion02:38
seb128I think I'll just not use it then ;)02:40
seb128there is enough other status02:40
kiko-zzzseb128, we do plan to automatically expire Incomplete bugs02:40
seb128it really strongly feels like rejecting the bug in my workflow02:40
kiko-zzzseb128, don't get attached to the word02:41
seb128and I expect other GNOME guys will feel the same02:41
kiko-zzzbecause the word is really not that important02:41
seb128well, communication with your userbase is important02:41
kiko-zzzand it's hard to please everybody.02:41
kiko-zzzbetter that you say "okay, we'll make it work"02:41
kiko-zzzthan to say "this is the @@#!@ stupidest change I have ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!"02:41
=== kiko-zzz winks
seb128I didn't come to complain and I didn't say anything bad about the change02:42
seb128it's just unfortunate it uses the same terminology than the GNOME bugzilla to mean something else02:43
=== pochu [n=emilio@29.Red-88-24-187.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
kiko-zzzit's unfortunate, yes. note the New versus UNCONFIRMED issue above. but there are many other differences from bugzilla, and I think it will work out in the end -- nothing irreconcilable02:43
FujitsuIncomplete doesn't sound like it should be a closed state.02:43
kiko-zzznot to me either, Fujitsu 02:44
seb128new against unconfirmed will not bother people02:44
seb128giving their the impression we reject the bug when we ask a question might do02:44
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #launchpad
seb128anyway let's try02:44
seb128if users start complaining "why the heck do you close the bug" I'll send them to you ;)02:45
seb128just curious, what was wrong about "Needs Info"?02:46
kiko-zzzask the people arguing for it at UDS02:46
kiko-zzzI was against the rename02:46
kiko-zzzbut now that it's done I think it's genial <wink>02:46
seb128right ;)02:46
kiko-zzzanyway I have a plane to catch02:47
kiko-zzzI miss you all02:47
kiko-zzzbut will see you shortly02:47
seb128kiko-zzz: see you02:48
seb128kiko-zzz: looks like the "gaim bugs are autoreassigned to pidgin when changing the status" bug is fixed btw, thank for that ;)02:49
kiko-zzzseb128, yeah, that was all allenap's hard work02:49
kiko-zzzI can't take the blame for that at least!!02:49
FujitsuThe bug where it assumes it to be a binary?02:49
FujitsuGood to hear.02:50
ubotuNew bug: #121550 in launchpad "Bug search URLs don't accept empty field.status_upstream parameters anymore" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12155002:50
Hobbseeshawarma: sorry.02:52
Hobbseeshawarma: it was a test bug, and i forgot about the email subscription for the teams.02:52
kiko-zzzHobbsee, file test bugs on staging.launchpad.net please kthxbye02:52
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Hobbseekiko-zzz: no need to tell me i suck, thxbye.02:54
Hobbseei know this.02:54
Hobbseekiko-zzz: but point02:58
Hobbseeanyone want to have a go at me for anything else, while i'm at it?02:58
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MagicFab_gotta run!03:04
shawarmaHobbsee: I'll live :) 03:07
Hobbseeshawarma: oh good.  but will i?03:08
shawarmaHobbsee: You're the one with the scary stick..03:08
Hobbseewhich is probably why no one's come and hounded me about that bug, prior to you.03:08
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shawarmaHobbsee: I think you're right :)03:10
ubotuNew bug: #121555 in rosetta "slovenian translations getting broken by the translation system" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12155503:16
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ubotuNew bug: #121558 in rosetta "TraversalError in translation page" [Critical,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12155803:30
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SteveAWelcome to this week's Launchpad development meeting.  For the next 45 minutes or so, we'll be coordinating about Launchpad development.03:59
SteveAWho is here today?03:59
=== sinzu1 is now known as sinzui
SteveA== Apologies ==04:01
SteveA * BjornT - vacation04:01
SteveA * mpt - sleep (no blockers)04:01
SteveA * Kiko - on a plane to london04:01
SteveA * ddaa - vacation04:01
ubotuNew bug: #121563 in launchpad "Launchpad 'build revision' footer is confusing" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12156304:01
SteveAmwhudson: are you representing the whole launchpad-bzr team ?04:02
SteveA== Agenda ==04:02
SteveA * Roll call04:02
SteveA * Agenda04:02
SteveA * Next meeting04:02
SteveA * Actions from last meeting04:02
SteveA * Oops report (Matsubara)04:02
mwhudsoni guess i am, though i haven't been given nor sought out anything to say by the others04:02
SteveA * Bug report ([wiki:JoeyStanford/topweeklybugs Current Top Items] )04:02
SteveA * Bug tags04:02
SteveA * Operations report (mthaddon)04:02
SteveA * DBA report (stub)04:02
mwhudson(something to go on the bzrlp team meeting agenda)04:03
SteveA * Sysadmin requests ([wiki:JoeyStanford/toprtrequests Current Queue] )04:03
SteveA * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)04:03
SteveA * Launchpad News blog (mrevell)04:03
SteveA * How pre-implementation phone calls are going (barry)04:03
SteveA * Review MiniSpec concept (Joey)04:03
SteveA * Every team should go through their 1.1.6 milestone, verify that the bug is fixed in production, and mark the bug released by 1200 UTC Friday (kiko)04:03
SteveA * (other items)04:03
SteveA * Blockers04:03
SteveAmwhudson: yes.  If this split meeting thing isn't working04:03
SteveAmwhudson: then I'll ask the lp bzr team to attend the main team meeting04:03
SteveANext meeting: same time next week.  Many Launchpad personnel will be in London then.04:03
SteveA Actions from the last meeting04:04
SteveA * stub to poke upstream developers about GIN limitations04:04
stubPoked, no response yet. May need to poke directly rather than via the mailing list.04:04
SteveAstub: does this need to remain on the agenda or not?04:05
stubwhatever :)04:05
ubotuNew bug: #121567 in malone "AttributeError using old bookmarks in person bugs page" [Critical,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12156704:05
ubotuNew bug: #121569 in launchpad-cscvs "svn import sometimes thinks that changes on trunk aren't on its branch" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12156904:05
stubMight as well drop it. There is a bug report we can track stuff if people are interested in the issue.04:05
SteveAI'll take that as a "not"04:05
SteveAwhat's the bug report?04:05
SteveA * Oops report (Matsubara)04:06
matsubaraSteveA: bug 11978004:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119780 in launchpad "GIN indexes cause some slow queries to fail entirely" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/119780 - Assigned to Stuart Bishop (stub)04:06
matsubaraToday's oops report is about bugs 121558, 121550, 12156704:06
SteveAthanks matsubara 04:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121558 in rosetta "TraversalError in translation page" [Critical,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12155804:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121550 in launchpad "Bug search URLs don't accept empty field.status_upstream parameters anymore" [Critical,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12155004:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121567 in malone "AttributeError using old bookmarks in person bugs page" [Critical,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12156704:06
matsubaracarlos: can you take that one (or anyone from the translation team)?04:07
carlosmatsubara: is it due any recent change in production?04:07
carlosdanilos: ?04:07
carlosdanilos: is it related to any of your changes?04:07
danilosmatsubara: it looks like a duplicate of one older bug04:07
carlosmatsubara: sure, we will see who can handle it04:07
matsubaracarlos: seems to be introduced by the rollout04:07
daniloscarlos: isn't this the problem with missing reviewer data? but yes, I'll handle it, assigning to me04:08
matsubaraallenap: you're already taking care of #121567, right? :)04:08
matsubarathanks danilos 04:08
carlosdanilos: maybe04:08
allenapmatsubara: Yep, I've just added a comment.04:08
matsubaraadeuring: and you're handling 121550, right?04:09
matsubaraok, thanks.04:09
matsubaraplease get those fix cherrypicked asap. kiko pre approved them.04:10
SteveAmatsubara: I'd like to mention the shipit bug that affected the order administration pages04:10
matsubarajtv: the translation page still timing out a lot in production. is there anything else missing from 30602?04:10
SteveAmatsubara: I mailed the list + salgado about it this morning04:11
matsubaraSteveA: salgado is on it already, AFAIK04:11
jtvmatsubara: not a lot.  I think it'll take a schema change to solve this04:11
SteveAok.  we need to get that fix, or the workaround, cherrypicked before the next actual real cherrypick04:11
SteveAotherwise my cowboyed workaround will be removed04:11
salgadoSteveA, I'm on it right now04:11
matsubarathanks salgado 04:11
SteveAmaybe note on the LaunchpadProductionStatus page that we should block cherrypicks04:12
matsubarajtv: should I re-open the 30602?04:12
SteveAuntil there's one that deals with the shipit issue04:12
SteveAmthaddon: what do you think?04:12
mthaddonSteveA: that sounds good04:12
jtvmatsubara: I'll take care of it04:12
matsubaraSteveA: roger that. I'll add a note to it.04:12
matsubarathanks jtv 04:13
matsubaraI'm done here SteveA 04:13
SteveAthanks matsubara 04:13
SteveA * Bug report ([wiki:JoeyStanford/topweeklybugs Current Top Items] )04:13
RinchenThanks mthaddon for applying the cron items for bug 6261204:13
ubotuBug 62612 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/62612 is private04:13
Rinchen Only 1 quick item for today. Bug 121363 - BjornT, who is best to take this one?04:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121363 in malone "Order 'most recently closed' on 'Bugtask.id DESC' instead of 'BugTask.id'" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12136304:13
mthaddonwe're at about 80% disk usage on drescher now04:13
mthaddon106GB free04:13
salgadoRinchen, BjornT is on holidays04:13
=== Rinchen looks around and doesn't see Bjorn or kiko
Rinchenright. 04:14
RinchenOk, I'll deal with this on Monday when I see both Bjorn and Kiko04:14
RinchenSteveA, done.04:14
SteveAyou'll be able to see elmo there as well04:14
SteveAso a great time for an in-person meeting04:14
Rinchenyes indeed04:14
SteveA * Bug tags04:15
SteveAno new tags proposed04:15
SteveA * Operations report (mthaddon)04:15
mthaddonMain thing is the rollout04:15
=== Prognatus_ [n=bjorn@2.80-203-143.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
mthaddonMostly went to plan... which is good04:16
=== flacoste is here
mthaddonOther than that, polishing the script monitoring, trying to move things along with the log analysis and a few other minor things04:16
mthaddonone thing I wanted to ask was that nightly.sh got interrupted last night during the update - is this a problem, or do we just let it run tomorrow?04:17
SteveAwe shouldn't skip a nightly cron run because of a rollout04:17
SteveAor if we do need to, it should be announced in advance04:17
SteveAnot accidental04:17
mthaddonso what should we do now?04:17
stubI'm not aware of anything that *has* to run nightly, so leaving it to tomorrow is fine imo04:18
SteveAleave it until tomorrow, but ensure people know that it's been skipped04:18
stubProbably the mirror prober is the most visible thing04:18
mthaddonI sent an email to the list to that effect04:18
SteveAok, and everyone is here too04:18
mthaddonok, that's all from operations04:18
SteveAso that's fine04:18
SteveA * DBA report (stub)04:18
stubEverything is groovy. Nothing to report.04:18
SteveA * Sysadmin requests ([wiki:JoeyStanford/toprtrequests Current Queue] )04:18
SteveAnothing to report, says Rinchen 04:19
SteveA * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)04:19
mrevellThe bug status changes have caused some discussion in the Ubuntu community. 04:19
mrevellHenrik Omma (heno) reports that there has been some resistance to the changes, as people felt that restricting the "triaged" status to bug contacts/project owners could cause a bottle-neck.04:19
SteveAmrevell: any discussion in the upstream community?04:19
mrevellSteveA: Christin Theune from Zope says he likes the new statuses and thinks they make sense.04:19
mrevellIt appears that heno and allenap have been able to reassure those who raised objections.04:19
mrevellhttps://help.launchpad.net/BugStatuses explains what the renamed bug statuses are for, it introduces the two new statuses and their permissions restriction and it explains how we translate Bugzilla statuses to Launchpad statuses in external bug watches.04:19
mrevellThis last point needs further work as it does not cover the custom statuses used by Gnome, OOo, Mozilla and so on. 04:20
mrevellThis will follow but is complicated because we don't have a record of which custom statuses are from which project's Bugzilla.04:20
mrevellThanks SteveA.04:20
mrevellNo further feedback from upstreams yet.04:20
SteveAmaybe this is a document we can keep along with bugwatch bug tracker registrations in launchpad04:20
SteveAI mean, we record the existence and URL for external bugtrackers04:20
SteveAso why not record a status mapping too, that we can explain to people04:21
SteveABjornT, allenap: something for you to consider04:21
mrevellSteveA: Automatically generated?04:21
mrevellThat would be good.04:21
SteveA * Launchpad News blog (mrevell)04:21
mrevellThe Launchpad News blog is ready at last!04:21
mrevellYou can find it at http://news.launchpad.net/04:22
mrevellThe blog will feature news from the team - for example: release details - as well as information on who is using Launchpad and tips on making the most of it.04:22
mrevellThis is our opportunity to show what we're really proud of in Launchpad, to show people how to make better use of it and to explain our motivations. So, when we release a new feature, I'd love to have a blog post from the developers involved. I'll pester each of you for posts over the next few weeks!04:22
mrevellThanks, back to you SteveA04:22
SteveAmrevell: I have some boring administrative questions about it04:22
SteveAwho can add or edit articles?04:22
SteveAwhere do stories appear?  planet ubuntu?  anywhere else?04:23
RinchenCan we get it linked from http://launchpad.net ?04:23
mrevellWe - i.e. me and Chris Jones in sysadmin - have had some difficult with the admin interface in adding new users. However, the intention is that I, Elliot, you, kiko and rinchen have accounts. We can discuss whoever else might need an account04:23
mrevellPosts appear on Planet Ubuntu at present, nowhere else yet. I shall look into appropriate places and welcome suggestions.04:24
mrevellRinchen: I'm going to file a bug, and again welcome suggestions.04:24
SteveAmrevell: so long as the team knows who to go to about it, that's fine04:24
SteveAmrevell: we should have a wiki page explaining what it is, and who can access it04:24
mrevellSteveA: Right, yes, so I'll be the first point of contact.04:24
mrevellSteveA: I'll create that.04:24
statikmrevell: just thinking out loud, I wonder if planets of projects using launchpad might want to syndicate this blog04:24
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@200-138-40-69.ctame705.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveA+1 to Rinchen's proposal to mention it on the launchpad front page04:25
SteveAas a news item04:25
SteveAmaybe we can have its RSS link somewhere too04:25
mrevellstatik: Possibly, good idea, let's talk about it.04:25
SteveAtime to move on04:25
mrevellSteveA: Yes, that would be good. I'll file a bug after the meeting.04:25
SteveAthanks mrevell 04:25
SteveA * How pre-implementation phone calls are going (barry)04:25
stubShouldn't we just replace 'whats new' on the front page with the rdf feed from the blog?04:25
barryPre-implementation phone calls are going well.  Generally positive feedback.  We are no longer asking this question at the non-AU reviewers meeting.  Mission accomplished.  Ok, done.04:25
SteveAthanks barry 04:26
SteveA * Review MiniSpec concept (Joey)04:26
SteveAactually, that was my item04:26
RinchenI wanted to bring up the MiniSpec concept again for this meeting to ensure that everyone knows of it's existence. :-) 04:26
SteveAI just pimped it onto joey :-)04:26
RinchenSteve and I have noticed over the last week that some folks were not aware of it's existence.04:27
SteveAquick poll: please say "I know about mini specs" if that's true, or "wow, tell me more!" if you don't know about them enough to write your own.04:27
SteveAI know about mini specs04:27
mrevellI know about mini specs04:27
danilosI know about mini specs04:27
carlosRinchen: could you refresh our mind with a link to its template?04:27
RinchenI know about mini specs.04:27
stubIt sounds like what I use Malone for, but without the tracking and other features the bug tracker gives us.04:27
jameshI know about mini specs04:27
jtvI know about mini specs04:27
cprovI know about mini specs.04:27
mwhudsoni know about mini specs04:27
barryi know about mini specs04:27
salgadoI know about mini specs04:27
carlosI know about mini specs (but not enough)04:27
statikI know about mini specs04:27
flacostewow, tell me more!04:27
stubwow, tell me more!04:27
matsubarawow, tell me more!04:27
sinzuiWow, tell me more!04:27
carlosRinchen: thanks04:27
mthaddonI know about mini specs04:28
jskI know about mini specs04:28
allenapI know about mini specs04:28
baci  know about mini specs04:28
SteveAmwhudson: please ensure the lpbzr team know about this04:28
mwhudsonSteveA: ok04:28
SteveAthanks everyone04:28
barryi am using them for mailing list project.  they're a great way to split big specs into plannable pieces.  only problem is setting up all the cross-links to blueprints (it's a bit of a pita, but manageable)04:28
SteveAjsk, intellectronica; we should look to being able to write mini specs directly in the spec tracker04:29
SteveAwith privacy if needed04:29
mrevellmini specs in the tracker would rock04:29
SteveAI'd like us to consider the idea of having a spec template04:29
intellectronicaSteveA: that would be awesome04:29
SteveAlike, there are particular sections in a mini spec -- a template04:29
intellectronicado we have a blueprint for that already?04:30
SteveAand it's been designed in a particular way to keep it brief, but ot the point04:30
jskSteveA, intellectronica: we can raise a blueprint04:30
SteveAok, that's all.  if you're in the "wow, tell me more!" camp, please talk with barry and / or Rinchen about mini specs.04:30
SteveAmoving on04:30
SteveA * Every team should go through their 1.1.6 milestone, verify that the bug is fixed in production, and mark the bug released by 1200 UTC Friday (kiko)04:30
SteveAThis is a particular request from kiko in his role as Launchpad release manager04:30
SteveAmwhudson: something else in particular to ensure the whole lpbzr team knows about04:31
SteveAnote that this is about 17 hours away04:31
=== lbm [n=lbm@0x555373ab.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #launchpad
mwhudsonSteveA: i think tim at least must know about this one, he updated a bunch of bugs this morning (my time)04:31
SteveAit's important so that we can effectively plan our next cycle04:31
mwhudsonSteveA: but, sure04:31
SteveARinchen: please mail the list about this too04:31
SteveAany questions on this item?04:32
Rinchenright o04:32
SteveAnext section: blockers, reported by team04:33
SteveAlike three team sentences, but only the "BLOCKED" portion.04:33
SteveAa one line report would look like: Management Team: not blocked.04:34
mwhudsonlaunchpad-bazaar team: not blocked04:34
salgadoFOAF: not blocked04:34
matsubaraTEAM: Infrastructure: not blocked04:34
jskblueprints: not blocked04:34
barryteam mailing lists team: not blocked04:34
allenapbug-tracker team: not blocked.04:34
flacosteAnswer Tracker: not blocked04:34
cprovSoyuz: not blocked 04:34
jtvTranslations: not blocked04:35
statikcommercial: not blocked04:35
SteveAok, I think that's all04:35
SteveAWe have a few more minutes04:35
SteveAso, I'll call for other items04:35
SteveAwith a countdown04:35
SteveAAny other items, observations or issues?04:36
RinchenCongratulations on 1.1.6!04:36
mwhudsonthe importd systems didn't get rolled out yesterday04:36
mwhudsoni thought we decided that they would be rolled out with everything else, so i'm a little puzzled04:36
mthaddonmwhudson: that was an oversight on my part - will be looking at this later with you04:37
SteveAis that going to cause a problem?04:37
mwhudsonno, there's one change i'm waiting on but it's low priority04:37
SteveAthank you everyone04:37
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intellectronicaSteveA: bigjools next to me is having wifi issues. he participated behind my back, knows about mini specs, etc'...04:39
SteveAthanks intellectronica 04:39
SteveAbtw, has everyone met intellectronica yet?04:39
SteveAwelcome to the Launchpad team. 04:39
SteveAintellectronica is tom, who is working on the blueprints tracker with jsk 04:40
=== superm1 is now known as superm1_
jameshintellectronica: welcome to the team04:41
statikintellectronica: welcome! our nicks seem to go together ;)04:41
intellectronicastatik: lol04:42
=== bigjools [n=ed@canonical/launchpad/bigjools] has joined #launchpad
mwhudsonhi intellectronica!04:47
stubRinchen, SteveA: Infrastructure call today?04:50
=== schwuk [n=dave@ubuntu/member/schwuk] has joined #launchpad
Rinchenstub, SteveA, jamesh - might be helpful to talk about 1.1.7 objectives.04:53
Rinchenbeing the taskmaster I am04:54
stubSomeone with a modern Skype client want to start the conf call? I seem to be limited to 5 participants.05:00
ubotuNew bug: #121579 in rosetta "English is displaying in the bar graphs of sourcepackages in series" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12157905:00
ubotuNew bug: #121582 in rosetta "Duplicate msgsets in +translate" [High,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12158205:10
carlosstub: let me start it05:12
carlosalthough I don't have my headset here05:12
carlosso maybe you will get some echo05:12
siretartis there a list for foreign bugtrackers malone is able to link to?05:24
carlossiretart: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers05:25
carlosit's linked from https://bugs.launchpad.net/05:25
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cr3can someone clarify the url scheme used on launchpad, specifically what is the deciding factor for using '+' in the path?05:52
flacostecr3: to avoid namespace conflits05:54
mwhudsonapproximately speaking, names without +'s name objects and names with +'s name views on objects05:54
cr3flacoste: so when you have foo/<id> and foo/bar, you'd use foo/+bar in order to distinguish the two assuming <id> cannot start with '+'?05:55
cr3mwhudson: doesn't ~ also name view on objects?05:56
flacostecr3: we use +name for system names05:56
flacostecr3: you are talking about the standard zope3 @@ view namespace prefix05:56
=== mwhudson shuts up and lets flacoste explain
cr3flacoste: it seemed like +name was for action names, like projects/+new05:57
cr3is "new" a system name?05:57
flacostecr3: yes, to distinguish from a projet named "new" for example05:58
cr3flacoste: what if I created a project named "people", wouldn't that conflict with launchpad.net/<project_name>06:00
cr3to be consistent, wouldn't that mean that "people" should be prefixed with "+"06:00
flacostecr3: we have a top-level name blacklist06:01
flacostecr3: and yes, it could be argued that +people would have been the way to go06:01
cr3heh, I can't wait till a new top-level item is added which conflicts with an existing product name :)06:01
cr3"sorry, we can't implement launchpad.net/orphanage because a product by that name already exists"... so, no orphanage for the children :(06:02
cr3ok, I'm being pedantic, but I can appreciate that keeping things simple is also a concern and /people certainly looks better than /+people06:03
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jbaileyIs there an "I know I'm a member of this team, but I really don't give a crap about the bugs, please don't email me" option?06:47
pochuI don't think so.06:48
pochuYou can leave the team though :p06:49
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
jbaileySadly I can't, as some team memberships for me are a work obligation (obDisclosure: I work for Canonical)06:50
pochuMaybe ask the team owner to set up a ML, and don't join it ;)06:52
matsubara-lunchjbailey: currently we don't offer an option to fine grain email notification. You could filter bugmail using the rationale headers: https://help.launchpad.net/LaunchpadMessageRationale06:52
jbaileymatsubara-lunch: Thanks for that.  I'll see if I Can beat gmail into filtering on arbitrary headers.06:53
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claheyHey everybody!07:03
claheyWe use launchpad for translations and we're getting some weird results because of variable names embedded in the strings getting translated and stuff like that.07:04
claheyIs there some way we can leave notes for people about what translations need to not happen?07:05
jtvclahey: you mean variable names in substitutions?07:08
jtvI think that's a matter of communication among translators.07:08
claheyjtv: I mean variable names that are embedded in code.07:15
claheyLike "Appending to $log"07:15
claheyIf they translate $log to $Journal or something, than it will cause an error because that variable doesn't exist.07:15
jtvRight.  Translators must have some idea of when not to touch something.07:16
jtvAnd programmers must be clear too, of course.07:16
claheyAs programmers, how do we make it more clear?07:16
claheyWe're getting translations like that out of the system?07:16
claheyThat last one's not a question.07:16
jtvYou shouldn't really get an error from this, just misleading output07:17
jtvIf a string in a program is significant to the program, it can't be translatedso it shouldn't be marked as translatable.07:19
jtvBut I'm afraid a bit of knowledge about "don't touch words that begin with a single dollar sign" is necessary for translators as well.07:20
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