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budluvaanyone here have compiz fusion installed with gutsy?01:32
budluvaand has anyone compiled packages for gutsy?01:32
gnomefreakbudluva: you want #ubuntu-effects01:32
budluvagnomefreak thanks01:32
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DanaG/usr/lib/games/quake2/quake2.real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_soft.so: undefined symbol: mouse_seteventhandler01:44
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jkimball4Is anyone else experience poor graphics performance on Intel graphics with all updates installed?02:52
jkimball4also is it known that network-manager-openvpn doesn't list any ciphers atm?02:53
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lamalexhas anyone found a fix for gnash crashing X?04:08
=== RAOF hasn't found the *bug* that causes gnash to crash X :)
=== lamalex trying to find the bug reprot
lamalexhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=474596&page=2 is at least a forum post04:10
lamalexI thought he had filed a bug report04:10
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RAOFIt's probably an OpenGL error.  That's been my number 1 cause of stupid crashes :)04:14
lamalexit only occurs with gnash installed viewing flash04:14
lamalexso maybe not a bug in gnash04:15
lamalexbut a conflict between gnash and opengl04:15
lamalexdoesn't gnash use opengl?04:15
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
RAOFYes, gnash uses OpenGL.04:17
RAOFNot a conflict, but perhaps either a bug in the way gnash uses OpenGL, or that gnash exposes a bug in your opengl drivers :)04:17
MugginsMgraphics drivers buggy!? say it ain't so!04:17
lamalex:) possible04:18
RAOFShocking, but occasionally one does find a bug :)04:18
=== lamalex hopes he doesn't have to start fighting with free radeon devs
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alex_mayorgaany ideas on Bug #12111104:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121111 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Gutsy Tribe 1 CD don't load on Dell Inspiron 1501" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12111104:59
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johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, do you get any errors?05:11
johnnybuoytried turning splash off and checking the output?05:11
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, oh, checking on launchpad, nvm05:12
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, do you have a dual-core machine?05:14
johnnybuoythis 1501 is dual-core?05:15
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, can you try editing the kernel boot params to add "clocksource=acpi_pm" ?05:15
=== DeepB [n=Joe@unaffiliated/deepb] has joined #ubuntu+1
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, ?05:17
=== kalpik [n=kalpik@] has joined #ubuntu+1
alex_mayorgasorry, I'm back05:23
alex_mayorgayup, the laptop is dual core, AMD05:23
johnnybuoyah...well, it might help05:23
johnnybuoy2.6.22 kernel sometimes needs this option on dualcore05:24
johnnybuoyeg. fedora705:24
alex_mayorgaby editing boot parameters you mean press F6 and add it to the nosplash and stuff already there?05:24
johnnybuoyso it's worth a try05:24
alex_mayorgagot it, I'll reboot and try05:24
johnnybuoy(I could try, but I don't have a tribe1 iso at hand...05:24
johnnybuoygood luck05:24
johnnybuoycheck back a say if it worked05:25
alex_mayorgawill do05:25
=== alex_mayorga [n=Osito@] has joined #ubuntu+1
alex_mayorgajohnnybuoy, no joy :(05:38
johnnybuoywell, that sucks05:39
alex_mayorgamaybe I tried to much options, added the following: noapic nolapic acpi=off pnpbios=off clocksource=acpi_pm05:39
alex_mayorgafunny enough the same CD works just great on an Inspiron 6400 (Intel based)05:40
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, heh05:40
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, how do you think clocksource=acpi_pm would work with acpi=off ???05:41
=== blenderhead001 [n=blenderh@adsl-068-209-133-121.sip.jax.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
alex_mayorgaout of n00bnes I guess :(05:41
johnnybuoythe other inspiron is dual-core too?05:41
alex_mayorgano it's not05:42
alex_mayorgaso what should be my set of options for my next reboot :)05:42
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== cowbud [n=fuas@] has joined #ubuntu+1
johnnybuoyjust add clocksource=acpi_pm05:47
johnnybuoynothing else05:47
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, ^05:47
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-230-209-186.rd.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== alex_mayorga rebooting
johnnybuoygood luck!06:03
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alex_mayorgajohnnybuoy, just chimming in to repor my lack of success06:13
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, well, sorry then...06:14
johnnybuoyit was worth a try tho...06:14
alex_mayorgawhen I tried your suggestion I just got to the second error on the initial bugger06:14
alex_mayorgayup, feel free to update bug #121111 with any insight you might share06:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121111 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Gutsy Tribe 1 CD don't load on Dell Inspiron 1501" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12111106:15
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, :06:16
johnnybuoy[0.240000]  PCI: Cannot allocate region 7 of bridge 0000:00:05.006:16
johnnybuoy[0.240000]  PCI: Cannot allocate region 8 of bridge 0000:00:05.006:16
johnnybuoythis one?06:16
=== vlowther [n=vlowther@adsl-75-55-115-198.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
johnnybuoyalex_mayorga, well, if you ever try again, this option (the clocksource one) and pci=noacpi might help...06:17
johnnybuoydell should make non-buggy bios06:17
vlowthernon-buggy bios'es?06:18
vlowtherI am sorry, such things do not exist.06:18
alex_mayorgaI actually tried noapic clocksource=acpi_pm also, no joy06:19
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu+1
johnnybuoyvlowther, heh06:19
johnnybuoyvlowther, just as non-buggy software doesn't06:19
alex_mayorgaI've logged the tries on the bugger anyhow, FWIW06:19
alex_mayorgado you think I shall bugg Dell as well?06:19
johnnybuoywell, is this a laptop that is sold with linux?06:20
vlowtheralex_mayorga: what system?06:20
johnnybuoythen yes, as they might want to support gutsy too06:20
alex_mayorgavlowther: Inspiron 150106:20
vlowtherhm - it could be worth a shot.06:21
alex_mayorganot sure if it's an Ubuntu laptop, no such thing exist in MX as we speak06:21
johnnybuoyacpi is broken in design06:21
alex_mayorgaI'll take a look and see if there newer bios available06:21
johnnybuoyapple's pmu is soo much cooler06:21
vlowtheralex_mayorga: you might also want to ping http://lists.us.dell.com/mailman/listinfo/linux-desktops06:22
alex_mayorgavlowther, thanks06:22
alex_mayorgaonce that get's nailed there's Bug #92088 next, love all the fun :)06:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 92088 in bcm43xx-fwcutter "this does not work with dell 1390" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9208806:23
vlowthergah, broadcom wireless06:23
=== vlowther invested in atheros cards a long time ago just to avoid broadcom wireless nics
alex_mayorgaI've got all the ugly components it seems06:24
alex_mayorgawhat should I be looking for an as easy Ubuntu as it gets when I shop for my next system?06:25
Hobbseealex_mayorga: intel stuff06:25
vlowtherIntel 3945, intel graphics06:25
Hobbseealex_mayorga: or something supported by atheros (see website for a list of cards)06:26
HobbseeNOT ATI.06:26
vlowthernvidia is OK, but avoid ATI like the plauge on a laptop06:26
alex_mayorgaso a centrino 2 is it?06:26
=== Hobbsee likes the core and core 2 duos.
vlowthercentrino 2 will probably work fine.06:26
alex_mayorgapoint taken06:26
vlowtheras long as the gpu is not ATI06:26
alex_mayorgaI'd like to put my bucks behind FOSS friendly companies06:27
vlowtheranyone else bitten by Bug #121228?06:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121228 in network-manager "Segfault retrieving passphrase for WiFi network" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12122806:28
alex_mayorgabye for now, bed time :)06:30
=== DanaG sees that HP offers a C2D notebook, 17", with the option of Intel GMA, NVIDIA 8400, or NVIDIA 8600.
DanaGBut... they force you to buy Vista.06:32
DanaGTheir business machines offer FreeDOS, but most have ATI.  :(06:32
alex_mayorgaDanaG, sue them to oblivion for that :D06:33
alex_mayorgawhatever happened to customer choice06:33
johnnybuoywhat is freedos good for anyways?06:35
DanaGOh, another thing that's funny: the big deal with Expresscard vs. Cardbus.06:35
DanaG For a while, HP had both.  Now they have only Expresscard, just like Dell does.06:35
DanaGBut Gateway still has only Cardbus.  Is that a good thing?  It's up to the person who needs it.06:35
johnnybuoyI myself never needed to use any of thos :)06:36
=== DanaG uses a cardbus Audigy.
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unfogonzoism, officially your question is offtopic here but i think nobody will mind if you ask it.07:39
unfogonzoism, just tell them you're running on Ubuntu 7.0407:39
=== manchicken__ [n=manchkn@74-134-94-223.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Hobbseeunfo: that's...definetly not on topic for here.07:40
gonzoismi notice problems in feisty i never had with dapper or edgy07:40
gonzoismload average: 8.30, 4.99, 3.8707:40
Hobbseethis is a quiet chanel - most people are off doing other things07:40
gonzoismdma is off07:40
Hobbseeand we arent running feisty here.07:40
gonzoismi get errors in dmesg about ide0 resets and stuff, and can paste if anyone likes.07:41
gonzoismi get the same errors on a new laptop and a pII box07:42
=== bur[n] e1 [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
unfogonzoism, ok maybe it is off topic here. :( i apologize.07:42
gonzoismthis right now is a p407:42
gonzoismoh. i saw him say that but mis-read it.07:42
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DanaGHeh, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Leap+ahead+%28blue%29?content=5990908:00
DanaG"Leap Ahead".08:00
DanaGThere's also a brown one.08:00
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gonzoismthanks anyways08:09
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HobbseeDanaG: pop quiz.  should i get more ram?08:17
DanaGHow much do you have?08:18
=== DanaG has always been a bit behind.
DanaGHad 256 when 512 was a good reasonable amount.08:19
DanaGHad 512 when 1 gig was a good reasonable amount.08:20
DanaGAnd now I have 1 gig, but don't need to move to 2 gigs even though it'd be better.08:20
=== coNP [n=conp@unaffiliated/conp] has joined #ubuntu+1
DanaGI wish I could have my system reserve a particular swap partition just for s2disk -- then have no normal swap.08:21
HobbseeDanaG: 1.5gb08:21
Hobbseethikning about going up to 2gb08:21
DanaGIf some app, like amarokcollectionscanner, crashes and starts gobbling RAM, which is a better behavior:08:21
DanaGA: Crash when RAM runs out.08:21
DanaGB: Go to swap, and bring the system to a grinding halt as the whole process moves to swap.08:21
DanaGI'd go with A.08:21
DanaGNewegg often has good deals on RAM, though sometimes of less well-known brands.08:22
DanaGFor example, a 1 gig DDR2-667 SODIMM for 38 bucks or so.08:23
=== DanaG will go to bed on the half-hour.
DanaGer, not yet.08:24
HobbseeDanaG: i'm australian08:25
Hobbseeand my amarok is not on crack.08:25
DanaGThat bug was fixed a while ago (t'was a bad-tags issue), but other things sometimes eat RAM.08:25
DanaGTry this for fun: pass `yes` as a parameter to something, when you have a swap larger than your RAM.08:26
DanaGWarning: it brings my system grinding to a near halt.08:26
Hobbseei'll be right08:26
DanaGOr use the /exec plugin in Gaim/Pidgin.08:26
Hobbseei like a working system08:26
=== Hobbsee uses kubuntu
Hobbseethen again....i did manage to shut my machine down somehow by runninga piece of c++ code i wrote08:26
DanaGoops, don't have that one installed.08:27
DanaGOne thing odd in Ubuntu, or at least on my system: going off the end of an array gives me zeroes / NULL, not segfaults.08:27
DanaGI learned that when I moved my code to the solaris system the assignments were designed for.08:27
DanaGNow I just edit over gnome-vfs and compile and run using ssh on that server.08:27
coNPgood morning gibbon fans08:28
Hobbseehiya coNP08:28
DanaGFun to try some time: sudo cat <whatever your swap partition is> > some_file08:28
DanaGand then (if you have enough RAM), view that file in any editor or pager -- the slimmer, the better.08:28
DanaGOr run strings on it, into another file, and look at that file.08:29
=== DanaG is in pacific timezone.
DanaG(11:30:19 PM) ***DanaG is in pacific timezone.08:30
DanaGGood night -- need sleep.08:30
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EnverexOk, that's a bad breakage. NetworkAssistant seems to segfault after logging in on my laptop rendering it kinda useless.11:52
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EnverexAnyone alive yet?03:37
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DanaGhah: http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=4047203:40
Tm_TEnverex: no we are all massmurdered03:40
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EnverexThe last dist-upgrade I did last night broke NetworkManager it seems, it just Segfaults when trying to connect to my wireless network now03:41
gnomefreakEnverex: its known03:41
Enverexbut not fixed?03:41
EnverexWhat's the easiest way to fix it temportarily?03:42
gnomefreakDanaG: join #ubuntu-offtopic if it has nothing to do with gutsy support03:42
=== acuster [n=acuster@AToulouse-256-1-114-91.w90-45.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakEnverex: no it was just found lastnight03:42
EnverexIs there any way to rollback to a previous version of NA though?03:43
gnomefreakEnverex: if apt-cache show network-manager  shows a lower version than you can sudo apt-get install network-manager=version03:43
gnomefreak0.6.5-0ubuntu2 is the broken version isnt it?03:44
=== os2mac [n=jim@114-41-178-69.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakEnverex: if so than you will need to find a deb somewhere03:45
DanaGYou can also dig around on mirrors.03:45
DanaGI seem to remember a mirror somewhere that had older things.... let me look.03:45
EnverexThat's the only one I see. I'm surprised Ubuntu doesn't have multiple versions for issues like this. At least on Gentoo you can just tell it to install a different version :03:45
gnomefreakEnverex: maybe check /var/cache/apt03:45
gnomefreakfor the older .deb03:45
DanaGThey have back to
EnverexIsn't that i686 though?03:47
DanaGOh, I'm not sure.03:48
DanaGI've only ever used 32-bit, since I don't have a 64-bit CPU.03:48
Enverexah, its both03:49
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redheathi everyone04:19
redheatcan someone help me please04:20
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:20
redheatI'm using the new release of ubuntu..04:20
redheatgutsy, and I'm facing04:21
EnverexGutsy isn't released yet...04:21
redheatthis problem of logging in or out of hte system04:21
redheatno, its alpha version is released04:21
ToHellWithGAreleased is a rather ambiguous term04:22
ToHellWithGAthere has been a clumping of files to allow installation04:23
EnverexIt's not released because the final version is the release hence why the versions before it are called RCs (Release Candidates)04:23
HobbseeEnverex: snapshots04:24
HobbseeEnverex: not RC's.04:24
HobbseeEnverex: RC is later.  much later04:24
EnverexHobbsee, Those were what I was referrring to...04:24
Hobbseei figure04:24
Enverex... so why did you just incorrectly "correct" me?04:25
EnverexI said the versions before the final release are called RCs04:25
HobbseeEnverex: but they're not04:26
=== aquo [n=aquo@dslb-088-073-202-012.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
HobbseeEnverex: they're snapshot releases - they're not the RC.04:26
Hobbseether'es only one RC for ubuntu04:26
Hobbseeand the RC is after all the snapshot (tribe) releases04:27
EnverexHobbsee, What, the very last "pre-releases" before the actual release?04:27
aquo I want to customize Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and generate install media with my own package set.04:27
Hobbseeaquo: #ubuntu04:27
aquois there some document that explains the difference between ubuntu and http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/?04:27
HobbseeEnverex: something like that, yeah.04:27
EnverexHobbsee, I'm not talking about Gutsy NOW, I'm talking about immediately before release of the final one04:27
HobbseeEnverex: ahhh, right.04:27
Hobbseehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule outlines it pretty well04:28
Enverexugh, I'm just going to stop talking because no-one makes sense of anything I say04:28
aquoHobbsee: Nobody is reacting on my question.04:28
Hobbseeaquo: we're not running gutsy here.04:28
aquoi am interested in topic like repository management, how packages get into the official distribution and where ubuntu differs from debian.04:28
Hobbseeaquo: you might be looking for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment04:29
Hobbseeer, s/gutsy/feisty/04:29
aquohey, ok.04:29
aquothank you04:29
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Agipit's gutsy alpha?04:37
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kdubois_what are the plans for beryl/comiz integration into gusty?04:58
kdubois_if any :-D04:59
Toma-compiz-fusion mebbeh04:59
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frandavid100hiya guys05:47
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frandavid100when I upgraded my packages a couple days ago, nm-applet was removed and I haven't been able to install it ever since. Is that normal?05:47
frandavid100alright, nevermind, I just tried and it worked05:49
frandavid100sorry to bother!05:49
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Hobbseei thought it was installable now05:49
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aquook, u07:33
aquoi had a look at garminate, can you tell me where i can find documentation for creating an own live-install cd for ubuntu with my own package set?07:34
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GatoLokosince i upgraded to gutsy apport doesn't generate backtraces, is this a new normal behabior or i have something broken?08:22
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Peakerpython2.5 has a build-dep on emacs21 :P08:56
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shirishhi all, I have been having this error09:17
shirishE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:17
shirishE: Couldn't lock list directory..are you root?09:17
shirishI have documented the same here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47617209:18
shirishand some of the responses have been helpful & I am able to use the system without rebooting.09:18
shirishalthough i have got also some more sympton of what might have caused should I report it or not?09:19
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lamalexshirish, are you doing sudo with your apt-get?09:22
johnnybuoyshirish, sudo lsof /var/lib/apt/lists/lock09:23
Peakerwhat's the difference between fuser and lsof?09:23
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wifimonsterwhats the best way for me to install pidgin?09:23
shirishlumalex: johnnybuoy: I was doing sudo aptitude update & sudo aptitude upgrade09:24
lamalexfuser lists the processes using it, lsof just lists what files are open09:24
masqueradewifimonster, sudo apt-get install pidgin09:24
lamalexdon't you need to do &&09:24
shirishlamalex:  johnnybuoy: sorry, lamalex09:24
johnnybuoybut I guess there is a background  process doing an update allready09:24
shirishlamalex: johnnybuoy: anyway there was an error while decompressing one of the packages, a gzip error09:25
lamalexshirish: np :P09:25
wifimonstermasquerade: from where?09:25
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shirishlamalex: johnnybuoy: the .gz error was during update & then doing upgrade, it  gave me the lock error09:26
johnnybuoythe gz error means the repo is borken09:26
shirishlamalex: johnnybuoy: I didn't do the lsof instead I just made a backup of that lock file09:26
shirishjohnnybuoy: lamalex: yup09:26
johnnybuoybackup of a lock file?09:26
lamalexi wasn't going to say anything09:27
shirishsomebody recommended it09:27
johnnybuoywell, that guy should be shot in the head09:27
lamalexshirish: that person doesn't know what they're talking about09:27
wifimonstermasquerade:: I mean what repository09:27
lamalex... I'm not that pissed about it09:27
shirishjohnnybuoy: lamalex: drats, anyway that *tip* worked otherwise whenever something like this happens, I've to reboot & then only the lock is no more.09:28
shirishjohnnybuoy: lamalex: this is the post which the guy had said about just renaming the file to lock.bak which worked http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2869431&postcount=1509:29
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:29
shirishjohnnybuoy: lamalex: can you guys look at the file & see if you guys can find anything09:29
johnnybuoyshirish, just lsof the file, then you get the program that is using the file09:29
johnnybuoyno, this is a lock file09:30
johnnybuoyit means that an other program is using the dpkg database09:30
johnnybuoyso it's a very bad idea to move the file away09:30
wifimonsterwhere can I find a pidgin package09:30
lamalexpidgin is included09:30
lamalexthis is the gutsy support channel or is +1 overflow09:31
=== lamalex looks at topic
johnnybuoyremoving a lockfile is something even a newb should know not to do09:31
lamalexnot going crazy09:31
shirishjohnnybuoy: well, I'm still newbie in lot of things09:32
shirishjohnnybuoy: lamalex: sudo lsof lock.bak09:32
shirish[sudo]  password for shirish:09:32
shirishapt-get 5606 root    5uW  REG   8,17    0 1075198 lock.bak09:32
lamalexahaha then gutsy probably isn't for you09:32
shirishI renamed the file lock to lock.bak09:32
lamalexthat's his backup09:32
johnnybuoyyeah, why do you use gutsy then?09:32
lamalexshirish: is apt still locked?09:33
johnnybuoymove it back and kill that process09:33
shirishlamalex: nope09:33
johnnybuoyno, cause it checks for lock and not lock.back09:33
johnnybuoymove the lockfile back and kill that process09:33
shirish mv lock.bak lock09:33
shirishmv: overwrite `lock', overriding mode 0640?09:33
shirishjohnnybuoy: which process?09:33
johnnybuoyfirst kill all apt processes09:34
johnnybuoyapt-get 5606 root    5uW  REG   8,17    0 1075198 lock.bak09:34
johnnybuoyfor one09:34
=== mirak [n=mirak@m60.net81-64-221.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
johnnybuoyand the other one that's using lock09:34
johnnybuoyand only run ONE apt process at a time09:34
johnnybuoylock-checking isn't implemented for nothing, there is a reason for it09:35
johnnybuoyand if you are a newB, I'd advise you to install feisty09:35
shirish sudo killall apt apt-get aptitude09:35
shirishaptitude: no process killed09:35
shirishjohnnybuoy: As I said before, I can live with breakage, and would like to report when things are not working09:36
johnnybuoyyour choice09:36
johnnybuoybut if you report stuff like this, then you are not helping the community.09:37
lamalexshirish: breakage can often mean a non-functioning system. gutsy is very early in the development cycle09:37
shirishjohnnybuoy: sorry, but that's the reason why I put in the gutsy forum, so some of the experts can diagnoze stuff09:37
shirishlamalex: true09:37
magic_ninjawhats the package for quicktime09:38
johnnybuoyokay, I'm cool, you do whatever you want...09:38
lamalexif you really want to play with gutsy, give it like, 5-10gb of your hard drive09:38
johnnybuoymagic_ninja, libquicktime?09:38
lamalexand put feisty on the rest09:38
lamalexthat way you have a functioning system and a fun development play toy09:38
shirishlamalex: actually, put 2 partitions, one for / & one for /home 80 GB in between them09:38
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lamalexshirish: i don't care how you do it ;)09:39
shirishlamalex: It's ok even if there is no functioning system sometimes as far as I can learn something from it.09:39
shirishlamalex: yup, I know sorry09:39
lamalexhaha =P09:39
shirishthe way I look at it, unless I don't get into probs I wouldn't come to know stuff, even though they might not mean so much at this point in time09:40
shirishbut still doing stuff, one does learn & there is no 2 ways about it.09:40
lamalexno i absolutely agree09:41
lamalexbut to most people a working computer is also needed09:41
=== DanaG dislikes the name "Compiz Fusion".
DanaGI mean, comp is for compositing, but what is "iz"?09:41
lamalexi like coryl09:41
johnnybuoycompositing iz fusion?09:42
johnnybuoycompiz-fun ;)09:42
shirishlamalex: that is also true, once I figure out a good guide how to do so i have 2 different /, / & 2 different /home, home & be able to distinguish between them, I would do that.09:42
shirishone for feisty & one for gutsy each dunno which is the right place for that though.09:43
gnomefreakguys can you please stay on topic09:43
lamalexshirish, you only have 1 / at a time09:44
pwnguinDanaG: i figure its like trapeeze: magical acrobatics of graphics09:44
pwnguinso is there a place that documents how gnome power manager is supposed to work?09:45
johnnybuoydon't even try09:45
shirishlamalex: of course, what I meant was a way that GRUB can know I have 4 partiitions, & associating one with feisty & one with gutsy so I can boot how I want09:45
johnnybuoywhat is the question?09:45
johnnybuoypwnguin, ^09:46
lamalexshirish, that's done automatically09:46
pwnguinjohnnybuoy: the question is how to profile the battery09:46
johnnybuoyexplain that?09:46
pwnguinsince policy actions are disabled until it's been profiled according to the tooltip09:46
pwnguinjohnnybuoy: thats exactly my question :P09:47
johnnybuoypwnguin, okay, i got it09:47
shirishlamalex: ok will try to post this in the forum, the proper way to do it, so I can have both on the same hdd & can co-exist.09:47
johnnybuoyjust turn off automatic suspending etc. when the batt is empty09:47
pwnguini ran the battery out a couple nights ago, need to try it again09:47
johnnybuoyand run the machine on battery09:47
johnnybuoythen gpm will know how long your batt works09:47
pwnguinbut i was wondering if that was actually explained anywhere09:47
johnnybuoythere is a bugreport somewhere...09:48
pwnguinsince it seems to be a new gnome feature09:48
johnnybuoyit desn't really work...09:48
johnnybuoyi did it once09:49
johnnybuoybut after that gpm still showed I onlt had 1:50 of battery time09:49
pwnguini saw a bug about unsetting a variable via gconf09:49
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shirishguys has gnash been taking out of the repository?09:52
shirishshirish@ubuntu:~$ apt-cache search gnash09:53
shirishshirish@ubuntu:~$ apt-cache search mozilla-plugin-gnash09:53
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connhi, I'm noticing a potentially serious issue with Gutsy. I have a laptop, an Inspiron 510m. About 20 minutes from first boot, the laptop heats up considerably; the CPU ranges from 35-50 celcius, but the hard drive's temp always rises to above 50 celcius. That's within normal operating conditions for the drive, but the underside of the casing feels much hotter than it should - and the hottest area is actually the ram compartment...11:04
connI rebooted into XP and the laptop has cooled down considerably, so I think it's a software issue in Gutsy11:04
connI don't remember it happening in Feisty or previous releases, either11:04
johnnybuoystrange, for me linux has always been ice cool compared to windoze11:05
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masqueradeconn, here's an important question, in gutsy, do your fans run?11:10
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greg_ghere is a general ubuntu (maybe any linux distro) question: why if there is a newer version of an application (take liferea for example) is it not available in the repository.  See this bug for reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/liferea/+bug/12159811:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121598 in liferea "Negative amount of unread items" [Low,Incomplete] 11:47
pwnguingreg_g: it's a matter of testing, for one11:48
pwnguinstable release planning allows time for bug fixes11:48
greg_gbut some programs are updated with newer version correct?11:49
greg_g(before the next distro release)11:49
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pwnguinsome? which programs aren't updated with a newer version?11:49
pwnguini think you mean some bugs are fixed in newer releases11:49
greg_gthe program version number11:50
greg_gliferea for example: Ubuntu Feisty has 1.2.10c, but Ubuntu Gutsy (which is still under development) has
greg_gI may have stated it incorrectly, but I that is what I mean, newer versions of a program in the current repo11:51
greg_gand there are bug fixes in 1.2.17 that effect me.. yes, I could install a .deb but does it not help ubuntu to have the latest (stable) version of a program in its distro?11:52
greg_g(granted, the bug is simple and easy, and not critical, just an annoyance)11:52
pwnguinthe thing is that in the general case, backporting brings in new features11:52
pwnguinwhich may break things11:53
greg_gdefine backporting (sorry)11:53
pwnguinbringing a new version of software found in gutsy to feisty11:53
greg_gI've seen the term before, seen the separate repo option for it.. but never really "got it"11:53
pwnguinfor example, if firefox released a new version after the stable was released11:53
pwnguingenerally, the philosophy is that stable releases are version frozen11:54
greg_gright, but that only happens when the next distro release is made?11:54
pwnguinbackports occasionaly happen, but not often11:54
pwnguinfor example bringing in a new firefox could fix bugs but break extensions already installed11:54
pwnguinbut the fact of the matter is that there's only so much developer time in the world11:55
greg_gso it is testing that limits it.  What if there was a package maintainer for such things?11:55
pwnguinthen you'd be using debian ;)11:55
pwnguinin a lot of ways, ubuntu's release system feels targetted for server environments11:56
pwnguinwhere you dont want to discover that the new version of apache changed a config setting11:56
greg_gok, thanks for clearing it up for me11:57
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pwnguini mean, it sounds like you want something slightly different11:58
greg_git had just been a nagging thing in my head for a while(this in general, not in particular to liferea)11:58
pwnguinDebian's system is different11:58
greg_ghow so?11:58
pwnguinthink of packages as streams of data or rivers of programs11:59
pwnguinnew versions arrive in unstable11:59
greg_greally, Ubuntu is my first linux distro I stayed with for more than 1 month (always back to windows for one reason or another, mainly "security blanket")11:59
greg_gahh, ok11:59
pwnguinunstable is the place where the most severe testing occurs12:00
greg_gthat makes sense12:00
pwnguinafter ten days, if nothing  horrible happens12:00
pwnguinit gets dropped into "testing"12:00
pwnguinthese are platforms, similar the difference between feisty and gutsy12:00
pwnguinthe difference is that gutsy is far more prone to break than Debian unstable12:01
greg_gwhy is that? (that kind of doesn't make sense to me)12:01
pwnguingreg_g: because some things are harder than others12:01
pwnguinchanging over the compiler for example12:01
pwnguinusually means changing glibc12:01
pwnguinwhich just about every program uses12:02
pwnguinso for a short while things may not be in a consistant state; i dont know if the mirrors block that or what12:02
greg_gok, I guess it does make sense, with gutsy everything is changing NOW, but with unstable, it is more incremental, does that make sense?12:02
pwnguinthe other thing is that the development version is where new work happens12:03
pwnguinmaybe you're redoing init12:03
pwnguinand so not everything works; you dont want to support people that broke their install12:03
greg_gso maybe Ubuntu should have a in-between platform :)12:03
pwnguinactually, there kind of is12:04
pwnguinit's called -proposed12:04
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pwnguinafter the X.org screwup that coulnd't have possibly worked demonstrated that someone didn't test their upload12:04
pwnguinthey decided to use a short delay system called -proposed12:04
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pwnguini dont know which packages hit that repo when thouhg12:05
gnomefreakguys can you please move this to #ubuntu-offtopic12:05
greg_gsorry gnomefreak12:05
pwnguingnomefreak: I'm not trying to be antagonistic here, but what's the motivation?12:06
gnomefreakpwnguin: please move it to offtopic channel12:06
gnomefreakthat should be enough motivation :)12:06
pwnguini seem to run into this division of attention thing repeatedly =(12:07
greg_gok, so we can stop talking about it pwnguin, is there a specific webpage/item I should look at about -proposed?12:08
pwnguingreg_g: im not sure there is one =/12:11
greg_gyeah, I can't find anything through google or the ubuntu-forums, which is why I asked12:12
pwnguinactually, im on an edgy worstation currently, but check the help section in software sources12:12
pwnguinthat admin gui app12:12
greg_gI'll work on it from here, back to on-topic discussions12:14
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