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kontaishello burgundavia02:14
Burgundaviahey kontais02:14
kontaismoniring sir,02:16
kontaisthis is 8:16 am in china.02:16
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somerville32I've... forgot my svn access information, lol04:15
somerville32Now no one wants to talk to me :P04:19
jjessesorry somerville3204:27
jjessewas in another window, svn access infromation came in an encrypted email04:27
somerville32I've found the e-mail anyhow but I don't have the gpg key here to decrypt it04:27
jjessedecrpyt the email and you will have your syn password04:27
jjesseumm then you need to file a request to get a new password04:27
somerville32I'll just wait until I get my main machine back04:28
jjessesomerville32: i don't remember the password to my gpg key :(04:28
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mptJust when I thought the first Ubuntu release would be immune from misspelling04:43
jjessempt: where is that referenced at?  thats funny04:43
mptubuntu-mobile@ mailing list04:43
mptactually I haven't seen a misspelling for "Breezy" yet04:44
mptbut lots of Fiestys and Gustys04:44
jjessei mispell feisty a lot04:45
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mptI also see a lot of "Ubuntu x.y", where x.0y is an Ubuntu version but x.y is not04:51
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somerville33What happened to the wiki?07:00
somerville33I just lost what I was working on because the authentication database is unavailable.07:01
somerville33Oh, launchpad is offline07:01
somerville33I lost my work on the wiki : (07:03
nixternalsomerville33: that is why I do all of my wiki work in a text editor :)07:08
Burgundavia_somerville33: up again07:24
somerville33Burgundavia_: Already editing again, thanks :] 07:25
somerville33But I'm substantially more tired now, haha07:25
Burgundavia_fell off the peak, did you?07:28
somerville33Does yelp allow launching of applications via a URI in the document?07:34
Burgundavia_I have no idea07:37
Burgundavia_try it07:37
somerville33For the sake of the discussion, if it did not, do you think it would be a good idea to allow it?07:39
Burgundavia_what is the context?07:40
somerville33Actually, I figured it out. Thanks :)07:42
Admiral_Chicagosomerville33: what was that ping about in x-devel?07:43
somerville33It is 2:34am - I don't remember :P07:44
somerville33We're talking about x-d-b today07:44
somerville33*we were07:44
Admiral_Chicagoah yea i saw that07:44
somerville33I updated the x-d-b spec just now07:48
somerville33I've got rid of the initial crud07:48
somerville33And cleaned up the other sections07:48
somerville33I also added some comments to assist in finishing the design and implementation sections07:49
Admiral_Chicagoawesome that'll help us out07:49
Admiral_Chicagodo you think we need a spec in LP?07:49
somerville33There already is one07:50
nixternalrm -rf ~/ubuntu-docs/trunk/xubuntu && svn commit -m "muhahahahah"07:51
Admiral_Chicagogot a link?07:51
somerville33On wiki,  one sec07:51
somerville33Burgundavia, nixternal: Who should be the approver on that spec?07:52
somerville33I have keybuk right now, lol07:52
Admiral_Chicagoi've hopped on to that one07:53
Burgundaviasomerville33: the devil07:53
BurgundaviaI would pass it by one of the main devs07:54
nixternalsomerville33: Xubuntu core-dev I am guessing07:54
Burgundaviaas it will require a new piece of software in main07:54
Burgundaviakeybuk is a good person, actually, nixternal07:54
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LaserJockmdke_: you up?09:04
Burgundaviahey Madpilot09:05
Madpilotevening Burgundavia09:05
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FlannelSo, when you two talk... do you think "brian" and "corey" or do you think mad... and burg...?09:35
mdke_come back LaserJock09:39
mdke_somerville32: yes, it uses whatever technology the rest of Gnome applications do. I think it's a good idea to use it for Xubuntu, if you can09:39
somerville32mdke_: Unfortunately, we can't use yelp for Xubuntu09:41
somerville32So if yelp supports launching of applications via a anchor, then I imagine we'll implement it in our browser as well09:41
mdke_what about that help viewer that wikipedia are using for the offline version?09:42
mdke_apparently it's pretty good, can't remember its name09:43
BurgundaviaI think that is qt09:45
mdke_I didn't get that impression, I've seen it with a Gnome theme and apparently it works on Windows too09:45
somerville32It is certainly something we can look at09:47
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somerville32mdke_: Who should I talk to about svn password reset?09:11
mdke_somerville32: I can request one. What's the reason?09:38
somerville32I don't have the gpg key to decode it anymore, lol09:40
mdke_do you have a new one?09:41
somerville32I can make one09:41
somerville32I'm working off a live-cd until I get my machine back09:41
somerville32Once I get my machine back, I'll have the gpg key09:41
mdke_they won't send you a plain text password09:41
somerville32I know09:41
somerville32But I can create a new gpg key, upload it, and then get them to reset my password09:42
mdke_and it's a bit dodgy practise to create another gpg key just for that... if you'll get your old key back, it might be worth waiting09:42
mdke_I'll ask people to apply your patches without review09:42
mdke_how long til you get your machine back?09:43
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LaserJockmdke_: sorry ;-)09:43
mdke_there you are :)09:43
LaserJockelement sect1: validity error : Element sect1 content does not follow the DTD, expecting blah blah blah09:43
LaserJockI've looked through the offending section09:44
LaserJockthe error has at the end:09:44
LaserJockgot (title para screen para para para para para para para para screen para para para para CDATA para para para para para )09:44
LaserJockI wondered if that CDATA was the problem09:44
mdke_could be09:44
LaserJockthis section has a fair amoutn of code09:44
LaserJockI wondered if $() type things would mess it up09:45
mdke_the whole error would help09:45
mdke_maybe plan around with commenting out sections09:45
mdke_or bits09:45
mdke_that's not a very helpful error :)09:47
mdke_guess it must be the cdata bit - that usually means some text outside a tag instead of inside09:47
LaserJockmdke_: hmm, it's been too long, how do I do a comment in docbook?09:50
LaserJockmdke_: hmm would "'s cause that error?09:55
LaserJockmdke_: nvm, I figured it out. there was a paragraph outside any <para></para>10:15
mdke_LaserJock: that would explain it. Strange docbook conversion though, how was it done?10:27
LaserJockI'm actually not quite sure10:28
LaserJockbtw, has anybody had problems commiting lately to the repo10:28
LaserJockmdke_: actually it was manually converted, I thought he used one of the moin2docbook tools10:35
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mdke_ah, right10:35
mdke_problems like delay?10:35
mdke_jjesse: ssh is fixed now10:35
LaserJockah, it worked now10:35
LaserJockit took forever to upload the commit10:35
jjessemdke_: thanks10:35
mdke_LaserJock: yes, I've had that a lot10:35
mdke_it delays after the file transfer10:35
LaserJockok, so it's not just me10:35
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