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mdke_Burgundavia: hmm? what stuff?09:41
Burgundaviamdke_: huh?09:41
Burgundaviawe are equally confused09:41
mdke_04:49:46 < Burgundavia> be aware09:41
mdke_04:49:56 < Burgundavia> stuff is now sent live straight09:41
Burgundaviaif you create a story, it goes live, not to the queue09:41
mdke_oh dear09:42
mdke_can that be changed?09:42
BurgundaviaI imagine so09:43
mdke_can you post to the mailing list to get that sorted?09:43
Burgundaviawill do09:44
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LaserJockRinchen: pingy08:15
LaserJockheah, I know how to fix the "stories automatically go to front page" bug08:16
RinchenLaserJock, for the life of me I can't find that damn switch08:16
Rinchendon't submit stories? ;-)08:16
Rinchenthat's where it is08:17
Rinchenthanks, I'll set that now08:17
LaserJockno problem08:17
Rinchenhmm I best make the changes to the other content types too08:19
RinchenI'm also going to enable the 25 word minimum for a post08:19
LaserJockI thought the other content types didn't need review08:20
LaserJockat least events didn't08:20
Rinchenevent's I'm leaving published by default08:20
Rinchenand I think I'll leave images alone just because I've never used it and have no idea if it will impact anything08:21
RinchenLaserJock, if you have "time" :-) ....08:22
Rinchendo you want to go through and audit the unpublished queue and see if we can toss things...like 2005 stuff from jdub? ;-)08:22
Rinchenexcept maybe the ubuntu notebooks item, nothing stands out at me as worth keeping08:23
mdke_ah, I was wondering who "jordie" was09:39
mdke_you were looking for me earlier?09:39
mdke_I saw just after you left09:40
mdke_LaserJock ^09:41
LaserJockI had a doc problem09:41
LaserJockI can't seem to get a chapter for the packaging guide to validate09:42
LaserJockit was contributed by someone and it's from a wiki-to-docbook conversion09:42
mdke_error msg?09:42
LaserJockit loads fine in yelp09:42
mdke_(you're not in #-doc)09:42
LaserJockhmm, is it just me or does Fridge look weird10:01
Rinchenspeak to nixternal about weird ;-)10:07
Rinchenspeak to me about "not working" :-)10:07
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LaserJockhi Burgundavia10:42
Burgundaviahey LaserJock10:42
BurgundaviaLaserJock: ping re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/80911:00
Burgundaviayou are also not in -motu11:00
LaserJockBurgundavia: because I'm avoiding people like you ;-)11:07
LaserJockso what do you think?11:08
LaserJockI was just going through my MOTU bug list today and saw 80911:08
nixternalthe fridge looks "off"11:13
nixternalLaserJock: I told you about that moin-to-wiki stuff..there is no longer a developer/maintainer for it anymore11:13
nixternaland the code is fairly evil looking11:13
nixternalwhile you are bumming around, there is an application sitting somewhere that could use your pimpage ;p11:14
Burgundavianixternal: talking about the moin to docbook stuff?11:14
LaserJocknixternal: what?11:14
nixternalBurgundavia: yes11:14
nixternalLaserJock: motu-cc11:14
LaserJockholy smokes!11:16
nixternalyes, holy smokes is right...our ac at school seems to not work in the lab11:17

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