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leonelhow can we  get  sun-java6 u1  in ubuntu ?07:03
leonelthere's a ugly bug in sun-java607:03
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man-dileonel: get SUN finally provide us with the DLJ builds of 6u108:31
man-dileonel: they are busy with openjdk currenly08:31
leonelman-di: they did  already 08:31
leonelman-di: https://jdk-distros.dev.java.net/developer.html08:32
leonelthere's for  sun java 6 u108:32
man-diaah, thats new, then doko and tmarble are working on it at Debconf08:32
man-dileonel: its on their TODO08:33
leonelman-di:  great 08:33
leonelman-di: can I build  the package for myself in the time they release ?08:34
leonelman-di:  or can I do something ? 08:34
man-dibest to ask doko on this08:38
man-diI havent looked so deeply into sun-java6 so far08:38
man-diI currently package icedtea08:38
man-dias known as openjdk08:39
man-dias known as Java 708:39
dokoyes, needs to be updated08:42
leoneldoko: can I help ?08:46
dokoleonel: sure, if you want. prepare a package so that I can review it.08:50
leoneldoko: taking  the  sh from   https://jdk-distros.dev.java.net/developer.html08:50
leoneldoko: I mean  will be a new package not an update for the current package ?08:51
leoneldoko: so nobody is working on it ?08:51
man-dileonel: it should be an updated of the existing packahe08:51
leonelman-di: ok 08:52
leonelman-di:  the procedure is the same  as any other package  ?08:55
leoneli mean   dpatch-edit-patch  08:55
leoneland send the  debdiff ?08:55
man-dileonel: you will surely need to create a new orig tar.gz08:59
dokoleonel: look at the existing package, and you will find out =)09:00
leonelthat's what i'm looking  and  there's a  change  from  bin  to sh   in the  java packages to download09:03
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ratpoisonhello, I'm facing this problem12:11

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