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calcBenC: do you know if the realtek ALC268 support is supposed to be in upstream kernel yet? i don't see it in there yet, just on the alsa git repo you told me about before04:20
BenCcalc: if you can get the patch and test it, I can include it in our kernel04:25
calcok i'll try to work on that soon04:26
zulBenC: how you add new modules to lum?04:28
zulI mean do you just plop in a new directory update the Makefile and add the Kconfig?04:29
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BenCzul: add the directory and/or source, update Makefile, and update debian/config/*04:36
BenCzul: if applicable, update debian/d-i/ module lists too (for like network and storage controllers04:36
zulokies, i was thinking of adding the xen drivers that xensource ships and some other drivers as well04:37
ensevenHi, I on a Ubuntu system with 2 AMD 64bit CPUs, each dual core, with one 2GB memory section vor each CPU, like the TYAN Thunder h2000M (S3992) board. Which type of kernel do I have to use? And is Ubuntu aware of the two shared memory design of the system?04:44
BenCzul: are these guest drivers?04:49
zulBenC: correct04:49
kylembloody backseat drivers.04:49
BenCenseven: use the Ubuntu 64-bit (amd64, Core2Duo) release04:50
BenCzul: Shouldn't these be built with the xen guest kernel instead?04:50
zulBenC: its seperate in the xen tree 04:50
zulits for the full paravarilized guests04:51
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ensevenBenC: Thanx. Can this release handle the two distinct shared memory sections, that are shared between the two cores on each cpu? Can one process allocate memory from only one or both CPUs? Where can threads of one process run? On the same core, on the same cpu or on either cpu?04:56
BenCenseven: I think you're overcomplicating this :)04:57
BenCenseven: the kernel handles shared mem between cores and memory allocation and threading on cores, and is aware of these things04:58
BenCyou don't have to do anything special04:58
ensevenbenc: that's fine04:59
ensevenbenc: what about the memory a process can allocate and where threads can run?04:59
BenCwhat about it?04:59
BenCprocessed don't decide where they get memory from, they request it, and the kernel allocates it05:00
BenCprocesses even05:00
BenCthe kernel is smart enough to allocate from certain portions of memory based on which cpu a process is running from, for better performance05:00
BenCwhich cpu a thread runs on is generally handled by the kernel scheduler, again, not by the process05:01
BenCalthough you can force these things, It's not often you ever need to05:01
ensevenbenc: Ok, so a process can get as much memory is available on both cpus, but gets first what is on the cpu it is running.05:03
BenCenseven: how that all happens is complete black magic, and I wouldn't worry yourself about it too much05:04
ensevenbenc: I just wonder if such a system is performing well for a database server ...05:04
ensevenbenc: ... that has one process for each client and some threads ...05:05
enseven... and if the whole memory can be used with a good performance, not only half of it.05:06
BenCenseven: I'd be more worried about the disk IO than the threading and memory allocation05:06
BenCenseven: of course the whole memory can be used...that's why they have things like MMU's05:06
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ensevenbenc: disk IO is planed to be done by a dual 4G Fibre-Channel link to a RAID system with 16 FC-Disks. 05:08
BenConly thing to do is install it and benchmark it then :)05:09
ensevenbenc: Ok. I am very looking forward to that. :-)05:10
ensevenbenc: thanks again.05:10
BenCenseven: np05:12
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calci think i found the one thing more insane to build than OOo... the default ubuntu kernel package07:45
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zulyep should have tried it breezy07:46
calci think its going to have taken ~ 3hr or so to build07:47
zulour you building everything?07:47
calci was doing a test build, probably could have done something special to not have it build so much, lol07:47
johanbrcrimsun: Hi. A few weeks ago, I told you I'd look into the bluetooth headset pairing problems I had and I've now done so. Do you have a few minutes?07:48
calci need to verify a sound patch works with the ubuntu kernel07:48
calcreal    179m7.724s07:48
calcuser    143m47.179s07:48
calcsys     13m10.349s07:48
calci can see why benc wants to drop bigiron now07:51
calcand 9GB of diskspace to build07:52
BenCcalc: fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic07:53
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calcah :)07:54
HawkeVany developer types about?07:54
calcgoing much faster now ;) esp with ccache primed07:56
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calcbinary-generic 17m4s  not too bad08:13
calc< 10% of original build time :)08:13
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calcBenC: the fix from alsa git isn't enough apparently11:15
calci'm going to try using a diff from realtek's alsa version and see how it does11:15
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calcrealtek's driver no longer has 268 support11:23
calcok i guess they removed their 268 since alsa added partial 268 support11:25
calcapparently the alsa 268 support isn't complete i get the full mixer (i think) but no sound11:26
BenCcalc: have you tried something like model=3stack for snd-hda-intel module?12:10
BenCcalc: is this hda?12:10
calcyea its hda12:11
calci'm pretty sure i tried 3stack also12:11
=== calc checks history
calcyep tried 3stack as well as auto12:12
calcit looks to setup the mixer right or close to right12:12

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