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VorianBurgundavia, any idea when the next CC meeting will be?03:36
BurgundaviaVorian: we are discussing that right now03:36
Voriankewl :)03:36
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Admiral_Chicagoperhaps bug 121499 is something to look at 07:54
Burgundaviabug #13149907:55
Burgundaviabug #12149907:55
Admiral_Chicagoi think it could be a good idea.07:57
Burgundaviapunted it to Mark07:57
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AnssiPAny references/articles/reviews about the quality of Canonical support? If I buy a $250 dollar support for a year, can Itrust that I can work efficiently in out big corporate MS-Windows environment? What about the non-tech office workers here?10:46
AnssiPI mean, personally my biggest Linux gripes have been integrating to AD and Exchange. (And integrating to Nokia smart phones that we have.)10:47
BurgundaviaAnssiP: hmm, never seen anything either way10:48
Burgundaviahaving met the canonical support guys, I would say the level is pretty high10:49
Burgundaviaas for AD support. that is actually pretty easy10:49
AnssiPWell, that's good to know. If they are not too busy.10:49
Burgundaviaare you thinking of more than 1 desktiop?10:49
AnssiPWell, I am thinking of starting with myself, then promoting that to others.10:50
BurgundaviaI would look for a local providor10:50
AnssiPI don't see how calling/mailing a local is any better that Canonical headquarters...10:51
BurgundaviaCanonical global support HQ is in Montreal, QC, Canada10:51
AnssiPI know some Finnish Linux support companies, but I really don't see why I should go local.10:51
Burgundaviatimezones are going to kill you10:51
AnssiPyeah, that might be a problem...10:52
Burgundaviaplus local people speak Finnish10:52
AnssiPWell, we are a bi-lingual company...10:53
Burgundavianot saying don't go with Canonical, just saying you are likely to get better support from a local provider, given the number of computers you have, the timezone and the language one10:53
AnssiPI see, you have a point, especially with Canada vs. Finland timezones.10:54
BurgundaviaI know Canonical does 24/7 support10:55
Burgundaviaie: you wouild get support in your local timezone10:55
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AnssiP24/7 cost more...10:57
=== jenda pokes juliux
juliuxjenda, autsch11:06
jendajuliux: how was the trip to the customs?11:06
juliuxjenda, well takes only 30min11:06
jendaand...? ;)11:06
juliuxi get on mcmurry11:07
jendathat's 9 altogether, correct?11:07
juliuxand i know why this sending goes to the custom11:07
juliuxthe book was in a big bag11:07
juliuxand there was only a badge with my name an nothing about the content11:07
jendadid you have to pay any customs?11:07
jendaBah, the senders are obviously stupid ;)11:08
juliuxbut inside the bag was the book well packe with all informations on it which the custom needs11:08
juliuxso if they send it with out the bag there were no problem11:08
jendaWhen you don't know your business, it's time to switch lines of work - they should consider construction or a janitor job ;)11:08
juliuxbut i dont understand why they send 8 books with out a bag and 4 books with a bag11:08
jendadifferent vendors11:08
juliuxno i dont had to pay any customs11:09
juliuxjenda, the badge on the books is always the same11:09
jendaWhenever I send anything outside the EU, I attach a customs notice :/11:09
jendabah, don't worry about the other 3 book11:10
jendaIf I don't come on the 29th, it's probably because my biechemical friend killed me, but hey, that happens ;)11:10
jendaI gotta go get beuno's ticket.11:11
juliuxdid you allready have on?11:11
jendaI'll have to pay the buggers, too, because the tickets are non-transferrable.11:11
jendayes, I have one for myself11:12
jendaI'll have to return mine, buy a return ticket for beuno and a one way ticket for myself.11:12
juliuxso you are coming 100%;)11:12
jendabeuno's coming 100% ;)11:12
jendaI'll have to hitchhike.11:12
jendaI believe there is a 99% chance I'll make it before the evening :D11:13
jendaDo you guys have euro-coin phone booths?11:13
jendaI could call you when I get there.11:13
juliuxwhat is a euro-coin-phone?11:14
jendaI really gotta go fetch the ticket - the reservation will be out in 46 minutes :)11:14
jendaa phone booth that'll take coins11:14
juliuxjenda, ok then go;)11:14
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jenda(we only have phones that take pre-paid cards)11:14
=== jenda gone
juliuxwe also have some for coins11:15
juliuxi hope11:15
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jendajuliux: I hope so too ;)01:20
jendaNot sure if my cell phone can do that kinda thing.01:20
jendawhere's beuno when I need him ;)01:20
juliuxjenda, but dont call me in the middle of the nigth;)01:23
jendajuliux: you think I could get a hitch at 2 AM? ;)01:23
juliuxwhat should i do so early in the morning?01:24
jendaIf I don't get a last-minute ticket on the bus station, I'll put beuno on the bus, and go home, have a good night's sleep, and start the adventure at 9 ;)01:24
jendajuliux: nothing - we'll take care of ourselves till you feel like meeting us :)01:24
juliuxi thought you all ready have a ticke01:24
jendaWell, yes01:24
jendabut I had to transfer that one to beuno.01:25
jendabecuase I can't let beuno hitchhike in an unknown country :)01:25
juliuxhmm but germany is also unknown for him;)01:26
jendawell, he won't have to hitchhike at all - he'll just have to survive from 4 AM to whenever you or I meet him in a foreign city ;)01:27
jendaAnd I think he's capable of doing that.01:27
jendaIf not, I could take him hitchhiking with me, but 2 guys have to wait twice as long for a hitch.01:28
jendano, wrong - 3 times, according to a hitchhiking guide ;)01:28
juliuxi think you can get a breakfest here at 9 am01:29
jendaa single girl: 12 times faster; 2 girls: 6 times faster; 3 girls or 1+1: twice as fast; 2 guys: 3 times slower; 3 guys: never. (compared to a single guy ;))01:30
jendaI won't be there at 901:30
jendaIf I'm lucky, I  could be there at noon.01:31
juliuxok of you get the early bus you can get a breakfast here at 9am;)01:31
jendaoh, the midnight one? Possibly ;)01:32
jendaBut considering the prices in germany, I think I'll be taking a sandwich ;)01:32
jendaI gotta run off again. Have lunch with me ma :)01:33
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mrevellhey - any UWN chaps in here?07:12
Admiral_Chicagomrevell: boredandblogging is one07:12
mrevellthanks Admiral_Chicago07:12
mrevellboredandblogging: I've updated the Launchpad section of the forthcoming UWN.07:13
Admiral_Chicagobeuno is the other fellow, he isn't online now07:13
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Lipe_tsmithe: ping11:27
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