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gnomefreakasac: why did you un mark bug 119038 as a dupe of bug 121352 they are same issue02:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119038 in enigmail "Key management broken after Thunderbird upgrade" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11903802:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121352 in thunderbird "OpenPGP Keymanagement does not work" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12135202:37
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gentione silly and hopefully simple question04:34
gentihow to restore the certificate authorities in thunderbird?04:34
gentiis there a file with all of them? uninstall, reinstall?04:34
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Admiral_Chicago_asac: just saw your message, will have to wait till friday. I'm quite swampped with my own things right now06:49
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hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: did you send the patch for py-lp-bugs' bzr main branch?08:13
Admiral_Chicagoyes, I didn't commit it though08:17
Admiral_Chicagoi sent the first email with a patch for bughelper. the second one is to py-lp-bugs08:18
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: OK, it's that today the state changes has been applied and I didn't see the update in py-lp-bugs :)08:21
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Admiral_Chicagoi have the patch, but i don't know how to apply it or anything08:24
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: If you filed a bug then that's OK, it will be reviewed and when the confirm it just push it08:34
Admiral_Chicagosure, i'll do that now08:35
Admiral_Chicagomy internet is running sooooo slow, its hard to get anything done08:35
=== hjmf is fixing his scripts with the new states
Admiral_Chicagobug 12150108:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121501 in bughelper "bughelper is outdated due to LP update." [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12150108:42
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: ^^08:43
Admiral_Chicagoyea i need to update teh clue files08:43
Admiral_Chicagobug 12150308:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121503 in python-launchpad-bugs "python-launchpad-bugs is outdated due to LP update" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12150308:50
Admiral_Chicagothose two should be fix committed soon08:50
DarkMageZhey, is there a way to do advanced firefox session management? like beable to save and restore sessions? so i can close/save firefox now. run afew hundred sessions and then load up this session?09:03
Admiral_Chicagoafaik, no09:04
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: Is that patch against bzr main? This is how it should look09:04
hjmfnotice the set_status method09:04
Admiral_Chicagolooking not09:05
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: ah i see I missed a whole subroutine09:08
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: maybe you want to show that to thekorn09:08
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: Can you just append a new patch with that part to your bug report. That will be enough I have no problem since I've already fixed it at home for  my scripts09:12
=== hjmf 's afk for a couple of hours
Admiral_Chicagowill do09:14
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: i'll credit you and it looks like bugnumbers may need a patch09:14
Admiral_ChicagoAlexLatchford: good luck on your exams.09:32
asacok states have changed ... but no states have been removed10:39
asacso we don't need to hurry to reinvent the wheel ;)10:39
asacDarkMageZ: there are extensions for sessions like you ask for iirc10:41
DarkMageZi'll have to have a search around the addons area later. thanks.11:05
gnomefreak@schedule new_york12:52
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 21 Jun 14:00: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 16:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 23 Jun 16:00: Ubuntu US LoCo Team | 26 Jun 11:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 08:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 16:00: Xubuntu Developers12:52
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: i tested -trunk a bunch of times in kubuntu and it launches from menu for me, it takes its time but thats due to slow ass pc01:01
gnomefreakasac: that bug that we were testing yesterday, the laptop(slow pc) the site was around 60% CPU01:02
gnomefreakasac: wheree is gnash for feisty (where are you hosting it)01:08
gnomefreak!info gnash feisty01:08
ubotugnash: free Flash movie player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.2-1build1 (feisty), package size 117 kB, installed size 216 kB01:08
gnomefreakasac: what do you think about official backport for gnash? i can ask backports tea and get them source from the repo if its ok with you.01:18
asaci have no idea about how backports work01:27
asacgnomefreak: ^^01:27
asacgnomefreak: people.ubuntu.com/~asac/feisty-gnash/01:27
asacgnomefreak: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/feisty-gnash/01:27
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gnomefreakok as i was saying before i was killed :( http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/gnash-feisty/ is where it is01:37
gnomefreakthats odd :(01:42
gnomefreakanyway asac do you have any objection to moving meeting maybe a week or 2 later?01:42
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gnomefreakhmmm seems power went out :(01:46
asacgnomefreak: dunno ... can't you be here?02:02
asacmaybe hjmf as well ... and maybe Jen02:02
gnomefreakme and you hjmf_ is it afaik02:02
gnomefreakand you have a meeting right afterwards02:02
asacyeah ... but that was the idea ;)02:02
gnomefreakits fine with me if we hold it today just wanted to make sure it was good with you02:03
asachjmf: ari said he has never been maintainer of any mplayer package02:04
asachjmf: where did you get those lines from?02:04
asacgnomefreak: sure02:04
asacwe will never be 100%02:04
asacand people might drop in when they see schedule02:04
hjmfasac> hjmf: ari said he has never been maintainer of any mplayer package02:09
hjmf<asac> hjmf: where did you get those lines from?02:09
hjmfasac: just apt-get source mozilla-mplayer02:09
hjmfasac: that was in debian/control02:09
hjmfasac: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26583/02:09
hjmf@shedule madrid02:10
hjmf@schedule madrid02:10
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Madrid: 21 Jun 20:00: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 22:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 23 Jun 22:00: Ubuntu US LoCo Team | 26 Jun 17:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 22:00: Xubuntu Developers02:10
hjmfI'll be in time for the meeting, though I'ml having a busy day02:11
asacthat wasn't for you02:11
asachjmf: heroic02:12
asachjmf: see you later then02:12
asachjmf: if the maintainer field looks like this now:02:13
asacMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>02:13
asacOriginal-Maintainer: Ari Pollak <ari@debian.org>02:13
asacthen yes02:13
asacXSBC-Original-Maintainer that is of course02:13
hjmfOk I'll look then02:13
hjmfasac: btw, I just fill a bug and that's all? or I do need to tag it some way?02:13
hjmfs/I do/do I02:14
asachjmf: no ... you just file a bug against the source package ... explain that this is a debdiff prepared because of the firefox-addon spec (post link to its blueprints.launchpad.net page)02:14
asacand then you subscribe (not assign) ubuntu-universe-sponsors ... or ubuntu-main-sponsers02:15
hjmfasac: ok02:15
asacpush the urls to me so i can review and ackknowledge ... so if i don't sponsor, someone else wil02:15
asaci willl drop a comment and milestone it for tribe-3 probably02:16
asacstating that this should not be uploaded before tribe-2 is out02:16
asacso we can finish most packages and push them right after tribe-202:16
asacmaybe i won't state that they should wait with upload02:16
asacif it gets in before tribe-2 ... no problem02:16
asacshouldn't do any harm anyway02:17
=== gnomefreak learning how to use prevu
gnomefreakprevu is used to build packages for backports it sets up its own local repo and pbuilder it seems02:19
asacah ... sounds cute02:20
gnomefreakif i had a .dsc than i wouldnt need prevu :(02:23
hjmfasac: ok I'll do it in a minute ;)02:26
gnomefreakthis seems kind of ass backwards IMHO02:26
asacbug 12146102:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121461 in gtkmm2.4 "linking problem on i386 vs amd64" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12146102:32
hjmfasac: 12154902:41
hjmfasac: bug 12154902:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121549 in mplayerplug-in "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec " [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12154902:42
hjmfI'm off, probably till the meeting.02:43
asachjmf: i still don't understand why you have to change maintainer02:43
asacdid you start with most recent upload?02:43
asacin 3.40-5ubuntu1 i see with apt-cache show02:44
hjmfasac: I've download it again right now02:44
asacMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>02:44
asacOriginal-Maintainer: Ari Pollak <ari@debian.org>02:44
hjmfDes:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com feisty/multiverse mplayerplug-in 3.31+main-1ubuntu1 (dsc) [703B] 02:46
hjmfMaintainer: Ari Pollak <ari@debian.org>02:47
hjmfasac: ^02:47
hjmfI'm going to review my /etc/apt/sources, but I thought they are OK02:48
asachjmf: you should do this against feisty version (if they are not identical)02:49
hjmfdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ feisty universe multiverse02:49
hjmfthat's why then!02:49
hjmfasac: fixing02:49
gnomefreakhmmmmm guys i dont show mplayerplug-in in gutsy or feisty02:50
hjmfgnomefreak: mozilla-mplayer is the bin package02:50
gnomefreakasac: your version is gutsy02:51
gnomefreakhjmf: you have right version for feisty02:51
hjmfI'll post another debdiff for the gutsy version02:51
asachmm ... for me the Maintainer field looks identical in apt-cache show ... even in feisty02:52
asacdamn my keyboard is dying :/02:52
gnomefreakthey are the same02:52
gnomefreakMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>02:53
gnomefreakOriginal-Maintainer: Ari Pollak <ari@debian.org>02:53
gnomefreakwhats bad about that?02:53
asacnothing ... its just crazy that hjmf has a source that just has: Maintainer: Ari Pollak <ari@debian.org>02:53
asacbut still the maintainer shows up right in apt-cache02:53
hjmfasac: I don't understand why can that happen?!? :/02:55
hjmfthe sources are updated02:55
gnomefreakhjmf: maybe there is an old dsc on the server?02:56
hjmfthe server is the main one02:56
hjmfasac: gnomefreak I've sent a second debdiff03:00
hjmfI have to go03:00
hjmfI'm really late :/03:00
gnomefreakscrew prevu03:06
gnomefreakway too much work to make it work03:06
asachjmf: i unsubscribed main sponsors and subscribed universe (as mplayer is in universe)03:08
asacactually its in multiverse03:08
bluekujaheya guys05:47
bluekujaasac, gnomefreak , hjmf :)05:48
asachey bluekuja05:59
bluekujaheya! :)05:59
bluekujahow are you alex?05:59
asacfine :)06:07
asachjmf: what was the mozilla bug with your famous fix?06:07
bluekujaasac: which ubuntu version should I use if new debian revision is an NMU06:10
bluekujadebian (2.0.7-1.1)06:10
bluekujacannot use 2.0.7-1.1ubuntu106:11
asacwhy not?06:15
bluekujayeah, I can use it06:15
asacbtw, what is about the debdiff you announce for a few days now ;)06:15
asacok ... so it didn't get lost somewhere06:16
asacthen its fine06:16
bluekuja(for description right?)06:16
bluekujaI have to fix changelog in the debdiff06:16
bluekujafor that revision06:16
bluekujaasac: debdiff for description?06:18
asacbluekuja: i have no idea :) ... you told me multiple times if i can check a debdiff and always said: 'cool will let you know'06:24
asacfor description, just fix it in bzr06:24
asacbluekuja: merge my latest changes to mozillateam branch and fix description. note it to *current* changelog entry in your "section"06:25
bluekujayeah :)06:26
bluekujaasac: I finish something06:26
bluekujaneed to know why with that version06:26
bluekujait doesnt get reported06:26
bluekujaon debdiff06:27
asacmaybe you did waste your "original version" ?06:27
asace.g. by spinning once with your changes, but with same changelog entry06:27
bluekujain fact06:28
bluekujait gets last ubuntu changelog06:28
bluekujaand mine get deleted06:28
asacuff ... finally bzr-builddeb has been updated in gutsy ...yohoo06:29
asaci can build again :) without doing wierd things06:29
asacnot funny ... was a real pita for the last 2 days06:30
asacimo bzr-builddeb should be promoted to main06:30
bluekujait's quite usefull06:30
bluekujaand works well06:31
asacafaik its the suggested way of building packages with bzr06:32
asacbuild packages and bzr are core features of ubuntu devs ... so main ;)06:32
asacbut maybe its just me06:32
bluekujammm...siretart use it too06:32
bluekujahe maintains it06:32
asaclots of ubuntu devs should use it06:32
bluekujawith time06:33
bluekujaeveryone will use it06:33
bluekujaasac: news for libagg?06:35
asacbluekuja: i thought that was already clear ... go!06:35
=== bluekuja should start making its update
asacprepare update and test if gnash build against it :)06:35
asace.g. to latest upstream version06:35
bluekujaif not?06:35
asacthen we have a problem :)06:36
asacbut it should06:36
asacotherwise we have to investigate06:36
bluekujawe loves investigating06:36
bluekujaso ^^06:36
asaci hate to investigate ;)06:37
asacbetter ... just works (TM)06:37
bluekujaasac: do you have upstream link?06:38
asaci was on their site ... latest is 2.5 i th8ink06:39
asace.g. current+=0.106:39
asacbluekuja: should be in copyright file of package06:39
bluekujagonna go there06:39
asacotherwise its a policy bug ;)06:39
asacbluekuja: will you be at mozillateam meeting? ;)06:53
asac@schedule berlin06:53
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 21 Jun 20:00: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 22:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 23 Jun 22:00: Ubuntu US LoCo Team | 26 Jun 17:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 22:00: Xubuntu Developers06:53
bluekujaasac, I start using the existing package06:53
bluekujae.g I dont change files like copyright06:54
bluekujaasac: I change maintainer stuff et all06:55
bluekujaopenoffice team has in fact orphaned it right?06:55
bluekujaasac: should I remove co-maintainers too?06:57
asacwho are co-maintainers?06:58
bluekujaRene Engelhard <rene@debian.org>, Chris Halls <halls@debian.org>06:58
asacopenoffice team doesn't want it anymore ... i guess all Uploaders would be openoffice team members06:58
asacthen probably you can remove all06:58
asacwhile you finish the rest you might wanna send mail asking all but rene (who already confirmed that he doesn't want to do it) if they want to contribute to libagg maintenance in the future06:59
bluekujaasac: package is ready with new upstream version07:02
bluekujanow, I build07:02
bluekujaand test with gnas07:02
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asacbluekuja: you have to respin gnash ... and change to use agg renderer07:07
asacto test07:07
bluekujaexplain this better07:07
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: it works, just very very low07:07
asacyou will figure out07:07
asacbluekuja: tweak rules of gnash to --disable-klash and use renderer=agg07:08
asace.g. --enable-renderer=agg07:08
asacbluekuja: have fun :)07:08
asacout till meeing07:08
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: feel free to commit your patch to py-lp-bugs07:16
Admiral_Chicagoi still need to fix the bughelper one07:16
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: Mozilla Team | 21 Jun 20:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 23 Jun 20:00: Ubuntu US LoCo Team | 26 Jun 15:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 12:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 20:00: Xubuntu Developers07:58
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: June 21 2007, 17:58:52 - Current meeting: Mozilla Team07:58
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: OK07:59
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: it was applied by dholdbach, i saw it.08:04
hjmfah OK08:04
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gnomefreakhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Mozilla/20070621 anyone care to add minutes (parts of meeting to it)?09:34
asachjmf: can you addyourselv to the meeting page?09:38
asacok ... i have to get some rest for a few minutes09:38
asacgnomefreak: if you ping me i will add short decision summary for each point09:42
gnomefreakasac: i did most09:42
asace.g. yeah now saw that09:42
asac... will fill the rest then :)09:42
gnomefreakwhere did you want me to post this forums post?09:42
gnomefreakon the meta bug?09:43
gnomefreakor a separate bug?09:43
asacgnomefreak: what meta bug do you refer to ... bug number>?09:43
gnomefreakasac: its your bug i dont have a number (the meta bug maintainer?09:43
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... thats for MASTER bug maintainer ... which is a dedicated task09:44
hjmfasac: at attending?09:44
bluekujaasac: package is done09:44
gnomefreakso you just want me to add that task to the post for forums?09:44
bluekujanow testing gnash09:44
asacplease post a new bug ... with title like 'on various things to do in mozillateam' :)09:44
asacgnomefreak: ^^09:44
bluekujaasac: where do you want it?09:44
asachjmf: yeah09:44
asacbluekuja: please test first09:44
bluekujayeah, testing09:45
asacif it works ... lets fix gnash as well to use agg renderer ;)09:45
asacbluekuja: build with --disable-klash and --enable-renderer=agg for now09:45
asacbluekuja: see debian/rules09:45
bluekujayeah already done09:45
asacbluekuja: gnash build ?09:45
asacwith the new lib?09:45
bluekujagetting B-D09:45
gnomefreakasac: whats the bug number of the above bug09:46
asacgnomefreak: which bug?09:46
asacthe master bug job?09:46
gnomefreakmaster meta bug maintainer09:46
asacgnomefreak: should be available through mentoring link on mozillateam page ...09:46
asaclets ese09:46
asacok ... off till meeting ... then meeting ... then probably back for another hour or so :)09:48
asacok meeting boots ;)10:01
gnomefreakforums done10:01
gnomefreaksort of10:02
asacplease drop a link here if you posted :)10:16
asacso i can follow discussion ;)10:16
gnomefreakwhen i see pricechaild i have him move it and sticky it10:19
gnomefreakok im off for a while i have to get some running around done before dinner10:20
asacbug 11907510:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119075 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "Root password policy for mysql" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11907510:35
bluekujaasac: goodnight10:41
bluekujasee you tomorrow10:41
bluekujaso we can finish10:41
asacbluekuja: night ... did it work?10:41
bluekujaasac: I got a dep problem10:42
bluekujain pbuilder10:42
bluekujae.g need to update all10:42
bluekujaand now cant do it10:42
bluekujacoz I really need to sleep10:42
asacyeah ... you need to update build-depends in gnash i guess10:42
asacbluekuja: sleep well10:42
bluekujaasac: thanks! you too!10:42
bluekujacu tomorrow10:43
asacok meeting done ... now some phone stuff10:50
asacthen rest i guess :)10:51
asacany forum post yet?11:47
asacgnomefreak: ^^ ?11:47
gnomefreaki gave you link already11:48
asacoh sorry11:48
asacwhat time about?11:48
gnomefreak16:18 <      gnomefreak > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=288873711:48
asace.g. how many hours before?11:48
gnomefreakhour and half ago11:48
asaccool ... looks good11:48
asacgnomefreak: thought you have mozillateam emblem11:49
gnomefreakasac: not yet11:49
gnomefreaki just sent another email11:49
gnomefreaki just sent 2 icons for him to choose from both free licence asaik11:50
asacgnomefreak: how about stickyness? ... or let the entry swim for some time11:50
asacafaik, its read by more people as sticky notes are often overlooked11:50
gnomefreakpricechild is working on that as we speak11:51
asacgnomefreak: rock11:51
gnomefreakasac: let me know what way we want to go with beginners wiki. when you get time11:52
asacgnomefreak: i think its on track ... for now it looks more like the start of a beginners page for bug triage though11:53
asace.g. not much content outside of bug11:53
asacand we definitly should add more paragraphs on our workflow11:53
asacso people understand what is needed to get from mt-needtestcase to mt-needtester state for instance11:53
asacbut better add that content once the state/tag thing is over ... but should not make much11:54
asaca difference for the overall bug workflow we have11:54
asacits just that we move bugs that are ready for processing to triaged instead of in progress11:55
gnomefreaki think the beginner page should be a short intro to everything and links to more in depth how to11:55
asacand then the developer actually working on it will set in progress11:55
asacgnomefreak: right .. but lest first add the content on bugs11:55
gnomefreakasac: right11:55
asacthen add other content and promote it to more top-level place11:55
asace.g. on frontpage or something11:55
asaca simple instruction of a beginner for tags would be worth its weight in gold i guess11:56
=== gnomefreak needs to get up with Admiral_Chicago see if he startted the bug triage page ass i would like to point triagers to this new page
asacin order to make it easy to start triaging11:56
gnomefreakasac: true11:56
asacyes right11:56
asaci think we should have a simple beginners page that gives a high level view on what has to be done for each state/tag combination that are suitable for beginners11:57
asacthen a more detailed paget that comes up with good examples of bugs triaged properly for that state/tag combination ...11:57
asacbut thats just me11:57
asacopen for any suggestions11:57
gnomefreaklets see what Admiral_Chicago has come up with i will help jen with whatever she needs help with and once we have more of a beginners page i will be glad to make the wiki or show her how11:58
asacgnomefreak: actually i think we can attract testers from forum if regularaly call for testing specific preview releases11:59
asace.g. like the one i plan to do right after tribe-211:59
asacbut lets think about it tomorrow11:59
gnomefreaki wanna take what time i have over the weekend if any and look at wikis. but might not beablet o till monday or tuesday11:59
gnomefreaki have to fix well(2 days) and have a birthday sometime this weekend(for myself)12:00
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... anyway, would be great if you could fast track a firefox build for preview archive in case i come up with something usable ;)12:00
asacgnomefreak: birthday? when?12:00
gnomefreakasac: what do you want the build of?12:00
gnomefreakasac: sunday12:00
asaclatest firefox ubuntu-2.0.0.x branch12:00
asacbut i will land more stuff tomorrow12:00
asacfor that build12:00
gnomefreakok this weekend i can set this to build it12:01
gnomefreakwhile im working and upload at night12:01
asacyeah ... i will push orig tarball and amd64 build so you can just grab latest bzr and spin12:01
asacgnomefreak: cool ... i will let you know ;)12:01
asacyou think Community Cafe is a good place to call for testing stuff?12:02
asacor better gutsy?12:02
gnomefreakasac: it will be moved if needed. i didnt put it there sd-pliskin did12:02
gnomefreakand pricechild is working on it12:02
gnomefreakplace and sticky or not12:02
asacgnomefreak: ok12:03
gnomefreakill let you know what happens12:04
asaci think let it swim and if it sacks down too early make it sticky12:04
asac(but thats just me)12:04
asacok off for today ;)12:11
gnomefreakok night12:12

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