Daviey"..make them jump when they.."12:27
superm1Daviey, yes :(12:27
Davieysuperm1: can you use DataDirect?12:27
superm1well zap2it == datadirect12:27
superm1i'm willing to throw a few bucks in12:28
Davieywe have two xmltv providers in the UK.12:28
superm1every few month12:28
superm1if it comes to it12:29
superm1for a commercial offering12:29
DavieyIt seems their major issue is companies using it for profit12:29
Davieyi thought making users register stopped that :(12:29
superm1well its not myth users12:30
superm1from what i've read12:30
superm1it was some others12:30
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: Is the other one apart from RT bleb?12:31
superm1reclusivemonkey, what is iMon?12:31
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: iMon is a set of IR remote products; http://www.soundgraph.com/12:31
Davieyreclusivemonkey: yes12:32
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: Its a shame about ITV :-S I've never had any problems with RT, but its nice to have an alternative.12:32
Davieyprob with ITV?12:32
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: From the website; "ITV listings are now unavailable due to legal reasons. If/when I can arrange with ITV a machine readable, royalty free version of their listings they will return. Sorry for the inconvenience. More information is available in my diary. Piers Roberts has created a petition."12:33
reclusivemonkeyNot that I watch anything on ITV ;-)12:33
Davieythat's awful12:34
Davieymind you; if he was grabbing their html pages it might have caused issue12:35
reclusivemonkeyITV will be very advert driven... I imagine anything which might mean people not visiting their site they won't like...12:36
Davieything is, if you have their listings your more likely to watch their channel and see their ads.12:37
Davieyvery short minded imo12:37
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: True, but I am not entirely surprised ITV don't see the bigger picture.12:39
Davieyi might email them with a sugestion12:39
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rogue780did you all hear the horrible news for those of us in the US?03:04
rogue780superm1, did you hear about this?03:08
superm1rogue780, Yup03:26
superm1its on /.03:26
superm1and someone mentioned it in the channel late last night03:26
superm1well late with respect to my time03:26
rogue780what time zone are you in?03:30
rogue780superm1, can US users use xmltv? what's gonna happen after septermber?03:31
superm1rogue780, CST03:32
superm1rogue780, there is discussions going on03:32
superm1for something to replace zap2it03:32
superm1possibly a pay solution03:32
superm1where you would pay $20-30 /yr03:32
superm1rogue780, you might want to put a vote in here: http://bb.labs.zap2it.com/viewtopic.php?t=129603:33
rogue780how much bandwidth do you suppose a service like that would take?03:35
superm1well I'm thinking it would more work out as a licensing deal03:35
superm1for that same data03:35
superm1TMS provides03:35
superm1is the relevant thread where its all being discussed on the mailing list03:36
rogue780I wonder if 2.244 TB/mo would be enough03:39
superm1well its pretty hard to gauge03:40
superm1because there is no "number" of the people using the product03:40
superm1that has been defined anywhere at least03:40
OpenMedia$20-30 yr is reasonably low, US$5 a month.03:50
OpenMediaI suggested around NZ$5/month for data here and the feedback was quite negative.03:50
OpenMediaQuestion really is how much will it cost to license the data03:51
=== tuxie_fl [n=joe813@165-238.207-68.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tuxie_flhi yall03:56
Davieysuperm1: This is an automated message...04:06
superm1hey Daviey04:06
DavieyYour not expecting me to use seeds for the individual themes?04:07
Davieyjust the meta?04:07
superm1just the meta04:07
superm1well the mythbuntu meta04:07
superm1not the themes meta04:07
superm1the themes meta is a little more manageable04:08
Davieymythtv-themes- extra | community | unoffical should use this new method?04:08
superm1without needing to do seeds04:08
superm1na not necessarily04:08
superm1mythbuntu-standalone and mythbuntu-live need t to though04:08
superm1hi tuxie_fl04:08
Davieyanyway; i'm going back to bed04:08
superm1Daviey, oh okay04:09
Davieycatch you tommorow04:09
superm1OpenMedia, the cost I  read was 12k/mo04:09
superm1to license the whole chunk of data for the country04:09
Davieybtw - the first theme is ready for revu..04:09
superm1put it up04:09
superm1an' illl look her over04:10
Davieyhmm.. my new key isn't sync with revu04:10
superm1OpenMedia, so that works out to needing 7.2e3 people for $20/yr04:10
Davieyi can scp it to pegasys quickly?04:11
superm1yea that will work04:11
Davieywait 104:11
superm1just mkae sure its somewhere i can read04:12
Davieysuperm1: you've got root!04:15
superm1oh right04:15
Daviey  /storage/debian/tar.gz04:15
Daviey  /storage/debian.tar.gz04:15
superm1i'll post what i find with it in a pastebin for you04:15
Davieytop level of package is:   debian/ && blootube-wide.tar.bz204:16
Davieycan you email me?04:16
Davieyi might miss it otherwise04:16
DavieyI won't be back 8-10 hours04:16
Davieyi didn't bother scp'ing the actual theme tho04:17
Davieyjust the debian/ folder04:17
superm1can you actually scp the orig04:17
superm1it would be good04:17
superm1so i can use lintian/linda04:17
superm1or give me al link to the tar.gz u used04:17
superm1for the orig04:17
Davieyi don't have an orig :(04:19
superm1how did you do this then?04:19
Davieyi have blootube-wide.tar.bz204:19
superm1okay i'll work out with you tomrorow then04:19
superm1what needs to be done04:19
superm1get to bed04:19
superm1i'll look over the other stuf04:19
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopI just heard the bad news about zap2it, do we have other options?04:35
superm1not yet tgm4883_laptop04:36
superm1but it doesn't take effect until september04:36
superm1so okay for now04:36
superm1Daviey, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26537/  .  I'll also email you that04:49
superm1rogue780, you here still?04:53
superm1i ran the latest ISO, and it appears to boot fine for me.  only problem appears to be another annoying GLIB bug04:53
superm1not too sure about it though04:53
rogue780superm1, I'm here05:01
superm1rogue780, so you said you had issues upon boot05:01
superm1can you check your cd md5sum download?05:01
superm1to make sure you got the whole thing right05:01
rogue780superm1, any idea what might be causing one of my hauppauge pvr-150 has no audio?05:02
superm1there is a md5sum listed on the site05:02
superm1the card dying?05:02
rogue780I verified the md5sum before I tried running it05:02
rogue780yeah that's what I suspect...but I am trying to avoid dishing out another $6005:02
superm1well hauppauge is really good about RMA's05:02
superm1my old roomate just replaced a pvr-50005:03
superm1that was less than a year old05:03
superm1and broke05:03
tuxie_fli have a 150 and I had to take external cable and connect to pvr out the the soundcad05:03
superm1tuxie_fl, mpeg2 encoding cards shouldnt have an effect if you do that05:03
superm1audio isn't output via the pvr-15005:03
rogue780maybe you had the wintv 401 or something?05:04
tuxie_floops sorry, I gave up on some other card with no audio and bought a 150 and sound is Ok. my mistake05:04
tuxie_flmaybe.  I put the wintv into my windows box and it crashes all the time05:05
superm1rogue780, can you try a different input on it?05:06
rogue780superm1, do you know the difference between hauppage 150  models 274 and 1042?05:06
rogue780not atm. most of our stuff is packed up05:07
superm1Na i dont05:09
superm1ones newer? :)05:09
rogue780well one's cheaper05:09
superm1well dont jump on buying the new one I say05:11
superm1see if hauppauge will do an RMA for you05:11
rogue780I shall05:11
superm1you lose the card for 1.5 weeks and don't pay a dime05:11
rogue780I think I got it less than a year ago05:11
rogue780I wonder if I need the receipt05:13
superm1don't think so05:13
superm1because they can determine by serial number05:13
superm1the man. date05:13
rogue780sweet. well I've gotta go to bed now so, toodle-oo05:15
Xenocidehow you doing superm105:16
superm1eh.  been better.05:16
superm1bunch of things just aren't falling into place this evening as nicely as I had hoped05:17
Xenocideno good05:34
Xenocidemy laptop touch pad broke05:34
Xenocidewhen i left click the button gets stuck, i need super glue to find it but ofcourse i can't find the super glue05:35
Xenocidedell quality for ya05:35
tgm4883_laptopoh don't say that Xenocide05:45
=== tgm4883_laptop says as he is typing on his dell laptop
Xenocidewhat kinda laptop05:46
Xenocidetoo big for my taste05:46
Xenocidei had an xps1201 and it was an ok size but too thick05:47
tgm4883_laptopah you got one of the nice small ones?05:47
Xenocidejust got an x300 with a pentium M 1.2ghz I LOVE IT05:47
Xenocidei just use it for class, and i have a nice desktop05:47
tgm4883_laptophow big is the screen?05:47
Xenocidei got a docking station on ebay for my desk, with a dvd and cd burner in it05:47
Xenocide12" non widescreen05:47
Xenocideinch thick05:47
tgm4883_laptopoh thats not terrible05:47
Xenocidenot at all05:47
Xenocideno cd drive (which i love)05:47
tgm4883_laptopmy brother has  a viao with like a 7 in screen05:48
tgm4883_laptoptoo small for my taste05:48
tgm4883_laptopbut it has a dvd burner in it05:48
Xenocidei have it maxed out with 1152 mb of ram, and swapped in a 7200rpm hdd which kills my batt life05:48
Xenocidei have no need for a cd drive when im in class05:48
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tuxie_flhi varka11:09
=== Daviey [i=daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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loopsanyone know of a mythfrontend livecd ?03:59
superm1loops, mythbuntu does04:00
loopsreally? great04:00
superm1we're still working on it (Its alpha), but the mythfrontend should run in live mode04:00
loopsi'll give it a try04:00
superm1uses the same version of packages as Ubuntu does - so if your on trunk it won't work, but 0.20-fixes will04:01
loopsstill have someone who refuses linux on their laptop here.. and looking for a way to still let them use mythtv04:02
loopsso if it works, it'll be exactly what i've been looking for04:03
superm1loops, it should for non HD stuff04:03
loopswell no HD signal here.. so that's not  a problem04:03
=== xeno_ [n=xeno@cpe-024-163-112-039.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
xeno_superm1_, ibm just called :)05:19
=== superm1 [i=malimonc@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Daviey, you saw my notes about your packging?05:26
Davieyyes; but will be unable to make changes until i get home. :(05:29
superm1we're up on the forums community council tomorrow05:30
superm1for the decision if we get a subforum05:30
DavieyO RLY05:30
superm1we don't need to attend afaik05:30
Davieydid we approach them?05:30
superm1they will discuss05:31
superm1It was recommended that a proposal be drawn up now05:31
superm1Since they only go through them once a month05:31
superm1and to give us time in case it was declined to find an alternate provider05:31
DavieyIf they decline, forum on mythbuntu.org :)05:32
Davieywhich incidently, i'd prefer :)05:32
superm1actually maybe we should attend if we can05:32
Davieybut ubuntu-forums is more accessible.05:32
superm1its in #ubuntu-meeting05:32
superm1tomorrow at 20:00 UTC05:32
DavieyI'll be there in anycase05:32
lagai'll join #ubuntu-meeting now so i won't forget05:33
Davieysuperm1: Are you setting up a blog :)05:33
Davieyand you laga05:33
superm1should I?05:33
superm1I may not be able to be there right at 20:00, I have a RL meeting until 21:00, so hopefully i can make it05:34
lagasuperm1: um, did you want me to backport the mythweb auth stuff to 0.20?05:37
superm1That was the plan :)05:38
superm1if not, i'll do it05:38
superm1as long as it works on yours05:38
lagamy svn version needs some very minor polishing, eg flushing the password.05:38
lagamost of the code should be reusable.05:38
superm1mythbuntu's gui is all ready for the mythweb code to be used05:38
lagai'll try to get it done tonight, but no promises.05:38
superm1so ya know :)05:38
xeno_you see that message?05:41
superm1xeno_, which one?05:42
xeno_oh i sent it to your other login05:42
xeno_ibm just called me :)05:42
superm1that was quick :)05:42
xeno_yup, she sai dshe wants me, i have to talk to th elead programmer to see if its what i want to do then ill come in and get setup with HR05:42
xeno_and she said she wants me to start ASAP05:42
superm1well than I might be seeing you on sametime really soon :)05:42
xeno_haha sounds good05:42
DavieyIs openGL painter for frontend currently borked?05:50
Davieytried it last night, and it just crashed out05:51
superm1in 0.20-fixes or trunk?05:51
Davieycurrent feisty05:51
superm1its fine05:51
superm1i use it :)05:51
superm1are you using a fglrx card?05:51
Davieyno, i'm using nvida free drivers05:52
superm1you need to use proprietary ones05:52
superm1for it to work05:52
superm1for nvidia05:52
lagathe free ones don't support opengl ;)05:56
Davieyisn't that a bug tho?05:56
Davieyshouldn't it test on launch?05:56
Daviey'cause you pretty skrewed as you can't easily change it back05:56
superm1well actually05:57
superm1mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt05:57
laga17:55 < Falballa`> laga: 'painter' could be myth{frontend|tv-setup} -O ThemePainter=qt05:57
lagadarn he was faster ;)05:57
Davieyheh; no database hacking needed05:57
superm1the secret is not thinking - just typing05:57
lagathe force is strong in this one05:58
lagasuperm1: kinda like coding?05:58
Davieyall good providing you have a venus flytrap on your desk to catch all your bugs :)05:59
Davieyanyway, hometime yah05:59
superm1cya Daviey05:59
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=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai have a venus fly trap in my room ;)06:09
loopssuperm1:  i gave mythbuntu a shot.   It doesn't seem to handle wireless passkeys, so i had to find an old network cable to go futher..06:22
loopsthen got a  myth protocol error..  i guess i am working with too new a version of myth backend :(06:22
superm1loops, yea- its a fairly minimalistic setup, wireless can be configured - but its not an easy way06:22
superm1loops, what version of myth are you running?06:23
superm1whose packages?06:23
loopssuperm1, yeah.. i tried using iwconfig etc.. but read in man page that passkeys are not yet supported  (which is how my router is setup)06:23
loopssuperml, i'm on gentoo right now06:23
superm1then you should be on 0.20-fixes06:23
superm1which is whats supported06:23
superm1yea there shouldnt be any reason for that not to work06:24
loopsstrange..  took a bit of fiddling to get mysql setup properly..06:24
loopsbut once it was working it looked like everything was just-going-to-work06:24
superm1double clicking the link on the desktop?06:24
superm1should have asked for mysql info06:24
superm1which you just enter and things should launch06:24
loopsyes.. problem was on backend06:25
superm1ah to make a remote frontend allowed to connect06:25
loopswell.. i'm not confident that i have backend running properly for mythfrontend to connect06:25
loopswhich port should it use  ?  6543 ?06:25
superm1standard ports06:26
superm1are 654306:26
superm1and you used your ip address in mythtv-setup06:26
superm1on the backend06:26
superm1in *both* boxes06:26
loopsi changed that by hand in mysql06:26
loopshmm...  oh06:26
superm1open it in mythtv-setup06:26
loopsare you speaking on frontend or back?06:26
superm1you'll see what i mean06:26
superm1on the backend06:26
loopsokay.. 1 sec06:26
superm1and you need to restart the backend after the changes06:27
superm1to make them take effect06:27
loopsright.. top box still had
superm1that would be trouble06:28
loopsrunning downstairs to try again :) brb06:28
loopssuperm1, much better :)06:42
superm1loops, workin now :)06:42
loopssuperm1, tv viewing worked well  (although a bit slow, said no XVideo surface found, falling back to shared mem)06:43
superm1loops, what vid card?06:43
loopsi'm not sure what's in that laptop.. i think its some nvidia card06:43
superm1oh so it likely used the vesa driver06:43
loopsanything to do about that?06:43
superm1since proprietary drivers aren't activated on disk atm06:43
loopsone other thing06:44
superm1well in live mode, that is a bit of a trouble for us to sort out still06:44
loopswhen i try to go into  program guide (S key) while watching tv... it crashed06:44
loopswith long back trace...06:44
loopsbut i can't figure out how to capture it for you06:44
loopscut-n-paste doesn't seem to work..06:44
superm1on the newer alphas (than public alpha 1), we are activating proprietary drivers after install06:44
superm1but still not in live mode06:44
loopssure.. understandable.06:45
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1where did the backtrace get made?06:45
superm1into a core dump?06:45
loopsno.. it was a glib error (free more than once i think)06:45
loopsi tried running   mythfrontend  2> grabit06:46
superm1loops, which alpha did you grab?06:46
loopsbut it still went to terminal screen rather than file06:46
loopsMythbuntu 7.04 x86 (Alpha: 06/03/2007) ISO06:46
superm1interesting to see glib errors off that....06:46
loopswish i knew how to capture it for u06:47
superm1well i'm not too sure it will be helpful either way06:47
superm1apport isn't active on that disk06:47
superm1to make it a meaningful backtrace06:47
loopsit was all cryptic to me06:48
superm1well all I an say is see if the 7.10 disks work better.  we'll be announcing one within the next few weeks06:48
superm1and apport will be on06:48
superm1so we can catch your backtraces06:48
loopsokay.. i'll keep on the lookout for that..06:49
loopsthanks for all your help06:49
superm1you can consider too - making your roomate's laptop a dual boot06:49
superm1one option could boot him right into mythbuntu or ubuntu and the other into his other os06:49
loopsyeah..  i remember hearing something recently about being able to run linux on top of windows without having to reformat hard drive06:50
superm1well *ubuntu installers can all resize a ntfs partition06:50
loopsokay.. will see if i can talk her into it06:50
superm1as long as its clean before you start06:50
loopswould make life easier :)06:50
superm1chkdsk etc06:50
loopsright.. understood06:50
superm1ideally i'd like to have an option to use proprietary drivers in that live env, but there are a lot of barriers up in doing that06:53
superm1people would be able to use the disks for HD frontends if said barriers can be overcome06:54
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=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== OpenMedia [n=sellis@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== reclusivemonkey [n=monkey@host86-133-225-36.range86-133.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
kruulisuperm1 had some more progress on my machine :>10:27
kruulican now play movies in any player in 800x60010:27
kruulikinda accepted it wont go any higher .. wont be a problem anyway when i use it on my plasma10:27
kruulionly thing left is to make mythtv play movies .. as i wont atm10:28
superm1mythvideo doesn't work?10:28
kruulinope .. but havent really looked into that yet :)10:35
reclusivemonkeykruuli: mplayer will play pretty much anything you can throw at it. Just get mythvideo to use that and you should be fine10:35
=== superm1 is more of a fan of xine. ac3 pass thru is generally easier ;)
DavieyInternal player ftw10:38
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: Are you using mythtv on feisty?10:39
Davieywell frontend feisty backend edgy atm10:39
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: I need to organise a day off to update; my mythtv box is still on Edgy10:39
Davieymy fe just upgraded without issue10:40
Davieybacked i'm a little 'edgy' about upgrading so might do a fresh install10:40
superm1Daviey, upgrade10:41
superm1if it doesnt work for you, how can you advocate it for others?10:41
Davieyto be fair, i have borked the backend quite nicely10:41
Davieyapt seems broken10:41
reclusivemonkeyI have a BE/FE combined in the lounge, I have a FE on this desktop, but the connection isn't always great. I'm not sure whether its the wireless or the BE doesn't have enough power. I'm definitely a reinstall man myself :-S10:41
kruulireclusivemonkey: well mplayer plays in ubuntu but not in mythtv10:43
Davieyreclusivemonkey: it should just work.  it really should.  The only reason i'm not doing it is because i feel the current installation is 'dirty'10:43
superm1reinstalling is for the weak10:43
superm1tgm4883_, can tell you all about that :)10:43
superm1Daviey, how do you break apt?10:43
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: or those with kids who would make your life hell if the "telly" wasn't working...10:43
superm1my current myth install is a gentoo 2005.0->gentoo 2006.0->ubuntu dapper->ubuntu edgy->ubuntu feisty.  The only formatting was between gentoo -> ubuntu, and the db and recordings followed with10:45
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: you have kids? did this coincide with gentoo --> ubuntu ? ;-)10:46
superm1total down time was a matter of a day10:47
lagahe has a life now ;)10:47
superm1and thank goodness no kids here10:47
reclusivemonkeylol @ laga10:47
kruulihow old are you guys? .. just curious :>10:48
Davieysuperm1: Using unoffical packages :)10:48
superm1well at that time - yes10:48
reclusivemonkeywhen I had time to tinker, I was happy to try anything and learn on the way. Its always the path of least resistance now10:48
superm1kruuli, 21, turning 22 later this summer10:48
kruuli24 here .. turning 25 in july :>10:48
laga<- 20, turning 21 next year10:49
DavieyThe kids aren't an issue; it's the misses.  She missed neighbours today (my fault)10:49
OpenMediaBunch of children.10:49
lagawell, a mythtress has to bear a lot with her geek10:49
Davieyoh yes.. very understandable10:49
OpenMediaScary I was hacking code before most of you were born... Ok so I started coding at 11..10:49
kruuliOpenMedia haha :>10:50
lagaOpenMedia: back in the day when rubber boots were made from leather, huh?10:50
OpenMediaThats the one :010:50
DavieyOpenMedia: bet you were a hardcore assembler for embedded devices by the age of 12 :)10:50
OpenMediaMy good old ZX81.. Real coputing power10:50
OpenMediaYup Z80 assembler at 1210:51
DavieyAhhh the specy'10:51
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: At first you get "You're not having a computer in the lounge", next thing, your b@lls are being busted because "the thing isn't working!"10:51
OpenMediaHeck I was doing embedded development using Linux 9 years ago.10:51
=== OpenMedia finds another grey hair.
reclusivemonkeyOpenMedia: How old are you?10:52
reclusivemonkeyMy first computer was an Acorn Electron10:52
=== reclusivemonkey looks for some hair...
reclusivemonkeyOpenMedia: Ah, the screech of code on cassette tape is music to your ears then ;-)10:54
OpenMediaGuys where is the gutsy mythbuntu iso10:54
OpenMediaHeck I could tell which game my brother was loading by the sound of the tape.10:54
superm1OpenMedia, http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/iso10:56
OpenMediaAh sorry found it..10:56
superm1OpenMedia, be wary though, something is bugging up glib10:56
OpenMediaNow quite awake yet here10:56
OpenMediaHeck its just for a play in virtualbox10:56
superm1the installer is fairly functional now, but since glib is buggy, it doesnt always launch10:56
superm1i've been trying to track it down (it happens with the upstream ubuntu installer too)10:57
reclusivemonkeyHas anyone from the UK signed up to the BBC Archive Trial?11:00
superm1rogue780, i think you might have encountered bug 106864 the other day11:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106864 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Feisty boot fail "can't access tty" IDE SATA problem" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10686411:01
Davieyreclusivemonkey: no; but wish i had11:02
rogue780superm1, that sounds about right11:02
Davieydidn't hear about it until too late11:02
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: there's not that much on at the moment. 372 programs so far. Quite a varied bunch though11:02
Davieybooo.  wish i was11:03
DavieyIs it using DRM?11:03
superm1rogue780, so it is all gutsy round then.  good to hear at least11:03
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: Can't see there being any issue with you using my log in; reclusive.monkey@gmail.com PIN: 58089611:04
superm1reclusivemonkey, you shouldnt have posted that in this channel11:05
superm1its logged11:05
superm1you might want to change the pin and pm it to Daviey11:05
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: nope WMV or RP11:05
Davieyyeah; might be an idea to change it if you can11:06
DavieyBut thanks; i really appreciate it!11:07
reclusivemonkeysuperm1 Daviey TBH I don't think I'll use it much. Not sure I can change the pin...11:08
superm1Daviey, I was thinking today after i spoke to loops11:08
superm1what if 3 boot options were available11:08
superm11) Install or Run Mythbuntu (Free Graphics Drivers)11:08
superm12) Install or Run Mythbuntu (ATI Proprietary Graphics Driver)11:09
superm13) Install or Run Mythbuntu (NVIDIA Proprietary Graphics Driver)11:09
superm1and casper was used to append a part of the filesystem11:09
superm1that included the appropriate piece11:09
kruuli4) Install or Run Mythbuntu (Unichrome Driver)11:09
Davieygood idea11:10
superm1I'm not sure how feasible it actually is11:10
Davieybut what if johnny doesn't know what is best?11:10
superm1then he chooses Free11:10
superm1i heard that casper could do such magic though11:10
superm1because thats how you can save changesto flash drives11:10
Davieymaybe hold old though - i' certain they must be working on something dor this upstream11:11
superm1well i asked in ubuntu-installer about it11:11
superm1didnt get an answer11:11
superm1cjwatson is out of town though11:11
superm1he would be the most likely person to ask11:11
Davieybbl 1011:12
rogue780superm1, has there been any consideration for unichrome drivers in mythbuntu?11:14
superm1its on the horizon11:15
superm1but have other things first11:15
superm1someone needs to package it first if anything11:15
superm1so if anyone wants to step up and do that11:15
superm1i'll be glad to help revu it before hand11:15
lagasu -11:16
rogue780I wish I knew how to package things11:18
superm1rogue780, if you'd like to learn, there are plenty of people around that would be glad to help11:19
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports11:19
superm1is a good start11:19
superm1i've got a pretty good idea what it will take to pakcage these openchrome drivers11:19
superm1just no time to execute that11:19
superm1Daviey, come to think of it - if that idea works for proprietary drivers11:22
superm1using casper11:22
superm1that means that virtual machine accelerated drivers can be done too that way11:23
superm1this can really be something neat11:23
laga"virtual machine accelerated drivers"? what do you mean? i think there'll be some kind of unified interface in the kernel11:24
superm1well if you use virtual box11:24
superm1or vmware11:24
superm1they provide a "guest services"11:24
superm1that includes a higher performance networking and display driver11:24
lagavirtualbox provides a better networking driver? i didn't know that11:24
superm1oh indeed11:24
lagabut you are right wrt the display driver11:24
superm1well i know that vmware does the networking11:25
superm1i'm pretty sure virtual box does too, but i'm not 100% on virtual box's networking11:25
lagavbox normally uses an AMD pcnet driver afaik11:26
lagaFYI: i'm not working on mythweb, i'm packaging the perl bindings. i need them desperately11:27
Davieyvirtual machines are great for demostrations; but i feel that is a minor feature requirement atm11:28
superm1well its a pretty easy add if the casper stuff works for proprietary drivers11:29
DavieyHow much time delay do you suspect making a change like this at runtime will take?11:30
superm1think of it this way11:31
superm1how long does that 380 meg image take to boot?11:31
Davieyfair point11:31
lagagreat. awesome, really. ./configure --prefix=/usr results in the perl bindings being installed to debian/mythtv/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/11:31
superm1you add another 40-50 megs more to it, and you'll have 40/380 or about a 10.5% increase11:31
superm1wow why?11:32
superm1broken upstream configure script?11:32
lagasuperm1: probably. i'll go through the last commits now to check if there is a fix. i don't want to svn up because of the latest ffmpeg merge11:33
superm1laga, no network driver in virtual box additions11:33
superm1its vmware only11:33
Davieywhy avoid latest ffmpeg?11:34
Davieyis it borked?11:34
lagaDaviey: not necessarily, but those merges tend to introduce new bugs11:34
superm1they're teasing, hovering around 91-98 tickets this last week11:35
=== Daviey runs for the hills
superm1Daviey, you better come back and get those themes in before running....11:36
Davieyi'll take the laptop11:36
superm1what about web access?11:37
Davieyhopefully there will be unsecured wifi / bluetooth to mobile :)11:37
Davieydon't fancy doing 100meg dputs tho :s11:38
DavieyOT: don't suppose any of you guys have any idea about Bug 12161211:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121612 in linux-source-2.6.20 "[sata_sil]  SATA PCI not working (chipset: SiI3512)" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12161211:38
superm1can't say so11:40
kruulihey has anyone here ever played the game Just Cause?11:43
lagawe do it all the time in #mythtv-users11:44
laga"why is my livetv broken11:44
laga"just because"11:44
lagaDaviey: at first, i thought you were making a PMS reference to the "just cause" thing11:45
superm1well i play a similar game with my old roomate who happens to be a vegetarian.  every time something goes wrong with him, his school, woemn, anything.  i blame it all on him being a vegetarian.11:45
kruuliheh my gf is a vegetarian aswell .. i like bloody meat .. so its not a good match :>11:47
superm1its a lot of fun to do, you should try it next time she starts complaining about something :)11:48
Davieyqemu virtualmachine provides rtl-8029 networking device11:48
lagajust say "it's because you are a girl"11:48
Davieykruuli: have you tried curing her?11:49
Davieyit can be overcome with support11:49
Davieymeat is *great*11:49
kruulisure thing .. i still buy alot of meat cuting it up infront of her face .. always gets her in a good mood lol11:50
rogue780I wonder what kind of a front end this would make:11:51
reclusivemonkey* still kind of slow (366 MHz processor) <-- would that be enough for a FE?11:52
superm1i'd say not a good one11:52
Davieyrogue780: http://www.jadeintegration.com/images/ani_chippc.gif  (animated gif)11:54

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