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leonelis there a CD  version with  universe ?  I mean  if I need a Server in a Local LAN  with No internet access  how can I install universe Packages  ? 02:51
malakhileonel: you could try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageCDs03:03
leoneltoo easy  ... I overlooked the problem   thanks 03:04
leonelmalakhi: :)03:04
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[miles] morning guys11:31
[miles] fuck, has anyone every seen a problem, that when you use sudo xxxx it gives a resolve error11:31
Burgundaviawhat sort of error?11:38
[miles] gethostbyname()11:40
[miles] Sudo: unable to lookup xxxxxxxx via gethostbyname()11:40
shawarma[miles] : Yes.11:50
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[miles] shawarma: the hosts is correct...11:58
[miles] however..11:58
[miles] I notice when I do a hostname -f11:59
[miles] it errors11:59
shawarmaWith the same error, I suppose?12:00
shawarma[miles] : What does "grep `hostname` /etc/hosts" give?12:01
[miles] seems to be working now12:03
[miles] I think the guy had spaces, or something in the file12:03
[miles] I did not set up the box12:03
[miles] bbias12:03
ajmitchusually that's when /etc/hostname isn't setup12:04
shawarmaajmitch: Yes, that's bound to cause trouble.12:05
ajmitchhappened to me yesterday, fresh install on linode12:05
[miles] ah all sorted now12:05
ajmitcheasily fixed12:05
[miles] the guy was sweating buckets12:05
ajmitchdoesn't stop sudo working, usually12:05
[miles] trying to migrate him from ShitOS to Ubuntu Server12:06
[miles] sorry, CentOS12:06
shawarmaHonest mistake. :)12:06
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Nafallohehe. I've heard something fun about CentOS yesterday that nearly killed me :-)01:13
[miles] tell01:19
shawarmaNafallo: Yeah, tell us. I've been holding my breath.01:25
Nafalloa friend discovered that the damn thing sets the tcp window-size through env WINDOW01:26
=== [miles] is about to pass out from holding his breath
Nafalloand he set WINDOW=2 and wondered why things were slow... :-P01:26
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Nafallowindowmaker probably uses env WINDOW ;-)01:37
NafalloI really like that the networkthingies took the env from his account :-P01:38
shawarmaNafallo: I can't any mention of this anywhere.. How did he find out?01:45
Nafalloshawarma: debugging? :-)01:45
Nafalloshawarma: spent an hour on it :-P01:46
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ham1979I have just upgraded from breezy badger to dapper and my postfix/mailmain/amavis /clamav server has stopped delivering mail02:07
ham1979in the log there is postfix/qmgr delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[] :02:07
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shawarmaI can't believe I'm about to say this..02:13
shawarmaham1979: have you tried rebooting it?02:13
shawarmaham1979: Lots of stuff happens during upgrades and postfix/mailman/amavis/clamav is quite an involved setup..02:13
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ham1979yep tried rebooting02:16
ham1979my amavis was renamed .conf.disabled i think02:16
shawarmaI've got to go and get some lunch. I can't think properly anymore.02:17
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Tomasz_svkhi, I have Ubuntu 7.04 Server. I have installed MySQL server there. But if i want to connect there throught PHPMyAdmin at another server, it write Error: #1130 - Host 'support11.cust.nextra.sk' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server02:27
mat1980Tomasz_svk: did you gave access priviledge to the user you use from other host? maybe it has access only from localhost.02:29
Tomasz_svki commented line #bind-address  ... but it nothing done02:30
Tomasz_svkIf it was allowed, PhpMyAdmin wrote something as Server not respond02:30
Tomasz_svkBut I don not want to install there Apache + PHP, because it is only game server, I need only MySQL02:32
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mat1980Tomasz_svk: sorry... I'm not very experienced with mysql.02:38
Tomasz_svkis special only mysql support channel?02:39
Tomasz_svkthank you for your time02:39
Tomasz_svkis special only mysql support channel?02:39
Tomasz_svkthank you02:39
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ham1979I am having trouble with amavis since upgrading from Breezy Badger to Dapper02:58
ham1979I realised that the config files are now separate I have copied some changes across but am getting same message delivery temporarily suspended02:59
shawarmaham1979: This is amavisd-new?03:09
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hansin321I forget, but what is the 'standard/usual' location/path where to download and unpack source code to for compilation?  /usr/src?  Thanks.03:24
ham1979shawarma - yes amavisd-new 03:26
ham1979shouldn't have bothered upgrading!03:26
malakhihansin321: depends on your environment. /usr/src would be where you would put deb sources. /usr/local/src would be raw sources, i think.03:26
shawarmahansin321: Your home directory, I suppose.03:26
shawarmamalakhi: no.03:27
malakhishawarma: oh?03:27
shawarmaWhy would you put source in /usr/src where noone can write?03:27
hansin321Thanks malakhi & shawarma.  I suppose either would do.  Good info on .deb vs. .tar.gz03:28
malakhishawarma: root can. That's why I said it depends. If you're compiling for the entire system, then root is obviously doing the work.03:28
shawarmaYou should never log in as root.03:28
shawarmaYou should fiddle with the source as your normal user and when you want to install stuff, you "sudo make install" or whatever.03:28
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shawarmaThere's no reason at all why root would be doing the compiling.03:29
hansin321shawarma: I have had the same issue.  If you compile from home directory that works, but I have also been told before that /usr/local/src is where a lot of people compile from.  But the root issue makes sense, especially since you only need to be root usually for 'make install'.03:29
shawarmahansin321: It used to be very normal for new Linux users to log in as root and do all their work that way. If you're doing that, you've lost already, but in that case it may *feel* right to be doing stuff in /usr/(local)/src, but it's really not.03:30
malakhishawarma: I guess what I should say is that /usr/src, etc are where source code is supposed to be stored, with working occurring in /home03:31
shawarmahansin321: Yes, you should. Breezy is ancient and entirely unsupported.03:31
shawarmamalakhi: In rare cases, yes.03:32
malakhishawarma: that's the FHS standard03:32
shawarmahansin321: Sorry. That wasn't for you.03:32
hansin321shawarma: Ok, thanks.  So maybe making a ~/src or ~/.src directory for onself might not be a bad idea.03:32
malakhihansin321: despite my debate, that's what I do.03:32
shawarmahansin321: I have a src/ directory in my homedir where I do all my work.03:32
hansin321Thanks all.  Learned a little more new today.03:33
shawarmamalakhi: "Source code may be place placed in this subdirectory, only for reference purposes. [35] "03:33
shawarmamalakhi: From fhs.03:33
shawarmamalakhi: You can put a reference version of the linux kernel source there, for instance.03:33
malakhishawarma: which is what I just said. You place the source there, and pull a local copy to /home for actual use.03:34
shawarmamalakhi: You're not supposed to put all that tarballs of source you find everywhere in /usr/src and pull them from there when you need them.03:34
shawarmamalakhi: That's not what it's for.03:35
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shawarmaham1979: Yes, you should. Breezy is ancient and entirely unsupported.03:35
shawarmaham1979: Was it a very specialized amavisd setup?03:35
malakhishawarma: Well, I'll just agree to disagree with you then.03:35
shawarmamalakhi: Why, oh why, would you put all the  source code you find in random places in /usr/src ?03:36
malakhishawarma: because multiple people need access to the same source. I know that revision control would be preferred, but sometimes that sort of overhead is unnecessary.03:37
malakhishawarma: And I'm not talking about random source. I'm talking about a package that is frequently recompiled for use by the whole system, and all its users.03:37
shawarmamalakhi: Right. those are the rare cases I mentioned. :)03:38
ham1979shawarma: Not especially - i used http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/ which doesn't seem too tricky!03:38
shawarmamalakhi: And even then, revision control is really the way to do it.03:38
malakhishawarma: I guess the misunderstanding is that I use it that way pretty regularly, so it's not rare to me :)03:38
shawarmaham1979: I really don't remember what changed from breezy->dapper anymore.03:39
shawarmamalakhi: Why on earth are you not using a vcs?03:39
malakhishawarma: not worth the hastle. We're not actually altering the source code. Just recompiling against new deps, etc.03:40
shawarmaham1979: To be honest, I'd recommend just storing your current config for reference and starting over.03:40
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hansin321Do any of you know, if I build/compile Asterisk if I need the package 'linux-source' or is 'linux-headers-server' probably enough?03:40
shawarmaham1979: I'm pretty sure it's going to be a less painful procedure.03:40
shawarmahansin321: neither03:41
shawarmahansin321: linux-libc-dev03:41
hansin321is that part of 'build-essential'?03:41
shawarmahansin321: I believe so, yes.03:41
shawarmahansin321: indirecly, yes.03:41
shawarmahansin321: It's a dependency of libc6-dev which is a dependency of build-essential.03:42
hansin321shawarma: When I compiled before, I think I got an error that was corrected by 'linux-headers-xxx', or at least that is what I remember. 03:42
shawarmahansin321: Possibly something about compiler.h?03:42
hansin321Well, some of the fine details of this stuff is a little over my head, so not sure why.  It may have been for compiling Zaptel which creates a kernel driver.  That mean a little more?03:44
shawarmahansin321: Yes, that's something entirely different. :)03:45
shawarmahansin321: In that case, you need the kernel headers.03:45
shawarmahansin321: Are the zaptel drivers in Ubuntu not sufficient?03:45
hansin321Thought so (once I thout about it).  But still don't need full kernel source, right?03:45
shawarmahansin321: Just the headers. linux-headers-`uname -r` probably.03:46
hansin321shawarma: Ubuntu stuff is 1.2.X series, and current is 1.4.x.  Asterisk compiles very nice and easy and I wan't to run 1.4.x series.03:46
shawarmahansin321: zaptel-source | 1:1.4.3~dfsg-2 | http://archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/universe Packages03:47
shawarmahansin321: You could grab that, do the module-assistant dance and be happy. :)03:48
hansin321shawarma: That is an option I suppose.  1.4.3 is the latest...  Not sure how to do the module-assistant dancce; Is it anything like the 'Twist' or the 'Hammer-Time' dance ;)03:51
shawarmahansin321: almost. :)03:51
hansin321I look it up.  Thanks for pointing it out for me...03:52
shawarmahansin321: You grab the zaptel-source package from gutsy, install it, run 'module-assistant build zapel' or something to that effect.03:52
shawarmahansin321: And then you dance.03:52
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hansin321shawarma: Thanks.  I'll do the Geico 'Its my birthday, got my car fixed' thingy ;)03:57
shawarmahansin321: :)03:58
hansin321Thanks all for the help, off to work for me...04:02
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phil_hello all, I'm having some problems with my LAMP server. keep getting buffer I/O errors on the /home partition and its affecting the servers ability to serve files to the network. anyone able to help?04:38
dendrobatesphil_: what is the exact error04:39
phil_buffer I/O error on device sda2, logical block2129920, then ata1: command 0x25 timeout, stat 0x0d host_stat 0x21, then ata1 translated stat_err 0x0d0/00 to scsi SK/ASC?ASCQ 0xb/47/0004:42
nictukuphil_: check dmesg. may be faulty hardware04:42
phil_where 'then' is a line break04:42
phil_I can't really get to a prompt, when I change screens it just keep filling up with these errors and although I can type stuff, I can't type it at a prompt04:43
phil_does that make sense?04:43
phil_also, these errors don't show up when I access the box through slogin from another machine. I only see them when I plug a monitor into the server04:45
dendrobatesphil_: timeout waiting on device sound lise a hardware error to me.  I've had similar problems when a fan nicked a SCSI cable.  04:45
dendrobatesphil_: You see them when you plug a monitor in because they are being echoed to the console.04:46
dendrobatesphil_: if you type 'dmesg' from a remote login you will see them as well.04:47
phil_ok. I just changed the cables today thinking it might be something like that. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bust drive considering the bloody thing is only 6 months old!04:47
dendrobatesphil_: unmount that filesystem and run do an fsck and check for bad blocks.04:48
phil_okay, I'll check through dmesg and see if that throws up anything else. Do you think it would be worth checking the drives SMART status? I already did a fsck check and it came out fine.04:48
mathiazphil_: SMART status may be worth checking. It should give you some indication about errors reported by the drive.04:50
phil_ok, will do. thanks for the help dendrobates & mathiaz04:51
dendrobatesphil_:  I forgot badblocks was decoupled from fsck.  you could also try 'badblocks -n /dev/sda2' 04:52
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phil_ah, okay, I'll try that as well. thanks : )04:52
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bsdunixanyone here?08:25
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Triumph|TKanyone alive?09:43
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shawarmaTriumph|TK: Just ask.10:03
Triumph|TKi hate just asking it seems rude10:07
Triumph|TKi like to say hi first10:07
Triumph|TKmy ssh server is giving me connection refused when i try to access it10:09
Triumph|TKi went through the config a few times10:10
Triumph|TKi have the ports forwarded10:10
shawarmaIt's ok to say hi first, but the asking to ask bit is more annoying than just plain rudeness :)10:15
shawarmaTriumph|TK: brb10:15
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TK2lost connection there10:19
shawarmaTriumph|TK: Can you connect from the machine itself?10:22
=== Panzer_ [n=panzer@rrcs-24-129-147-86.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
TK2i havn't tried but i have tried connecting from another computer inside my network using the network ip10:23
TK2and that does work10:23
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qhartmanAnyone here have experience with the Proliant DL360s?10:25
qhartmanthe new ones with the 6 SFF SAS drives10:25
shawarmaTK2: Um... then what is it that doesn't work?10:35
TK2external ip10:35
shawarmaI see. Well.. Does your router run Ubuntu?10:35
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TK2does my router run ubuntu? sorry i dont understand10:35
=== fabbione_ [i=fabbione@gordian.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaTK2: I'm not sure I can ask any clearer.. Do you have a router?10:36
TK2is my ubuntu server on my router?10:36
shawarmaWhat kind of router is it?10:37
TK2when i try to connect externally it says connection refused not connection timed out10:38
TK2so its making a connection the server is just refusing it10:38
shawarmaYou router can reject connections as well.10:40
TK2i forwarded port 2210:41
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mralphabetso dsl modem / router ---> ubuntu box --> network ?10:43
mralphabetor dsl modem / router ---> network --> ubuntu box ?10:43
TK22nd one10:43
TK2the ubuntu box is just on the switch10:44
TK2with the network10:44
TK2is that wrong?10:44
mralphabetso you are trying to connect from the outside to the ubuntu box?10:44
TK2im trying to make my web server and my ssh server accessable via my external ip outside my network , my ftp server for some reason DOES work from outsdie my network but the others don't10:45
TK2the apache server might be a whole different issue but im concentrating on 1 at a time10:45
TK2although i am testing the ssh server from inside my network using my external ip10:46
TK2trying to give as many details as possible10:46
mralphabetthat's fine, I'm looking at 2 or 3 different things atm, so slow to respond ;)10:47
TK2not a problem10:47
mralphabetnot wrong, by the way, that's a normal setup10:47
mralphabetit is also quite common for ISP's to block port 22 and port 8010:48
TK2maybe i should try changing the ports10:49
mralphabetto be honost, I'm surprised ftp works10:50
mralphabetmy ISP used to block anything < 102410:50
TK2im on verizon dsl =O10:50
mralphabetthen they moved to selective ports, IE 21 80 53 88, others10:50
TK2im going to change my ssh port to 420 and try it10:52
TK2same error connection refused10:55
TK2oh wait forgot to forward new port10:55
TK2same error connection refused10:58
TK2i think it might be that i set up my hosts config wrong but then again my ftp works11:00
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TK2mr.alphabet could i ask you some questions about my host config11:02
TK2ok in /etc/hosts11:06
TK2my 1st line should be localhost11:06
TK2what should my 2nd line be11:06
=== skreet [n=skreet@c-24-91-74-2.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
mralphabet127.0.1.1       Dominus.stp.wi.charter.com      Dominus11:10
mralphabetthat's mine11:10
TK2ok mine is similar11:10
mralphabetIP    FQDN    Machine Name11:10
TK2192.168.1.46 server.myhome.westell.com server11:11
mralphabetthe is important11:11
mralphabet127.0.0.1       localhost11:12
mralphabet127.0.1.1       Dominus.stp.wi.charter.com      Dominus11:12
TK2ill put the
mralphabetthe server.myhome.westell.com server11:12
mralphabetis a third line11:12
TK2so my 2nd line should be server.myhome.westll.com server11:13
mralphabetwell, westell11:13
mralphabetwith the e ;)11:13
TK2k restarting my network11:15
TK2still refused11:16
mralphabettry something above 10k11:17
mralphabetyou have a connection on the outside world you are trying from, right?11:17
TK2is that a problem11:18
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mralphabetusually you aren't able to use the external IP address to engage the port forwarding on the westell unless you are outside the network11:19
mralphabetcan you ssh or http to the box from inside your network?11:19
TK2http no, ive had friends try11:20
mralphabetlet's back up a step11:20
TK2all ears11:20
TK2your help is much appreciated11:20
mralphabetthese services you are trying to reach on the ubuntu machine, can you connect to them at all from _inside_ your network, IE using the 192 address11:21
mralphabetokay, so you have somebody outside your network trying to hit whatever.your.ip.address:port is and they are getting a connection refused11:23
TK2i have not had them try to connect via ssh but when trying to connect to the web server they are getting page cannot be displayed11:23
mralphabetand they are trying 123.456.789.123:45011:24
mralphabet*fill in your ip address and port here*11:24
TK2port is 80 i never added the port for them11:25
TK2but yes http://myip11:25
TK2and i have had them succesfully access the ftp server in the same way11:26
mralphabetIf you are using port forwarding on the westell to get around the port 80 limitation, the outside world needs to refernce that port in the address bar11:27
mralphabetIE my http port is 888811:27
mralphabetso to visit my home web server from outside, I need http://123.456.789.32:888811:27
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mralphabetmy router translates 8888 on the outside to 80 on the inside and forwards it to my webserver11:28
mralphabetso 123.456.789.32:8888  -->  8888-router with NAT-80 -->
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TK2ok and that is all set up through the router11:29
mralphabetthrough my router, yes11:30
mralphabetI don't know if the westell can do that kind of translation11:30
TK2ok this information is very helpful11:30
TK2is that called trigger ports by any chance?11:31
TK2Forward a range of ports to an IP11:31
TK2address on the LAN only after11:31
TK2specific outbound traffic11:31
mralphabetif the westell *can't* do port to different port translation, you will need to get your apache to answer on the different port as well11:31
mralphabetIE 123.456.789.32:8888  -->  8888-router with NAT-8888 -->
TK2what is the service called in your router11:32
mralphabetport forwarding ;)11:33
mralphabetI don't run a westell11:33
TK2thank god for you11:34
TK2its a modem / router11:34
TK2i have another linksys i could use also11:34
TK2but this way is easier11:34
mralphabetputting a linksys in place would not solve your problem11:34
mralphabetthat would only mean modem/westell(NAT) --> linksys(NAT) --> network11:35
TK2IE 123.456.789.32:80 --> 80-router with NAT-80 -->
mralphabetlevel of complexity x211:35
TK2i have this set up as of now, is this wrong?11:35
mralphabetthat should be right, as long as verizon doesn't block port 8011:36
TK2ohhh i see what ur saying now11:36
TK2this is just to see if that port is being blocked11:36
TK2excuse my ignorance11:36
mralphabetIt's really  Verizon Router serving IP to you --> modem/westel blah blah blah11:37
mralphabetin the Verizon Router they can block whatever they want and it will not reach you11:37
TK2in my port forwarding options i have global port range and base port range im thinking the 8888 should be the global and 80 should be the base11:37
=== mralphabet doesn't think so
TK2ok then ill just change the apache port to 8888 to test it11:38
mralphabet^^ similar configuration11:39
TK2i know how to port forward though11:40
TK2im gunna change the apache listen port to 8888 and forward 8888 on my router then ill let ya know what happens11:41
TK2again thanks for your time11:41
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mpathyHi there..11:47
mpathyHaving problems with an dist-upgrade..11:48
mpathyFrom Dapper to Edgy worked11:48
mpathyNow after another reboot started dist-upgrade Edgy to Feisty, and now I got this: http://pastie.caboo.se/72487.txt11:49
TK2it works11:51
TK2it works11:51
TK2port 8888 did the trick11:52
TK2:) :_) :) :)11:52
TK2thank you so much11:53
mpathyI looks like Ubuntu only works good with Grub - isnt that some kind of bad?11:53
mralphabetTK2: no problem11:54
mralphabetmpathy: dist-upgrade may not be the recommended path up to feisty11:57
mralphabetmpathy: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core11:58
mralphabetmpathy: sudo do-release-upgrade11:58
mralphabetthat's the recommended upgrade method to feisty (from edgy)11:59
mpathyWhy I didnt get at least one simple warning on that somewhere..? Which person think of that who works with debian based systems for years?11:59
mpathycan I do it yet altough?12:00
mralphabetwell, it's listed on http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading12:00
mralphabetit was listed in the documentation for months12:01
ajmitchmpathy: if you want to stick with lilo, check /etc/kernel-img.conf to see what bootloader it's trying to setup on kernel install12:01
ajmitchmost likely it has postinst hooks there to run update-grub12:01
mpathyajmitch: it works until I did dist-upgrade also with liko12:01
mpathyajmitch: yes.. as lilo does never exist..12:02
mpathydo I have to edit the post-inst file now forever?12:02
mpathyI run lilo after every new kernel thats not the problem.. but if ubuntu tries every time to do update-grub, it would be really annoying12:04
ajmitchand I told you where it says what gets run12:04
mpathyajmitch: I changed it and he puts out the help text on sudo apt-get -f install12:07
mpathyajmitch: but there are no parameters, you update with only "lilo"12:08
ajmitchso what do you have for postinst_hook in /etc/kernel-img.conf now?12:09
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