Keybuk^ event expression trees have landed12:26
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KeybukI had planned, this morning, to get rid of job->cause entirely04:26
Keybukand so far I've been distracted by shiny new compiz-fusion features04:26
ion_I upgraded from beryl to compiz+compcomm recently.04:46
ion_Theres an interesting bug, which i havent got around to investigating yet.04:47
thomKeybuk: honestly, i'm shocked. :P04:47
ion_When i switch from a desktop to another using any largedesktop plugin, it seems to work fine, unless im switching from/to a desktop with Firefox as the active window. When that is the case, the movement is really jerky.04:48
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AlexExtremethat's why i don't use compiz/beryl/whatever :)05:04
AlexExtremewhen you're trying to do something, it's just too easy to get distracted with bouncing windows05:04
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AlexExtremesorry for the disconnects, my IRC bouncer is acting up05:22
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Keybukheh, silly things05:25
AlexExtremethere, that was the last one05:27
Keybukwhich bouncer do you use?05:27
ion_alex: Whether the windows bounce depends on your configuration. :-)05:28
AlexExtremeion_: of course ;)05:28
ion_The nicest thing is that when switching to another desktop, the windows dont need to be repainted. That makes it a lot faster on this 500 MHz machine.05:29
ion_*Even* when using a transition effect.05:30
AlexExtremeI first tried compiz on a 700Mhz box when it was first released, it was quite fast05:30
KeybukCPU speed shouldn't affect compiz05:32
Keybukthat's kinda the point <g>05:33
Keybukfancy effects aside, the entire point is to offload all the boring screen management to the GPU05:33
Keybukso more CPU resource is free05:33
ion_I meant that even showing the transition effect takes less time than having one of the bit more bloated programs repaint its window on this box.05:35
Keybukin fact, in theory, the transition is free05:38
Keybukbecause it's done using spare GPU capacity, rather than taxing the CPU05:38
=== Keybuk lols at a test case
KeybukI do use some funny metasyntactic names05:39
Keybukclearly for this test, I really wanted a name I wasn't likely to accidentally use later05:39
Keybukso instead of foo, bar, baz05:39
Keybukor frodo or bilbo05:39
Keybukor wibble, wobble, waggle, wiggle, etc.05:39
KeybukI used ...05:39
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Keybukthere's one thing about specs that always bites07:18
Keybukyou always forget something, and have to retcon it when you write the code07:18
Keybuke.g. the spec for replacing cause with event expressions07:18
KeybukI had completely forgotten that a job is allowed to abort the stop in pre-stop07:18
ion_Looking up retcon from dictionary.com just spoiled a TV show. :-)07:20
ion_Not that id want to watch the show in question.07:20
Keybukretcon. v. to pretend the spec always said that ;)07:22
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=== Keybuk frowns at post-stop -> starting
Keybukthere's another state transition I forgot07:29
=== AlexExtreme frowns at this stupid country's weather
AlexExtremewhy is it that every time i need to go somewhere it starts raining?07:38
Keybukthe weather here has marginally improved over the last few days07:38
AlexExtremeyeah, *marginally*, i.e. not raining constantly, just showers every 20 minutes ;)07:39
KeybukEGBB 211720Z 16010KT 9999 -SHRA FEW020CB SCT030 16/13 Q100707:39
Keybuktomorrow's TAF is pretty mad07:41
KeybukEGBB 211624Z 220024 17010KT 9999 SCT025 BECMG 0205 11005KT PROB40 TEMPO 0210 7000 -RA BKN008 PROB30 TEMPO 1022 7000 SHRA BKN020CB PROB30 TEMPO 1120 3000 +TSRA BKN014CB BECMG 2124 4000 BR07:41
AlexExtremewhat's that from?07:41
Keybukmetoffice aviation forecast07:41
KeybukEGBB = Birmingham International Airport07:41
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AlexExtremeyou're near birmingham?07:42
Keybuk40% probability of light rain in the morning,07:42
Keybuk30% probability of showers in the afternoon07:42
Keybukand 30% probability of heavy thunderstorms in afternoon07:42
Keybukin Birmingham yeah07:42
AlexExtremecool, not too far from here07:43
Keybukthat somewhat explains why we've been experiencing equally dire weather ;)07:43
Keybuk^ \o/07:45
Keybukactually, the current METAR isn't bad at all; perfectly flyable in fact07:47
Keybuk * If a job fails to reach its goal, all appropriate blocked events are marked as failed. Nodes with a FALSE value, and children of those nodes, are not considered since they have not caused the job to fail.07:50
KeybukI haven't worked out how to implement *that* yet07:50
Keybukdeciding which events in the expression tree to mark as failed07:50
Keybukit's supposed to be "those that contributed to it starting in the first place"07:50
AlexExtremeKeybuk: would you mind greatly if I copied the nih linked list code to my project? i'd rather not link against libnih since i'm trying to keep the dependencies on this lib i'm writing to only libc07:52
AlexExtremeof course i'd add credits in the header (it's GPL, btw)07:52
Keybuknot at all07:52
Keybukthough you'd need nih_alloc as well, unless you modify it07:52
Keybuk(modify is easy enough, it's just nih_list_new, nih_list_entry_new, nih_list_destructor and nih_list_free)07:53
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Keybukwhy do I only ever discover problems half way through an implementation?09:27
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Keybuktoday's problem:09:40
Keybuk  instance09:40
Keybuk  from tty-added09:40
Keybuk  until tty-removed $TTY09:40
Keybuk  respawn09:40
Keybuk  exec /sbin/getty $TTY 3840009:40
Keybuknice and simple09:40
Keybukwhat happens if09:40
Keybuk a) the same tty gets added09:40
Keybuk b) the tty gets removed, and another tty is added while the job is stopping09:40
wasabiI vote for proper lock/abort files. :010:22
wasabiThe instance gets spawned twice, but some nice chap tests to see if the instance is already spawned.10:22
Keybukwouldn't it be nice if upstart took care of this for you? :p10:24
wasabiI don't really think so.10:24
Keybukwhy not?10:25
wasabigot me.10:25
wasabiinstance could be "unique per parameters"10:26
Keybukyeah, which is interesting10:28
Keybukbut then do you restart the instance, or do you wait to create a new instance? :P10:28
wasabiWell, what happens if a start evnet happens twice in any non-instanced job10:29
wasabiBasically nothing.10:29
Keybukneed to think on this a bit10:35
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KeybukEGBB 212020Z 15006KT CAVOK 14/11 Q100810:48
=== Keybuk was starting to think he'd never see those letters again
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