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andrupalanyone around who can provide some guidance through a fresh LDAP installation?  I've been getting stuck and falling down rabbit holes in poorly written tutorials for the past week...I need a samba client authentication setup that will work with thin, thick and windows clients.03:14
Burgundaviahello again03:15
andrupalHowdy...perfect, it's you!03:15
andrupalI've got a clean server install, and have just done apt-get install slapd03:16
andrupalI began editing slapd.conf, changing the with the dc info03:17
Burgundaviadid debconf not ask you for basic information?03:18
Burgundaviasudo dpkg-reconfigure slapd03:18
Burgundaviatry that03:18
andrupalOK...I'm not omitting, Q1, correct?03:19
andrupalIt asks "Omit OpenLDAP server configuration?"  I'm replying No03:19
Burgundaviano is the correct answer03:20
Burgundaviageez, I need to setup this myself03:20
Burgundaviait has been so long03:20
andrupalit asks for DNS domain name and automatically fills in earthlink.net, my ISP...I assume I should change this to something else...in previous installs I've been using "example.net" since this is just a test server.03:21
Burgundaviano, leave that03:22
andrupalleave earthlink.net  it says it will use this to construct the base DN of the LDAP directory.  I want this called earthlink.net?03:23
andrupalHundreds of thousands of new yorkers have earthlink.net as their ISP...it seems odd to use this as my LDAP base DN...03:25
Burgundavialet me run through the questions on my machine03:29
andrupalIt asks which database backend to use: BDB or HDB ...BDB is what I have done on previous installs.  Ok I'll let you catch up.  I recognize this is detailed stuff.03:30
Burgundaviaright, ok03:31
Burgundaviaso for the dns one, fill in example.net03:31
Burgundaviafor the org, fill in example03:31
andrupalhow can I go back?03:31
andrupalI just ran dpkg again...03:32
Burgundaviarun it again03:33
andrupalDo I want the database to be removed when purged? I'm saying yes, for now...03:33
andrupalALlow LDAPvs protocol.  I've said no in previous installs...03:34
Burgundaviasay no03:34
Burgundavialdap v2 is dead03:34
andrupalUnfortunately the first config process seems to have created a backup that prevents the old database from being moved...the process says "giving up"03:35
andrupalShall I delete the file that's getting in the way?03:35
Burgundaviayou should now be up and running03:38
andrupalrm -r removes a directory, no?03:38
Burgundaviayes, but you should be very careful03:39
Burgundaviamight be better to purge slapd03:39
andrupalhow again?  apt-get purge slapd03:39
Burgundavia--purge remove03:40
andrupalsame problem...old backup exists...process gives up03:43
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andrupalOk I removed the directory that was giving the error and dpkg runs fine, with successful output03:45
andrupalslaptest succeeds03:45
andrupalI've gotten this far before, however...we're not to the hard stuff yet.03:46
Burgundaviawell, now all you need to do is populate it03:46
andrupalOk  how is this done?03:47
Burgundavialdap uses what is called an ldif file03:47
BurgundaviaI would just create one account via a text file as per that page and then slapadd it03:47
andrupalI should use the dummy file provided?03:48
andrupalOK I just used the dummy file and saved as init.ldif on my desktop03:50
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andrupalShall I follow the instructions that follow the init.ldif file provided on the link you provided?03:51
Burgundaviano, that is too much03:51
Burgundaviajust create a single user03:51
andrupalSo delete everything except one entry that has "ou=people" in it?03:52
Burgundaviano, you need to add a single person03:53
Burgundaviaa person starts with the line:03:53
Burgundaviadn: uid=lionel,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com03:53
andrupalOK...so I'm deleting everything except this part of the ldif file.03:54
Burgundaviasorry, have to run03:54
Burgundavialook at how the ldif file is constructed and make a similar file03:54
andrupalOK no problem...I'll continue with this tutorial...Thanks for your help!03:55
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Burgundaviadon;t follow that wiki page exactly03:56
Burgundaviaafter you have added somebody, try and setup a client to auth against the ldap server03:56
andrupalThe client needs configuration as well...no?  Can you point to reliable documentation on this?03:57
andrupalI'm getting an error using slapadd...value of naming attribute 'uid' is not present in entry.   The init.ldif file has a uid, however...04:02
andrupalldapsearch returns ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s:  Can't contact LDAP server (-1)04:09
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andrupalldapsearch returns "ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)" error...help anyone04:17
sbalneavBig topic you need help with there.04:18
sbalneavHow about you tell me a little about what you've got set up?04:19
andrupalJust went through a clean server install, clean slapd install.  Ran dpkg. Attempted to populate using an ldif file...can't search LDAP04:20
andrupalslaptest succeeds04:21
andrupaltutorials all say different things about how to approach setup...I was following Burgundavia's lead but he had to go...04:22
sbalneavwhat does your /etc/ldap/ldap.conf file look like?04:22
sbalneavPaste it to the pastebin04:23
andrupalWhere's the pastebin?04:23
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:23
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andrupalOk see http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26960/04:25
sbalneavthat's the slapd.conf04:26
sbalneavIt's ok, we'll need it too :)04:27
andrupalOk see  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26961/04:28
andrupalI'm now seeing that example.com is an error...this should be example.net to match slapd.conf, no?04:28
sbalneavShould be NEITHER example.com or example.net.04:29
sbalneavShould be YOUR domain name :)04:29
andrupalYes,  in this case I'm running a test server, example.net04:29
sbalneavYou're talking the rootdn?04:30
andrupalI guess...I've been consistently using example.net throughout LDAP setup...the machine name is UBUNTU, however...that's not the issue though, right?04:30
sbalneavIn your ldap.conf, what's your URI set to?04:31
andrupalIt was  ldap://ldap.example.com ldap://ldap-master.example.com:66604:32
andrupalnow com = net04:32
sbalneavThat's going to try to contact the host ldap.example.com04:32
andrupalso I should take our ldap04:32
sbalneavWhere's the ldap server running, on the same machine?04:34
sbalneavIf so, you'll probably want a URI like ldap://localhost04:34
andrupalwhy are there two entries?04:35
andrupalshould I remove the 2nd, with port?04:35
sbalneavFailover.  If you have multiple ldap servers for redundancy, it will try one, then the other.04:35
sbalneavsince you've only got one ldap server04:36
andrupalOk with changes I'm still getting ldap_bind: Can't contact server (-1)04:37
sbalneavyou still haven't actually pasted your ldap.conf file to the pastebin.04:38
sbalneavOh, wait04:39
sbalneavyou did, missed it.04:39
andrupalIt's different now...04:39
sbalneavThey still got the # in front of URI and BASE?04:39
andrupalOk removed #04:41
sbalneavThat should help somewhat04:41
andrupalstill getting the error04:43
andrupaldoes slapd.conf need my password?04:43
sbalneavCan't contact server means it isn't even getting connected04:43
sbalneavIs slapd running?04:44
sbalneavps -ef | grep slapd04:44
sbalneavshould have probably 4 of them04:44
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andrupalit outputs root  12445 9398 0 22:44 pts/0    00:00:00 grep slapd04:45
sbalneavSo, your slapd isn't running04:46
andrupalYet I get no errors when I start it?04:47
sbalneavhow are you starting it?04:47
LaserJocksbalneav: so what did you do to fix nbd?04:47
sbalneavLaserJock: Turned out to be easier than I thought.04:47
sbalneavit's prolly a 4 line patch.04:48
LaserJockoh, nice04:48
sbalneavWhat's the BEST way to produce a patch to send to you?04:48
LaserJocksbalneav: debdiff is nice04:48
sbalneavKeeping in mind that I'm good at coding, but NOT good at packaging things, how would I go about doing that?04:49
sbalneavI'm sure my motu-and-main-friend can gimme a quick pointer :)04:50
sbalneavandrupal: How are you starting slapd?04:50
andrupalusing init.d04:51
sbalneavTry this:04:51
sbalneavinvoke-rc.d slapd start04:51
LaserJocksbalneav: quick version: get source packge, make changes, add changelog entry with dch -i, then debuild -S to create new source package04:52
LaserJockversion should be 1:2.9.3-3ubuntu1 and gutsy the release in the changelog04:52
LaserJockI gotta run an errand04:52
LaserJockI'll be back in a little bit04:52
andrupalsbalneav:  tried it, no difference in grep results04:53
sbalneavLaserJock: ok04:54
sbalneavping me04:54
sbalneavandrupal: ok, so, something's not kosher with your slapd setup.04:54
sbalneavFirst, go have a look in either /var/log/messages, or /var/log/daemon.log04:54
sbalneavif slapd's unhappy with something, it should be in there.04:55
andrupalneither log shows anything recent...04:56
andrupalshould I purge and reinstall slapd?04:58
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sbalneavtake a look in /var/log/syslog04:59
andrupalOk there it is...04:59
andrupalHang on...I need to log into chat on the same machine...05:00
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andrew____Andrew is same as andrupal05:02
andrew____Here's the log message: Jun 23 22:51:55 ubuntu slapd[12665] : @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.30 (Dec 13 2006 15:54:43) $ ^Ibuildd@palmer:/build/buildd/openldap2.3-2.3.30/debian/build/servers/slapd05:03
andrew____Nothing else shows up relevant to ldap05:03
sbalneavanything in /var/lib/ldap?05:06
andrupalit's a directory full of files05:07
sbalneavDid you do an initial slapadd?05:10
andrupalYes, using an ldiff file..I think some of them took, though there were errors...05:10
sbalneavblow away everything in /var/lib/ldap05:12
sbalneavre-run the slapadd05:12
sbalneavand paste me the errors you get.05:12
Burgundaviayay for ldap05:13
andrew____#/etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 102: rootdn is always granted unlimited privileges.05:16
andrew____#/etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 119: rootdn is always granted unlimited privileges.05:16
andrew____#Error, entries missing!05:16
andrew____# entry 1: dc=example,dc=net05:16
andrupalOk  fixed slapd.conf05:18
sbalneavHmmm, big thunderstorm going on here.05:18
sbalneavIf I drop offline, that's what it is.05:18
andrew____see http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26966/ for new errors05:19
andrew____OK having deleted all from /var/lib/ldap, the only error I get is Error, entries missing!05:22
andrew____  entry 1: dc=example,dc=net05:22
sbalneavYou have to re-blow away everything in /var/lib/ldap again05:24
andrupalOK I got ldapadd to run without error...now an ldapsearch for one of these users yeilds same ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server05:24
sbalneavis slapd running?05:25
andrupalNo, grep gives same as before05:25
sbalneavHave you tried to re-start it?05:26
andrupaljust did05:26
sbalneavSo, it's still not running.05:26
sbalneavuntil you get that fixed, ldap search is not going to work05:26
andrupalno...but also no error upon restart05:27
sbalneavWhat's in /etc/default/slapd?05:27
andrew____See http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26967/05:28
sbalneavDo this: which slapd05:31
andrew____returns # /usr/sbin/slapd05:32
sbalneavwe'll run it directly from the command line05:32
sbalneavWhat does that do?05:32
andrew____root     13972     1  0 23:33 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/slapd05:33
andrew____root     13977  9398  0 23:33 pts/0    00:00:00 grep slapd05:33
andrew____is what grep returns05:34
sbalneavso, now you got a running slapd05:34
andrew____whew...what a grunt.05:34
sbalneavLets leave the fact that there's something wrong with your init script05:34
sbalneavand see if your ldapsearch runs now05:34
andrew____yippee...searching my name gives me back my info!05:35
sbalneavWell, we've still got the problem of why your slapd isn't working05:35
andrew____(aside: Is there something wrong only with MY init script, or is this a bug, perhaps...? )05:36
andrew____Now what?05:36
sbalneavI doubt it's a but05:36
sbalneavprobably a step that got missed somewhere05:36
sbalneavlets do this05:36
sbalneavpkill slapd05:36
sbalneavthen edit /etc/default/slapd05:37
sbalneavedit the line that says: SLAPD_USER="openldap"05:37
sbalneavmake it look like:05:37
sbalneavthen lets see if you can start it with invoke-rc.d slapd start05:37
andrew____ok, done05:38
andrew____grep gives05:38
andrew____root     14126     1  0 23:38 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/slapd -g openldap05:38
andrew____root     14137  9398  0 23:38 pts/0    00:00:00 grep slapd05:38
sbalneavtry your ldapsearch now05:39
sbalneavcongrats, you're working05:39
andrew____This is a huge help...as far as a roadmap for setting up samba, I've seen a few tutorials around...does Ubuntu have anything worth following?05:40
sbalneavOff the top of my head, I dont know05:41
sbalneavGoogle is your friend.05:41
andrew____Yes...I thought so...but then I spent a week following tutorials that didn't work05:42
sbalneavThere's lots of good info out there, but every ldap setup's slightly different.05:42
sbalneavThere's no "do this and everything will work" tutorial out there, that I've ever seen.05:43
sbalneavSingle sign-on's a big, complicated topic :()05:43
andrew____Yes...it doesn't help that I'm totally new to Linux...a bit kamikaze...I'm fumbling around in the dark and learning quite a lot as I go...but not gracefully!05:43
sbalneavYou're doing thin client as well?05:44
andrew____That's the hope.  I've had that working on its own...but I'll need to authenticate it against LDAP05:44
sbalneavSo, lemme get this straight, you're new to linux, and decided to pick arguably the two most COMPLICATED end user tasks, thin client and ldap, to do first? :)05:45
sbalneavDude, run it as a desktop for a few months, at least, get your feet wet :)05:46
sbalneavNo rush, we'll still be here :)05:46
andrew____That's what the job calls for...it's a school network and I've got to make some decisions about whether to really try going for Open Source or stick to the safety of Windows GUIs05:46
andrew____This is a big test to see how feasible it all is...I'm taking the summer to backtrack and really learn what the hell I'm doing...05:48
sbalneavI converted my organization 7 years ago to Linux on the desktop.  Trust me, it's feasible :)05:48
sbalneavWe use ldap05:49
sbalneavDo you have Active Directory now?05:49
Burgundavialdap has a nasty learning curve05:49
sbalneavit does05:49
andrew____No infrastructure at all...actually.  We're just starting up.05:49
Burgundaviawhere do you live?05:50
sbalneavAh, well then, if you're just starting up, and don't have any windows boxen, then you won't need samba05:50
sbalneavHow many desktops are you planning on supporting?05:50
andrew____45 thin clients, 15 laptops, 10 desktops05:51
andrew____I'm inside the NYCDOE and the larger network is Windows centric...we can't even buy machines without it pre-installed!05:51
sbalneavWell, for thin clients, you won't need to buy new05:52
sbalneavBetcha the school division has a "used computer" reclaimation centre?05:52
andrew____we've already got some great Optiplex G270s being donated by Columbia...05:53
sbalneavWhat are they, pentium II's?05:53
andrew____Pentium 4!  Is this a waste of a machine?05:53
sbalneavUm, yeah :)05:54
sbalneavI got 165 desktops that are 500mhz celeron-equiv05:54
andrew____So we should run these as thick clients instead?05:54
sbalneavthey're via edens.05:54
sbalneavWell, if that's what you got, they'll make great thin clients.  The REAL savings with a thin client's in the lack of management.05:55
sbalneavBut you can get away with a lot less.05:55
sbalneavAnything Pentium II 600 or better is going to do great.05:55
andrew____Yes, that was the draw for me...that and the centralized desktop control in the classroom...being a teacher.05:56
andrew____These puppies even have gigabit ethernet.05:56
sbalneavI guess what I'm saying is, if it's a case of getting 20 of the P4's or a 100 of a PII, go for the 100 :)05:57
andrew____Right...I don't think we have those choices...but I love the idea of working with students to refurbish and recycle old machines.05:57
sbalneavLaserJock: back from your errand?05:57
andrew____this is a math, science, and eng school.05:57
sbalneavAh, lots of good stuff for you then.  What the heck's the name of the OSS program that's like Mathematica?  Hmmm.05:58
sbalneavThere's also a GNU stats pack program05:58
andrew____I'll keep poking around...I've been playing with much of the ed freeware, and thus far it seems kind of hit or miss...to be expected I guess.  I'm interested in TI Labview but they make you pay gads for it, even the Linux version...06:00
andrew____I need to go to bed, but I thank you profusely for your help...great to have this channel!  Will definitely be back..hopefully I'll help another...far in the future.06:01
sbalneavNo problem.06:02
sbalneavYou'll find me here and in #ltsp06:02
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LaserJocksbalneav: I am for a sec06:37
sbalneavhey hey06:37
LaserJockwere you able to get a debdiff06:38
sbalneavok, I did the debbuild -uc -us -S06:38
sbalneavWhat next06:38
LaserJockdebuild <oldpackage>.dsc <newpackage>.dsc06:39
LaserJocksorry, debdiff06:39
sbalneavMail that to you?06:40
LaserJockmantha at ubuntu.com06:41
sbalneavWell, it's been a long day weeding the garden, and fixing nbd07:00
sbalneavnight all07:00
LaserJockbah, just missed him07:02
Burgundaviahmm, Userful finally turned off my email and remote access07:03
LaserJockBurgundavia: what do you make of that zdnet article?07:04
Burgundaviasomebody got sucked in to test stuff07:04
Burgundavianothing much07:04
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sbalneavogra: ping04:54
ograsbalneav, hey hey :)04:54
ograany news on the nbd front ?04:54
ograreally ?? o_O04:55
sbalneavSent off a debdiff to LaserJock last night04:55
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sbalneavBut I forgot something04:55
ograhmm, no upload04:55
sbalneavIn nbdrootd04:55
sbalneavyou need to change the nbd-server line to:04:55
ograthats ltsp side04:55
sbalneavnbd-server 0 $1 -C /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&104:56
sbalneavthe -C /dev/null is to give it an empty config file04:56
=== happywithed [n=administ@] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavthe redirect to /dev/null's because then it barfs out a glib "WARNING: empty config file bla blah"04:57
happywithedHello there04:57
sbalneavsince inetd just uses socket 0 (stdin) and internally, the program closes stdou, and stderr, you can just ignore the warings.04:58
sbalneavthat fixes the problem.04:58
sbalneavAnd Wouter's off my christmas card list this year :)04:58
happywithedIs it possible to connect an edubuntu desktop with the NFS and LDAP installed in the classroom server?04:59
sbalneavogra: Cool on the hal!  What'd you have to do for that?05:00
ograsbalneav, well, if he adds it upstream you can add him back ;)05:00
ograsbalneav, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27019/05:00
happywithedI have a classroom setup with 15 light clients, but would like to connect an additional edubuntu desktop05:00
happywithedsbalneav: how do I do that?05:00
happywithedI am running Feisty Fawn on both the classroom server and the desktop05:01
ograsbalneav, if hal wouldnt be so ugly to have on clients, we could just punt the output of lshal from the client through the tunnel into the servers hal ... and omit the /dev and sysfs entries, that way we have access to all info05:02
sbalneavhappywithed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication should get you started05:02
sbalneavogra: Yeah, we'll need to properly get HAL going on the clients eventually.05:03
ograthats no prob05:03
ograjust install it :)05:03
happywithedsbalneav: thanks, I'll check it out.  How about the NFS? Any pointers there?05:03
ograwith the unionfs it will run like a charm05:03
ograbut its eating ram :/05:03
sbalneavhappywithed: Google is your friend.  Add you /home dir to /etc/exports on the server, then an fstab entry on the "client" to mount it.05:04
sbalneavI'm pretty happy with the nbd thing.05:04
ograits tempting to be able to just move all info 1:1 into the sessions hal...05:04
happywithedsbalneav: thanks05:05
sbalneavHopefully, we should be able to make tribe 205:06
ograsbalneav, so why hasnt the debdiff been uploaded ?05:06
sbalneavDunno, I sent it to LaserJock late last night05:07
sbalneavwant me to send it to you now?05:07
ograwe need it fixed for the tribe cd05:07
happywithedBTW, is it possible to completely take out the LDAP server from the Classroom client to place it in its own dedicated physical server?  That way I can use the LDAP server for other classrooms.05:07
sbalneavgimme 2 seconds05:07
ografreeze is ahead, i dont want to have endless discussions about the patch because i upload during a freeze...05:08
sbalneavhappywithed: have a separate sever for ldap?  Easy enough, but with only a few clients, ldap's not going to overload anything05:08
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stgraberogra: when is the freeze ? Monday, Tuesday ?05:10
happywithedsbalneav: Yes, you are right, but my server is not powerful enough to handle another classroom.  So I am going to setup another server for the second classroom and would like both servers to share the same LDAP server.05:10
ograMonday i think05:10
sbalneav_Evil me05:10
stgraberI also think so as henrik asked me to have a working tracker by Monday :)05:10
ograwe should see that we have the big chunk of chages in before ..05:10
ograsmall changes to fix bugs we find are no problem during freezes05:11
ograbut adding 500 lines or so is a prob05:11
sbalneav_Sorry, that line should be:05:11
sbalneav_/bin/nbd-server 0 $1 -r -C /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&105:11
sbalneavforgot the -r05:12
ograi understand ... i already changed it locally while trying to get 2.9 running05:12
ograindeed it didnt help :)05:12
sbalneavCheck your mail there, ogra05:12
stgrabersbalneav: Mind sending me a copy of the debdiff ? so I can play with it here :)05:13
ograthats all ???05:13
sbalneavI did have an email from LaserJock, saidhe got into a discussion and couldn't get it uploaded.  Said the email should be changed so that I get credit for the fix.  I couldn't care less about that, just do the fix as yourself ogra.05:13
sbalneavTurned out to be easier than I thought05:14
sbalneavtook me 3 hours of tracing to come up with that, though :)05:14
ogra1h for every added line05:14
sbalneavOne wonders WHY he took it out.05:14
sbalneavsince it's SO F****** SIMPLE to leave in05:15
sbalneavstgraber: Sure, what's yer addy?05:15
sbalneav1 sec05:15
sbalneavmake sure you patch your nbdrootd in /usr/sbin as well with that line I pasted.05:17
=== Mirrakor [n=michael@p57B2FA88.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== stgraber loves that kind of patch :)
sbalneavogra: tried it yet?05:23
ograbuilding the package05:24
ograperfect !05:28
sbalneavIt work?05:31
=== sbalneav crosses fingers
=== bluekuja [n=andrea@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #edubuntu
ograyou should have a reciept mail from launchpad for the upload05:33
=== sbalneav breathes sight of relief
ograthere we go05:35
sbalneavglad we got THAT one sorted05:36
ogra2.9.3-3ubuntu1 should be in the archive in about 2h05:36
ograi'll fix nbdrootd alongside05:36
sbalneavWell, kiddies want some breakfast.05:41
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavI'll be on later tonight, get back to ldm :)05:41
sbalneavLaster all!05:41
sbalneavthx ogra05:41
Yagisanhighvoltage, you here ?05:42
highvoltageYagisan: indeed05:47
Yagisanwas browsing through the wiki, and saw your name next too masochists interested in FullyAutomaticSwapServer05:48
Yagisanthats was speced for edgy - did that get implemented in feisty ?05:48
=== Yagisan has come into a few boxes that really really need network swap
Yagisanas in firefox freezes on them O_O05:49
YagisanI've killed him! noooooo!05:52
=== mpytasz [n=dduck@] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageYagisan: yes, it did05:54
=== mpytasz [n=dduck@] has joined #edubuntu
stgrabercool, nbd-server now works just fine, I just can't open a session (greater then black screen with waiting-cursor ...)06:02
stgrabermaybe a ssh problem somewhere06:02
Yagisanhighvoltage, oh ? what magic incantation do I need to pass to ltsp-build-client06:03
highvoltageYagisan: afaik, it should work out of the box06:04
highvoltageYagisan: have you checked whether it made a swap file?06:04
Yagisanhighvoltage, I'm not an out of the box guy - I have been taking stock ubuntu and addind the ltsp packages to them06:04
highvoltageYagisan: eesh, I don't know then06:06
=== Yagisan remembers a time when he would have known exactly where to find all this and not be the one sking for help
=== andrew____ [n=chatzill@user-12ld7dv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #edubuntu
andrew____I have a client that I was trying to set up with LDAP authentication and I must have messed up the libnss-ldap.conf file (I think I forgot to make bind-policy soft)  and now it hangs during boot.  How can I bypass the desktop and go straight to command line to fix this?06:10
=== Yagisan blows away the chroot and starts again
andrew____I should speecify...this is a thick client...06:12
=== pitux [n=pitux@22-95-20-190.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
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stgraberhi andrew____06:14
andrew____howdy!  back at it.06:15
stgraberok, I think you'll have the exact same problem using the shell as using gdm as it's probably the nss/pam that cause the problem06:16
stgraberif switching to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1) doesn't help, you may want to boot a livecd to fix the config files, then reboot06:16
andrew____by livecd you mean a CD image of ubuntu-desktop?06:17
andrew____Should I use the "rescue a broken system" option?06:19
stgraberthis one is more for MBR issues, simply boot the CD06:20
andrew____Having trouble getting it to simply boot from disk...may be a bad cd burn06:22
andrew____Ok found a good copy...starting in "safe graphics mode"06:26
stgrabergot to go for a moment, once on the desktop, simply double-click your harddisk in a nautilus window, it'll mount it and let you see its content06:30
=== andrupal [n=chatzill@user-12ld7dv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #edubuntu
andrupalOK having some trouble editing the libnss-ldap.conf file in safe mode...06:34
andrupalThe file appears to to exist...06:34
andrupalnot to exist, rather06:34
andrupalAm I missing something obvious here?06:35
YagisanO_O error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally06:35
stgraberandrupal: ok, open a terminal and become root (sudo -s)06:44
stgraberandrupal: then mount your root partition : mount /dev/hda1 /mnt (assuming it's hda1, it can also be sda1)06:45
andrupalI've already started a reinstall of desktop...perhaps hasty...06:46
stgraberok :)06:46
stgraberJust a small tip, when you are editing the network auth stuff, always keep a root shell opened somewhere and don't reboot before you are sure everything is working :)06:47
andrupalnot entirely sure how to do this yet...how do you test boot authentication without rebooting?06:50
stgraberyou can use : login06:53
stgraberfrom a root shell06:53
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highvoltage9/win 1107:08
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool181.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== mpytasz [n=dduck@staticline17096.toya.net.pl] has joined #edubuntu
andrupalack...just had the same thing happen again while editing libnss-ldap.conf it seems I'm locked out of the client08:23
andrupalI went to search getent group example and the shell froze up...08:25
andrupalNow I'm running desktop from livecd...how do I get into the libnss-ldap.conf file to edit?08:27
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=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust150.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== sc0tt_ is now known as sc0tt
andrupaltrying to add users in LDAP Administration Tool and it fails, saying "Strong Authentication Required"09:18
andrupalany clue as to why?09:18
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=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavAfternoon all10:20
andrupalStill slogging away at LDAP here10:20
sbalneavGot my own problems10:20
sbalneavAir con died in machine room sometime last night.10:21
sbalneavGot a call this Am, and came in.10:21
sbalneav96 degrees in the core room10:21
sbalneavI'm picking up the pieces now.10:21
andrupalI can tell you how a compressor creates cold10:22
sbalneavThat's ok, I know how refrigeration works.10:23
andrupalAbout all I have to offer at this point;)10:23
andrupalI'm getting stuck adding new users to slapd :  database already in use errors...10:26
sbalneavhow are you adding them?10:27
andrupaltried a GUI "LDAP Administration Tool" to no avail (strong authentication required errors)  now back using init.ldif10:28
sbalneavYou're not using slapadd, are you?10:28
sbalneavfrom the slapadd manpage:10:29
sbalneav"Your slapd server should not be running when performing slapadds"10:29
sbalneavuse gq10:29
sbalneavapt-get install gq10:29
andrupalIt seems already to be installed10:30
sbalneavstart it up then,10:30
sbalneavadd your server10:30
sbalneavyou got a book on LDAP?10:31
andrupalSort of...I've got some chapters in an O'Reilly Linux System Admin book....and a Samba book10:32
sbalneavO'Reilly has a couple of good ones.  "LDAP systems administration" is highly recommended/10:32
athdo you get an LDAP if you install ltsp server?10:32
sbalneavLDAP is a huge, HUGE topic10:32
sbalneavath: no10:32
sbalneavif you want, you can GET ldap going for users with LTSP10:32
andrupali.e. I should install ltsp?10:33
athbecause I am looking to set up a network for our small school and I am considering edubuntu but I don't want to use gnomw10:33
sbalneavgnome's got nothing to do with LDAP10:34
sbalneavLDAP's a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol10:34
andrupalsbalneav: does gq add users or is it just a browser10:34
athI know but I need a graphical way of doing things10:34
sbalneavGQ can add10:34
sbalneavath: so use GQ10:34
athwhat is GQ10:35
sbalneavA graphical interface to ldap10:35
athoh, neat10:35
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool123.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
andrupalSo it try adding a user in gq and it says modifications require authentication10:36
athis LDAP better than using edubuntu because I don't really want all the programs that come with it10:36
andrupalAgain:  stronger authentication required10:37
sbalneavandrupal: you need to bind to LDAP as the ldap owner ID10:37
andrupalI see, so that means if "andrew" is the user, "andrew" also needs to be the ldap owner?10:37
sbalneavAs part of setting up the database, you should have created a user, like ldapadmin, or admin, that has write access to the database10:37
sbalneavYou need to bind to ldap as that user.10:38
andrupalDo I need to create a user in Ubuntu called "admin" and then login as this user?10:38
sbalneavandrew would be a regular user10:38
sbalneavYou need to bind as your ldap "root" user, so you have write access.10:38
andrupalHow can I get the desktop apps to bind as "admin"10:38
sbalneavYou set that up in the binddn in gq10:39
athis edubuntu ldap then?10:39
sbalneavath: no10:39
sbalneavldap is a subsystem that can be installed and set up10:40
andrupalWhere's binddn in gq?10:40
sbalneavit's not there by default10:40
athI see10:40
sbalneavandrupal: in the server setup10:40
sbalneavmy binddn's cn=ldapadmin,dc=legalaid,dc=mb,dc=ca10:41
sbalneavwhere ldapadmin's the userid that's the owner10:41
andrupalI don't see a "server setup" ...is this in a config file or part of the GUI?10:41
andrupalOh... in the DN for example.net?10:42
sbalneavin your slapd.conf, you set the rootdn with the rootdn keyword, and it's password with the rootpw keyword10:42
sbalneavandrupal: I don't have gq runing right now.10:42
sbalneavSo I can't tell you exactly where it is.10:43
andrupalright...but then you're saying gq has a setting for this as well?10:43
sbalneavit does10:43
sbalneavI know, because I use it.10:43
andrupalI believe you...so far you have done me right!10:44
sbalneavwhat's the value of your "rootdn" and "rootpw" keywords in your slapd.conf?10:45
andrupaladmin and the rootw is an SSHA string10:46
sbalneavjust "admin"?10:46
sbalneavThat's not right.10:46
sbalneavYou'll need something like:10:46
andrupalOh yes,,,that's what it says.10:47
andrupalI think I found the place in gq where this is set.10:47
sbalneavbrb, gotta bring another piece of the puzzle back online.10:48
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=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
andrupalhelluva time getting gq to authenticate the root user for LDAP...anyone know this beast (LDAP) well enought to tame it?11:10
andrupalhowdy sbalneav11:11
andrupalTried setting up the server settings in gq to no avail11:11
andrupalunder servers->localhost11:12
andrupal->edit  I set the dn identical to that in slapd.conf11:12
andrupalWhat authentication (bind type) am I using...simple, kerberos, or sasl?11:14
=== cliebow2 [n=cliebow2@c-68-37-128-111.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
andrupaleven if rootpw is SSHA string?11:16
cliebow2simple to you is..well..11:17
andrupalAfter all is submitted, I'm getting: server "localhost" not found, errors.11:18
LaserJocksbalneav: around?11:23
sbalneavLaserJock yep11:24
sbalneavandrupal: ok, lets try this11:24
sbalneavyour base dn's dc=example,dc=com, right?11:24
sbalneavor is it net?11:24
sbalneavI can't remember11:24
sbalneavlets do this:11:25
sbalneavldapsearch -h localhost -b "dc=example,dc=net11:25
sbalneavldapsearch -h localhost -b "dc=example,dc=net" -x "(uid=*)"11:26
sbalneavsorry the second one11:26
sbalneavLaserJock: What's up?  Saw your email, I sent it on to ollie11:26
sbalneavit's been uploaded \o/!11:26
sbalneavLaserJock: I'm in at work.  Aircon died in the system room, I'm nursing 20+ servers back to life.11:27
sbalneavandrupal: did that command work?11:27
andrupalOK a nice output with ldif-looking stuff, including all I added from init.ldif11:27
sbalneavso, that was an anonymous bind11:28
sbalneavNow we'll try a bind as the ldap admin.11:28
LaserJocksbalneav: so did ollie upload it?11:28
sbalneavgimme a sec to test.11:28
sbalneavLaserJock: Yep!11:28
sbalneavDone like dinner.11:28
sbalneavldapsearch -h localhost -b "dc=example,dc=net"  -D -x "(uid=*)"11:29
sbalneavldapsearch -h localhost -b "dc=example,dc=net"  -D "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=net" -w XXYOURPASSWDXX -x "(uid=*)"11:30
sbalneavwhere XXYOURPASSWDXX is the password it asked you for when you installed ldap11:30
LaserJocksbalneav: awesome, great11:30
LaserJockI'm glad that was such an easy fix11:31
sbalneavLaserJock: it's a load off my mind, let me tell you."11:31
sbalneavIt was 3 hours of digging into the source.11:31
sbalneavI've got to see if Wouter will accept it upstream11:31
sbalneavI'm hoping since it's so simple, he will.11:31
andrupalsbalneav, the 2nd you gave returns similar output11:32
andrupalthe first gives invalid dn syntax error11:33
sbalneavthat was a mistype11:34
sbalneavok, so that means that you can bind as the binddn, with the right password.11:34
sbalneavso it should work within gq11:34
sbalneavif not, you can use the command ldapadd11:35
sbalneavnot slapadd, but ldapadd11:35
sbalneavthat will actually do a bind to the database11:35
sbalneavslapadd just tries to write the database files directly11:36
andrupalOh how I would prefer a GUI for this type of thing, though...11:38
andrupalJust to confirm...I'm setting up file->preferences->servers->localhost in gq11:39
sbalneavDude, like I say, I don't have access to it at the moment.11:40
andrupalOK...no prb11:40
sbalneavWhen in doubt, read the manual, and google.11:40
sbalneavbrb, next server ready to online11:43
=== Feldegast [n=feldegas@C-61-68-60-52.hay.connect.net.au] has joined #edubuntu
andrupalso strange...I can get gq to browse when it doesn't have any bind dn entered...but as soon as I include the bind dn and password in the server setup info, it just hangs up during the search...11:57
=== etank [n=etank@ubuntu/member/etank] has joined #edubuntu
etankis there a mata package that can be used to install all of the educational apps that come by default with an edubuntu install?12:04
etankbut without installing gnome12:08
etanki want to get all of the default apps for edubuntu loaded on a xubuntu box12:09
etankthe easiest way possible12:09
LaserJockyou might just use the Edubuntu addon cd12:12
LaserJockwe're going to get better metapackage sets for gutsy12:13
etankno big deal12:14
etanki just have to do it once12:14
etankand then replicate it to the rest of the boxes that i have12:14
LaserJockwhich apps are you interested in?12:15
etankall of the educational stuff12:15
etankgcompris, tuxmath, etc12:15
LaserJockheh, that's kinda broad :-)12:15
=== Knightlust [n=Dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #edubuntu
etankhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam/CharityProject/PackageList  <---- that sums it up :)12:16
etankof course that was taken from the edubuntu site though12:16
andrupalany ideas why "dc=example,dc=net" would be giving an invalid dn syntax in LDAP administration tool?12:18
sbalneavandrupal: hold on, I've got enough back up to get x going, I'll head upstairs and get gq fire up12:19

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