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TheSheepyou guys have seen this? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-250287550832776783005:57
nothlitwhat accent does she have? its curious06:05
nothlitwow, his chosen websites aren't very nice06:12
TheSheephe didn't spend a lot of time on chosing :)06:13
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troy_sThat's a great link.07:02
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-artwork:troy_s] : Welcome to #ubuntu-artwork! Thanks to TheSheep for this link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2502875508327767830
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nothlitlol, whats new in there compared not already known or learned by composition08:35
troy_snothlit: It is just an interesting take on it.  I find most of it quite foolish actually and ill researched.  He restricted his "study" to westernized thinking and examples.  He should have done a little art history before making those claims.08:48
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troy_snothlit: Most of what he comes to conclusion on is learned history based on post-ren thinking -- aka Phi and all of its implications.  It also fails to take into account historical context, thematic context, and a few other massive factors.09:06
nothlit`alphalol, it wasn't really researched at all, he seems to think his [very biased and personal]  suppositions are groundbreaking, as well as his findings09:36
nothlit`alphai find it interesting that he says hes a photographer/looked deeply into this stuff, because its obvious he has no grounding09:37
nothlit`alphai think articles colour theory/composition would be far more articulate, and efficient to link to09:39
troy_snothlit`alpha: Yeah... like I said, it gets a +1 for at least trying.  -6 for being rather foolish in pursuit / scope / understanding.09:46
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BHSPitLappyWhy does the ubuntu.com tour of ubuntu show Dapper screenshots?12:03

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