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dee_good morning06:30
dee_depens on were you live. :)06:31
Madpilotonly 2130 here. not even properly dark.06:31
dee_is someone here responsible for the marketing mailing list?06:31
dee_sun is just rising behind the trees here. :)06:32
dee_hm, maybe I should rejoin later... do you know when most of the responsibles are awake?06:33
Flannelin the past few days, looks to be about 12-15 hours from now.06:34
Madpilotnot sure, to be honest. Sending a message to the mailing list is probably a better way of reaching people06:34
Flannelbut thats just when theyve spoken, not necessarily when theyve been active or not06:34
dee_Madpilot: THIS is the problem. I have send a mail there and just want to know if I hat to resend it. ^^06:35
dee_Flannel: okay, thanks. :)06:36
dee_hat = had06:36
Madpilotdee_, you're signed up for the list? Do you receive messages?06:36
dee_Madpilot: no I'm not signed up. I know (now) that I cannot send messages there. but it's still in the admin queue. so I was hoping that the list admin would forward it.06:38
Madpilotthey might, when they get to it. Most of the Ubuntu lists block/filter non-subscribed emails06:38
dee_and because I do not want to spam if I send my message a second time there after signing up I want to ask before. :)06:38
dee_yes it's the same with our mailing lists on the server. But I haven't thought of it... ^^06:39
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dee_so, I'm off... see you later06:51
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Lipe_tsmithe: PING06:01
tsmitheLipe_, pong06:01
Lipe_tsmithe: hi06:01
Lipe_I'm working on generating RSS feeds for ubuntustats, do you know a good python library to do that?06:02
tsmitheooh generating rss feeds06:02
tsmithei don't sorry06:02
Lipe_ok, thanks anyway.06:02
tsmitheLipe_, "python-pyrss2gen - A Python interface for generating RSS 2.0 feeds"06:03
tsmithemaybe that's what you wanted?06:03
tsmithe(apt-cache search ftw :p)06:03
Lipe_yes... I saw that but being in the repos doesn't garantee that it's good...06:03
Lipe_I will keep asking peole... :)06:04
tsmithehehe :)06:04
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poningruok guys new idea06:48
poningruthe Ubuntu 100 website06:48
poningrubasically take whatever hardware is in the wiki and put it up in a pretty website06:49
poningruand tell people 'this hardware works 100% with ubuntu'06:49
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jendaponingru: rox :)07:01
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deeist the admin of the marketing-mailinglist here?08:45
deeor any reponsible person?08:45
jendaI moderate it, dee 08:50
deejenda: hello.08:53
deeI have sent a message yesterday and was informed that it was blocked08:54
jendaok, I'll have a look at it.08:54
deeso i want to know if you forward it anyway or do i have to resend it after singing in to the mailing list?08:54
deeh, signing...08:54
deeI do not want to sing...08:54
jendadamned, I wanted to talk to beuno :)08:55
jendadee: if you resend it, you'll save me some work :)08:56
deejenda: okay...08:56
jendacool, thanks :)08:56
deehm, is ubuntu-marketing-submissions open vor everyone? it's sounds so...08:57
jendaYes, it should be.08:58
deehm, so why not sending it there? :)08:58
jendaI don't know for sure, I haven't been watching much lately.08:59
jendaNo idea :)08:59
deeokay, let's try out. :)08:59
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crimsunsomeone please add June 29, 2007 at 11:00 UTC (MOTU meeting) to fridge10:41
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crimsun(#ubuntu-meeting/Freenode as per usual; agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings )10:41
crimsunthanks in advance10:41
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BHSPitLappyWhy does the ubuntu.com tour of ubuntu show Dapper screenshots??12:03
FlannelExcept, I don't think that's linked anywhere.  Because when they redesigned the site, they felt like making it impossible to navigate... but rounded.12:06

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