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greg_g@schedule michigan01:10
ubotuSchedule for US/Michigan: 26 Jun 09:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 11:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 08:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 16:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 11:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 03 Jul 15:00: Technical Board01:10
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Vorianwho's here for the US LoCo Teams meeting?02:08
Vorianand hello to everyone else :)02:09
=== etank is here
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TriniTy_t'es l ?11:32
Juoui hello !11:33
Jusur #ubuntu-fr-meeting11:33
TriniTy_lol t'avais mis #ubunut-fr-meeting sur le siteeeeeeeeee11:33
TriniTy_heureusement je t'ai whois :p11:33
TriniTy_w donc quand je veux changer mes distrib11:33
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Spec@schedule edt02:45
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 26 Jun 13:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 15:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 12:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 20:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 03 Jul 19:00: Technical Board02:46
Spec@schedule America/New_York02:46
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 26 Jun 09:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 11:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 08:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 16:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 11:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 03 Jul 15:00: Technical Board02:47
Specfinally :p02:47
Specerr, that doesn't mention the LoCo meeting today?: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting02:48
shawarmaSpec: Maybe the loco team meeting wasn't submitted to the fridge..02:49
gnomefreakthe us loco team meeting was02:55
gnomefreakit was on schedule a thursday for sat i think02:56
Specwhat meeting is taking place in an hour?02:56
gnomefreaknone from what fridge says02:56
Specbut the wiikiii02:56
gnomefreakseems there are 2 loco meetings today02:57
gnomefreakmaybe ubotu wasnt updated since seveas is gone02:57
Specseveas is gone?02:58
gnomefreakmonth or so been gone maybe 2 weeks now02:59
Specwhy'd he leave?02:59
Specoh, gone for a month?02:59
Specso that's georgia us loco meeting and catalan loco team?02:59
Specthe wiki seems to imply it's a generic all-loco team meeting02:59
gnomefreakyes both seem to be today02:59
gnomefreakSpec: not sure about that03:00
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ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 26 Jun 13:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 15:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 12:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 20:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 03 Jul 19:00: Technical Board03:06
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ompaulSpec, he will be back, he is gone for $time very suddenly he had to run03:18
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amachube back in 20-25 min03:49
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Speckjcole: i don't know why i'm still awake.03:56
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flintKevin, you're killing me...04:01
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flintkjcole, ...my life is a living hell...04:01
flint...I am getting coffee...04:02
elkbuntuOk, who is here for the LoCo Teams meeting? (that it seems didnt get on the fridge :-/)04:02
flintelkbuntu, it was on the fridge.04:03
elkbuntuflint, it was? it's not in the topic here. i guess ubotu is b0rked04:03
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seeleseele (Celeste Paul)04:03
flintelkbuntu, well it was on the wiki... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting04:03
elkbuntuflint, yes i know that much. i put it there :04:03
Specit's not on the fridge....two loco meetings are on the fridge04:04
flintseele, mille gratzie04:04
Spec(which ubotu also didn't pick up)04:04
=== kjcole is here for the LoCo meeting.
flintelkbuntu, do not be bitter, I can do that for you.04:04
dthackerdthacker  Dave Thacker-Nebraska Team04:04
elkbuntuflint, im not bitter, just disorganised04:04
=== kjcole is Kevin Cole, Washington, DC LoCo Team
dthackerelkbuntu: welcome to my world....04:05
elkbuntudthacker, haha!04:05
flintI announce myself here as the rep from Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts (VAGUE)04:05
elkbuntuok, i guess we shall start. latecomers can read logs and join in when they manage to get their disorganised butts into gear04:06
elkbuntuSo, general issues?04:06
flintdthacker, hey Dave!04:06
elkbuntudoes anyone have a general LoCo team issue? (with the LoCo project or the running therof)04:06
kjcoleFYI to all who might not have noticed (like me): This meeting likes MootBot which I hadn't encountered before.  See:04:07
flintelkbuntu, the issue of loco recognition should be deligated by counrty.04:07
elkbuntuflint, what do you mean by that?04:07
flintelkbuntu, the hell that the DC loco had to go through with the loco central in London should not be repeated.04:07
elkbuntuflint, and what hell was that?04:08
Specflint: we were a special case due to the fact that we were formed before much of the LoCo Team rules & guidelines were in existance.04:08
Specelkbuntu: pleny of hell04:08
flintmy motion is to declare the ability for the country amalgamated locos to recognize any local country based loco.04:08
kjcoleMore purgatory (or limbo) than hell. ;-)04:08
flintany seconds?04:09
elkbuntucan someone explain what happened, because at the moment i've got no idea what happened04:09
flintAh Melissa with the handle you are using i thought you were Jeff Elkner, my sincere apologies...04:10
=== myriam_rs is here from Swiss LocoTeam
kjcoleelkbuntu: Early on, I went to the CC for approval, and thought that I had obtained it.  A year later, someone got miffed and said we weren't an approved team04:10
elkbuntukjcole, how long ago was this? (the original CC thing)04:10
kjcoleelkbuntu: and we had to start over again, defending ourselves to the CC after having held several events, etc.04:11
flintThe DC Loco was the first formed.  A bureaucracy grew up at cannonical/ubuntu in london which did not "recognize" our group as part of the "council"  thus there was a show vote.04:11
flintThe whole thing stank of procedure for procedures sake, and I feel that each country should be able to recognize local locos for goodness sake.04:11
elkbuntuflint, the concept of approved teams is for Canonical to distinguise between us04:12
elkbuntuflint, please stop calling for seconds, I am chairing this meeting04:12
flintok. no harm intended.04:12
flintthe point of country based approval seems like a reasonable request.04:13
kjcoleelkbuntu: (I went to the council after flint handed the reigns of the LoCo to me.  He was the original LoCo guy before me when he moved from the area.)04:13
elkbuntuas i was saying, it is for Canonical, the 'bureacracy' you mention, to distinguish between active/approved teams, so they can better judge where to trust resources to04:13
flintI am merely suggesting that peers within a country can also make that determination and that this matter should be delegated to that level.04:14
elkbuntuCanonical trusts the CC and more recently Jono, to judge which teams are active and therefore trustworthy04:14
SpecWhat resources(other than CDs and serverspace) does/can Canonical provide for LoCo teams?04:14
mc44elkbuntu: its the CC, not Canonical who distinguishes :)04:14
elkbuntumc44, it is, but it is for Canonical's sake, mostly04:14
flintmc44, excellent point...04:14
=== afflux [i=fnord@pentabarf.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
flintelkbuntu, merely food for thought madame chairperson.04:15
flintI am getting coffee.04:15
dthackerbrb, dog wants in....04:17
elkbuntuthe only country that has a splintered loco is the US. It would be highly unfair to allow a decision to go through to allow the US LoCo to decide to approve the state teams. As it is, the US already has as many teams as South America, and each of these US teams is already entitled to Canonical sponsored benefits.04:17
Specelkbuntu: Is there a list of said benefits?04:17
seelei dont know why the number of teams matter, especially if we have active members to support them04:18
elkbuntuSpec, it was revised at the most recent Dev Summit, let me drudge up the link04:18
kjcoleFor the DC LoCo, the issue with the CC is water under the bridge, at least as far as approval goes.04:18
seelethe US has 300 million people, it seems silly to have a single loco for it04:18
dthackerSpec: mailing lists, forums,04:18
flintelkbuntu, true, VAGUE may choose to participate as a loco, DC is again a first, but a pattern emerges...04:18
kjcoleHowever, to me "Local04:18
kjcoleand "Community" have a very different meaning than "Country".04:19
elkbuntuseele, India has over a billion people04:19
seeleyeah.. and they should be able to have regional LoCos too04:19
kjcoleseele, agreed04:19
flintelkbuntu, and India's local councils will need to have this authority delegated, and quick.04:19
myriam_rsseele: +104:19
elkbuntukjcole, that may be so, but if we splinter LoCos to the point of cities, then Canonical is either going to go bust trying to support them all, or reduce LoCo allocations to like 10cds04:19
kjcoleCoCo's and LoCo's04:19
myriam_rsIndia for instance even has many different languages04:19
flintI do not even want to think about China, the Peking loco opened with 5,00 members.04:20
elkbuntuflint, India doesnt have the same 'problem' working together as the US does04:20
Specelkbuntu: If the LoCo's are using and effectively distributing Ubuntu CDs to lots of people in each individual city, where does the problem lay?04:20
seeleelkbuntu: what do you mean by that?04:20
=== _kjcole [n=kjcole@dsl092-145-217.wdc2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
flintelkbuntu, and Vermont is noted for its ability not to play well with the other states, but that is another matter...04:20
elkbuntuseele, the US team has splintered into many state and sometimes city teams.04:21
_kjcoleElkbuntu, definitely hard to sustain. ;-)  In an ideal world, we'd all be good little communists and find ways to contribute some04:21
SpecWhat cities have thier own team?04:21
seeleyes i know that.. but other than vermont, who isnt playing nice04:21
dthackermay we get back on track please.  This issue is delegaton of approval.  We could have an entire day discussion on scope04:21
elkbuntuSpec, Chicago04:22
seeleSpec: i think there are some "clubs" but i dont know of any official locos04:22
_kjcolefinancial resources to the collective. ;-)04:22
seelechicago is an official loco?04:22
amachuhi everyone04:22
myriam_rselkbuntu: I can understand states teams to be officialized, but cities is questionable also to my perception04:22
Specelkbuntu: How should we cooperate and organize with other LoCOs in the United States?04:22
elkbuntudthacker, and unfortunately it is not one that *anyone* here has jurisdiction to decide04:22
flintseele, wait a second my friend I speak for flint, not for Vermont.04:22
myriam_rswhy not approve state teams and thei handle cities teams themselve?04:22
elkbuntuI recommend that this be taken to the Community Manager, and if need be the CC04:23
SpecState teams should be responsible for the teams that form in cities....04:23
elkbuntubut go through the Community Manager first04:23
dthackerelkbuntu: then the question becomes. how do those concerned get their concerns heard by the CC?04:23
flintdoes anyone but me see the wisdom of country delegation?04:23
Specdthacker: attend a CC meeting04:23
popeyi dont see the need personally04:23
_kjcole(But DC's not a state: Taxation w/o Representation. ;-) )04:23
flint_kjcole, DC is in fact a military district....04:23
SpecThe DC team obviously should represent all of US. <hides>04:24
dthackerSpec: LOL04:24
=== elkbuntu blows the "OFFTOPIC" horn
flintSpec, you are on the slippery slope...04:24
SpecNo, but seriously, elkbuntu, citi-LoCo-groups should be controller by the State LoCo (exception: DC), who do we take that to?04:24
dthackerflint: it sounds like you need to email Jono04:24
Speccontroller, controlled, whatever.04:24
elkbuntuSpec, this is out of my control. Take it to Jono, please.04:25
popeysounds to me like creating an unnecessary hierarchy04:25
popeywhat is the problem you are trying to fix flint ?04:25
Specpopey: s/fix/create/04:25
flintpopey, the issue that every loco must go throught what I witnessed the d04:25
flintDC loco going through.04:26
flintpopey, it was not pretty.04:26
popeythats one loco04:26
SpecSo, since we've decided that we're talking about thigns we can't change - next topic, elkbuntu?04:26
flintpopey, it was the first loco04:26
dthackeragreed,  this goes to jono, next topic?04:26
popeydthacker: +104:26
SpecWhy isn't jono here? :p04:26
elkbuntunext topic is Software Freedom Day :D04:26
elkbuntuSpec, he's in transit from somewhere to somewhere else afaik04:27
amachuelkbuntu: we formed a team yesterday04:27
elkbuntuplus, it is a weekend04:27
flintelkbuntu, thank you for your time and consideration.04:27
=== highvoltage can't wait until SFD again
elkbuntuamachu, cool.04:27
popeyelkbuntu: i registered the UK team04:27
elkbuntuoh actually... were there any other concerns before we launch into SFD goodness?04:27
popeyno clue what we will do tho :)04:27
SpecSo we get free schwag from Canonical for SFD?04:28
_kjcoleDC LoCo has done the past two, and gotten a wee bit of help, and plan to do a third.04:28
elkbuntuSpec, indirectly. You get free swag from SFI, which is plyed by canonical04:28
dthackerelkbuntu: my mailing list is attractin a lot of spam.  Is there anything I can do or request be done?04:28
elkbuntudthacker, talk to the sysadmins04:29
amachufrom the sfd site.. it appears that we will get it from SFD bith Ubuntu & OpenCD04:29
_kjcoleamachu: Swag (Schwag), stuff handed out at conferences to advertise and gain loyalty: CD's, T shirts, pens, stickers, balloons,04:29
SpecIs there any general structure to SFD, or is it just what the LoCo's make it out to be?04:29
myriam_rselkbuntu: and what is SFI?04:30
elkbuntumyriam_rs, Software Freedom International04:30
flinthow about making one of those goofy SFD across the planet type movies?04:30
popeySpec: there are guides of the site04:30
SpecAnd is there any reason we would want to cooperate with other US, or other Country's LoCo's for SFD?04:30
elkbuntumyriam_rs, there is a wikipedia page that lists the board04:30
myriam_rselkbuntu: thanks04:30
elkbuntuSpec, cooperate in terms of sharing ideas, the same way LoCos share ideas :)04:30
popeyi would recommend joining the SFD lailing lists04:31
SpecWell, if states are close enough they can make a really big SFD04:31
Specie: VA/MD/DC all got together04:31
_kjcoleSo, in the interest of sharing: The DC way = pairing up with a local library that collects books from the community to distribute for free.04:32
elkbuntuyep. and contacting organisations that may be able to 'sponsor' in the form of brochures and other fun stuff04:32
dthackerdthacker is trying to get an exhibit at the local uni...04:32
elkbuntuI have managed to coerce a package of coolness out of RedHat for example04:32
_kjcoleIt becomes a "Free Books, Free Software" event, but then we explain the "Freedom" part of "Free".04:32
elkbuntunot sure what is in said package yet, but im sure it will be cool04:32
Specelkbuntu: for your loco?04:33
flintSpec, how about the reason to cooperate is that the US has  a brilliant Texan leading us from the White House :^)  the new ubuntu multimedia cd might help produce such a thing.  Red hat might help with any costs...04:33
elkbuntuSpec, for the SFD event where i am04:33
popeyelkbuntu: how do you deal with organising an event for such a large loco such as -AU or -UK ?04:33
popeyor do you do multiple events?04:33
elkbuntuflint, you are being sarcastic, right? :04:33
elkbuntupopey, we do multiple events04:33
elkbuntupopey, (in aus)04:34
flintelkbuntu, whatever gave you that idea...  LOL04:34
Specrolling on laughing floors.04:34
amachuelkbuntu: in Log i did find some words about India04:34
=== elkbuntu really did LOL
flintcan't type laughing too hard.04:34
Speckjcole: trying to contact organizations for swag/support in our area?04:34
elkbuntuamachu, ah, i was using India as an example of a large loco that hasnt splintered as much as the US has04:35
flintelkbuntu, the cool thing about a distributed multimedia event is that this frames the issues for all to see for the next year.04:35
_kjcoleSpec, have been busy trying to deal with the (dying) FOSSED conference.04:35
amachuelkbuntu: ok04:35
Specelkbuntu: We should have one website/page/wiki-page to journal our adventures on SFD (from all around the world)04:35
flintSpec, Excellent start!04:36
_kjcoleSpec, SFD's web site used to have such a beastie...04:36
Specelkbuntu: who would be responsible for setting that up?04:36
Specthe 'archives' is seriously lacking04:36
Specoh, maybe not, i was in wrong section04:37
=== Kmos [n=gothicx@unaffiliated/kmos] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
elkbuntuSpec, you mean on softwarefreedomday.org? I believe someone lost some data since last year or something04:37
Specoh, ok04:37
=== _kjcole is now known as kjcole
Specyeah, these aren't journals of events04:37
Speckjcole: how far is hampton, va from us?04:37
Specelkbuntu: SFD is sponsored in part by Canonical, right?04:38
flintSpec, about 3 hours04:38
kjcolespec, you're asking a non-driver?04:38
flintogra, hello Ollie!04:38
elkbuntuSpec, yes. but not 'owned' by04:38
ograhey hey04:38
elkbuntuhey oli04:38
kjcoleogra, hey long time no chat.04:38
popeyelkbuntu: they wipe the site each year04:39
myriam_rshi ogra :-)04:39
Specelkbuntu: We should find a way to ensure all LoCo teams have registered for SFD on sfd.org04:39
flintogra, you missed my rap on national determination.... it was a beaut.04:39
popeythey dont lose it, they deliberately wipe it04:39
elkbuntupopey, aha04:39
ograhi myriam_rs :)04:39
dthackerubuntu-nebraska needs bodies for SFD, so I contacting the LUG, the perl-mongers, the python-LUG,  and any other bunch that might help04:39
popey(which is dumb IMO)04:39
flintpopey, that is why i like the "day" movie idea, we made a python movie and the damn thing is still around after five years.04:40
elkbuntuSpec, the aim isnt to make sure every LoCo registers, just to make sure loco teams are encouraged to participate04:40
elkbuntumost SFD events are LUG based, not LoCo based04:40
Specelkbuntu: by encouraging them to register, it encourages them to participate, right?04:40
SpecI don't see why we shouldn't make it a mandatory thing ^.^04:40
amachuSpec: not nessesary that it has to be LoCo04:40
SpecI know, but it should be necessary to participate in SFD if you are a LoCo04:41
Specor at least pretend to participate.04:41
amachuSpec: it can be the LUG & the LoCo Combination too04:41
amachuLUG might have registered and the LoCo can join hands04:41
elkbuntubut making sure LoCos partipate is important. LoCo SFD teams as opposed to LUG SFD teams face alienating potential helpers04:41
SpecThe requirement of one event(SFD) each year to be a LoCo isn't an outrageous one.04:41
flintelkbuntu, getting over the LUG - LOCO dichotomy is a necessary prelude for this thing.04:41
kjcoleBTW: Since SFD is not Ubuntu specific, a nice intro to Linux can be found at http://www.getgnulinux.org/04:41
elkbuntuSpec, you cannot force volunteers to do anything04:41
kjcole(Though it's not specifically a Linux event either.)04:42
elkbuntukjcole, exactly04:42
elkbuntumy aim in pestering about SFD is to *encourage* LoCo people to participate in the day at a LUG level04:42
SpecSo do we have any printable literature directly from Canonical?04:42
Specelkbuntu: yes...so what's the best way to accomplish that?04:43
elkbuntuSpec, ask for a conference pack04:43
Speckjcole: ^^ :D:D:D04:43
elkbuntuSpec, by talking about it in your LoCo, asking who is helping which LUG04:43
SpecOk, so we'll try to contact the 10 or so LUGs in our area04:43
dthackerkjcole: bookmarked, thanks04:44
SpecAny advertising for the event comes out of our own pocket, yes?04:44
dthackerSpec: try the perl-mongers too04:44
elkbuntuSpec, by logic, those 10 or so LUGs probably already have people in your LoCo04:44
Specelkbuntu: you would think so, but i don't think that's the case.04:44
elkbuntuSpec, you need to put a call out to the lurkers on your loco mailing list ;)04:45
elkbuntuSpec, i think you'll find there's a wider spread than you think04:45
dthackerquestion: is the Ubuntu book available as a PDF?04:45
elkbuntudthacker, iirc. no idea where04:45
flintdthacker, the concept of free software packaged in a proprietary format warms my heart...04:46
dthackerflint: my sarcasm detector is going off again04:46
flintdthacker, hehe04:46
Specflint: wget ubuntu.exe04:46
kjcoleSpec, advertising, banner, registration fees at events, have been coming out of jelkner's pocket and mine.  Not enough to break the bank, but like Canonical04:46
kjcoleit's not self-sustaining in the long run, w/o income.04:47
SpecWell, I was thinking more of how are we going to accomplish mass-advertisement of SFD.04:47
elkbuntukjcole, you can always ask them. at worst, they'll say 'no', but at least you will have tried04:47
dthackersee I have this wacky idea to send out CD's to local teachers, but I want to include the book.  And I can't afford 50 copies of the book04:47
SpecLike getting the local Career Center to make a Video-Advertisement for SFD, and then somehow getting local cable company to run the ad on public television....how feasable is that?04:47
elkbuntuSpec, i dont know, try it and let us know04:48
kjcoleWe were thinking of putting out a hat/jar for contributions at events...04:48
Specelkbuntu: what about trademark?04:48
flintSpec, so we need a movie.  Think about SFD as an annual thing. We need to plan for a future, or SFD will not have one.04:48
Specwould canonical need to authorize our ad?04:48
elkbuntuSpec, mail trademark@ubuntu.com if you're unsure04:48
Specflint: can you browbeat D.Welsh to get a 60-120 second (ingenious!) advertisement?04:49
kjcoleelkbuntu, since Canonical has already provided us CD's and other materials, I don't want to keep hitting them up for stuff.04:49
elkbuntuSpec, or, join #ubuntu-marketing and wait for gerry (probably in the midst of a nice weekend atm, so wait until tomorrow ;))04:49
Spec#ubuntu-marketing? :p04:50
popeyi doubt you will get much from canonical other than CDs/stickers04:50
Specpopey: uhh04:50
popeyotherwise they would logically have to do the same for _all_ LoCos04:50
Specpopey: i get free software from canonical all the time as well :)04:50
popeywhich would cost them $$04:50
flintSpec, those would be the hardest 60-120 seconds you ever got involved with...04:50
elkbuntupopey, still, it never hurts to ask04:51
Specflint: That's why I asked you to do it.04:51
kjcoleThe movie idea could be really great: If different LoCo's agree on a similar quality/format for a video, and someone could edit them together...04:51
SpecWell, if other people (not necessarily us) come up with an advertisement,04:52
Specwe could just pass around the one video and try our hardest to get it on local tv channels04:52
SpecIf all the LoCos helped out, we might get some half-way decent coverage04:52
flintkjcole, it is applying the process of distributed programming to multimedia.  I feel like Eric Raymond...04:52
kjcoleWatch it everyone! Flint has a gun.  ;-)04:52
flintkjcole, ouch!04:53
=== elkbuntu toots the "OFFTOPIC" horn again
dthackerthe cathedral and the bizarre04:53
elkbuntutake advertisement creation discussion to your LoCo channel or #ubuntu-marketing please04:53
Specok! next.04:53
elkbuntuok, i think we've discussed sfd enough, im going to revert back to the first item and ask if anyone who has joined since that discussion if there's any issues that need advice04:55
Hobbseeelkbuntu: can i have a pony?04:55
SpecNo, Hobbsee! elkbuntu can't have a pony!04:55
elkbuntuHobbsee, steal mneptoks04:55
Spechmm, that went wrong.04:55
flintkjcole, thanks for inviting me to this meeting (yes Melissa, this is Kevin's fault, and he may do it again :^)04:55
Hobbseeelkbuntu: ooh, there's an idea04:56
dthackerthe pony ran off when elkbuntu blew the offtopic horn04:56
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
flintthanks and later..04:56
elkbuntudthacker, it can tolerate mneptok, it can tolerate a horn :04:56
elkbuntuOk, i think that means we're done...04:57
amachuhey.. we would like to have the Ubuntu Derivate Team going04:57
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elkbuntuamachu, that is outside the loco scope, i'm afraid. while loco relevent, out of our control.04:58
amachuelkbuntu: ok04:58
kjcoleGood chatting with you all...  (I guess we04:58
dthackeramachu: is there a team set up?04:58
kjcole(I guess we're NOT using MootBot after all...)04:58
Speckjcole: indeed we're not :)04:59
amachudthacker: nope.. it started and stopped in between04:59
elkbuntuamachu, see the PM04:59
Speckjcole: now get to work! *whipcrack*04:59
elkbuntuamachu, private message04:59
kjcoleAre we ajourning?04:59
elkbuntukjcole, unless you have another genuine matter, yes05:00
kjcoleOK.  Later all.05:00
elkbuntuthanks for coming everyone05:01
Specelkbuntu: When is the next LoCo meeting?05:01
dthackerelkbuntu: this time works for me, hope it works for non-us teams.....05:02
elkbuntuSpec, when i announce it :)05:02
kjcole(Most excellent time for me...)05:02
elkbuntuSpec, i think i'm going to aim for monthly, since fortnightly doesnt bring alot of discussion05:02
Specelkbuntu: sounds good05:03
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elkbuntudthacker, this is the most encompassing time I could find05:03
dthackersounds good05:04
dthackermonthly that is05:04
amachuit works fine for us05:04
Specfor US.05:04
SpecI wonder if we could reserve the DC Mall for SFD05:04
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elkbuntuSpec, worth trying. One thing some teams found useful was to dress young kids in tshirts that say 'I'm not scared of Open Source' and have them trot around handing leaflets out05:05
mc44exploiting children! zomg :)05:06
elkbuntumc44, damn straight05:06
Speci don't know, the DC mall is pretty damn big05:06
Specthe logistics of operating a SFD would be mind boggling...unless we had the full support of all the LUGs in our area05:06
Specand, of course, the government.05:06
elkbuntuSpec, the worst you can get is a 'no', in which case you move on to plan b05:07
kjcoleSpec, I think you've been drinking flint's Free Beer.05:07
elkbuntutry the local library, see if they'd be willing to let people congregate on the lawn or in the foyer05:07
Speckjcole: how hard could it be?05:07
Specto drink the free beer, that is.05:08
elkbuntuanyway, anyone interested in SFD can move their talk to #sfd :)05:08
Spec'k, laters.05:09
kjcoleAnd, with that, I really do think I must be going.  Someone record whatever happens on #sfd05:09
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kjcoleand perhaps send out an e-mail...05:09
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greg_gI always do that06:04
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coreymon77hi, ive got a question10:41
coreymon77is it allowed for people who are already approved members to vouch for me at the meeting? (im trying to get approved)10:42
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ScottKcoreymon77: Is this for Ubuntu membership?10:44
ScottKYes.  It's normal/expected for that to happen.10:44
ScottKcoreymon77: It's as or more important to have your wiki page up to date and complete so the CC can get a quite/complete look at your contributions.10:45
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