DaveMorrissuperm1: is the ISO gonna be fix for tomorrow?12:39
DaveMorrishttp://greenacre.no-ip.com/dave/stuff/complete-manual.pdf <-- latest build of the manual for those interested12:40
superm1DaveMorris, i should hopefully have it fixed today :)12:40
superm1i think i finally identified why debconf hates me12:40
DaveMorriswell its bed time, so tomorrow ;)12:40
superm1ah okay12:40
superm1night then12:41
DaveMorrisPM me with any other areas I should talk about in the manual12:41
DaveMorrisI might talk about hardare requirements somehwere12:42
superm1that would be pretty good12:42
superm1its just difficult to describe such things12:42
superm1because it works on many ranges12:42
superm1okay majoridiot, i've got what should work here - but an ISO needs to be generated to verify.  so i'm going to scp this stuff to pegasus and kick off the ISO build12:52
superm1in the interim12:52
superm1can you boot a live disk with the ati card and another with the nvidia card in12:52
majoridiotk.  lemme know.12:52
superm1and send me the xorg.conf's that you get generated12:52
majoridioti can do it each way, yes.12:52
superm1I want to make sure the same things are getting generated pre-install here12:53
superm1because it appears that it doesn't want to use anything but the vesa driver on all the machines i've tried12:53
majoridioti'll install each way12:53
majoridiotnvidia first, since that's what is there right now.12:53
superm1well no need for an install12:53
superm1just boot it12:53
superm1and in live mode12:54
superm1paste the xorg.conf at a pastebin12:54
superm1like that12:54
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)12:54
superm1and i'll compare with what i've been seeing12:54
majoridiotk... if i'm just booting, where will i find the xorg.conf?12:55
majoridiot(never booted mythbuntu yet)12:55
superm1well a regular ubuntu disk12:55
superm1sorry should have specified12:55
superm1i wanted to compare what a regular feisty live disk12:55
superm1generates compared to a mythbuntu disk12:55
superm1for the xorg.conf12:55
superm1and make sure that they are the same12:55
=== majoridiot is now confused
superm1just grab a 7.04 normal feisty gnomified disk12:56
superm1and boot that12:56
superm1while your in live mode, take a look at the xorg.conf it used12:56
superm1and when the new buntu ISO finishes generating, the two can be compared12:56
superm1 s/buntu/mythbuntu/12:57
majoridiotno need to swap out the hd then.12:57
superm1right not yet at least12:57
majoridiotk... going to generate that info now.01:17
majoridiotsuperm1: nvidia- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26945/01:44
majoridiotsuperm1: ati- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/26946/01:45
=== majoridiot goes off to cook some noodles
superm1ah interesting01:45
superm1OK.  The ISO generation is still running.  i'll ping as soon as its done01:45
superm1majoridiot, http://mythbuntu.org/files/iso/mythbuntu-7.10~070623-i386.iso02:00
=== majoridiot is munching some noodles... :)
majoridiotnice speed :)02:01
superm1hopefully things work with this one :)02:01
majoridiotwhat do you want me to try?02:02
superm1install with an nvidia card02:02
superm1and see if it detects your proprietary driver02:02
superm1preferably if you can install and activate tv out during install02:02
superm1(it is activated on the next boot)02:03
majoridiotchecking for defects... it looks *VERY* nice :D02:13
superm1man you beat me to the download :)02:13
majoridiotand the burn02:13
superm1i started it 35 sec before telling you02:13
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superm1thinking i'd beat you...02:13
majoridioti got it avg 1100Kbps02:14
superm1okay i got around 50002:14
majoridiots'why i said "nice speed"02:14
superm1now i'm hoping that the installer doesn't segfault upon opening02:15
superm1if nothing happens when you double clikc it let me know02:15
majoridiot235+ copies have seeded from my box :)02:15
superm1there is an annoying glib bug that I'm attempting to workaround02:15
majoridiothm. burn errors.02:16
superm1well dont trust that actually02:17
superm1i think the way its calculated is wrong02:17
superm1on mythbuntu atm02:17
superm1i havent looked much into it02:17
rogue780superm1, has that sata bug been resolved yet?02:17
superm1no new kernel releases, so i dont think so02:17
majoridiotok... going to swap out drives and try an install.02:17
superm1rogue780, do u remember the bug number i posted?02:17
superm1majoridiot, pull any extra drives out too02:17
rogue780superm1, lemme look at the log02:18
superm1i noticed that grub likes to write on the mbr of drives02:18
majoridiotrougue780: the gfx look TITS, thus far!02:18
rogue780majoridiot, thanks, I'm working on a slightly better one atm02:18
=== majoridiot has now gone to install
rogue780Launchpad bug 106864 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Feisty boot fail "can't access tty" IDE SATA problem" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10686402:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106864 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Feisty boot fail "can't access tty" IDE SATA problem" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10686402:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106864 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Feisty boot fail "can't access tty" IDE SATA problem" [High,Confirmed] 02:20
superm1rogue780, i'd say subscribe to that bug02:20
superm1and you'll hear once its fixed02:20
superm1and i can generate a new ISO for it then02:21
superm1majoridiot, you didnt start install yet did you?02:34
superm1i see something that needs to be changed02:34
superm1before you start it02:34
superm1your going to have to open a terminal and edit a file to take out a line (because I didn't commit one change I forgot about)02:36
superm1you need to take out the line that says "update-rc.d samba defaults"02:36
majoridiotalready started it.02:38
majoridiot(double-click on install was dificult)02:38
superm1okay before it gets to 83 percent02:38
superm1you have to edit this file then02:38
superm1otherwise it will fail02:38
majoridiotok... i caught it.02:42
majoridiotpain in the ass...02:42
superm1well i didn't realize my commit back to bzr didn't include samba installation yet02:42
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superm1i'm thinking faster than i'm typing unfortunately02:42
=== majoridiot is going back to the other room for the install
majoridiotsuperm1: major ubiquity crashes at the end of installation02:49
majoridiottraceback is quite a list02:49
superm1argh. really?02:49
majoridiotdo i need to note by hand for you?02:49
superm1at what percent02:49
majoridiotat the very end... sec.02:49
superm1did it detect the video card correctly when you checked the proprietary driver button?02:50
superm1oh something about configure_services()?02:50
majoridiot@ 94%02:51
superm1okay i've got a few more things to put in yet then02:51
majoridiotmythbuntu_install.py line 13202:51
superm1didn't realize that code would actually get called02:51
superm1did nvidia get detected during install thou?02:52
majoridiotno attribute configure_services02:52
majoridiotshall i continue on if possible?02:52
superm1at this point no.  i've got a few other odds and ends that i'll fix first02:52
majoridiotit asked if i wanted the prop driver and let me select tv-out, etc. so i think so.02:53
majoridioteverything looked ok until the crash @ 94%02:53
=== majoridiot goes to put the server back together so he can watch tv
superm1okay thanks majoridiot02:54
superm1i'll let you know if i get another build worthwhile testing tonight02:54
rogue780ya'll hear? ubuntu is outselling vista on amazon now04:01
superm1um isn't ubuntu free?04:06
rogue780superm1, look at www.geocities.com/rogue780/mythbuntutest.png04:13
superm1ah i'm liking that effect04:14
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rogue780superm1, look at www.geocities.com/rogue780/mythbuntutest3.png ... early stages05:22
superm1ah indeed working the way up.  shouldnt that circle be an ubuntu though?05:22
superm1err is ubuntu a noun?05:22
superm1um an ubuntu logo05:23
rogue780yeah...haven't figured out how to trisect a circle yet and make it look good...it'll get there05:23
rogue780anyway. I think I'm getting better w/the gimp05:28
superm1i'll def. agree there :)05:29
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ubotuNew bug: #121914 in ubiquity "mythbuntu installer crashed (dup-of: 121851)" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12191404:31
ubotuNew bug: #121851 in ubiquity "Mythbuntu.org 7.04-070603 i386 Installer crashed (dup-of: 119055)" [Undecided,Invalid]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12185105:00
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rogue780superm1, you there?09:17
rogue780check out www.geocities.com/rogue780/mythbuntutest4.png09:17
superm1ah like the new tv09:18
superm1the circle has to be rotated about -35 - -45 degrees09:18
superm1and you need to be careful with that outline, some of its hard to read on the middlish letters09:18
rogue780yeah... I'll fix the rotation (brain fart) and I'm trying to get a plugin installed that will fix the glow issue09:20
rogue780I actually managed to make everything myself on this one and not borrow and modify from something else09:31
kruuliwhats that font called rogue780?09:35
rogue780kruuli, "Ubuntu-Title Not-rotated"09:37
rogue780sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title09:38
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kruulirogue780 thanks :>10:14
kruuliso happy .. finaly got my xbox frontend to work :>10:15
kruulino more problems with my crappy unichrome card as i wont need it !:D10:15
rogue780kruuli, how much of a challenge was that? and can you use the xbox remote with mythtv?10:15
kruulionly thing left is the eternal soundcard to work with ubuntu :>10:16
kruulirogue780 well actually it was none at all10:16
rogue780someone else did it for ya?10:16
kruulibeen using XBMC for a couple of years10:16
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kruuliand its a python script called xbmcmythtv10:16
rogue780I've been wanting to convert my xbox...but I have issues with modchips10:16
kruuliyou have why?10:16
rogue780never seem to work for me. I tried modding a ps2 once...never got the mod chip to work. then the psu fried10:17
kruulithe only problem i had was making mysql going back to oldpassword (they changed the standard in the latest release)10:17
kruulirogue780 heh been modding a couple of boxes for my friend10:17
kruulidid it oldschool with soldering and stuff .. but i think you can buy solderless now10:18
rogue780kruuli, you wouldn't happen to be around maryland would you?10:18
kruuliif your not out for HD .. the old xbox realy is the ultimate media machine :>10:18
kruulirogue780 heh way off .. stockholm sweden :p10:18
rogue780I've always wanted to go to sweeden. my great grandmother came from there.10:19
rogue780and I like those...whaddya call em...ablskeevers?10:19
rogue780the little spherical pancake thingies?10:19
kruulirogue780 if you visit come in the summer if you dont want 20- C :>10:21
kruulihaha spherical pancake thingies?? .. are you talking about "plttar" there like small pancakes..10:21
kruulianyway you should chip your xbox .. buy a solderless chip .. slap it on put a bios on it throw in XBMC and your done .. easy like a pancake as we say in sweden :>10:26
rogue780kruuli, are there ikea stores in sweeden? or is that an american invention?10:33
kruulilol :)10:35
kruuliIKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad (IKea) a swedish bloke :)10:35
kruuliso yeah we have lots of IKEAs here10:36
kruuliquality sucks though :>10:36
kruulibut hes doing something right .. hes like top 15 of the filthy rich in the world10:37
kruulistill he drives around in an old Volvo (swedish car) :p10:38
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rogue780superm1, check out www.geocities.com/rogue780/mythbuntutest4.png ... is that better?11:44
superm1getting better11:44
superm1is it on purpose that the glows point to the center?11:45
rogue780yes. I can change that and make it all even if you want11:45
Davieyrogue780: you need a better host - hourly bandwidth reached11:46
superm1Daviey, good news here11:46
superm1today's earlier ISO works as expected ..... there is now samba/nfs support included and i've verified both ati and nvidia proprietaries are working11:47
superm1i'm going to do a new test in a few minutes with the openssh and VNC support enabled11:47
rogue780Daviey, my bad....it was free11:47
Davieysuperm1: WOW11:48
Davieyi'll run the iso tommorow11:48
Davieyrogue780: no worries; i'll look in 12 mins :)11:48
superm1just want to get the ssh/vnc working, and then i'm done for today and need to start on my presentation for ULive11:49
=== Daviey got a new case....
Davieyhas a VFD module & buttons11:49
Daviey"hub 4-8:1.0: Cannot enable port 3.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?"11:49
superm1try another cable?11:49
Davieysuperm1: it's a pcb 'cable'11:50
rogue780superm1, I'll make mythbuntutest5.png with everything being even11:53
=== majoridiot [n=majoridi@74-141-134-199.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
majoridiotping superm111:56
superm1hey majoridiot11:56
superm1you saw my mail?11:56
majoridiotstill good to test that build?11:57
majoridiotk.  downloading it now.11:57
superm1been going at it since i got up this morning, i was just going to kick off one more that enables both ssh and vnc - but neither of those are of concern to test what you were going to test11:57
superm1let me know when your download finishes, i'm going to rename it so as to not overwrite it11:58
majoridiotis the samba thing fixed or should i plan to delete that line again?11:58
superm1that is fixed11:58
majoridiotappx 3 minutes11:58
superm1another buddy of mine was downloading it at 990 KB/s earlier11:59
majoridiot1250Kbps down :)11:59
superm1that's very nice11:59
superm1imbrandon, are you here?11:59
majoridiotsuperm1: download complete12:02
superm1okay i'll kick off the next one then12:02
rogue780Daviey, superm1 do ya'll have google docs?12:03
majoridiotk... going to swap out drives and test.  ping me if needed- i'll be in another room.12:06
rogue780superm1, I added you as a collaborator to a google doc titled mythbuntulogo12:10
rogue780it's easier than using geocities or opening my network to the outside world12:11
superm1rogue780, there's actually an easier way12:11
superm1you heard of googlepages ?12:11
superm1goto USERNAME.googlepages.com12:12
superm1and take a gander12:12
rogue780well I'll be darned. I love google12:12
superm1http://superm1.googlepages.com/  like that is mine, which i used for a senior design portfolio12:12
rogue780http://rogue780.googlepages.com/mythbuntutest5.png :)12:14
rogue780err maybe not12:14
rogue780I'm an idiot12:14
Davieyrogue780: you're quite the artist!12:14
rogue780did that link work?12:15
rogue780I love going between my laptop and vnc12:16
superm1ah that's looking a lot better rogue78012:16
rogue780no copy paste12:16
rogue780so I'm not entirely sure what to do with the TV, although I think it shouldn't remain white12:16
superm1rogue780, have you talked it over with the other artwork folks?12:16
=== lofty40 [n=Mario@dD5774BDD.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rogue780not yet. I actually just got that e-mail from you a few minutes ago12:23
superm1ah okay.  Well do email them, i'd like to see some good results by the end of the summer between the four of you :)12:24
Davieyaway from keyboard... 'now'12:25
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrissuperm1: a new ISO to test yet?12:27
superm1DaveMorris, depends what you want to test?12:27
DaveMorriswill it install?  So I can write docs on mythtv-setup ?12:27
superm1the one i'm generating right now hopefully will also have ssh and vnc functional12:28
superm1but this mornings works12:28
superm1and gets you samba/nfs any plugin selections, theme selections12:28
superm1its not active for mysql root password yet or for mythweb htaccess pass though12:29

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