ubotustdin called the ops in #kubuntu01:38
stdinTheNetuser is being disruptive01:39
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c0rnd0ggnomefreak: ping.05:26
c0rnd0gno, i'm not talking to you.  nalalamath.05:26
c0rnd0gi am stuNNed, formerly Lucifer_stunn05:26
c0rnd0gpreviously `lanceman` on chatnet.irc.net now stuNNed on freenode.net formerly Lucifer_stunn on FreeNode.net RIP lilo ... :(05:27
c0rnd0gchatnet taught me all i05:28
c0rnd0gknow about linux...not...Freenode.05:28
c0rnd0ggoshdang, this bourbon is strong.  and fsck ur tea.05:28
c0rnd0ggnomefreak: ping.05:43
c0rnd0gdang mosquitoes eatin me alive!05:43
c0rnd0gmy blood is too hot and thick...05:43
naliothc0rnd0g: memoserv works well05:43
c0rnd0gthanks namaliath.05:45
c0rnd0gbye. orca.05:45
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=== gnomefreak wont be unbanning him anytime soon
gnomefreakhe hasnt proved to me he can follow the  rules.05:46
naliothgnomefreak: coward05:47
gnomefreakmaybe so but the less trolls in channels the happier everone will be. and he was trolling to start with something about babies.05:48
gnomefreakthe screenname didnt help him either05:49
gnomefreakthan going in -devel and saying he was banned for not liking babies or something about hurting them or some shit.05:50
=== gnomefreak all kinds of done with him for a while
gnomefreakgoing to bed now. night05:50
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Hobbseeelkbuntu: do i want to know what has previously been said?08:36
elkbuntuthey want to launch 'hot chicks' into space08:37
Hobbseeoh fun08:37
elkbuntu<t3hwiz0rd> i always wondered why they dont send hot chicks in space08:38
elkbuntu<TaJMoX> why on earth would we do that??!?08:38
elkbuntu<TaJMoX> what do you have against hot chicks??08:38
elkbuntu<EADG> .. I wanna shoot 'round the earth @ ~27K/h08:38
elkbuntu<t3hwiz0rd> so they could stop terrorizing us modest men here on earth08:38
elkbuntu<TaJMoX> good point08:38
elkbuntu<EADG> ... taking pics.08:38
elkbuntu<TaJMoX> i have so many perspectives on the issue08:38
elkbuntubecause it's the 'hot chicks' fault that the guys feel terrorised because they can *see* something they cant *have*08:39
naliothhot chicks, eh?08:39
jussi01hehehe... ubeleivable...08:39
elkbuntujussi01, are you new around here? :08:40
jussi01elkbuntu: obviously....08:40
elkbuntubecause it's completely believeable for -offtopic08:40
jussi01well then..08:41
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gdbI have a question, if I may.  If I don't join using the whatever port it is that's not in the 6666+ range, I end up banned.  Can someone please tell me what that port number is again?  I had it in my bash_history but I did not save it past a system upgrade.10:21
gdbIt's in the 8000s, IIRC10:21
ubotuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit10:22
gdbThank you!10:25
gdbI'll reconnect then.  Thanks again!10:25
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effie_jayxdamm tab02:38
effie_jayxI guess I just broke the silence... :S02:38
effie_jayxshall we start the game again...? good :D02:38
PumpernickelI refuse to play.02:47
PumpernickelIt's the only way to win.02:47
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gnomefreakwho is running ubotu while seveas is gone?02:58
jribhe's self-aware now03:08
gnomefreakhe needs update for fridge03:12
gnomefreakhes missing meetings for today03:12
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elkbuntugnomefreak, seveas is the only one with access to the one true ubotu03:24
gnomefreakthought so03:24
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=== Hobbsee hugs elkbuntu
=== elkbuntu hugs Hobbsee
Hobbseeelkbuntu: you're doing well.04:29
elkbuntui want to kill americans who want their own CC :04:31
Hobbseetheir own loco, or their own CC too?04:31
ubotuShaftino called the ops in #ubuntu04:33
uboturaf256_ called the ops in #ubuntu04:33
PriceChildsome americans want their own CC?04:34
mc44we should make jrib their leader04:35
jribelkbuntu: eh?  what's their reasoning?04:35
elkbuntujrib, because the 'first' loco team had some confusion with Canonical and the CC, as they were formed before the current structure and info got lost04:36
elkbuntuthe DC loco think they were the first, but i'm pretty sure they were not04:37
elkbuntuHobbsee, can i revise that to include 'gimme gimme' types?04:43
Hobbseeelkbuntu: haha04:44
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c0rnd0ganyone care to unban me from ubuntu and debian channels?05:44
naliothwe don't control the debian channels05:45
c0rnd0gwho controls thoses?05:45
naliothprobably someone in #debian05:46
c0rnd0gi changed my screen name for compliance with your concept that the name `Lucifer` has something wrong with it.05:46
c0rnd0gcan  you unban in the other channels?05:47
elkbuntuc0rnd0g, you need to wait for the banning op to return.05:47
naliothunfortunately, i cannot05:47
c0rnd0gok, i wait. thanks.  have a good Sunday.  bye.05:47
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=== nalioth thinks it's not the nick that was the problem
elkbuntu... well that was easier than i expected05:48
jribI have ban-forwards to #ubuntu-read-topic over two months old, I should probably just remove them right?05:49
naliothjrib: probably05:50
naliothjrib: this is why i ban the IP, not the nick05:50
naliothlot of folks just /nick something else and keep on keepin' on05:50
elkbuntuip doesnt work in alot of cases either. just reset the modem and keep on keepin' on05:51
PriceChildthat lucifer/c0rnd0g's attitude wasn't good even with his nick05:59
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ubotuPaladine called the ops in #ubuntuforums08:39
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ubotuPaladine called the ops in #ubuntuforums08:47
PriceChildgrr tis all going wrong today08:51
=== mc44 pets PriceChild
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ompaulGazzaK, target ?09:41
GazzaKompaul, pardon?09:41
ompaulGazzaK, mind if I use you for some target practice09:42
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jribwhy is the legacy mc44 still here?  hasn't the mc45 come in yet?09:42
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-r] by ompaul
ompauldont go there09:42
GazzaKmc44 is dated09:42
ompaulI did something wrong09:42
GazzaKplease explain ompaul09:43
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naliothGazzaK: you're lucky you're not a hamster, after volunteering for ompauls testing09:44
GazzaKnalioth, he knows I like it09:45
GazzaKbut truthfully it makes me cry09:45
GazzaKthe pain of being kicked all the time, meh09:45
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naliothGazzaK: we can test a 999999999 minute kline, if you like  <EG>09:46
=== GazzaK gulps
GazzaKOpAbuse !!!11!09:46
naliothyou can come back in a few hundred years and let us know if it works  <EG>09:46
GazzaKdo a 1 min k-line09:46
GazzaKI need a coffee09:46
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gnomefreakif nalioth klines you its not op abuse09:47
GazzaKwhat is it then09:47
GazzaKoh, anyone met christel?09:47
gnomefreakops cant kline09:47
GazzaKI'll be saying hi to her at LRL :-)09:47
gnomefreakGazzaK: staff abuse?09:48
mc44jrib: I'm obsolete :(09:48
PriceChildGazzaK, you're coming to LRL? :)09:48
GazzaKPriceChild, yep09:49
PriceChildfinally decided :)09:50
naliothyou guys make pix09:50
GazzaKNik offered to let me use the sofabed09:50
PriceChildah you've already told me... I'm just forgetful :)09:50
GazzaKfruitcake :p09:51
GazzaKI do things like that too09:52
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, OldPink said: !boobies is heaven10:04
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ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, OldPink said: ubotu, how is it hanging?10:16
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c0rnd0ggnomefreak: ping.10:17
c0rnd0ggnomefreak: ok.  i am still linked to Lucifer_stunn but this is my primary nick and i won't idle in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu in case knockedoff/rejoin and ghosted with 2nd nick10:18
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c0rnd0ggnomefreak: pingsies wingsies.10:53
=== Pici` [n=pcmacman@unaffiliated/pici] has joined #ubuntu-ops
gnomefreakc0rnd0g: ?11:22
c0rnd0ghow are you, gnomefreak?11:23
gnomefreakim ok11:23
c0rnd0gjust ok on a sunday in june? :D11:23
gnomefreakwhat can i do for you?11:23
c0rnd0gyou can unban me from #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-devel pls11:24
c0rnd0gi'm sticking with ubuntu even though wanted to go with etch for standards reasons and the name "ubuntu" might get me shot in my neighborhood.11:24
c0rnd0gi just don't fully trust ubuntu with it's proprietary formats injections into OS but it's ok i guess :/11:26
gnomefreakc0rnd0g: i wont be unbanning you for a while, every comment you make seems to be spiteful and against CoC, as for -devel i didnt ban you there so you need to speak with whomever did.11:26
c0rnd0gwhat is CoC?  i don't get it.11:26
c0rnd0gi think you are using me for your monetary support channel.11:27
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/11:27
gnomefreakc0rnd0g: i suggest you read the CoC and the guildelines. i have given you the links before11:27
c0rnd0gwell...ok...i will go to Ubuntu Community Counseling in my prayers.  bye.  but why?  i have no f'ing clue.  JC!11:28
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gnomefreak^^ my point11:28
gnomefreakTm_T: dont let it get to you ive been through this with him for almost a week now11:30
gnomefreakevery comment he makes is bad.11:30
Vorianhe's on one of my channels now....11:30
gnomefreakVorian: pick one11:30
Tm_Tgnomefreak: no, it's more "wtf is in his mind, ants?"11:30
gnomefreakTm_T: hes still got a lot of growing up to do.11:30
Vorianno problems, yet11:31
gnomefreakVorian: hes a troll (he likes to make comments about babies11:31
Tm_Tgnomefreak: aahhhaha11:41
Tm_Tyou just sent pain-in-the-ass to -motu <311:41
gnomefreakyep i did he asked a packaging question11:42
=== gnomefreak doesnt know him
Tm_Twell, he's one of those "don't give me "where is answer" but give me the answer you jerk!" type of guys11:42
gnomefreakTm_T: he wont last log in -motu than11:43
Tm_Tyeah, that I expect :p11:43
gnomefreakeither he will never get answered or he wont be there long11:43
Tm_The and titan are been whining all evening11:43
gnomefreakask them both to stop whinning and do what they need to to fix it <hint> your pc works fine thiers dont ;)11:44
gnomefreakthat would imply reading works11:45
Tm_Tnah, I just don't hold their hand and ignore the whining part ;)11:45
Tm_Tso they're alone or take the hint11:45
gnomefreakthat works too and now i think i do remember athena11:46
Tm_The's bit "hot" fellow11:46
gnomefreakeh he still hasnt joined -motu11:46
Tm_Tsure he doesn't11:46
=== gnomefreak has itchy trigger finger today thats why ive been off most of the day
Tm_Tgnomefreak: don't even think of it, he's mine11:47
gnomefreakyou can have all of him11:47
=== gnomefreak doesnt want to use remove ban or kick today at all
Tm_TI've been stalking him for awhile waiting a reason to kick <311:47
gnomefreakwell if he hasnt given you a good enough one yet it may be a while11:48
Tm_Theh, there's been close ones11:48
=== gnomefreak thinks danag just likes to whine
gnomefreaksad part is most of the issue he has is due to something he configured but im off for a bit11:50
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!12:20

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