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=== nealmcb listens to David on the radio: http://www.helpmerick.com/node/1529 and http://www.helpmerick.com/node/1530 - good stuff! But you still really can't listen to many typical videos out of the box with the base installation....
nealmcboops - wrong channel - that's the colorado loco team lead doing an interview on ubuntu on a web radio station....01:02
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nealmcbI installed krb5-kdc on feisty, and can't get past this error on any command: Improper format of Kerberos configuration file while initializing context03:17
nealmcbinitially the /etc/krb5kdc/kdc.conf did seem invalid, with a missing realm name, but I changed it to be identical to /usr/share/doc/krb5-kdc/examples/kdc.conf and still run into problems03:18
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trappistis there some trick to making sasl auth with pam work with postfix chrooted?  I can't seem to make it work.03:30
trappistno errors, just authentication failures with known-good credentials03:30
trappistok now I'm beginning to suspect my MUA.03:39
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nealmcbaha - the config file that kadmin.local is complaining about is /etc/krb5.conf not /etc/krb5kdc/kdc.conf - hmmm04:32
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PureEvilGeekI want to build an ubuntu server that can pull in my pop3 e-mails from various accounts and then either let me access that through evolution/outlook or through a web interface. what program would I want to use with the server to do this?04:51
`6ogPureEvilGeek, you'd probal y need a few thigns working together04:52
PureEvilGeekyou have any idea how to say what i want in a better way then i am?:)04:53
PureEvilGeeki was looking at opengroupware.org but i'm not even sure if thats what i want04:53
`6ogi dont know a better way of saying it, i just dont know of anything that does what you want04:54
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nealmcbaha - giving a valid realm name in both /etc/krb5.conf and /etc/krb5kdc/kdc.conf lets me run krb5_newrealm so I'm off and running....  I think the default contents of those files should document this - so it is probably time for a bug....06:03
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apetrescuHey guys :)08:13
apetrescuI'm having a strange problem. I'm trying to install the server edition on a somewhat old pc. Partway through the install it "searches hardware for cd-rom devices"; and then after a while it complains that it found no CD drive, which is odd, because the installer is currently running off of that CD drive!08:30
apetrescuIs there anything I can do? I don't know which module it is supposed to be to pick it manually.08:31
apetrescuNote that I had no such problems installing Gentoo08:31
apetrescu(On the same hardware)08:31
`6oguse a different cd drive is the cure i know08:40
apetrescu`6og: It's the only CD drive I've got =/08:40
`6ogi think i can tell you why it happens, but that wont help much i suspect08:41
apetrescuThe installer is loaded onto RAMdisk by the BIOS, and Linux does not have the right module to access it as a filesystem to grab other components?08:42
apetrescuThat's my guess.08:42
apetrescuI know that my hardware isn't really obscure or anything, because Gentoo had no problem installing on it.08:43
`6ogcd boots in floppy compatability mode (ie the computer boots "a floppy disc"), then when it looks for the cd drive it cant find it08:43
apetrescuI may boot up Gentoo, do an 'lsmod' to see what module it loaded for the cdrom, and tell Ubuntu to use that08:43
apetrescuBut that'll take sooo looong (slow computer) and it's already almost 3:00 AM here >_<08:44
apetrescuSo, nobody has any ideas? =/08:51
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`6oggo to sleep :)08:52
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chilaI'm having some trouble with my postfix server05:40
chilaI can't send emails or login to the UebiMiau webmail front05:42
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chilacan anyone help with that05:49
slackwarelifechila: what have you ???06:04
slackwarelifechila: postfix, let me know06:05
chilawhat do you mean06:06
slackwarelifechila: what is your problem ???06:06
chilaI can't send mail06:06
chilaor recieve mail06:06
chilawell recieving isnt the prpblem yet06:07
slackwarelifechila: send is your problem06:07
chilaI can't send anything06:08
slackwarelifechila: you are using postfix with php06:08
chilaI believe so...06:08
chilaI have ISPCongig installed06:08
chilaand thats all setup06:08
chilaI didnt configure php with postfix06:09
slackwarelifechila: in your /etc/postfix/main.cf there is this line: relayhost = "your provider smtp server"06:12
chilait is blank06:13
slackwarelifechila: it is your problem06:14
chilawhat should be there06:14
slackwarelifechila: do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix" and remply this:06:14
chilaI did this yesterday but where did I go wrong06:15
slackwarelife- Ok - Internet site - NONE - mail.mydomain.com - mail.mydomain.com, localhost, localhost.localdomain - No - - Yes - 0 - + - All06:16
slackwarelifeThis "-" is for change the line reply 06:17
slackwarelifeWhen you had installed postfix you didn't have reply to all question06:17
chilaI used all the setting from here http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.06_p506:18
chilaand I believe these are all the settings you have just listed06:19
chilaalso do I need to do all the after 'postconf -e' stuff?06:20
slackwarelifechila: but you want TLS ???06:20
chilabut not by defualt06:20
slackwarelifechila: but you want it now ???06:22
chilawell right now no06:23
chilaI just want it to work06:23
chilaand then later I will configure TLS06:23
chilabut it should work anyway if I configure it right06:23
slackwarelifechila: for easy reconfigure of postfix you can do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix"06:24
slackwarelifechila: this will ask some question06:24
slackwarelifechila: you can reply with the string I posted before (remember "-" this is a change question)06:25
slackwarelifechila: after this you will have a /etc/postfix/main.cf06:25
slackwarelifebut before you must restart the postfix: "sudo /etc/init.d/postfix reload"06:26
chilaone sec06:26
slackwarelifechila: after restart you can change the main.cf file with: "sudo nano /etc/postfix/main.cf" or "sudo gedit /etc/postfix/main.cf" 06:27
slackwarelifechila: and insert this line: relayhost = your smtp provider server06:28
slackwarelifechila: save all06:28
slackwarelifechila: after you can configure /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini (use your prefer text editor) and add this line (or change this line): sendmail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i" (don't worry this line will use postfix). Reload apache2 "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload". Now if you haven't a sendmail path you can do this: "sudo ln -a /usr/sbin/postfix /usr/sbin/sendmail". Try. Now I must will go out. But you can06:33
chilaim still having problems after reloading everything06:51
chilacan anyone help07:02
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chila_I can send mail but I cant recieve mail07:30
chila_I am using postfix07:31
chila_and I cant log into UEBimiau07:31
PureEvilGeekis any one using zimbra on there ubuntu server that could see how easily it intergrates?07:35
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PureEvilGeekis any one running zimbra on ubuntu server 7.04?08:11
ivoksPureEvilGeek: i've set it up once, but on 6.0608:12
PureEvilGeekivoks: hum. on there site it says it supports 6.x but i'm setting up a 7.x server and was just wondering if my attempt was going to be useless.08:13
PureEvilGeekwe will see i guess:)08:13
ivoksi would recommend 6.0608:14
PureEvilGeekivoks: did you like it? i'm just looking for something to replace my desktop mail client so I can access multiple e-mail accounts on different systems08:14
ivokssince it is long term supported version08:14
PureEvilGeekwhy is that?08:14
PureEvilGeekno features in 7.04 that are worth looking into?08:14
ivokszimbra is not desktop mail client replacement08:15
ivoksit's a service08:15
ivoksit does have web client, but it's a service08:15
PureEvilGeekhum i'm getting it for its web client08:15
ivokszimbra is email server08:16
ivoksnot a client08:16
ivokswhen you install it, you get smtp/imap/pop/ldap/web services08:16
PureEvilGeekbut from what I saw of the demo I could setup the web client to access multiple pop accounts on other locations. is this wrong?08:17
ivoksit's meant for people from other computers to connect to it, and share contacts...08:17
PureEvilGeekivoks: ok if i wanted a web based client server (basicly outlook express / evolution but web based) what would I want to get?08:18
ivokswebmail is a service that ISPs provide08:18
ivokshaving webmail on local computer is possible, but... i never seen antone using it on local computer :)08:19
PureEvilGeeki'm not looking to use it on the local computer (not the server end of it at least). i'm looking to use it on my server08:19
ivokstry squirrelmail08:20
PureEvilGeekto access multiple pop accounts. i'm not looking for an e-mail account with webmial i'm looking for webmail for my email accounts08:20
ivokssquirrelmail is a program08:21
ivokswebmail program08:22
PureEvilGeekisn't squirrelmail just a smtp/imap/pop server with a webmail interface?08:23
ivoksit's not a server, it's web application08:23
ivoksyou are looking for 'web evolution/outlook'?08:24
PureEvilGeekafter i get ubuntu server on my vm i'll download the package and check it out08:26
ivoksi just saw... squirrelmail doesn't support multiple imap servers08:27
PureEvilGeeki'm pretty sure zimbra will do what i want08:27
PureEvilGeeksince while I was on the demo it had specificly the option to do what iw ant08:27
PureEvilGeekunless i miss read it08:28
ivoksok, go with zimbra...08:28
ivoksbut that's like taking a 3.5t truck for couple of bricks08:28
PureEvilGeekyeah i realize that08:29
PureEvilGeekbut since i don't have to pay for the gas...08:29
PureEvilGeeki'll be trying both out08:30
ivokswill you do anything else on that server?08:30
PureEvilGeekon the zimba server or the system itself?08:31
ivoksIIRC, zimbra installs it's own packages, making system almost unusable for any other business :/08:31
PureEvilGeekI can set up a system for just the mail app if i need to. have plenty of them around to do so08:31
ivoksok :)08:32
PureEvilGeekWish i could find a squirrelmail demo to try it out to see what it has08:32
PureEvilGeekI can also work inside a VM08:32
ivoksit's a webmail client08:33
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nox-HandWhere do I change the message printed at login on my server?09:04
ivoks /etc/motd09:06
nox-HandAwesome, thanks ivoks  :)09:07
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KennyTheGeekDo i need x to do x forwarding through ssh09:08
coNPI don't think so09:08
KennyTheGeekmy thought aswell... just a confused server then09:09
ivoksyou don't09:09
ivoksyou need X libs09:09
coNPactually you might need some X programs to make this whole issue useful09:09
coNPunless it is a third machine between the X server and X clients09:10
ivoksyou don't need started X, but you need xlibs and progs09:10
KennyTheGeekmy friend got a thin client he uses as server... the storage device is a memstick, so he don't have ressources for X.org09:11
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teknoboihey i was wondering if someone might be able to help me out...in the process of me trying to install ravencore, it somehow created a folder with root that i cant delete or change permissions to10:25
teknoboiand i need to delete it so i can use alien to create the debian file to install10:26
teknoboianyone around?10:28
nealmcbteknoboi: howdy - what folder?10:30
teknoboiits on my desktop...the ravencore folder (which is the software im trying to install)10:30
nealmcbsudo rm -f /the/folder10:30
teknoboiits telling me access is denied10:31
teknoboiit was created by the root account10:31
nealmcbls -ld folder ==?10:31
nealmcbwhat does "ls -ld folder" say?10:31
teknoboidrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 2007-06-24 12:45 ravencore-0.3.210:32
nealmcbis there anything in it?10:33
nealmcbsudo rm -fr ravencore-0.3.210:33
nealmcbthe "r" deletes the things inside also10:34
nealmcbrecursively - use with care!10:34
teknoboiand i have no rights to those files and folders either10:34
nealmcbthe "sudo" runs it as root10:34
teknoboiomg it worked10:35
teknoboii could kiss you10:35
teknoboiive spent two hours on this damned thing lol10:35
nealmcbjust be careful with sudo :-)10:35
teknoboiwhy is that10:35
nealmcbyou can really foul the system up by using the admin powers of sudo10:35
teknoboiso i have another question10:36
nealmcbbut a directory in your desktop like that when you want to delete the package anyway....  seems fine.  but I10:36
teknoboiany suggestions as far as webhosting administration software that you might recommend for ubuntu server?10:37
nealmcb...i'm curious and should probably ask more about what the problem with ravencore was in the first place, and what it does :-)10:37
teknoboiravencore is an open source web hosting administration tool used to administer web servers or server stacks10:37
nealmcbI've played with several over the years but am not up-to-speed10:37
teknoboii gave webmin a shot and hate it10:37
teknoboitoo complex and would take weeks to train people on how to use and set up new accounts10:38
teknoboithe problem is (with ravencore) that i wasnt sure how to install rpm packages until a friend of mine suggested using alien10:39
teknoboiso im going to make a new attempt at installing it10:39
PureEvilGeekis there a plcae I could get an already setup vmware image of ubuntu server?10:40
teknoboiim new to the whole linux bit and its complicated lol10:41
nealmcbhttp://www.ispconfig.org/ is what ivoks mentioned10:42
PureEvilGeeklinux is complicated, wanting a web based e-mail client is like trying to solve world hunger10:42
nealmcblast I heard it wasn't a package, and it pulls in its own versions of apache, php, spamassassin, etc10:42
teknoboiso after i use alien to create the folder what am i supposed to do next10:42
ivoksPureEvilGeek: ?10:42
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ivoksispconfig uses apache & php for administration10:43
nealmcbso ravencore isn't packaged for ubuntu?  you have an rpm?10:43
PureEvilGeeklol ubuntu server won't install on my vmware10:43
teknoboicorrect neal10:43
ivoksbut it uses distribution's apache for clients10:43
teknoboii also have the source package if i nedd it10:43
nealmcbthat would make it all more complicated, especially for upgrades.   hmmmm10:44
teknoboithe source package would?10:44
ivoksnealmcb: ispconfig?10:44
nealmcbi'm saying that using ravencore via rpm would be complicate4d10:44
dendrobatesyou'd be better off downloading the ravencore tarball and following the instructions.10:45
ivoksi think ispconfig is best solution10:45
teknoboii have the tarball10:45
teknoboii have that10:45
dendrobatesshould work fine in ubuntu.10:45
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teknoboiokay ill give this a shot brb10:46
dendrobatesso what is all the talk about rpm then?10:46
teknoboii tried to install the rpm twice and it didnt work so thats what i was asking10:46
dendrobatesis this a popular package?  should we package it in ubuntu?10:47
nealmcbteknoboi: ubuntu developers are also working on making server admin easier in future releases.  anyone know the latest status?  My launchpad page points to a bunch of different specs on the issue :-)10:47
dendrobatesI'm on the server team.  10:47
ivoksdendrobates: ispconfig is much better solution10:48
dendrobatesI'll take a look at them.  thanks.10:48
teknoboihave u tried ravencore, ivoks?10:48
ivoksi just took a look at online demo10:49
teknoboiokay so im lost in this already10:49
teknoboiwhen i run the tar command, it extracts the package into a folder and where to go in that has confused me10:50
teknoboiooo wait i missed a step10:51
ivoks'night all10:51
teknoboimake: *** No rule to make target `build'.  Stop.10:52
teknoboimake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.10:52
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teknoboi? :(10:52
nealmcbteknoboi: if you haven't built this sort of software from source before, there will be a bigger learning curve than webmin or ispconfig, I'm guessing10:53
teknoboiive never built any software from source before10:54
teknoboiim new to linux remember10:54
=== nealmcb nods
nealmcbperhaps if you talked a bit more about exactly what you want to do and what you'll use it for we can help better10:55
teknoboiim going to be using ravencore to administer my webserver platform and lamp installation10:55
teknoboihelping to streamline user setup for customer service associates10:56
teknoboii originally went with windows advanced server platform but it was even more complicated that this as far as setup10:56
nealmcbwhat sorts of apps?  small business?10:56
teknoboiim starting a small hosting company10:56
nealmcbI've also heard good things about ispconfig, but haven't tried it10:57
teknoboiwell im willing to give it a shot if its easier to install than ravencore10:57
nealmcbGiven your goals, I'd guess that long-term support and easy upgrades are more important than the learning curve of the initial install....10:59
teknoboihey, if learning is what it will require to achieve an easy-to-use, powerful platform from which i can adminster my server than so be it...ill need to learn sometime11:00
nealmcbteknoboi: right on11:05
teknoboinealmcb: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu704_p7 <<< can u look over that and tell me how it looks...is it for real or is it crap11:12
PureEvilGeekdoesn't the server version of ubuntu have a GUI to it out of the box?11:14
teknoboii had to install gnome11:14
PureEvilGeekthat... i had oddly not expected11:16
=== PureEvilGeek just removes it from the vm and installs bsd since he already knows how that works
nealmcbPureEvilGeek: there are a lot of good reasons to not have the extra bulk and security issues of running x/gnome/etc on a server.  that's one reason folks like linux for servers over windows11:27
shawarmaPureEvilGeek: No, we don't have any gui on our servers.11:27
shawarmaPureEvilGeek: Why would we?11:27
nealmcband you can manage a server via a gui using the web of course11:27
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