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TaJMoXI'd like my bottom panel to be 100% transparrent, how do I do this ?12:50
TheSheepTaJMoX: right-click it, select customize panel, set the transparency to 100%12:51
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TheSheepTaJMoX: but why would you like to have invisible panel?12:51
TaJMoXthesheep xfce12:51
TaJMoXthe only thing under appearance is Size12:52
TheSheepTaJMoX: you are trying to make yourself memorize where the icons are better?12:52
TheSheepTaJMoX: you need to have compositor enabled12:52
TaJMoXthesheep i want to have the icons visible only...12:52
TheSheepTaJMoX: in settings->window manager tweaks->compositor12:52
TaJMoXoh fglrx doesnt do composites...sigh12:53
TheSheepTaJMoX: you can't do that with xfce panel12:53
TheSheepTaJMoX: the iocns will be transparent too12:53
neozenTaJMoX: that's a horse of a different color12:53
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TaJMoXI can only use fglrx with my vid card, not ati or radeon driver12:53
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R[a] ndomhas anyone seen any repos for xfce 4.4.1?12:53
TheSheepR[a] ndom: gutsy12:53
=== neozen ponders which dock can do that......
R[a] ndom?12:53
neozenI know there is one12:53
R[a] ndomthat a repo?12:53
TaJMoXneozen - gdesklets12:53
TheSheepR[a] ndom: that's feisty+112:53
neozenlol... yeah... that's it12:53
R[a] ndomoh, I don't want that12:54
TheSheep!gutsy | R[a] ndom12:54
ubotuR[a] ndom: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+112:54
R[a] ndomor can I use gusty repo just for that12:54
TaJMoXalso adesklets and superkaramba have non-composite docks12:54
TheSheepR[a] ndom: it will probably pull in some dependencies12:54
R[a] ndomyeah, that's fine12:54
R[a] ndomI just need to fix this memory leak12:54
TheSheepTaJMoX: buy a mac ;)12:54
R[a] ndomxfdesktop is taking a gig of ram12:54
TaJMoXthesheep the hardware is too expencive.   I can get a twice as powerful PC for the price of a good mac12:55
TheSheepTaJMoX: I've seen the gnome people fake transparency by setting the same image for the panel as for the background12:55
TaJMoXthesheep - yes but im in xfce...can i use gnome panel?12:55
TheSheepTaJMoX: you could in theory do the same for xfce with a gtk theme, but don't ask me how12:55
TaJMoXI have tried using a gtk theme...12:55
TheSheepTaJMoX: ah, yes, you can use the gnome panel too, of course12:55
TheSheepTaJMoX: it will be a little slower, but why not12:56
TaJMoXthesheep - cool that fixed it thanks =] 12:56
TaJMoXyeah its slow =\12:56
TheSheepI'd say you're running with fashion too much ;)12:57
viddR[a] ndom, a gig of ram??? you SURE its the desktop sucking up the resourses?12:57
TaJMoXheh you should see my beryl user... full on shiny customization bling bling12:57
R[a] ndomok, I exagerated, but yeah, its usage is pretty high12:57
TheSheepTaJMoX: and you only log in to it when guests come?12:58
TaJMoXr[a] ndom how much of that is cache?12:58
R[a] ndomtell me the command you want the output of12:58
TaJMoXthesheep yeah its the guest user account ... this xfce is my minimal account, but still want the transparent panel12:58
TaJMoXi think im gonna switch back to xfce4-panel, i dont really need the transparency12:58
TheSheepTaJMoX: it's not worth it imho :)12:59
TheSheepTaJMoX: you still cannot use that space for anything else, icons would obscure your command line12:59
TaJMoXit's an auto-hiding panel anyways just for launching apps12:59
TaJMoXit just looks nicer when icons pop up instead of a whole clunky bar01:00
TaJMoXor if i could set a background image, that would be really nice01:00
R[a] ndomso which repos do I need to change to gutsy to get all the xfce stuff, anyone know off the top of their head?01:00
TaJMoXr[a] ndom type free and paste01:01
R[a] ndomMem:       1035944    1022656      13288          0       1980     15431201:01
R[a] ndom154 cache that would be01:01
TheSheepR[a] ndom: main01:01
R[a] ndomkkthx01:01
TheSheepR[a] ndom: bear in mind it's still experimental01:01
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R[a] ndomgutsy is, but xfce 4.4.1 isnt01:02
R[a] ndomand thats all I'll upgrade01:02
TaJMoXtotalwormage you play W:A ?01:02
R[a] ndomI read the changelog, and they fixed this memory leak01:02
TheSheepR[a] ndom: xfce 4.4.1 in gutsy is :)01:02
R[a] ndomor, a memory leak that is01:02
R[a] ndomoh I see01:02
R[a] ndomI didnt know the xubuntu guys changed it01:02
TheSheepR[a] ndom: distribution is stable/unstable as a whole, you can have an unstable distro with all stable packages01:02
TheSheepR[a] ndom: because they interact01:03
R[a] ndomso any chance of me undoing this if it fails?01:03
R[a] ndomIve never had downgrading work01:03
TheSheepR[a] ndom: neither me, I wouldn't even know where to start01:03
R[a] ndomI tried once, and ended up reinstalling01:03
R[a] ndomah well, if it breaks, then I finally ditch ubuntu ;)01:04
TheSheepR[a] ndom: probably not worth it01:04
TheSheepR[a] ndom: I once needed a fresh patch fro xfwm4, I just downloaded and compiled it, then replaced the binary on my system01:04
R[a] ndomshould I do the whole xubuntu-desktop metapackage?01:05
R[a] ndomas xfce4 didnt pull anything else down with it01:05
TheSheepbut it was the same version +/- the patch01:05
TheSheepR[a] ndom: gaim is replaced with pidgin01:05
R[a] ndomwhat?01:05
TheSheepR[a] ndom: and all programs are replaced with newer versions01:05
R[a] ndomoh I see what youre saying01:06
R[a] ndomso no01:06
TheSheepR[a] ndom: so I'd only install xfdesktop01:06
TheSheepand it will pull most of xfce with it01:06
R[a] ndomah. thats the metapackage I wanted01:06
R[a] ndomoh I See01:06
TheSheep(and probably also whole gtk and all apps that use gtk)01:06
TaJMoXr[a] ndom you can get the latest xfce from here http://pkg-xfce.alioth.debian.org/01:06
R[a] ndomtoo late :)01:06
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jonazola :)01:15
jonazi try to play a dvd, which is (according to kaffeine) 'encrypted or faulty'. then i tried to install libdecss, but its not available01:16
jonazso what can i do else?01:17
Catoptromancylibdvdcss something01:19
Catoptromancyforgot exact name01:19
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jonazyeah i meant that, sorry01:21
viddjonaz, you can get the package on my ownoads page:01:21
jonazi have a translated version of ubunutu, it says something like "no installation candidate for libdvdcss"01:21
jonazbut i can find it with apt-cache search01:21
jonazi got a 64bit system, vidd :/01:22
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jonazor is that not a problem, vidd ?01:23
viddso far as i know...its not a problem....01:24
viddbut then...my 64bit machine has an intel chip, and not amd01:24
jonazso has mine01:24
viddthen you did not have to use the 64bit install?01:25
jonazokay, i thought i that i have to install only 64bit packets on a 64bit system01:25
viddnope....the opposite is true....01:26
viddonly 32 bit (and less) apps on a 32 bit system01:26
jonazwhen i do dpkg -i libblabla, it says "i386 package does not fit 64bit system" and denies an installation01:27
Jester45 then... get a 64bit one01:28
jonazthat's why i am here Jester45, it does not work01:28
jonazas i wrote before01:28
viddjonaz, i have no idea what libblabla is.....01:29
=== R[a] ndom [n=random@bas9-toronto01-1242393048.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
jonazyour libdvdcss2_1.2.9-1_i386.deb01:29
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Jester45vidd, can you get a 64ibt?01:31
=== vidd goes off to do some digging!
viddjonaz, can you add a line to your repos?01:35
jonazsure :)01:35
vidddeb http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/ [version]  free non-free01:36
viddreplace [version]  with edgy, fiesty, dapper, etc01:36
viddsupposidly its there01:37
jonazKonnte http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/dists/feisty/non-free/binary-amd64/Packages.gz nicht holen  404 Not Found [IP: 80] 01:38
jonaz*hngl* :)01:38
viddjonaz, NO!!!! add it to your /etc/apt/sources.list01:39
jonazyeah i did01:39
jonazthe error came after apt-get update01:39
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viddcuzz im looking at it online right now....01:40
=== neozen pokes vidd with a stick....
neozenhey there you... have any luck getting that card to work w/o ndiswrapper?01:40
viddneozen, yeah....there was a button on it....01:41
viddmy daughter touched it and BANG!internet access01:42
neozenyou're kidding01:42
viddi wish01:42
neozenwho says we kids can't do useful stuff!01:42
viddjonaz, take the non-free out01:42
viddyou only need the free anyway01:42
jonazthe same01:43
viddneozen, she is going to be a techno-geek like her old man01:43
viddjonaz, do you have internet?01:43
jonazno, you?01:43
jonazi'm not stupid, just unexperienced01:44
viddjonaz, you need internet access in order to update apt01:44
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viddthat is why you are getting the error.....01:45
neozenvidd: girl after my own heart01:45
jonazgrrr., i know, you see the _not_ before the stupid?01:45
viddlet me see if i can get my fingers on the .deb for ya01:45
jonazif i had no internet i would not be able to chat with you:)01:45
viddjonaz, alot of ppl chat on an internet machine and work on an offline machine01:46
jonazwoule be cool, but i cannot understand why it says there's a 40401:46
viddare you outside the USA?01:47
viddhrm...i cant see THEM blacklisting the site....01:48
viddfollow these instructions:01:48
viddi may have mistyped something earlier01:49
=== vidd suffers from twisted finger AND fat finger syndromes!
jonazhmmm yeah, but no problem :) we forgot the slash between feisty/nonfree01:50
jonazno problem, i'm thankful for your help. now let's see if it works01:51
jonazthank you so much01:52
jonazwhy is this not an official repo01:52
jonazhah cool01:53
jonazworks also for vlc! great01:53
viddcuzz its got paten issues in the us?01:55
jonazoh :(01:55
jtg23_hey is there a non nsidwrapper method of getting access on my WMP54G linssys card?'01:55
viddjtg23_, bcm43xx chipset?01:56
jtg23_air force 101:56
jonazi'll rejoin later - have to plug-in another hdd. thanks so far! bye01:57
jtg23_what it be?01:57
vidddid you already install ndiswrapper?01:57
jtg23_i'm befuddled01:57
jtg23_i don't want it01:57
vidddo you have lan internet access?01:57
jtg23_unfortunately not, this gateway solo 9300 taht cost $3000+ 8 years ago has only an internal modem and i lack a pcmcia card but i have a usb drive so i'm doing that method01:58
=== vidd HATES doing it this way!
viddok...lets get down to getting it done01:59
jtg23_yeah, i hear ya01:59
jtg23_ok, break it down01:59
viddyou will need : bcm43xx-fwcutter02:00
viddand the firmware02:00
=== ron_o [n=ron@12-210-174-186.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
viddlet me see if i have both on my downloads site already02:00
=== vidd has the bcm43xx-fwcutter on his downloads site: http://www.vidd.us/downloads
jtg23_are these the instructions?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18517402:01
jtg23_k i got bcm43xx-fwcutter from you02:02
viddi use the official guide.....02:02
jtg23_where can i find that?02:02
=== vidd is getting the firmware now
jtg23_oh man that funny.mov is raunchy!02:03
jtg23_lol @ that!02:03
jtg23_oh awesome, thx!02:04
viddjtg23_, you can thank Jester45 for that movie02:05
jtg23_i'm not sure if it warrants thanks per se ;)02:05
jtg23_here i'll return my gratitude to the commnity:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIJOVD8hwY02:06
viddthe firmware is now on my downloads page02:06
=== Eagle-101 is now known as eagle_101
jtg23_ok cool, thx02:07
TaJMoXvidd is rappelz any good and does it run in wine?02:09
viddits awesome...and no..not yet02:10
viddjtg23_, wl_apsta.o02:11
TaJMoXlooks like a free version of Lineage202:11
viddjtg23_, once you download and transfer both files, you want to install the .deb, make note of where you put the .o and run: sudo bcm43xx-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware/`uname -r` <downloaded file>02:12
viddTaJMoX, idk....i got it to test with wine for a friend...he dual boots now only because of that game02:13
viddif you get it to work in wine...let me know how! he wants to fire M$ almost as bad as I did!02:14
jtg23_arrite will get going after my shower thx for the links and the nec files vidd02:14
jtg23_i'll be back if it doesn't work02:14
TaJMoXvidd I had to stop playing those free 3D mmorpg's, there are so many out there and hardly any work in wine.   I get a lot more done without playing them anyways02:15
TaJMoXI'd rather fire M$ and stupid games, than run M$OS02:15
viddTaJMoX, i hear ya!02:16
viddbut you know how these kids are these days02:17
TaJMoXIf we had games like this when I was a kid, I'd be in trouble02:18
=== vidd hasnt been a kid for 20 years and still is in trouble ;)
TaJMoXheh.. what games do you play ?02:19
=== Jester45 's GPA dropped when WoW came out :)
viddeinstien, glob2 and runescape02:19
Jester45runescpae is really ungly02:20
GrueTamerrunescape? lol02:20
viddhey...it may be ugly...but i like it02:20
GrueTameri play games that are beautifully rendered02:21
GrueTamerlike nethack02:21
=== vidd likes to play games...period
viddand with my POS monitor, it dont matter HOW awesome the game SHOULD look....02:22
vidd=] 02:22
Jester45i hate on runescape how you have to take care of your player... the game is more like the sims when you have to do that02:23
viddwhat are you talking about? "take care of your player"?02:23
GrueTamerJester45: dude, play nethack, after that, you wont think runescape makes you take care of your player02:24
GrueTameri mean, in nethack and various other roguelike games, you can frigggin die of starvation02:24
GrueTamer...i die like that all the time, it seems that the dungeons of doom dont allow for anorexia02:25
viddlol GrueTamer02:26
GrueTameri like how you always look the same no matter what you are02:26
GrueTamerso now, ive come to love the little @ symbol i see runnin around02:26
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TaJMoXyou can die from eating too02:41
=== TaJMoX chokes on a newt corpse
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Jester45how do you cnvert kilobits into kilobytes?03:34
alnokta /803:35
=== Greg is now known as cheeseboy
Jester45thats it?03:35
Jester45so i was right03:35
alnoktathats what i do03:35
TheSheepJester45: depends on what you're doing03:44
TheSheepJester45: if it's a file transfer, then the protocol usually has some additional overhead03:44
Jester45im setting torrentflux's max upload speed and vidd wanted it to be 1/2 a meg03:44
TheSheepJester45: then again, there is some compression03:44
TheSheepJester45: so it doesn't translate directly03:44
cheeseboyhow i set opera as my defauld browser?03:45
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepcheeseboy: settings->preferred applications03:45
cellofellowcheeseboy: go to, yeah03:45
Jester45i dont care on what its doing with the transfer speed just what % of the total of the line03:45
=== OGDA is now known as BFTD
cheeseboyTheSheep, wheres settings?03:46
cellofellowApplications -> Settings03:46
cellofellowthe main system menu03:46
cheeseboyoh thnx03:47
cellofellowTheSheep: can you help me set up a sudoers file so that user 'josh' can access everything except `passwd` without needing a password?03:48
TheSheep"It is generally not effective to "subtract" commands from ALL using the ! operator.  A user can trivially circumvent this by copying the desired command to a different name and then executing that."03:50
TheSheepjust found that03:50
TheSheepcellofellow: it would be easier to allow a limited set of commands03:51
TheSheepcellofellow: like apt-get, dpkg, vim03:51
TheSheepcellofellow ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/apt-get03:55
TheSheepyou can list them with commas03:55
TheSheepcellofellow ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/apt-get,/usr/bin/dpkg03:55
cellofellowand I can use an alias03:55
=== j1mc [n=jim@odtfm.ondecktech.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepman sudoers has some examples03:56
cellofellowI know, but that's a huge manpage03:56
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TheSheepskim :)03:56
Jester45skim = hold the down arrow03:57
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cellofellowTheSheep: how do I remove myself from the admin group?04:20
TheSheepcellofellow: settings->users and groups04:20
TheSheepcellofellow: or edit /etc/group04:20
dan40Whats a small bittorrent client to use. I have been using Azureus but its kind of a memory hog04:23
cellofellowum, I would suggest deluge-torrent but I can't find it in the repos (it used to be there) or an ubuntu package on the web.04:25
dan40thanks cello04:27
cellofellowis it there somewhere?04:27
cellofellowTheSheep: can I set a password that isn't my users password for sudo? Like my users password I don't know, but I want to know my sudo password, so they need to be different.04:34
TheSheepcellofellow: no idea, probably yes04:34
TheSheepcellofellow: I think you can have group passwords04:35
cellofellowI just figured out if I run a program that isn't in the NOPASSWD list, it prompts for the password. really slick.04:35
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biousermy workspaces went away04:51
biouseranyone know how to get them back?04:51
Ghostvirusyou mean the workspace pager?04:53
cellofellowbiouser: right click the panel, and click Add Items, and add the Pager.04:54
biousercellofellow, excellent04:55
biousercellofellow, spot on04:55
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claudiohfghi all.05:13
claudiohfgI want to install xfce4 in my system. how do I do this without installing the whole xubuntu stuff?05:13
cellofellowjust install xfce405:14
claudiohfghow about the plugins? wouldn't I be missing something?05:14
cellofellowa few. You'll have to hunt and peck, there isn't one meta-package.05:15
claudiohfgok, thanks!05:15
cellofellowclaudiohfg: I think Debian has a meta-package though. Look at what it depends on at packages.debian.org05:17
cellofellowdon't use it though, just look at it05:17
claudiohfgthanks! I'll see it.05:17
claudiohfgI'm now filtering apt-get install xubuntu-desktop to see what to keep out05:18
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yokobrhi guyes06:07
yokobrmy desktop desapeared06:07
yokobrplease, i need it back06:09
TheSheepyokobr: press alt+f2 and then type 'xfdesktop'06:12
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skarevolutiI have a big problem!07:26
skarevolutican anybody help me?07:26
skarevolutiI use xubuntu desktop07:27
skarevolutiand my pannels dissapear...07:27
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Chikubuwhen i was using win98 on this pc, the video card would go into higher resolution, i installed the latest driver for the card but dont see the option to go to higher res, its an older ati card, do i need to reboot?07:37
Chikubuor might it not support the higher res?07:37
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Chikubuwhat hoops would i have to jump thru to get a package for red hat to run on xubuntu?08:23
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Jester45Chikubu, not that bad, sometimes08:32
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)08:32
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null___What do I apt-get to switch from Gnome to Xfce on a Ubuntu install?09:16
null___Was it xfce-desktop-environment?09:16
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Chikubui have a problem removing a package, when i do apt-get install asla-utils, it says current version installed, but if i do apt-get remove asla-utils it says no pacakge found, i want to be able to run alsa-utils, ideas?09:24
crimsunthere's no such package.09:25
crimsunalsa-utils exists, however.09:26
Chikubuis there a way to force reinstall09:26
maxamillionand crimsun would know with his uber alsa-code-foo ;)09:26
crimsunsudo dpkg -P --force-depends alsa-utils && sudo apt-get -f install09:27
Chikubuwhat does 32 not upgraded allude to?09:29
maxamillionChikubu: huh?09:30
crimsunprobably something holding them back.09:30
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crimsunjust `sudo apt-get install alsa-utils`09:30
Chikubualsa-utils is already the newest version.09:30
Chikubu0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 32 not upgraded.09:30
maxamillionChikubu: try "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"09:30
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maxamillionChikubu: its probably because there is a new kernel upgrade and packages that depend on that kernel, you have to pass the 'dist-upgrade' command to get kernel image upgrades09:31
Chikubuoh crap its 90 megs09:31
Chikubuok ill let that run tonight09:31
maxamillionChikubu: k09:31
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ferronicahi al10:06
ferronicacan i use xubuntu in dektop computers ???10:06
maxamillionferronica: yes10:14
maxamillionferronica: you can use it on a wide array of computers of which desktops would fit categorically10:15
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hyper_chhiho maxamillion10:32
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maxamillionhiya hyper_ch10:33
maxamillionwhoa! linux.com got a face lift10:33
hyper_chmaxamillion: it did? ^^10:34
hyper_chmaxamillion:  you know php?10:35
maxamillionhyper_ch: yeah ... atleast since like 3 days ago since i saw it last10:35
maxamillionhyper_ch: minimal amounts of php10:35
hyper_chmaxamillion: ok ;)10:35
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hyper_chI need some advanced skills10:36
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maxamillionhyper_ch: yeah, i wouldn't be your guy ... its something i am looking forward to learning eventually but i haven't needed to learn it just yet10:37
hyper_chmaxamillion: based on snoopy I am trying to create a bot for an online game ^^10:37
maxamillionhyper_ch: write it in python ;)10:38
hyper_chmaxamillion: I dunno pythong10:38
hyper_chsnoopy is a nice php class that emulates a webbrowser :)10:38
hyper_chmaxamillion: the game is browser based ^^10:39
hyper_chin 2 1/2h the bred is ready ;)10:39
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hyper_chbtw, did you hear about gmail in Germany? Google threatens to close gmail germany10:40
maxamillionhyper_ch: no i didn't ... what happened?10:40
hyper_chGermany is about to pass a law that would free email providers require to be able to disclose the identity of the email users to the legal services and goole stands up to it10:41
hyper_chsaying that the guaranteed privacy is one of the main reasons people use gmail10:42
maxamilliongood show google!10:42
hyper_chmaxamillion: for once ;) hasn't been google lately a target of critics regarding user data collections and stuff?10:43
maxamillioni think so10:44
hyper_choh well10:45
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maxamillionmeh, long live google!10:46
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homebrewciderI have Xubuntu 6.06 installed on another computer in the house (with no internet connection), can I upgrade with my cd of Xubuntu 7.04?02:33
PumpernickelCan?  Possibly.  Sanely?  Not so much.  The tested upgrade path is through Edgy.02:35
TheSheephomebrewcider: the config files ten to get broken if you skip versions02:38
TheSheepthings like udev and init02:38
homebrewcideroh ok02:39
homebrewciderhow do I make my num lock be switched on automatically on boot please?02:42
TheSheephomebrewcider: there is an xkb option for it you can put in xorg.conf02:45
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homebrewcideris this the section?02:47
homebrewciderSection "InputDevice"02:47
homebrewciderIdentifier"Generic Keyboard"02:47
TheSheephomebrewcider: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47532102:52
homebrewcidercheers, done02:55
homebrewciderwill see if it works on rreboot02:59
TheSheepsay, are there any "spare" keysyms I can use for my own purposes?03:00
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test3rhey if i have another OS installed and I dont think it has power monitoring (battery monitoring) code built with it (turned on) - can I get that somehow? & what is that called - that ATHCPI - etc?04:11
test3ris that APIC ?04:13
test3rmy /bin/dmesg  tells me it is off04:14
test3roh shnap04:14
test3rit is some processor thing good thing i didnt just turn That on04:15
test3raaaaaa ACPI04:16
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test3rif i type acpi it says "no support for battery"   =( that makes no sense the battery stuff works fine in Xubuntu04:18
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floedelanyone able to help me getting my winxp-comp to access internet through this one (xubunto). That has 2NICs, and one going to a router. wild guess.. is it avahi-daemon that I should config?06:00
floedellol *xubuntu06:01
floedelgetting som illegal local domain error so it will not start06:01
TheSheepfloedel: no, you want to configure masquerade06:06
floedelok, thanks!06:06
TheSheepfloedel: http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t457340.html06:10
floedelThanks alot TheSheep06:11
TheSheepit's not *exactly* what you want, but you should be able to tweak it to your needs06:11
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floedelwhat is "ra0"?06:21
floedelguessing wireless06:23
Merchelodamn caps lock {{SADFACE}}06:24
floedeland "essid"? :P06:26
Merchelothe wireless's "name" of the network you are connected to06:27
floedelyea.. I'm reading a howto, but I'm not wireless, so need to replace06:28
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floedelanyway.. my NIC thats going to forward connection.. should it be static IP?06:29
nipunHello people06:29
floedelhi nipun06:30
nipunneed some help if someone's available06:30
nipunhello floedel06:30
floedelif I can =)06:30
floedelharving problems myself..06:30
floedelI mean, unsolved problems06:30
nipuncould you tell me if there's some place where I can put up a command to start firefox when xubuntu live cd boots?06:31
nipunoh, hope we both leave today's chat session with our problems solve06:31
nipunis there an initrc for xubuntu?06:31
floedelyou want to run firefox at startup?06:31
nipunlike regular system startup06:31
nipunyes, making a kiosk cd based on xubuntu06:31
nipunso...anyone has any idea if xubuntu has some file like initrc or /etc/skel that i could use?06:32
nipunthe live cd i mean06:32
nipunnot an installed desktop06:32
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floedelI don't know06:33
nipunwhat problem are you facing?06:33
Merchelonot sure you could do that with the live CD06:33
nipunwhy not?06:34
nipunmaybe rc.5 dir can have some file?06:34
floedelpretty sure you can make that happen... just don't know file06:34
nipunyes it can happen06:34
nipuni have pretty good ideas about an installed system06:34
nipunbut cant for the life of me find how to do it in xubuntu06:34
nipunif i can just find it, i can go along to reduce it's size06:35
nipuntill now I have made a few kiosks cds based on slax06:35
floedelI'm trying to forward connection through this xubuntu box. I got 2 nic's and a winxp box behind this one. first card goes to router at neighbour :P06:35
nipunbut xubuntu seems a better choice06:35
nipunlol no idea about that06:36
nipunmaybe something to do with vnc can help?06:36
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floedelmyea,, that remote program right? don't want that06:37
nipunoh, then got no idea06:38
floedelfound something..06:41
floedelPrograms that you wish to autostart on XFCE4 startup need to be placed into shell scripts in the ~/Desktop/Autostart/06:41
floedelcd ~/Desktop/Autostart #since version 4.4 ~/.config/autostart06:42
floedelnano -w gaim (example script below)06:42
nipundo you hae a link?06:42
nipunthe problem is where do I find this in the live cd?06:42
nipunis it the install folder or what?06:42
floedelLOL "xfce4-autostart-editor"06:43
nipunthe installed system has a place for autostart06:43
nipunyes, exactly06:43
nipunbut how do i make it persistent so that it starts everytime06:43
nipunbecause if i use the "xfce4-autostart-editor" then the changes will be lost on boot06:43
TheSheepyou just need to put a .desktop launcher in /etc/xdg/autostart/06:43
nipunhang on a sec please06:44
TheSheepnipun: of course you need to create your own livecd for that06:44
nipunyes I am going to do that06:45
nipunnow comes the ultra moronic question06:45
nipunthere doesn't seem to be any /etc in the live cd06:45
nipunthe xubuntu live cd06:45
TheSheepnipun: you can also put the firefox settings in /usr/share/firefox/defaults/06:46
TheSheepnipun: you need to put it into the compressed system image that gets uncompressed and run06:47
nipunTheSheep:thanks a lot for the help, but the main problem is the live cd iso doesn't seem to have this structure06:47
nipunno /etc, no /usr, nada!06:47
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TheSheepnipun: yes, it has it all compressed in a single file06:48
TheSheepnipun: that gets uncompressed on boot into ram06:48
Amon-sanany of you guys have an idea why no actual program starts when i select an item in the "applications" menu06:48
TheSheepAmon-san: what version of xubuntu?06:48
Amon-sanxchat was the first prog i started. and then no other program was able to run06:49
nipunTheSheep: which file would that be? how do i uncompress it, make the changes, and compress it back again06:49
TheSheepAmon-san: weird, I had this some time ago in gutsy, figured out it was some bug introduced in the development version and didn't care much...06:49
Amon-sani did not update anything for like 7 days or so06:50
Amon-sanand at that time things worked without fail06:50
TheSheepAmon-san: the applications menu on the panel works ok?06:51
Amon-santhe menu itself opens just fine06:51
Amon-sannot any item starts tho06:52
TheSheepAmon-san: in the panel plugin too?06:54
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j1mcmembers of the chicago-ubuntu loco team07:01
j1mcat barcamp-chicago07:01
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j1mcnote the xubuntu install on my laptop.  :)07:01
TheSheepj1mc: looks.... reassuring :)07:01
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mindtzarhey, i'm having problems running the installer. it can't unmount my HDD when it comes time to parition or format it, and it keeps opening the HDD in the file browser07:02
mindtzartherefore it's jumping back to choose how to partition the HDD again07:02
TheSheepmindtzar: it's a known bug, let me find it so we can see if there is a workaround alredy07:03
mindtzarokay, cheers07:03
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TheSheepmindtzar: can't find it for some reason :/ maybe they fixed it in gutsy and the bug report got removed?07:10
mindtzarno idea, but this is annoying :(07:11
Amon-sanTheSheep, i restarted gdm and now everything works07:11
TheSheepAmon-san: it's still weird07:12
mindtzaris this specific to the Xubuntu install#07:13
mindtzaror ubuntu in general07:13
mindtzarthis bug07:13
TheSheepmindtzar: yes07:13
TheSheepmindtzar: it's specific -- the thunar volume manager plugin mounts the partition automatically07:13
TheSheepmindtzar: you might try running thunar, going to edit->preferences, then last tab and diabling the volman plugin07:14
mindtzarright, i'll see if it works07:15
mindtzarcheers btw07:15
TheSheepthen unmount the parition and try07:15
mindtzarseems to be working07:16
mindtzari can't wait till i have it actually running on the HD07:17
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stefanhi. i'm having a little issue with my graphics card (using latest xubuntu): everything works fine in general but graphics "feel" quite slow. i checked Xorg.log and it says "MGA(0): Using AGP 1x mode" even though in the BIOS setup it says 4x. could this be the reason why it feels so slow? (using a matrox g550 @ 1600x1200, btw)07:19
TheSheepstefan: are you sure it doesn't use the vesa driver? it is slow07:20
stefanTheSheep: yes, i'm pretty sure. just s second07:20
stefanTheSheep: glxinfo says "direct rendering: Yes" which, AFAIK, it wouldn't say with the VESA driver...07:21
stefan("OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI G400 20061030 AGP 1x x86/MMX/SSE")07:22
stefanah, google mentions 'Option "AGPMode" "4"' - trying that :)07:24
stefanokay, that did the job. doesn't feel particularly faster, though :(07:27
TheSheepstefan: maybe try disabling compositor?07:28
TheSheepstefan: settings->wm tweaks->last tab07:28
stefanTheSheep: already disabled07:29
godlessHow would I customize the gdm login/password screen?07:49
TheSheepgodless: system->login window07:50
godlessTheSheep:  Can I add new 'welcome screens'?07:54
godlessoh look at that07:54
godlessI can :)07:54
godlessNevermind me07:54
godlessnothing to see here07:54
godlessmove along, move along07:54
godlessactually, where are the existant welcome screens stored?07:55
TheSheepgodless: you can just install them by dragging and droping the archives into the window, I think07:57
godlessI was thinking of making my own. Reading /usr/share/gdm/themes/ it seems like maybe more work than I want to do while waiting for my sunday coffee to brew :)08:06
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felicianohi... Is there some way to restore the sources.list to the default??08:43
=== [tokin] [n=ryan@dynamic-acs-24-144-225-167.zoominternet.net] has joined #xubuntu
ablomenfeliciano, check private message, that my sources.list, al std08:45
felicianothanks a lot08:45
ablomennp :)08:46
felicianoyou dont know if apt-setup work nice?08:46
ablomendunno, never used it08:46
felicianothanks a lot08:48
ablomenbye feliciano08:48
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gerroI got this one computer and wondering how well xubuntu will run on it, sort of odd specs. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27052/08:56
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gerroI hear the intel cards work nicely but can I enable 3d support?08:57
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ablomengerro, specs look more then enough08:57
gerroI'm just concerned about will I get good graphical support, and it mentions "Packet Scheduler Miniport" no clue what that is08:59
gerrolike a few comps I use it has multiple hard drives too, any idea how to enable swap on multiple drives?09:00
gerroI mean would that boost performance a bit09:00
ablomendont think so09:00
ablomenanyway im not sure your swap would even be used often09:00
gerrooh trust me it is lol09:01
ablomenhmm ok09:01
ablomenwell i dont think there is a restriction on how many swap fs's you have, but not sure09:01
gerroyeah currently to access my second hard drive I have to go root and mount it because I haven't added it to fstab to be mounted on boot09:02
gerrobut I sort of like that since no one without root privs can view my secret media stash09:02
ablomenhehe :P09:03
gerroI think I might hook up a webcam to the comp09:04
gerroany idea on some good picture quality ones for linux?09:04
gerromostly usb ones work I've been told09:05
ablomenwell i dont know of any webcams with good picture quality, but most [hilips and logitech ones should work with v4l09:05
gerrobut I got this crappy uvcvideo driver one for my lappy and it usually just displays white screen and blinks light then crashes09:05
gerroyeah v4l ones are really nice I've seen09:06
gerrowhat about webcam with some sort of motion sensor that would be sweet :)09:06
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ablomenwell atleast you can do it with software (the motion detection)09:07
gerroyeah I could easily set that up I guess09:08
gerrowould help incase I left laptop webcam going and left room by mistake09:08
gerrosave power and all09:08
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gerroablomen: what your computers stats?09:16
ablomengerro, check pm09:17
gerroablomen: lspci usually gives more info :)09:17
gerroooh athlon xp nice09:17
gerroyou ever try using k7 kernel and swiftweasel for athlon?09:18
gerrosetup that for my one friend whom uses dial up, he loves the speed09:18
ablomenhmm nah never did, should though09:19
gerrowhat is this Via company?09:19
ablomenvia is just another chipset/hardware company09:19
gerrofirst time I heard of it09:19
gerroI live in the US where you from?09:19
ablomenthe netherlands09:20
gerroah perhaps they don't sell here09:20
ablomenvia is taiwanese or something like that09:20
ablomenacer etc uses it09:20
gerroyeah acer they make good stuff don't they09:20
gerroisn't it mostly portable things?09:21
ablomenyup mostly09:21
ablomenarnt my fav company though09:21
gerroyou using amd64 or x86 xubuntu?09:22
ablomenheh its an athlon 2800+, so x8609:23
gerrojust checking09:23
ablomenlaptop is like 4 years old :) maybe more09:23
gerroits a laptop?09:23
gerroabout what ranges does it heat up to?09:24
ablomensorry i dont get that last one09:24
ablomenwhat do you mean?09:24
gerromy brother has a similar laptop except nvidia card and newer amd model he got from dell, lots of heat09:24
gerroablomen: do acpi -t09:25
gerroI mean he gets over 50 C continuously09:25
ablomen53 celcius it sais09:25
gerromy dual core one stays at about 20-30 C but it is a bit larger size09:26
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gerroablomen: you might want to check that command when it actually starts doing some heavy processing09:27
ablomenhmm well it has been working for ages now, so i guess its safe :)09:27
gerroI think its mainly the cheap casing and the small size, perhaps the pasting they used on the processor09:28
gerroraises the temp quite a lot09:28
gerrootherwise could probably overclock it nicely09:29
ablomenhehe no need09:29
ablomeni dont do heavy stuff on it :)09:29
ablomenwell sometimes a vm but it can handle that fine :)09:29
ablomenvirtual machine09:30
gerrooh yeah09:30
gerroyou use kqemu for that?09:30
ablomennah i use virtualbox on laptop, vmware server on other pc's09:30
gerroI've been looking for a vm that handles well not over network but locally09:31
gerrokeep hearing that virtualbox mentioned09:31
gerroI've used qemu in past mostly but bit difficult configuring found out they had this qemu launcher app in ubuntu repository09:32
ablomenvbox is pretty nice, but for "professional" use, id use vmware09:32
gerroreally just looking for something free with nice performance and customization09:32
ablomen1hmm well vbox is based on qemu09:33
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
ablomenbut not free as in speech i think09:33
ablomennot sure09:33
maxamillionablomen: vbox is open source now09:33
maxamillionand i don't think it is based off qemu09:33
gerrodamn I have to try that now09:34
ablomenok cool :)09:34
ablomenyeah its based on qemy09:34
maxamillionvbox is a VM, where as qemu is an emulator ... completely different concepts09:34
gerrohow so different09:34
maxamillioni will have to look into that, i would interested to see how they pulled that off .... it might be based off kqemu09:34
ablomenmaxamillion, http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Developer_FAQ09:35
TheSheep"The QEMU virtual CPU core library is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License."09:35
maxamilliongerro: virtualization generally just passes instructions between hardware and software in order to virtually mimic that the software is actually running on the hardware, but emulators actually "act" like hardware, but do so in a completely "fake hardware"-software emulation09:35
TheSheepso was vbox based on qemu, it woudl have to be at least lgpl too09:35
maxamillionoh ... vbox just borrowed some code from qemu for certain things09:36
maxamillionmeh ...09:36
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepqemu itself is GPL, so it's even worse09:37
gerroah so virtualization is similar to how ndiswrapper works09:37
TheSheep(or better) :)09:37
gerrolike a driver wrapper09:37
gerroexcept for entire system09:37
TheSheepgerro: or how wine works09:37
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
gerroyeah that too09:37
maxamillionTheSheep: be careful who you make comments like that about wine around .... there is that whole "wine is not a windows emulator" movement going on ... they prefer to call it a "windows API translation layer"09:39
TheSheepmaxamillion: that's exactly what I mean09:40
TheSheepmaxamillion: wine doesn't emulate hardware -- it just provides the libraries and system api that windows program expect, but linux doesn't have by default09:41
gerrothink wine goes step further09:42
gerroI mean does virtual box interface with all the different kernel drivers?09:42
TheSheepmaxamillion: by the way, qemu *is* an emulatro by default09:42
gerroor just the kernel09:42
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's only if you have kqemu installed and loaded that it pipes some commands directly trhough your cpu09:42
maxamillionTheSheep: i know, i said that earlier09:45
maxamillionTheSheep: how i didn'09:45
maxamillionbleh ... stupd enter key being in my way09:45
TheSheepript it off09:45
maxamillionTheSheep: how i didn't see how vbox was based off qemu since qemu is an emulator and vbox a virtualization software09:45
gerrois kqemu an emulator?09:49
gerroI guess it still is09:49
gerrobut it does make some improvements09:49
TheSheepgerro: kqemu is a kernel module that allows qemu to skip emulation of some commands by executing them directly in hardware09:49
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h116n4c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
gerroTheSheep: baaa baaa09:55
=== TheSheep gives gerro a blank stare
gerroTheSheep: meeeh meee09:56
gerrothat european :)09:56
=== gerro rolls on floor laughing
TheSheep!ot > gerro09:56
gerroI'm sorry couldn't resist09:56
gerrowhat does ot mean?09:57
gerromaxamillion: weren't you on here yesterday asking about something?09:58
maxamilliongerro: doubtful09:58
gerroI was afk and not really paying attention09:59
gerroyou use virtualbox too?09:59
gerroablomen mentioned it integrates with vmware server10:00
ablomenvbox integrates in vmware server? never said that, and it doesnt10:00
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
gerroyeah you said you used virtualbox to use desktops hosted by vmware server or something10:11
=== miramana [n=suser@] has joined #xubuntu
gerroyou said "<ablomen> nah i use virtualbox on laptop, vmware server on other pc's"10:12
gerrosorry if I'm a little confused10:13
ablomennp :)10:13
ablomeni use them seperatly10:13
ablomenso i use vmware server on my main desktop and work pc to run vm's and i run different vm's from my laptop on vbox10:14
=== tommy909808 [n=tommy@adsl-71-147-41-65.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
tommy909808i changed the root password...how do i change it back10:16
gerrothere some password files in /etc edit them10:16
gerroor play around with group option under applications menu10:16
gerroits in system10:16
tommy909808i cant get in i need the root password10:17
gerroif you lost the root password then enter recovery console and get it back10:17
gerronot get it back I mean set a new one10:17
tommy909808ok ill reboot now10:17
=== tommy909808 [n=tommy@adsl-71-147-41-65.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has left #xubuntu []
gerrohope he knows what he is doing10:17
ablomendont think so10:18
ablomenotherwise you dont change your root password on *ubuntu10:18
gerroof course you do10:18
gerrothere some sort of root command to change it10:19
gerrobut I forgot10:19
ablomenwhy should you? the root account isnt even enabled10:19
gerrobut it can be enabled10:19
gerroand any accounts that can access root are root10:20
ablomenyup i know10:20
ablomenbut the whole point is that root is not enabled :)10:20
=== eagle-101 [n=eagle@wikimedia/Eagle-101] has joined #xubuntu
gerroroot account or root its same diff10:20
hyper_chhuhu TheSheep10:20
hyper_chhuhu maxamillion10:20
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
gerrohuhu hyper_ch10:21
gerroablomen: connection issues?10:21
hyper_chhuhu gerro10:21
ablomenwhoa xchat just died on me10:21
hyper_chuse konversation ;)10:21
gerrohyper_ch: omg no you did not! >,<10:21
=== bw_hb [n=bw@L61a9.l.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chgerro: ???10:21
gerrohyper_ch: ???10:22
ablomenhyper_ch, i wont even respond to that ;)10:22
hyper_chablomen: konvi is great :)10:22
gerroI prefer xchat (not gnome version) or irssi10:22
ablomenyup xchat-gnome is pure evil10:23
eagle-101irssi is nice :)10:23
eagle-101so is xchat :)10:23
eagle-101trying the konversation thing now :P10:23
ablomenanyway xchat works great, never happend that it died until now10:23
hyper_chablomen: well, that's once more often than konvi died on me10:23
ablomeneagle-101, watch out, its with a K, so a lot of libs will come with that install ;)10:23
eagle-101ablomen, yeah I know :)10:24
gerroI would suspect a server bandwidth hiccup or so but it was only you affected ablomen10:24
eagle-101I use a mainly kubuntu desktop anyway10:24
eagle-101so I have most of them already on here10:24
hyper_cheagle-101: hehehe :) btw, you need the sysinfo-script-bug-fix-to-show-your-diskspace? ^^10:24
ablomengerro, well it got back to me again but i already had pressed f4 so it automagicly closed10:24
ablomeni think the install of gutsy onder vbox is making my system a bit slow ;)10:25
eagle-101hyper_ch, heh, diskspace is not why I use xubuntu, its ram :10:25
gerroablomen: you mean alt f410:25
ablomeneh yeah thats what i ment :)10:25
eagle-101256 MB is not enough to run ubuntu or kubuntu and do anything productiv10:25
gerrodiskspace kind of low too10:25
hyper_cheagle-101: I meant the sysinfo script from konvi has a but so it won't display diskspace :)10:25
hyper_chit's fixed upstream already10:25
eagle-101hyper_ch, ah I see10:25
eagle-101I'm just now trying it10:26
hyper_cheagle-101: this here10:26
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.20-16-generic running Xfce 4.4.0, CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), HD: 399/1009GB, RAM: 997/1010MB, 145 proc's, 55.7min up10:26
gerroI got 1 gig but still run xubuntu :)10:26
eagle-101ah you don't have a terabyte10:26
gerrowtf is a bogomips?10:26
hyper_cheagle-101: sure, that's my diskspace10:26
eagle-101aww I want your RAM :P10:27
hyper_chgerro: http://www.google.ch/search?q=define%3Abogomips&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a10:27
hyper_cheagle-101: it's 1 GB ram... not 1 tera10:27
eagle-101yeah... I have 256 MB :P10:27
gerroumm that is in different language10:27
gerrothink german10:27
hyper_chthe definition is in english10:28
hyper_chor replace .ch by .com10:28
gerrono its not...10:28
hyper_chfor me it is in english10:28
eagle-101gerro, here10:28
gerroumm you gave me a link to google search that only showed this wikipedia page in different language10:28
eagle-101wikipedia never fails you :)10:29
hyper_chstrange... all I did is enter in google:   define:bogomips   and then gave you the resulting url10:29
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
gerroohh yeah I remember this10:29
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== aroo [n=justin@] has joined #xubuntu
eagle-101mmm hyper_ch koversation is decent... how do you set it to automatically login for you?10:49
hyper_cheagle-101:  F2 --> define servers and channels10:49
hyper_chand in the commands field you enter the /msg nickserv identify PWD10:50
eagle-101mmm they have a thing on there called autoidentify10:50
eagle-101with two fields, Service: and Password:10:50
eagle-101hit F210:51
eagle-101see where it says identity?10:51
eagle-101click edit10:51
hyper_chnever used those10:51
hyper_chas said, in the command field just enter:   /msg nickserv identify PWD10:52
eagle-101anyway I'd like for it to auto-id before I autojoin :P10:52
hyper_chyou can do this with the commands10:52
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
gerroBFTD: a dialup linux user?10:59
BFTDgerro eh?10:59
=== gerro oggles BFTD with wonder
BFTDmy internet is dial up10:59
BFTDbut my connection is wireless10:59
gerrodialup through wireless amazing11:00
gerroso you have a separate server handling the dialup connection for you?11:00
BFTDgerro it is11:00
BFTDgerro yeah11:00
gerrobftd: mind giving me your email and possibly answering a few questions :)11:01
gerroI've been trying for longest while to get dialup going on linux very easily11:01
BFTDI have no idea how to do that11:01
=== gerro bangs his head against desk
gerrodamn it I was so close at finally finding out how >,<11:02
BFTDwhat modem are you using?11:03
gerroI have so many modems11:03
gerrothis specific computer has "02:00.0 Modem: Broadcom Corporation BCM4212 v.90 56k modem (rev 02)" so hope its not like broadcom wireless devices :)11:04
gerroalso got 2 external modems11:04
gerromodem in laptop11:04
gerroand this old box in bedroom11:04
BFTDtell me more about the external modems11:04
gerrobeen just dieing to figure out how to put them to use11:04
gerrowell I don't really know much about them11:04
gerroloaned one to a friend and other my aunt wanted me to pick up she found it in attic11:05
BFTDhard modems(generally external) work great with linux11:05
soweto76X is crashing when I use mythtvfrontend setup routines and when I exit the program.  mythtv is a qt program. I wonder what the problem is.11:05
gerroyeah so I've been told11:05
gerroits only a matter of spewing the right jibbery commands to their specific firmware that is probably never even heard of in most tech forums11:05
gerrosoweto76: if x crashes then use ctrl alt backspace to restart it or switch to ctrl alt f1 and login then kill the app causing it and ctrl alt f7 to go back to x11:07
=== miramana [n=suser@] has left #xubuntu []
soweto76gerro, the program seems to crash X which immediately restarts and takes me to the loging screen.11:08
gerrosoweto76: it might be trying to use your current x session11:09
gerrosoweto76: is it still running when you login from there?11:09
soweto76gerro no11:09
gerrosoweto76: I don't know exactly what to say myself I wish there was more documentation on all the xorg things11:10
gerrolike beryl, those keyboard shortcuts I told you, xgl stuff, and all those hidden commands you enter into xorg.conf as well as how to run programs on separate x sessions and switch between them thats so much more kooler since it truly is a "separate desktop"11:11
soweto76gerro, I am suspecting a qt based problem; however, my daughter runs ubuntu with the same program and does not have the problem.11:11
gerroare you using xubuntu?11:12
TheSheepgerro: there are lots of documentation on that11:12
TheSheepgerro: start with 'man xorg.conf'11:12
gerromight want to try a gtk version or perhaps enable kde libraries11:12
gerroTheSheep: you can use man on other things besides commands!? wow that just blew my mind, thx for that tip11:13
soweto76gerro, mythtv is a qt based program.  I am using xubuntu.11:13
gerrosoweto76: well it should be working, so I don't know11:14
gerrosoweto76: hmm perhaps some way to run it from console and pipe its debug messages to a file so you can review them after it crashes11:14
soweto76gerro, Thanks for your consideration.  I will try something like what you suggest.11:15
gerrosoweto76: dmesg output anything odd?.. doubt it would think that just handles hardware11:15
gerrosoweto76: my guess is it needs some basic kde libraries that you don't have installed11:15
gerrosoweto76: or an older/newer version of qt11:15
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntuhi, how change ip and net manually?11:17
BFTDubuntu ifconfig11:18
BFTDubuntu if you don't mind, can you change your nick11:18
BFTDif you don't know how its /nick (whatever you want)11:18
=== ubuntu is now known as aabrahao
aabrahaoubuntu ifconfig appears command not foound11:19
maxamillionaabrahao: the command is "ifconfig" (without the quotes)11:20
maxamillionaabrahao: it would be "11:20
aabrahaoifconfig I think is a bit confused, Can I change the files manually?11:21
maxamillionaabrahao: it would be "ifconfig <interface> inet <network address> netmask <netmask wildcard>" where the things surrounded by < > are things you provide11:21
TheSheepaabrahao: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces11:23
aabrahaobash: cd: interfaces: Not a directory11:25
aabrahaoI[m using live cd11:27
gerroits a file not directory11:31
gerrouse mousepad /etc/network/interfaces11:31
gerroif you want to change it then go root with sudo before that command11:31
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aabrahaocan you give an exemplo to set net to net
jtg23i think i just realized why i can't install network manager11:46
jtg23cuz i'm using xubuntu, not ubuntu or kubuntu11:46
jtg23can anyone confirm or deny this?11:46
=== Feldegast [n=feldegas@C-61-68-60-52.hay.connect.net.au] has joined #xubuntu
=== miramana [n=suser@] has joined #xubuntu
jtg23i can seem to install neither the knetworkmanager nor network-manager-gnome11:49
TheSheepjtg23: I can deny this11:50
TheSheepjtg23: what error are you getting?11:50
=== aanderse_ [n=aaron@CPE0015e916db19-CM001225d7436c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
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jtg23well, when i folllow the steps detailed here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=286188&page=2&highlight=intel+wireless+3945 or here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=448952 i get a bunch of errors about broken packages (i have no internet access and have been using a thumb drive for xfers)11:51
TheSheepjtg23: well, you have to also install the dependencies of the packages you're trying to install11:53
TheSheepjtg23: the packages.ubuntu.com lists them11:53
jtg23thesheep, thx do you rec i use knetworkmanager or gnome?11:54
TheSheepjtg23: the gnome one will have less dependencies to download11:55
TheSheepjtg23: as it's more similar to xfce11:55
jtg23alright, thx for the info i'll try this now11:55
=== aanderse [n=aaron@CPE0015e916db19-CM001225d7436c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
aabrahao I Just need to load ther interfaces values, any one?12:12
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DjQczonEhello, I want to know if I can run and install xubuntu on my old PII 233mhz, 128mb ram ?? Thank you :)12:23

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