LaserJocketank: ok, so are you basing it on Xubuntu?12:21
etankLaserJock: that is the idea12:22
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LaserJockdo you have limited disk space?12:22
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
etankLaserJock: we are thinking of doing a oem install of xubuntu on one machine and then ghosting it to the rest12:22
etankthe drive space on some is a little limited12:23
sbalneavandrupal: ok12:23
sbalneavon your server tab:12:23
etank10G or less i think12:23
LaserJocketank: I was just thinking becuase the Edubuntu Addon CD has XFCE4 on it12:23
sbalneavldap Host/uri = localhost12:23
sbalneavBase DN is dc=example,dc=net12:24
LaserJockso you could do an edubuntu install with xfce412:24
sbalneavon the Details tab:12:24
LaserJockit would also have all the Gnome stuff, hence the disk space question12:24
etankLaserJock: where is this addon cd12:24
sbalneavBindDN is cn=admin,dc=example,dc=net12:24
sbalneavbind password = the password12:24
LaserJocketank: www.edubuntu.org/Download12:24
sbalneavbind type = Simple12:24
sbalneavsearch attribute = cd12:25
andrupalcd or cn?12:25
sbalneavAsk password on first connect should be clicked on12:25
LaserJocketank: Classroom Server Add-on CD12:25
LaserJocketank: it's just a CD with the educational stuff and xfce4 .debs12:26
etankLaserJock: so i can use that cd once i have xubuntu installed ?12:26
etankor use it to do the whole install12:26
LaserJockonce you have *buntu installed12:26
LaserJockyou can add the  CD as a repo source12:27
andrupalOk. so this is what I've been trying...and searching for users with this access level yields nothing...is this normal12:27
LaserJocketank: if you pop the CD into a Ubuntu or Edubuntu install it pops up a little Add/Remove window12:27
sbalneavenable TLS should be off12:27
LaserJocketank: I'm really not sure if the add-on cd would be much better for you, but it does have the apps you want12:28
etankbut it will be handy to have for later12:28
etankLaserJock: thanks for pointing it out12:28
etankand we want to be able to give something that allows the new owner to reinstall all of the apps that we placed on the box12:29
sbalneavandrupal: What happens if you go to browse?12:29
andrupalsame deal...asls for password, then nothing12:29
etankso we can give them the xubuntu cd and the addon one as well and the will satisfy it12:29
sbalneavSo, in the left hand pane, you see the localhost host, yes?12:31
sbalneavWhat exactly does the pop up box say?12:32
andrupalthe "password required" popup?12:33
LaserJocketank: you should test it out and see how well it works with xubuntu, but I think so12:34
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andrupalhaving trouble getting LDAP client authentication to work.  Owing to help from this channel, I have LDAP server running and GUI authenticating so I can add users.  I seem to be stuck setting up nsswitch.ldap  and/or libnss-ldap.conf...the client still won't authenticate against the LDAP server03:44
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Burgundaviaandrupal: welcome to pain04:17
Burgundaviahave you seen that LDAPClient page?04:17
andrupal_Yes...trying to follow...I do everything I see..naively...and it doesn't work...you're referring to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication?04:23
andrupal_still here04:30
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
andrupal_just sent my client into an infinite loop with that ever-so-helpful example file04:34
andrupal_How do I mount my hard drive from the livecd again?04:34
Burgundaviasudo mount /dev/blah /mountpoint04:39
Burgundaviaoh, geez04:39
Burgundavianope, taht isn't it04:39
=== sbalneav_ is now known as sbalneav
jsgotangcohey Burgundavia how's it going with your life04:44
Burgundavialife goes on04:45
Burgundaviabetter last week04:46
sbalneavBurgundavia: Something happen?04:47
Burgundaviasbalneav: quit my job04:48
Burgundaviadealing with depression04:48
sbalneavSorry to hear that.04:48
sbalneavLaserJock: Xaos is giving me the 5cent fractal tour04:50
Burgundaviait appears to be a common affliction int he tech industry04:50
sbalneavI find not giving a darn about a lot of things helps immensely :)04:51
jsgotangcoheh i just started my new work today if its any news04:51
jsgotangcoand im working from home04:51
sbalneavjsgotangco: Cool!04:51
sbalneavWhatcha doin?04:51
jsgotangcoApache land stuff04:51
sbalneavapache land stuff.  Are we talking apache the web server or apache the North American First Nation?04:52
jsgotangcoheh Apache Software Foundation project04:52
sbalneavOh, hehe.04:53
sbalneavWhen you said apache land stuff, we've got lots to do here in Canada with First Nations land claims :)04:53
sbalneavConfused me.04:53
sbalneavWell, I've never taken drugs, but this Xaos tutorial's about the next best thing :)04:54
sbalneavFreaky, man.04:54
jsgotangcofirst nations claim heh04:54
jsgotangcoi'm mostly doing work in hadoop and solr though04:54
jsgotangcofor the past few days04:54
jsgotangcowe're also organising http://www.ossummit.com/04:55
sbalneavI prefer to do most of my work in flabbengormer and schlutzbarb, but hey, to each his own :)04:55
sbalneavwhoooaaaah dude, Julia set's fab, man.04:57
jsgotangcoyou trippin on fractals dude04:58
sbalneav"I can see eternity"04:58
sbalneavIf you showed this in an imax to a bunch hippies, it'd be flashback city.04:59
jsgotangcoheh yeah05:00
sbalneavWell, that was trippy05:01
sbalneavLaserJock: Xaos not only works, it's hippy-trippy-tastic05:01
sbalneavGeorge Carlin gives it 5 stars.05:02
LaserJocksbalneav: great05:05
=== LaserJock takes away sbalneav's drugs before it gets too bad
LaserJockkill -9 xaos05:07
jsgotangcotry xaos with thumping beats from h2 in the background05:08
andrupal_sbalneav:  got a GUI to finally authenticate as root user in LDAP...thanks again for your tireless help earlier05:08
sbalneavExcuse my while I kiss the sky, errr, Mandelbrot set.05:08
sbalneavandrupal_: What was hanging you up?05:08
andrupal_As for gq, I don't know...I'm using a different gui LDAP Administration Tool...I changed the username to the full root dn and viola!05:09
andrupal_I tried the same trick in gq and it still just smirked at me.05:10
LaserJocksbalneav: xaos + pink floyd05:10
LaserJockthat's gotta be illegal ;-)05:10
jsgotangcoLaserJock: that's hendrix05:10
sbalneavjsgotangco, LaserJock, Burgundavia, et al.  I had a busy day.  The aircon shutdown in my server room.  Arrived today to a dozen crashed servers and a 36 deg C (97 F) server room05:10
jsgotangco36 ouch05:10
sbalneavyeah, wasn't pretty05:11
sbalneavthink I got most things back on line, but I'll find out for sure when the users show up :05:11
LaserJockanybody try jokosher lately?05:11
sbalneavNo, i keep meaning to look at it.05:12
jsgotangcoi have it05:12
LaserJockI was thinking of putting it in Feisty05:13
LaserJockbut jono said it was too unstable05:13
sbalneavMeh, what does he know.05:13
LaserJocksounded like it might be better for gutsy05:13
LaserJockso I wondered if anybody had any thoughts05:13
sbalneavI do.05:14
sbalneav"A b**r would be good about now"05:14
sbalneavThat's my thought05:14
sbalneavOh, about jokosher.05:14
sbalneavSure, pack it up for gutsy05:14
sbalneavMusic classes might get a bang out of it.05:15
LaserJockwe should have some sort of video editing software05:16
sbalneavDont we?05:16
LaserJockI know at my uni iMovie is all the rage05:16
LaserJockoh, right05:16
LaserJockdoes anybody use that?05:17
LaserJockseems like I read something about it being horribly broken05:17
LaserJockbut that could be denemo05:17
sbalneavUmm, well it's broken for me.05:17
sbalneavBut I thought that was just me.05:18
LaserJockkino is?05:18
LaserJockwhat does it do?05:18
sbalneavIt wont even start on my box05:18
LaserJockon gutsy?05:18
sbalneavlooks like it's trying to bring up a banner page, and hangs.05:18
LaserJockdarn, I really must be from Reno, I spelled it kino05:18
LaserJocksorry, keno rather05:19
andrupal_just to make sure I understand the wiring of a client-server pair...1) I have a client connected to the LDAP server via a crossover, is this right?...2) the IP addr of the LDAP server is the default  but I notice this is also the loopback IP address of the client...this seems problematic.  Should I be doing something like assigning an IP to the LDAP server? OR is this normal?05:20
sbalneavOh, man.05:21
sbalneavDude, stop05:21
sbalneavslow it up one sec.05:22
sbalneavFirst, what do you mean,  I have a client connected to the LDAP server via a crossover05:22
andrupal_have a b**r05:23
jsgotangcoLaserJock: diva05:23
sbalneavwhat client, are you trying to set up a thin client workstation?05:23
andrupal_Well, the server has two NICs...one to a router and the other to the thick client.05:23
LaserJockjsgotangco: hmm?05:23
jsgotangcoLaserJock: you're looking for video editing right?05:24
LaserJockyeah, sorry05:24
LaserJockI moved on ;-)05:25
LaserJockI'm going through Open Source Victoria's educational FLOSS catalog05:25
LaserJocklooking at what I can try to push into gutsy05:25
jsgotangcovictoria canada?05:26
LaserJockI don't think so05:26
LaserJockI think it's Australian05:26
sbalneavandrupal_: Your server's going to have 3 ip addresses.05:26
LaserJockBurgundavia would know05:26
sbalneav127.0.0.1, which is the loopback address (think fake IP address that things on the box can use to talk to themselves about)05:27
sbalneavand the two REAL ip addresses that the nics should have.  On different subnets.05:27
andrupal_Once NIC should be static, right?05:27
andrupal_The other DHCP to take an IP from my ISP..05:28
andrupal_OK so using as the IP of the LDAP server is a problem.05:29
sbalneavIs that the address you assigned to the ethernet card?05:30
sbalneavyes, that's a problem.05:30
andrupal_If every linux client uses this IP as it's localhost IP...05:30
andrupal_OK so I'll change that...but where does the config happen to assign the LDAP server to that IP?05:31
sbalneavIt doesn't05:31
sbalneavthe LDAP server will listen for connection attempts on ANY ip interface05:31
sbalneavWhen you have the client AND the server on the same box, you tell the client to connect to
sbalneavthe loopback address.05:32
andrupal_I see...but calling it ldap://localhost in the network doesn't make any sense.  I should assign it the IP of the NIC.05:32
sbalneavit's a "pretend" ip address than you can bind to, so that two programs that communicate via IP can talk to each other via a "network" without generating any traffic on the network.05:33
sbalneavso if your LDAP server has a static address of, lets say05:33
sbalneavyou want ldap://
andrupal_even in the ldap.conf file on the server?05:33
andrupal_or just on the client.05:34
sbalneavno, the ldap.conf file on the SERVER can reference, since it's on the SAME BOX.05:34
andrupal_got it.05:34
andrupal_Thanks again!05:37
andrupal_Wait!  I need to have DCHP running on the server to assign an IP to the client as well...right?05:41
sbalneavThe client's a client with a hard drive?05:45
sbalneavif so, just asign it a static ip address, different than the server, on the same subnet05:46
andrupal_ok...simpler...long term I'll need DHCP to work, not now.05:57
LaserJockok, so I'm looking through a lot of cool content tools for education06:10
LaserJockand I'm wondering why we don't have them06:10
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LaserJockman I love shell scripts06:41
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RichEdg'monday morning08:11
LaserJockhi RichEd08:15
RichEdhi jsgotangco & LaserJock08:15
RichEdjsgotangco: how's the career situation ?08:15
jsgotangcoRichEd: not bad, i'm at the office now (which is my bedroom)08:16
RichEdjsgotangco: how's the early morning commute ?08:16
jsgotangcosure i wake up, bring my daughter to school, do a morning run back home and i start working after a shower08:17
jsgotangcoso many trips for me though08:17
jsgotangcoRichEd: looking into balance of working at home08:24
RichEdjsgotangco: can be tricky ... mostly you get sucked into *more* hours, not less than an office worker. difficult to switch off ... literally & figuratively08:25
jsgotangcoits a good thing we're building an office in a nearby city08:26
jsgotangcobecause the other office is an hour away by plane heh08:27
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LaserJockRichEd: ready for a long read?09:01
RichEdLaserJock: some time today :) ... appreciated09:01
=== ace_suares [n=ace@fupi.suares.an] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockRichEd: sent09:23
LaserJockRichEd: I also did some work on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanMantha/EdubuntuMIRCandidates today09:23
RichEdthanks LaserJock ... will give you some feedback on both09:23
LaserJockI also managed to get some decent Edubuntu bug triage in09:24
LaserJocknext is spec work, gotta get things in before Feature Freeze :/09:24
LaserJockdeadlines are quite a bit earlier in Main, I have to remind myself of that09:25
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pips1good morning09:57
RichEdhi pips1 ... got your mails thanks ... am setting aside the whole morning tomorrow to catch up on what I owe you10:02
pips1ok :-)10:02
RichEdpips1: will you be at the wed meeting ? can we make 30 mins together at or around the time ?10:02
pips1let me check my agenda...10:03
pips1it's a noon time meeting. Ok, I can make time for that10:04
pips1what is better for you: before the meeting or towards the end?10:04
RichEdbefore is good ... so we can present a united front during the meeting on community10:05
pips1ok, 11:30 UTC ?10:05
RichEdhow about 11:00 UTC ... then we have 30 mins to chat and then 30 mins to prep for meeting if there are any consequences ?10:05
RichEdi.e. 11:00-11:30 pips1 and rich10:05
pips1ok, agreed10:05
RichEd11:30 pips1 is free to work10:06
RichEd12:00 meeting10:06
RichEdthanks :) as usual10:06
=== pips1 peeks at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla/Schedule for presentation slides
pips1RichEd: if you could send me those slides (tomorrow morning?) that would be great10:09
pips1I can put them on the wiki page, if you are too busy10:09
RichEdtop of the list ... you and augustin10:09
RichEdwill mail and add ... I need to check who else has not provided slides and chase them up10:09
pips1chasing up... yeah, that always takes time :-/10:10
RichEdogra: ping10:11
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crimsunogra: I've disabled the a52 alsa-lib plugin in the alsa-plugins source package to save 2 MB on the alternate cd image; please let me know if it presents an issue.11:05
crimsunhmm, I must have been looking at unstripped11:14
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pips1moquist: hi11:25
=== RichEd-1 is now known as RichEd
ograRichEd, pong11:31
ogracrimsun, i dont think i use it anywhere specifically11:31
=== ogra sighs about the oversized CD images
RichEdogra ... sent a /msg do you have it ?11:32
RichEdogra: back to your favourite pastime, juggling CD space & files ? :(11:33
ograand thats the server iso ...11:34
ograit should even have spare space11:34
ogramust find out whats wrong there especially since its only i38611:34
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moquistpips1: hi12:31
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
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ubuntuers someone could help me build an internet cafe using edubuntu?01:05
`6ogubuntuers, probably depends what help you need01:07
ubuntuers someone could help me build an internet cafe using edubuntu?01:08
`6ogubuntuers, no01:08
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sbalneavMorning all03:00
sbalneavMorning cliebow203:01
sbalneaveugh.  Didn't sleep a wink last night03:01
sbalneavHad another thunderstorm, layed awake and worried wether or not the aircon at work was still on03:01
cliebow2how you coming along?? i am on vacation in Jersey shore..03:01
cliebow2we had one as well..03:01
cliebow2i thought they were moving dumpsters at th erstaurant next dor03:02
sbalneavYou see the problems I had yesterday?03:02
cliebow2no..i was travelling03:02
sbalneavOur aircon shut down in the server room03:02
sbalneavwhen I got there, it was 97 F03:02
sbalneavHad a ton of broken stuff03:02
cliebow2operating systems?03:03
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pips1sbalneav: !!!03:16
=== cliebow2_ [n=cliebow2@c-68-38-0-92.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
pips1sbalneav: hope the most critical things are ok... :-/03:17
cliebow2_gotta go look n the sidewalk for warmarks03:17
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sbalneavpips1: back03:42
sbalneavyeah, I got everything back online.03:43
sbalneavAlways have spare hard disks and psu's on hand03:43
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=== pips1 nods to sbalneav
pips1well done :-)03:46
aaylnxi'm new to edubuntu.  i'm thinking about setting up a client with dual monitors.  should i expect this to be a headache or are dual monitors on client pcs well supported in edubuntu?03:47
aaylnxi know will be getting better support for dual monitors so maybe that will effect edubuntu clients also.03:49
aaylnxguttsy that is.03:50
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RichEdaaylnx: ask in #ubuntu ... monitors is a "base level" support issue ...04:32
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stgraberRichEd, aaylnx : Dual head will be hard to configure on a thin client as the xorg.conf is regenerated every reboot, it should become easier with Gutsy and the new Xorg05:06
ograyou can easily use a static xorg.conf05:06
ograjust have to generate/write it05:07
=== Castigador [n=Alfredo@88.Red-80-38-9.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
stgraberogra: can we assign a different xorg.conf for each client ?05:07
ograout of the box ltsp will only generate single display configurations05:07
ograstgraber, sure05:07
ograyou can have a mac address based section for every single client in your lts.conf05:08
stgraberogra: right, I just didn't know you can specify a xorg.conf there05:08
ograsee /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/doc/ltsp-client-core/examples/lts-parameters.txt.gz (or ltsp-client instead in feisty and before)05:09
stgraberaaylnx: ^ you have your answer :)05:11
RichEdstgraber: thanks for the info :)05:15
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aaylnxogra, stgraber thanks!  that does pretty much answer things.05:46
=== ludoRA [n=Ludovic@] has joined #Edubuntu
stgraberoh, gutsy-changes seems to be working again :)05:52
=== RichEd -> dinner ... see you in the morning
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LaserJockmorning Edubuntu land06:28
LaserJockogra: I did some cleanup on gcompris06:29
LaserJockand added rasmol and qcad to our ~edubuntu-bugs list06:29
ograthanks !06:30
ograi saw the bug work :)06:30
LaserJockyes, there were a few bugmails06:31
LaserJockmost of it was just triage kind of things06:31
LaserJocknot a lot of closings, unfortunately06:31
=== ogra was busy playing with hal
sbalneavWhat's the page with bugs?06:32
LaserJockI use http://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+packagereport06:33
ograLaserJock, yep http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/ltspfs-hal-root.png06:33
LaserJocksorry, that URL should be http://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-bugs/+packagebugs06:33
LaserJockogra: interesting06:33
LaserJockso what are you going to do with that?06:34
ograits only the root device yet06:34
ograall ltspfs volumes will regiseter as children06:34
sbalneavLaserJock: ah, sexy.06:35
sbalneavok, I'll start wandering through some of those.06:35
=== ogra wonders when vagrants talk will show up on http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2007/debconf7/low/
LaserJockoh nifty, I'll want to see that. I didn't know he was talking06:36
LaserJockqcad has a lot more bugs than I expected06:36
LaserJockquite a few crashers06:37
ogra"hiking the trail to LTSP 5.0 and the friends we make along the way"06:37
ograbeautiful title06:37
LaserJockogra: ok, I was going to start building some metapackages06:38
LaserJockI wondered how you wanted them done. Do you want to use seed files?06:38
LaserJockor should I just build it "manually"06:38
ograwell, that would require germinate integration06:39
ograi think manually should be fine06:39
LaserJockok, that's a bit easier for me06:39
ograyou could look at the new control.in/control.Debian/control.Ubuntu architecture we have in ltsp and steal that06:40
LaserJocksince the package lists aren't that big06:40
LaserJockah, ok06:40
ograthat just uses a list attached to a variable06:40
ograbut we could make it a line by line list as well, similar to the seeds06:40
LaserJockwell, I'll just see as I go along06:41
LaserJockI just wondered if you wanted it in the edubuntu seeds or not06:41
ograi want the package in the seeds :)06:50
LaserJockthe package yes ;-)06:52
LaserJockalso, I last night I went through the OSV Educational apps .pdf and filled out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanMantha/EdubuntuMIRCandidates06:52
LaserJockthere were some pretty interesting content management apps in the list that we don't have in Ubuntu06:54
LaserJockperhaps it might be a good project for some budding young MOTU Hopefuls to package some up ;-)06:55
=== bdoin [n=coudoin@home.gcompris.net] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockoh heah, bdoin is here06:57
bdoinsomething I can do ?06:58
LaserJockevery time I go to say hi you've just left :-)06:58
LaserJockbdoin: over the weekend I went through all the gcompris bugs in Ubuntu06:59
bdoinhum, your out of luck, I usually stay there too long ;)06:59
LaserJockI wanted to get your input on a few07:00
LaserJockbug #41172 and bug #6736007:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 41172 in gcompris "XUBUNTU panels in Gcompris" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4117207:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 67360 in gcompris "GCompris Fullscreen mode causes gnome-session to end with vesa driver" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6736007:01
bdoinWe have completly changed this code, moved from xrandr to xvidmod07:02
bdoinit has perhaps made the bug disappear07:02
bdoinbut, it's not a GCompris bug, it's the vesa driver which is bugged07:03
LaserJockthat's sort of what I wanted to know07:03
LaserJockif I should close the gcompris part of the bug07:03
LaserJockand leave it as a vesa issue07:03
bdoinwhat GCompris release is this bug for ?07:03
LaserJockoh geeze, probably 7.2 or 7.407:04
LaserJockboth bugs are from 200607:04
LaserJockand we've just got 8.X in Feisty07:05
bdoinat 8.2 we changed to xvidmod IIRC07:05
=== migi [i=migi@nat/sun/x-faeebb18e1611322] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockbdoin: I'm also interested in what you think of bug #11561107:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115611 in gcompris "gcompris messes up screen" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11561107:07
LaserJockit's kind of a messy bug report07:07
LaserJockbut the part where people end up with a 800x600 viewport after exiting gcompris fullscreen07:08
bdoinit's kind of funny07:08
bdointhere is 2 problems, the 3 screen support (xinerame) and the tuxpaint crash07:09
bdoinI still have complaints that we crashes when tuxpaint is not installed07:10
LaserJockyes, I tried it and it didn't crash, but it just hung07:10
bdoinand when we crashes, we catch it and do our best to set back the screen resolution07:10
bdoinprobably a regular kill (without -9) would have work regarding the screen resolution07:11
LaserJockwell, I wondered if maybe we should just make tuxpaint a dependency07:11
bdoinat least, it's an easy fix but maybe it will hurt edubuntu one cd packaging07:12
LaserJockwell, we already include tuxpaint07:12
bdointhen it's an easy fix07:13
LaserJockbdoin: ok, I've got to run to work07:13
LaserJockwhat's the best way of forwarding bugs onto you? I don't see any bug tracker on the gcompris site07:14
bdoinfor the xinerama, I don't know07:14
bdoinHow-to report a bug07:15
bdoinI agree, it's not easy to find07:15
LaserJockbdoin: doh07:15
LaserJockok, thanks for your help07:15
LaserJockI'll try to forward on as much as I can there07:16
bdoinI am going there, any of edubuntu team attending ? http://akademy2007.kde.org/codingmarathon/schoolday.php07:20
=== someperson [n=chatzill@mercury.k-o.org] has joined #edubuntu
somepersonis this where people can ask questions?07:21
somepersonon edubuntu07:22
somepersoni use an ltsp server, and everytime a thin client selects hibernate my server seems to hibernate07:23
somepersonis there some way to disable that07:24
bdoinIt makes sense that the server gets the command and there is probably a way to disable this. what desktop are you using ?07:32
stgraberyou can disable it in gconf, but I don't really know what's the way to do the change systemwide07:32
=== bdoin is developing GCompris, I don't know LTSP at all
stgraberit's in : apps/gnome-power-manager/07:33
stgraberyou should have something like can_suspend and can_hibernate07:33
stgraberjust switch them to false and find a way to do that system wide :)07:33
=== cliebow [n=cliebow@c-68-38-0-92.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
somepersonoh cool07:36
somepersongreat, i'll try that, thanks07:36
=== shishirjh [n=shishir@] has joined #edubuntu
=== gsvl [i=root@lada.kom.auc.dk] has joined #edubuntu
gsvlI was wondering. Where do i find a list of schools using Edubuntu (anyone in Denmark?)?07:46
shishirjhwhat is the absolute bare minimum hardware required for the thin client, and how much of RAM is needed so that the swap is not necessary07:50
=== tidrion [n=cescalan@mail.ogdenpubs.com] has joined #edubuntu
shishirjhwhat is the absolute bare minimum hardware required for the thin client, and how much of RAM is needed so that the swap is not necessary07:59
stgrabershishirjh: writting your question won't make it being solved faster :), anyway the answer is in the minimal requirement, just let me find the page08:01
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sbalneavogra: Woot!  Just got an email from Wouter.08:28
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneav2.9.4 upstream will have inetd back in!!08:28
=== sbalneav does happy dance
=== cliebow [n=cliebow@c-68-38-0-92.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJocksbalneav: rockin'08:32
cliebowrockin' dude!!!08:34
cliebowdudes i should say\08:35
cliebowogra:so what is involved getting my endians in a row to support ppc?08:37
sbalneavYeah, he accepted the patch upstream08:37
cliebowhe being?08:37
=== cliebow cliebow looks for shalkmarks on the sidewalk
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sbalneavLaserJock: Did a little triaging at the bugsquad08:52
sbalneavin the ltsp area mainly08:52
LaserJocksbalneav: excellent08:57
LaserJockltsp has the most bug reports08:57
LaserJockso it's a good place to work ;-)08:57
sbalneavBunch of them seem to be update related, others will be handled by the ldm rewrite currently underway.08:58
=== georgsvl [i=root@lada.kom.auc.dk] has joined #edubuntu
georgsvlHi. Does anyone know where to find a list of schools using edubuntu? (like skolelinux.no has it).09:03
LaserJockgeorgsvl: I don't believe we have such a list09:04
LaserJockespecially since we have no way of tracking users09:04
georgsvlHmm.. :-(09:04
LaserJockI think it would be nice to do though09:04
georgsvlDoes any one know of Danish Schools running it?09:04
LaserJockit might be something that RichEd might be interested in09:04
georgsvlWe are sitting with 20 computers and a server in Aalborg, Denmark, and practising. So it would be nice to know about som schools ind Denmark.09:05
LaserJockgeorgsvl: I would suggest you email the edubuntu-users mailing list09:06
georgsvlLaserJock: Good idea. I will try that :-)09:06
LaserJockthat would get a lot more exposure to your question :-)09:06
georgsvlLaserJock: A wiki-site etc. where you could add your school to a list, would be a nice idea :)09:08
LaserJockyes, suggest that in your email :-)09:08
georgsvlLaserJock: I'll do.09:08
LaserJockjoin #launchpad09:17
=== hilmar [i=root@lada.kom.auc.dk] has joined #edubuntu
hilmargeorgsvl: Yo man!09:17
georgsvlAnyone knows how not to have a black screen wheen a terminal client is booting09:35
georgsvlI would like to have some kind of indication to the user, that the computer is working.09:35
sbalneavHmm, you should get a bootsplash screen09:37
sbalneavunless the bootsplash program doesn't like your particular graphics card, which is possible.09:38
hilmarAre there any particular new programs in edubuntu?? can only find the standard ubuntu files..09:39
hilmaris there a deb package?09:40
LaserJockhilmar: the Classroom Server Addon CD has most of the educational apps09:40
hilmarof course09:41
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=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-26-186.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
pygiLaserJock, poke?09:54
pygisorry :)09:55
LaserJockpygi: prode09:55
pygiLaserJock, I wanted to bug you about sponsoring, but I found poor soul :)09:56
pygiwhat? :)09:58
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[mdevilz] hey i was wondering how do i change the screen resolution for the edubuntu server? As it is quite large and unusable .. using 7.0411:17

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