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BHSPitLappyFlannel, omugosh, they use the word "bling"12:14
FlannelBHSPitLappy: maybe that's why it's not linked ;)12:14
BHSPitLappySEEKING:  Better promotional writer12:15
Flanneland better web developer, emphasis on usability12:15
BHSPitLappydon't you find it funny how the most tech-related entities have the worst web presences12:19
BHSPitLappyFry's being a shining example12:19
FlannelYeah.  All OSS products have webpages that don't tell you what it does, just give you the most recent changelogs12:20
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jendaIf anyone sees beuno, please torture him a bit. I need to know when he'll be arriving in Prague and where.01:03
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gerryhello all03:54
gerrywhat's ronnie tucker's irc name? 03:56
jendaronnietucker, as far as i kno w:)03:57
jendagerry: they are splitters ;) look for them in #fullcirclemagazine03:57
gerrythere's been a schism?03:58
gerrythe dark truth emerges03:58
jendano, they've been like that since the beginning :)03:58
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beunojenda: ping08:06
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jendabeuno: pong08:21
jendabeuno: when/wher? :)08:21
=== jenda gets himself a 10" pole
=== jenda proceeds to prod beuno repeatedly
tsmithejenda, i don't think 10" will be long enough08:29
jendaSoon, it will :)08:29
tsmithe10,000 miles, maybe08:30
jenda11831 km :)08:32
jenda7352 mi08:32
jendaI can't believe I had to look up the capital of Argentina on wikipedia.08:33
jendaAll work and no play makes jenda a dull boy08:33
jendaAll bork ane yo pray takes jenga a pull toy08:33
jendaAle born ace it prat tames benga a pulp foy08:34
jendaOle worn act if drat names ben gay pump coy08:36
=== jenda runs from channel ps
jendaThere was that funny screensaver, dunno if Ubuntu still has it in it.08:37
Tm_Tjenda: well it is08:37
Tm_Tstill there08:37
beunojenda: hey08:37
beunoI'm in london!08:37
jendafinally! :)08:37
jendaOh, I'm sorry.08:37
jendaI hope you make it through that difficult stage in life.08:38
beunojenda: I'll be heading your way the 27th  :D08:38
jendaok :)08:38
jendawhat time do you arrive?08:38
beunojenda: let me check  :D708:39
beunojenda: 08:40
beunoWednesday 27 June08:40
beunoLondon Gatwick (South Terminal) To Prague; flight 5495 dep. Wed 27 Jun 18:20; arr. Wed 27 Jun 21:2008:40
beunoCheck in opens Wed 27 Jun 16:20; Closes Wed 27 Jun 17:4008:40
beunojenda: when are we leaving for dresden. and when are we getting back?08:41
jendaBTW, the word transformation is actually quite a good game when you need to entertain some people and have no better ideas - just give them two words of the same number of letters, and the person/team who transforms the word letter-by-letter in the least amount of steps within a time limit wins. Each step has to be a valid word.08:41
jenda</ot> :)08:41
jendagood time08:41
jendaI'll have enough pubtime after the exam, and might even get home to clean up a bit before you arrive :)08:42
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jendaWe leave for dresden at midnight 28 June and come back 29 hours later.08:42
jendabeuno: 21:20 is local time?08:43
beunojenda: that's a good question...  I should find that out...08:43
jendaIf it's on the ticket, it should be.08:43
beunoyeah, I think it is08:45
jendaI'll be there.08:45
jendaPlease excuse me if I'm a bit late.08:45
jendaAnd a bit drunk...08:45
jendaJust kidding, I don't get drunk that easily ;)08:45
beunojenda: lol08:45
beunoemail me your phone number   ;)08:46
jendahow's that for emailin' ;)08:46
jendaor make that +42073905823708:46
jendait's a cell phone.08:46
jendaI absolutely hate the thing, so there's a decent chance it'll be outta power, at home or thrown down a drain.08:47
beunojenda: great, thanks08:47
beunowhen would be going and getting back from dresden?08:47
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jendaread above :)08:47
jendaWe leave for dresden at midnight 28 June and come back 29 hours later.08:47
jendamidnight 28/29 June08:47
beunothat works out great08:48
jendawe gotta be there earlier to hunt for freed up spaces.08:48
beunojenda: you leed the way08:48
jendaif none appear, we go back to drinking, as previously planned, and take a hitch the next day :)08:48
jendasure :)08:48
=== jenda just noticed a conflict of plans in his diary
jendabut no biggie08:49
beunojenda: what?  I might be heading to Munich for the weekend, I might not...08:50
beunoif that works out for you, I can push it a bit more then I am08:50
jendaon thursday, I'm going to the party of my old school - you can either come with me, or take a break from my exhausting presence ;)08:50
jendaas for the weekend - that's entirely up to you.08:51
beunojenda: heh, you've mentioned that before!08:51
jendaI know :)08:51
jendaIt was the conflict of plans - because I was also intending to go to the gym at the same time, and that kinda doesn't fit :D08:51
beunoI don't mind getting drunk at all08:52
jendait won't be much of a drinking party08:52
beunoyou can do both (?)08:52
jendalikely not :)08:52
jendait'll be a large outdoor party with music, beer, and lots of people (200)08:52
jendamost of whom I know or at least recognise08:52
jendaand with each of those I meet I'll have a discussion along the lines of our well being, what I do nowadays, ah law, that's interesting, blah, blah ;)08:53
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jendaSo, it might get a little bit boring for you - on the other hand, you can leave at any time :)08:53
beunojenda: right, we'll see, I can adapt, so don't worry about it08:53
jendacool :)08:54
jendabeuno: well, perhaps there will be much less people there.08:55
jendabeuno: they are doing it in a new area, different from last year, and there's no-smoking ;)08:55
jendaconsidering 90% of the students at that school smoke... tut, tut, tut...08:55
jendaor maybe that number fell drastically with my class graduating :D08:55
beunojenda: heh, we'll see, I haven't slept in like 48hs, so I can't really think too much at the moment...08:56
jendabeuno: don't ;)08:56
jendado sleep, though.08:56
beunoI will, I just need to eat first, and then I'll sleep a good 11 hours to hit london tourism again08:57
jendaok, enjoy.08:57
jendaI'll get back to studying now.08:58
Vorianmy sister in law is flying through London today08:58
jendaVorian: did you see my ping in #ubuntu-locoteams and intentionally ignored it? :)08:58
=== jenda runs :D
VorianI've been in and out all day08:59
Vorianpong: jenda 08:59
jenda<spam> olive, elkbuntu, Vorian, juliux (ye old faithfuls ;)) - new stickers available: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=433719 </spam>08:59
jendasorry, elkbuntu, juliux for the second ping08:59
juliuxjenda, spammer!08:59
juliuxwe should but jenda on spamhous09:00
jendajuliux: well, that for sure ;)09:00
Vorianjenda, are you going to digg it?09:00
jendaYes, I am :)09:00
VorianI had a digg on the front page saturday :)09:00
jendaI was thinking of waiting for a better time (such as after exams... ;))09:00
jendaA digg needs a lot of loving to get up on the front page, and when it gets there, it's 24/7 email answering :D09:01
jendaI had 4 diggs so far, and 3 made it up there ;)09:02
Vorianit was the How to on Compiz Fusion09:02
jendacool :)09:02
jendaEver heard of LavaMind?09:02
=== Vorian googles
jendaTiny software company - I just exchanged a few emails with the guy running it and linked him to that video you linked to :)09:03
jendano response to that particular mail yet.09:03
Vorianvideo games?09:03
jendaI asked them if they'd thought of opensourcing their game(s) - and while very friendly, I don't think they'll do a thing ;)09:03
jendaI used to really like gazillionaire deluxe - even though I only had the demo :)09:04
VorianI like the name09:04
jenda(And now, I DL'd the full version (shhhh!), and am testing it on wine)09:04
jendatheir other two games in the series are zapitalism and profitania :)09:04
VorianI wonder if they would be interested in the Ohio Linux Fest.....09:05
jendano idea, but likely not ;)09:05
jendahis mention of Ubuntu was more of a polite thing than anything else.09:05
Vorianah, too bad09:06
jenda"I heard Ubuntu's good and getting better. Also heard they're making a new graphics engine for it."09:06
jendasomething like that09:06
Vorianjack sparrow is on #ubuntu :)09:06
jendawho is j.s.?09:06
Vorianfrom the movie09:06
=== Vorian was just kidding
jendaJack sparrow... hmm...09:06
jendaMission impossible? :)09:07
jendaNah, I remember - 'tis the pirate guy, right?09:07
jendaI only rememebered that because my best friend thinks he's hot ;)09:07
Vorianso do I :009:08
jendaAlthough she's never said it like that - it's just that whenever Mr. Depp acts in a movie, she totally loves the movie regardless of what's in it ;)09:08
=== jenda screams
Vorianthose are pretty kewl stickers09:08
jendathink about it... on your car rear window... ;)09:09
=== jenda runs
jendaor one of the side mirrors, just above "objects in mirror are closer than they appear"09:09
jendaBack to work for me. Laters!09:10
Vorianjenda, I'll take 1000 btw09:12
Vorianfor $60?09:12
jenda100, you mean? :)09:12
=== Vorian re-reads
jenda1000 is the entire batch09:13
jendayou can have that for $500 ;)09:13
=== Vorian will take 100 then
jenda(it costs me $600, though, as it is)09:13
Voriannow get back to work09:14
jendalaters :)09:14
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tonyyarussoIt seems that screenshot links on the UWN archives break.  For instance, see Issue 29, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue29#head-7f104fc09aef115eabff68812346d0cdace17e4f10:20
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