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hjmf_<Admiral_Chicago> hjmf_: you're not subscribed to the MT ML?08:49
hjmf_I am, but I did a mistake with the sender email :-P08:50
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hjmf...I've sent now the message with the right sender email :)09:00
gnomefreakasac: you here yet?09:28
asacjust arrived :)09:28
gnomefreakasac: the updates for plugins for ff tell you when you try to open ff?09:29
gnomefreakits 3:30am please forgive the confusing parts09:29
asacgnomefreak: extensions yes09:30
gnomefreakgreasmonkey just did09:31
asacgnomefreak: plugins ... not sure if those auto-update at all09:31
asacgnomefreak: yeah greasemonkey is an extension09:31
gnomefreakscared me09:31
asacnot a plugin09:31
gnomefreakah ok09:31
gnomefreakit said plugin on hte update dialog09:31
asaccan't tell ... greasemonkey is definitly not a plugin ... maybe it said 'Add-on' :)09:32
asacyeah anyway ... apparently greasemonkey released a new version09:33
gnomefreakyeah they did09:33
gnomefreakmaybe it did say add on09:33
asacbug 12205909:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122059 in network-manager "Added Leap Support plus fixes" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12205909:34
asacgnomefreak: does firefox in gutsy have a 'report a bug' menu entry?09:38
gnomefreakin help09:38
gnomefreakbrb needs smoke09:39
asachjmf: can you add a GPL copyright header to the top of the firefox.py file?09:40
asacwith yourself as the copyright owner?09:40
hjmfasac: doing now :)09:40
asachjmf: do you want it to add it to the package on your own (e.g. put to debian/ directory and install the file to proper place in debian/firefox.install09:42
asac(i can do that too) :)09:43
asachjmf: if you want to do on your own, just do it on ~mozillateam branch or ... use your private bzr branch. I can then easily cherry-pick that checkin to my branch09:44
hjmfasac: I don't have the sources for that, so please do it09:44
hjmfasac: ok then :)09:45
asacjust upload the new file to the bug09:45
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hjmfasac: done09:48
asachjmf: great!09:48
hjmfasac: Author: Hilario J. Montoliu <hmontoliu@gmail.com> is OK?09:50
hjmfor do I need to explicit say copyright09:50
=== hjmf doubts
asacyeah its not enough :) ... you have copyright09:51
asaclet me find an example09:51
asacjust replace s/Author:/Copyright 2007/09:53
hjmfok then, fixing09:54
hjmffixed :)09:56
asachjmf: have you tested what happens in case you through an exception/error in the add_report method?09:57
asaccan bug report still be filed or does apport choke and prevent user to submit report?09:57
asac(in the latter case I have to more careful to include a hook ... e.g. thorough review)09:57
Admiral_Chicagomight want to do a try. else: don't attach09:57
Admiral_Chicagodon't attach extension that is...09:58
=== Admiral_Chicago can't think clearly
Admiral_Chicagoi'll see you all in the morning09:58
asachehe ... yeah ... i trust you enough when you say: apport goes on an the report might not be attached :)09:59
hjmfasac: yes apport does it's job even if the script fails :)09:59
hjmfwhich it doesn't by the way :)09:59
Admiral_Chicagoblah, just close all the bugs in Ubuntu and say their fixed09:59
asacgood ... then there is not much reason to push this in this upload09:59
Admiral_Chicagoout of sight, out of mind.09:59
asachjmf: yes ... just want to be sure ... things can have bugs ... even scripts by you :10:00
hjmfsure :)10:00
hjmfthe flaw part is the xml parsing, but if it fails the script doesn't break as the exceptions are handled10:01
hjmfor that's what I hope :-P10:01
asachjmf: ok so you need cStringIO.StringIO() ... instead of just a string?10:02
asacotherwise attachment gets chopped off?10:02
hjmfasac: that's the only way10:02
asacbut doesn't buffer.read() ... just return a string?10:02
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asacdo you understood why it failed in the beginning?10:03
hjmfyes, but some how better formated because of unicode stuff10:03
wigfreitzhi ho, are you guys supporting the new flash plugin? I have some bugs Id like to report10:03
asacwigfreitz: just tell us in a few words, so we can say if they are worth a bug report :)10:04
hjmfasac:  I'm going to try an un-handled exception in my script to check if apport goes on as it should10:04
asachjmf: yeah ... if you find it breaks let me know ... otherwise this will go up later today10:04
hjmfasac:  I'll do some checks and I'll tell you10:05
wigfreitzIll just upload the screenshot10:05
wigfreitzthis is whilst running xgl10:08
asachave you found a opengl setup that works?10:10
asace.g. some xorg.conf tweaks maybe?10:10
asacor other driver?10:10
asacwigfreitz: btw, what version of gnash do you use?10:10
wigfreitzI get this effect whilst scrolling10:13
wigfreitz(the browser) and when a flash element is loading I get this pattern for a fwe seconds10:13
wigfreitz& you tube doesn't work properly10:15
hjmfasac: confirmed, it is safe, apport does the default stuff even if my script dies badly10:16
gnomefreakwigfreitz: does it work if yousign back on without xgl?10:16
hjmfe.g. bug 12207010:16
asacwigfreitz: ok ... if you tube doesn't work I would blame opengl ... we are trying to shift to use something else for next upload ... so stay tuned10:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122070 in firefox "apport hook test - error 3" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12207010:16
asachjmf: fine10:17
asacso enigmail is broken for everyone?10:17
asac(e.g. except gutsy)10:17
wigfreitzgnomefreak: Ill try sans xgl10:18
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gnomefreakasac: good timing10:22
wigfreitzgnomefreak, it works better, but some elements do not load or are displayed incorrectl10:22
gnomefreakasac: im backporting final tb .4 release to preview i guess ill spin enigmail as well :)10:22
wigfreitzgnomefreak: & youtube is still mangled10:23
gnomefreakwigfreitz: some work or non work on youtube?10:24
wigfreitznothing works on youtube10:25
gnomefreakwigfreitz: 32bit or 64bit?10:25
gnomefreakwigfreitz: are you getting Internal Server Error10:26
gnomefreaknevermind that was just that one10:27
asacwigfreitz: what video card/driver do you use?10:27
gnomefreaki cant watch them either10:28
wigfreitzhang on, lemme just compile all the info10:28
gnomefreakthis is new since it worked last week10:28
=== gnomefreak on gutsy
gnomefreakgive me a few minutes while download finishes10:29
gnomefreakworks here10:32
gnomefreakgutsy 32bit nvidia10:32
wigfreitzguys, here is uname and xorg.0.log http://rafb.net/p/Vvw6HG84.html10:32
gnomefreakwigfreitz: 2.6.20-15-generic  does -16 not work for you?10:33
wigfreitzIt would seem not10:33
gnomefreakwigfreitz: 64bit or 32?10:34
gnomefreakasac: can you confirm this behavour?10:34
gnomefreakwigfreitz: did you try klash instead of gnash?10:38
gnomefreakits build in same package klash == kde version of gnash10:39
wigfreitzI shall give that a go10:39
=== gnomefreak doesnt know if it will make a differnece
asacwigfreitz: what options have you set for your fglrx driver in your xorg?10:39
asacwigfreitz: thats wierd because i have the same setup :)10:42
asacthough i have this in my device section:10:43
asacSection "Device"10:43
asac#       Driver          "vesa" Identifier  "ATI Technologies, Inc. ATI Default Card" Driver      "fglrx" Option      "DesktopSetup" "clone" Option      "UseInternalAGPGART" "yes" Option      "TexturedVideoSync" "on" Option      "VideoOverlay" "off" Option      "OpenGLOverlay" "off"10:43
asacwigfreitz: ^^^10:43
asacmaybe try one of these options10:43
asacor all ;)10:44
asacomg ... bzr-builddeb is updated in gutsy chroot ... hopefully it doesn't break things again :/10:48
asacuff ... appears to work :)10:49
gnomefreakasac: is there a reason we didnt use ~mt1 for enigmail in the preview archive?10:54
asacdunno ... what did we use?10:55
asac~mtX should be used nowadays10:55
gnomefreaknothing just the version10:55
asacwhich is latest in there10:55
asacouch :)10:55
gnomefreakim updating it to ubuntu3 and ill add ~mt10:55
asachmmm ... no idea :) ... should have been ~mt110:56
gnomefreakok well ill add it this time10:56
asacmaybe fix it if you upload next time10:56
asacgnomefreak: why do you rebuild?10:56
asacis there a new package available?10:56
wigfreitzisnt there a klash mozilla pluin?10:57
gnomefreakasac: no just ubuntu3 now. you stated above its borked in feisty but not gutsy so i figured i would try gutsys latest on tb2.0.0.4 final in feisty see if it fixes problems for them10:57
gnomefreakwigfreitz: yes there should be10:58
gnomefreakwigfreitz: sorry no10:58
gnomefreakwigfreitz: there is a konqueror-plugin10:59
gnomefreakbut there is a klash_0.8.0 package10:59
gnomefreak+ libs10:59
wigfreitzaha, but if I want to play vids in firefox in kde Im a bit stuck?11:00
asacwigfreitz: firefox is always gnash plugin11:00
asackonqueror is klash11:00
asacgnomefreak: gnomefreak i didn't refert to preview archive enigmail ... but to official package11:01
wigfreitzoh, okay11:01
asacwigfreitz: did you try to add the options?11:02
asacwigfreitz: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27102/11:02
asaclet me know if those help11:02
asacgnomefreak: anyway ... getting latest enigmail to feisty preview is good as well ;)11:08
wigfreitzasac: Im just doing so11:08
wigfreitzshould I replace my section completely?11:08
wigfreitzBusID"PCI:1:5:0" <- which boils down to this line11:10
asache i soff11:12
=== asac wonders if his X stopped to start now
asactse ... network-manager appears to be more or less minor desaster in gutsy11:16
asacsomeone merged it ... but just dropped patches11:16
asacso hell broke loose11:16
asacbad thing: i have the feeling that people expect me to fix this now11:17
asacbefore tribe-2 :(11:17
gnomefreak!info enigmail feisty11:24
ubotuPackage enigmail does not exist in feisty11:24
gnomefreak!find enigmail11:25
ubotuFound: mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail, enigmail-locale-ca, enigmail-locale-cs, enigmail-locale-de, enigmail-locale-el (and 16 others)11:25
gnomefreak!info mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail feisty11:25
ubotumozilla-thunderbird-enigmail: Enigmail - GPG support for Mozilla Thunderbird. In component main, is optional. Version 2:0.94.2-0ubuntu1 (feisty), package size 317 kB, installed size 1396 kB11:25
=== gnomefreak wonders if we shouldnt try to get backport to feisty
gnomefreakasac: btw the changelog in gutsy's enigmail is wrong11:27
gnomefreakasac: Tue, 15 May 2006 10:59:00 +0200 should be 200711:28
=== wigfreitz [n=andrew@81-86-251-23.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
wigfreitzasac, those additions to xorg.conf didnt seem to make any difference11:36
asacwigfreitz: ok thanks ... then lets see if switching away from opengl to agg will help.11:38
asacwigfreitz: thanks for your feedback11:38
asacstay tuned11:38
wigfreitzIll keep updating then11:39
gnomefreakwhat is the new reject for LP now? invaild?11:39
gnomefreaki found out, it is11:42
=== gnomefreak thinks nap until 8 while enigmail and tb build
asacgnomefreak: rest well11:51
gnomefreakill try ty11:51
asacoh no ... enigmail doesn't build in feisty anymore ... what happened :(12:11
asacwierd ... i didn't have latest tbird ... anyway ... it should build imo12:14
asaclets see12:14
asacif lastest feisty tbird cures this issue12:14
gnomefreakasac: doesnt build due to build-dep thunderbird (<<
gnomefreakif you mean 0.9512:23
gnomefreakafter changing build-dep it builds fine here on feisty12:26
gnomefreakso far atleast12:26
bluekujaheya guys12:28
bluekujaasac: :)12:28
gnomefreakyeppers built fine here12:28
bluekujaasac: what can we do for that autogen in rules?12:29
asacgnomefreak: no ... the current feisty enigmail doesn't build in feisty12:30
bluekujaasac: it fails to build12:30
asacgnomefreak: which scares me a lot12:30
asacwill have to look into this later again :) ... i appear to miss the obvious12:30
bluekujaasac: make: ./autogen.sh: Command not found12:30
gnomefreakasac: what is failing?12:31
asacbluekuja: why would it not exist?12:31
asacbluekuja: its in the orig.tar.gz12:31
=== gnomefreak can look at it in a bit and see if its something simple ;)
asactake a look12:31
bluekujaasac: I use 0.8.* release12:31
bluekujanew one12:31
bluekujaI pushed in ubuntu debian dir12:32
bluekujaand started to build12:32
asacgnomefreak: don't think you can find it ... it might be that it just builds fine for me ... if you want to help, please verify that it really fails to build12:32
asacbluekuja: why new one?12:32
gnomefreakasac: i will12:32
asacbluekuja: don't use new orig tarball12:32
asacbluekuja: the tarball should be fine12:32
bluekujaasac: what gnash orig should I use then?12:32
asacbluekuja: use everything from ubuntu12:33
asacnothing from debian12:33
bluekujaok then12:33
bluekujagonna branch12:33
asacbluekuja: from gutsy12:33
asacbluekuja: use the gutsy orig :)12:33
asacand the gnash branch12:33
asacfrom launchpad12:33
bluekujaasac: what was branch link?12:35
bluekujaok found12:36
asaclook in my code home: http://code.launchpad.net/~asac12:36
asacoh ... its in core-dev :)12:39
asaclook in my code home: http://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev12:39
bluekujaadded configure variables12:40
asacgnomefreak: crazy ... it just builds in pbuilder12:42
asacthus, my feisty chroot appears to be broken12:42
gnomefreakremake it :(12:42
=== gnomefreak making a 2nd feisty one soon
gnomefreakone for preview and one for testing12:43
gnomefreakok im gone for a little while, im not feeling real great today12:47
bluekujaasac: leaving for work again...package is building12:52
bluekujawhen I'm back, we have results12:52
bluekujaI hope it will be everything ok12:52
bluekujaso we can push libagg12:53
bluekujacya later12:53
=== wigfreitz [n=andrew@81-86-251-23.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam []
asacgnomefreak: interestingly it really builds after setting up feisty chrrot from scratch again01:43
=== asac wonders what happened to my feisty chroot :/
gnomefreakdepends what it was failing on but only thing that comes to mind is depends issue (did you upgrade new chroot to latest?01:44
asacthe old chroot is gone so no way to investigate closer :)01:49
gnomefreakim out for a bit again while i upload packages01:53
=== swarna [n=swarna@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
swarna Hi,I am trying to create ubuntu package for firefox- but i am getting an error related to nsFontMetricsPSPango .cpp02:11
swarna somebody please help me in solving this02:11
swarnaIs anyone here02:19
asacgnomefreak: is granparadiso in moztest?02:22
asacgnomefreak: so i need to push amd64?02:23
asacor did i already do that?02:23
gnomefreakyou need to afaik02:23
asacgnomefreak: you wanna post info about preview archive here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php02:23
asacthey appear to try to build for feisty02:23
asaca lot02:23
asaci will push amd6402:24
asacgnomefreak: btw, what happened to mozilla emblem in forums?02:24
asacswarna: why do you want to do that?02:24
swarnaasac, I have added a patch to the source to get proper tamil printing02:25
swarnaasac, It has compiled properly,the problem is while packaging only02:25
asacswarna: yeah ... don't do your own packages02:25
asacswarna: either build from our bzr tree02:26
asacor modify what you got with apt-get source02:26
asacwe cannot really support people trying to package on their own02:26
asacif they don't base on what we did02:26
swarnaasac, i am not creating my own package but trying to make firefox to support tamil printing02:27
asacso what did you do ... and what is failing now?02:28
asacgnomefreak: did you push your paradiso changelog to mozillateam branch or something?02:29
swarna../../dist/lib/components/libgfxps.a(nsFontMetricsPSPango.o):/root/Desktop/iceweasel/iceweasel- first defined here02:29
asacyeah you are build iceweasel02:29
asacand you didn't answer my question02:30
swarnaasac, yes02:30
asac14:28 < asac> so what did you do...02:30
swarnaI have taken the source from debian02:30
swarnaI am getting the above error02:30
asacif you don't answer my question, then i can't really help :)02:31
gnomefreakasac: i think i did02:31
asac< swarna> I have taken the source from debian + I am getting the above error02:31
gnomefreakpositive i did02:31
swarnaI took the source added a patch and compiled it02:31
asacthats almost certainly not all you did02:31
asacswarna: try to compile without patch first02:32
swarnait is working if i install from source02:32
swarnaasac,but if i try to package it i am getting error02:32
asacswarna: 1st. never build as root02:32
asac2nd ... test if all works without applying your patch02:33
asacif it doesn't there is a point to take a look02:33
swarnaasac, yes i have compiled without patch it is getting compiled02:33
asacotherwise you might have missed to apply your changes to pango as well02:33
asacsince if you build default upstream, pango is not used02:33
asacso make your patch build for pango as well and you are done :)02:33
asacswarna: and please don't build as root02:34
asacuse dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot02:34
swarnaasac, yes i have to make some changes i dont know what changes should be made and where02:34
asac(install fakeroot  package)02:34
swarnaasac, yes i have used that command only02:34
asacswarna: did you develop the patch?=02:34
asacswarna: but you are building in /root/Desktop/iceweasel/iceweasel-
asacwhich means that you build as root02:35
asacyou are even logged in as root (ouch)02:35
swarnaasac, ok i'll change the user02:35
asacshould not make much difference .... but its much safer to go as non-privileged user02:35
swarnaasac, ok02:36
asacswarna: if you did not develop the printing patch then you are lost unless you know how to port that to pango02:36
asacin that case ask patch developer to produce for pango as well02:36
gnomefreakasac: is it gonna be a while until granparadiso 64bit is done?02:37
swarnaasac, the patch is produced for pango also\02:37
asacswarna: so where is the patch from?02:37
asacgnomefreak: just tell on forum that amd64 build will appear soon as well02:37
asacgnomefreak: what version is in feisty preview?02:37
swarnaasac, I got it from a redhat guy02:38
asacgnomefreak: can you give me the changelog entry?02:38
asacgnomefreak: unless you want to push your changelog entry to mozillateam branch or something02:38
asacswarna: yeah ... i have really no idea ... and as long as i cannot see the patch i cannot help at all.02:39
swarnaasac, can we should make changes in the source if we add a patch to it02:39
asacswarna: if it builds without patch, but doesn't with the patch its definitly the patch that is broken02:39
gnomefreakasac: firefox-granparadiso (3.0~alpha5-0ubuntu2~mt1) gutsy; urgency=low02:39
asacgnomefreak: please the full entry02:39
asacgnomefreak: so i can copy it on top of mine :)02:39
asacgnomefreak: for the build02:39
asacswarna: i don't understand your last question02:40
asacswarna: maybe rephrase02:40
asacgnomefreak: ty02:40
swarnaasac, i am not able to send the patch can you please send me ur mail id02:41
gnomefreakim gonna go ahead and update the release crap for repo while your building it, unless you want me to wait02:41
swarnashall i paste it in the pastebin02:41
asacswarna: why can't you send the patch?02:42
asacswarna: yes if you want ... at best tell me where you got that patch from02:42
asace.g. bugzilla.mozilla.org bug id02:42
swarnai think firewall02:42
asacor bugzilla.redhat.com bug id02:42
asacswarna: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/02:42
asacpaste there02:42
swarnaasac, http://pastebin.mozilla.org/10626202:44
asacswarna: so where is this patch in bugzilla?02:46
asacswarna: it probably got updated02:46
gnomefreakswarna: that patch may need to be updated02:46
asacswarna: its for 1.5 ... and is most likely not compatible with 2.0.x02:47
asacswarna: if you can find the bugzilla bugid, chances are high that there is a 2.0 patch02:47
asacotherwise wait for 2.0 patch02:47
swarnaasac, but the person who gave me the patch told that it is compatible for 2.0 also02:48
asacswarna: who is that person?02:48
asacand why did he gave you the patch02:48
asacask him for bugzilla bug id02:48
swarnaasac, he is a redhat person02:48
asacreally i cannot help you if you don't answer my questions02:49
swarnaasac, ok i'll ask him for bug id02:49
asacswarna: apparently its mozilla bug 35773302:50
ubotuMozilla bug 357733 in General "Use Pango for printing" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35773302:50
asacswarna: try to diff if you really have the latest02:51
gnomefreakasac: btw you could have grabbed the source from the repo to build granparadiso02:53
swarnaasac, are you telling that the bug which i sent now is bug 35773302:53
asacand your patch is something else02:53
asacat least its not a patch that is attached to it02:53
asacwhich is why i asked you who send you this pach02:54
asac... as it more than obscure that a redhat guy that knows what he is doing doesn't send you the link to the bugzilla id02:54
asacbut instead he sends you a patch02:54
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... i now build from what i have here ... i already had it lying around here02:55
asacswarna: ok ... i am out of this ... try the patches in bugzilla (they will probably build) ... if those patches still don't build ... ask your redhat guy whats going on ... sorry.02:57
gnomefreakasac: just ping me once uploaded and when i get it i will re-gen .gz's and release02:57
asacgnomefreak: ok02:57
gnomefreakim still waiting to get away from pc02:57
asacyes ... i am hurrying ... but if you wanna go ... go now ... its enough if Packages for amd64 get updated later today or tomorrow02:59
gnomefreakasac: take your time :) we are in freeze for main anyway03:00
gnomefreaki think03:00
asacno not yet03:01
asacnetwork-manager needs some cure tomorrow03:01
asacbefore freeze gets established03:01
asacnetwork-manager is completely broken as all patches have just been dropped on last upstreawm version merge03:01
asacyeah ... its really ouchful03:02
=== gnomefreak gone to lay down for a while
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... rest :)03:02
asacswarna: so for whom is this patch helpful (tamil?) ... if its needed for some people i might consider to apply it to ubuntu firefox as well.03:07
swarnaasac, yes is useful for all the people who use tamil language03:08
asaci can imagine that ... but who uses tamil language?03:09
swarnaIn India many people use tamil03:10
asacswarna: ok03:10
asaci try to drive that bug now03:10
asacso i get aconfirm from developers if its good enough03:10
asacswarna: i bet if you use the patch in bugzilla bug it should work for yxou03:11
swarnaasac, yes i am getting proper tamil printing but i am getting problem only while building the package03:13
asacswarna: read above: try the patch from bugzilla ... and not the one this 'noname' redhat guy sent you03:14
swarnaasac, if i use this patch https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=24634103:15
swarnait is not patching also03:15
asacwhich patch is that?03:16
asac(note: there are three)03:17
swarnaasac, which patch i should use03:17
asacswarna: try the  Patch used in FC6   (151.46 KB, patch)03:17
swarnaasac, ok03:19
asacswarna: i tested ... it doesn't apply cleanly ... so i guess the guy send you something that was not properly ported to 2.0 branch03:21
asacas the patch just fails to apply in gfx/src/ps/nsFontMetricsPS.cpp.rej03:21
asac... so03:21
asacthe guy probably send you just the diff of what was changed after this rejected hunk03:21
swarnaasac, i am trying with this patch:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=24383703:22
swarnaasac, but this also failed to patch03:23
asacyes right03:23
asacread what i tell03:23
asacthe guy probably just didn't care enough03:23
asacand send you a patch that just didn't patch those hunks that failed03:23
asacif you want this in ubuntu file a wishlist bug please03:24
asacand point to the fact that upstream bug is http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35773303:24
swarnaasac, how to do that03:24
ubotuMozilla bug 357733 in General "Use Pango for printing" [Normal,New] 03:24
asacthen report a bug03:24
asacwhen you have posted, let me know03:25
swarnaasac, yes i have reported there03:52
asacbug number please04:09
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@81.Red-217-125-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmfasac: ping04:39
hjmfasac: I've done the Xb-Npp-xxx stuff for mozilla-plugin-vlc...04:39
hjmfthe source package of feisty and the one on gutsy differs only in the change log, do I have to submit two debdiff one for each release or just one for gutsy?04:40
hjmfasac: e.g. this is the debdiff for feisty: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27131/04:43
hjmfasac: and this one the debdiff for gutsy: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27130/04:43
hjmfsorry for the noob question :-P I still have to figure out many things about packaging :)04:44
=== cjwatson_ [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachjmf: yes please04:48
asacone per package04:48
asacotherwise the sponsor has to put work in it that is >= your work :)04:49
asacso its safe to prepare this :)04:49
asacapplying patch is just one command ... no edit nothing needed04:49
asacjust spin then04:49
hjmfok doing, ty! :)04:49
asachjmf: actually we only need gutsy04:49
asachjmf: as a general rule: if you develop something its always for latest development version only04:50
asaceverything else is a backport04:50
asacif its really important than its worth an SRU04:50
asacbut as long as you don't have the feeling that you currentl fix an important crash like a grave bug ... its pretty safe to assume that work only goes to latest dev version (now gutsy904:50
asachjmf: so just attach gutsy debdiff04:51
hjmfthen I'll post only for gutsy on vlc, and so on for the next ones :)04:51
asacif you already did feisty ... feel free to attach as well04:51
hjmfI did it, but not a big deal for such easy task :)04:51
asacyeah .. if done post (for later reference in case we want this feature on stable distributions as well)04:51
hjmfasac: last doubt04:52
hjmfthe source package is vlc04:52
hjmfbut the plugin bin package is mozilla-plugin-vlc04:52
hjmfso I fill the bug against the source one04:52
hjmfasac: right?04:53
hjmfnever mind, stupid question :)04:55
gnomefreakasac: did iceape 1.1.2 FTBFS?06:18
asacgnomefreak: no ... i hopes that mike will push new orig with calendar06:28
asaccalendar is still empty06:28
asacthus i refrained from upload06:28
gnomefreakasac: i got email saying it FTBFS on debian06:29
gnomefreaki didnt see mikes name on it06:29
=== red_herring [n=rj@c-67-162-70-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacah it fails on mips06:32
asacnothing to bother for us06:32
bluekujaasac: back06:33
bluekujaasac: it builds great06:34
bluekujaand it links against libagg06:34
gnomefreakah ok06:35
gnomefreakim grabbing both javas and will have them uploaded tonight sometime06:35
bluekujaasac: ldd --> http://pastebin.mozilla.org/10636006:39
bluekujaasac: where do you want new libagg?06:44
bluekujabzr as alwais?06:44
asacbzr is good06:45
asacanyway the ldd doesn't look that good06:45
asacthere are06:45
asacibgtkglext-x11-1.0.so.0 => /usr/lib/libgtkglext-x11-1.0.so.0 (0xb7963000)06:45
asac# libgdkglext-x11-1.0.so.0 => /usr/lib/libgdkglext-x11-1.0.so.0 (0xb7910000)06:46
asac# libGLU.so.1 => /usr/lib/libGLU.so.1 (0xb788d000)06:46
asacthose need to go away ... somehow06:46
asac# libGL.so.1 => /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 (0xb782d000)06:46
bluekujaasac: let's do libagg first06:47
bluekujathen I move to gnash06:47
bluekuja(if you need help with it)06:47
bluekujaasac: I create libagg branches06:48
bluekujaso you can bzr bd them06:48
asacbluekuja: will be out in 10 minutes :/ ... will be back at about 223006:49
bluekujaoh damn06:50
bluekujawell, I prepare everything06:50
bluekujafor you06:50
bluekujaso you just have to bd it06:50
bluekujaand check that's everything is ok06:50
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@81.Red-217-125-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacbluekuja: yes ... just drop links :)06:56
bluekujayeah :)06:56
bluekujawe have a work-method now06:56
bluekujathat seems to work really great06:57
hjmf@shedule madrid07:41
hjmf@schedule madrid07:41
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Madrid: 26 Jun 15:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 17:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 22:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 29 Jun 13:00: MOTU Team07:41
=== hjmf is preparing his membership candidature
bluekujahjmf, is today?07:53
bluekujaoh 2607:53
hjmfbluekuja: tomorrow07:53
bluekujayeah :)07:53
bluekujathought it was the 26 today07:54
hjmfwill you be around ? :)07:54
bluekujaat 15 o'clock I'll be at work :/07:54
bluekujaI finish at 1707:54
bluekujawhy CC meetings have moved to that hour?07:55
bluekuja21 was better07:55
hjmfyeah, it's a pity07:55
hjmfI'll be in time by little07:56
hjmfit's launch time at that hour07:56
bluekujaI can send my cheer07:56
bluekujaif I'm not here07:56
bluekujafor that hour07:56
hjmfcool :)07:57
bluekujaasac told me that you have done a HUGE and GREAT work07:58
bluekujaand I've seen that your karma rocks07:58
bluekujaand Bugs sections07:58
hjmfI'm just having fun :)07:58
bluekujais full07:58
bluekujagonna move to MOTU after?07:59
hjmfit's an idea, probably if there's fun in there :)08:00
bluekujadeveloper work is something great08:00
bluekujaI love it :)08:00
bluekujaif you need any help with it08:01
bluekujajust tell me08:01
hjmfbluekuja: cool08:01
bluekujahjmf, have you ever done a package?08:02
bluekujae.g or a debdiff08:02
hjmfbluekuja: I've done a couple of debdiffs (easy ones)08:03
bluekujacool :)08:03
bluekujathey got uploaded?08:03
hjmfbecause I'm helping asac in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/firefox-distro-addon-support08:03
hjmfbluekuja: no not yet, one was done friday and the other this evening :)08:04
bluekujaoh great08:05
bluekujathat looks cool08:05
bluekujahjmf, can I have a look08:06
bluekujato your debdiffs?08:06
hjmfbug 12212808:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122128 in vlc "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12212808:07
hjmfbug 12154908:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121549 in mplayerplug-in "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec " [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12154908:07
hjmfsimple stuff, but very interesting as I'm beginning learning08:08
bluekujahjmf, I did mplayerplug-in08:10
bluekujadid you see my entry?08:10
hjmfbluekuja: no, where?08:11
bluekujahjmf, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayerplug-in/3.40-5ubuntu108:12
hjmfbluekuja: Ah yes, sure08:12
hjmfI was thinking something different :)08:13
hjmfI saw it when I edited the changelog ;)08:13
=== JenFraggle [n=jen@host217-43-183-130.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmfgood evening JenFraggle08:14
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
JenFraggleBug 74148 was filed in December but no reply from the user despite twice being asked for info.  Ok to close?09:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 74148 in firefox "Opend an other page" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7414809:03
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=FreddyM@adsl-68-255-102-60.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
JenFraggleSo can I close bug 74148?09:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 74148 in firefox "Opend an other page" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7414809:51
Admiral_Chicagoactually, i need to read the bug first09:54
Admiral_Chicagoi just said sure.09:54
Admiral_ChicagoJenFraggle: oh yea close that09:55
Admiral_ChicagoJenFraggle: you may want to run a bughelper query which haven't had comments since "X date"09:55
Admiral_Chicagoand possibly close those09:55
JenFraggleI seem to be having trouble with bughelper at the moment.  Don't know what I have done but it isn't finding any bugs at all09:56
Admiral_ChicagoJenFraggle: its the new LP states10:01
JenFraggleWhat do I need to do to sort it?  I had a horrible feeling I'd broken i10:02
asachjmf: i will push these debdiffs right after tribe-2 is out (thursday is schedule for that)10:03
asac@schedule berlin10:04
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 26 Jun 15:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 17:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 22:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 29 Jun 13:00: MOTU Team10:04
Admiral_ChicagoJenFraggle: you didn't. its Launchpad that was changed10:04
JenFraggleAdmiral_Chicago: good, I didn't think I'd used it recently10:04
bluekujaasac: heyaaaaaa!10:05
bluekujaasac: everything is ready10:05
bluekujagonna provide you links10:05
bluekujain a bit10:05
Admiral_ChicagoI'd like to go to the CC meeting, but its at 8 in the morning10:05
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: did you provide a testimonial section to your wiki?10:06
asacbluekuja: let me branch them10:07
bluekujaok :)10:07
bluekujaasac: it will take a bit for source download10:07
bluekujabut quite fast10:07
bluekujaI've built it with bzr bd too10:07
asaclet me first clean up my ubuntu_motu/bluekuja directory10:08
asacits getting pretty crowded :)10:08
asacnot saying that you are working too much ;)10:08
asacbluekuja: isn't gnome-btdownload maintained in bzr ?10:09
bluekujaasac: gnome-bt is maintained on alioth10:09
asacso it was a merge10:10
bluekujaan upload10:10
JenFraggleAdmiral_Chicago: what do i need to do to run the query you suggested?10:10
bluekujafor new version10:10
bluekujaasac: bitstormlite is not on bzr10:10
asacbitstormlite is your package though, right?10:10
hjmfasac: cool10:10
bluekujaasac: yup10:10
hjmfAdmiral_Chicago: no, I hope all of you be present on the council, especially asac :D10:11
bluekujaasac: we have ctorrent on bzr10:11
bluekujaasac: verlihub too10:11
bluekuja(fische too)10:11
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: please add one, I'll try to be there but it is early for me.10:12
Admiral_Chicagoat the very least, i'd like to drop a line.10:12
asacbluekuja: for future: its a good thing to name the affected file for each change ... some might be obvious, but others won't and while you feel like you will remember forever, you probably won't :)10:16
asacmore important in changelog than in commmit messages of course10:16
asachowever i like to just copy commit messages to changelog when release is there10:16
bluekujaasac: yeah10:17
bluekujathat's a good method10:17
bluekujagonna use it for next revisions10:17
asacbluekuja: yeah ... its not always perfect, but it helps10:18
bluekujayup, we gonna use bzr to maintain stuff10:19
bluekujaso it's ok to adopt a good way to work10:19
bluekujato follow package by package10:19
=== cjwatson [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== hjmf adds a testimonial section in his wiki following Admiral_Chicago's advice, but he's gone. People, you are invited to drop a line at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HMontoliu < asac gnomefreak bluekuja JenFraggle AlexLatchford Admiral_Chicago :)
hjmfThank you in advance though there's no compromise at all :)10:22
hjmfnight I'm off10:23
bluekujahjmf, gonna do it now, or tomorrow morning when I wake up for work10:23
bluekuja(6 o'clock)10:23
bluekujaso don't worry10:23
bluekujayou'll find something10:23
bluekujafrom me10:23
asacbluekuja: ok building10:32
bluekujaasac: great :)10:32
asacbluekuja: ok looks good10:40
bluekujaasac: :)10:40
asacbluekuja: but remember the long running task: convince upstream of proper soname so libagg can be shipped as shared library10:41
asacstatic libraries are just evil10:41
bluekujaasac: I think I gonna mail upstream10:41
asacyeah ... try to keep discussion as open as possible :)10:41
bluekujayup, I can invite them here10:41
bluekujaas I did with libtorrent10:41
bluekujaso we can see what's their point10:42
bluekujaand if they will understand, there will be good news for libagg10:42
bluekuja*libagg future10:42
asacbluekuja: so this is a new debian version right?10:43
bluekujaasac: yeah10:43
bluekujacompletely new version10:43
bluekujanot a revision10:43
asacjust wondered if its ment for sid10:43
bluekujaah :)10:44
asacany progress in debian NEW?10:45
asacanyway your packages should be one of the first ones that go in10:46
bluekujaunfortunately no NEWS10:46
bluekujathey are stuck there10:46
bluekuja3 weeks10:46
bluekujagoing for 410:46
asacyeah ... still in range :)10:46
bluekujaverli going to 2 weeks10:46
asacas long as its still counted in weeks :)10:46
bluekujaand diff going to 4 weeks10:47
bluekujathey should be processed all in one10:47
bluekujaso they will join the archive together10:47
asacyeah ... i guess this weeks10:47
bluekujadebconf is finished10:47
bluekujaso it gonna be processed soon10:47
bluekujagonna ping verlihub upstream10:47
bluekujawhen it's in10:48
bluekujaso they can link the .deb from the archive10:48
asachmm libagg23-dev has no Depends: at all10:48
asacthat can't be right ... hmm10:48
asacok i am just checking if gnash really builds against that10:51
asacthen will push10:52
bluekujaok :)10:52
asacbluekuja: do you have wireless as well as wired network?10:57
bluekujaasac: yeah, but currently wireless is down10:57
bluekujae.g need to setup it again et all10:58
bluekujaneed some tests?10:58
bluekujaasac: are you building gnash?11:00
bluekujae.g gutsy tarball + bzr debian dir11:00
asacbluekuja: i need to test network-manager11:01
bluekujaoh k11:01
asacwhich is completely broken atm and i redid the complete upstream merge11:01
bluekujaasac: well, tomorrow evening11:01
bluekujawe can do it11:01
bluekujagonna open wireless11:01
asachmm ... thats too late ... have to push it tomorrow11:01
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac... otherwise blind-eyed :)11:01
asactomorrow is tribe-2 freeze11:01
asacfact is that network-manager cannot stay in the current state11:02
asacso even a not tested upload might be better11:02
asacbut still if its tested i would feel much more comfortable .)11:02
bluekujammm...if you want tomorrow morning11:03
bluekujahalf past six11:03
bluekujaI'm here11:03
bluekujabut I'm sure you're sleeping at that time11:03
asacGood signature on /home/asac/ubuntu_motu/bluekuja/build-area/agg_2.5-1.dsc.11:04
asacUploading to ftp-master (via ftp to ftp-master.debian.org): agg_2.5-1.dsc: done. agg_2.5.orig.tar.gz: done. agg_2.5-1.diff.gz: done. libagg-dev_2.5-1_amd64.deb: done. agg_2.5-1_amd64.changes: done.11:04
asacSuccessfully uploaded packages.11:04
asacNot running dinstall.11:04
asacanyway i think you can read11:04
asacbluekuja: yeah i definitly sleep at that time11:04
bluekujadput sound is one of the things I like most11:04
asacotherwise i would be still awake ... and i hope for gods sake that that is not the case11:04
asacactually i hate dput ... i like dupload more because it shows progress when uploading a 30M orig for instance11:05
asacbut dupload doesn't ship with sane servers for ubuntu11:05
asacso now i just dput always :/11:05
bluekujaI like dput a lot11:05
bluekujamaybe because I started with it11:05
bluekujaand did not try dupload11:05
bluekujafor now11:05
asacits really not a big difference ... both do their job :)11:06
bluekujayeah :)11:06
asacbluekuja: let me know if it gets rejected or something11:06
bluekujalet me see11:06
bluekujaif I've recevied the mail11:06
asac@schedule berlin11:06
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 26 Jun 15:00: Community Council | 26 Jun 17:00: Kernel Team | 27 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 27 Jun 22:00: Xubuntu Developers | 28 Jun 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 29 Jun 13:00: MOTU Team11:06
asacmy brain is just squashed11:07
asacoh cool ... that is even during business hours :)11:07
bluekujaasac: yeah, can't be there for hjmf11:07
bluekujadamn work11:07
asacwhy can't you go online at work?11:07
bluekujamail received11:07
asacor nothing computer related as job :)11:08
bluekujaasac: the latter11:08
bluekujait's something I do for one month only11:08
bluekujaafter school11:08
bluekujato gain some money11:08
bluekujaI gonna leave a cheer11:09
bluekujato him11:09
bluekujaon his wiki page11:09
asacgnomefreak: ping11:11
asacgnomefreak: haha ... cool autoreply :)11:11
=== cjwatson_ [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac23:11 [freenode]  [gnomefreak(n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak)]  You have sent me a contentless ping. Please  provide a bit of information about what you want to know and I will try to respond as soon as i can.   Thank you.11:11
asaci have never received an auto-reply when pingin someone in public channel11:12
bluekujahe rocks11:12
asaci mean reply on private message is normal :)11:12
asacbut that ;)11:12
asacgnomefreak: you rock :)11:12
asacgnomefreak: ping have you updated Packages for binary-amd64 ? -paradiso should be in there as well11:13
=== bluekuja is going to sleep :/
asacbluekuja: night11:14
asachave you received accepted?11:14
bluekujanot yet11:14
bluekujaonly processing11:14
bluekujaasac: I think it gonna be done soon11:15
bluekujamaybe this time it's not immediate11:15
bluekujagonna ping you when I wake up11:16
bluekujaso you can read logs11:16
bluekujaasac: ok, I'm off11:18
bluekujahave a good night too11:18
bluekujasee you tomorrow ;)11:18
bluekujacya :)11:19
gnomefreakasac: ty im uploading java5 and 6 to preview than i will re gen the files11:27
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=ubuntu@adsl-68-255-102-60.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Admiral_Chicagohey everyone11:44
asacgnomefreak: could you verified that java5/6 work out of the box?11:48
asac(e.g. the plugins)11:48
gnomefreakasac: they do11:49
gnomefreak:) thats what is taking me so long i wanted to test11:49
asacgnomefreak: great ... thanks!11:50
gnomefreakshould be done beofre morning im not able to sit here the full time needed tonight but i will be checking in on it every 30 or so minutes11:51
asacyeah ... its huge i know11:51

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