DaveMorrisso should I grab teh 24th 1? mythbuntu-7.10~070624-i386-nossh-novnc.iso12:30
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(Shred01/#ubuntu-mythtv) why samba?06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) well this is my thought process06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) people who aren't choosing advanced install06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) likely don't have a lot of linux experience06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) its a stereotype that I see very fitting06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) and they will likely have a windows box and want to transfer files around back and forth06:13
(superm1/#ubuntu-mythtv) and then those that choose the advanced install have an option to turn this on and off06:14
Shred01what kind of files do you see a user in trouble being able to get with smb?06:14
superm1well i probably didn't say that clearly - the admin/debugging was for SSH06:15
superm1and then the samba was related to my last few comments06:15
Shred01sure, ssh i can get onboard with quite easily06:15
superm1just setting up a writable share for mythvideo, mythmusic, mythgallery06:15
superm1the code i put through this weekend detects which of them are actually chosen and creates a smb.conf based upon that06:15
Shred01yeah, i can see that as being peripherally useful if a mythbe is dropped into a network where windows users are, but i'm not sure i see it as being a debugging tool so much.06:16
Shred01but i think "do you want to share your recorded files|video files|photos with a windows network" being a required question rather than just every mytbuntu box shares all those files unless you are an advanced user.06:17
Shred01the default stance to share is not so good i think.06:18
Shred01"hey dude, just found the videos of you and wife on your mythbox.  thanx for sharing!" ;-)06:18
superm1well i'll have to toy with the code a bit then to make sure that page still shows up in a standard install06:20
Shred01woot! have an upstart script that works.  and irexec can simply use "start mythtv-frontend" to start mythfe and "stop mythtv-frontend" to stop it.06:59
superm1wow, that easy to get things together huh?07:17
Shred01seems so.  just doing the irexec bits.07:22
Shred01since this is the dedicated FE, no need to mess around with gnome-screensaver07:22
superm1really?  I still leave it on my tv07:28
Shred01naw.  i just let the dpms/xserver screen bla{nc}ker kick in07:29
Shred01in any case, i would not password lock it.  so xdg-screensaver could be used easily with it.07:29
superm1those xdg utils aren't present on ubuntu by default correct?07:32
Shred01they are on my gutsy box.  xdg-utils.07:32
superm1good to know07:34
Shred01oh yeah.  ubuntu doesn't ship with an irexec start up script.  i had to create one.  i guess they assume the user env. will start it.  that is something mythbuntu is going to have to deal with too.07:35
Shred01the irexec bit is ugly because it requires the key value out of the lircd.conf07:45
superm1i think the uglier part is running that thing as root07:45
Shred01and key values (i.e. names) are different from remote to remote07:45
superm1thats quite the security risk07:45
superm1(another one of UMCs goals) is consisent remote names07:45
keescooksuperm1: latest mythtv/plugins uploaded!07:45
superm1awesome keescook07:46
superm1i put the weekly-fixes live on mythbuntu.org too07:46
superm1based upon that packaging07:46
Shred01superm1: it could easily be su'd to mythtv if having irexec as root makes anyone nervious07:46
superm1and we encountered something that could be trouble come feisty->gutsy upgrade07:46
superm1when upgrading to the new mythtv-backend, there is mythtv-backend-utils07:47
superm1which conflicts with the older mythtv-backend07:47
superm1so depending on the order things get done, it has a potential to cause an apt error07:47
Shred01superm1: not just feisty-gutsy.  fiesty-fiesty too.07:47
Shred01for somebody who adds the mythbuntu fixes repo after a vanilla feisty install07:48
superm1i'm pretty sure just adding a Conflicts:07:48
Shred01anyway, waaaay past my bedtime.  see y'all later.07:48
superm1that refers to the older version will solve it07:48
superm1night Shred0107:48
Shred01yeah, i thought Conflicts: would do it too.07:48
superm1i'll test it out this week to make sure07:48
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DaveMorrissuperm1: just been chatting to Daviey about the auto logging out on exit of mythtv and he made this observation03:04
DaveMorrisDaviey: how do you access mythcontrol-centre if you can't get to the desktop..03:04
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superm1well from administration mode04:18
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spader3dhi all04:53
spader3di downloaded the latest version of mythbuntu 7.10 and got the frontend working with no problem04:53
spader3dbut i did not see the option to only install the frontend04:54
spader3dalthough i installl both the front and the backend it recognized my vp-1020a and everything worked fine04:55
tgm4883did you do an advanced install?04:55
spader3dgot job done on this mythbuntu!!!04:55
tgm4883or a standard install spader3d?04:56
superm1spader3d, glad things worked out well for you :)04:56
superm1the install for a frontend only was listed as an advanced install option04:56
spader3dok i should look for that one then04:56
tgm4883superm1, a server kernel wouldn't effect the myth packages and dependencies would it?04:57
superm1nope tgm488304:57
DaveMorristgm4883: souuldn't04:57
superm1it crashes a virtual box VM though04:57
spader3danother thing ...will there be support for like DVB decryption?04:57
superm1so you'll want to be careful that regard04:57
DaveMorrisbut some timee it will affect the firmware needed by cards04:57
tgm4883forum guy tried following the edgy guide for 64-bit04:57
tgm4883has dependency problems with myth-common04:58
lagaspader3d: mythtv should supported CAMs out of the box04:58
DaveMorris64bit will prob have problems04:58
tgm4883mythtv-backend: Depends: mythtv-common (= 0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu6~edgy1) but 0.20-0.2ubuntu2 is to be installed04:58
DaveMorris64bit != server kernel though04:58
tgm4883he said he installed AMD6404:58
superm1sounds like he doesn't have backports turned on04:59
superm1in edgy04:59
tgm4883and mythtv in the edgy repos is the .20-0.2ubuntu204:59
spader3dlaga: you mean by using a standard iso?04:59
lagaspader3d: mythtv supports CA modules out of the box. myhbuntu should support them, too. i doubt they removed the CI and CAM code from the kernel :)05:00
tgm4883superm1, its in his list, but that gives me an idea05:00
tgm4883maybe apt-get update was missed05:00
DaveMorrissuperm1: the mythtv-database blurb has a typo05:01
DaveMorris"This package sets up a MySQL database for use my MythTV." should read "This package sets up a MySQL database for use by MythTV."05:01
spader3dlike sasc-ng??05:02
lagaspader3d: dude05:02
superm1oh good catch DaveMorris :)05:02
lagaspader3d: that's illegal.05:02
spader3dah ok....just read abut that the other day05:02
lagaspader3d: i was talking about conditional access modules, not about emulating them in software05:02
tgm4883DaveMorris, not a typo, all your mythtv boxes belong to superm1 :)05:02
lagatgm4883: heh05:02
lagai knew it :)05:02
DaveMorrissuperm1: you see my comments ^^ ?05:04
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs05:04
superm1DaveMorris, you didn't see my response?05:04
DaveMorrisits not logged yet either05:06
superm1i had said that you can get to it via the administration login05:06
DaveMorrisok, also are sound levels, and what sound outputs are enabled done per user?05:07
DaveMorris1 of my boards has stereo out and digital out.  So you need to enable the digital out as its not on by default.  However I'm not sure if those settings are done on a per user basis or over the whole system.  Also setting of the volume for various outputs. per user or per system05:09
superm1well it can be done either way: per user or per system05:09
superm1depends on how you enable your digital out05:09
DaveMorristo enable I just had to press a check box in the gnome volume control05:10
superm1see i'm a bit more blunt with mine in that i use an asoundrc05:10
superm1to redirect *all* audio05:10
superm1to spdif05:10
DaveMorrisahh, mine can output to bot at once, which is great for parties.05:11
DaveMorrisMy amp and speakers in the lounge, my bro's amp and speakers in his room05:11
DaveMorrisplaying in time and very loud yet no distortion!05:11
superm1it can be an option addressed in Daviey's control centre05:14
DaveMorrissounds good05:14
superm1okay i'll be back in a bit05:14
DaveMorrisI jsut wanna make sure we don't drive people away because they can't do something05:14
Davieyhmm..  i'm build a custom kernel over ssh; reckon it will work when i reboot?  :)05:27
DaveMorrisdepends how much of a ninja you are ;)05:28
Davieychanged 3 lines05:28
DaveMorristhis for your sata card or the usb?05:28
=== DaveMorris hopes it works then
Davieyi wish i built it in a screen; don't think it will finsih before i leave05:29
DaveMorrisshouldn't do it at work :P05:29
Davieywhat else should i do with my time? :)05:30
DaveMorriswork :P05:30
=== DaveMorris thinks Daviey is paid too much
Davieyyeah right!05:30
tgm4883where did mythtv-common go in edgy backports?05:41
tgm4883http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=483925  Heres the thread if anyone wants to weigh in, im running out of ideas and haven't had my coffee yet.  I checked packages.ubuntu.com but couldn't find mythtv-common in edgy-backports (only in edgy), and I suppose that is why he's getting the error.  So where did it go?  or am I confused.05:45
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superm1_Daviey, can you try to have the metas ready soon (higher priority than the themes), ideally would like to announce alpha-2 +/- 4.5 days from tribe-205:57
tgm4883superm1, is it possible that mythtv-common was removed from edgy-backports05:57
superm1_tgm4883, wrong superm1_ :).  um it should nt have been05:58
Davieysuperm1_: erm; i'm confused what you mean by metas?  I thought you mean't the themes & meta-packages for them?05:58
tgm4883i checked packages.ubuntu.com, but couldn't find it in edgy backports05:58
superm1_Daviey, i mean the big mythbuntu metas05:58
superm1_and mythbuntu standalone05:58
superm1_that are used to control what packages are put on the cd05:59
superm1_and which ones are required in a final install05:59
Davieyoh geez.. forgot all about them05:59
superm1_the ones that need those 'seeds' and all05:59
DavieyOkay, i can set some time aside tommrow afternoon - will you be about@06:00
superm1_@ when?06:00
Davieyerm UTC 12:00?06:01
Davieyerm; what time is good for you?06:01
superm1_likely no - all depends how late i stay up working on more stuff tonight06:01
superm1_between 15:00 and 17:00 or after 20:00 UTC06:02
superm1_tgm4883, that does look weird with barely anything available in backports06:04
superm1_even weirder is that its only amd64 and powerpc06:04
superm1_its stuck in the NEW queue it looks like06:05
superm1_tgm4883, i pinged the archive admins about it06:07
superm1_hopefully we'll get it sorted out06:07
superm1_Daviey, were you still going to download an ISO today?06:44
superm1_if you do, this one should reflect functional ssh and VNC too: http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/iso/mythbuntu-7.10~070625-i386.iso06:46
Davieysuperm1_: wgetting07:58
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perlmonkeyhi, i'm getting Segmentation fault (core dumped) when using frontend > manage recordings > schedule > program guide08:49
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superm1_laga ping?10:04
superm1_why sad?10:05
lagabecause you want mythweb auth and i can't give it to you. been sidetracked.. and had a net outage today10:05
superm1_well so as to not stop me, i was going to ask at least what debconf variable you're storing in10:06
superm1_i can work off that at least to get the backend code started on it10:06
lagaheh. i'm resetting the username and password. AFAIK, such information is not to be kept in the debconf database10:07
superm1_well when you ask the question10:07
superm1_where do you put the answer then?10:07
lagai'll pastebin the template for you10:08
superm1_well if its in bzr i can just update later10:09
superm1_i was going to ask though if it was a straightforward response at least10:09
lagasee http://laga.ath.cx/debian/mythweb.templates10:09
lagasuperm1_: the stuff in bzr should be up to date regarding that10:09
superm1_that link doesnt work btw10:10
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lagasee http://laga.ath.cx/mythweb.templates10:11
lagadebian/ was the local path :)10:11
lagasuperm1_: i have just pushed my latest mythweb.config and mythweb.templates10:12
superm1_k cool10:12
superm1_tgm4883, i just got ahold of archive admins10:25
tgm4883whats up10:25
superm1_they accepted the i386 package, so the missing pieces should show up within a few hours10:26
tgm4883just a bad timing with the guy trying to install then10:26
superm1_well its good he brought this to attention10:27
superm1_wouldn't have caught it otherwise10:27
superm1_tgm4883, how is unofficial plugins going?10:30
tgm4883eh, slow10:34
tgm4883i have little time to work on it, so it gets a little here and there10:35
tgm4883i anticipate more time being available next week though as I should be caught up on work related items10:35
superm1_tgm4883, well as you get a few moments let me know and I can help with some pointers re: packaging and getting things on a bzr branch and such10:39
spader3dwhat is the bandwith needed approx to send livetv to a frontend?10:41
superm1_spader3d, depends on the live tv your watching10:41
spader3dif i build a backend with like 3 tv tuner card in it and each one connecter to rec with lirc10:42
superm1_well it shouldn't be more than about 5mbps10:42
spader3dcan i provide 3 users with video and option to change channels?10:42
spader3dover a wireless network10:43
superm1_over the same wireless i'd say thats iffy10:44
superm1_because even 54mbps - thats peak10:44
superm1_on average its in the lower 20s10:44
spader3dbut over a wired network it is possible?10:44
superm1_yea that would be possible then10:45
superm1_matter of fact i've pushed mine to do 1 HD and 2 SD over the same network10:45
superm1_all from one backend10:45
spader3dyou have 3 cards in the backend?10:46
superm1_well at this point only 310:47
spader3dand to put the video on the TV i thought of a videocard with tv out10:47
superm1_i had at one point 5 in that backend10:47
spader3di am going to test with 3 .... and over a wired network ...to 3 frontend10:48
spader3deach should be able to control its own card/stb10:49
superm1_spader3d, what graphics driver did it end up getting you set up when you installed out of curiousity?10:58
superm1_keescook, are you staying at a hotel for ULive?  Or just at home since your OR based right?11:41
superm1_OpenMediaSupport, just made my reservation finally :)11:45
keescooksuperm1_: I'm local, so I'll just be at my place11:45
superm1_ah.  thats convenient.  saves a few hundred dollars in hotel11:46
superm1_imbrandon and i splitting the reservation11:46
superm1_are you attending the tutorials at all?11:46
keescookthat's on tuesday?  I'm not sure; I'd like to11:47
superm1_well i think they're pricey if your not talking11:47
superm1_245 for just the tutorials day11:48
superm1_895 for the whole thing tutorials + conferences11:48
superm1_keescook, i poked an archive admin to ack the libhdhomerun source package today.  will they still have to ack the resulting binary too, now, or is that implied in the source package ack?12:13
superm1_eg will the binary end up in NEW now too12:14
keescookI think the binary will be NEW also, but that's usually quick12:18
superm1_ah okay.  well as soon as that clears i've got a new version to upload :)12:18
superm1_they gave me permission to package the firmware too, but i almost think it will be easier to set up a firmware installer package, a'la flashplugin-nonfree12:19
superm1_to grab it on the fly12:19
superm1_rather than having to fight with licensing since it was exclusive permission on the firmware12:20

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