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bashelierhello mr doko_ :)01:33
bashelierdoko: I have a few patches for gcc build system, because it ftbfs when cross compiling, there are several issue to bi fixed, do you have a minute ?01:35
dokosure, best thing would be to submit these patches as an attachment to a bug report, so we both see these patches01:39
bashelierdoko: will do, thanks :)01:40
bashelier(have to finish gdc for gcc-4.1 too... :p)01:40
bashelierdoko: the easier problem to fix come from gcc-4.2, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.2/+bug/12184301:42
bashelierdoko: and here is a sample of package I have built with my patches, http://packages.mefab.effraie.org/ :)01:43
bashelier(there are about 4 or 5 problems in build system, but nothing realy serious)01:43
Mithrandirdoko: have you uploaded the LPIA-enabled gcc yet?01:48
dokoMithrandir: no, test builds running, needing a fixed dpkg  as well02:03
Mithrandiroh, what needs changing in dpkg?02:04
dokodpkg-architecture, i486 -> i68602:05
bashelierdoko: will the 686 be the default x86 architecture in ubuntu ?02:08
bashelierok thx02:10
Mithrandirdoko: can you just change it then?02:12

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