swejaxslavik: ok I'll try that, thankx12:01
ParanoiakHi everybody12:01
GuyFromHellIs there anything special i should know for mounting a VFAT based mp3 player? Currently i plug it in and it doesn't seem writeable.12:01
ibanexerUSUL: oops your right12:01
demianibanex: it doesn't open in feisty12:01
demiannot even if i press the eject button12:01
slavikdemian: how old is this system and how is the drive connected?12:01
Ind[y] I have two bashrc files. I want the one to be used when I am on the console, and the other when I am on terminals and stuff. How can I do this?12:01
=== FallenA [n=asdads@cpe-74-67-150-212.rochester.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
GuyFromHell(permissions look fine, rwx------ with my username as owner)12:01
erUSULibanex: i know ;) it is curse (being allways right of course) XP12:01
=== pepe_ [n=pepe@p54AABE41.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
=== Lam_ [n=Lam@129-216.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ibanexdemian: did you install feisty with the same cd rom drive?12:02
slavikInd[y] : how comfortable are you with scripting?12:02
ibanexerUSUL, : )12:02
slavikdemian: is this a new system?12:02
demianibanex: that's what bugs me12:02
=== SJrX [n=none@S01060008029e1eb2.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ind[y] slavik: with bash not very much12:02
demiannew as in pc or in feitsy install12:02
graigsmiththis is really weird, if i do the manual f-spot import, it sees the pef image files. if i just stick the camera card in, it only sees jpegs, and ignores the pef files. any clue why only the import from camera dialog box is doing this?12:02
=== bleda` [n=Turk@] has joined #ubuntu
erUSULInd[y] : that's why there is .bashrc and .bash_profile12:02
msldemian: It sounds as though the cdrom is still mounted, and you cannot use the eject button on your cdrom when it is mounted.12:03
demianno it's not that12:03
vasudevai've messed something up with my system, and now when i reboot, i end up in what looks like single-user mode. i have to 'telinit 2' to get anywhere useful. is there a collection of the base startup scripts and such, that i can apt-get, to make sure i've got what i need? i'm on feisty.12:03
SJrXI'm using Kubuntu but no one seems to have an answer for me. My Mouse wheel isn't working in X. Any ideas on how to fix it?12:03
Frednecki used sudo cp -a to copy my hard drive's contents to an external drive - it seems to still be going, but I suspect it's not doing anything anymore. Is there anyway to tell?12:03
slavikerUSUL: which gets executed when?12:03
=== linxeh [n=linx@88-96-202-38.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ibanexdemian: sudo eject /dev/cdrom ???12:03
=== sx66 [n=chatzill@66-215-33-8.dhcp.arhd.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== con-man_ [n=con-man@d198-166-244-11.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ind[y] erUSUL: .bash_profile is for terminals xterms, and stuffs?12:03
demianIt doesn't even show up in sudo lshw -C disk12:03
slavikFredneck: does the ext. drive lights flash?12:03
sx66how do I install pidgin?12:04
dezinenevermind :)12:04
demianit's a very old compaq presario12:04
sx66sudo what?12:04
dezineused google12:04
Flannel!pidgin | sx6612:04
ubotusx66: pidgin is the new name for Gaim forced by AOL's legal dept. It wasn't released in time for Feisty. Expect it in gutsy. See http://www.pidgin.im/index.php for more info.12:04
slavikdemian: old is good :P12:04
=== Lr5_ [n=lr5@dsl-hkigw4-fe35de00-44.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
JowiGuyFromHell, does "mount" also show the device with (rw) permissions and a umask value?12:04
Fredneckslavik: there's only one light and it's staying on12:04
demianwell.... I'd like a newer system12:04
=== Bassetts [n=Bassetts@5ac2dd6f.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu
slavikFredneck: what is that light supposed to indicate?12:04
=== matthinckley [n=matthinc@24-119-85-67.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
Fredneckslavik: I think it just means it's on12:04
GuyFromHellJowi, yea, in fact the mount line (i thought ahead) is at http://pastebin.com/93553112:04
=== furenku [n=furenku@] has joined #ubuntu
JowiGuyFromHell, example what my "mount" command show: /dev/sdb1 on /media/Sony type vfat (rw,gid=46,umask=007)12:04
=== DarthVader [n=socrates@cbl-sd-85-31.aster.com.do] has joined #ubuntu
=== matthinckley [n=matthinc@24-119-85-67.cpe.cableone.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== furenku [n=furenku@] has joined #ubuntu
GuyFromHellJowi, or maybe not, depending how pastebin is feeling12:05
slavikFredneck: the terminal where you issued the cp command, is it back to a promt?12:05
Fredneckslavik: no, it's still thinking12:05
=== Anthology [n=Fossil@cpe-70-115-248-194.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
erUSULslavik: Ind[y]  i never remember look here http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/1182-difference-between-bashrc-bash_profile.html12:05
Fredneckslavik: I'm looking at KDE system guard, and cp is listed as taking using a small amount of System%12:05
Fredneckslavik: But I've checked the properties of the folder I'm copying to, and the total number of files hasn't changed in hours12:06
=== pepe_ [n=pepe@p54AABE41.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntuEdgy [n=thami@] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuEdgyhi what is "tiger"12:06
slavikFredneck: then I guess something is "stuck"12:06
demianit's not there12:06
slavikgstat is so nice in fbsd :P12:06
meccawhat up people? i'm running edgy on my laptop and i'm unable to display my screen on an lcd monitor using my lcd/crt fn key.  is there a way to get my fn keys working or does anyone have a workaround?12:06
Fredneckslavik: okay, that's what I thought12:06
demianmecca: install feisty fwan12:07
sx66so, on pidgin, how do I download it? I go to the page and it does not list ubuntu package.12:07
bruenigdemian, that won't help12:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tiger - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:07
bruenigI have the same problem actually12:07
slavikFredneck: you can always kill it and use nautilus instead ... that way you get a progress bar :)12:07
demianbruenig: what won't work?12:07
=== Synchronicity [n=Synchron@unaffiliated/relate] has joined #ubuntu
=== Onyx47 [n=onyx@78-0-114-16.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigthe fn key thing to adjust monitory brightness12:08
=== Onyx47 [n=onyx@78-0-114-16.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Fredneckslavik: yeah, I will, I got the bulk of it moved anyway12:08
=== fedoremilianenko [n=matheus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== daltocli [n=daltocli@] has joined #ubuntu
ibanexsx66: you can get dependencies and compile it12:08
erUSULInd[y] : this seems to be more clear http://wm161.net/2007/02/14/bash_profile-vs-bashrc/12:08
demianit works on my girls accer a600012:08
GuyFromHellJowi, thus i am confused, any light you can shed?12:08
demianwith feisty12:08
=== _sonmez_ [n=sisa@] has joined #ubuntu
demianthat's all I know ;)12:08
JowiGuyFromHell, the "utf8" option is for iso9660 and not for vfat12:08
=== reason098 [n=reason@cpe-74-69-150-48.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ehc [n=x@wall.pacinfo.com] has joined #ubuntu
JowiGuyFromHell, the "nodev" option might also screw it up12:08
slavikInd[y] : basically, when you log in, you can have a .xsessionrc (or .xsession, google for actual name) to change the symlink to point to the proper file, and also have in .profile a line to change the symlink to another version of .bashrc file12:09
meccai've got a sony vaio12:09
GuyFromHellJowi, it was mounted by gnome-volume-manager, do you know how i can change the settings under that circumstance?12:09
sx66ibanex: what is dependencies?12:09
=== Onyx47 [n=onyx@78-0-114-16.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu
speedo_Is there a Frontpage like application for linux ?12:09
=== flug [i=flug@] has joined #ubuntu
slavikspeedo_: no (thank god)12:09
juan278when i try and compile summit i get " Can't find X includes." what should i do is there a package i can install12:09
erUSULspeedo_: nvu ?12:09
=== Lacerta [n=simo@dsl-imtgw1-ffffc000-124.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== cipy [n=cristina@pool-72-68-42-201.nwrknj.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sarixe [n=sarixe@pool-68-239-251-72.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
SJrXspeedo_ yes there is, try bluefish12:10
slavikspeedo_: check out winefish if you want to write html/php/other code12:10
JowiGuyFromHell, unfortunatley I don't use gnome...12:10
slavikor bluefish, I forget the name12:10
slavikone of them is a web page editor, the other is for latex12:10
GuyFromHellJowi, okay, i'll do a bit of research then and be back12:10
=== deltaphc [n=Delta@66-215-39-203.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== fedoremilianenko [n=matheus@] has left #ubuntu []
=== sarixe [n=sarixe@pool-68-239-251-72.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
speedo_SJrX: I just downloaded bluefish and it doesn't do what I want to do12:10
cipyI want to install the compiz eye candy stuff, what do you recommend Xgl or AIXGL ?12:10
speedo_haven't tried winefish12:11
=== evilgimp__ [n=evilgimp@bas1-stcatharines10-1167949447.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== incandenzian [n=incanden@cpe-65-29-64-239.indy.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SJrXwell what do you want it to do?12:11
=== IndyGunFreak [n=IndyGunF@user-0cdv00n.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
erUSULcipy: aiglx if your card support it (anything but ati-fglrx)12:11
speedo_I want to creat simple web pages fast ........ frontpage made that possible ...... I want simple but fast application in linux12:11
=== VisualStation_ [n=visualst@28.155-66-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== incandenzian [n=incanden@cpe-65-29-64-239.indy.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== swejax [n=swejax@c-b82272d5.029-123-73746f38.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu []
=== Cain_UnAbel [n=angel@71-221-173-245.bois.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ind[y] erUSUL: thanks, worked12:12
Cain_UnAbelwhat codec does totem need to play .mov files?12:12
Ind[y] slavik: thank you for the info12:12
erUSULInd[y] : no problem12:12
=== Ind[y] [n=indy@athedsl-129535.home.otenet.gr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== abd [n=abd@dns1.kielletty.net] has joined #ubuntu
SJrXspeedo_ openoffice?12:12
=== pietro10 [n=pietro@ool-18b97500.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
schreckI just got Ubuntu installed using the text-based installer, but nothing shows up on the screen...any ideas?12:12
SJrXlets you save in HTML12:12
juan278speedo_: how simple? would a word processor be good enough?12:13
SJrXspeedo_ I think you might have more luck asking in #html or #php or something12:13
Cain_UnAbeli've installed all the codecs from the wiki help file12:13
=== madsporkmurderer [n=mike@host86-153-8-37.range86-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pietro10 [n=pietro@ool-18b97500.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
Cain_UnAbelbut totem still cant plaly alot of media formats12:13
speedo_SJrX: download nvu12:13
madsporkmurdererin trying to repair a windows box with a live disk, i have tried to copy a file to a hard drive. I keep getting the error that it is a read only file system even though mount -l lists it as rw12:13
speedo_thanks for your input guys12:13
SJrXwhy nvu?12:13
SJrXI don't like those things12:13
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
SJrXI have dreamweaver at work12:13
SJrXI prefer editing the HTML manually12:13
SJrXand having someone else make it look good :P12:14
pruebaque lo tiro12:14
demiancan anyone help me with my cdrom player.. plz12:14
speedo_SJrX: I gotta try it out12:14
schreckpersonally, I use eclipse's PDT for PHP apps...works well enough12:14
pruebayo no puedo12:14
erUSUL!es | prueba12:14
ubotuprueba: Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.12:14
demianI've always got the weirdest problems12:14
juan278speedo_: for something a bit harder i used screem but didnt really do much and there was another 1 i cant rember that i quite liked12:14
=== g4lv4tr0n [n=user@] has joined #ubuntu
=== vasudeva [n=vasudeva@cpe-69-202-124-18.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aabrahao [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== pepe__ [n=pepe@p54AABE41.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
aabrahaohi,  I Just need to load ther interfaces values, any one?12:15
linxehI use aptana in eclipse for html / javascript12:15
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== SEOmoz [n=SEOmoz@unaffiliated/seomoz] has joined #ubuntu
=== mnk0 [n=mnk0@node-12823.pppoe.execulink.com] has joined #ubuntu
mnk0hey sup12:15
=== ShackJack [n=ShackJac@c-65-96-48-74.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== changeme [n=changeme@S0106000f1fa35842.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
mnk0anyone using eclipse+tomcat in fiesty ??12:15
=== flav_u [n=flav@119-172.1-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #ubuntu
=== jamman [n=jessie@235.249.sfcn.org] has joined #ubuntu
madsporkmurdererin trying to repair a windows box with a live disk, i have tried to copy a file to a hard drive. I keep getting the error that it is a read only file system even though mount -l lists it as rw. How is this happening and how can I sort it12:16
schreckis there a "safe mode" that I can use to diagnose ubuntu startup probs?12:16
ShackJackQuick question Ubuntities - where can I adjust the number of virtual desktops? I want to turn them off and just have one. I can't find them for the life of me in the Prefs (not using Compiz/Beryl)12:16
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@] has joined #ubuntu
mnk0ShackJack: single user mode12:16
mnk0add -s to the boot up sscript12:16
vasudevacan i get anyone to paste their /etc/fstab into pastebin.com for me?12:16
changemeeverytime I reboot I need to reinstall the nvidia driver for X to work.  What keeps blowing away my drivers?12:17
Flannelschreck: Under "sessions" at GDM, safe gnome.  or, failsafe gnome, or whatever the actual wording is.12:17
ShackJackmnk0: You mean to the session script? How many desktop does vanilla ubuntu have to begin with?12:17
mnk0ShackJack:  no the grub boot up script12:17
schreckFlannel: how can I get to that?12:17
=== ElemonGW [n=ElemonGW@athedsl-11542.home.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
=== yeager_ [n=yeager@c-212-031-189-224.cust.broadway.se] has joined #ubuntu
jammanschreck, when you are booting up, there will be something that says "press esc to acess the grub menu" or something like that. then select the repair one. (thats not exact)12:17
mnk0ShackJack: push E12:17
erUSULchalcedony: how do you (re)install them?12:17
mnk0to edit12:17
mnk0and then add -s12:17
=== maeth [n=maeth@pc-4-15-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== binskipy2u [n=binskipy@user-0c6t86s.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== three_ [n=three@74-132-5-164.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
binskipy2uanyone here using MINT linux?12:18
schreckI didnt see that option,...went straight to loading ubuntu12:18
=== three_ [n=three@74-132-5-164.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Jowispeedo_, the mozilla seamonkey suit has got a html editor. nvu is also wysiwyg but a bit more complex.12:18
Flannelschreck: At GDM (the login screen), hit "sessions" and choose failsafe/safe/whatever12:18
=== sc0tty [n=yann@] has joined #ubuntu
jammanschreck, you must be fast.12:18
=== lofty40 [n=Mario@dD5774BDD.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
jammanschreck, right after post.12:18
=== HellDragon [n=JD@unaffiliated/helldragon] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneljamman: that's not what he wants.  He wants no startup scripts, not single user mode.12:18
Cain_UnAbelwhat codec do i need to get totem to play .mov formats?12:18
speedo_Jowi: I was just looking at that12:18
speedo_thanks though12:18
Jowispeedo_, http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/12:18
ShackJackmnk0: Gotcha - I guess I can go right into menu.1st and tack it on to the end of /boot/initrd... etc...12:18
=== killown [i=killown@unaffiliated/killown] has joined #ubuntu
binskipy2uanyone here go from ubuntu 7.04 to MINT linux?(buntu based)12:19
mnk0ShackJack: yeha thats right12:19
erUSUL!mp3 | Cain_UnAbel12:19
binskipy2uif so whatcha think?12:19
ubotuCain_UnAbel: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:19
mnk0anyone familiar with tomcat/ecliipse ?!?12:19
=== buddy [i=buddy@201-26-4-72.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
graigsmithi have a problem with f-spot, anyone an fspot expert?12:19
jammanFlannel, sorry. i must have read it much different than you did.12:19
aabrahaohi,  I Just need to load ther interfaces values, any one?12:19
Cain_UnAbeli've already installed all the codecs from the help file erUSUL12:19
vasudevais it possible to get ubuntu to regenerate /etc/fstab??12:19
=== ircblood [n=blood@d206-75-77-156.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxnub [n=ubuntunu@c-76-111-22-174.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jammanCain_UnAbel, try automatix, http://getautomatix.com12:20
pepe__mnk0: what do u wanna know ?12:20
=== ircblood [n=blood@d206-75-77-156.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
qnycaabrahao, what do you mean?12:20
INIT_6_any ideas on this? When copying files from a samba share on my friends suse linux box to my ubuntu box. the speed goes from 18mb/s for about 1min the stalls for about a min. Is this just becuase my ram/swap is getting full and it has to write that to the drive so it stops?12:20
mnk0pepe__: having problems with the installation12:20
IndyGunFreakCain_UnAbel: what are you trying to play?12:20
buddywhat is better: sempron 1.8 or celeron M 1.73 with 1mb cache L2?12:20
Cain_UnAbel.mov and .divx in totem12:20
Flannel!automatix | Cain_UnAbel, jamman12:20
IndyGunFreak!automatix | jamman Cain_UnAbel12:20
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pelo [n=jean@mtl-pppoe-adsl562.securenet.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuCain_UnAbel, jamman: Automatix2 is a script that tries to install some software, and often fails and breaks systems. We don't provide support for it, and we strongly discourage its use. Problems caused by Automatix are often hard to track and solve, and it might sometimes be easier to !install a fresh copy of Ubuntu. See also !WorksForMe12:20
=== chrismurf [n=chrismur@c-24-128-50-210.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
pepe__ok, what's the problem ?12:20
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ubotujamman Cain_UnAbel: Automatix2 is a script that tries to install some software, and often fails and breaks systems. We don't provide support for it, and we strongly discourage its use. Problems caused by Automatix are often hard to track and solve, and it might sometimes be easier to !install a fresh copy of Ubuntu. See also !WorksForMe12:20
mnk0pepe__: i get a blank page when i goto http://localhost:8180/12:20
=== SpudDogg [n=spuddogg@c-76-109-159-194.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NET||abuse [n=lab@87-198-142-78.ptr.magnet.ie] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakFlannel: pinch poke, you owe me a coke12:20
mnk0pepe__: also , in eclipse when i try to run as server, i can't selec the home directory12:20
aabrahaoI changed the interfaces value for an ip, and I restart the networking and dont the thes new value12:21
=== chrismurf [n=chrismur@c-24-128-50-210.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== hacked_kernel [n=ifarouk@] has joined #ubuntu
qnycaabrahao, ifconfig12:21
ShackJackIndyGunFreak: Automatix site says their thing doesn't break ubuntu as it doesn't use force :)12:21
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@] has joined #ubuntu
gabriel_hola alguien habla espaol12:21
IndyGunFreakShackJack: Microsofts site say their software is fast and bug free12:21
pepe__sorry no idea12:21
ubotuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI12:21
graigsmithas if installing things wasn't easy enuf, i never saw the use for automatix.12:21
=== bruenig|laptop [n=bruenig@cpe-76-186-116-238.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
erUSUL!es | gabriel_12:21
raf256!es | gabriel_12:21
ubotugabriel_: Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.12:21
jammanhey, how good would a two year old dual xeon server be?12:21
=== raf256 high fives erUSUL
=== yrth [n=wesolek@] has joined #ubuntu
aabrahaoBut I change the interfaces, do I need to use ifconfig?12:21
Music_Shufflejamman, for?12:21
ShackJackIndyGunFreak: Oh, but it is ;)12:21
gabriel_gracias es que soy un nuevo XD12:21
meccamnk0: try 808012:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dll - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:21
IndyGunFreakShackJack: my point exactly.12:21
mnk0mecca: the post in server.xml is 818012:22
erUSULraf256: XD o/12:22
IndyGunFreakShackJack: my disdain for automtix isn't as passionate as many, but there's been enough problems, i pay attention.12:22
qnycaabrahao, to reload you can do ifdown ethX && ifup ethX12:22
citronbleu-vgabriel_ es spanish12:22
IndyGunFreakmost of them seem to come when people try to upgrade.12:22
jammanMusic_Shuffle, web, possibly windows file server. most likely web server using debian with zencart as the webpage (it's a free shopping cart software)12:22
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== binskipy2u [n=binskipy@user-0c6t86s.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Music_Shufflejamman, sounds like a plan to me :D12:22
=== DjQczonE [n=abc@c207.134.206-143.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
jammanMusic_Shuffle, got it at a yard sale for 35$!12:23
linuxnubhow do you make a seperate channel to query ubotu on so you dont flood this one12:23
IndyGunFreaknice deal12:23
mnk0also when i netstat -npl12:23
citronbleu-vi am french and i am happy12:23
mnk0tcp6       0      0 :::8180                 :::*                    LISTEN     18745/jsvc.exec12:23
jammanMusic_Shuffle, SCSI, tho. how easy is it to set up? anybody know?12:23
erUSULlinuxnub: /msg ubotu factoid12:23
mnk0would suggest that server is listening on 818012:23
IndyGunFreaklinux_probe: just find Ubotu in the user menu, and righ tclick, then send him a private message12:23
Paranoiaki am french too and i am also happy :D12:23
Music_Shufflejamman, nothing that a little Google + #ubuntu can't outwit.  ;)12:23
=== vasudeva [n=vasudeva@cpe-69-202-124-18.twcny.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== Gurgeh [n=antonio@] has joined #ubuntu
Pelolinuxnub,  /msg ubotu !whatever12:23
jammanMusic_Shuffle, amen brother.12:23
=== asdf_ [n=asdf@74-133-197-227.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== DjQczonE [n=abc@c207.134.206-143.clta.globetrotter.net] has left #ubuntu []
FredneckI'm reinstalling kubuntu - i'd like to have a separate /home partition but I don't know how to do that12:24
asdf_Can anyone point me to a guide on how to get setup with gmail FS?12:24
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== jaro [n=jaro@A310.ps.wh.tu-darmstadt.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== prueba [n=prueba@host123.190-30-2.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== inazad [n=inazad@c66.110.145-140.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakasdf_: gmail fs?12:24
=== DjQczonE [n=abc@c207.134.206-143.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloasdf_,  FS ?12:24
jammanMusic_Shuffle, it was an awesome deal. about 250 gigs worth of 10000 rpm scsi drives, and a water cooled computer, LOADS of other computer stuff. the guy has a server buisness and this was too old.12:24
Cain_UnAbelhow do i set xchat to use firefox or opera for open in browser?12:24
jammanMusic_Shuffle, all for 50 $.12:24
DjQczonEhello, I want to know if I can run and install xubuntu on my old PII 233mhz, 128mb ram ?? Thank you :)12:24
kitcheIndyGunFreak Pelo filesystem most likely12:24
=== strtochar[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-201-187.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShackJackDjQczonE: yep :)12:25
mnk0jamman: omg thats sick12:25
asdf_IndyGunFreak, Pelo: GmailFS is a mountable file system for Gmail12:25
strtochar[] Is there a command line version of Limewire or something similar?12:25
=== yourenemy [n=rplong@ip70-180-99-19.no.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Music_Shufflejamman, nice going :D  Now gogo Ubuntu it!12:25
yrthhello everybody :) does anybody know how to change permission to the entire partition?12:25
jammanmnk0, heck yeah. my deal of the day.12:25
PeloCain_UnAbel, menu > system > prefs > default aps or something12:25
ShackJackDjQczonE: you should try to find another ram stick for it ideally...12:25
Gurgehhello... i just installed this program looking for something else... but.. since i'm here, does anybody knows where i can get de wxPython modules?12:25
jribyrth: what filesystem?12:25
Cain_UnAbelthanks Pelo12:25
jammanMusic_Shuffle, probly debian, stable, safe, familiar, its all good.12:25
=== mino [n=mino@host-84-221-117-114.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== chiri [n=chiri@] has joined #ubuntu
DjQczonEShackJack: Ok and what they do mean by the "Alternate Install CD" ??? (I'm just a little bit confused between the LiveCD and the install CD)12:26
=== Shadowpillar [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
yrthjrib :) oh hello again :) it's ext312:26
=== iMayKnow [n=maino82@c-24-4-69-190.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NickPresta [n=nickpres@CPE000625f47ed2-CM0011e6c456e3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bunyek [n=bunyek@catv-59854e1d.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrewkk [n=ak@c-24-16-196-24.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jammanMusic_Shuffle, my father wants to use MS server 2003 tho... :(12:26
DjQczonEShackJack: Yeah I know, but will it run fine with 132, or it could be slow...12:26
ShackJackDjQczonE: It's a CD that's not a "Live" CD - Live CD runs the OS when you boot from it and you can install from there...12:26
Music_Shufflejamman, ouch.  Talk him into sense.  :)12:26
ShackJackDjQczonE: alternate CD is text-mode installer...12:26
jribyrth: you can pass the -R switch to chown or chmod for it to apply recursively, make sure you only do this on the mounted partition and not for system files12:26
Cain_UnAbelhas anyone had a problem with frostwire connecting to the network12:26
DjQczonEShackJack: Ok thank you :)12:27
chirialguien me puede ayudar12:27
jammanMusic_Shuffle, he just bought this thing called ms action pack with 10 copies of vista buisness, mysql server, ms server 2003, etc. for 300 bucks.12:27
buddy what is better: sempron 1.8 or celeron M 1.73 with 1mb cache L2? for a notebook.. to run ubuntu?12:27
Music_Shuffleoh ok12:27
buddysomeone know?12:27
Pelojamman,  if you give us your father's adress we can send someone over to "explain" things to him,  I think Guido is available12:27
schreckwhat would cause a new install not to boot to the gui?12:27
IndyGunFreakbuddy: either one will run Ubuntu fine.12:27
jammanMusic_Shuffle, good deal, but i want him to use debian for the web.12:27
IndyGunFreakyou'll notice little difference12:27
Cain_UnAbeli tried dapper on a sempron buddy12:28
=== Zamolf [n=dani@host126-195-dynamic.11-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
jammanPelo, Guido?12:28
ShackJackbuddy: They'll both do just fine, really...12:28
=== madsporkmurderer [n=mike@host86-153-8-37.range86-153.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== EliasAmaral [n=dark@unaffiliated/EliasAmaral] has joined #ubuntu
Cain_UnAbelkind of slow imo12:28
qnyc!es | chiri12:28
ubotuchiri: Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.12:28
yrthjrib, it's a separate partition that I've got for arch docs... and can't write anything unless I sudo it12:28
=== Fido [n=fido@82-34-75-237.cable.ubr03.gill.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
andrewkkcan i allow normal users to mount a starcraft iso without needing sudo privilages?12:28
JowiDjQczonE, you need 192MB for the desktop-cd. use the alternate one (text based install that requres less ram).12:28
Pelobuddy,  intel is very reilable for ubuntu12:28
=== binary_mutt [n=kjm@cpe-24-174-97-21.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Pelojamman,  , generic italian mafia enforcer12:28
=== stronnger [n=manuel@56.pool85-60-111.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakCain_UnAbel: how much memory did you have?12:28
=== dft [n=danny@cpc3-leed13-0-0-cust418.leed.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== stronnger [n=manuel@56.pool85-60-111.dynamic.orange.es] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
jribyrth: do you want to just make your user the owner?12:28
jammanPelo, i see... lol.12:28
=== Dromar [n=david@pur31-1-82-224-15-167.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShackJackJowi: late on the reply he left & I already replied :)12:28
=== NET||abuse [n=lab@87-198-142-78.ptr.magnet.ie] has joined #ubuntu
yrthnah, everybody, jrib12:28
=== not_a_k [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Cain_UnAbel1.8 ghz l2 cache12:29
=== w00t [n=w00t@c-24-30-7-88.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JowiShackJack, yeah, i noticed :)12:29
jammanWell, i may get a job with the guy that i bought it from and he uses MS server, so i guess i could use the experiance.12:29
=== chiri [n=chiri@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
jetscreamerusing the loop module seems to really want root12:29
buddyto run xgl, compiz, etc, what is better: ati radeon 1100 or intel 950?12:29
buddyI wanna buy a lappy.. hehe12:29
=== nevrosis [n=nevrosis@81-208-83-248.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_Does anyone know how to mount Gmail using GmailFS?12:29
Pelobuddy,  ati is tricky with linux , you better ask the advice ofthe ppl in #beryl and #ubuntu-effects12:30
Cain_UnAbeli downloaded mplayer-skins12:30
DromarHello, I have two screens and would like to have a DualDesktop... and it works, but not with XGL, I think there's something i need to add to the script xgl, can anyone help me? (and sorry for my bad english xD)12:30
Music_Shufflebuddy, iirc, the intel graphics chipsets do better with Beryl.  But...I bet someone knows more than me in the Beryl channel.12:30
Cain_UnAbelbut i only have three choices12:30
Frednecki am installing kubuntu, and think I should make a home partition, can someone help me do that?12:30
Cain_UnAbeland they're all the same12:30
=== safwan [n=safwan@77-100-190-153.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Cain_UnAbelhow do i get more skins for mplayer12:30
Jowibuddy, I use the intel chipset and it works great. but my GMA950 (945GM chip) has shared ram which isn't ideal.12:30
Peloasdf_,  I'm sure gmail as some forum or channel or other resources to help you with this12:30
safwanhi everyone12:30
nevrosishello somebody can help me?12:30
schreckwhat would cause a new install not to boot to the gui? Anyone12:30
Music_Shuffle!ask | nevrosis12:30
=== cgannon [n=cgannon@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotunevrosis: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)12:30
kitcheschreck: X might be configured wrong12:30
Music_ShuffleHah!  /win.12:30
nevrosisit's my first day with ubuntu!!12:30
Jowibuddy, but beryl runs and runs well.12:30
=== vbabiy [n=ibabiy@cpe-72-230-0-186.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
buddyhmm I see12:31
IndyGunFreaknevrosis: so that makes you unable to ask a question?12:31
buddyrlz!! hehe12:31
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines12:31
jribyrth: well you can do: sudo chmod -R a=rwX /media/the_path_to_your_mounted_partition12:31
Pelonevrosis,  run , it's a trap meant to lure you away from windows12:31
=== kafran [n=kafran@] has joined #ubuntu
buddyI guess I will get the intel.. it has 1mb cache l2..12:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about archive - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:31
=== [DnH] `Lapinou`sn is now known as d3sty
=== graigsmith [n=graig@adsl-76-213-168-242.dsl.stlsmo.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu []
yrththanks jrib12:31
asdf_Pelo:  I can't find anything else...12:31
Pelonevrosis,  what can we help you with ?12:31
jrib!permissions > yrth (see the private message from ubotu)12:31
Peloasdf_,  try the forum12:31
nevrosisi can't install flash player what i do12:31
schreckkitche: where is the X conf? /etc/X11/xorg.conf?12:31
hacked_kernelFredneck: if you have much empty space then you can make /home as big as you want, if not then its fine to have / only "the root partition"12:31
Jowinevrosis, welcome. if you have a problem be as specific as you can. if you just want to chat join #ubuntu-offtopic12:31
Cain_UnAbelhow do i get new skins for mplayer?12:31
kitcheschreck: yes12:32
safwanwhat is an equivalent to the executable file in windows to ubuntu12:32
schreckor is that even the file I would need?12:32
Pelonevrosis,  what architecture of  ubuntu did you install ?12:32
buddywell.. thanks a lot.. God bless all..12:32
jribsafwan: "the executable file"?  What do you mean that?12:32
=== Andre_Gondim [n=Andre@200-180-172-144.paemt705.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
nevrosisandre sei italiano?12:32
=== Milux [n=Morgan@host-84-221-117-114.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== sx66 [n=sx66@66-215-33-8.dhcp.arhd.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
PeloCain_UnAbel, mplayer website12:33
Fredneckhacked kernel: yeah, i've got plenty of empty space, I just don't really understand how to use the installer12:33
nevrosishelp me please!!12:33
safwanjrib I mean when you develop a program using C# or c++ you must have a file execuatble in order for the machine to run12:33
Pelonevrosis,  what architecture of  ubuntu did you install ?12:33
=== Gurgeh [n=antonio@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sx66 [n=sx66@66-215-33-8.dhcp.arhd.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreaknevrosis: you don't listen well do you?12:33
nevrosis7.04(thank u!)12:33
yrththanks jrib :) it worked :)12:33
inazadsomeone can help me with the HTML ?12:33
Jowinevrosis, start the synaptic package manager and search for the Name "flash". you will find several packages. one of them is flashplayer-mozilla.12:34
vbabiywher can i find a archive of this room12:34
Pelonevrosis,   x86, amd ' ppc, ???12:34
=== ubuntulog [i=ubuntulo@trider-g7.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu
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(jaro/#ubuntu) thanks fuzzy_logic ill try that02:32
(jscinoz/#ubuntu) In a shell script how can i tell it to perform a certain act if one part returns and error?02:32
=== skunkworks [n=skunkwor@str-bb-cable-south-1-23.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #ubuntu
(DaveG|/#ubuntu) Talaman72, where's that?02:32
(zachwlewis/#ubuntu) Thank you very much. You were very helpful.02:32
(fuzzy_logic/#ubuntu) Talaman72: you can't set much up here..02:32
(DaveG|/#ubuntu) Talaman72, oh.. yeah i did ;P02:32
(Talaman72/#ubuntu) system, preferences02:32
=== nexous [n=chatzill@clsm-208-111-243-30-pppoe.dsl.clsm.epix.net] has joined #ubuntu
fuzzy_logicjaro: np02:33
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-132-206.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
nexousHow can I resize sda1 partition to 15gb rather than 30?02:34
=== zkeeton [n=zkeeton@107-64-237-24.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu
fuzzy_logicnexous: use gparted02:34
nexousfuzzy_logic: alright thanks.02:34
Pelonexous,  boot up the live cd,    menu > system > admin > gnome partition editor02:34
nexousWow, everyone is so pissy at fedora.02:34
jribjscinoz: command1 || command202:34
=== Pelo is getting old and slow
nexousfuzzy_logic: is that a gui or text-based?02:35
fuzzy_logicnexous: gui02:35
Pelonexous, ubuntu is the nice distro02:35
jarohmm how can i find out which keyboard i actually have in my laptop ??02:35
=== cipy [n=cristina@pool-72-68-42-201.nwrknj.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jribjscinoz: google for "advanced bash scripting guide"02:35
arooniPelo: when i checked the CD on the comp that i burned the CD on ... it said it had no probs02:35
nexousPelo: I've noticed, I'm trying to dualboot fedora on an already installed ubuntu system, and their partitioner wouldn't allow me to edit the ubuntu partitions.02:35
jscinozalright, also whats the significance of the double | instead of one?02:35
arooniPelo: do you think it could be the drive?02:35
linuxnubnexous ubuntu is the place for nubs to linux heheh02:35
cipyhow can I find out what packages are installed on the box ?02:36
Peloarooni,  I don'T think you can edit a live drive02:36
linuxnubfedora is for advanced users really02:36
cipypossibly graphically02:36
jribjscinoz: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ops.html#ANDOR02:36
Peloarooni,  check the cd in another comp , it is possible,  but also check the forum,  this is a knowns error ,  I just don't remember what it is for02:36
linuxnubhowever fedora is much better once you learn linux02:36
arooniPelo: where is forum02:37
zkeetonHello:  I am having a heck of a time setting up printing.  I have followed various guides, as well as the Wiki. and for some reason I can not get my other Ubuntu computer to print.  I have just removed cups, and am re-installing it, and wondering if anyone can offer some advice?02:37
Peloarooni,   www.ubuntuforums.com02:37
=== AusME [n=emu@adsl-71-156-93-250.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Steck [n=Steck@] has joined #ubuntu
=== orestesm [n=ubuntu@adsl-153-209-28.mia.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
fuzzy_logiccipy: i'm not sure how it is graphically possible, but text-based you can do it with sudo apt-show-versions02:37
Pelozkeeton, what kind of printer ?02:37
=== grimeboy [n=grimboy@85-210-239-2.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TMM [n=hp@ip565b35da.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #ubuntu
zkeetonIt is an HP psc 241002:38
Pelozkeeton, usb ? or parallel ?02:38
jarohmm how can i find out which keyboard i actually have in my laptop ??02:38
SteckAny telling when update-manager will allow updating to Gutsy Gibbon alpha ?02:38
jaro@ fuzzy_logic02:38
jmgSteck: when it is released02:38
jmgand it wont allow update to gutsy alpha02:38
Pelozkeeton, there are some hp printing packages in synaptic,  see if they can help02:38
jmgonly to final02:38
cipyfuzzy-logic: I don't have apt-show-versions installed02:38
fuzzy_logiczkeeton: type in your browser: http://localhost:631, have you tried that??02:39
kmlfuzzy_logic, :( not working, i think there is no solution to this tell now02:39
=== Eudy [n=eudy@] has joined #ubuntu
Steckjmg: I'm using the -d flag, should work no?02:39
PeloSteck,  tray askiing in #ubuntu+102:39
Steckty :)02:39
fuzzy_logicjaro: mostly it just has the same name as your laptop02:39
=== Paddy_EIRE [n=Paddy_EI@] has joined #ubuntu
=== andres_j [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jarono asus02:39
jaroin the list02:39
arooniwhats the best program to burn a cd02:39
aroonii want to burn a cd slower.. i have an iso file02:40
arooniwhich is the feisty fawn version02:40
fuzzy_logickml: what do you want to do with your webcam?02:40
=== h1st0 [n=h1st0@adsl-75-33-60-53.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
zkeetonhaven't tried that yet either, let me re-install cups, and add the printer to the local computer.  It is strange, because according to the documentation, I should be able to enable sharing and my other Ubuntu computer should find it automatically, but it's not.  Then tried it manually, and still no printy02:40
Peloarooni,  gnomebaker or k3b02:40
iMayKnowarooni, i like gnome-baker, but that's just personal preference02:40
=== getanapple [n=mike@] has joined #ubuntu
=== devinci [n=devinci@208.150-ppp.3menatwork.com] has joined #ubuntu
Peloarooni, gnomebaker for gnome,  k3b for kde02:40
Paddy_EIREI have been looking for ubuntu professional certification but cannot find anyone providing this locally, is it possible to get this course for home study?02:40
fuzzy_logiccipy: just a sec plz02:41
aroonishould i just reburn the cd?02:41
PeloPaddy_EIRE,  try the site there is some info on there02:41
=== Borat_Sagdiyev [n=Borat@89-109-16-13.dynamic.mts-nn.ru] has joined #ubuntu
=== linxeh [n=linx@88-96-202-38.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
kmlfuzzy_logic, :S i want to make it working on ubuntu,02:41
=== dmb062082 [n=dmb06208@cpe-24-59-44-3.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
zkeeton  Alright, it's downloading and installing cups now *hates waiting, LOL*02:41
Paddy_EIREPelo, I have although as I said there is no one doing this locally02:41
devinciBonsoir, le program files de Windows quivaut  quoi sous Linux. Exemple, j'ai tlcharger un torrent et il me demande avec quoi l'ouvrir alors je cherche le logiciel d'azureus.02:42
IndyGunFreakarooni: what kind of problem are you having?02:42
devincioups pardon02:42
=== SADV [n=David@cpe-72-185-34-225.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
arooniIndyGunFreak: so i tried to install linux and the cd is giving me : [912.540000]  SQUASHFS error:  Unable to read page, block 2648bc5c, size 84ad.... then it says 'Segmentation Fault', 'Segmentation Fault'02:42
PeloPaddy_EIRE, I mean check on the site for alternate methods of getting certified02:42
devincije me suis tromper de canal02:42
Pelodevinci,   #ubuntu-fr02:42
IndyGunFreakyes, burn it again02:42
darwin81arooni, Brasero is also good. If you're on Gnome try Gnomebaker and Brasero.02:42
IndyGunFreakand burn it slower.02:42
fuzzy_logickml: yes but how do you want to approach it? with a messenger or what?02:42
arooniIndyGunFreak: how mslow02:42
IndyGunFreakarooni: what kind of media?02:42
IndyGunFreakarooni: i usually burn at 2-4x02:42
Peloarooni,  1x02:42
AusMEI am creating a system where the only thing available will be a joystick. Can anyone point me to a filemanager that will use a joystick driver? or some interface driver that will allow a user to move the joystick as a mouse?02:43
arooniomg wow02:43
=== Born_In_Xixax [n=dstaudt@adsl-70-241-244-176.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== edoggy^ [n=e@S0106000f1fa35842.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
aroonii burned at 48X02:43
=== Kevin__ [n=jitaekim@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Borat_Sagdiyev [n=Borat@] has joined #ubuntu
=== patetico [n=paranoia@] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: well, that might be part of the problem02:43
fuzzy_logiccipy: i don't know how you can do that.. maybe someone else does?02:43
IndyGunFreakits not a race, slower is better.02:43
Paddy_EIREPelo, no, there is a lack of information on the site02:43
=== codemonky [n=Code@12-210-30-179.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Peloarooni, 48 x in not necessaraly bad,  it just doesN't seem to work for you that's all02:43
PeloPaddy_EIRE,  google then02:43
arooniIndyGunFreak: but when i checked the CD integrity in another comp, it said no probls02:43
Kevin__ 02:44
=== aDDONiC [i=aDDONiC@c-efcbe455.106-84-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: trust me, burn slower02:44
=== ericx_2 [n=jxtadev@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Alan [n=ab544@unaffiliated/alan] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ch - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ci - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:44
Alanhas anybody here managed to get azureus working with SOCKS proxy?  For some reason it works fine in Gentoo, but with the exact same version and configuration it doesn't work in Ubuntu ....02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chineese - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:44
aroonioh noes (tyring to launch gnomebaker): process:14818): GStreamer-WARNING **: Twhhe GStreamer function gst_init_get_option_group() was called, but the GLib threading system has not been initialised02:45
=== Pelo gives ubotu a dirty look
arooniyet, something that must happen before any other GLib  is called. The application needs to be fixed so that it if (!g_thread_supported ())  as very first thing in its main() function. Please file a against this application.02:45
IndyGunFreakPelo: lol02:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chinese - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:45
arooniIndyGunFreak: you dont think its a drive problem?02:45
IndyGunFreakarooni: no.02:45
fuzzy_logic!ubuntu-ch | IndyGunFreak02:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-ch - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:45
=== ChiCaBo0m [n=pirch@204.sub-70-203-52.myvzw.com] has joined #ubuntu
fuzzy_logicdamn :P lol02:45
IndyGunFreakfuzzy_logic: lol02:45
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese  #ubuntu-cn  #ubuntu-tw   #ubuntu-hk02:45
zkeetonHrmm...this is strange:  I installed cups with sudo apt-get install cupsys* and now when I try to add the printer it's telling me that it can not connect to the cups server.  Tried a restart of cups and still no workie02:45
arooniIndyGunFreak: any idea on how to get gnomebaker working on feisty?02:45
=== bones7456 [n=lily@] has joined #ubuntu
=== darkrift [n=darkrift@ip68-104-167-130.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== blind [n=blind@c-67-189-249-48.hsd1.ct.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: it should work fine.02:46
=== gnubie [n=gnubie@user-12lmi47.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== raymondjtoth [n=piperpip@c-24-1-138-249.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kz - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:46
IndyGunFreakwhat kind of problem are you having with it?02:46
=== idaho45 [n=idaho@] has joined #ubuntu
aroonii ah02:46
darkriftanyone here able to help me resize a windows partition to make more room for unbuntu?02:46
arooniit was giving me an error when it launched02:46
raymondjtothwere cna i finde what run on wine the game at least02:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lt - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:46
raymondjtothcant finde on site02:46
arooniin stderr i guess02:46
jribstop spamming the bot02:46
aroonilooks like it still launched02:46
=== ChiCaBo0m [n=pirch@204.sub-70-203-52.myvzw.com] has left #ubuntu []
blindWhy is gedit telling me that /home/blind/.q3a/q3config.cfg is on a read only disk? O_o02:46
ubotu   #ubuntu-ru       /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke02:46
yipeis there an ubotu hint for getting gamepads and joysticks to work? Or can anyone at least point me in the right direction?02:46
ubotuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam - and most importantly, use common sense :-)02:46
Peloraymondjtoth,  www.winehq.org has an application db02:46
fuzzy_logiczkeeton: are you working with localhost:631??02:46
=== jmg [n=cartel@shinobi.thoughtcrime.org.nz] has left #ubuntu []
arooniok so what speed to burn at this time round?02:46
IndyGunFreakarooni: 2-4.., whatever is slowest02:47
ubotuThe people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:47
raymondjtothpelo ok on site were do you finde it on site02:47
IndyGunFreaksomeof them don't go slower than 402:47
raymondjtoththat i dont see02:47
=== imbecile [n=imbecile@adsl-75-16-72-159.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:47
=== andres_j [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Peloraymondjtoth,  look for application database or ask in #winehq02:47
IndyGunFreak!botabuse | ablabla02:47
ubotuablabla: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot). Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...02:47
zkeetonI am just trying to add the printer to the local computer, so that  I can I can try and get the network printing set up02:47
=== fuzzy_logic is brb\
=== andres_j [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pelo gags ubotu
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=== lange [n=lange@] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakmobutu: don't use automatix.02:48
IndyGunFreak!automatix | mobutu02:48
ubotumobutu: Automatix2 is a script that tries to install some software, and often fails and breaks systems. We don't provide support for it, and we strongly discourage its use. Problems caused by Automatix are often hard to track and solve, and it might sometimes be easier to !install a fresh copy of Ubuntu. See also !WorksForMe02:48
Pelomobutu, you don'T need automatix,  most of the stuff on there can be easily installed with synaptic02:48
arooniIndyGunFreak: did i get the right install: ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386 (i have an amd sempron 2400+ .. it just a reg 32 bit platform i think)02:48
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.02:49
=== blanky [n=Blank@pool-71-104-179-205.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: looks fine02:49
=== netsrot [n=netsrot@] has joined #ubuntu
mobutuyou are all bots02:49
PeloBorat_Sagdiyev, can we help you with something ?02:49
kmlfuzzy_logic, with amsn, and i want to access it, in cpp to test some image processing algorithms02:49
arooniIndyGunFreak: ok so i'm trying 4x, even though i have 1x and 2x... i'm really impatient, i want ubuntu! ;p02:49
=== Danux [n=danux@82-47-67-38.cable.ubr02.telf.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: what OS are you using Gnomebaker?02:49
arooni1X = an hour i think?02:49
IndyGunFreakarooni: well, patience is a virtue, use somethign slower.02:49
arooniIndyGunFreak: ubuntu 7.0402:49
Peloarooni,  patience young padawan02:50
=== LyleM [n=LyleM@adsl-69-152-175-232.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
aroonihow long does 1X take02:50
IndyGunFreakarooni: if you're using ubuntu 7.04, why are you burning anotyher one?02:50
aroonifor 700 mb02:50
Peloarooni,  as long as it needs02:50
=== andresjrm [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sacamano [n=jay@cpe-74-69-67-143.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: probably 4-6min.02:50
sacamanohey, how do i add a program to the startup list?02:50
arooniIndyGunFreak: cuz i need to install on desktop02:50
sbalneavarooni: 74 minutes02:50
jrib!startup > sacamano (see the private message from ubotu)02:50
aroonii have it on my laptop02:50
aroonisbalneav: no way?02:50
IndyGunFreakarooni: i guess i'mconfused.02:50
sbalneavAt 1x. yes02:50
sbalneava full cd is 74 minutes long02:51
IndyGunFreakso youhave 2 speeds, 1 has ubuntu installed, and gnomebaker?02:51
sacamanothank you!02:51
arooniIndyGunFreak: i have a laptop02:51
IndyGunFreaki mean 2 pcs02:51
aroonithats what i'm talking to you on02:51
aroonithen i have a desktop02:51
zkeetonFuzz Logic...any ideas why it won't connect to the cups server to add the printer locally02:51
madman91 I have a computer running azureus, it is seeding approximately 92 torrents. The folder that holds all the torrent file has much more than that however. Is there some way I can move only the currently opened torrents into another folder? Or maybe purge the old ones?02:51
=== andresjrmthissho [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakok., now i understand02:51
aroonithat i'm trying to de=windowize02:51
=== darkmatter [n=darkmatt@unaffiliated/darkmatter] has joined #ubuntu
=== Borat_Sagdiyev [n=Borat@] has left #ubuntu [""]
=== w30 [n=w30@74-136-162-68.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== passbe [n=passbe@ppp184-119.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelomadman91,  open the folder and delete then ones you don'T want02:51
intangirim trying to build celestia on ubuntu, but i get this error when configuring:02:52
intangirconfigure: error: Package requirements (libgnomeui-2.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.6 gtkglext-1.0) were not met02:52
intangiri installed libgnomeui-2.0-dev already02:52
nexousgparted shows all of my partitions with a lock symbol and I can't change size of hda102:52
=== selim [n=chatzill@p57A349A3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelointangir,  try installeing the devs for the gtk pakcages as well02:52
intangirPelo: what are they?02:52
darkriftthats my prob too nexous02:52
darkriftbut only my ntfs partitions02:52
Pelointangir,  try in synaptic02:53
selimis someone in here who can help me with a network-manager-pptp problem?02:53
Pelonexous,  unmount them first02:53
Fatb0yi would like my ubuntu box to boot to console and not directly into GDM for x window.  Since they have changed the way ubuntu loads, does anyone have a link to a howto that shows how to easily make this happen.  With inittab it was an easy number change.02:53
madman91Pelo: how do i see which ones are in use.. without manually checking.. lsof doesnt work02:53
=== Jack_Sparrow [n=jack@ppp-69-236-245-78.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
selimI try to establish a connection via wlan but it seems only to work with wired lan adapter not with the wireless02:53
nexousPelo: Most likely other partitions are also mounted on these mountpoints. y02:53
nexousDo i have to swapoff swap?02:54
Pelomadman91, I think you need to do it the hard way,  check in az, make a list,   delete what isn't one the list02:54
=== jojo_ [i=opera@crv60-1-88-165-105-192.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
sbalneavFatb0y: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove02:54
=== colbert [n=colbert@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jack_SparrowTrying to install Dapper on Dell C640.  Wiki says it works.  Tested MD5 and it id fine.  Get error starting Enterprise Volume Management Buffer i/o error  ANy suggestions.?02:54
=== passbe [n=passbe@ppp184-119.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
nexousI can now edit dev/hda2 with swap set to swapoff right now, but I still cant unmount dev/hda102:55
=== roho [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu
Fatb0ysbalneav: to change it back do sudo update-rc.d -f gdm install?02:55
=== andresjr [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
PeloJack_Sparrow, look up the error msg in the forum  www.ubuntuforums.com02:55
sbalneavFatb0y: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm defaults02:55
Pelonexous,  are you using the live cd ?02:55
nexousPelo: No, ubuntu is already installed on my system.02:56
madman91Pelo: eww02:56
Fatb0ysbalneav: thanks02:56
sbalneavwhoops, no -f on the defaults one.02:56
=== c9s [n=c9s@] has joined #ubuntu
Pelonexous,  you need to boot from the live cd,  you cannot edit partitons of a running hdd02:56
=== oscurochu [n=oscuroch@pool-71-180-56-67.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuHow do I enable file sharing?02:56
nexousI only have a live cd of 6.06 and im running 7.04.02:56
Pelonexous, just trust me02:56
AusMEDoes anyone know how I can make my joystick move the mouse cursor?02:56
=== thesource [n=Elfboy@d14-6-rt4-bras.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NeoRex [n=NeoRex@pool-72-94-137-61.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelonexous,  doesn't matter any ubuntu live cd will do02:56
thesourcecan some help with instrall tcl02:57
nexousPelo: okay02:57
PeloAusME, check in the forum02:57
nexousPelo: So boot the livecd?02:57
RoC_MasterMindoscurochu, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_share_folders_the_easy_way02:57
Pelonexous, do you realy expect me to say it for a fourth time ?02:57
nexousPelo:  hehe.02:57
thesourceconfigure: error:02:57
nexousPelo: nvm, i'll get it. :D02:57
thesource  Tcl cannot be found on this system.02:57
thesource  Eggdrop requires Tcl to compile. If you already have Tcl installed on02:57
thesource  this system, and I just wasn't looking in the right place for it, re-run02:57
thesource  ./configure using the --with-tcllib='/path/to/libtcl.so' and02:57
thesource  --with-tclinc='/path/to/tcl.h' options.02:57
thesource  See doc/COMPILE-GUIDE's 'Tcl Detection and Installation' section for more02:57
thesource  information.02:57
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o jrib] by ChanServ
=== mode/#ubuntu [+b %thesource!*@*] by jrib
=== jojo_ [i=opera@crv60-1-88-165-105-192.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Pelo waves thesource bye bye
jrib!paste | thesource02:58
ubotuthesource: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:58
=== SeXXXmachine [n=no@c-71-58-57-168.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b %thesource!*@*] by jrib
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o jrib] by jrib
thesourcesorry i did not mean for thsat02:58
=== whileimhere [n=richard@pool-71-121-91-127.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelojrib, you didn'T actualy kick him02:59
=== callen81 [n=alpha@d38-148-70.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jribthesource: eggdrop is in the repositories02:59
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
callen81is there a known bug with realtek gigabit nics02:59
jribPelo: that's ok, I just muted02:59
thesourceno but the tcl is02:59
whileimhereHi what package would I need to install to get downloaded flvs to play?02:59
jribthesource: no, I am telling you that eggdrop is as well02:59
=== Freebieee [n=pumpers@72-161-180-69.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
mobutuwhileimhere: vlc or mplayer02:59
=== leonetix [n=leonetix@roaming-171-57.nss.udel.edu] has joined #ubuntu
randoman_god damn , that there was a lot of GARNOME Dependencies for ubuntu. :P02:59
xenexthesource, i just reinstalled tcl in synaptic to fix that02:59
AusMEWell, Pelo, I appreciate the response but I'm not able to find much in the forum (about the joystick operating like the mouse)02:59
FreebieeeHello, does anyone know how to get a VIA southbridge AC97 audio sound card working?02:59
=== goban [n=goban@ip68-107-157-9.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
thesourceok and ehrn i do ./configer for ehhdrop03:00
whileimhereI have both and they do play them but the time slider on the bottom doesnt work for them03:00
jrib!info eggdrop | thesource03:00
intangirconfigure: error: Package requirements (libgnomeui-2.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.6 gtkglext-1.0) were not met03:00
ubotuthesource: eggdrop: Advanced IRC Robot. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6.18-1 (feisty), package size 461 kB, installed size 1132 kB03:00
=== Freebieee [n=pumpers@72-161-180-69.dyn.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu []
RoC_MasterMindwhileimhere, sounds like those players don't support seeking...that's pretty normal03:00
=== revidnus [n=revidnus@ip68-225-67-93.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
xenexoh, the latest version. nice.03:00
PeloAusME,  you haven't search for very long,  search with keywords , just try joystick03:00
intangiri dont know what packages it wants03:00
=== ryan__ [n=ryan@user-0c9a9io.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jribthesource: do you know about the universe repository?03:00
whileimhereThanks Roc_mastermind that is exactly what I ment03:00
intangiri couldve sworn before when i would get configure errors i had an easy way of finding its package03:00
=== fuzzy_logic is back
=== daskidud1 [n=justin@ool-4578e7ff.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryan__I'm having a problem with adding a new startup Sesssion if anyone can help03:01
=== xenex is waiting for xchat 2.8.3 to be in the repositories
whileimhereWhat player will play movs?03:01
intangiroff of some auto package file03:01
PeloAusME,  you can probably edit xorg.conf to specify a different device for the mouse03:01
jribintangir: what are you compiling?03:01
callen81just install vlc and never worry about codecs again03:01
callen81it'll play any media file you'll throw at it03:01
RoC_MasterMindvlc plays almost anything, proprietary, patented or not.03:01
=== illusions [n=asde@dsl-216-227-68-110.pmtnet.net] has joined #ubuntu
callen81could someone help me with my intergraded nic03:02
=== mtv [n=mtv@c-67-185-15-10.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
RoC_MasterMindcallen81, hopefully.03:02
callen81it was working but stopped, works in windows fine and my wifi nic works fine too03:02
=== emet [n=stephani@unaffiliated/emet] has joined #ubuntu
=== cgannon [n=cgannon@] has left #ubuntu []
=== strabes [n=alex@ip68-108-31-178.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
mtvmy printer backend is not responding, where do i go from here?03:02
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
RoC_MasterMindWhat does Windows have to do with this callen81 ?03:02
callen81that nic isn't fried03:03
RoC_MasterMinddoes it show up under lspci?03:03
=== Puppy_ [n=Kipper@oh-65-40-74-148.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChaoticGood [n=ChaoticG@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Puppy_ [n=Kipper@oh-65-40-74-148.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
callen81yeah, but it wont link or grab an ip, ive checked my /ect/network/interface03:04
=== linuxnub [n=ubuntunu@c-76-111-22-174.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== devnull [n=devnull@c-71-62-201-191.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
devnullany way to downgrade to xorg 7.1 in feisty?03:04
=== j_ack [n=j_ack@p508D8F01.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
RoC_MasterMinddevnull, there is always a way.03:04
devnullwell some insight would be great.03:05
illusionsI am having a problem when installing Ubuntu 7.04, the X server won't start... I have a Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 with a Radeon X1400 video card, it keeps coming up with the error that it can't find the drivers for my Broadcom wireless NIC, any ideas as to why the X server keeps giving me errors? It says that it found 'screens' but none are compatible or something along those lines..03:05
Peloillusions,  you need to use the alternate install cd,  it is text based,   after the installation is complete you can then install the drivers for your ati video card03:06
=== nuked_omen [n=ad@] has left #ubuntu []
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre03:06
callen81@illusions edit your driver to just nv for the time being and see if that works03:06
=== Mazaltarim [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Mazaltarim [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
illusionsIs there a way I can edit the current CD I am using to do a text based install?03:08
=== greg_g [n=greg@adsl-69-212-43-246.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
callen81you can do it from the cd03:08
=== Mazaltarim [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"]
callen81i have to do the same thing with my ferrari03:08
=== andresjrm [n=andres@c-71-202-217-120.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloillusions,  if you were using the dvd , you could select the text install but not with the cd,  you need to dl the alternate cd03:08
selimno one who can help me with this?03:08
illusionsI looked for a DVD on the website, I was unable to find it.03:09
Peloselim,  with what ?03:09
=== technx [n=technx@cpe-66-68-228-212.rgv.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wonderboy_ [n=Wonderbo@pool-141-154-58-3.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_I'm looking for some sort of dock that acts as the OS X dock whereas if I get an IM there will be some indication via the application's icon on the dock, does anyone know if here is one?03:09
Peloillusions,  they are further down the page,  but for now you just need the alternate isntall cd03:09
callen81just edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the driver to vesa as well you need to set the screen to screen 003:09
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive03:09
arooniIndyGunFreak: omg it boots03:10
IndyGunFreakarooni: i told you03:10
Pelocallen81,  he can't boot the cd ,  x doesn't start , he need the alternate install cd,  and he's got an ati card not a nvdia one03:10
=== Bllz [n=louist@ppp-as35-29.nss.udel.edu] has joined #ubuntu
arooniIndyGunFreak: but now it boots right... and i get the brown background.... and the arrow, bjut nothing else?03:10
selimPelo: with my network-manager-pptp problem, I try to establish a pptp vpn connection with network-manager but it only gets connected with a wired connection if I try it with a working wireless interface I get errors03:10
IndyGunFreakpatience is a virtue.03:10
devnulli need a repos for xorg from edgy...03:10
Bllzhey guys03:10
IndyGunFreakarooni: give it a second, and make sure its done loading.03:10
=== Tre1 [n=Tree@pD95480A2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== nexous [n=chatzill@clsm-208-111-243-30-pppoe.dsl.clsm.epix.net] has joined #ubuntu
driven_Wonderboy_: try http://code.google.com/p/avant-window-navigator/03:11
arooniIndyGunFreak: ok cuz i have another 1X cd on the way ;p03:11
nexousHow long do you think it will take to resize the partition?03:11
Pelo!wifi | selim  that's the most I can do for you03:11
ubotuselim  that's the most I can do for you: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:11
Tre1hi, anyone successfully used pptp-client on dapper ? always getting 'ubuntu pptp faild = Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP' and when i manually add routes via add route etc pptp-client starts giving me 1-3 errors per sec to stdout telling me unknown protocoll. encryption has to be active since im using it for relakks.com03:11
Pelonexous,  depends how much stuff needs to be moved,  no way to tell03:11
=== NeoRex [n=NeoRex@pool-72-94-137-61.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== harisamin [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
Bllzquestion:  what's the best media player for use with an iPod?03:11
=== linxeh [n=linx@88-96-202-38.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
nexousPelo:  estimate? hours?03:11
andresjrmnexous, it usually is no more than 10 minutes from what i remember03:11
selimpelo: but the wireless connection is working03:11
Bllzdevnull, I can't seem to install that03:11
harisaminhey guys...03:11
=== erat123 [n=eric@71-213-227-51.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
harisamini have a question03:12
Bllzthere's always an apt-get error03:12
nexousandresjrm: okay.03:12
=== pixelation [n=pixelati@64-83-207-152.dhcp.stcd.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
aroonido i have enough power to run fesity?  2.4ghz sempron, 512 mb ram, separate graphics card?03:12
Wonderboy_driven_, I'll check it out, thanks.03:12
Peloselim,  like I said it is not something I can help you with , try in the forum if no one here can help03:12
=== mobutu [n=mobutu@twinlark.arctic.org] has left #ubuntu []
selimpelo: do you think there is some hint for the pptp connection in connection with the wireless?03:12
nexousError while resizing/moving /dev/hda103:12
pixelationSay, I had my doubts, but Xubuntu ain't bad.03:12
whileimhereHey guys I know that you suggested VLC for the FLV files but I have some that work fine under a windows OS but do not work with VLC on linux.03:12
=== carpediem [n=dmartin@24-107-6-92.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
selimpelo: I tried no answer at all03:12
selimpelo: but thank you for answering03:12
BllzWill apt-get install AmaroK work in Gnome?03:12
=== kodachromefan [n=robert@ool-4355870e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloselim,  no idea,  not realy my field,  don'T post to the forum,  search the forum03:13
arooniIndyGunFreak: what do you think03:13
=== emsantos [n=emsantos@201-43-21-143.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== vmbrussel [n=vmbrusse@] has joined #ubuntu
harisamini have a g3 powerbook with dapper on it....for some reason i cannot get any ubuntu distro on my G4 powermac...trust me i've tried everything and i just wanna try somethine else....can i install dapper from the G3 powerbook toa second hard drive on the G4 powermac with a network connection or something?03:13
illusionsIs there a faster server to download the Alternate cd ?03:13
QwertyMBllz: Yes it will :)03:13
Pelonexous,  do one operation at a time03:13
IndyGunFreakarooni: stillnot working?03:13
BllzQwertyM, I ask because I keep getting apt-get install errors when I do that03:13
nexousPelo:  I thought i was, only resizing it now.03:13
arooniIndyGunFreak: no its working..... but SLOW ;p03:13
=== _Michael [n=_Michael@pool-71-173-7-12.sctnpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
aroonii think its cuz it has to do it all in RAM03:13
IndyGunFreakarooni: did you get the desktop?03:13
Bllzand it can't verrify the package source or something like that03:13
Pelo!torrents | illusions03:13
ubotuillusions: Torrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Feisty: http://releases.ubuntu.com/feisty/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.04/release/ (DVDs)03:13
arooniIndyGunFreak: yes running setup wizard now03:13
IndyGunFreakarooni: yes, the live cd isn't very fast03:14
aroonidoes that mean im home free?03:14
madman91HOW do i see my host name03:14
Pelonexous,  ic03:14
QwertyMBllz: Must be some GPG keys that you haven't installed, for some added repos perhaps03:14
IndyGunFreakarooni: well, maybe.. just be forewarned, if you have trouble with that one, and it won't install completely03:14
IndyGunFreakdownload the alternate install cd, burn slow, and use it.. it'll get you installed.03:14
BllzQwertyM, how might I fix that?03:14
Pelonexous,  make sure all the partitons are unmounted03:14
arooniIndyGunFreak: where is the 'alternate install cd'03:14
Bllzsudo apt-get update?03:14
IndyGunFreakarooni: its on the ubuntu site.03:14
aroonimaybe i should start dloading it now03:15
nexousPelo: what about /dev/hda2 and /dev/hda5? if I'm only resizing /dev/hda103:15
andresjrmmadman97: cat /etc/hostname03:15
IndyGunFreakits called alternate install-i386.iso or something03:15
aroonijust in case03:15
=== Zyxus [n=mike@cpe-76-180-122-198.buffalo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
QwertyMBllz: Have you added any repos other than Ubuntu's default? And does APT stop after it says unverified ?03:15
=== Shadowpillar [n=Shadow@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
BllzQwertyM, not that I know of, and NO03:15
=== emsantos [n=emsantos@201-43-21-143.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
QwertyMBllz: If APT doesnt stop, dont bother adding the keys ..03:15
Pelonexous, upload a screenshot of your gparted windows so I can see what you need to do03:15
illusionsAhh, thanks! I should have looked harder03:15
daskidud1why does coping files take so long?03:15
QwertyMYou can go on ..03:15
nexousPelo:  alright give me a sec.03:16
=== Frogzoo [n=Frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
BllzQwertyM, actually it stops but not right after saying it can't verrify03:16
IndyGunFreakarooni: the alternate install cd is a lot faster, ify ou're concerned aboutspeed03:16
bruenigdaskidud1, doesn't03:16
illusionsAre there any issues with the install on a Dell Latitude C640?03:16
IndyGunFreakbut it is 100% text based.03:16
QwertyMBllz: Then?03:16
=== CrashNBurn [n=aparco@d39-141-248.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
harisamini have a g3 powerbook with dapper on it....for some reason i cannot get any ubuntu distro on my G4 powermac...trust me i've tried everything and i just wanna try somethine else....can i install dapper from the G3 powerbook toa second hard drive on the G4 powermac with a network connection or something?03:16
Pelo!hardware | illusions03:16
ubotuillusions: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport03:16
BllzQwertyM, then it seems to be downloading but it craps out when it tries to install03:16
=== s225 [n=s25@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hidark_ [n=hidark@181.Red-88-9-42.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Bllzit says it couldnt download some packages bc of an apt error03:17
=== mboman [n=mboman@] has joined #ubuntu
daskidud1it says preparing the files  but i dguess that culd be because of the amount that i am coping?03:17
s225hi all stupid question :p. I just installed nxserver on ubuntu connected nicely to a remote computer in full screen mode, How do I leave it?? :S thanks03:17
Pelodaskidud1, that sounds likely03:17
=== Freebieee [n=pumpers@72-161-180-69.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NetersLandreau_ [n=niles@55.sub-70-222-179.myvzw.com] has joined #ubuntu
arooniIndyGunFreak: how big should my swap parittion be?03:18
aroonii have a 300gb drive03:18
Freebieeehow can i safely reinstall the linux kernel and modules?03:18
aroonii want to deveote to linux03:18
=== grimboy_uk [n=grimboy@85-210-241-113.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakarooni: are you using thewhole 300gb drive for Ubuntu?03:18
daskidud1i'm copying friles from my windows partitions to my external in windows stopped booting03:18
wols_Freebieee: apt-get it03:18
=== farski [n=cpk0@c-71-192-90-115.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== geb [n=sek3r@host86-151-152-93.range86-151.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
arooniIndyGunFreak: um i was thinking about it?03:18
Peloarooni,  twice your RAM03:18
IndyGunFreakarooni: ok.. just asking03:18
=== HellDragon [i=JD@unaffiliated/helldragon] has joined #ubuntu
=== spasticteapot [n=j0e@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrms225: do a menu appear when you put the mouse on the top? or maybe Ctrl+Alt does somethin... (just guessing :))03:18
arooniIndyGunFreak: what woudl u suggest?03:18
wols_arooni: how much memory do you have?03:18
IndyGunFreakarooni: what pelo said, twice your ram/.03:19
Freebieeewols_ how?03:19
=== Soth [i=eric@c-24-98-115-12.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloarooni,  you might want to consider making your /home on a seperate partition03:19
Freebieeewols_ what command would you suggest?03:19
IndyGunFreakif you have more than 1gig of ram though, 2gigs of swap is kinda pointless03:19
ryanakcasince /bin/sh points to /bin/dash, is it at all possible to get a copy of the original bourne shell? (sh)03:19
arooniPelo: what benefits does this ahve03:19
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has joined #ubuntu
jribryanakca: /bin/bash ?03:19
wols_Freebieee: in synpatic or aptitude on the command line (kernel package starts with "linux-image" as its name03:19
jribryanakca: that's what it was before03:19
wols_!apt | Freebieee03:19
ubotuFreebieee: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:19
Peloarooni, you can reinstall the os without whipping off your data03:19
Freebieeewols_ synaptic gave me a big warning...03:20
s225andresjrm: No no luck there :( It is like a am sitting at the remote computer (which is good!) but not in this case :P03:20
ryanakcajrib: isn't /bin/bash bourne again shell, and different than bourne shell?03:20
wols_Freebieee: what warning?03:20
arooniPelo: wont i not be able to use the nice:  /home/arooni .. structure?03:20
Cain_UnAbelhow do i apply mplayer skins?03:20
jribryanakca: yesh, I meant /bin/sh just pointed to bash before it pointed to dash03:20
wols_ryanakca: it is03:20
Freebieeewols_ About it being a dangerous action. But, is there a way to purge remove, then install it again?03:20
bigfuzzyjesusim having troubles installing themes, they arent in a .tar.gz format i have installed themes before, but when i try to put the un archived stuff into an archive and install it it says invalid file type03:20
Peloarooni,  you will but your /home will just be on a different partition then /03:20
wols_arooni: you will. just that /home is on another partition03:20
andresjrms225: haha if you are in linux just do <ctrl><alt>Backspace to kill the X Server, and then login again and search google or the documentation :)03:21
Peloarooni,  I have    10 gig for / , 2 gig for swap and the rest for /home , makes a nice clean installation03:21
arooniso should i do the 'manaul partition option" ?03:21
wols_Freebieee: yes. read what uboto told you. best use the commandline for that. you might still get a warning but it'll do it03:21
=== Tre1 [n=Tree@pD95480A2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu []
Peloarooni, that would work well03:21
Freebieeewols_ alright then03:21
ryanakcajrib: yeah. I'm looking for the 1978 version of sh :) (just for historical/amusement purposes, nothing important)03:21
arooniPelo: where are programs installed to?  / ?03:21
=== Pelo thinks ryanakca needs a gf
=== colbert [n=colbert@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
arooniand is it easy to give more later?03:21
Cain_UnAbelwhere do i extract the .tar.bz2 for mplayer skins?03:22
wols_ryanakca: #!/bin/sh for for script is usually a good idea since that is always there and gets rid of some bashisms03:22
jribCain_UnAbel: did you install it to ~/.mplayer/skins ?03:22
Freebieeewols_ I'll run "sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-generic && sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic" ?03:22
IndyGunFreakCain_UnAbel: where id you download mplayer skins?03:22
Peloarooni,   more or less,  technicaly they get installed to /user03:22
jribryanakca: oh, that sounds interesting...03:22
Pelo /usr03:22
wols_Freebieee: it has a version number appended I think03:22
ryanakcawols_: that's dash. not bourne shell.03:22
=== iTG`Neatchee [n=neatchee@user-1087471.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
wols_ryanakca: did you change it?03:22
Cain_UnAbeli just used apt get IndyGunFreak03:22
=== Eudy [n=eudy@] has joined #ubuntu
FreebieeeYes wols_ but i found that the generic package "links" to the latest linux image03:23
ryanakcawols_: no, it's always been either bash or dash, not bourne shell.03:23
jribryanakca: wikipedia article has a link03:23
Cain_UnAbeland theres no .mplayer/skins dir03:23
harisaminguys can anyone help me please03:23
harisamini have a g3 powerbook with dapper on it....for some reason i cannot get any ubuntu distro on my G4 powermac...trust me i've tried everything and i just wanna try somethine else....can i install dapper from the G3 powerbook toa second hard drive on the G4 powermac with a network connection or something?03:23
wols_Freebieee: then it'S a meta package and removing it won't remove your kernel at all.03:23
iTG`NeatcheeI'm looking for some rather technical help with trying to backport a build of pidgin-otr from the gutsy repos to feisty.  Is there anyone here who can help, or is there a better room for this type of question?03:23
Pelo!install | harisamin03:23
FreebieeeCain_UnAbel I believe its in /usr/share somewhere03:23
ubotuharisamin: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - See also !automate03:23
arooniPelo: should i 'make a new paritiotn table'?  i basically have 300gb which is listed as:  /dev/hdc103:23
=== w00t [n=w00t@c-24-30-7-88.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jribryanakca: http://minnie.tuhs.org/UnixTree/V7/usr/src/cmd/sh/ have fun if you try to compile03:23
Freebieeewols_ okay03:23
FreebieeeWols_ wish me luck03:24
Cain_UnAbeli extract the .tar.bz2 there Freebieee ?03:24
=== mikeg8 [n=mike@res27424.rh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Peloarooni,  assuming the whole hdd is free,  remove the hdc1 partition,  and make new ones03:24
illusionsDoes Ubuntu not worry about wireless NIC compatibility?03:24
FreebieeeCain_UnAbel there should be a mplayer directory in /usr/share, and in that there should be a theme folder03:24
jribCain_UnAbel: you create it03:24
=== leonetix [n=leonetix@roaming-171-57.nss.udel.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== marcin_ant [n=marcin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== amrcidiot [n=zach@cpe-72-228-87-142.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
wols_Freebieee: messing with kernel is dangerous business. don't reboot until "dpkg -l |grep linux-image" shows an installed kernel "ii"03:25
amrcidiotguys, how do i writeto restricted files?03:25
=== _Michael [n=_Michael@pool-71-173-7-12.sctnpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== freakcode [n=freakcod@201-43-99-128.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
arooniPelo: ok ... so should my paritions be "primary" or "logical" ... and should they be ext3 or ext2?03:25
jribCain_UnAbel: stick to putting things in your HOME until you are more comfortable03:25
Freebieeewols_ okay03:25
Cain_UnAbeli cant extract the .tar.bz2 to that dir Freebieee03:25
=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #ubuntu
Peloamrcidiot,   sudo gedit /path/file03:25
wols_amrcidiot: gksudo gedit <file>03:25
iTG`NeatcheeI'm looking for some rather technical help with trying to backport a build of pidgin-otr from the gutsy repos to feisty.  Is there anyone here who can help, or is there a better room for this type of question?03:25
=== whileimhere [n=richard@pool-71-121-91-127.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
FreebieeeCain_UnAbel its at /usr/share/mplayer/Skin03:25
Cain_UnAbelbut i cant extract there03:25
andresjrmamrcidiot: use sudo su for command line or gksu for gnome frontend03:26
wols_iTG`Neatchee: just ask03:26
=== ibanex [n=ibanex@c-24-15-54-241.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
_MichaelI forget the difference between gnome and KDE what is better for a new linux user coming from WinXP03:26
=== [DnH] `Lapinou`sn [n=plop@AFontenayssB-152-1-11-136.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== freakcode [n=freakcod@201-43-99-128.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== yo2k [n=yo2k@] has joined #ubuntu
ryanakcajrib: yep. hmmm... might be fun packaging a 28 year old shell :)03:26
wols_mikeg8: mater of taste mostly03:26
arooniPelo: any suggestions on primary versus logical and ext3 versus ext2?03:26
Flannel_Michael: theyll both be about the same.03:26
Peloarooni, make / primary  ext3,  swap will be linux swap,  /home primary ext303:26
devnullarooni: primary ext303:26
wols_arooni: ext3. rest irrelevant03:26
Peloarooni,  patience03:26
iTG`Neatcheewols_: Ok.  I need to backport pidgin-otr for amd64 from gutsy to feisty.  Can someone help me with that?03:26
Cain_UnAbeli didnt put it there jrib03:26
Cain_UnAbeli just used apt-get03:26
andresjrm_Michael: if you want something simple and easy to use: gnome, if you want somethin very integrated and a little more windows-like, kde03:26
=== amrcidiot [n=zach@cpe-72-228-87-142.twcny.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
wols_iTG`Neatchee: ask a real question. not a "do my work for me"03:27
jribCain_UnAbel: what did you install using apt-get?03:27
nexousPelo: having a bit of trouble :-p03:27
=== anandanbu [n=phoenix@] has joined #ubuntu
_MichaelK, i think i will try KDE for now thanks03:27
nexouspelo: no screen for oyu, i map it out for you.03:27
Flannel_Michael: although gnome might be better if theyve used FF/TB/GIMP/etc on XP, since they're GTK (gnome) based.03:27
=== angel_ubuntu [n=angel@] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakCain_UnAbel: there's only like 2 skins in that package i do believe03:27
aroonisorry Pelo ... im just so excitede!03:27
Cain_UnAbeli have a couple of .tar.bz2 that im trying to put there03:27
iTG`Neatcheewols_: I don't know where to begin, man.  All of the functionality is there, and should work in Feisty, but there's a few dependency issues (which could be resolved if I knew how to change the requirements)03:27
Cain_UnAbelbut i dont have permission03:27
jribCain_UnAbel: that installs the skins, it doesn't have any tar.gz03:27
wols_iTG`Neatchee: then if you get an error why don't you tell us?03:27
=== SmrtJustin [n=SmrtJust@] has joined #ubuntu
Peloarooni,   I'm sending you a pick of my gparted, us it as a template03:28
wols_iTG`Neatchee: paste the error(s)03:28
=== Marc1 [n=MarcN@dslv-1-162.mv.com] has joined #ubuntu
aroonithanks Pelo !03:28
Peloarooni,  you need to accept the file03:28
=== GionnyBoss [n=gionnybo@host8-145-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
arooniPelo: im not getting prompted hang on03:28
Cain_UnAbeli downloaded some skins in a .tar.bz2 jrib03:28
=== ibanex [n=ibanex@c-24-15-54-241.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheewols_: the errors are obvious, because I'm using a deb that's designed for gutsy, when I'm running feisty.  I don't know how to do a backport though.  That's what I'm asking.03:28
illusionsFeisty is 7.04 correct?03:29
=== GionnyBoss [n=gionnybo@host8-145-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Flannelillusions: yes03:29
=== Jedo [n=Jedo@node251.] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChaoticGoo1 [n=ChaoticG@] has joined #ubuntu
jribCain_UnAbel: go to your home directory, view -> show hidden files, go to .mplayer (create it if it does not exist), then inside go to "skins" (create it if it does not exist).  Then extract in here03:29
=== ibanex [n=ibanex@c-24-15-54-241.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wols_iTG`Neatchee: have fun not telling us what errors and not getting help. bye03:29
iTG`Neatcheetyping error right now, geeze03:29
wols_!paste | iTG`Neatchee03:29
ubotuiTG`Neatchee: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:29
arooniPelo: would you mind posting here: http://imageshack.us/03:29
IndyGunFreakjrib: that won't work..03:29
devnullwols_: jeez dude. Drop the attitude.03:29
jribIndyGunFreak: why03:29
aroonifree image hosting ? ... ic ant get prompted03:30
arooniabout ur email03:30
IndyGunFreakCain_UnAbel: i just installed a theme if you want me to tell you how to do it.03:30
aroonii mean your picture of gparted03:30
Peloarooni,  I was looking for the url03:30
IndyGunFreakjrib: the skins theme is under /usr/share/mplayer03:30
=== finn [n=jani@ppp59-167-39-253.lns2.cbr1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
IndyGunFreakhe'll need root.03:30
=== Marc1 [n=MarcN@dslv-1-162.mv.com] has left #ubuntu []
jribIndyGunFreak: it reads ~/.mplayer/skins too...03:30
IndyGunFreakjrib: it didn't for me.03:30
iTG`Neatcheewols_: for example, it's asking for libc6 >= 2.5-5 when feisty only has libc6 2.5-0 available03:30
IndyGunFreaki tried that.\03:30
=== NeoRex [n=NeoRex@pool-72-94-137-61.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
arooniPelo: so my home parition is:  mount point:  /home .... type:  primary..... location :  beginning..... use as::: ext3 .....03:30
finnanyone know which config file I have to edit to manually disable desktop effects?  since enabling it my gnome crashes badly, so I can't log in to graphically disable it.03:31
Peloarooni, http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=capturedevsdbgpartedky9.png03:31
=== Jonbo [n=Jonbo123@adsl-074-229-245-180.sip.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== amrcidiot [n=zach@cpe-72-228-87-142.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
wols_iTG`Neatchee: in the source: debian/ directory. there are the files with all the dependencies in them you can edit03:31
wols_!packaging | iTG`Neatchee03:31
ubotuiTG`Neatchee: The packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports03:31
IndyGunFreakjrib: you know what, might be this, i named my folder skin.. the s got dropped for some reason.03:31
IndyGunFreaki'll try it now.03:31
amrcidiotI want to connect my DV Camera, to my pc, but when i connect it, and open KINO, it says it can't write or read the file. what do i do?03:31
=== Zambezi [n=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #ubuntu
arooniPelo: so looks like what i typed matches up with your setup03:31
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging03:32
anandanbuHow to add beryl or compiz desktop effects to default startup applications03:32
Cain_UnAbelok i extracted them to skins jrib03:32
Peloarooni, I didn't see03:32
jribIndyGunFreak: yeah, works here, I just tried03:32
arooniPelo: so my home parition is:  mount point:  /home .... type:  primary..... location :  beginning..... use as::: ext3 .....03:32
IndyGunFreakjrib: thats probably what it was03:32
Cain_UnAbelbut they dont show up in mplayers skin browser03:32
Peloarooni,  yeah, looks like it03:32
jribCain_UnAbel: close mplayer and start it again03:32
=== Alo [n=alois@ACaen-157-1-47-231.w83-115.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ryanakcajrib: hehe, http://www.xirium.com/tech/mud-shell/index.html mudsh03:32
Cain_UnAbelthey're still not there jrib03:33
=== Freebieee [n=pumpers@72-161-180-69.dyn.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu []
Cain_UnAbeli think i have to extract them to /usr/share/mplayer/skins03:33
amrcidiotanyone know?03:33
Cain_UnAbelexcept i dont have permission03:33
=== laion-king [n=leo@] has joined #ubuntu
jribCain_UnAbel: join me in #ubuntu-classroom03:33
arooniPelo: if i ujse that setup i get this error:  "can't have the end before the start".. and thats wehther i try location: beginning || end..... should i try type:  logical instead?03:33
jrib(and anyone else that wants to help Cain_UnAbel )03:34
ryanakcaamrcidiot: not enough permissions, either mounted as read only, or you don't have enough permissions03:34
mtvhow do i figure out what usblp0 in /dev is attached to?03:34
=== komagata [n=komagata@u041079.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp] has joined #ubuntu
amrcidiothow do i get permissions?03:34
amrcidiotor log onto root?03:34
Flannel!sudo | amrcidiot03:34
ubotuamrcidiot: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.03:34
ryanakca!chmod > amrcidiot03:35
Peloarooni, I never used the beginning and end values,  I just whipped the hdd,  then added a new partition , with the size, by default it start at the first available sector03:35
Flannelryanakca: chmod is not the answer.03:35
=== sharcle [n=sharcle@adsl-153-8-184.gsp.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmamrcidiot: or do Alt+F2, type gksu, Enter, and run a program from there03:35
FlannelOh, sorry.  mounting.  I should answer in context.03:35
=== NeoRex [n=NeoRex@pool-72-94-137-61.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
arooniPelo: how do i kill the setup app, it froze, but i can still launch terminal?03:36
ryanakcaFlannel: @.@ if user doesn't have access to /media/camera/ , well, it doesn't help, if it's fstab related/mounted read-only, that's different.03:36
Pelotry stepping back using the buttons,  otherwhise I donT' know03:37
ryanakcamtv: if it's a usb device, lsusb03:37
=== larson9999 [n=larson@74-129-100-183.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmarooni: killall installer maybe?03:37
=== ublender [n=ublender@adsl-068-209-130-040.sip.jax.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryanakcamtv: well, that should give you an idea... kindof03:37
=== wols [n=klingens@p549DCC89.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mazaltarim [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mtvryanakca: that you, it at least tells me my printer is hooked up03:37
=== chairat [n=chairat@125-25-48-156.adsl.totbb.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== macabro22 [n=macabro2@c9346a9d.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== chryss_ [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== freak__ [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mtvat the moment, i am kinda at a standstill with my printer03:38
=== freak__ [n=freak@fbl77-1-88-163-3-9.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"]
macabro22Can someone help on editing a video to add a soundtrack?03:38
=== shawn34 [n=home@c-68-36-36-22.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
madman91samba help please .. --> how do i find the //servername/sharename of a windows computer?03:38
=== mzanfardino [n=mark@c-67-188-46-1.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
shawn34how can I add my user to the 'video' group03:38
=== anandanbu [n=phoenix@] has left #ubuntu []
iTG`NeatcheeOk I'm kind of getting somewhere..03:38
=== darwin81 [n=julio@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dimeotane [n=dimeotan@224-71.SPEEDe.golden.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Zambezi [i=Hideit@bnc.from.tx-shells.com] has joined #ubuntu
madman91shawn34: system -- admininstration -- users + groups03:38
amrcidioti tried doing what you said, but still problems. this is what i get http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j123/amrcidiot/Screenshot-Untitled-Kino.png (bottom left error)03:39
madman91shawn34: then manage groups -- find the video group -- blah blah blah03:39
shawn34madman91, i don't see video in there thats the problem03:39
madman91shawn34: is there a video group?03:39
=== stormy| [n=irc@pool-71-123-226-44.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
madman91shawn34: maybe you need to create it03:39
macabro22Which program can I use?03:39
=== chairat [n=chairat@125-25-48-156.adsl.totbb.net] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
shawn34madman91, crw-rw---- 1 root video 171, 32 2007-06-24 15:48 003:39
iTG`NeatcheeIn order to install pidgin-otr, it requires pidgin << 1:3.0 and >= 1:2.0 to be installed.  I installed Pidgin 2.0.2 from source (because there is no amd64 pkg for feisty) so it tells me pidgin isn't installed.  What can I do about this?03:39
=== b4ggi0 [n=Patrick@] has joined #ubuntu
shawn34madman91, thats a ls -l from /dev/dv193403:39
ibanexshawn34: you could try to edit /etc/group03:39
=== ice799 [n=ice799@c-24-128-48-147.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kurtti [n=kurtti@hlabgwy.hlab.bs.teu.ac.jp] has joined #ubuntu
madman91iTG`Neatchee: you instaleld with sudo make install right?03:40
larson9999linux rocks!03:40
IndyGunFreakiTG`Neatchee: install it properly?...lol03:40
madman91larson9999: whoooo03:40
iTG`NeatcheeLol, it's installed and running just fine03:40
=== hendrixski [n=hendrixs@cpe-66-66-116-183.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
shawn34ibanex, ok found it in there. do i have to reboot or restart x?03:40
madman91iTG`Neatchee: I am a 64bit user and i installed from source.. and its fine03:40
raf256larson9999: why03:41
iTG`Neatcheemadman91: you got pidgin-otr working?03:41
=== kazol [n=kazol@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rexbinary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #ubuntu
ibanexshawn34: i think it may depend on what app depends on the group... not sure03:41
madman91iTG`Neatchee: otr ?03:41
=== Spyral [n=spyral@ip68-231-27-66.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheemadman91: off the record03:41
madman91samba help please .. --> how do i find the //servername/sharename of a windows computer?03:42
ice799Hi - I am having some serious problems installing ubuntu on old hardware -- the BIOS doesn't support booting from CD, so I installed grub4dos and got the ubuntu installer to load -- the problem is that when the installer tries to detect and mount the cdrom drive, it hangs in a retry loop trying to adjust the timeout for ata1. I believe this is because of the new ata_piix or whatever the module is called -- as a result the installer co03:42
ice799mplains that the CD is not mounted. It is strange because when I launch a shell from the installer /cdrom has all the files that are on the CD in that directory.. Is there a way to point the installer to that directory and have it continue installing?03:42
madman91iTG`Neatchee: what is that?03:42
=== citronbleu-v [n=citronbl@lor34-1-82-240-236-19.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
sharcleso I just installed feisty, and I didn't have the option of going to 1600x1200. I manually edited xorg.conf to add 1600x1200 and now that works. but I still can't get it to 60 Hz, it's just 50 Hz. How do I do that?03:42
amrcidioti'm not sure if anyone saw mine, there's a lot of people here. so this is what i said, "i tried doing what you said, but still problems. this is what i get http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j123/amrcidiot/Screenshot-Untitled-Kino.png (bottom left error)" it's not a permissions error03:42
iTG`Neatcheemadman91: one-click encryption for pidgin03:42
iTG`Neatcheevery strong, very easy03:42
andresjrmmadman91: what do you mean? network:/// will show you the network resources...03:42
=== cappicard [n=cappicar@CPE-24-163-224-130.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
madman91iTG`Neatchee: i didnt install that03:42
iTG`Neatcheewell that's the problem :P03:42
madman91andresjrm: it doesnt03:42
=== strabes_ [n=alex@ip68-108-31-178.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheeotr doesn't have a package for feisty03:43
=== logan [n=archie@adsl-68-78-66-139.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
madman91andresjrm: it just shows the windows network.. and when i double click.. nothing is under it03:43
iTG`Neatcheeso i'm trying to get the gutsy package to work, and i'm having problems, because it's telling me pidgin isn't installed when it is :P03:43
madman91andresjrm: sometimes it does though03:43
devnullati driver will not compile. Think its because of xorg 7.2. Does anyone know a way to downgrade to 7.1?03:43
andresjrmmadman91: well that's what i mean :). strange that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't...03:43
=== Lr5_ [n=lr5@dsl-hkigw4-fe35de00-44.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
madman91andresjrm: yeah... any ideas?03:43
andresjrmmadman91: what do you want to do?03:44
madman91andresjrm: i have a windows computer on my network.. i want to access its share folder03:44
madman91and mount it .. preferably03:44
=== hendrixski [n=hendrixs@cpe-66-66-116-183.rochester.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu [""Google]
madman91all i need right now... is the //servername/sharename03:44
madman91and i should get it to work03:44
=== genetrix [n=genetrix@] has joined #ubuntu
madman91andresjrm: the workgroup name is called WORKGROUP03:45
madman91andresjrm: and the computer name is .. seedbox i think03:45
madman91genetrix: hello03:45
andresjrmmadman91: i don't know :(03:45
madman91andresjrm: :(03:45
=== not_a_k [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelothat was nice, just dropping by to say hello03:46
andresjrmmadman91: have you tried using it directly? (smb://seddbox)03:46
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu
=== colbert [n=colbert@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
devnullok or how bout this03:46
=== kewang [n=kewang@vernier.niu.edu.tw] has joined #ubuntu
devnullHow do I get 3d acceleration with the ati driver?03:46
madman91andresjrm: no03:46
=== mage [n=mage@S01060007950ade7b.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== capgadget [n=elifino@adsl-68-95-251-157.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:47
Pelodevnull,  try asking in #beryl or #ubuntu-effects,  they probably know abut that stuff03:47
=== Biohazard [i=Bio@blfd-4db50ba5.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== kewang [n=kewang@vernier.niu.edu.tw] has left #ubuntu []
CNTRLXis there something i can use as a square on my desktop or something to magnify small text with my mouse?03:47
=== joseAway [i=jose@planeshift/irc/josePhoenix] has joined #ubuntu
joseAwayhey all03:48
Music_Shufflehi :)03:48
Peloamrcidiot,  try looking for a kino channel they might know03:48
ryanakcamtv: np :)03:48
joseAwayWho can recommend the best way to let users upload files to a designated directory without giving them 'real' user accounts?03:48
=== radioaktivstorm [n=cm2@c-68-35-36-100.hsd1.nm.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ice799Hi - I am having some serious problems installing ubuntu on old hardware -- the BIOS doesn't support booting from CD, so I installed grub4dos and got the ubuntu installer to load -- the problem is that when the installer tries to detect and mount the cdrom drive, it hangs in a retry loop trying to adjust the timeout for ata1. I believe this is because of the new ata_piix or whatever the module is called -- as a result the installer co03:48
ice799mplains that the CD is not mounted. It is strange because when I launch a shell from the installer /cdrom has all the files that are on the CD in that directory.. Is there a way to point the installer to that directory and have it continue installing?03:48
madman91andresjrm: doesnt work03:48
daskidud1when i am copying why do i keep getting i/o errors?03:48
PeloCNTRLX,  I think there is a magnifinig glass ,  check in synaptic, or it might be part of the desktop effects03:48
rogue780does anyone else have problems with open office not saving some formatting when you save it as a doc file?03:49
madman91andresjrm: the wokrgroup is called WORKGROUP and the computer is called seedbox or seedbox. .. im not sure.. but i know its one of those (i am looking atthe windows computer)03:49
madman91andresjrm: i tried smb://WORKGROUP/seedbox(.)03:49
=== darkrift [n=darkrift@ip68-104-167-130.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu
Pelorogue780,  doc is the word file format,  OOo doesn'T save well in that,  blame MS03:50
Peloice799,  try the forum03:50
radioaktivstormhow do i turn off this SCIM thing....it just switched to arabic a while ago.03:50
=== sarixe [n=sarixe@ool-435403e9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
rogue780Pelo, unfortunately my university only accepts .doc format...and I need that paragraph indent03:50
=== ajmorris_ [n=ajmorris@220-253-44-167.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has left #ubuntu []
=== Kingpin_ [n=jason@S010600195b25b185.su.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== oscurochu [n=oscuroch@pool-71-180-56-67.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
rogue780so instead of tabbing them all like I could...I'm just installing word on my windows box :(03:51
oscurochu, ""03:51
=== Kingpin [n=jason@S010600195b25b185.su.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelorogue780,  try asking in #openoffice.org  they might have some solution for you03:51
oscurochuI got this error "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"03:51
=== Born_In_Xixax [n=dstaudt@adsl-70-241-244-176.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== blind [n=blind@c-67-189-249-48.hsd1.ct.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Pelooscurochu, what were you doing ?03:51
=== fgleich [n=fgleich@168-103-124-234.albq.qwest.net] has joined #Ubuntu
oscurochuPelo: compiling mysql.03:51
=== macabro22 [n=macabro2@c9346a9d.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
KingpinCan anyone help me out with installing Steam?03:52
Pelooscurochu, I assume you installed build-essential ?03:52
=== eyemean [n=eyemean@87-194-46-209.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuPelo: I was running ./configure03:52
=== rustalot [n=harry@bas9-toronto12-1177601974.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Pelooscurochu, the question still applies03:52
rustalotwhy is the swap inside a logical partition?03:53
oscurochuPelo, I don't know03:53
=== who_cares [n=cameron@71-12-166-197.dhcp.gwnt.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
KingpinCan anyone help me out with installing Steam?03:53
Pelooscurochu,  sudo apt-get install build-essential   then try again03:53
oscurochuok thanks.03:53
PeloKingpin,  I do not accept private msg from ppl I don't know , and If I knew how to help you I would have offered03:54
KingpinOk sorry, I'm new03:54
=== r0bby [n=wakawaka@cpe-24-164-167-171.hvc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
wolsiTG`Neatchee: you have the wrong version. 2.x is NOT 1.2.x03:55
wolspidgin << 1:3.0 and >= 1:2.003:55
wolssmaller then 1.3.0 version wise03:55
KingpinMessage me if you can help me install steam please.03:55
=== ublender [n=ublender@adsl-068-209-130-040.sip.jax.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
PeloKingpin,  this is a  community support chanel, ie ppl here are users just like you , we can help with stuff we know about,   different ppl have different skills and there are different ppl at different time of day,03:56
=== BillTheFish [n=ubuntu@cpe-065-184-081-022.ec.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tacopon77 [n=tacopon7@FLH1Aas197.stm.mesh.ad.jp] has joined #ubuntu
=== oscurochu [n=oscuroch@pool-71-180-56-67.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
PeloKingpin,  if no one currently in can help try searching in the forum   www.ubuntuforums.com03:56
iTG`Neatcheewols: thing is, it's telling me pidgin is not installed at all, not that it's the wrong version03:56
oscurochuPelo: now I get this error: checking for termcap functions library... configure: error: No curses/termcap library found03:56
iTG`Neatcheewrong version I could deal with by forcing the deps03:56
wolsiTG`Neatchee: no -dev package for pidgin? it most probably needs some pidgin headers03:56
=== aLejandro [n=BAcK@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunoscurochu: install libncurses5-dev03:57
oscurochusudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev?03:57
=== geeksauce [n=john@ip70-160-167-130.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Arrick [n=t@techenterprise/arrick] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheewols: there's actually no feisty packages at all for pidgin.  I installed from source03:57
Pelooscurochu,  you will get a lot of msg like that , when you do ,  open up synaptic and search for the dependency that is missing, install it and run  ./configure again03:57
wolsiTG`Neatchee: and no you can't deal with that by forcing them. it's onething if the ubuntu packager wants that version but another one if the program to compiled needs it.03:57
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:57
=== hendrixski [n=hendrixs@cpe-66-66-116-183.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== rustalot [n=harry@bas9-toronto12-1177601974.dsl.bell.ca] has left #ubuntu []
wolsiTG`Neatchee: if it did work with >1.3.0 it would say so03:57
=== dkn [n=dale@d14-69-193-60.try.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuok, thanks.03:57
hendrixskiis there a channel for openoffice questions?03:57
iTG`Neatchee1.3.0 != 1:3.003:58
Pelooscurochu,  isn'T there a mysql pacakge in synaptic ?03:58
wolsoops. didn't see the ":"03:58
wolsiTG`Neatchee: but as I said: it mos probably misses a header file03:58
=== SeveredCross [n=bojan@c-24-60-139-195.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuPelo, yes. but I always have errors when using apache, so im just going to do this all from source so i know what's wrong.03:58
BillTheFishWhere can i find video support?03:58
=== aLejandro [n=BAcK@] has left #ubuntu []
hendrixskioh... #openoffice.org lol.. :-)03:58
iTG`Neatcheewols: probably.  Anything I can do about it, since I installed from source?03:59
=== Arrick [n=t@techenterprise/arrick] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wolsiTG`Neatchee: there is a pidgin-dev at least in debian sid. check ubuntu repos for such a thing03:59
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
=== hendrixski [n=hendrixs@cpe-66-66-116-183.rochester.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu [""leaving]
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=== Fujitsu [n=fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu
wolsiTG`Neatchee: why did you install from source?03:59
=== Pelo is out, g'night folks
CNTRLXjust get pidgin from their site03:59
=== cipy [n=cristina@pool-72-68-42-201.nwrknj.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuThanks, Pelo03:59
=== Frogzoo [n=Frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
wolsiTG`Neatchee: there is a reason this is discouraged03:59
=== aLejandro [n=BAcK@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bipolar [n=bflong@] has joined #ubuntu
=== emsantos [n=emsantos@201-43-21-143.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
ketzalhello aLejandro xd04:00
=== indylarry [n=larry@74-142-36-73.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheewols: because there are no feisty packages for pidgin.  Gutsy packages require libnss3 (when pidgin actually only needs libnss)04:00
=== kmaynard [n=kmaynard@68-117-180-42.dhcp.mtgm.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
aLejandroHOla ketzal04:00
wolsiTG`Neatchee: you already are bedning gutsy package04:00
CNTRLXim running pidgin from ubuntu 5.1004:00
=== emsantos is now known as emsantos_
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-71-254-104-203.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
BillTheFishAlright, i'm using 7.06 though my video isn't correct.. its maxed out at 800x600.. I'm using Nvidia GeForce.. Any suggestions?04:01
iTG`NeatcheeCNTRLX: i have pidgin, that's not the problem.  I'm trying to get OTR to work in pidgin04:01
orestesmhi, i am having a weird problem with wireless networking on my laptop; it works just fine when I boot off of the CD but does not connect to the router when I boot from the installed image on the HD; anyone see this before?04:01
=== NickPresta [n=nickpres@CPE000625f47ed2-CM0011e6c456e3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
CNTRLXoooh ok04:01
wolsBillTheFish: wrong monitot settings?04:01
iTG`Neatcheewols: say again?04:01
=== coy0te [n=coy0te@68-188-197-10.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== arooni [n=chatzill@c-24-19-241-123.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wolsiTG`Neatchee: you already are bedning gutsy packages. so what'S another package. and what you need is pidgin-dev, for your used version04:02
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iTG`Neatcheeok, but i'm afraid that installing the dev package will break my current install, because the gutsy package installs pidgin to a slightly different location from the source install04:03
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enviouzis there anyway to refresh the desktop? after closing wine my icons are huge04:04
iTG`Neatcheesource installs to /usr/local, while gutsy packages just install to /usr04:04
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Frogzooenviouz: reset your res'n04:04
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illusionswhat is the kernel version for 7.04?04:05
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gravemindhey, sup04:05
Jordan_U illusions #ubuntu+104:05
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royelCan someone tell me if there is a way to run the "import wizard" that Ubuntu first runs when you set up the OS04:06
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buzzedany good wifi tools... wifi-radar does not seem to launch04:06
aroonii'm having trouble manually partitoning (the wizard that comes with ubuntu install) ... i have one 300gb drive.   so far i have created (1) primary 10GB partition, location (beginning) use as (ext3), mount point (/).  and (2) swap, primary, location (beginning), use as (swap)....... QUESTION:  whenever i try to create the last parition for /home.... i get this error: "Can't have end before...04:06
shadeofgreyokay folks04:06
arooni...start" .... ideas?04:06
graveminddoes any body make dvds with menu screens? I want to find out how04:06
enviouzafter closing it screen resolutions says the same as it always does but stuff is just huge unless i hiot ctrl+alt+backspace and the login again04:06
Jordan_Ubuzzed, network-manager04:06
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Sandma1can someone help me reinstall my NVidia driver??04:06
Jordan_USandma1, System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager04:06
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shadeofgreyheres the fifteen million dollar trivia question.  does the exchange from an ATI to Nvidia graphiocs card in the new apple macbookpro's mean that installing ubuntu on them gets far easier?04:07
enviouzgravemind:  i havent figured out how to do that with linux let04:07
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Yes04:07
gravemindenviouz: I could always transfer my videos to the imac and use iDVD :P04:07
wolsshadeofgrey: not really. but the graphics will get faster in Linux04:07
Sandma1ok but what do i do there?04:07
=== Jordan_U waits for check from shadeofgrey
iTG`Neatcheewols:  also there is no dev package in the gutsy repos for pidgin :(04:07
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shadeofgreyi wanna run ubuntu really bad04:07
enviouzi transfer mine to windows and do it (only reason i even have a win partition)04:07
shadeofgreybut not bad enough to give up an apple for a pc04:07
aroonine ideas?04:07
yo2kSandma1: man apt-get04:07
wolsiTG`Neatchee: backport from debian sid then?04:07
gravemindenviouz: here's something I found, but I'm too tired to try it tonight04:08
K350I'm - desperately - looking for a DJ software such as the window  programs ACID, mixmeister and the like for Linux - Ubuntu..anyone?04:08
emethow do I decrypt CSS DRM DVDs04:08
Flannelshadeofgrey: nvidia is better than ATI, yes.  But the biggest hurdle for the macs are EFI, not the GUI.04:08
iTG`Neatcheewols: there's no pidgin package in ubuntu repos prior to gutsy04:08
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, The macbooks are even better, intel graphics04:08
enviouzill check that out04:08
iTG`Neatcheeit's a rename from Gaim04:08
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:08
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iTG`Neatcheewols: it's a rename of Gaim, but the rename breaks a bunch of plugins.04:08
Jordan_UFlannel, BIOS emulation, no need to mess with EFI ( unless you want to )04:08
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shadeofgreyflannel -- so what your saying is that until ubuntu adds efi support its going to always be touch and go and really complicated to get ubuntu ruinning on a mac of any flavor04:09
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iTG`Neatcheewols: and the newest version of the software (with a ton more features, and security fixes) has no gaim named version.04:09
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enviouzK350:  theres audacity rosegarden ardour ect depending on what you want to do (i use them for audio creation though)04:10
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, No, A major goal of Edgy was intel mac support, and with BIOS emulation it is for the most part just like any PC04:10
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ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:10
iTG`Neatcheewols: there is a fixed version of pidgin-otr plugin for the rename, but they, for some reason that i can't fathom, didn't release it for feisty, only gutsy04:10
b4ggi0who can teach me  how can I add static route to a pptp VPN client automatically.thanks.04:10
dick-richardsonI'm going to install kubuntu to see if it fixes the cpu soft lockup errors I'm getting...will my repos change?04:10
shadeofgreyJordan_U, than why are the install instructions so damb complicated?  installing bootcamp - the installing refit etc etc...  its a huge risk04:11
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Although Ubuntu does also have EFI support ( and has had it since before Apple used it )04:11
crimsuniTG`Neatchee: well we didn't release pidgin for feisty, so it would have made next to no sense to release pidgin-otr for feisty.04:11
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iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: right, and i still don't know why pidgin itself wasn't released for feisty lol04:11
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, They are no more complicated than installing windows on intel macs04:11
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iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: as a backport i mean04:11
cipyhow can I restore the original xorg.conf  ?04:11
dick-richardsonI'm going to install kubuntu to see if it fixes the cpu soft lockup errors I'm getting...will my repos change?04:12
K350enviouz: Those softwares are nto quite what I'm looking for.  I'm looking for a more DJ spesific sort of tool04:12
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crimsuniTG`Neatchee: do the legwork, then ;)04:12
Jordan_Ucipy, Did you back it up?04:12
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cipyno, I didn't04:12
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iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: if i knew how, i'd be glad to XD04:12
Jordan_Ucipy, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh04:12
K350enviouz: Rosegarden and those program ar emore of multitrack recorders adn midi sequezners then DJ softwares...if you understnad what I mean?04:12
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crimsuniTG`Neatchee: we have backport procedures documented on the Ubuntu wiki.04:12
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:13
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ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports04:13
enviouzK350:  like making custom mixes or?04:13
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K350enviouz: yeah sort of:-)04:13
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shadeofgreyJordan_U, then you have way better access to far better instructions than me04:13
enviouzok let me check a few things out ill get back to you in a few mins04:13
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K350enviouz: okay..pls pm..okay?04:14
dick-richardsonI'm going to install kubuntu to see if it fixes the cpu soft lockup errors I'm getting...will my repos change?04:14
enviouzok will do04:14
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBook04:14
oscurochuWhen I ran ./configure, i made a type and made the prefix /us/local/mysql instead of /usr/local/mysql. How can I fix this without recompiling it?04:14
K350enviouz: thx:-)04:14
shadeofgreyJordan_U, are you saying that  your supremely confident you could help me through installing ubuntu on my coreduo macbookpro with ATI support?04:14
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Flanneloscurochu: Why don't you just use mysql from the repositories?04:14
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Considering that I have the exact same computer, Yes :)04:15
yo2koscurochu: ./consigure --help04:15
cipyI have a  "nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 440 Go] " video adapter, what driver should I use ?04:15
oscurochuit doesn't work right04:15
wols oscurochu you can't04:15
yo2koscurochu: ./configure --help04:15
yo2koscurochu: ./configure -h04:15
dthackerdick-richardson: they'll be changed back to defaults.04:15
w9fyiis anybody here?04:15
Piciw9fyi: is this a trick question?04:15
oscurochuwhat if i just move /us/local/mysql to /usr/local/mysql?04:15
BogaurdI'm having the same issue as described in this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/118580 - There has already been a response posted - does this mean in the next kernel release these modules will be present/enabled?04:15
shadeofgreyJordan_U, have i told you yoiur my new hero?  because its true04:15
dick-richardsondthacker: right...I'm mostly curious if the ubuntu specification in /etc/apt/sources.list needs to be changed to kubuntu04:15
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royelCan someone tell me if there is a way to run the "import wizard" that Ubuntu first runs when you set up the OS04:16
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n2diyw9fyi: 1046 of us OM.04:16
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PiciBogaurd: Only if you are running 2.6.22, which right now is only in Gutsy04:16
yo2koscurochu: make uninstall than ./configure again...04:16
shadeofgreyJordan_U, but see -- the part i dont get is this...  i tried running the liveCD without installation and xorg.conf sent me hate mail.  it wouldnt initialize the gui04:16
dthackerdick-richardson: give me a few mins to boot a laptop and I'll check04:16
dick-richardsondthacker: thank you! :)04:17
shadeofgreyJordan_U, it wouldnt even give me a cmdline04:17
wolsshadeofgrey: it can only do vesa or fglrx. not fglrx on the CD04:17
oscurochudo i have to run make again? or can i just run make install?04:17
BogaurdPici: hrmm. I'm not no. I'm running feisty. Would it be possible to somehow enable this module on feisty?04:17
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Yea, that is due to thee ATI card, you can get to a terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+F104:17
PiciBogaurd: I think it would require compiling your own kernel, but I'm not sure.04:17
rocketsHow come nobody's written an mplayer plugin for totem? It seems to work much MUCH better then gstreamer04:17
yo2koscurochu: have you make install?04:17
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dick-richardsonrockets: totem-xine works much better04:18
=== rossco [n=ross@C-210-10-160-156.syd.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofgreyJordan_U, so okay then.  what do i have to do to get instructions forinstalling on a macbopokpro with ati graphics and the original coreduo chipset?04:18
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rocketsdick-richardson, either way, gstreamer sucks. so why is it the default? it can BARELY handle wmv04:18
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Then run this and choose "fglrx" when asked : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:18
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shadeofgreyJordan_U, also -- does the factt that we bought early and cant do 64 bit syupport mean i have to buy thenew macbookpro to run leopard?04:18
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yo2koscurochu: 1.make uninstall, 2. ./configure04:18
dick-richardsonrockets: I don't have problems with the files I'm getting using w32codecs and totem-xine...what are you seeing?04:19
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, AFAIK no, but I am not sure.04:19
yo2koscurochu: 3. make, 4. make install04:19
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rocketsdick-richardson, with totem-gstreamer, if i play wmv its fine, unless i try to drag the time to the middle of the movie or something04:19
rocketsit just doesnt play04:19
shadeofgreyokay well look04:19
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oscurochui was hoping there was a way around recompiling. ok thanks anyways.04:19
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oscurochuis there a linux equivalent of the windows cls?04:20
dick-richardsongotcha, not sure then...04:20
crimsunoscurochu: `clear` or `reset`04:20
oscurochuoh ok04:20
yo2koscurochu: clr04:20
shadeofgreyi run mac because im an adobe slut.  im interested in running ubuntu becvause before i got my mac i waas making $300 a person converting all the university students in my town from windows to ubuntu so their parents didnt have to pay to have the machine cleaned at the end of every semester because the FAU Universdity network is absurdly infdected04:21
dick-richardsonare desktop effects in kubuntu?04:21
Jordan_Udick-richardson, AFIK yes, but ask in #kubuntu04:21
=== CTho_ [n=chris@cpe-72-177-113-240.austin.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
dick-richardsonwill do, thank you :)04:22
shadeofgreyand i have 15 people RIGHT now looking to get me to install ubuntu on their dells and hp laptops and shit but i dont feel right about saying i can do it fort them because i havent used ubuntu since dapper and have no idea how hard it is to do laptop installas with feisty04:22
shadeofgreyor whatever the hell you guys call the most recent release04:22
dthackerdick-richardson: you will not need to change to kubuntu04:22
yo2koscurochu: sorry, clear i mean... ( i create a filename clr, that is contain bash script to clear like cls)04:23
dick-richardsondthacker: thank you!!!04:23
=== CTho_ [n=chris@cpe-72-177-113-240.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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CTho_how is supertux only 2 stars popularity? that game freaking rules!04:23
iMayKnowshadeofgrey, fiesty is rediculously easy on a laptop04:23
=== r00tintheb0x [n=mking213@cpe-24-175-105-194.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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dthackershadeofgrey: feisty, and I've only had one issue between two laptops.04:24
=== imbecile [n=imbecile@cpe-76-169-209-182.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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shadeofgreyiMayKnow, yeah but what about wireless?  thats the ine thing i could never gurantee compatability with because there were so many variants of wireless cards in use04:24
dick-richardsonanyone come across the Bug: cpu soft lockup on cpu#0! ?04:24
=== gravemind [n=phix@pool-70-108-40-146.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
imbecilehey guys how do i change my splash screen?04:24
gravemindhow do you mount a .bin?04:25
ajmorris_oops lol, testing msgs... sorry all04:25
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Wow, they have added some new stuff to the howto, I am glad I looked it over, now I can set the minimum fan speed in Ubuntu instead of having to reboot into OSX :)04:25
cipyI've installed the nvidia-glx driver, but my screen becomes black when I start the X server, anyone facing the same  problem ?04:25
SlashLifegravemind: iirc considering it to be a .iso suffices04:25
SlashLifeNot sure, but it's worth a try.04:25
=== iCoreBot [n=rbot@mail.studiomanfredini.it] has joined #ubuntu
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gravemindSlashLife: I think it gave me wrong fs type04:25
=== goban [n=goban@ip68-107-157-9.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofgreyJordan_U, what page are you lookimng at?04:26
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Your card will just work in Feisty04:26
imbecilegravemind,  does it have a .cue file?04:26
gravemindimbecile: yeah04:26
=== bran_ [i=bran@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ajmorris_ is now known as test
imbecilegravemind,  are you trying to burn it?04:26
shadeofgreyJordan_U, what page are you lookimng at?04:26
=== test is now known as ajmorris_
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook most of it applies to macbook pro also, and the howto is better than the macbook pro one IMHO04:26
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dthackerdick-richardson:  I see a few entries on launchpad for that error.04:26
gravemindimbecile: no, just mount04:26
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ezE_this Xchat is sooooo old  .1604:26
dick-richardsondthacker: where's launchpad?04:27
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dthackerdick-richardson: first one to pop up is #10835504:27
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imbecilegravemind,  im not sure how to do that but i do know when burning you just drag the cue over04:27
yo2kgravemind: .bin same windows .exe, i think...04:27
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Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, I can help you where there are differences, the only real difference is with the GFX since the macbook pro uses an ATI card and macbook uses intel04:27
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mattycozehey guys, I need to make a website and I use Ubuntu, I need a good WYSIWYG editor, does anyone know what would be good>04:28
=== ajmorris_ [n=ajmorris@220-253-44-167.VIC.netspace.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Bye]
imbecilegravemind,  and leave the bin. the cue is like a placemarker and pulls over the bin04:28
natsumey_NIS using what kind of port ?04:28
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preactionshadeofgrey: i've noticed on my MBP that I have to use the console to load the fglrx driver before I can load X04:28
yo2kmattycoze: bluefush , nvu or ...?04:28
=== finder [n=brejo@201-24-127-105.jvece702.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
SlashLifematti: text editor > "WYSIWYG"04:28
=== bran_ [i=bran@] has joined #ubuntu
SlashLife~ mattycoze04:29
preactionshadeofgrey: otherwise, the last time i loaded the fiesty live CD, everything else worked04:29
SlashLifeshoot, I'm getting tired.04:29
yo2kmattycoze: bluefish , nvu or ...?04:29
mattycozelol i haven't got time to use a text editor04:29
gravemindimbecile: yeah, I burn cue/bins all the time but I can't figure out how to mount one04:29
=== finder [n=brejo@201-24-127-105.jvece702.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has left #ubuntu ["Saindo"]
gravemindyo2k: what?04:29
mattycozethanks i'll check them out04:29
preaction!html | mattycoze04:29
ubotumattycoze: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build webpages. Editors in Ubuntu: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem, and Nvu. For howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com04:29
ignignoktgravemind, maybe acetone204:29
ignignoktor acetoneiso or something similar04:29
clouder`grranyone know what I can use to rip a cd over a network?  I have an audio CD in my mom's computer because my cdrom drive doesn't work but I want to rip it using my compy04:29
bruenig!iso | gravemind04:29
ubotugravemind: To mount an ISO disc image, type  sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint>  - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:29
=== ajmorris_ [n=ajmorris@220-253-44-167.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Umattycoze, bluefish is good I am told04:29
=== arentoine [n=robillal@bas4-montreal02-1096722028.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktcan anyone help me with k3b?  i get a cdrecord error code 25404:30
=== klien5 [n=klien5@] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktwhen burning anything04:30
=== klien5_ [n=klien5@] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindbruenig: does that include bchunk? cause I already tried that and it gave me two isos from one cue/bin04:30
ignignoktimages, movies, audio cds04:30
=== klien5__ [n=klien5@] has joined #ubuntu
=== s1mOnJ_ [n=gjehle@p5B17C0DB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
dukex64can someone help me get my back and forward buttons on my mouse to work.  i tried following the guides and how-tos but still no luck04:30
andresjrmignignokt: what's the error message?04:30
=== klien5 [n=klien5@] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
ignignoktcdrecord error04:30
ignignoktcode 25404:30
ignignoktthat's it04:30
albertmkCan anyone tell me how to make my Ubuntu 7.04 64-bit get "32-bit compatibility environment"?????????04:30
ignignoktit says using TAO writing might help the error but it doesn't04:31
=== encKe [n=encKe@adsl-75-31-14-209.dsl.mdldtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
eyemeanwhen ever i parallels and have windows xp in it, the workstation is transparent04:31
=== bruenig|laptop [n=bruenig@cpe-76-186-116-238.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ignignokti can link you to the console output if you want andresjrm, it's on ubuntuforums04:31
brueniggravemind, you don't have a browser?04:31
Jordan_U!chroot | albertmk04:31
Cain_UnAbelwhenever i use mplayer and close it , esd takes up my sound card until i kill it , is there a way around this?04:31
ubotualbertmk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box04:31
eyemeancan i change it to be solid04:31
=== oakwood54 [n=oakwood5@12-227-229-80.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmignignokt: ok04:31
=== tirony [n=tirony@c-75-70-149-32.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindbruenig: I'm looking at that site, lol. just a though04:31
=== oakwood54 [n=oakwood5@12-227-229-80.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== TomB_ [n=tomb@host86-147-88-201.range86-147.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmalbertmk: search for a package with the words emul and linux in it04:32
=== John` [n=akira@] has joined #ubuntu
=== asdf_ [n=jacks-@pool-71-251-236-133.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindbruenig: I don't really want to convert to iso, I just want to mount the bin/cue04:32
ignignoktgravemind: have you tried acetone yet?04:32
brueniggravemind, convert then mount04:32
=== asdf_ [n=jacks-@pool-71-251-236-133.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
ignignoktit's not in the repos, it's a gui for mounting04:32
=== nandoviski [n=nandovis@] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindignignokt: Is it in synaptic?04:32
ignignokti think it does bin/cue04:32
=== citronbleu-v [n=citronbl@lor34-1-82-240-236-19.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindbruenig: I said, it gives me 2 isos, neither of which is usable04:33
=== dick-richardso1 [n=joshua@host-97-128-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
dick-richardso1just happened again :(04:33
=== SeveredCross [n=bojan@c-24-60-139-195.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== calc [n=ccheney@conr-adsl-209-169-124-200.consolidated.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== braddcadd [n=braddcad@] has joined #ubuntu
=== stephen_ [n=stephen@cpe-71-67-141-168.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
gravemindignignokt: how do I get it then04:33
John`i'm trying to run a program in wine, but this program run as a file that use cmd.exe in windows.  Whenever i run it using wineconsole i get the error message of c:\\windows and c:\\windows\\system32 is not accessible both in the dos screen and in the terminal, is there a way to do it?04:33
=== asdf_ [n=jacks-@pool-71-251-236-133.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== LyleM [n=LyleM@adsl-69-152-175-232.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
ignignoktgravemind:  1 sec04:34
BogaurdI need to get the IFQ module working with ubuntu - this module is not included in the ubuntu kernel at the moment - does anybody know of a location from which one could download this module?04:34
lgcHi! My laptop won't hibernate because seemingly it can't find the swap device. But from 'top' I see that the swap space is actually being used. Any ideas? Thanks.04:34
=== HorizonXP [n=HorizonX@CPE001217163e0b-CM000a739a2880.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #Ubuntu
gravemindignignokt: "Only Ubuntu Linux : Mount and Unmount ISO,MDF,NRG Images Using Acetone..."04:34
andresjrmignignokt: is cdrecord setuid?04:34
graveminddoesn't include bin cue : (04:34
HorizonXPi'm trying to compile mplayerplug-in, but i'm getting an error...can someone help?04:34
ignignokt:| sorry gravemind04:34
bruenig|laptopgravemind, acetone is a joke, it is a front end for mount04:34
gravemindAcetoneISO2 in QT4 has just been released and is able to mount ISO BIN NRG MDF IMG04:35
ignignoktandres: i don't know04:35
jribHorizonXP: why compile?  it is packaged04:35
n2diyw9fyi: 1046 of us OM.04:35
gravemindit can mount bin04:35
yo2kHorizonXP: what error ?04:35
gravemindI don't care if it is a joke then04:35
bruenig|laptopguarantee you that it converts04:35
HorizonXPjrib: because it doesn't have proper support for Compiz04:35
bruenig|laptopthen mounts04:35
Cain_UnAbelis there a way to connect frostwire to gnutell manually?04:35
jribHorizonXP: what does that mean?04:35
John`ignignokt: can you help me?04:35
gravemindbruenig|laptop: using bin2iso?04:35
HorizonXPyo2k: when i make, it quits with "[plugin-ui.o]  Error 1"04:35
gravemindI haven't tried that one yet04:35
bruenig|laptopusing acetone04:35
ignignoktwhat's your problem john?04:35
Jordan_UJohn`, Try #winehq04:35
=== zarul [n=zs@ubuntu/member/zarul] has joined #ubuntu
bruenig|laptopgravemind, cues are just text files aren't they?04:36
HorizonXPjrib: as in, it doesn't allow Compiz or Beryl to handle drawing the video, so it lags and doesn't allow desktop effects04:36
daskidud1this hates copying for me.  it keeps getting i/o errors04:36
andresjrmignignokt: i check mine is not, so that's not the problem... maybe you are not in the right group...04:36
gravemindbruenig|laptop: I mean, does it convert with bin2iso, because bchunk didn't seem to work04:36
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
HorizonXPyo2k: you want me to pastebin it?04:36
yo2kHorizonXP: file plugin-ui.o not found04:36
bruenig|laptopgravemind, try it, it is a simple c program, compile it and do ./bin2iso whatever.bin04:36
ignignoktandresjr: what group should I be in?04:36
bruenig|laptopthe cue should not be needed04:36
=== John` [n=akira@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Thaddeus [n=thaddeus@pool-72-86-43-63.clppva.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktthat's the weird thing, i've been burning cds for a very long time and all of the sudden it started doing this04:37
yo2kHorizonXP: no... thank's04:37
ignignoktok, i'll try that04:37
lgcJordan_U, perhaps you have an idea...04:37
HorizonXPyo2k: as in, the compiled binary?04:37
bruenig|laptopignignokt, hardware failure maybe, I had a drive go out on me not to long ago04:37
daskidud1any reason that i keep getting i/o errors when copying to my external?04:37
bruenig|laptopand not completely, just cd burning04:37
bruenig|laptopall else still worked04:37
HorizonXPyo2k: i don't get it... there's a plugin.o file in there04:37
Jordan_Ulgc, Nope, no idea :(04:37
jribHorizonXP: I'm still not sure what you are referring, it works fine here with compiz04:37
=== Massao [n=Massao@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cwiiis [n=cwiiis@81-86-56-58.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
albertmkCan anyone tell me how to make my Ubuntu 7.04 64-bit get "32-bit compatibility environment"?????????04:38
=== choox2 [i=forsaken@adsl-4-248-153.mem.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmignignokt: or any group 'ls -l /dev/`readlink /dev/cdrw`' tells you (and ensure that it is group writable)04:38
HorizonXPjrib: well it didn't for me when I upgraded to Compiz Fusion04:38
ignignoktthanks bruenig04:38
jrib!chroot > albertmk (see the private message from ubotu)04:38
=== codemonke [n=Code@12-210-30-179.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info04:38
ignignokti'll swap one04:38
yo2kHorizonXP: what you first step to compiling ?04:38
=== madman91 is now known as madman91_
=== r0bby [i=wakawaka@cpe-24-164-167-171.hvc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Massao [n=Massao@] has joined #ubuntu
jribHorizonXP: so what do you need to change with the ubuntu package now?04:39
=== Wassim [n=wassim@bas1-hull20-1177719773.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrupal_ [n=chatzill@user-12ld7dv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Massao [n=Massao@] has joined #ubuntu
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@201-89-155-181.cslce700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
HorizonXPjrib: nothing really, i have a compiled version of mplayer that works fine, i just wanna get firefox to use it instead of totem04:39
daskidud1anyone have an idea about why my stuff isn't copying?04:39
WassimHey everyone, I have a brief question. I downloaded Xubuntu. It is saved in Iso? format. I want to put it on a CD so that I can install it on my laptop. Can anyone help?04:39
HorizonXPyo2k: whatoptions.sh, then configure (with those options), make04:39
jribHorizonXP: so remove the totem plugin04:40
Jordan_U!iso | Wassim04:40
HorizonXPi did04:40
ubotuWassim: To mount an ISO disc image, type  sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint>  - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:40
=== Tecmaniaco [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
=== madman91_ is now known as madman91
Jordan_UWassim, Sorry, wrong link04:40
jribHorizonXP: did you restart your browser?04:40
HorizonXPbut if I try to install mplayer-mozilla, it tries to install mplayer too04:40
Flannel!burning | Wassim04:40
ubotuWassim: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus cd burner (Gnome), gtoaster, xcdroast, cdrecord (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:40
HorizonXPwhich I don't want04:40
ignignoktandresjr: i can't discern exactly the command you were telling me to do04:40
=== NET||abuse [n=lab@87-198-142-78.ptr.magnet.ie] has joined #ubuntu
=== ibanex [n=ibanex@c-24-15-54-241.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
andrupal_spun my machine into an infinite loop...how do I mount the hd from live cd to change the bad file?04:40
=== Tecmaniaco say hello!!!
Tecmaniacohi guys04:41
andresjrmignignok: what does discern mean? (sorry, english is not my first language)04:41
Jordan_Uandrupal_, Just boot the LiveCD and go to Places -> Computer04:41
TecmaniacoIm new in this chanel04:41
yo2kHorizonXP: sudo updatedb than find plugin-ui.o04:41
Jordan_Uandresjrm, Find out04:41
ignignoktandresjrm: no problem, i just mean i don't understand what command you want me to do04:41
jribHorizonXP: well your choices then are 1) install mplayer properly as a deb 2) compile the plugin 3) use equivs 4) figure out exactly what the issue is and get the repository version to work with compiz .  Did you pastebin your compiling errors?04:42
Jordan_Uandresjrm, There are many channels for other languages, if you would rather have help in your native language04:42
TecmaniacoCan i do a quetion for you?04:42
=== chowmeined [n=will_@] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktJordan_U: he's giving help at the moment04:42
jribTecmaniaco: yes, just ask04:42
Jordan_U!ask | Tecmaniaco04:42
ubotuTecmaniaco: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:42
andresjrmignignok: oh, what it does is look what does /dev/cdrom point to, and then give you the information of it04:42
=== finn__ [n=finn@rgnb-4db1d717.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uignignokt, Ahh, missed that, just saw his last comment04:43
ignignoktandresjrm: but what command do i put in?04:43
TecmaniacoI cannt install Beryl in my Laptop ?04:43
HorizonXPjrib: how would i install mplayer properly as a deb?04:43
iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: alright, so i've installed prevu.  How do I make, for example, the gutsy deb of pidgin available for use in prevu?04:43
andresjrmJordan_U: i am not asking :) i am answering, and i prefer to be in this channel, because channels in spanish usally have less people04:43
crimsuniTG`Neatchee: follow its usage instructions.04:43
n2diy! ask | Tecmaniaco04:43
ubotuTecmaniaco: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:43
Jordan_UTecmaniaco, Can't as in don't know how, or as in it isn't working?04:43
andresjrmignignokt: ls -l /dev/`readlink /dev/cdrw`04:44
ignignoktthank you04:44
jribHorizonXP: download the source package, make the necessary modifications, and rebuild it: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html04:44
Tecmaniacoi have a Compaq with 1.33 Mhz AMD Atlon XP 512Mb Ram and Ati 64Mb04:44
=== eliahu [n=eliahu@pool-72-81-208-178.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== eliahu_ [n=eliahu@pool-72-81-208-178.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
daskidud1if i am copying using the terminal, how do i know it is working?04:44
greg_gcould someone recommend a program that would stress my video card and processor but be able to run in a window (not fullscreen) I want to do some diagnosing04:45
=== looping_ [n=derek@ARennes-352-1-136-160.w86-203.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
greg_gglxgears isn't cutting it04:45
Jordan_UTecmaniaco, Is your card supported by the open source ATI drivers?04:45
ignignoktandresjrm: that gives me a lot of text, what do i do with that04:45
Tecmaniacoyeah ia try install but my laptop is very slow04:45
=== Talaman72 [i=kris@66-215-57-61.dhcp.gvrb.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: oh wait, i see what i did.  Haha, the guide was written for edgy users, so i forgot to change "feisty" references to "gutsy"04:45
iTG`Neatcheehehe i'm smart :(04:45
Jordan_Ugreg_g, for the CPU you can run: yes > /dev/null04:46
greg_gwhat does "yes"do?04:46
andresjrmignignokt: it should give you just one line, first there is the permissions, a space, a number, then a username, and then the group you should belong to to be able to burn discs04:46
tupais pureftpd a wrapper for ftp, or do they work differently?04:46
Tecmaniacotha last time that try install Beryl the machine is blocked04:46
andresjrmignignokt: ensure that the permissions are "brw-rw----"04:47
ignignoktandresjrm: then i'm not putting in right, i'm getting a line for every device.  you have two odd characters in the command you gave me, maybe i have to replace those with somethign?04:47
greg_gthanks Jordan_U , I got it04:47
=== lmvhmv [i=asd@CPE0018f3ecef24-CM001947933c38.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== lmvhmv [i=asd@CPE0018f3ecef24-CM001947933c38.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
andresjrmignignokt, those characters are right :), i think you are getting so many lines because /dev/cdrw does not exist, does /dev/cdrom exist? (check with ls /dev/cdrom)04:48
oipatWhy does the Restricted Drivers Manager require a reboot when installing the nvidia drivers?04:48
ignignoktandresjrm:  i think that's it, hang on04:48
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-71-254-104-203.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jriboipat: it probably only needs you to restart X04:49
Tecmaniacosorry that my English is bad04:49
WassimWow! THank you! I put my Xubuntu iso on a CD using InfraRecorder. Now I want to put it in my Laptop, but do I need another file to read the Install file?04:49
Tecmaniacoi will try04:49
troopperioipat: ctrl+alt+backspace04:49
oipatjrib: Yea, thats what I thought, just had to make sure I didn't do anything foolish.04:49
=== bigglouie2007 [n=chance@c-67-166-80-113.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogeb [n=dudi@] has joined #ubuntu
jriboipat: I think it just wants to keep things simple for new users04:50
andrupal_I need to be able to delete or "save as" files on my HD from livecd...how can I access these?04:50
TecmaniacoCan I do another question please???04:50
n2diyWassim: just conigure your laptop to boot from the cdrom04:50
ignignoktandresjrm: yes, i got it.  i added a group called "cdrom" and added myself to it04:50
=== ogeb [n=dudi@] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Wassimn2diy! THANK YOU!04:50
WassimHave a goodnight everyone.04:50
jribTecmaniaco: yes, the question we do not like is: "Can I ask a question"04:50
Jordan_Uandrupal_, Just boot the LiveCD and go to Places -> Computer04:50
WassimWish me luck. I might be back with Ubuntu in a few hours.04:50
WassimXubuntu. ;)04:50
ignignoktandresjrm: do i need to log out and in for that to take effect?04:51
Talaman72how do i put my computer into the same domain/workgroup as the rest of my computers?04:51
n2diyWassim: you too, happy install.04:51
=== megafauna [n=megafaun@CPE0007e9c32c31-CM0012c99ebae4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
jribTecmaniaco: it's ok, ask your question :)04:51
andrupal_Jordan_U:  Yes I did this, but it won't let me replace the bad file04:51
andresjrmignignokt: good :). but you need to check that the device in /dev/ belongs to that group. mine is /dev/hdc, but i don't know wich one is yours04:51
ignignoktah ok04:51
ignignoktit's /dev/scd104:51
Jordan_Uandrupal_, Try editing it with sudo ( gksudo gedit /path/to/file )04:52
=== quantumduck [n=quantumd@ip-129-15-131-243.fescfwsm.ou.edu] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmok ignignokt, /dev/sdcd1 should belong to the group cdrom, then. and be group writable04:52
megafaunahi. I think I got a trojan horse from irc. Can someone recommend a good antivirus pls?04:52
ignignoktok, how do i make it belong to that group?04:52
porthosehow can I find out what my IP address is via the command line04:52
TecmaniacoCan I Install a LAMP in a Machine with a Processor300Mhz04:52
andresjrmsudo chown root:cdrom /dev/scd104:52
andrupal_now livecd freezes again...ack.04:52
=== SAM_theman [n=SAM_them@user-1120h7b.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uporthose, ifconfig04:52
craigbass1976megafauna, in Ubuntu you got a Trojan?04:52
n2diymegafauna: what is your OS?04:52
=== shnastybiznastic [n=bas@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ironman273 [n=rob@] has joined #ubuntu
Tecmaniacois CentOS04:53
megafaunaI had some link to some warez channel installed on my gnome toolbar04:53
ignignoktandresjrm:  thanks :) shall i log out/in to test?04:53
craigbass1976AVG has AV for linux, but I doubt that's your problem04:53
=== eauxnguyen [n=eauxnguy@oh-71-2-1-100.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976megafauna, AVG has AV for linux, but I doubt that's your problem04:53
andrupal_why does livecd freeze constantly?04:53
megafaunacraigbass1976 I am installing that now.......04:53
craigbass1976megafauna, why do you think you got a trojan?04:53
n2diymegafauna: are there any other OSs on the hard drives?04:54
andresjrmignignokt: yes, but just to be sure do 'sudo chmod g+w /dev/scd1' to ensure it is group writable ;)04:54
Jordan_Uandrupal_, How much memory is there?04:54
Ironman273Could someone help me with a grub issue?04:54
ignignoktgreat, thanks andres04:54
megafaunacraigbass1976 no, the windows hd is dead. I googled "linux irc virus" and it listed a couple of trojans04:54
andrupal_1GB I think.04:54
Tecmaniacono theres not04:54
megafaunacraigbass1976 but i'm actually not sure04:54
ignignokti'll test04:54
=== kh [n=kh@] has joined #ubuntu
iMayKnowIronman273, what is your grub issue?04:54
craigbass1976megafauna, well, is there any behavior that causes you to believe a trojan is on your box?04:54
Ironman273I use ubuntu as a secondary boot just to "play" with it.  I installed some updates and now grub doesn't list my Vista partition.04:55
=== newuser [n=Davy@c-24-7-118-104.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
megafaunacraigbass1976 no. just a fear from reading google04:55
megafaunacraigbass1976 and the link to the warez chan installed on my gnome toolbar04:55
=== bdheeman [n=bsd@] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976Anyone... Isn't there a way to put a create mask on a directory?  craig is in the var-www group, but whenever he creates a file in /var/www, it's owned by craig user and group04:55
Tecmaniacowell i think that is all04:56
craigbass1976megafauna, what's warex again? Heard of it, but not sure04:56
megafaunacraigbass1976 how could it have been installed automatically from irc? I didn't click anything I shouldn't have (am kinda savey)04:56
Tecmaniacothanks for all04:56
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:56
iMayKnowIronman273, if you look in /boot/grub/menu.list they list several configurations that might help you to put your vista install back in the list... to figure out what partition number (e.g. hda1) your vista partition is on you can use something like gparted04:56
craigbass1976!create mask04:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about create mask - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:56
Talaman72how do i put my computer into the same domain/workgroup as the rest of my computers?   I can see my network, but when i double click on it it jacks up04:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about create - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:56
=== bob_ [n=bob@bas3-hamilton14-1167924732.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
megafaunacraigbass1976 it was from some nasty irc channel. warez it said04:56
ubotuTor & other common anonymizing proxies get abused to attack & spam Ubuntu channels, so they're blocked. Get a cloak from Freenode instead, and stop wasting your time with Tor: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks04:56
=== A_b [n=guest3@S010600032f3611e8.no.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
megafaunacraigbass1976 i assume for pirated software. I haen't gone there btw04:57
=== Vlet_ [n=martian@pool-68-163-228-209.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofgreyokasy herws the really important question04:57
shadeofgreyis anybody working on a version of ubuntu that uses beryl by default rather than gnome?04:57
newuserHi. I have a desktop running ubuntu 7.04 ATI x1600. Does anyone know how to lower the contrast? gamma doesn't help.04:57
shadeofgreyberyl kicks aero's ass and then some04:57
=== Vlet_ is now known as vletmix
craigbass1976megafauna, I don't know.  I suppose it's possible, but I just doubt you've got a trojan04:57
=== citronbleu-v [n=citronbl@lor34-1-82-240-236-19.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelshadeofgrey: #ubuntu-effects would probably eb a better place to ask04:58
vletmixHow can I get network manager to store a wep key without setting creating a keyring pass?04:58
megafaunacraigbass1976 well that's good news. how do i run the avg scanner w/ sudo?04:58
=== oakwood54 [n=oakwood5@12-227-229-80.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
blankyhey guys, for m4a playback I need gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse right?04:58
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Ushadeofgrey, Gutsy ( next version of Ubuntu ) might04:58
=== msl [n=msl@adsl-75-18-1-161.dsl.tpkaks.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
megafaunacraigbass1976 that was rhetorical. sorry04:59
blankybecause I already have gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse but my m4a file wont play from rythm box so I'm installing gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad cause it said in the wiki it might be needed to make it work04:59
andrupal_How does gkedit work?  Where do I type this in the desktop?04:59
crimsunblanky: for GSt-based ones, you need gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse.04:59
eyemeanhow can i edit grub loade rpls, because winddows i slisted but i dont have it installed04:59
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
=== John` [n=akira@] has joined #ubuntu
Ironman273iMayKnow: thanks for the help04:59
=== kduboi1 [n=kevin@adsl-76-226-126-251.dsl.sfldmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kiki [n=chucho@] has joined #ubuntu
andresjrmandrupal_: i suppose you mean gedit... it is in Applications > Accessories > Text Editor04:59
=== oakwood54 [n=oakwood5@12-227-229-80.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Remy|Work [n=honkey@203-206-174-94.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Ueyemean, sudo update-grub or manually edit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:00
blankycrimsun: alright thanks05:00
iTG`Neatcheecrimsun: aight, new question.  Can I prevu a package and force it to ignore specific deps in the package?  For example, I want to try building pidgin using libnss instead of libnss305:00
Talaman72is ubuntu down?05:00
=== mojojojo_ [n=jth@c22-103.icpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
andrupal_Well I meant gksudo gedit05:00
crimsuniTG`Neatchee: I don't use prevu.05:00
eyemeancheers jordan_l05:00
=== mon^rch [n=anonymou@S0106000fea33f1bb.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
andrupal_I need to deal with a file on the HD from livecd05:00
Jordan_UiTG`Neatchee, Yes, it is possible, look at man apt-get for more info05:00
andresjrmandrupal_: Alt+F205:00
John`how come when i add the wineHQ apt repository through terminal, i get this error message :  shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory05:00
=== cE_mUTzzzz [n=cE_mUTzz@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tidus [n=tidus@unaffiliated/tidus] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyJohn, what is getcwp?05:02
andrupal_GD live Cd is freezing again...this is impossible.   I've got a hung terminal that won't boot and the liveCD environment won't allow me to work on the file that's causing the problem!05:02
jribJohn`: you are in a directory you deleted05:02
iTG`NeatcheeJordan_U: i don't see anything in that man entry about forcing the use of different packages05:02
=== GrubChub [n=mike@c-67-166-109-210.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== gravemind [n=phix@pool-70-108-40-146.res.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
ubuntuI made several atualization in this livecd, is there a way to save it to use again?05:03
John`jrib: how do i fix that?05:03
jribJohn`: type 'cd'05:03
andresjrmandrupal_: what about just run sudo nano <thefileyouwant> from the Terminal?05:03
Talaman72ok, network issue05:03
=== lightrush [n=lightrus@CPE00119573e109-CM0011e6be7591.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Talaman72how do i put my computer into the same domain/workgroup as the rest of my computers?   I can see my network, but when i double click on it it jacks up05:03
=== Mepis54 [n=oakwood5@12-227-229-80.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyjrib: in a deleted directory? That is interesting to know.05:03
=== cE_mUTzzzz [n=cE_mUTzz@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisTalaman72,  the samba config file has those options.05:03
andrupal_I can't figure out what path to use to the file...it's on the HD...not a part of the root on live cd...05:03
Dr_willis!info samba-doc05:04
ubotusamba-doc: Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.24-2ubuntu1.2 (feisty), package size 6754 kB, installed size 14512 kB05:04
craigbass1976If a group (var-wwww) owns a directory, how do I make it so that any files created in that folder (by users in the group) are owned by the user and group var-www?05:04
mslandrupal_: You need to mount the partition first.   mount /dev/hda1    or simlar05:04
andresjrmandrupal_: but if you can use it, then it is mounted, the disk should be mounted on /media/05:04
craigbass1976I thought I was looking at a create mask, but that seems to be samba specific05:04
=== erat123 [n=eric@71-213-227-51.cdrr.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== seraph741 [n=mike@12-208-112-112.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
andrupal_ok will try once livecd boots for the 5th time05:05
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@adsl-75-53-34-145.dsl.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyandrupal_: click on places > home folder05:05
Talaman72Dr_willis, where is that?05:05
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:05
=== ignignokt [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuI made several atualization in this livecd, is there a way to save it to use again?05:05
ignignoktandresjrm:  I BURNED A CD!05:05
Dr_willisTalaman72,  in /etc/samba of course. :) notice the 'samba-doc' package.. 2 full books of how to use samba..05:05
ignignoktthanks a lot man05:05
CNTRLXare you in vernon Willis?05:05
SAM_themanI need help... my hp 3653 isn't supported ??05:05
=== ubuntu is now known as abraha
Dr_willisCNTRLX,  im in indiana.05:05
andresjrmignignokt: great! your welcome :)05:05
=== mozphat_ [n=ymoffett@bas8-montreal02-1096627810.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ignignokti'm off to burn then, thanks again05:06
Talaman72Dr_willis, um, how about in the gui?05:06
Dr_willisTalaman72,  no idea. I could of edited/changed the work group in the time it took you to type "Dr_willis, um, how about in the gui?"05:06
=== Wonderboy_ [n=Wonderbo@c-24-62-82-49.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== colbert [n=colbert@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Hey, I'm trying to install avant-window-navigator and I'm getting this error when I try to run it:  undefined symbol: g_type_register_static_simple05:07
Dr_willisSamba is one of those things thats worth learning :) I reread 'using samba' last night. and learned a few new things..05:07
Talaman72well that's good for you Dr_willis, but it doesn't really help me05:07
=== lukas_ [n=lukas@unaffiliated/lukas/x-0000001] has joined #ubuntu
=== d33p__ [n=d33p@] has joined #ubuntu
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-7-130.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu
Talaman72wow, and we are trying to get linux a bigger share of the market...good job05:08
craigbass1976Dr_willis, Your smart; I'll ask you.  If a group (var-wwww) owns a directory, how do I make it so that any files created in that folder (by users in the group) are owned by the user and group var-www?05:08
Dr_willisTalaman72,  edit the file with sudo. read the comments.. its rather straight forward.05:08
jribcraigbass1976: you want to setgid the directory, but that will only do the group part of your question05:08
=== megafauna [n=megafaun@CPE0007e9c32c31-CM0012c99ebae4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_williscraigbass1976,  groups and masks like that are somthing ive rarely used.  Like you mentioned - i did see that option for samba shares.. Not sure how it is done for normal dirs.05:09
=== TheGoodShepherd [n=lollersk@c-24-14-254-177.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
megafaunaso can someone recommend a good virus scanner or something along those lines for Ubuntu pls?05:09
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
jribcraigbass1976: you can probably look at ACL's too, but I don't specifics on that05:09
craigbass1976Dr_willis, Bah, I'll just copy it up to my home dir and copy it over again.  It's what I've been doing.05:10
troopperimegafauna: if you think its trojan try avast for linux05:10
craigbass1976jrib, I worked with ACL's on Solaris, and I can't remember if they were more of a pain than they were worth or not05:10
n2diymegafauna: no, sorry I can't, I don't need one with Linux/Ubuntu.05:10
Dr_williscraigbass1976,  heh. Ive rarely had users creating web content. so never looked into that stuff.05:10
megafaunatroopperi thanks, i juust did avg and it didn't find a thing....05:10
oipatWhy can't I use the Windows button in any shortcut combinations?05:10
=== Tom47 [n=tom@unaffiliated/tom47] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976megafauna, clamav?05:10
megafaunacraigbass1976 thanks, i'll check them out too05:11
craigbass1976Dr_willis, I am the user, and was just hoping to avoid another cp05:11
=== Alexsp_2000 [n=Alexsp_2@] has joined #ubuntu
Talaman72i just iggy the "dr", pretty much pointless info from that one05:11
Flanneloipat: you can05:11
craigbass1976Dr_willis, I shut down root ssh, or I'd just sudo it from here05:11
phpcurioushi guys, i have a question: how do i get started with Samba? that is a software which i can share files with pcs that have other OS right?05:11
=== LyleM [n=LyleM@adsl-69-152-175-232.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976phpcurious, yes05:12
phpcuriouscraigbass1976: so how do i use samba?05:12
Dr_willisphpcode,  yes. There are some samba books in the repos.05:12
Dr_willis!info samba-doc05:12
ubotusamba-doc: Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.24-2ubuntu1.2 (feisty), package size 6754 kB, installed size 14512 kB05:12
craigbass1976phpcurious, OReilly has a samba book, and there's also a quick and dirty fix in their Linux cookbook.05:12
Dr_willisphpcode,  that package samba-doc includes 2 full book on samba.05:12
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rossco [n=ross@C-210-10-160-156.syd.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
phpcuriousDr_willis: in pdf format?05:13
=== wastedfluid [n=tom@c-71-57-212-247.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisIt includes the book craigbass1976  just mentioned. :) may be a older verion however.05:13
craigbass1976phpcurious, I can give you a conf file for such a "wide open" file sharing setup if you want05:13
Dr_willishtml format. :)05:13
n2diyphpcurious: Load it, read the docs, and play with it?05:13
=== ermac0 [n=neutrali@adsl-074-236-068-119.sip.bct.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
wastedfluidhey guys.  I'm having problems with standby+hibernation.  Neither work worth a damn after One successful hibernation.  on 6.06, stand by worked fine.. but on 7.04, it's not as good.  Are there any other methods / solutions / or anything for laptop users on 7.04?05:13
=== Jun [n=jun-cruz@] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofgreyokay folkks...  i was just told that for beryl under ubuntu its bettert o have intel integrated graphics rather than an Nvidia 8600 card or better.  does anybody here truly concur with that assessment?05:13
phpcuriouscraigbass1976: i don't know if you understand my situation but actually I have VMWare with Ubuntu Virtual Machine05:13
=== MyG [n=ruisu@CPE0018f8c0f28f-CM0012c90fe384.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
lukas_Hi, are there anyway to see compile options of a deb package ?05:14
=== Alexsp_2000 [n=Alexsp_2@] has left #ubuntu ["Saindo"]
jriblukas_: apt-get source PACKAGE   read debian/rules05:14
=== johanjohan [n=legrand@host-203-147-75-236.h28.canl.nc] has joined #ubuntu
=== Borat_Sagdiyev [n=Borat@] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976phpcurious, then no, I don't understand.  I've never run across VMware05:14
=== Borat_Sagdiyev [n=Borat@] has left #ubuntu [""]
lukas_jrib: oh, thanks you :)05:14
Dr_willisshadeofgrey,  i find that hard to belive.05:14
n2diylukas, read the docs for dpkg.05:14
phpcuriouscraigbass1976: i actually wanted to get a file from an NTFS partition05:14
Tom47when is pastebin content reset/05:14
Dr_willisshadeofgrey,  beryl is very much a work in progress also. So i dont touch it.05:14
phpcuriousand possibly edit it from Ubuntu VM05:15
=== Cmain [n=chris@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cmain [n=chris@dialup-] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
craigbass1976phpcurious, and the ntfs is on the same drive as ubuntu?05:15
=== Lundn [i=chr@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisphpcode,  from a ntfs PARTITION on the local machine? or a remote machine thats sharing a directory?05:15
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== strtochar[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-219-2.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
phpcuriousDr_willis: NTFS partition on the same machine yes05:15
=== HorizonXP [n=HorizonX@CPE001217163e0b-CM000a739a2880.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #Ubuntu []
=== j_ack [n=j_ack@p508D8F01.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheephpcurious: ubuntu comes with ntfs read-only native to the install.  You can add read/write capability by installing an app called ntfs-3g05:16
Dr_willisphpcurious,  thats much easier. :)05:16
craigbass1976phpcurious, if is on the same box, then you just need to mount -t ntfs /dev/??? /mnt and there you go.  THere is a package somewhere that lets you mount up ntfs in Ubuntu05:16
craigbass1976phpcurious, samba is for over a network05:16
phpcuriousi thought samba is for local machine also...?05:17
=== Jery [n=fortunev@] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheephpcurious: you CAN use samba for local machine, but it is a CRAZY workaround05:17
phpcurioussorry for being noob05:17
craigbass1976phpcurious, why do you need to share it out if it's right on the same box?05:17
Dr_willisphpcurious,  the point of samba is to share data on the network. :)05:17
=== bdheeman [n=bsd@] has left #ubuntu []
iTG`Neatcheesamba is actually a networking protocol, but it has write capabilities to ntfs05:17
iTG`Neatcheeso you CAN use it as a workaround and read/write to NTFS filesystems with it05:17
=== Daishi [n=daishi@ool-18be2884.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheebut it's hella bootleg :P05:17
JunHi. I have a nvidia gforce 2 mx 100/200 installd in my pc. My screen displays some kind of linear traces in diff application. Is there any site where I can download the driver for it. Nividia.com does not have any.05:17
mslIf he is inside the ubuntu VM, I don't think he will have access to /dev/hda#, because he can only see the VM disk05:18
Dr_willisiTG`Neatchee,  i cant recall ever seeing THAT.05:18
iTG`Neatcheesorry, not protocol, but you know what i mean05:18
iTG`NeatcheeDr_willis: i ran into that option when i was trying to fix a write problem with ntfs-3g05:18
iTG`Neatcheeit's really hard to get implemented though05:18
abrahaI made some updates in the live cd the i'm runing now, and I want to save it?05:18
=== Rippedca [n=beter1@207-47-129-149.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976msl, ahh balls.  Might be true I guess05:18
=== fiveiron [n=fiveiron@74-137-145-70.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisiTG`Neatchee,  Hmm.. May be somthing in the newer releases. not mentioned in the docs ive seen05:18
Dr_willisI hate to say it - but id like to see some sort of 'samba setup wizard' for ubuntu to help out all these new users. :)05:19
iTG`NeatcheeDr_willis: it's not really designed for that sort of functionality, so it wouldn't be in any docs.05:19
Dr_willisiTG`Neatchee,  so they took the 'undocumented feature' feature that MS always uses also! :)05:19
=== Cusoon959 [n=nicky@63-228-104-135.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheehahah yup :P05:20
iTG`Neatcheei never actually got it to work myself05:20
=== strtocha1[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-205-64.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== megafauna [n=megafaun@CPE0007e9c32c31-CM0012c99ebae4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
K350enviouz: u there?05:21
aroonihow long is 'Installing system' supposed to take via the regular livecd?05:21
=== renhe [n=renhe@] has joined #ubuntu
=== slbkbs [n=shachaf@] has joined #ubuntu
=== slbkbs [n=shachaf@] has left #ubuntu ["!"]
K350depends on  a few things05:21
renhehi hi hablan espaol05:21
=== dboy [n=admin@228-76.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976arooni, the whole process usually takes me about an hour, from the time I stick the cd in to the time it first boots up for real to Ubuntu05:21
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b ComputinChuck!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic] by nalioth
=== vnieto [n=vnieto@c3118-14.impsat.com.co] has joined #ubuntu
arooniits been installing for maybe 40 min05:22
=== PIPBoy_ [n=jonathan@user-142gmoj.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== johanjohan [n=legrand@host-203-147-75-236.h28.canl.nc] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"]
craigbass1976arooni, even on a 600MHZ box with 256RAM05:22
iTG`Neatcheehas anyone yet figured out why with one of the recent kernel updates, some systems have their swap partition getting a new UUID on reboots?05:22
=== matux [n=matux@252-118-62-200.enitel.net.ni] has joined #ubuntu
aroonicraigbass1976: problem is... the progress window got messed up and i cant see how far its gone :(05:23
=== ComputinChuck [n=nate@cpe-24-221-40-82.az.sprintbbd.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyarooni: is your hard drive cooking?05:23
iTG`Neatcheei had to change my fstab to use the /dev assignment for my swap, instead of its UUID or my swap partition wouldn't work05:23
=== OmegaCenti [n=omegacen@s208-180-233-246.bcstcmta01.clsttx.tl.sta.suddenlink.net] has joined #ubuntu
quantumduckdoes anyone know if it's possible to non-destructively move an ext3 partition with any existing tools?05:23
=== maan84 [n=maan84@h-83-140-118-247.auto.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrew__ [n=andrew@adsl-75-31-215-212.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
Talaman72and wow, his is a wack job05:23
aroonin2diy: think so.... i couldnt get the hard drive light hooked up to mobo... cd is still being read05:24
arooniso thats a good sign i think05:24
=== ignignokt [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyarooni: is your hard drive cooking?05:24
craigbass1976arooni, if your drive stops, I would assume it's safe to take the cd out and reboot.  You could be having graphics card problems.  I trie dinstalling on a dell inspiron 1100 a couple weeks ago and had to give up.05:24
ignignokti burned two cds that worked, one at 8x and one at 24x05:24
=== EViLGiMp [n=evilgimp@bas1-stcatharines10-1096572594.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== LyleM [n=LyleM@adsl-69-152-175-232.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Luke_ [n=Luke@rrcs-24-153-196-45.sw.biz.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
=== Jun [n=jun-cruz@] has left #ubuntu []
ignignoktas soon as i tried one at 48x, the cdrecord error code 254 came back05:24
=== jacob2440 [n=jacob@ip68-106-243-206.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyarooni: ok, can you hear it?05:24
ignignokti'm retrying it at 8x05:24
n2diyarooni: what about the CD LED?05:25
aroonin2diy: that works.... still blinking for reads05:25
=== novato_br [n=noper@] has joined #ubuntu
aroonii guess its probably still going05:25
ComputinChuckis there a way to set up dvdrip/transcode to encode to theora?05:25
=== aymen [n=aymen@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pelo [n=jean@mtl-pppoe-adsl562.securenet.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyarooni: let the install cook.05:25
=== meleu [n=meleu@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== vnieto [n=vnieto@c3118-14.impsat.com.co] has left #ubuntu []
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Pelocan anyone connect to the gnomebaker home page ?  http://gnomebaker.sourceforge.net/v2/05:26
megafaunacraigbass1976 avast is awesome thanks. I am running it now. will find out if i'm paranoid or not tomorrow morning.  ttyl:)05:26
=== AshenVale [n=maged@] has joined #ubuntu
=== strtocha2[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-198-132.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktPelo: it works for me05:26
n2diyarooni: Another good sign is when you can turn your Caps Lock LED on and off.05:27
ignignoktmaybe not05:27
Wonderboy_Has anyone here successfully installed avant-window-navigator?05:27
ALL4Nhey, what is the best vncviewer for linux?   I have tried the regular vncviewer but it does not send alt-tab to the other side05:27
ermac0Pelo, its good05:27
Peloignignokt,  getting html ?  cause all I get is a list of folders05:27
=== opus` [n=Swan@c-68-46-227-153.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktPelo: yeah same here05:27
ignignoktno html05:27
Peloermac0,  getting actulay webpage or just folders ?05:27
=== br24 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== br24 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
ermac0the contents of the v205:28
=== roachclit [n=chatzill@71-13-209-212.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ermac0bad linking index not found05:28
=== jessid [n=jessid@cable201-233-150-193.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheeyay!  it looks like i can backport pidgin, and pidgin-otr, if i edit the source install to use to libnss instead of libnss305:28
Pelook so no worky for anyone else, thanks guys05:28
=== ehc [n=x@wall.pacinfo.com] has joined #ubuntu
roachclitHey guys how do you make a LOGIN to pop up after like 10 minutes05:29
=== irotas [n=irotas@c-66-30-195-112.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== praveen [n=praveen@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jazzencat [n=jazzenca@d206-116-37-116.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== oscurochu [n=oscuroch@pool-71-180-56-67.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
novato_brhow can I get remove full instalation beryl ?05:29
Peloroachclit,  menu > system > admin > login window,  there is a delay in there somewhere05:29
Pelonovato_br,  use synaptic05:30
oscurochuI get this error when running ./configure for apache: config.status: error: cannot find input file: support/apxs.in05:30
jazzencati cannot seem to get ANY livecd running on my desktop: all of them hang at usb detection point or CPU detection.  usually the boot hangs when the distro starts scanning for usbhid.05:30
novato_brbut, Pelo , on synaptic have the lib relation with beryl, how can I know if I can remove it ?05:30
jazzencatI have tried Ubuntu, Knoppix, Gentoo...05:31
Pelojazzencat,  what  video card ?05:31
oscurochu"./configure --enable-isapi --enable-cgi --enable-rewrite --enable-module=so05:31
jazzencatnVidia 6200TC05:31
=== Talaman72 [i=kris@66-215-57-61.dhcp.gvrb.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
=== CG [n=carlos@200-122-61-71.dsl.prima.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
who_cares6200 shouldn't be a problem05:31
NeoGeo64I've been told I'm a bad person for using XMMS.05:31
Pelojazzencat,  you won'T be able to use the live cd, you need the alternate install cd05:31
who_caresI ran Edgy with one05:31
NeoGeo64Am I a bad person for using XMMS.05:31
jazzencatMSI K8N Neo4 Mobo with AMD64 3500+ CPU05:31
pragma_xmms was hot back in the day05:31
=== dmb [n=dmb@unaffiliated/dmb] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyjazzencat: check your boot opitons, and play with them.05:31
=== SiliconViper [n=siliconv@S01060013107698ba.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzencatxmms is still good.05:32
Pelonovato_br, you can see the dependencies in the right click menu  under properties,  make notes and remove then to05:32
=== Lundn [i=lundn@] has joined #ubuntu
roachclithey Pelo, I know how to do that, I need one to automatically pop up, after I walk away from my computer, to ask for a LOGIN05:32
kudoi need some help about ubuntu05:32
jazzencatlike nodetect, noapci?05:32
kudowho is can hekp me05:32
novato_brthx, Pelo05:32
n2diywho_cares: Entwhistle?05:32
jazzencatthen it boots, and X won't start05:32
=== joseAway is now known as joseSleep
PeloNeoGeo64,  xmms users donT' deserve an answer05:32
=== martin1991 [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-198-161.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #ubuntu
jazzencatwhat's wrong with xmms?05:33
Pelokudo,  ask a question and patitently wait for the answer05:33
Tom47!ask > kudo05:33
=== billthefish [n=billthef@cpe-065-184-081-022.ec.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Pelojazzencat,  just being funny05:33
irotascan anyone suggest a simple utility to convert AVI to MPEG ?05:33
jazzencatbeats most of the media players for windows... :P05:33
jazzencati know.05:33
Dr_willisjazzencat,  its very old.. and has some bugs that proberly will never get fixxed. :(  I like it also. heh05:33
Peloirotas, avidumux probably05:33
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Peloirotas, avidemux05:33
Dr_willisjazzencat,  been trying out others.05:33
billthefishAlright, i've got a strange question.. Why is it that my mouse cursor dissapears after restarting X?05:33
irotasPelo: thanks, i'll try it05:34
=== bran_ [i=bran@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
abrahamade some updates in the live cd the I'm running now, and I want to save it, how?05:34
=== metbsd [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu
colbertI just installed Feisty, and Terminal doesn't work, can someone help05:34
colbertit wont' start05:34
jazzencatmy main issue usually is the ammount of bloat that others tend to install on the computer..05:34
Peloabraha, you can'T05:34
Dr_willisabraha,  as far as i know. Not doable.05:34
Dr_willisabraha,  seen SOME disrots with live cd's that have that feature05:34
Dr_willisNot ubuntu's however05:34
iTG`Neatcheecolbert: can you be more specific?  How are you trying to start it?  Any error messages?05:34
Pelocolbert,  alt-f2   xterm  see if that works for you05:34
roachclitIs there a way I can walk away from my computer, and then after like 10 minutes it prompts for a LOGIN after sitting IDLE?05:34
ermac0term doesn't work?05:34
colberti'm clicking on the launcher, using ALT+F2 and typing gnome-terminal, nothing05:35
Peloroachclit,  put a password on your screen saver05:35
jazzencatbeen trying to find some alternatives to mp3, but not many players out there support it.05:35
colberti just clicked on the launcher, i see Starting Terminal and a busy cursor but it goes away now and nothing happens05:35
=== CineScope [n=cory@mo-67-77-182-254.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
dmbdoes doing to advance install bring the same exact desktop as the normal livecd install?05:35
n2diyroachclit: sounds like a kiosk?05:35
=== strtochar[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-202-174.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
dmbthe same exact everything?05:35
Pelocolbert, try with xterm , it is a different terminal05:35
=== Snelius [n=snelius@nat.it.tsu.ru] has joined #ubuntu
=== alakran [n=alakran@adsl-71-132-207-74.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumdmb: yes05:36
jazzencatwhat is the command to get ubuntu's live cd to give you verbose boot messages?05:36
=== NemesisD [n=michael@c-71-227-210-155.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
billthefishanyone experience the mouse cursor dissapearing? Its not the whole mouse not working.. because moving around the mouse i see things highlight and stuff.. but just no cursor after loging out05:36
=== super-man [n=sigplus@] has joined #ubuntu
Pelodmb,  I think the advance install just lets you partition manualy , the rest is the same05:36
=== jshaffer [n=john@tx-65-41-69-13.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelobillthefish, check in the forum05:36
billthefishwill do05:37
dmbdoes the advance installer run debootstrap and then install the ubuntu metapackage?05:37
jessidhello to everybody. How can i make two PCs running Ubuntu 7.04 to share files? I already have them connected through a cable...is it possible to configure them in a gui environmet? Thanks!!!05:37
colbertPelo: ok i typed gnome-terminal in xterm, i see a big error, how do i copy in xterm (copy the text)05:37
=== ether [n=ether@S010600c0495a6d59.vn.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== CG [n=carlos@200-122-61-71.dsl.prima.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`NeatcheeIf I want to start a backport request and confirm a working backport that i just made, do I go to "register a new project" on launchpad?05:37
=== billthefish is now known as BTF_AFK
=== CG [n=carlos@200-122-61-71.dsl.prima.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Pelocolbert,  I think you are missing the point, xterm is a terminal , gnome-terminal is another,  crtl+c wil probably copy05:37
=== Luke_ is now known as Luke
iTG`NeatcheeI don't want to do it wrong my first time :P05:37
=== GigaClon [n=gigaclon@n159s032.ntc.blacksburg.shentel.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyjessid: how are the connected? NIC cards? Crossover cable, router?05:38
colbertPelo: no i understand, but i would really like to be able to use gnome-terminal, I want to fix it.. and ctrl+c doesn't work05:38
illusionshey, is there any news on a directory service like nds or active directory that is worth anything in linux? i realize that ldap is there but its not as good as nds05:38
Dr_willisjessid,  easy way to transfer files.. is using ssh, or sshfs, or nfs,05:38
jessidn2diy crossover cables05:38
Pelocolbert,  I remember someone else with that problem  ( donT' know the fix) try resitnatlling gnome-terminal from synaptic,  or check in the forum05:39
etherwould there be any major problem with installing ubuntu on a hard drive of one computer, taking that hard drive out, and sticking it in another computer?05:39
Dr_willismost of the filemanagers can do remote/ssh connections access/coping also.05:39
jessidDr_willis nautilus allows me to do that?05:39
n2diyjessid: can the two(?) boxes ping each other?05:39
Dr_willisether,  i had some issues in the PAST with that.. not sure if its much of an issue now a days05:39
=== Raiders32 [n=Raiders@ip24-255-116-31.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloether,  if they are the same hardware it will work, if not ... your guess is as good as mine05:39
Dr_willisjessid,  i belive it can. but i rarely use nautilus05:39
=== DrexelDragon08 [n=phil@c-76-99-49-174.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mpan [n=mpan@a88-114-159-123.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
etherhmm.. thanks that's why I'm hesitant to try it05:40
etherthe other computer has no cd drive05:40
Peloether, why not just move the cd drive ...05:40
=== HBBM [i=hugo@] has joined #ubuntu
ethertried that, it didn't work05:40
etherthe cd drive wouldn't cooperate with the other computer05:40
Pelo!install | ether05:40
ubotuether: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - See also !automate05:40
Dr_willisether,  sounds like a bad ide port, or cable. :)05:41
=== Maxwell_ [n=MaxPower@c-24-118-181-245.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== erat123 [n=eric@71-213-227-51.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pelo concurs
jessidn2diy: yes they ping each other but in nautilus I cant see the other one...I even tryed samba with a windows machine, but it asks for a password and a user....I dont know what to write there because i have tryed with my own user and pass, but nothing05:41
=== windsamurai [n=root@d75-153-164-209.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== yurimxpxman [n=yurimxpx@pool-71-98-94-122.ipslin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sparklehistory [n=sparkleh@70-56-168-67.mpls.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu ["Good]
=== strtochar[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-202-174.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisjessid,  for samba, you must set up the linxu users with a samba password. 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME'05:42
yurimxpxmancould someone point me in the right direction to spoofing an IP address with netcat?05:42
=== weltschmerz [n=weltschm@c-67-164-116-181.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #UBUNTU
=== TomB_ [n=tomb@host86-147-88-201.range86-147.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
HBBMHi guys. I'm having problems to install my PCTEL HSP56 micromodem on my ubuntu 7.04, please gimme a hand.05:42
colbertPelo: http://www.bobgill.net/error.jpg05:42
=== Pelo points yurimxpxman to the door
=== LauraJ [n=sparkleh@70-56-168-67.mpls.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diyjessid: Well, you can't access the other box, without it's owner's permission!05:42
=== vecina [n=vecina@c-68-52-77-88.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Maxwell_im having a bit of a problem installing ubuntu on my laptop05:42
jessidDr_willis aahh very interesting... I will do that immediatly05:43
colbertPelo: i changed my theme but still the same thing05:43
yurimxpxmanPelo: this is for a legitimate purpose05:43
PeloMaxwell_, can hyou be more specific ?05:43
Peloyurimxpxman,  I was making a joke05:43
Maxwell_gimme a sec while i type05:43
vecinaDoes linux have a subtitling program? I... aquired a movie in japanese, but it'd be cool to have some subs. Most subtitling programs are windows tho05:43
Dr_willisjessid,  the samba-doc package has several large books in it on samba ussage. :)05:43
Pelocolbert,  look up the first line of the error msg in the forum05:43
=== Lr5 [n=lr5@dsl-hkigw4-fe35de00-44.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
oscurochuI need help installing apache. When I run ./configure, I get this, "config.status: error: cannot find input file: support/apxs.in"05:44
Flanneloscurochu: Install apache from the repository.05:44
Pelovecina, you just need the subtitle file and you can have the subs displayed in any player05:44
oscurochuFlannel, it doesn't work for me.05:44
=== riddlebox [n=james@75-132-225-75.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneloscurochu: If you're installing vanilla apache, you should ask questions in #apache05:45
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:45
oscurochuFlannel: thanks05:45
=== oscurochu [n=oscuroch@pool-71-180-56-67.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:45
=== SAM_theman [n=SAM_them@user-1120h7b.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
HBBMHi guys. I'm having problems to install my PCTEL HSP56 micromodem on my ubuntu 7.04, please gimme a hand.05:45
armyriadAre there any applications like Dreamweaver for Ubuntu?05:45
PeloHBBM,  try looking up the model in the forum  www.ubuntuforums.com05:45
Maxwell_basically when i boot the cd i have, and select start or install it shows the loading screen, then goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and does no more. I've checked the CD for errors but it says none were found. Im using an IBM T22 laptop. Any Ideas on whats going wrong?05:46
Peloarmyriad,  http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html05:46
jessidDr_willis, n2diy: thanks a lot!!!! now that i know i have to set pass and user, i will read about nfs...I prefer using linux than win...again: thanks a lot!!!!05:46
=== jessid [n=jessid@cable201-233-150-193.epm.net.co] has left #ubuntu []
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dreameaver - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:46
ubotuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository05:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dreamweaver - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:46
=== Vich [n=vich@ppp59-167-169-162.lns4.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:47
n2diyjessid: GL05:47
PeloMaxwell_,  did you try the alternate install cd ? is it text based , might be easier05:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bmpx - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:47
Dr_willisi just installed bmpx and bmp :) moments ago05:47
Cusoon959oh sorry05:47
=== BTF_AFK feels dumb
=== greatgazoo [n=chamilto@pool-162-83-129-101.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Maxwell_No I havn't I've been trying to avoid downloading another 200+mb file :P05:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bmp - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:47
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot). Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...05:47
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@a81-197-38-57.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Cusoon959bmpx is cool but sorta bloated05:48
Cusoon959I liked bmp05:48
=== ReYnoLd_ubaya [n=charles@] has joined #ubuntu
=== [GuS] [n=gustavo@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== ReYnoLd_ubaya [n=charles@] has left #ubuntu ["dddddddd"]
Pelo!hardware | maxkelley  check in there to see if there is a known problem iwth your hardware and try the forum to05:48
ubotumaxkelley  check in there to see if there is a known problem iwth your hardware and try the forum to: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport05:48
BTF_AFKalright, i'm sure i'll be laughed at about this.. but i can't seem to edit the xorg.conf, i'm sure i just used the wrong command.. what is the correct? i used "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf"05:49
ari-freehmm what is hot babe in medibuntu05:49
PeloSAM_theman, was that meant for anyone in particular ?05:49
HBBMPelo, I recognized my device with scanModem. But I want to know whether anybody work to improve the modem installation on Ubuntu.05:49
PeloHBBM,  I can'T realy help with that , sorry05:49
atrustrying to play a dvd with totem or xine. the sound effects all come through fine but the speech is muted. how can i get the sound to play properly?05:49
HBBMPelo, cause is very dificult to install it.05:50
metbsdi'm downloading kubuntu dvd05:50
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto05:50
PeloHBBM,  things are getting better from release to release,  but I can'T make any promises for your hardware05:50
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ce_CrAzZ is now known as ReYnoLd_CaRz
=== SlickMcRunfast [n=SlickMcR@ip70-162-97-82.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
BTF_AFKusing kubuntu, i guess gedit doesn't exist.. what am i to use?05:50
=== john [n=chatzill@cpe-24-95-66-88.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisinstall gedit if you want05:50
PeloBTF_AFK, kate05:50
Dr_willisor kedit, kate,  vi, vim, nano, pico, fte, mcedit05:51
=== illusions [n=asde@dsl-216-227-68-110.pmtnet.net] has left #ubuntu []
Dr_williswas that 12?05:51
=== greg_g [n=greg@adsl-69-212-43-246.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Peloshow off05:51
Dr_willisI sort of like fte. :)05:51
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== randoman__ [n=randoman@c-67-180-13-197.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== windsamurai [n=vallen@d75-153-164-209.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
johnI need help uninstalling KDE.05:51
=== K`zan [n=vw@c-76-22-74-207.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisjohn why are you bothering to do this?05:52
iTG`NeatcheeI apologize ahead of time for being a noob, but I'm new to LaunchPad.  Anyway, I'm just now starting to help develop backports for Ubuntu, and I'd like to open a request (and then confirm my own request hehe) for a backport of pidgin to Feisty.  Do I need to "register a new project"? I don't want to do it wrong, and "register a new project" sounds to me like something a developer of the software would do...which I am not -_-05:52
=== mccain [n=mccain@c-71-61-65-3.hsd1.wv.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
SAM_themanonly people that can help05:52
PeloSAM_theman,  how about your give us the short version05:52
=== jeffvr [n=jffvnrkl@host-74-95-2-96.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
alakranhello, is there a key combination to activate the screen lock? or how can i make such a macro?05:53
n2diy! requests |iTG`Neatchee:05:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about requests - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:53
=== xenon [n=timothy@web1.webfaction.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tomd123 [n=Tom@c-71-194-75-172.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
n2diy! requests |i TG`Neatchee:05:53
=== dawn`chorus [n=billy@c-68-62-197-16.hsd1.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== konam [n=konam@102stb68.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
Peloalakran,  explain screen lock05:53
K`zanAnyone around who might be able to help me get a wireless adapter working WPA PSK?  I found a link that perports to be able to do it ( http://www.debianadmin.com/enable-wpa-wireless-access-point-in-ubuntu-linux.html ) but nothing I can find looks like that and nothing seems to know anything about WPA.  Even installed gnome to see if that helped :-(.  TIA!05:53
johnI need help uninstalling KDE because I want to stick with Gnome. I tried serveral methods but it's still in the sessions list when I login.05:53
=== linxuz3r [n=linxuz3r@ppp-71-136-72-217.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
n2diy! features | iTG`Neatchee:05:53
colbertWhat are some terminal emulators I could install ?05:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about features - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:54
Dr_willisi though there was some feature where ya could put the mouse in the upper left corner (or one corner) and the screen would blank/lock05:54
alakrani want to activate screen lock by key combo rather than clicking on upper right on the shutdown button and choosing screen lock05:54
iTG`Neatcheejohn: are you trying to replace KDE with something else, like gnome, or xfce?05:54
windsamuraidoes anyone know why i keep getting Warning: Unable to open /dev/hda read-write (Read-only file system).  /dev/hda05:54
windsamuraihas been opened read-only. and Error: Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognised disk label. when attempting to use parted?05:54
johnI already have Gnome. I want to remove KDE.05:54
iTG`Neatcheen2diy: oh the failure :P05:54
Dr_williscolbert,  You mean 'serial' terminal emulators like minicom? or xterm type like xterm, rxvt, powershell, eterm ?05:54
Pelojohn from the login screen you can select which  desktop manager you want to use, play around with the options on there05:54
alakran(in winxp it would be windowskey+L)05:54
iTG`Neatcheejohn: you should just be able to do it through synaptic then, i think05:54
n2diy! bugs | iTG`Neatchee:05:54
ubotuiTG`Neatchee:: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots05:54
colbertDr_willis: emulators like gnome-terminal05:54
=== dmazzone [n=dmazzone@pool-141-150-115-184.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_williscolbert,  fire up the package manager and search for terminal :) theres proberly a dozen total. 'twin' is a amuseing one to try out.05:55
Tom47alakran try ctl alt L05:55
=== gangsterlicious [n=terii@] has joined #ubuntu
Pelojohn , in synaptic  search for kde and remove the packages installed and the related stuff05:55
colbertDr_willis: ok05:55
johni tried05:55
n2diyiTG`Neatchee: persistence. :)05:55
=== Eudy [n=eudy@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisi find kde having too many handy apps to not have it installed.05:55
johnand it's still in the sessions thing05:55
=== cyphase discovers the Appearance dialog in Gutsy
Dr_willisif you just want it removed form the sessions.. look for the kde.desktop file  and remove it.05:55
alakrantom47: thank you so much!! it was so obvious :)05:55
Tom47alakran if you dont like that you can use Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts to change05:56
metbsdyes kde is nice05:56
=== dmazzone [n=dmazzone@pool-141-150-115-184.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Dr_willisit will still be installed.. just not shown :) big deal05:56
metbsdbut what's good about gnome05:56
HBBMPelo, Many errors can be found to install modems on newers kernel realeases. I'm afraid the future ubuntu releases can't support the modem utily. What do you think about it?05:56
=== topshotta [n=Lues@] has joined #ubuntu
windsamuraii'm having problems using parted can anyone help?05:56
Dr_willismetbsd,  my wife has easier time with gnome.05:56
alakrantom47: nah its perfect tytyyt05:56
PeloHBBM, it's realy not my area of expertise , sorry05:56
iTG`Neatcheen2diy: i was confident you'd find it sooner or later :P05:56
K`zanAnyone?  I'm tired of having to run wincrap just to get the wireless :-(05:56
=== jeffvr [n=jffvnrkl@host-74-95-2-96.midco.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== kami-sama [n=brennen@c-69-142-168-5.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelo!wifi | k05:57
ubotuk: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:57
HBBMPelo, ok. Thanks.05:57
n2diyiTG`Neatchee: Hope it helps! :)05:57
=== greg_g [n=greg@adsl-69-212-43-246.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pelolater folks05:57
=== tmcks [n=travis@] has joined #ubuntu
johni don't see kde.desktop in synaptic05:57
maxkelleyhallo welt?05:57
=== tomd123 [n=tom@adsl-75-4-161-86.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
K`zanubotu: Been through that and I am obviously missing something or something :-(, it ain't working no matter what I do :-(05:58
topshottanero vision for ubuntu?05:58
Dr_willisjohn its not a PACKAGE.. 'gdm' reads these .desktop files to determine what 'session' entries for it to show.05:58
Flanneltopshotta: just use a native burning program.05:58
johnbut what do i delete in it then?05:58
johnwhat files?05:58
metbsdbut in general speaking, what's better about gnome than kde05:59
topshottaFlannel: I want to turn AVI into dvd's though05:59
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneltopshotta: there are linux programs to do that.05:59
Dr_willisjohn use the locate command perhaps to find it.    of course this is a lot of bother to just remove a entry from the gdm session menu.05:59
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ce_CrAzZ is now known as ReYnoLd_CaRz
=== xenon [n=timothy@web1.webfaction.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== ReYnoLd_CaRz [n=charles@] has left #ubuntu ["dddddddd"]
=== enviouz [n=sue@phone-00-036.elrg.netins.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== eyemean [n=eyemean@87-194-46-209.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusmetbsd, better is a relative term.  /j #ubuntu-offtopic05:59
topshottaFlannel: Any good ones?05:59
=== felixhummel [n=dfm21@p5496CD5D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneljohn: you should remvoe the packages, not just the files.  And remember to do it all with --purge (or "complete removal" in synaptic)05:59
slavikmetbsd: I like gnome, that's why it's better :P05:59
=== praveen [n=praveen@] has joined #ubuntu
=== felixhummel_ [n=dfm21@p5496CD5D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
metbsdoh ok05:59
Flanneltopshotta: I don't know what they are, but I do know that they exist.05:59
metbsdis there ktorrent equivalent in gnome06:00
slavikmetbsd: if you like kde, then that is better :)06:00
=== BTF_AFK [n=billthef@cpe-065-184-081-022.ec.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
slavikmetbsd: I use azureus06:00
eyemeanhi, if im running windows xp as a virtual machin on parallels should i still install antivirus and firewall? cheers06:00
johni don' see 'complete removal06:00
praveenheh iam havin audio problems in festy fawn06:00
topshottatopshotta: test06:00
metbsdyes i like kde, and kde4 is going to kick ass06:00
slavikeyemean: there is parallels for Linux?06:00
Flanneljohn: in synaptic?  You flag them for "complete removal" as opposed to just "removal"06:01
slavikmetbsd: what's the eta on kde4?06:01
iMayKnoweyemean, if you're running windows on anything with access to the internet, you should install and antivirus and firewall06:01
eyemeanyes slavik06:01
windsamuraii'm using parted and i keep getting Error: Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognised disk label. Anyone know why this is happening?06:01
=== roho [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu
iMayKnowno ifs, ands or buts06:01
HBBMIs there anybody have experience to install the arcaic pctel micromodem on Ubuntu? Anybody got it?06:01
metbsdslavik, they have some new features that 3.5 don't have06:01
eyemeancheers imayknow06:01
=== mike [n=mike@ip-58-28-153-46.ubs-dsl.xnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
blankyguess not haha06:02
Dr_willis!find visualboy06:02
ubotuFound: visualboyadvance06:02
Dr_willisit exists.. happy? :)06:02
eyemeanwould u like link slavik?06:02
=== nutterpc [n=nutterpc@203-217-52-194.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
slavikeyemean: nah, I'll look it up later06:02
=== BTF_AFK [n=billthef@cpe-065-184-081-022.ec.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
johni dont know how to flag it06:02
slavikmetbsd: so, what is eta on kde4?06:02
blankyDr_willis: what did that do haha06:02
eyemeanok kool, but are you using ubuntu 7.04?06:02
Flanneljohn: right click on the little box thing, and choose c.r.06:02
metbsdslavik, oct 0706:03
mikethe best burner k3b?06:03
=== tlacuache [n=tlacuach@67-41-47-187.bois.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisblanky,  used the 'search' feature of the bot06:03
BTF_AFKalright, another stupid question.. my KDE clock is 24 hour format.. how to i change it to 12?06:03
slavikhmm, we'll see ... and what features does it have that I would want?06:03
Dr_willis!find emulator06:03
ubotuFound: gnome-terminal, xfce4-terminal, xterm, aterm, aterm-ml (and 25 others)06:03
=== fulgrim [n=fulgrim@CPE-65-27-100-54.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
HBBMIs there anybody have experience to install the arcaic pctel micromodem on Ubuntu 7.04? Anybody got it?06:03
metbsdk3b is is for kde06:03
Dr_willisBTF_AFK,  right click on the clock,. change the time format.06:03
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
mikeI am in Ubuntu06:03
=== kaze [n=kristov@c-68-58-219-150.hsd1.sc.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Android [n=Android_@85-210-50-6.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
johnYEah well that option's not available for me. only one i can click on is mark for installation06:03
Dr_willisBTF_AFK,  the change wont take effect till ya log out/back in. (yes its silly)06:03
metbsdi wonder what kubuntu dvd has in 4.7 G06:04
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has joined #ubuntu
slavikmike: there is also gnomebaker06:04
=== killown [i=killown@unaffiliated/killown] has joined #ubuntu
slavikmike: you can still use k3b ...06:04
windsamuraiCan someone plz help me? I am trying to use parted to try and get rid of a partition except it keeps saying Error: Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognised disk label. Does anyone know whats wrong?06:04
mikeslavik: Work ok?06:04
=== kaze [n=kristov@c-68-58-219-150.hsd1.sc.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
slavikmike: why shouldn't it?06:04
johnis there another way to remove it?06:04
slavikmike: they all use cdrecord anyway06:04
=== NickGarvey [n=nick@cpe-72-231-129-146.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_williswindsamurai,  thisis from a live cd?06:05
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has left #ubuntu ["dddddddd"]
windsamuraiits fully installed on my comp06:05
=== QwertyM [n=harsh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bla [n=ubuntu@ram94-4-82-227-155-90.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poopotootti [n=poopotoo@a84-231-22-241.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== mykilx [n=mykilx@239-210.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneljohn: on which package?  There's more than one that make up kde.  the .desktop file is in either kdebase-data or ksmserver, completely remove both of those, and you should have kde no longer in sessions.06:05
=== Tomcat_` [n=Tomcat@p5B15DC69.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_williswindsamurai,  its best to use gparted from a livecd. You dont want to be resizing mounted filesystems. could try running it with 'sudo' or 'gksu' also06:05
windsamuraii have one ntfs partition one ext2 for ubuntu and another ext2 one that i was going to use as a shared except i never did06:06
=== Ausicaemia [n=brendan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xef|Packetloss [n=josh@CPE-65-27-42-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
johnboth won't let me uninstall06:06
windsamuraik ill try that06:06
Flanneljohn: Are they installed?06:06
johni think it's already uninstalled.. but then i see it in the seessions manager thing06:06
=== bla [n=ubuntu@ram94-4-82-227-155-90.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NickGarvey [n=nick@cpe-72-231-129-146.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bla [n=ubuntu@ram94-4-82-227-155-90.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== scary [n=scary@c-69-181-139-221.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== windsamurai [n=vallen@d75-153-164-209.abhsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== segagman [n=segagman@ks-76-7-224-17.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== homanj [n=homanj@24-197-203-144.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisits possible the --purge option was needed.06:07
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneljohn: at a terminal, (close synaptic), `sudo apt-get remove --purge kdebase-data ksmserver`  I'm assuming the file is kde.desktop, but I don't know for sure.06:08
Flanneljohn: if you could give me an exact filename, we can figure out what package it came from06:08
=== kaze [n=kristov@c-68-58-219-150.hsd1.sc.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisFlannel,  /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop06:08
=== kaze is now known as ] druid[
Dr_willisI like editing/tweaking my Sessions. Its fun06:09
=== omnicronx [n=grant@d141-179-212.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
johnE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)06:09
johnE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:09
Flannelthat's ksmserver06:09
Flanneljohn: you need to close synaptic06:09
=== topshotta [n=Lues@] has joined #ubuntu
johnDo you want to continue [Y/n] ? y06:10
johnjohn@john-desktop:~$ y06:10
johnbash: y: command not found06:10
topshottaIrc protocol for firefox. anyone know about that?06:10
eyemeanby every106:10
Flanneltopshotta: you mean setting the handler?  It's the same as in FF anywhere else.  Don't know specifics though.06:11
eyemeanlove the great help here06:11
=== Starting logfile irclogs/ubuntu.log
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=== Topic (#ubuntu): set by ompaul at Sun May 27 13:43:26 2007
=== Frogzoo [n=Frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
(Dr_willis/#ubuntu) ermac0, you may want to read up on samba with the docs in the 'samba-doc' package. You may have to do some manual editing of the samba config file to get it set how ya want it.06:15
(slavik/#ubuntu) bvod: behold the superior drm :D (I honestly don't know how to fix your problem)06:15
=== HBBM [i=hugo@] has left #ubuntu []
(reed026/#ubuntu) would I install xubuntu in the GUI mode and still be able to run it as an apache mysql php server06:15
(bvod/#ubuntu) alright, ill see what i can do thanks06:15
=== FallenA [n=asdads@cpe-74-67-150-212.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
(Dr_willis/#ubuntu) reed026, just dont start the X/gdm stuff. :) and there ya go..06:16
(slavik/#ubuntu) NickGarvey: looks like windows has made the switch to ubuntu for me :)06:16
=== FallenA [n=asdads@cpe-74-67-150-212.rochester.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ermac0Dr_willis, thanx, I thought as much, 'if there is a will , there is a way'06:16
Dr_willisreed026,  or ya can always run the services just in the background.06:16
reed026ok :)06:16
=== GeeTux [n=kevin@ip-71.net-82-216-191.caen.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisermac0,  ive been playing with samba, and smbfs (samba FUSE stuff) all week.06:16
Talaman72question, how do i command line mount using smbmnt if i want to mount a printer?>06:16
GeeTuxhi all06:16
=== Eudy [n=eudy@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sir_binary [n=chan@adsl-75-15-166-247.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jordan_U [n=Jordan_U@h-68-164-86-192.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
GeeTuxquestion, how install vmware i have a error06:17
slavikTalaman72: there is a way to do it through printer set up :)06:17
sir_binaryHey,I need some help06:17
=== harisamin [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisTalaman72,  i think you would use the cups configuration/tools for that.06:17
slavikGeeTux: is it when compiling the network modules?06:17
sir_binarythe windows are too small all of a sudden06:17
Talaman72yeah, that one isn't working06:17
harisaminFlannel: hey are u there? remember me?06:17
=== imbecile_ [n=imbecile@adsl-75-16-72-159.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
GeeTuxslavik yes06:17
sir_binaryI'm using ubuntu with the xfce desktop06:17
=== andrupal_ [n=chatzill@user-12ld7dv.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
slavikGeeTux: google for a perl patch script :)06:18
sir_binaryit was fine earlier today but I must have done something06:18
=== PanzerMKZ [i=Panzer@06-170.136.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu
slaviksir_binary: I suggest also joining #xubuntu, they use xfce :)06:18
=== `ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
sir_binaryok I'll try there06:18
ermac0Dr_willis, as FUSE, for music , video, streaming, mnt's everything i read06:18
GeeTuxslavik: wait06:18
harisaminhey guys....i had ubuntu running on this G4 powerpc about a week ago....somethign went wrong in trying to update to feisty so i had to reinstall ubunt again06:18
=== Joelio [n=joel@] has joined #ubuntu
NickGarveyharisamin: ok06:19
ubotuThough it's still very unsafe, you can read about Ubuntu NTFS writing using fuse here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lkraider/NtfsFuse06:19
harisaminwell i could never get it to reinstall ....tried several versions...breezy...dapper...edgy and didnt work....even tried the minimal installation...i keep getting this debootstrap error06:19
slavikGeeTux: still waiting06:19
harisamini tried different hard drives too06:19
harisamini'm sure its not the harddrive06:19
ermac0ubotu, i guess you would have to put your coding cap on, and figure the bugs out06:19
=== Molluck [n=Molluck@74-135-35-17.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== choox2 [i=forsaken@adsl-4-248-153.mem.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sir_binary [n=chan@adsl-75-15-166-247.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
bvodlibdvdread3 folder does not exist06:20
GeeTuxUsing compiler "/usr/bin/gcc". Use environment variable CC to override.06:20
GeeTuxWhat is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running06:20
AusicaemiaI have a problem, the entries that I put in the Startup Programs part of System>Preferences>Sessions get erased when I reboot.06:20
harisamini think it might be my cd rom ....for some reason maybe trying to update to fgesity might have caused some error....i;'ve tried several linux ppc distros on this G4 and they come up with some error....and i've tried those same CDs on another G4 powerpc...and they work06:20
=== rsn|zert [n=zert@ip68-11-162-251.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
slavikGeeTux: first you run install, then the script, then the configure stuff06:20
harisaminso my conclusion is that there is something wrong with my cdrom dirve06:20
=== Trevinho [n=Trevi@host75-163-static.104-80-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
slavikGeeTux: you also need the headers and build-essential :)06:20
harisamini dotn have a disk drive06:21
AusicaemiaI removed the Beagle Desktop client, and added Pidgin to startup, and when I rebooted Beagle started up and no Pidgin.06:21
ermac0harisamin, network boot06:21
Ausicaemiaand then when I checked, none of my changes stayed in the startup thing06:21
harisaminis there a way for me to install ubuntu wihtout a disk drive  or cdrom drive....i do have a usb flashcard...06:21
GeeTuxslavik: i am installed build-essential and kernel06:21
AusicaemiaSo does anybody know what is wrong?06:21
harisaminermac0: but dont u need to download a cd of some sort to do that06:21
=== Molluck [n=Molluck@74-135-35-17.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
slavikGeeTux: google for the patch06:21
=== nix [n=nix@] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uharisamin, Yes, you can install from a flashcard if your computer supports booting from it06:22
harisaminermac0: thats the probelm here06:22
slavikGeeTux: I have it on my work system, but not here06:22
=== gladiewr [n=gladiewr@] has joined #ubuntu
=== eyemean [n=eyemean@87-194-46-209.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== gdb_ [n=cbell@circe.inetdb.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
harisaminJordan_U: i think i can but i cant find a good guide....looked at one that some ppl suggested...i have 2 hard drives by the way...lon running os X and th other WAS running ubuntu06:22
=== fender_ [n=fender@mail.dropletsap.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
gladiewrhi guys - having some usb  networking issues - any help please?06:22
ermac0you have w2k3 R2 can install any OS from nt boot06:22
harisaminJordan_U: i think i can get it to boot from the flashdrive06:23
ermac0course you need w2k3 r206:23
=== paer_ [n=paer@h129n1fls301o1003.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
harisaminJordan_U: but i need help...and i only have a 512mb flashdrive06:23
bvodcould have gstreamer codec installed be my problem06:23
iTG`NeatcheeWhy is it that i'm trying to backport pidgin-otr with prevu, and it tells me that it can't find pidgin-dev even though I just downloaded, backported, and installed pidgin-dev?06:23
Jordan_Uharisamin, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick Is this a PPC mac?06:23
AusicaemiaSo does anybody know what that is happening?06:23
harisaminJordan_U: yes06:23
=== erat123 [n=eric@71-213-227-51.cdrr.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
AusicaemiaWhy don't my startup entries stay?06:23
=== archaios7 [n=archaios@c-24-19-137-14.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uharisamin, Then that guide won't work...06:24
=== greatgazoo [n=chamilto@pool-162-83-129-101.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
GeeTuxslavik: ubuntu then kernel 2.606:24
harisaminJordan_U: ok....any other ideas?06:24
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
GeeTuxok yes install the patch06:24
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, I always found that to be annoying06:24
AusicaemiaPaddy_EIRE, Is there a way to fix it?06:24
=== Vignale [n=manoj@S01060080c8b403d3.ss.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
AusicaemiaOr did you at least find a workaround or something?06:24
=== bluefox83 [n=bluefox@dynamic-acs-24-239-249-234.zoominternet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, you can have all the things you want to start running already then save session06:24
harisaminJordan_U: i do have a G3 powerbook running xubuntu dapper....is there anything i can do form that?06:24
=== fender__ [n=fender@mail.dropletsap.com] has joined #ubuntu
slavikGeeTux: ???06:25
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, add the entries aswell to make doubly sure06:25
ermac0Ausicaemia, it could be that you need to edit the source file it self , not a linked file.06:25
Vignalehey guys...how do i get my ubuntu to play mp3's?06:25
AusicaemiaWhat is the file called/where is it located?06:25
AusicaemiaDo you know?06:25
ermac0Ausicaemia, just like changing your MOTD06:25
harisaminJordan_U: are u there?06:25
Jordan_Uharisamin, You could install from it by putting the one you want to install to in target disk mode, you would need to change some things manually to get it to work though most likely06:25
=== ammiel [n=ammiel@68-114-229-62.dhcp.fdul.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Vignalecan someone help me pls??06:26
dawn`chorusVignale, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats06:26
harisaminJordan_U: what is target disk mode and how do i do that on a powerpc06:26
=== paer_ is now known as paer
Paddy_EIRE!ask | Vignale06:26
ubotuVignale: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:26
ermac0Ausicaemia, no i haven't had to start that project , :) auto start on boot right,  cant GDM already do that for you06:26
mikeHow do I stop beryl without logging out?06:26
=== nix [n=nix@] has left #ubuntu []
Tom47!restrictedformats > vignale06:26
Paddy_EIREmike, do you have beryl-manager06:27
Ausicaemiaermac0, Yeah, I'm adding stuff to the Startup Programs part of the session manager06:27
slavikmike: choose metacity as the window decoration06:27
Jordan_Uharisamin, Boot the Mac you want to install to while holding down "T" then you can connect it to your other mac as if it were a Firewire Drive06:27
Ausicaemiaermac0, But when I reboot the ones I removed are back and the ones I added don't stay.06:27
mikePaddy_EIRE: yes06:27
VignaleHow do i get my mp3's playing on rhythmbox?06:27
=== ph8 [n=ph8@] has joined #ubuntu
ermac0mike, beryl should allow you to go to metacity if beryl doesn't load by default06:27
harisaminJordan_U: do i need a firewire cable ...i dotn have one...can i use an ethernet cable06:27
Paddy_EIREmike, then select metacity as your window manager06:27
=== SirBob1701 [n=mcginley@pool-72-81-79-12.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ziroday [n=al1b1@cm158.kappa176.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uharisamin, No, you need Firewire :(06:28
harisaminJordan_U: dammit06:28
Jordan_Uharisamin, Not even USB will work06:28
Dr_willisJordan_U,  thats a neat trick. ive never heard of befor. :)06:28
Paddy_EIREmike, the jewel icon on your sys tray06:28
=== cockaigne [n=dlhead@c-76-21-105-196.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== GeeTux [n=kevin@ip-71.net-82-216-191.caen.rev.numericable.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
gladiewrhi guys - having some usb networking issues - any help please?06:28
harisaminJordan_U: u think i cna try replacing the cd rom drive...i do have others06:28
=== strtochar[] [n=strtocha@adsl-68-126-179-155.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== AutumnCat [n=AutumnCa@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Catoptromancy [n=cat@blk-7-225-55.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== kahrytan [n=kahrytan@pool-71-176-26-91.nrflva.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikePaddy_EIRE: yes it is ,,Beryl is working fine,I was just wondering how to stop it06:29
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:29
=== Biscuitian_Warhe [n=chatzill@n124s143.bbr1.shentel.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisusb-networking.... Hmm.. clarify that for a start06:29
Jordan_Uharisamin, That is probably easiest, does the CD rom drive work at all?06:29
Biscuitian_WarheHi, for some reason the Volume Up/Down keys on my computer only control my Front Speakers, I want it to control the PCM (I have a surround sound system)06:29
=== pixelation [n=pixelati@64-83-207-152.dhcp.stcd.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pynoob [n=user@203-173-10-58.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
gladiewrdr_willis has an ali host to host link06:30
=== bobdraken [n=root@75-138-105-182.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
bobdrakenwelp im back06:30
bobdrakenanyone on?06:30
Jordan_UBiscuitian_Warhe, What channels it controls can be set in System -> Preferences -> Sound06:30
bobdrakenim pissed i tried the alter cd06:30
pixelationXarchiver won't extract...06:30
pixelationI did tons of googling.06:30
pynoobHey... Is the Breezy repo no longer available?06:30
bobdrakenand that didnt work either.. so im stuck on fedora and well06:30
pixelationNothing on my problem.06:30
crimsunpynoob: Breezy was EOL'd some months ago.06:30
Biscuitian_WarheJordan_U: oh snap, thanks.06:30
bobdrakenhow do i say this nicely06:30
bobdrakenit sucks06:30
slavikJordan_U: that is new06:31
Jordan_UBiscuitian_Warhe, np :)06:31
pixelationCan anyone help me with Xarchiver?06:31
bobdrakenlet me ask everyone a question... if you couldnt use ubuntu.. what distro would you use06:31
AusicaemiaSo does anybody know why my startup entries get reset on reboot?06:31
Dr_willisgladiewr,  you got a PC->USB<-PC kind of cable?06:31
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, did you try what I said06:31
slavikBiscuitian_Warhe: thanks for asking that question, needed to know that myself ^^06:31
Jordan_Uslavik, Not really, I think I even remember it being in Dapper06:31
dawn`chorusVignale, understand?06:31
ermac0Ausicaemia, the gdm config you want to edit would be your login username, not root06:31
AusicaemiaI'd prefer to actually define the startup programs, rather than save a session.06:31
Biscuitian_Warheslavik: Haha yeah, I dunno why it picked only 2 of the speakers, oh well :P06:31
Biscuitian_WarheIt works now06:32
AusicaemiaYeah, thats what I'm editing it as.06:32
=== linxuz3r [n=linxuz3r@ppp-71-136-72-217.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
slavikbobdraken: Fedora prolly06:32
gladiewrdr_willis -> yea i do its an ali m653206:32
ermac0hmm interesting06:32
Ausicaemiaermac0, System>Preferences>Session>Startup Programs, adding stuff in there06:32
Biscuitian_Warhebobdraken: I'd use Arch, it's sleek and fast06:32
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, it still ultimately the exact same thing06:32
Ausicaemiaermac0, Reboot, stuff I added isn't there, stuff I removed is gone.06:32
ermac0Ausicaemia, i dunno dude, im looking as well06:32
bobdrakensalvik im on fedora now.. i guess i just dont like it06:32
Dr_willisgladiewr,  have ya googled to see if that thing is supported at all?  Those things are a bit rare. :) ones ive seen are just fancy serial cables.06:32
bobdrakeni dono06:32
bobdrakeni cant get ubuntu to install06:33
bobdraken:  (06:33
dawn`chorushmm ... who should I report this broken link on the help.ubuntu.com site?  broken link -> http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/06:33
bvodgot it working06:33
Biscuitian_Warhebobdraken: which install method/what error does it give?06:33
Flanneldawn`chorus: What page is that link on?06:33
Ausicaemiadawn`chorus, That link isn't broken.06:33
bvodhad to manuelly resinstall the file06:33
Jordan_Udawn`chorus, Works for me06:33
AusicaemiaI'm viewing it right now06:33
=== bvod [n=nothing@adsl-75-10-125-103.dsl.frs2ca.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, but hey, must be a bug with certain installs....unless you want to get into the guts of it and fix it file a bug on launchpad I have06:33
=== geeksauce [n=john@ip70-160-167-130.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusOK.  I'm getting "You do not have permission to access this document."06:34
gladiewrdr_willis, its supported with the cdc_subset module. i have it recognized as usb0 and its configured but it isnt actually talking to the rest of the network (the other pc has bridging running)06:34
geeksaucehey has anyone had any success with pidgin, which has replaced gaim06:34
dawn`chorusFlannel, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:34
Ausicaemiageeksauce: Running it right now.06:34
ermac0just use psi06:34
ermac0geeksauce, psi06:34
=== defrysk [n=defrysk@g173059.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Biscuitian_Warhegeeksauce: Pidgin is much cooler, though it's really not much different06:34
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe, true06:34
tomd123geeksauce, im using it now06:35
geeksauceAusicaemia, did you have to compile sourcecode or do the fedora binaries work?06:35
bobdrakenhow can i install vlc in fedora06:35
bobdrakenit wont let me06:35
pixelationI really need help.. I have scanned the forums, and googled the hell out of myself.06:35
Paddy_EIREgeeksauce, yeah there is a command to get all the dependencies that gaim would use and pidgin ran straight away...no probs06:35
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe, ssl ?06:35
Tom47!offtopic > bobdraken06:35
AusicaemiaI used a deb off www.getdeb.net06:35
tritiumbobdraken: wrong channel06:35
Biscuitian_Warheermac0: no?06:35
Flanneldawn`chorus: yeah, that link works fine.  Although the "adding repositories" stuff is outdated.06:35
dawn`choruspixelation, just calmly state your question.  :)06:35
slavikapt-get build-dep gaim06:35
=== chainlynx [n=dannyc@c-24-23-194-98.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe,  i think psi is more secure cuz of ssl,06:35
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe,  and can use php06:35
=== agnes [n=gadiis@] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusFlannel, hm.. strange.  at least we know it isn't broken.  :)06:35
slavikI tried compiling pidgin earlier today, but was a no go ... not sure why06:35
Biscuitian_Warheermac0: gotta love php :D06:36
wastedfluidI'm having problems hibernating from an acer 5100 + 7.04.  Any recommendations for a site to check out or something?  I searched google, but came up empty handed.  Hibernation works the first time you try it, but none after that.06:36
=== bobdraken [n=root@75-138-105-182.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
Ausicaemiageeksauce, www.getdeb.net, search for pidgin, also has pidgin-data and guifications06:36
defryskslavik, pidging is available at getdeb.net06:36
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe, i'm, telling you man06:36
pixelationXarchiver will not extract any files.06:36
ermac0Biscuitian_Warhe, its great06:36
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
geeksaucethanks Ausicaemia06:36
Biscuitian_Warheermac0: sweeet06:36
slavikdefrysk: I know ...06:36
ermac0slavik, missing libdev-pidgin06:37
Paddy_EIREpixelation, what type of archive are you dealing with06:37
slavikermac0: no idea, configure went fine06:37
Dr_willisHmm. the LinuxMint repoitories have pidgen..06:38
ermac0slavik, did you make without errors ?06:38
slavikermac0: that's where the error came ...06:38
Paddy_EIREpixelation, hmm, that normally works straight away...did you try right clicking the file and choosing extract here06:39
=== daquino [n=daquino@c-68-36-237-152.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
daquinohow do i get sound in flashplugin ?06:39
pixelationpaddy_eire I'll try right now, brb06:39
=== HeyGabe [n=Gabe@rrcs-67-53-147-221.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
gladiewrdr_willis, any ideas?06:39
HeyGabeHi. I had kernel panic. Now PC won't start.06:39
HeyGabeSays "Incomplete Literal Tree."06:40
HeyGabeSomeone help. :)06:40
=== chainlynx [n=dannyc@c-24-23-194-98.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Biscuitian_WarheHeyGabe: What'd you do right before that happened?06:40
Biscuitian_WarheNew hardware, software, etc?06:40
harisaminJordan_U: yeah it does work06:40
pixelationpaddy_eire it didn't work...06:40
HeyGabeHad a hard reset (Power button).06:40
Paddy_EIREpixelation, whats the error06:40
HeyGabeIt never came back up.06:40
pixelationpaddy_eire lemme get it up06:41
harisaminJordan_U: but i've tried several distros and several cds ....speaking for linux distros ....and it never goes all thew ay through06:41
harisaminJordan_U: i might just try it and see what happens06:41
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
HeyGabeWon't reboot from LiveCD either.06:41
randoman__anyone know why i get errors when garnome trys to installed zinity?06:41
Biscuitian_WarheHeyGabe: Ewww, that's probally why. I know from my experience that especially when a comp is doing something that freezes itself, that if it doesn't finish and it was important, it probally won't play nice.06:41
randoman__then it stops installed after that06:41
Biscuitian_WarheHeyGabe: Does your pc turn on, and does it say anything?06:41
=== tomd123 [n=tom@adsl-75-4-161-86.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== killown [i=killown@unaffiliated/killown] has joined #ubuntu
HeyGabeYeah. It loads grub, I pick the kernel and then it goes to the "starting up..."06:42
Biscuitian_WarheTry recovery mode?06:42
=== Bennedetto [n=benny@S0106000f66877e21.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREHeyGabe, have you tried choosing a previous kernel06:42
Bennedettohey, can anyone help me with a compiz fusion issue quick?06:43
BennedettoHow do I turn it off!06:43
HeyGabeI've tried three other kernels on two differnet physical disks.06:43
Paddy_EIREBennedetto, #ubuntu-effects06:43
Jordan_Uharisamin, Try the minimal CD, it grabs almost everything from the internet so is less likely to be affected by a bad CD ROM drive06:43
Bennedettook thanks06:43
=== GrubChub [n=mike@c-67-166-109-210.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationpaddy_eire bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.06:43
Jordan_U!minimal | harisamin06:43
ubotuharisamin: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:43
Paddy_EIREpixelation, sounds like a faulty archive to me06:43
harisaminJordan_U: i tried the minimal cd....dint work...same debootstrap error06:44
pixelationpaddy_eire but this is with almost every archive I have downloaded06:44
Paddy_EIREpixelation, have you tried downloading that same file from an alternative source06:44
Biscuitian_WarheHeyGabe: Hmm, I really doubt it's going to work, did you put in the livecd, access yer bios/boot menu, and choose the cd?06:44
Frogzooanyone care to suggest a card index application (eg ms cardfile or jotnotes), I currently use hnb, is there anything similiar/better?06:44
Paddy_EIREpixelation, where from so I CAN TRY06:44
pixelationpaddy_eire many times06:44
HeyGabeYeah, the boot CD errors too. I suggest it's failing hardware.06:44
pixelationpaddy_eire okay lemme find one06:45
Biscuitian_Warhewell with a hard poweroff like that06:45
Biscuitian_Warhei know for a week straight my bios would not load because i did that so much, so i just reset the cmos about 5 times, and it hasn't acted up since :P06:45
=== Dante_J [n=Dante@mollari.its.uq.edu.au] has joined #Ubuntu
pixelationpaddy_eire http://icculus.org/news/news.php?id=188306:45
harisaminJordan_U: i actually didnt tell u this....but i've been trying the alternate cds....i tried the edgy desktop cd....to install from there...now that cd loads the x window system...but i get the cursor spiinning i can move the cursor....but nothing loads after that06:45
harisaminJordan_U: any idea what i could do for that instead?06:46
Paddy_EIREpixelation, could you send me another link to some other file you have tried..which is not so big06:46
pixelationpaddy_eire yeah06:46
=== valehru [n=valehru@] has joined #ubuntu
=== QwertyM [n=harsh@] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uharisamin, How much RAM does it have?06:47
harisaminJordan_U: any idea what i coudl do to solve that...it just hangs on that circle curssor with the bropwn background06:47
harisamin1.128 gigs06:47
pixelationpaddy_eire actually the error messages on the other files are different because of an incompatability error (i have 64 bit06:48
Paddy_EIREpixelation, is there any particular reason why you choose 64bit06:48
=== Wonderboy_ [n=Wonderbo@c-24-62-82-49.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Uharisamin, Have you tried restarting X after that? Or killing X and starting it via "startx" from a terminal ?06:49
pixelationpaddy_eire because it came with my computer?06:49
=== gt_ [n=gokul@c-67-170-103-89.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_I'm upgrading to edgy at the moment and for some reason my fonts went all weird, anyone know anything about it?06:49
=== looping_ [n=derek@ARennes-352-1-136-160.w86-203.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
harisaminJordan_U: how  do i kill X?06:49
=== mike_ [n=mike@ip-58-28-153-46.ubs-dsl.xnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREpixelation, I have a 64bit processor but would not consider running 64bit OS, you should use the 32bit ubuntu less hassle06:49
=== zamnedix [n=zamnedix@or-67-76-146-141.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationpaddy_eire okay.. this is going to be a bitch to re-install.06:50
=== kakado [n=kakado@2803ds1-van.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== zamnedix [n=zamnedix@or-67-76-146-141.sta.embarqhsd.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
pixelationpaddy_eire allrighty then, bye bye.06:50
Paddy_EIREpixelation, you are also not really benefiting any by using a 64bit distro as majority of the app are 3206:50
Jordan_Uharisamin, Go to a terminal with ctrl+alt+F1 and run: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:50
Dante_JHello all. Yesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. I have 2 areas of concern 1) USB is lost after waking from Suspend 2) Nautilis at times has been using abnormally high CPU 100% until I kill it.06:50
pixelationpaddy_eire bye then.06:50
=== demoncorsair [n=demoncor@24-151-133-103.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
demoncorsairhey room06:50
Paddy_EIREpixelation, no probs06:50
=== Jordan_U is now known as room
roomdemoncorsair, Hi06:50
=== room is now known as Jordan_U
demoncorsairis ubuntu hard to install on a 166Mhz06:51
demoncorsairthis coming from a  gentoo user06:51
harisaminJordan_U: and then type 'startx'?06:51
Dante_Jis there room in your heart Jordan_U ?06:51
=== cjae_ [n=cjae@142-165-37-205.estv.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ermac0demoncorsair, you might as well install openbsd as a console server06:51
Jordan_Uharisamin, Yes.06:51
=== zamnedix [n=zamnedix@or-67-76-146-141.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Does anyone know why the default font for applications would change when upgrading from Dapper to Edgy?06:52
=== zamnedix [n=zamnedix@or-67-76-146-141.sta.embarqhsd.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== braniff [n=bran@unaffiliated/braniff] has joined #ubuntu
Jordan_Udemoncorsair, No, just use the text based installer06:52
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, maybe they changed it06:52
Wonderboy_Paddy_EIRE: Indeed, it seems that way. Heh.06:52
=== subzero2000 is now known as subzero2000[away
Jordan_U!alternate | demoncorsair06:52
ubotudemoncorsair: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal06:52
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, why using edgy?06:53
Wonderboy_Paddy_EIRE: Upgrading all the way to feisty most likely.06:53
=== blanky [n=Blank@pool-71-104-179-205.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JordiGH [n=jordi@] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_But I'm a little upset that so far my font is ugly in my applications. heh06:54
=== JordiGH [n=jordi@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, then change it06:54
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@c-71-229-248-134.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== original2 [n=mike@c-69-255-41-93.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Paddy_EIRE: I don't remember what the default was for Dapper.06:54
AusicaemiaI'll ask again now in case anyone has come in that knows.06:54
=== roho [n=scarlet@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nutterpc [n=nutterpc@203-217-52-194.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, sans06:55
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, I think06:55
AusicaemiaDoes anybody know why my startup entries get reset on reboot? Is there are a way to edit the file directly or something?06:55
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, perhaps you had sub pixel smoothing enabled before aswell, that helps06:55
=== lemeyonwilliams [n=lemeyonw@] has joined #ubuntu
=== degreseven [n=bryan@c-67-161-115-136.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Anyway to change default font from cli? I'm using fluxbox and I'm not sure how to get to the default font interface.06:56
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, not sure if that applies itself in real-time though06:56
Paddy_EIREWonderboy_, sorry I use Gnome06:56
=== secleinteer [n=scl@adsl-70-133-171-60.dsl.stlsmo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== r00tintheb0x_ [n=mking213@cpe-24-175-105-194.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== firman [n=klien4@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lemeyonwilliams [n=lemeyonw@] has left #ubuntu []
Dante_JHello again, my question again, one at a time: Yesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. USB is lost after waking from Suspend. PCMCIA devices work fine.06:57
=== korupt [n=korupt@c-71-195-166-175.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== fools is now known as foolsZzz
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, have you tried the forums? the way I said works perfectly...I mean how many times are you going to need to change your startup entries at high speed?06:58
korupthey guys i have a problem i have a nvidia geforce graphics adaptor and im using my television as my monitor but its not showing the desktop it goes to a black screen i know the os is working but i cant see the gui06:58
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
=== jordan_ [n=jordan@c-24-13-165-13.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== michelp [n=michelp@69-30-72-119.dq1sf.easystreet.com] has joined #ubuntu
korupti see the booting process its just when its going into the gui06:59
=== HeyGabe [n=Gabe@rrcs-67-53-147-221.west.biz.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
jordan_Is it possible to transfer files with two SSH hops?  (ie - logged into one computer which is logged into another via SSH on both)06:59
AusicaemiaPaddy_EIRE, I've checked the forums, I guess I'll post a thread or something06:59
=== daquino [n=daquino@c-68-36-237-152.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
RoC_MasterMindjordan_, yes...you can scp the file to the middle computer, then to the end 3rd computer.07:00
=== cockaigne [n=dlhead@c-76-21-105-196.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flanneljordan_: you might have to do them one computer at a time.07:00
AusicaemiaPaddy_EIRE, I just want to know why this isn't working. All well and good if saving the session works, but I would prefer to find a solution to this problem.07:00
jordan_RoC_mastermind: what is scp?07:00
koruptim pretty sure it has something to do with the graphics settings but im not sure what to do.07:00
Wonderboy_secure copy07:00
Flannel!scp | jordan_07:00
ubotujordan_: SCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/07:00
=== mykilx [n=mykilx@239-210.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, as I said though my desktop has a similar bug and I dont think many ppl would no which file that writes to07:01
koruptwonder boy have you heard of any problems like this befor07:01
jordan_thank you, flannel07:01
Wonderboy_korupt: what's the problem?07:01
=== shadeofgrey [n=shadeofg@c-76-109-2-187.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, bugs a bug learn to program if you want to no why its not working07:01
Wonderboy_korupt: ah, no, never used a tv for it.07:02
koruptim using my nvidia card to hook up my television as the monitor. i see the booting process but when it goes to enter the guii it flakes07:02
AusicaemiaPaddy_EIRE, It may not be a bug, it may be a permission error, which is exactly why I'm asking the question.07:02
Wonderboy_Have you tried restarting x?07:02
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_It's been a long time since I've had an X problem.07:02
korupti cant get into x? i have tried init 5 at07:02
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, either way you'd be quicker tinkering yourself07:02
=== calc [n=ccheney@conr-adsl-209-169-124-200.consolidated.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Can you boot to cli?07:03
=== vecnah [n=vecna@vecna.vecnix.net] has joined #ubuntu
korupti can boot to logon before entering gui07:03
Paddy_EIREAusicaemia, your the only other person besides me that I know of anyway that has encountered this problem07:03
=== Ce_CrAzZ [n=charles@] has left #ubuntu ["dddddddd"]
=== toddy [n=toddy@] has joined #ubuntu
koruptthe failsafe07:03
=== Havis__ [n=Havis@adsl-d243.84-47-120.t-com.sk] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_Right, do that and then use the xorg reconfiguration utility07:04
=== HoboBen [n=ben@cpc4-sket1-0-0-cust627.swan.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
korupti tried that command its not found but i could be typing it right07:04
=== sidlet [n=chuck@mo-71-1-105-102.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Paddy_EIRElater all :D07:05
sidletAnybody here have any comments on game pad support for linus?07:05
korupti tried these variables xorgconfig xorg and X11Config07:05
Wonderboy_Hm... Type x and then tab to see what commands are availible. Look for one that is a configuration.07:05
sidleti'm pondering on getting one, and curious on how well its going to work out07:05
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== eternalswd [n=eternals@cpe-65-185-163-101.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
koruptsounds good wonderboy im sure in there i can set up the graphics card also one more thing i know my card is restricted can i enable it from x config07:05
=== cmeme [n=cmeme@boa.b9.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== theRealballchalk [n=theRealb@c-68-80-140-248.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
toddyany one has the experience of configuring vsftpd07:06
Dante_JMy once more: Yesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. USB is lost after waking from Suspend. This was not a problem in 6.1007:06
Wonderboy_korupt: I don't think you can... But hey, things could have changed since the last time I used it. ;)07:06
=== bosCage [n=boscage@71-90-233-254.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_perhaps there is a restricted-driver command from cli07:06
calcDante_J: saw the same thing recently on my desktop machine, it was working until late this past week07:06
calcDante_J: i don't know if its usb is still dead or if it was a one time thing07:06
=== charles__ [n=charles@c-76-18-2-202.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
calchmm nevermind my desktop is running gutsy actually, i forgot about that07:07
korupti will try google see what i can find on that thank you wonder boy for the input always nice to find help in the irc channel i have seen alot of channels that dont help at all so thank you very much07:07
Wonderboy_korupt: sudo apt-cache search restricted07:07
Wonderboy_that will help :)07:08
koruptthank you soo much :)07:08
Wonderboy_No problem07:08
=== predius_ [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu
Wonderboy_good luck07:08
=== charles__ [n=charles@c-76-18-2-202.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== crashito [n=crashito@] has joined #ubuntu
=== taufiq [n=taufiq@] has joined #ubuntu
=== NET||abuse [n=lab@87-198-142-78.ptr.magnet.ie] has joined #ubuntu
korupttime to see if this works be back in a little while :)07:09
=== ChaoticGoo1 is now known as ChaoticGood
toddyi can upload files through a vsftpd through my vsftpd on my own PC,But others can't:showing 553 error:Could not create file,why07:10
toddyany one can help?07:10
=== alecw1 [n=alec@71-213-41-46.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tmcks [n=travis@] has joined #ubuntu
=== theRealballchalk [n=theRealb@c-68-80-140-248.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== DerangedDingo [n=john@24-113-250-73.wavecable.com] has joined #ubuntu
alecw1I'm having a problem with Java! Whenever I open a java program, like "FrostWire" it doesn't work! Nothing happens, I don't get an error message or anything. I have Java 6 installed. What's wrong?07:11
=== cheeseburger [n=pod@adsl-70-136-25-85.dsl.bumttx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== |DarkED_| [n=kvirc@adsl-065-012-158-225.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ke4nt [n=viny1@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== `eric- [n=eric@cpe-76-173-57-21.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== kravlin [n=ubuntu@unaffiliated/kravlin] has joined #ubuntu
alecw1Running "frostwire" from the terminal gives me this: Java exec not found in PATH, starting auto-search...07:12
alecw1OOPS, unable to locate java exec in  /usr/lib/  hierarchy07:12
alecw1You need to upgrade to JRE 1.5.x or newer from http://www.java.com07:12
alecw1ls: /usr/java/j*: No such file or directory07:12
alecw1OOPS, unable to locate java exec in  /usr/java/  hierarchy07:12
alecw1You need to upgrade to JRE 1.5.x or newer from http://www.java.com07:12
alecw1ls: /opt/j*: No such file or directory07:12
alecw1OOPS, unable to locate java exec in  /opt/  hierarchy07:12
alecw1You need to upgrade to JRE 1.5.x or newer from http://www.java.com07:12
alecw1Sorry for the flooding. :(07:12
DerangedDingowhat's the channel for Compiz/etc07:13
kravlinhey. just wondering. if you can't execute pmount what's another way to mount a drive?07:13
mister_roboto!beryl | DerangedDingo07:13
ubotuDerangedDingo: beryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. Help in #ubuntu-effects07:13
Dante_JMy question: Yesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. Previously Suspend worked perfectly. With 7.10 USB is lost after waking from Suspend.07:14
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
toddyQUESTION: i can upload files through my vsftpd on my own PC,But others can't:showing 553 error:Could not create file,why07:14
=== roho [n=scarlet@] has left #ubuntu []
kravlinHow do i mount files without pmount? I need to back up some files before a clean install.07:14
=== jedoig [n=jedoig@cpe-069-134-074-074.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mister_robototoddy: i seem to recall configuration is necessary to allow other users but don't remember exactly. did you try googling for your error message?07:15
=== mrnotproper [n=mrnotpro@142-217-81-164.telebecinternet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== not_a_k_ [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
toddyyes!but no correct anwser !and my vsftpd is 2.0.507:16
=== IcoN [n=w116tjb@cpe-71-64-133-206.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ady1414 [n=elisa@modemcable139.205-57-74.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
taufiqi can't hear my sound in laptop lenovo 3000 y 400 whit UBUNTU 7.0407:16
toddythey use the anonymous  to login07:16
CryoniqHi! Is there a way to burn .img image under ubuntu? k3b doesnt seem to be able to handle that =/07:17
=== MoNkUnLcE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== chryss_ [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu
=== DerangedDingo [n=john@24-113-250-73.wavecable.com] has left #ubuntu []
RoC_MasterMindwhat's the best way to temporarily turn off gnome-panel so I can play with kiba-dock?07:18
toddymister_roboto:is there a manual for this?07:18
alecw1How can I change the rendering platform in Compiz-fusion?07:18
=== linux_user400354 [n=chris@208-117-26-76.block5.gvtc.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== MoNkUnLcE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== w116tjb__ [n=w116tjb@cpe-71-64-133-206.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ady1414 [n=elisa@modemcable139.205-57-74.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== MoNkUnLcE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
iTG`Neatcheewoohoo!  it took me all night but i finally got pidgin-otr to work on feisty ^^07:19
=== MoNkUnLcE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
defryskalecw1, /j #ubuntu-effects07:19
iTG`Neatcheehorray for meeee!07:19
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=== roho [n=scarlet@] has joined #ubuntu
=== DarkED__ [n=darked@adsl-065-012-158-225.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MoNkUnClE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Airforce5555 [n=stephen@ppp-69-214-50-101.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sydestep [n=dominic@24-116-147-158.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
kravlinanyone know how to mount in a live-cd?07:20
mister_robototoddy: did you read the man page?   there's this too: http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html07:20
=== sidlet [n=chuck@mo-71-1-105-102.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
toddythanks you so much!any way,i'm new!07:20
=== dewey [n=dewey@c-67-168-51-149.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
toddymister_roboto thank you!07:21
mister_robototoddy: you're welcome07:21
kravlinanyone know how to mount while on a live-cd?07:21
=== skarevoluti [n=manuel@cable201-232-161-147.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
=== Nikkolai [n=carlo@cpe-24-162-199-196.elp.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== uki [n=uki@] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`choruskravlin, same way you do otherwise.  are you having problems?07:22
slavikhow do I fix the problem with hotkey-setup not wanting to upgrade (the removal script has troubles)07:22
kravlin dawn`chorus: yeah. It says pmount can'07:23
kravlin't be executed07:23
=== theconartist [n=tca@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Frogzoo [n=Frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== neutralparty [n=jason@cpe-066-026-092-172.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== buize [n=rahul@ool-4355e726.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`choruskravlin, oh.  i dunno about pmount.07:23
=== harmental [n=ricardo@AGrenoble-152-1-43-230.w82-122.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
buizeim using ubuntu for 1st time07:24
buizecan someone help me out07:24
=== utNubu068 [n=rick@66-190-65-32.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== noiesmo [n=noiesmo@unaffiliated/noiesmo] has joined #ubuntu
kravlinbuize: it might be better if you stated your question.07:24
=== eternalswd [n=eternals@cpe-65-185-163-101.neo.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
kravlinAnyone know how to mount if Ubuntu tells you it can't use Pmount or am i screwed?07:25
buizei just installed wine07:25
buizei have to move 2 dlls from the desktop to /.wine/windows/system3207:25
=== Malachi [n=Malachi@75-120-114-68.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dante_JYesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. Previously Suspend worked perfectly. With 7.10 the USB bus is lost after waking from Suspend. A restart is required to activate USB again.07:26
buizei can't browse to the .wine folder for some reason?07:26
kravlinbuize: This is the ubuntu channel for general ubuntu questions. if you want help with wine i would suggest going to #winehq07:26
dawn`chorusbuize, display hidden files.  it's in the menu.07:26
kravlinbuize: They are hidden.07:26
utNubu068Hi everybody. does anyone know of a good networking tutorial to help me get 2 ubuntu 7.04 computers to see each other?07:26
slavikbuize: in nautilus, did you enable hidden directories? (Ctrl+H)07:26
buizety :D07:26
=== |TheInfinity| [n=TheInfin@p508F12F8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
kravlinbuize: All files that start with a period are hidden07:26
slavikbuize: as a convention, anything that begins with a dot '.' is not automatically listed :)07:27
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== xdemondogx [i=HydraIRC@i50177.upc-i.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
xdemondogxhey all07:27
kravlinanyone know how to mount a drive without using Pmount?07:27
=== dimar [n=dimar@84-104-161-188.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bulmerdid you try just the regular mount command and being as root?07:27
Nippahave you tried regular old mount?07:27
=== furenku [n=furenku@] has joined #ubuntu
=== kintaro0e [n=kintaro0@] has joined #ubuntu
qnycutNubu068, explain see each other, what do you want to do?07:28
buizesweet i got WoW to work07:28
buizethx guys07:28
dawn`chorusbuize, Ubuntu love you.  remember!07:28
buizeits not bad07:28
buizei'm liking it so far07:28
utNubu068I have tried to make shares on both computers, but I can't browse them thru the network servers folder.07:29
buizethe installation was so painless07:29
=== _Codeman_ [n=codeman@ip70-185-225-238.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
buizei'm not even going to bother with a win xp partition07:29
=== nrdb [n=neil@] has joined #ubuntu
xdemondogxguys if ya install ubuntu with dual boot will it take hard disk space or sometihng like that?07:29
kravlinnippa: so the command would be sudo mount sda3?07:29
nrdbHi I am using openoffice 2.0.2 database with postgresql when I try to filter a query on a date filed it uses the construct " <field name> > {D '2006-01-01}" but postgresql is erroring on this :( can I get it to use "<field name> > '2006-01-01'" ?07:29
Nippaprobably sudo mount /dev/sda3 , but yeah07:29
utNubu068tried smb and nfs with no luck07:29
kravlinxdemondogsx: yes it will. Are you running windows right now?07:29
dawn`chorusxdemondogx, yes.  it will take up more hard disk space, unless you shrink one of the partitions.07:29
xdemondogxwhat are partisions?07:30
dawn`chorusxdemondogx, they're like slices of pie.  your hdd is a pie.  partitions are slices you can divide up any way you like.07:30
_Codeman_Ok, I lock my session, my brother starts a new session and is on for a bit, then logs off, then it goes to a gray screen and doesn't respond to anything except Ctrl+Alt+Del07:30
dawn`chorushard disk drive.07:30
xdemondogxowh thnx07:30
_Codeman_any ideas?07:31
=== super-man [n=sigplus@] has joined #ubuntu
xdemondogxdawn: ya know a way too shrink the partitions?07:31
=== jughead [n=jughead@c-68-52-197-168.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
pynoobYou can resize a partition.. the problem is the file system07:31
kravlinxdemondogx: BEFORE you partition anything please run a defragmenting program a few times.07:31
=== Vegancheesesteak [n=nick@dsl092-238-126.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dante_Jkravlin, first find the hdd try: dmesg | grep hda or dmesg | grep sda07:31
dawn`chorusxdemondogx, check the amount of free space you have on your windows partition.  and do what the other folks are telling you.  :)07:32
defryskxdemondogx, first you dont know what partitions are and now want to shrink them ? you seem to know more then you let on to07:32
pynoobSomeone has told you to backup everything first, right? :D07:32
kravlinnow they have07:32
xdemondogxand if ya boot Ubuntu for the first time is it like starting over?07:32
=== d33p__ [n=d33p@] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusxdemondogx, ubuntu installer can take certain settings and files from Windows, so you won't be starting over completely.07:33
kravlinxdemondogx: One question. why do you want to install ubuntu?07:33
Dante_Jkravlin, do you know the partition you're after, if not try: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda  (taking forgranted that you're hdd is sda)07:33
xdemondogxwin getting sucky~.~07:33
kravlindante_J: I did find it.07:34
=== at4k3r [n=at4k3r@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ant- [n=ant@tx-71-51-110-240.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
kravlindante_J: its sda307:34
=== Toma- [n=e17@203-166-231-160.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
kravlinbut it doesn't like it.07:34
=== MoNkUnClE [n=ximian@ip68-110-200-177.ri.ri.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== tbtroja [n=tbtroja@c-75-72-133-41.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== J-_ [n=justin@unaffiliated/j/x-388422] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusxdemondogx, you'll want to read some howto's on how to dual boot.  Read some here.  http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/index07:34
=== Tomcat_` is now known as Tomcat_
=== bur[n] er_ [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
J-_is there anyway I can use the system>admin>'network' gui in fluxbox on a server? if so, what's the package name?07:35
=== at4k3r [n=at4k3r@] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== seuaniu [n=seuaniu@sub18-71.member.dsl-only.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kenym [n=kenym@219.Red-83-42-240.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== StoLA [n=ville@dyn-205-91-dsl.vsp.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== at4k3r [n=at4k3r@] has joined #ubuntu
pynoobWhat do you need the gui for?07:36
xdemondogxdawn: so it CAN take some files of windows??07:36
kravlindante_j: I get this error when running  sudo mount /dev/sda307:36
kravlin mount: can't find /dev/sda3 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:36
xdemondogxare those important?07:36
pynoobyou need to specify the mount point07:36
=== Prometheus [n=quant@p57B9DE08.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
pynoobas well07:36
=== biggahed_ [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
pynoobsuod mount /dev/sda3 /mount/point07:37
=== Ravenndude` [n=matt@dynamic-acs-24-239-118-177.zoominternet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tzolkin [n=tzolkin@c-76-105-213-10.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dante_Jmsg kravlin, did you make the directory to mount into as I mentioned? /media/temp07:37
=== guapa [i=guapa@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Adlai [n=adlaiff6@user-64-9-234-127.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Bacchus [n=nalinde@nl103-150-144.student.uu.se] has joined #ubuntu
kravlindante_J; im currently running off a live cd. I need to do some backups before a clean install. Some crappy partitioning has rendered my install useless.07:38
DraconicusI noticed that a Feisty install I had offered to run the AutoRun.exe on a Windows install CD through WINE once when I popped it in. Does this always happen if WINE is installed? I can't really check right now.07:38
=== payan [i=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bruenig [n=bruenig@adsl-69-155-219-96.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dante_Jyou can make a directory in /media when running the live cd. I did it last night07:39
=== clearzen [n=clearzen@] has joined #ubuntu
clearzenHow do I stop Rythmbox from loading everytime I insert my ipod?07:41
J-_what's the command to get Network running from the terminal?07:41
StoLAi go smoke some crack ->07:41
pynoobsudo dhclient eth0 ? :D07:41
clearzenJ-_: sudo /etc/init.d/networking start07:41
=== Simulator [n=kaspersk@] has joined #ubuntu
=== evilgimp__ [n=evilgimp@bas1-stcatharines10-1167943371.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
tritium!offtopic > StoLA (see the private message from ubotu)07:41
dawn`chorusclearzen, System > Pref's > Removable Drives and Media07:41
Vegancheesesteakhi. does anyone know how to load an icm color profile into xorg?07:41
=== mkfort [n=mkfort@66-169-8-053.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== user1_ [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu
Dante_JYesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. Previously Suspend worked perfectly. With 7.10 the USB bus is lost after waking from Suspend. A restart is required to activate USB again.07:42
J-_clearzen: didn't work, heh.07:42
clearzendawn`chorus: Thank you. That was getting to be very annoying .07:42
=== utNubu068 [n=rick@66-190-65-32.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
clearzentry sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:42
Dante_JAny Kernel hackers, or friends of such about?07:42
dawn`chorusclearzen, i know what you mean.  and you're welcome.07:42
kravlindante_J: it doesn;t look like it will let me.07:42
J-_clearzen: that just restarted my network.07:44
=== AutumnCat [n=AutumnCa@] has joined #ubuntu
m4O4`zzZclearzen : even worse for me, when i plugin my PSP it'll start rythmbox xD now there's really NO use for rythmbox with a psp ;)07:44
clearzenJ-_: What do you want to do? I thought you wanted to start your networking07:44
=== AutumnCat [n=AutumnCa@] has joined #ubuntu
J-_i just want the dhcp client to come up so I can configure my internal IP, etc. from terminal07:44
clearzenm4O4`zzZ: lol, that sucks. I use my ipod as a portable hard drive as much as a music player personally.07:45
=== HellDragon_ [i=JD@modemcable136.38-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ant-J-_, are you having problems with nm-applet?07:45
m4O4`zzZdhcp ? shouldn't that be done with ifconfig ?07:45
=== EvFan1 [n=kevin@adsl-230-198-153.btr.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== guapa [i=guapa@] has left #ubuntu []
EvFan1Hi everybody! I'm running the normal Desktop Effects in FIesty, but after a reboot my windows are doing something really wierd. They are sticking to the panels and other windows. Like it's hard to get them to not stick to each other. Does anyone know if this is normal and how I can turn it off.07:46
=== HellDragon_ is now known as HellDragon
ant-m4O4`zzZ, unless he has wireless, which would be iwconfig07:46
clearzenJ-_: sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth007:46
J-_clearzen: system>admin> and 'network', click on the that and a small gui window pops up. I want to run something from terminal to get that same gui window to popup in fluxbox so I can configure the internal IP07:47
m4O4`zzZEvFan1 i don't exactly remember the values, but i guess u have set the sticking feature a bit too wide ... check gconf-editor and search for the Compiz settings (compiz = desktop effects)07:47
=== zours [n=zours@] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrewlv [n=andrewlv@] has joined #ubuntu
clearzenJ-_: gksu mouse /etc/network/interfaces07:47
ant-J-_, type 'nm-applet &'07:47
=== zours [n=zours@] has left #ubuntu []
clearzenJ-_: Wait, mouse is in Xfce I think07:47
=== ryanricard [n=ryan@cpe-76-185-9-215.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
clearzenJ-_: just use nano07:47
ryanricardquick question: is there any way to change the name of the "Applications" menu?07:48
Dante_JYesterday I did a fresh install going from 6.10 to 7.04 on a ThinkPad T30. Previously Suspend worked perfectly. With 7.10 the USB bus is lost after waking from Suspend. A restart is required to activate USB again.07:48
kravlinDante_J: I just mounted it to my home directory. it was much easier07:48
ryanricardpreferably to nothing (just the logo)07:48
J-_hmm, clearzen where is the file located that I need to configure then?07:48
=== bran_ [i=bran@] has joined #ubuntu
skarevolutiryanricard: in xubuntu?07:48
clearzenJ-_: the path to the file is /etc/network/interfaces07:49
ryanricardregular old gnome07:49
m4O4`zzZgnome is NOT old ! it's just .. uhm ... "conventional" ;-)07:49
ant-J-_ , for the gui type 'nm-applet'07:49
ant-j- i mean 'gksu nm-applet'07:50
ryanricardyeah, that's what I mean07:50
m4O4`zzZryanricard i'm not really sure, but i think u have to edit the theme you're using07:50
=== themoebius [n=zac@24-241-226-173.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
clearzenJ-_: I thought you wanted the command line equivalent. If not gksu nm-applet is what you want07:50
=== Ajit [n=ajit@] has joined #ubuntu
m4O4`zzZryanricard no wait, that was totally wrong from me ... it can't be the theme as themes work for every language ... sry, my fault07:51
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== not_a_k [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryanricardm404`zzZ:I've tried changing the name in ~/.config/menu/applications.menu but it doesn't change the name07:51
=== H3lp [n=tu@] has joined #ubuntu
m4O4`zzZdid u edit the file ?07:51
=== hylje [i=hylje@c214.myrootshell.com] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigryanakca, you can use the applet that only has the logo, but you can't change the name07:52
H3lpHello everyone07:52
bruenigryanricard, ^07:52
=== NemesisD [n=michael@c-71-227-210-155.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryanricardbruenig:how do I use only the logo?07:52
ryanricardthat's what I want to do anyway07:52
J-_clearzen ant- thanks muchly! But now I face a different problem is there's no notification area in fluxbox which in turn gives me another problem of clicking on the icon to run it =X07:53
bruenigryanricard, right click on the panel, select add to panel, get the applet that only has the logo07:53
H3lpi'm facing problems with aMSN , where i cannot login after upgrading to version 97 due to a TLS problem where even though i downloaded it aMSN still asks for it prohibiting me of logging in can anyone help out ?!07:53
=== ignignokt [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigryanricard, and right click and remove the other applet, the one with the three menus07:53
ignignoktmy sound card disappeared.  bad.07:53
ryanricardit worked07:53
=== bigglouie2007 [n=chance@c-67-166-80-113.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
ryanricardbruenig:thanks, that was easy07:53
=== Ajit [n=ajit@] has left #ubuntu []
=== ||arifaX [n=||arifaX@inetpop1.witron.de] has joined #ubuntu
ignignoktwell not really, but no apps play sound (some crash, some just look frozen) and the vol. control in my tray says there's no device to control07:54
bruenigwhen gnome actually can do something, it is usually easy to do so07:54
=== konam [n=konam@102stb68.codetel.net.do] has left #ubuntu ["Saliendo"]
EvFan1m4O4`zzZ: I tried that and I couldn't find anything.07:54
ant-J-_, what do you mean? do you want the nm-applet to start at every new fluxbox session?07:54
ignignoktmy sound card shows up with lspci07:54
skarevolutiH3lp: go to #amsn07:54
ignignoktso can anyone help?07:54
=== Helmi [n=helmi@pD95ECE4F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hodgejj [n=hodgejj@68-190-26-101.dhcp.mtgm.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
H3lpthank you skarevoluti07:55
J-_ant-: that yeah, but I primarily want a system tray like place that'll show it?07:55
=== H3lp [n=tu@] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
m4O4`zzZEvFan1, google for "Compiz Settings Manager" and download that ... there are options in there for that.07:55
=== DerangedDingo [n=john@24-113-250-73.wavecable.com] has joined #ubuntu
EvFan1m4O4`zzZ: Thanks!07:55
ignignokt"the volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control.  this means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured."07:56
DerangedDingoHello, does anyone know if there's a way to reset all my desktop effects/compiz preferences to defaults?07:56
=== th1a [n=hoffman@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mythril [n=Luke@207-224-20-46.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #Ubuntu
ant-J-_, the nm-applet should show up in the right of the toolbar07:57
nrdbwhen will a latter version of OpenOffice (greater than 2.0.2) be ready for ubuntu 6.06 ?07:57
bastidrazorgimp resizing images.. isn't there a way to resize multiple files at once07:57
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@24-205-228-241.dhcp.snlo.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ignignokt00 [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
kravlinI cant get any windows to open. any suggestions?07:57
=== EViLGiMp [n=evilgimp@bas1-stcatharines10-1096572406.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
DanaGIs there an easy way to get this effect:  http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=293&libid=5007:57
J-_ant-: hmm okay, I'll check it out, thanks muchly.07:57
=== ChaoticGoo1 [n=ChaoticG@] has joined #ubuntu
=== biggahed_ [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ignignokt00 [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mythrilI have a kernel message that keeps printing to my shell, how do I get it to stop?07:58
DanaGI know xplanet can do it, but I don't know how to set it up.07:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thinclient - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:58
DerangedDingoHello, does anyone know if there's a way to reset all my desktop effects/compiz preferences to defaults?07:58
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has left #ubuntu ["Coming]
=== Bhaal [i=bhaal@freenode/staff/bhaal] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigDerangedDingo, #ubuntu-effects, I imagine deleting a config directory would do the trick07:59
ignignoktbruenig, any advice for me?07:59
=== huck_2000 [n=Tim@ip68-106-27-71.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sc0tty [n=yann@] has joined #ubuntu
J-_ant-: weird, I go to search in synaptic to install, and it's not there, unless it's already installed. but i doubt it is.08:00
ignignoktthat's a shame :(08:00
kravlini can't seem to get any windows of any kind open currently. menus work fine and so do icons but i cant get a terminal open.08:00
bruenigJ-_, what are you looking for08:00
DerangedDingothanks bruenig. i thought i'd ask here since not many people in Ubuntu-Effects... are... responsive08:01
bruenigkravlin, try restarting x, ctrl + alt + backspace08:01
=== uki [n=uki@] has joined #ubuntu
mythrilkravlin ctrl-alt-f1 should bring you to a terminal08:01
bruenigDerangedDingo, ~/.compiz or something like that08:01
mythrilif that helps at all08:01
=== ev [n=ev@gennetprostejov.cust.sloane.cz] has joined #ubuntu
=== uki [n=uki@] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
J-_bruenig: nm-applet08:01
=== kenny [n=kenny@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigJ-_, network-manager-gnome08:02
=== oregon [n=kevin@71-215-186-185.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== netG [n=simontol@] has joined #ubuntu
=== justin__ [n=justin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ltkun [n=ltkun@] has joined #ubuntu
=== colbert [n=bobby@CPE000802b64568-CM0011e6c40b1f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jae [n=jae@] has joined #ubuntu
=== spf2k [n=jaypro@adsl-75-37-167-34.dsl.sndg02.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== huck_2000 is now known as tbone
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about conky - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:03
=== tbone is now known as huck
colberthow do I install conky ?08:03
=== DarthShrine [n=angus@pdpc/supporter/student/DarthShrine] has joined #ubuntu
=== mythril [n=Luke@207-224-20-46.ptld.qwest.net] has left #Ubuntu []
bruenigcolbert, sudo apt-get install conky08:04
J-_no network devices found =|08:04
spf2kim looking for a good program so that i can learn how to write code in c/c++.  do you guys know any good ones?  eclipse any good?08:04
=== MR [n=mr@203-158-50-10.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Ubuntu
bruenigspf2k, sounds like you are looking for a book08:04
=== mandh [n=mandh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kwitschibo_ [n=Michael@host-091-096-184-076.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #ubuntu
MRHi, is the alternate iso the live cd?08:04
=== EvFan1 [n=kevin@adsl-230-198-153.btr.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
spf2kbruenig> well, you need a program as well08:05
bruenigMR, no the desktop is the live cd, the alternate is the text install08:05
defryskMR, no08:05
=== craine [n=craine@] has left #ubuntu []
bruenigspf2k, vim is good, gedit has syntax highlighting08:05
MROh ok08:05
bruenigI use geany on occasion, usually just vim though08:05
=== huck is now known as huck_2000
=== Cu_Ranh [n=das@] has joined #ubuntu
spf2kbruenig> those are just text editors08:06
bruenigspf2k, right08:06
reed026does xubuntu come installed with LAMP08:06
bruenigreed026, no08:06
=== huck_2000 [n=Tim@ip68-106-27-71.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
bruenigspf2k, compile using gcc08:06
bruenigor g++08:06
MRI am confused about the grub re-install guide then. I have download and burnt the desktop cd. Now when i start the computer with the cd, it goes to install, not desktop terminal -> grub ?08:07
reed026ahh sudo apt-get apache ?08:07
spf2kbruenig> ever use eclipse?08:07
=== Ollie [n=ollie@how-rtr-udr-gi0-1.ebuyer.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== evilgimp__ [n=evilgimp@bas1-stcatharines10-1167875048.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
reed026or is it possible to download through Repos08:07
bruenigMR, you fire up a terminal and do it yourself08:07
J-_heh weird, my network is enabled, yet nm-applet isn't picking up it is. can't configure it neither. =S08:07
=== henry56 [n=mike@pool-68-239-164-97.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== DerangedDingo [n=john@24-113-250-73.wavecable.com] has left #ubuntu []
MRbruenig: How can i get to the terminal , that's the problem i am facing08:08
=== Bennedetto [n=benny@S0106000f66877e21.ed.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
bruenigMR, applications>accessories>terminal08:08
=== RetLaw [n=RetLaw@082-146-105-176.dyn.adsl.xs4all.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
bruenigJ-_, what is the interface08:08
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
=== Cu_Ranh ./s -m irc.netfpt.com
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Burgundavia, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti or mneptok08:08
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=== Cu_Ranh [n=das@] has left #ubuntu [requested]
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o tonyyarusso] by tonyyarusso
=== ericrw [n=eric@inet20909nb-0.eranet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigJ-_, wlan0?08:09
MRbruening: My xp installation has over-written the MBR. I cannot' access ubuntu08:09
=== heatxsink [n=heatxsin@cpe-76-172-71-149.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
tzolkinif guys could easily suck their own cocks .. women would be obsoleted08:09
dawn`choruswhat was that all about?08:09
bruenigMR, put the live cd in, open a terminal, and follow the guide08:09
bruenig!ops | tzolkin08:09
ubotutzolkin: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Burgundavia, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti or mneptok08:09
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=== tzolkin [n=tzolkin@c-76-105-213-10.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu [requested]
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=== abhi_ [n=abhi@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu
=== skipe [n=t7DS@201-40-6-236.cbace700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
skipeBoa Noite!!08:09
=== tzolkin [n=tzolkin@c-76-105-213-10.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
skipeI need to help!!08:10
tzolkinbruenig: do you disagree?08:10
bruenig!ops | tzolkin08:10
ubotutzolkin: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Burgundavia, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti or mneptok08:10
Myrttitzolkin: behave!08:10
netGwhere can I find some hordware suggestions for example: 64X2 vs Intel c2d 5000+, or ATI vs Nvidia vs Intel GMA08:10
=== culafoo [n=culafoo@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== tzolkin was kicked off #ubuntu by nixternal (you should know better)
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bastidrazorimagemagick is the way to go. CLI has a blue million configuration options08:10
dawn`chorusskipe, don't be shy.  just ask.  :)08:10
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=== culafoo [n=culafoo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== slavik [n=slavik@67-100-227-140.adsl.lbdsl.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== culafoo [n=culafoo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== TimGroe [n=TimGroe@] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusso how many users is Ubuntu up to now?  anyone know?08:11
tonyyarussodawn`chorus: We can only guess.08:11
=== TimGroe [n=TimGroe@] has left #ubuntu ["Time]
tonyyarussomillions, but who knows how many08:11
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kubrick.freenode.net
=== _digip1mp [i=digip1mp@] has joined #ubuntu
=== digip1mp [i=digip1mp@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigdawn`chorus, I would imagine that the number of ubuntu forums members it the best measure, add a little to it and that is probably about it08:12
dawn`chorustonyyarusso, any recent estimates by Canonical?  i'm sure such a thing is hard to gauge.08:12
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@c-24-5-168-95.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tonyyarussodawn`chorus: I haven't heard any - just off-the-cuff remarks in interviews08:12
dawn`chorusbruenig, that's reasonable.08:12
=== greenboy623 [n=greenboy@71-220-205-65.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigMembers: 328,47608:12
bruenigso probably 400,00008:12
=== ke4nt [n=viny1@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusyeah.  that's sounds right.  good strong number, there.08:13
tonyyarussobruenig: that doesn't factor in any non-individual deployments08:13
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@24-205-228-241.dhcp.snlo.ca.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
hyljeguaranteed 400k but i'd go much further up08:13
bruenigbut people leave too08:13
bruenigbut still have membership08:13
hyljei for one have not joined the forums, for exampl08:13
bruenigand some people become members even if they aren't ubuntu users, so I would say that is fair08:13
=== GrueTamer [n=tg@CPE-72-133-203-78.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusi just can't wait for Gutsy to get done.08:14
bruenigwhat does gutsy have08:14
=== greenboy623 [n=greenboy@71-220-205-65.eugn.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
clearzenbruenig: What about business users? It wouldn't factor in those numbers08:14
boubbinhow to decode avis to divx or xvid ?08:14
dawn`chorusno idea.  but if they live up to Feisty, it'll be splendid.08:14
_Codeman_Ok, I lock my session, my brother starts a new session and is on for a bit, then logs off, then it goes to a gray screen and doesn't respond to anything except Ctrl+Alt+Del, any idea why it would do that08:14
tonyyarusso!gutsy | bruenig, look at last link08:14
ubotubruenig, look at last link: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+108:14
colbertCan I play video formats with a fresh Feisty install or what do I need to do08:14
=== _ropak_ [n=xxx@mail.genicad.cz] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigclearzen, there aren't that many of those08:14
dawn`choruscolbert, you'll need to install some codecs for restricted formats.  i'll give a link.  just a sec.08:15
tonyyarussoI'd argue that.  I get the impression there are many more than you think.08:15
=== Hit3k_ [n=allan@92.024.dsl.ade.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
J-_bruenig: not totally sure08:15
=== Hit3k_ is now known as Hit3k
=== natbet [n=natbet@24-116-44-75.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
natbetanyone know how to get surround sound working?08:15
bruenigJ-_, do iwconfig and see which interface has stuff by it08:15
phpcurioushow do you re-install a package in ubuntu?08:15
clearzen!restricted | colbert08:15
ubotucolbert: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:15
=== DarkED__ [n=darked@adsl-065-012-158-225.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`choruscolbert, http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html08:16
tonyyarussophpcurious: sudo aptitude reinstall packagename08:16
phpcuriousahhh thanks08:16
tmcksi'm trying to build linux-restricted modules for a custom kernel (2.6.21) -- I've modified the version in the debian/rules file but it appears to still be building against my original kernel headers -- any pointers?08:16
=== ewanm89_laptop [n=ewanm89@host81-151-184-108.range81-151.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== SoulinEther [n=Ali@ppp-71-133-120-224.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigtonyyarusso, that list is underwhelming, at least at the top, the first two have no real impact on end user, except I guess the first one if it prints out more meaningful errors so people can understand it, the next one no impact, free flash won't happen by gutsy08:16
bruenigthen a bunch of mobile stuff08:17
=== SoulinEther [n=Ali@ppp-71-133-120-224.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== MrOtacon [n=promethe@87-194-216-20.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
tonyyarussotmcks: I can't stick around now to look at much, but check if it has a manual link to the dir or anything silly like that?08:17
dawn`chorustmcks, i'm a newb, but maybe /usr/src/linux needs to point to the new headers?08:17
=== terrabyte [n=terrabyt@] has joined #ubuntu
tmcksdawn`chorus: i have that link in place08:17
tmckstonyyarusso: it doesn't appear to08:18
bruenigJ-_, did you figure that out?08:18
MrOtaconhey guys - the power is going down in my apt block @ 9 in the morning, but i wont be here.. i want my computer to shut down at, say 8:45 as i have active torrents... anyone know how to use the shutdown command to do this?08:18
clearzenMrOtacon: make a cron job for it08:18
dawn`chorusMrOtacon, sudo shutdown -h +MIN can do it to.08:18
bruenigMrOtacon, you could count the number of seconds and do shutdown -t seconds08:18
=== not_a_k_ [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigoh it has mins?08:19
MrOtacondawn`chorus: thanks :)08:19
dawn`choruswith the + in front.08:19
MrOtaconthanks everyone08:19
bruenigI would have gone cron job route myself08:19
J-_bruenig: not sure what to figure out actially? =\ whether it be wlan0 or not, not sure where to check.08:19
=== kravlin [n=ubuntu@unaffiliated/kravlin] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`choruslike sudo shutdown -h +120 is two hours from now.08:19
=== pecisk [n=pecisk@purvc-69-54.maksinets.lv] has joined #ubuntu
defryskMrOtacon, sudo shutdown -h hh:mm08:20
MrOtacon:) - yep - works fine, thanks a lot :D08:20
kravlinwoot. now i'm using smart to try and find out if my disk is good or not.08:20
kravlinany help with that one?08:20
bruenigJ-_, I said, open a terminal, do iwconfig and see which one has wireless stuff by it08:20
=== zarul [n=zs@ubuntu/member/zarul] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusMrOtacon, there's always four correct ways to do anything in Linux.  :)08:20
dawn`chorusif not more.08:20
MrOtacondawn`chorus: :D - just getting used to it - ditched XP yesterday08:20
=== ignignokt [n=chris@ool-4357ef95.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== syed1994 [i=syed1994@cm252.delta216.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== Adlai [n=adlaiff6@user-64-9-233-41.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu
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ignignokti thought i should let you know, the sound stopped working because i was messing with groups08:21
dawn`chorusMrOtacon, Linux Pocket Guide.  written for Fedora, has a couple Debian commands, but is a good primer for $10.08:21
ignignoktsomehow i removed my permission to access sound devices08:21
ignignoktall's well now :)08:21
Nippa$(sleep XXm; sudo shutdown now) & would do it too... >_>08:21
arooniok so my livecd said ubuntu was installed and such08:21
bruenigJ-_, or...08:21
aroonibut when i tell my bios to boot from the ubuntu disk08:22
arooninothign happens..... ;:(08:22
bruenigNippa, except you would need to be there to give it the password08:22
clearzenNippa: Can you use hours with that instead of mins?08:22
Nippayeah, hours work instead of minutes08:22
=== nikita [n=nik@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigthat command will not work, it will ask you for a password08:22
dawn`chorusthat'd suck.08:23
Nippabruenig: well that could be fixed by putting it in a script and sudoing that instead of the shutdown command ... but I guess that takes away some of the simplicity08:23
=== kravlin [n=ubuntu@unaffiliated/kravlin] has left #ubuntu []
bruenigyeah or I suppose you could do sudo bash -c "sleep whatever; shutdown -h now"08:23
=== greenboy623 [n=greenboy@71-220-205-65.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ltkun [n=ltkun@] has left #ubuntu []
colbertI want to copy my crontab from my Edgy partition over to this Feisty install, where is that located on root ?08:23
=== hoelk [n=hoelk@h081217035104.dyn.cm.kabsi.at] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigor something like that08:24
bruenigdo ls /etc  | grep cron08:24
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=== deltaphc [n=Delta@66-215-39-203.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
clearzenWhat is the differance between the sudo -i and sudo -s -H commands?08:24
colbertbruenig: ok it's there08:24
ant-clearzen, 'man sudo'08:25
=== phos-phoros [n=donovan@unaffiliated/phos-phoros] has joined #ubuntu
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigsudo -i and sudo -s seem identical to me08:25
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MRAll done. Thanks08:25
greenboy623all: i'm looking to build a Ubuntu pc here very soon, i only have experience in OSX and Mandrake 5-908:25
=== bentob0x [n=laurent@ip-213-49-82-78.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
crdlbclearzen, sudo -i is like 'su -', and sudo -s is like 'su'08:26
=== biggahed__ [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
greenboy623what'll be different in ubuntu if anything?08:26
clearzencrdlb: thanks08:26
=== glick [n=glickity@cpe-75-84-235-41.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
defryskgreenboy623, easyer packagemanagemnt and more speed08:26
bruenigless speed08:26
=== Tixer [n=asd@bas5-toronto01-1178065145.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== wyggler2 [n=mongo@user-0ce2jgh.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigubuntu is slow amongst the distros08:27
greenboy623cuz i'm getting sick of mandrake08:27
TixerWhat's a good IRC client with DCC for Ubuntu, that can be administered by SSH?08:27
glickbruenig, in what way?08:27
defryskglick, IN A TROLLING WAY08:27
bruenigglick, have you tried a lot of other distros08:27
TixerAlso, how do you enable remote desktop?08:27
defryskoops caps08:27
glickyeha i used to use debian, slackware, and tried fedora08:27
glickand suse08:27
=== sudhanshu [n=sudhansh@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigglick, well it is certainly slower then slack08:28
bruenigfedora and suse are just as bad08:28
glickin what way?08:28
bruenignever used debian08:28
greenboy623suse is a pain in the ass at times08:28
ignignoktdebian = ubuntu08:28
ignignokti didn't expect them to be THAT similar08:28
glickdebian != ubuntu08:28
ignignoktoh cmon08:28
greenboy623never used debian either08:28
=== jetole_ [n=jetole@c-67-191-47-9.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigit enables everything08:29
ignignokti was exaggerating, for what it's worth08:29
bruenigmakes it really slow08:29
glickbruenig, what do you mean enables everything?08:29
Talaman72try linux.org08:29
TixerAlso, how do you enable remote desktop?08:29
bruenigin terms of compilation08:29
glickits pretty fast on my computer08:29
tmcksmy issue exactly: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29200508:29
TixerI have a server running, that I forgot to enable Remote desktop on, but SSH is active.08:29
=== bigglouie2007 [n=chance@c-67-166-80-113.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jetole_hey guys08:29
dawn`chorus!hi | jetole_08:30
ubotujetole_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:30
=== kravlin [n=ubuntu@unaffiliated/kravlin] has joined #ubuntu
jetole_thanks bot and owner08:30
bruenigglick, fast compared to what, fast being a relative term08:30
=== micahcowan [n=micah@ubuntu/member/micahcowan] has joined #ubuntu
bruenig!thanks | jetole_08:30
ubotujetole_: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:30
ALL4Nis it possible to have different resolution on the different workspaces in gnome/xfce?08:30
glickbruenig, seems like just vague trolling to me08:30
jetole_well that just cheered me up a little08:30
glickif you want it "faster" you can boot into a shell08:31
jetole_has anyone been able to get java (from any company) to work in 64bit firefox?08:31
TixerHow do you enable Remote Desktop over SSH?08:31
clearzen Tixer: You can forward X over ssh ssh -X  user@
jetole_Tixer, I wouldn't08:31
TixerI kinda need to see stuff....08:31
glickor use a less memory intensive window manager like xubuntu08:31
greenboy623bruenig, i'm going to be running ubuntu on a 1.6 ghz athlon cpu with a gig of ram08:31
jetole_Tixer, use vnc08:31
greenboy623it's not  gonna slug on that is it?08:31
TixerIt's a mythTV box, and it's not outputting anything over TVout08:31
=== bigglouie2007 [n=chance@c-67-166-80-113.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bigglouie2007 [n=chance@c-67-166-80-113.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
clearzenTixer: -C uses compression and --:1 will change the xsession it runs on08:32
TixerI'd use VNC, but I want a really fast way to install it...08:32
Tixerso what do I type into putty to forward X?08:32
brueniggreenboy623, depending on your own preferences, it will be fine and usable, others are just faster which is something I am a bit obsessive over08:32
clearzenTixer: xvncviewer should work too08:32
TixerI need a vnc server08:32
TixerI'm on Windows, I need to see what my server is up to.08:32
clearzenTixer: It's a bitch with putty08:32
=== birdmon [n=ariel@bzq-219-46-202.isdn.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu
greenboy623bruenig, i like speed, tho being a poor boy and all, i get used to dealing with slugs08:32
jetole_Tixer, from a command line try => startx ssh -X server.x.y.z gnome-session -- :108:33
jetole_Tixer, from a true terminal08:33
TixerIsn't there a way to just activate remote desktop?08:33
jetole_not a xterm in X08:33
glicki find ubuntu plenty fast08:33
bruenigglick, I have used a ridiculous number of distros, and alongside fedora and suse, ubuntu is in the slower groups08:33
clearzenTixer: X over ssh is much more secure08:33
=== alecw1 [n=alec@71-213-41-46.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
TixerI don't really care about security08:33
=== _Ahti [n=kalm@220-245-220-231-act-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
TixerThis box doesn't go outside.08:33
greenboy623tixer, how couldn't u?08:33
=== maska [n=maskazzo@host-84-220-83-190.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
alecw1What's the problem running Beryl and Wine together?08:33
jetole_Tixer, Menu => System => Preferences => Remote Desktop08:33
greenboy623does it have any wire to any network?08:33
=== Ronald|Laptop [n=ronald@koekje-erbij.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== sx66 [n=sx66@66-215-33-8.dhcp.arhd.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tixerjetole_: I on;y have SSH access...08:34
Tixerit has a wire to MY network08:34
dawn`chorusi've seen noticeable difference btwn Ubuntu vs. Arch, say, but not Ubuntu vs. Fedora or Suse or Sabayon...08:34
=== animimotus [n=animimot@] has joined #ubuntu
Tixerwhere it recieves TV from08:34
Tixernot from the internet though08:34
J-_how do I reconfigure X?08:34
Tixeroutside connections are blocked.08:34
=== Bundestrojaner [n=babel@p54815ADD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
greenboy623ohh ic08:34
dawn`chorusJ-_, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:35
greenboy623physical disconnection?08:35
=== Zeph_ [n=skottybo@adsl-75-43-44-94.dsl.skt2ca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
J-_now that I fooled around with init, X won't start08:35
clearzenJ-_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg08:35
greenboy623then u should care about security08:35
TixerJust router blocks all outbound traffic08:35
Tixerso no worries.08:35
=== JONES3700_ [n=jones@addr-212-50-157-190.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu
greenboy623i dunno08:35
jetole_Tixer, I just gave you an answer a minute ago08:35
bruenigJ-_, did you figure out your connection issue yet08:35
Tixerbesides, I don't really care, it's a MythTV box08:35
=== gerro [n=logmein@c-68-33-161-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jetole_well at least to get a remote desktop I did08:35
TixerDoes someone want to steal the copy of House I downloaded?08:35
=== ziroday [n=al1b1@cm158.kappa176.maxonline.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
TixerI don't think so.08:36
greenboy623i'll take it08:36
jetole_change to a terminal screen and type => startx ssh -X server.x.y.z gnome-session -- :108:36
Zeph_anyone know if there is a sync tool for ubuntu?08:36
greenboy623never seen it, but hellz yes, i'll take it08:36
dawn`chorusJ-_, you mean X won't start on boot or X won't start at all?08:36
Zeph_for pocket pc's08:36
=== ziroday [n=al1b1@cm158.kappa176.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
jetole_so no one on here has java working for 64 bit firefox?08:36
=== freeagy2 [n=senki@catv-5984f23d.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Tixerjetole: I'm using Putty to connect.08:36
J-_clearzen: no i haven't, I tried to change my xsession, and I guess i fooled around with the wrong thing.08:36
bruenigjetole_, few people use 64 bit, it is kind of pointless08:36
Tixerjetole: startx ssh won't work.08:37
_AhtiIts a stupid place to ask this, but what would be the best Linux distribution aside from Ubuntu? Ubuntu broke down on me for the last time :P (Really broke) I don't require a "easy-to-use" distro, but i'd like one with good hardware detection and with stable software :)08:37
J-_ment bruenig08:37
=== MR [n=mr@203-158-50-10.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Ubuntu
=== toyra [n=pertoy@c-981be353.1422-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
jetole_Tixer, then you have bigger problems, lol08:37
jetole_bruenig, why?08:37
bruenigjetole_, what is the point of using it?08:37
greenboy623_ahti: i've used debian before, and it's pretty solid08:37
Tixerwhy do I have bigger problems?08:37
dawn`chorus_Ahti, Fedora, OpenSuSE, PCLinuxOS08:37
glickbroke in what way?08:37
bruenigunless you need some big floating point numbers, there is very little performance boost08:38
MRHi, Is there a way to change from the amd64 to the normal i386 version?08:38
kravlinif i want to test my hard drive for problems using SMART and i have smartmontools what modifiers do i want to add?08:38
bruenigMR, reinstall08:38
jetole_bruenig, because 64 bit processing is faster then 32bit by using larger data paths and performing higher math computations per cpu cycle08:38
greenboy623and if u really wanna get into the thick of it you can look at gentoo lol08:38
bruenigjetole_, it is very small08:38
=== rucarrot [n=carrot@] has joined #ubuntu
MRbruenig: is it possible to update the souce list, and do dist-upgrade08:38
bruenigjetole_, at least as it is applied now08:38
greenboy623my g-d i've never seen a longer install process08:38
dawn`chorusgreenboy623, +108:38
=== sisko [n=mirko@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigjetole_, certainly theoretically it is far better, but no one really takes advantage of it so you don't get much boost08:39
J-_dawn`chorus: boot, xdm comes up, I type in my password, and it just hangs, then goes back to gdm. I went to a tty, tried to log in and it was successful08:39
bruenigMR, no it isn't08:39
Tixerwhy do I have bigger problems if I'm using putty??08:39
glickhow did ubuntu break?08:39
_AhtiI've had the weirdest issues with Gentoo... I can't get the X server run AT ALL! Freaky bastard08:39
jetole_bruenig, java is the only thing not working on this at the moment and on my 32 bit installation on a 64 bit server I own there are a few apps I am having trouble with08:39
bruenigjetole_, well for server maybe08:39
=== Rama [n=Rama@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Burgundavia, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti or mneptok08:39
rucarrotI met a dpkg error when I upgrade my os from drapper to edgy. the volumeid can't pass by the error: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/volumeid_093-0ubuntu18_i386.deb (--install):08:39
_Ahti!spam | StoLA08:39
ubotuStoLA: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam - and most importantly, use common sense :-)08:39
greenboy623not as bad as my issues08:39
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=== freeagy2 [n=senki@catv-5984f23d.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #ubuntu
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kravlin if i want to test my hard drive for problems using SMART and i have smartmontools what modifiers do i want to add?08:40
greenboy623half of the time when installing i can't chroot into the system to finish setup08:40
MRbruenig: Ok Thank you08:40
jetole_actually my mistake, that wasn't a server I was refering to, I do have a 64 bit server I run but it has no X let alone firefox ;)08:40
dawn`chorusJ-_, did you change the xdm script?08:40
bruenigjetole_, for desktop computing, I couldn't tell any difference08:40
=== Lattyware [n=Latty@host86-137-130-225.range86-137.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zeph_ [n=skottybo@adsl-75-43-44-94.dsl.skt2ca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== toyra [n=pertoy@c-981be353.1422-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu []
dawn`chorusJ-_, what -did- you do?08:41
=== bricef [n=bfavre@] has joined #ubuntu
J-_dawn`chorus: I don't think so, I was fooling around in .fluxbox, trying to get init working so nm-applet would run once the computer restarts08:41
randoman__anyone know what package i would need If i get this08:41
randoman__ checking for headers required to compile python extensions... not found08:41
=== hades00 [n=chaos@] has joined #ubuntu
=== slowz [n=slowz@dpc6747121108.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigor something like that08:41
jetole_bruenig, the difference is there, If I compile two hello worlds against 64bit and 32bit apps the difference is there, but that aside, there are more apps I could not run with 32bit on a 64bit08:41
randoman__k ill check it out08:41
J-_it was either my home directory, or in .fluxbox. where init and .init is.08:41
bruenigrandoman__, apt-cache search python | grep dev08:42
dawn`chorusJ-_, that's beyond me, man.  you'll have to expand upon "fooling around".  :)08:42
greenboy623outta here, gotta apply an osx update08:42
kravlin if i want to test my hard drive for problems using SMART and i have smartmontools what modifiers do i want to add?08:42
randoman__but ill do that08:42
=== ComunisTico [n=roberto@] has joined #ubuntu
J-_dawn`chorus: lol, guess that's what I get for fooling around >.> =(08:42
J-_gonna try and reconfigure X08:42
=== mjtanton [n=mario@pool-71-98-20-88.mdsnwi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusJ-_, if X starts, but not on boot, that's probably not the issue.08:43
=== Dead_Chris [n=christop@p5B1140D2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
zirodayrandoman__: what package?08:43
J-_dawn`chorus: k, if xdm starts, would that mean X has started?08:43
=== mjtanton [n=mario@pool-71-98-20-88.mdsnwi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
randoman__i installed python-dev and it seems to be working08:43
Frogzookravlin: read the docs in /usr/share/doc/smartmontools/08:43
randoman__its installing08:43
TixerHow do you enable default remote desktop over SSH?08:43
zirodayrandoman__: ok then08:43
kravlin if i want to test my hard drive for problems using SMART and i have smartmontools what modifiers do i want to add?08:44
randoman__thanks for the help guys08:44
=== magnethead [n=administ@] has joined #ubuntu
Zeph_i need a sync tool for pocket pc ubuntu what would u reccomend i use?08:44
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #ubuntu
MRbruenig: When i restart my computer with the desktop cd and choose install, i get heaps of errors and then the terminal. How can i load the GUI interface?08:45
dawn`chorusJ-_, that's a good question.  i've seen X die both before and after gdm.  i've had weird looking gdm screens, and fine gnome screens.08:45
randoman__greatly appreciated08:45
=== nenolod [n=nenolod@atheme/developer/nenolod] has joined #ubuntu
magnetheadSimple question: What does the "sigmatel output bias" switch do in alsa mixer?08:45
bruenigMR, there might be some problem with your disk, try getting another one08:45
Zeph_bruenig: like sync music onto the 1gb card08:45
=== mage [n=mage@S01060007950ade7b.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zeph_on my pocket pc08:45
nenolodinstalled ubuntu feisty with debootstrap08:45
bruenigZeph_, you can't just copy it over08:45
zirodayZeph_: rsync08:45
randoman__but now i can continue installing gnome2.18.208:45
=== linxuz3r [n=linxuz3r@ppp-71-136-72-217.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
nenolodbut i get /usr/bin/locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory08:45
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
nenolodhow do i fix it in ubuntu, my method for fixing it in debian does not work08:45
MRbruenig: ok, brb08:45
=== kandagatla [n=kandagat@] has joined #ubuntu
bruenigoh rsync then, I get what you mean08:46
magnetheadand is there a way i can change the front/rear balance of my surround sound (currently running using the 4 channel stereo option)08:46
=== A_b [n=guest3@S010600032f3611e8.no.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
_AhtiHmm... Would installing a liveCD distro have any... well... say i installed SLAX on my laptop's hard-drive... Would that work like, say Ubuntu on my harddrive?08:46
=== melchior7 [n=tato@adsl-67-112-120-77.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
aroonihey folks,i installed ubuntu 7.04 from the livecd.. but when i go to boot up.... nothing happens08:47
=== gonzoism [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusarooni, do you get GRUB screen?08:47
zirodayarooni: specify nothing, do you get to grub?08:47
tonsofpcsarooni: did you install a bootloader? was your bios 'mbr protect' enabled?08:47
aroonii see "Verifiying DMI Pool Data .................." thats it08:48
aroonii told bios to boot from that hard drive too08:48
J-_dawn`chorus: cool08:48
=== gonzoism [n=joe@] has left #ubuntu []
arooniso i dont think there would be a grub08:48
=== nevermore [n=jrobson@SilentFlame/Member/Nevermore] has joined #ubuntu
aroonior i didnt get there at least08:48
aroonitonsofpcs: i just used live cd08:48
J-_oh noes, I did something to mess err something up! I deleted the init thinger and flux isn't booting up heh! =(08:48
arooniso if it installed a bootloader, then one was.... otherwise no08:49
arooniand i have no idea if my bios is mbr protect enabled08:49
J-_thank goodness for mc!08:49
dawn`chorusJ-_, one way to test.  get to tty.  and then, X --config /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:49
J-_but.. yeah!08:49
=== MarcusTheReveren [n=angel@71-221-173-245.bois.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MarcusTheReveren is now known as MKtR
TixerHow do you enable default remote desktop over SSH?08:50
dawn`chorusJ-_, you in irssi?08:50
=== sharperguy [n=sharp@88-110-210-39.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== freeagy [n=senki@catv-5984f23d.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #ubuntu
magnetheadSimple question: What does the "sigmatel output bias" switch do in alsa mixer?08:50
J-_dawn`chorus: yes08:51
=== ComunisTico [n=roberto@] has joined #ubuntu
J-_on my desktop08:51
J-_not on the server08:51
=== gonzoism [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu
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colbertHow do I get my mounted drives to not show on my desktop /?08:51
=== MKtR [n=angel@71-221-173-245.bois.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu ["DUDE]
_AhtiIs installing a distro intended as a liveCD "only" generally a smart idea? Say i was installing SLAX on my harddrive?08:52
=== gonzoism [n=joe@] has joined #ubuntu
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dawn`choruscolbert,  System Tools > Conf' Editor > Apps > Nautilus > Desktop.08:53
=== dkagedal [n=david@c83-253-22-183.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
J-_fatal server error, then on another line below; unrecognized option --config08:53
dawn`chorusan easier way?08:53
=== davina [n=dave@cpc1-sout6-0-0-cust616.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== biggahed_ [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
=== MISTERTibbs [n=acerimme@74-61-60-15.sea.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Adlai_ [n=adlaiff6@user-64-9-234-127.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusJ-_, oh.  not two -'s.  just one.  -config.  X -config /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:54
imbecile_hahahahahaha.. I found something on digg you guys might think is funny http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?url=www.linuxsucks.org08:54
=== Hossi1 [n=root@v3318.vanager.de] has left #ubuntu []
zirodayimbecile_: you actually seen the site?08:54
MISTERTibbslinuxsux has what, 100 registered users??08:54
=== pr4bh [n=loo@82-47-37-135.cable.ubr03.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
MISTERTibbsLinuxsux runs on ~ ~ ~ Linux!08:55
_AhtiMISTERTibbs: Lol, i read that too, hilarious.08:55
=== Refakki [n=Refakki@ppp85-140-3-175.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has joined #ubuntu
imbecile_MISTERTibbs,  thats the funny part08:55
zirodayhave any of u ACTUALLY gone to the site08:55
MISTERTibbsziroday, yes08:55
=== pacharico [n=pacharic@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rp_ [n=rp@S0106000d88e3625b.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
zirodayMISTERTibbs: its pro linux08:56
imbecile_ziroday,  yeah those freaks took down the posts telling that it runs on linux08:56
=== novato_br [n=noper@] has joined #ubuntu
zirodayread some of thier articles08:56
MISTERTibbsziroday, ???08:56
gnomefreakguys please stay on topic08:56
MISTERTibbsziroday, I admit I only read the posts08:56
=== ziroday goes to offtopic
=== Uzuul [n=arno@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sara17 [n=usuario@] has joined #ubuntu
=== imbecile_ joins
=== Taile [n=Taile@] has joined #ubuntu
A_blost but entertained :)08:57
J-_dawn`chorus: yeah still fatal error. Think I'm going to remove nm-applet or network-manager-gnome. and see what that does.08:57
=== toyra [n=pertoy@c-981be353.1422-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
dawn`chorusJ-_, watch that work like a charm!08:58
dawn`choruswhat's the topic again?08:58
dawn`chorusoh.  *buntu08:58
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novato_brhow can I keep app on only desktop ( beryl )?09:00
J-_woah sorry09:00
J-_yeah network-manager-gnome didn't do it! heh09:01
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linxuz3ranyone using Compiz or beryl and running vmware?09:01
=== elate [n=Elate@85-210-244-197.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismJ-_ what server is it ?09:01
pr4bhwhy cant touchpad on ubuntu cant behave like it does in windows? :s09:02
pr4bhthats the only thing that is making me miss windows apart from that im happy with ubuntu09:02
gonzoismpr4bh like scroll on the side ?09:02
joe3i have a pc with a pci card and an onboard video when i boot w/ the pci attachment everything displays fine during boot until it tries to load X, then i get a blank screen, if i use the mobo connector then i boot into ubuntu fine, i can't turn the mobo graphix off in the bios, do you think i have a hardware problem or a problem with ubuntu?09:03
novato_brin beryl, when I change desktop, it show on another desktop my app minimized, how can I do it's not show it on another desktop?09:03
gonzoismpr4bh and recognize 2 fingers ?09:03
ericrwpr4bh, there is a program to control the trackpad09:03
ericrwpr4bh, I use it to disable all those stupid "features"09:03
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gonzoismpr4bh synaptics09:03
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ericrwpr4bh, there qtsynaptics as well (maybe a different name?)  that i think is a lot better (and I'm a gnome user)09:04
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pr4bhoh ok ericrw09:04
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pr4bhill give it a spin and come back09:04
pr4bhthanks :)09:04
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ericrwthe package is qsynaptics09:05
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pr4bhyeah, installing it now :)09:05
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TixerSuccess! I've finally finished coding something!09:05
pr4bhi hope it doesnt cause any conflict with the main mouse setting app in gnome09:05
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TixerI have found a way to prevent a web site from being banned!09:06
gonzoismTixer  name it tor09:06
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TixerI've done better09:06
J-_'waiting for x server to shutdown freefontpath blah blah, recount is 2; should be 1:fixing.' then xinit: unexpected signal 109:07
gonzoismTixer did ya name it freenet ?09:07
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TixerI found a way to prevent a web site I run from being banned by any country09:07
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TixerAnd I did it for the cost of nothing09:07
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pr4bhhmm, qsynaptics still wouldnt provide more acceleration09:07
TixerI'ts pretty awesome09:07
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TixerI tied my site into like, 20 popular sites09:07
glickhas anyone played civ4 on ubuntu/winex?09:08
Tixerthey'd have to ban those to take out my site :)09:08
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gonzoismTixer  no, they wouldn't.  sorry.09:08
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joe3when i try to load from a graphics card into X i get a blank screen but the mobo card is working fine, how do I configure X to work?09:09
alecw1are you tehre/09:10
alecw1what did you do with your site? :)09:11
J-_that was fun, reconfigured X and it is, now working! =D thanks but my menu is gone! =(09:11
TixerI have a script that drops my dynamic IP nightly, and gets a new one09:11
A_bTixer, in my old comp studies- a way in leaves a way out :)09:11
alecw1What for? :P09:11
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J-_no custom fluxbox menu =(09:11
J-_ah well09:11
=== J-_ quiets down
TixerIt then emails a few hotmail / gmail / yahoo accounts, posts on Wikipedia, and a bunch of other shit.09:12
TixerTo get TO said IP, you need to log in.09:12
TixerSince it's email accounts :)09:12
TixerNoone can ban it if they don't know the IP09:12
alecw1Running something illegally? :P09:12
Tixerand they're not going to knock out every webmail provider09:12
TixerThink a massive torrent farm :)09:12
J-_!ohmy Tixer09:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy tixer - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:12
hideandseekI have no sound :(.  I made sure the correct sound card was selected in my sound preferences.  Also, I can hear sound when ubuntu starts up, just not when I'm in ubuntu09:12
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gnomefreakTixer alecw1 please move it over to #ubuntu-offtopic09:12
joe3I'm really trying to get help configuring X, it works fine with my mobo video card, but not my pci card help?09:13
gordonjcpTixer: everyone can design a security system they can't see any way to break09:13
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gonzoismjoe3  did you disable the mobo card ?09:14
gonzoismjoe3  either with software or with a jumper ?09:14
gonzoismjoe3 software being the bios09:15
gnomefreakjoe3: make sure you are using the right busID09:15
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Tixergordonjcp: Find a way to break my security then :)09:16
=== brynk [n=gerrit@hq.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
gordonjcpTixer: I have09:16
Tixerwhat is it?09:16
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A_bwell Tixer could it be that you have established a set time release of ip?09:17
gordonjcpTixer: hint - how do other people find out what the new IP or hostname is?09:18
TixerBy checking an email?09:18
=== crummygummy_ [n=CrummyGu@dsl-242-21-182.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
A_bso ip is identifiable and traceable within a time span09:18
dosageThis sounds like a good chat, what is the main question being asked?09:18
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TixerIP isn't IDable or tracable09:19
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=== mode/#ubuntu [-o gnomefreak] by gnomefreak
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dosagethats the statement?09:19
=== Tixer [n=asd@bas5-toronto01-1178065145.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
dosagethat you cant trace an IP?09:19
gordonjcp08:18 < Tixer> IP isn't IDable or tracable09:19
gordonjcper, what?09:19
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Tixermove discussion to #randomness plzkthx.09:19
gordonjcpTixer: -> #ubuntu-offtopic ;-)09:19
gnomefreakgordonjcp: join #ubuntu-offtopic to continue09:19
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gordonjcpgnomefreak: way ahead of you09:20
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joe3I've tried lspci and it's listing my "chipset graphics controller" (i'm guessing that's the mobo video controller" and my ATI card how do i get X to just use the ati card?09:20
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gonzoismjoe3 i think you have to tell it the bus id  or something.  identify it to X by its numbers09:23
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gonzoismjoe3  you can see in the X log where it talks about it09:23
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joe3i'm not sure how to tell this to x because the newest version doesn't have an xorg.conf file?09:23
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joe3is there an autoconfigure option for X?09:24
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gonzoismjoe3 no xorg.conf ?  are you sure ?09:25
gonzoismjoe3  is it ubuntu ?09:25
joe3I'm using feisty, newest update, it should be in etc/xorg right?09:25
mcmx_Hi i have a problem, when using home directories on an nfs4 share i get a problem when a new user logs on pam_mkhomedir creates the home directory with user nobody then the logging on user has no permissions, any help would be great, cheers09:26
gonzoismjoe3 /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:26
humehi....is there an audio recorder in ubuntu that can record line in audio directly to mp3 or ogg?09:26
=== abhi_ [n=abhi@] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismhume audacity is pretty good.09:26
LeoDioxidehume: you have to encode it, but audacity does that =] 09:26
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humei do use audacity, but would prefer something that did not first record as wav, then encode - I have a looot of sound, takes large amout of disk space and processor power....09:27
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gonzoismhume i think it can encode on the fly09:28
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LeoDioxidemcmx_: why not give user nobody permissions?09:28
LeoDioxidemcmx_: also, you can specify which user samba uses in the /etc/samba/****.conf file09:28
LeoDioxidefor default09:28
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mcmx_all the users are stored in ldap if that makes a difference09:29
=== CoolThreads [n=CoolThre@203-97-99-29.cable.telstraclear.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeoDioxidemcmx_: can you explain your setup for me?09:30
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mcmx_yeah, i have a server running LDAP and another running nfs4. clients authenticate against ldap to logon, nfs home directories are mounted from the server09:31
mcmx_all ubuntu edgy09:31
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mcmx_pam_mkhomedir is supposed to create the home directory on the share properly but just creates it with user nobody09:32
melchior7whats the command to get unix time? (seconds since 1970)09:32
=== atrix [n=forthdim@dsl-58-6-5-94.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationI need help remembering the name of a program.09:32
LeoDioxidemelchior7: date?09:33
Irealmelchior7: date +%s09:33
melchior7leo/Ireal, thanks09:33
gonzoismpixelation   gimp ?09:33
mcmx_LeoDioxide: any better?09:33
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gonzoismpixelation   xtree ?09:33
pixelationIt was basically like the add/remove programs.. You could browse by genre of download (media, utility etc).09:33
joe3alright, i found xorg.conf and see that it is pointing to the wrong bus id, i can see the bus id in lspci, where do i look up the driver for an ati radeon 9200 pro?09:34
LeoDioxidemcmx_: yeah, lemme find an answer for you09:34
=== J-_ mutters to self, I can go into Fluxbox in su, but not as user.
=== J-_ reformats
joe3is there an autoconfig option for xorg?09:34
=== Evan_ [n=Evan@blk-89-230-105.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelpixelation: That still doesn't narrow it down a whole lot.  More details.  GUI? textmode? what else?09:34
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Ireala hola09:35
=== snuff [n=daron@] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismpixelation synaptic ?09:35
pixelationGUI, there was a side bar, and you would click the type of downloads you wanted to browse. You would put checkmarks next to the items you wanted to download. And then when ready you would hit the green checkmark at the top and the downloads would start.09:35
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Flannelpixelation: synaptic package manager.09:35
LeoDioxidemcmx_: it seems to me that unless pam_mkhomedir is failing horribly, all your users are being bounced back as the default login09:36
pixelationI don't think it was that.09:36
gonzoismpixelation or was it in kde ?  adept ?09:36
=== Havis_ [n=Havis@adsl-dyn28.91-127-77.t-com.sk] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelpixelation: system > admin > Synaptic package manager.  It was.  Is.  gnome or kde or what?09:36
mcmx_LeoDioxide: any suggestions?09:36
pixelationI recall it starting with a 'x'. It wasn't adept. It might've been in gnome.09:36
=== CheshireViking [n=CV2@unaffiliated/cheshireviking] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelpixelation: it's synaptic.  Go check it out, youll see.09:37
=== nrdb [n=neil@] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismpixelation run the synaptic command09:37
=== mikl_ [n=mikl@0x5551931e.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationThat isn't it.09:37
pixelationThe other program had icons instead of text.09:37
pixelationIt started with an 'x'.09:37
=== Ireal really likes guessing games!
=== TaylorT_asleep [n=TaylorT@adsl-144-21-211.cae.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
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gonzoismpixelation is it currently installed ?09:38
pixelationIt was.09:38
pixelationNow it isn't.09:38
gonzoismpixelation do you have any reason to believe it might not be now ?09:38
gonzoismpixelation ah09:38
Flannelpixelation: it's automatix.  You don't want to use it.  It breaks systems.09:38
=== KingMoila [n=teppo@cable-hvk-fe7ade00-186.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationO rly?09:38
=== Hana [n=alyssa@adsl-69-110-71-153.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelhttp://linuxfud.files.wordpress.com/2006/10/automatix2.png  looks like that?09:39
nrdbI installed the odbc-postgresql package, but when I start OpenOffice Database connection wizard it says libodbc.so.1 and there isn't, there is a libodbcinst.so.1 how do I fix this ?09:39
pixelationYeah that was it.09:39
=== jetscreamer [n=jetscrea@unaffiliated/jetscreamer] has joined #ubuntu
DjViperpixelation: smartass comments are lame...09:39
Flannelpixelation: yeah.  That breaks your system.  You don't want to use it.09:39
gonzoismpixelation i use it.  every time.  i like it.  i don't understand why other people hate it.09:39
=== wj [n=wjanusz@] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelgonzoism: because it breaks things09:39
=== wj [n=wjanusz@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
LeoDioxidemcmx_: check the config on the ldap server, and make sure its logging into the nfs with the users instead of nobody09:39
=== nightfreak [n=odeiko@zf58c.pia.fu-berlin.de] has joined #ubuntu
pixelationDjViper: no really it is.09:39
=== Sugar^ [n=akh@] has joined #ubuntu
humegonzoism, got any idea on how to make audacity encode as mp3 on the fly?09:40
mcmx_LeoDioxide: Logging into the nfs?09:40
pixelationThank you room.09:40
gonzoismhume  i'll check09:41
=== hideandseek [n=jace@ip70-190-245-6.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeoDioxidemcmx_: sounds like you have one server with LDAP, another with your filesystems and directories, and the third being the user09:41
hideandseekHi, is there a way to force screen resolutions?  My max screen revolution right now is 800x600 and my monitor supports much higher than that.09:42
=== eljak [n=eljak@] has joined #ubuntu
LeoDioxideusers tries to login to home directory, server #2 goes to the ldap, authenticates, ldap says "great, give him a default user account"09:42
mcmx_LeoDioxide: yeah, well thats the plan09:43
gonzoismhume k09:43
=== adnans [n=adnans@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismhume record your sounds/voice then export as mp3.09:43
mcmx_home directories are mounted through fstab straight to /home from the fileserver09:43
=== KermitFree [n=KermitFr@adsl-221-27.38-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
gonzoismhume its in the first dropdown menu09:43
LeoDioxidemcmx_: so either the LDAP server is seeing nobody and assigning everyone a default account, or samba is just failing to use the LDAP server and using the default account09:44
=== sidlet [n=chuck@mo-71-1-105-102.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Twinxorr [n=Twinxorr@c-71-198-169-143.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mcmx_there is no samba in use the client machines are ubuntu09:44
gonzoismhume  see it ?09:44
=== kinley [n=kinley@goe.media-net.de] has joined #ubuntu
humegonzoism, ok, but then it saves it temporarily as another, larger, format.... until encoded as mp3. but i'll guess that's what i need to do09:44
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=== hideandseek [n=jace@ip70-190-245-6.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeoDioxideoh, it's not that kind of plugin...09:45
humeright now i ran into a problem: it cannot play sound, there is a problem with audio device... you know how to find out which device to use?09:45
=== Shadowpillar_ [n=Shadow@pool-71-104-126-9.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto09:46
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jetscreamer!info hwinfo09:48
ubotuhwinfo: Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 13.11-3 (feisty), package size 40 kB, installed size 108 kB09:48
LeoDioxidemcmx_: I dunno man, turn off the default account, and see if the LDAP logs show anyone even logging in09:48
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andreas_Hi. Can someone please help me install some fonts that I have downloaded?09:49
Flannel!fonts | andreas_09:49
ubotuandreas_: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer09:49
AusicaemiaI'll ask again now09:49
AusicaemiaDoes anybody know why my startup entries get reset on reboot? Is there are a way to edit the file directly or something?09:50
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AusicaemiaForum thread for more specific details: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48369909:50
jessidhello. I would like to put my laptop to hibernate and in theory it can, but when i try to "restore" it (dont know how to call that process) it never starts again. i have to turn it off (pushing the power button during 5 secs)and turn it on again... Is is possible to fix that and make the hybernation work well???  Thanks a lot!!!09:50
usuario_q pasa09:50
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marfeathis it possible to cat a virtual terminal's stdout? (i'm ssh'ed on a box and I want to read the contents of another terminal)09:53
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gonzoismlots of joiners09:53
matasonHi, I plugged in a usb keyboard last week for an hour or so and ever since my laptop has num-lock on by default - any ideas? I'm running Gnome on Ubuntu 7.0409:53
osphyany how-to for xgl on feisty fawn.09:54
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kuzmasterhey everyone09:54
marfeath!compiz | osphy09:54
ubotuosphy: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems - Help in #ubuntu-effects09:54
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ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions . For write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse09:54
gonzoismmatason i think there is an option for that in the menu.  under user pref.'s  keyboard maybe09:54
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ubotuThough it's still very unsafe, you can read about Ubuntu NTFS writing using fuse here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lkraider/NtfsFuse09:54
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions09:55
matasongonzoism: thanks I'll check it out09:55
mitrovarranyone know how to get rid of the redirect that makes the kernel load the nvidia_new module when you try to load the nvidia one?09:55
Flanneluse ntfs-3g, it's built-in on feisty (just have to enable it)09:55
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ubotuberyl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. Help in #ubuntu-effects09:56
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someone2005ok I'm confused does ubuntu use Motif or GTK ?09:56
mitrovarrI accidentally installed the nvidia-glx-new package and now it refuses to let me use the regular nvidia driver09:56
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tritiumsomeone2005: gnome uses GTK.  Very little uses Motif any more.09:57
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humegonzoism, i got a problem in audacity with playback, it seems it cannot play through the alsa device set in preferences, but I cannot change it. You know how to manage this?09:57
someone2005ok thanks I'll give that a try...09:57
kuzmasterhow safe is it to use ntfs-3g on ubuntu to rename files on ntfs drives?09:58
marfeathkuzmaster: I use it on a regular basis, if it is just xp you are fine09:58
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wigfreitzwhats the ubuntu mozilla room? I cant find it09:59
marfeathno problem09:59
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Tom47marfeath: you may find yr answer amongst this lot ... http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/content/submitted/handle_terminal_output.jsp09:59
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marfeathTom47: thanks!09:59
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Flannelwigfreitz: that'd be because there isn't one10:00
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matasongonzoism: Couldn't see any specific setting regarding num-lock on boot, I know KDE has this option from my googling10:01
matasonAnd there's plenty of instructions of how to get num-lock on by default!10:01
wigfreitzFlannel: there bloody is10:01
=== hugh_ [n=hugh@wifi-68.barnhard.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flannelwigfreitz: no, there isn't.  This is the channel where you'd ask Ubuntu questions that have to do with FF/seamonkey/et al.10:02
wigfreitzFlannel, you talk poo mate #ubuntu-mozillateam10:02
mitrovarrwell, I managed to extract a solution to the nvidia_new thing from google.  Anyone interested?10:04
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jetscreamerwhat is an nvidia_new thing10:04
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mitrovarrwell, I installed nvidia-glx-new by mistake since I thought I have a geforce 6 in here but it's really a 410:05
mitrovarrbut no matter what I did, it refused to load module nvidia from nvidia-glx instead10:05
mitrovarreven despite doing a complete removal of nvidia-glx-new10:05
mitrovarrthere's a hidden file in /lib/linux-restricted-modules that redirects it.  Get rid of it and it's fixed10:06
=== not_a_k_ [n=not_a_k@static-71-240-123-178.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mitrovarrit apparently happens with nvidia-glx-legacy too10:06
mitrovarrwell, i'm rebooting10:06
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ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions . For write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse10:08
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dosageHaving random ubunto lockup issues, is there a good channel to ask some questions in?10:10
=== biggahed__ [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
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LeoDioxidewhy yes, yes it is!10:10
enviouzdosage:  like x crashing or something else?10:10
dosageTotal Freeze, no mouse, no keyboard, no interation at all10:11
dosagePower button is the only solution10:11
enviouzi seen that happen only once before10:11
=== marcin__ [n=marcin@87-205-50-36.adsl.inetia.pl] has joined #ubuntu
enviouzati graphics?10:11
=== zerdith [n=zerdith@24-231-172-212.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
MISTERTibbsdosage, dmesg|more will give you a log10:11
mcmx_LeoDioxide: It appears i cannot change ownership of a file on any nfsv4 share even if the permissions permit this, it works fine on the local file system, any ideas on that?10:12
enviouzusing restricted driver?10:12
dosagedefault ati drivers10:12
mcmx_That would be a cause of the home directory prob10:12
=== marcin__ [n=marcin@87-205-50-36.adsl.inetia.pl] has joined #ubuntu
enviouzahh ic nvm10:12
=== nahkiss [i=nahkiss@dsl-hkibras1-ff4dc300-7.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
enviouzi asked becaus ethe old ati restricted driver was bugged10:13
dosageI was thinking about switching to the drivers provided by ATI, but I am ... scared10:13
LeoDioxidemcmx_: that is interesting, can you login as root and try?10:13
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ubotuwine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.10:14
crazedi <3 ubuntu10:14
mcmx_LeoDioxide: i am trying to change permissions as root no avail. its nfsv3 sorry10:14
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crazedthis channel makes me happy :10:14
dosageI thought it might be my use of compiz, but I get the same random lockups with and without10:14
=== Shadowpillar [n=Shadow@cpe-76-81-80-38.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
hideandseekHow do I add more workspaces?10:14
=== biggahed [n=biggahed@] has joined #ubuntu
enviouzdosage:  dont switch to the ati driver from the repo. its bugged. i have a link to the new packages but they never will be put in the repos10:15
=== crazed [n=asdfg@c-71-58-166-210.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
LeoDioxidemcmx_: are the filesystems mounted read-only?  I know that over a network sometimes you won't get errors10:15
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=== crazed [n=asdfg@c-71-58-166-210.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
matasonhideandseek: There may be other ways but this is how I know, add a workspace switcher to a panel then right-click and choose prefs, there's an option for number of workspaces there10:16
dosageWhy not?10:16
=== dimix [n=ubuntu@d515330F5.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
mcmx_no my options in exports is (rw,sync) i can create directories on the share ok10:16
mcmx_and they do belong to the user once created but try and chown it to another user it fails10:16
dosagealright, I might be on the wrong page ... I am using the drivers that are part of the base text based install10:16
mcmx_permission denied10:17
=== jepes [n=jeff@] has joined #ubuntu
LeoDioxidepermission denied as root, I've never heard of it10:17
dosageshould I look for something that is newer?10:17
jepeswhere can i find  a big list of supported printers? i would like to use the list as a reference for selling pc's with ubuntu installed.10:17
enviouzdosage:  those are the open source drivers right?10:17
=== Furioso__ [n=bucat@host102-15-static.25-87-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== marcin_ant [n=marcin@] has joined #ubuntu
dosageyes I am retty sure10:17
gonzoismLeoDioxide sometimes you get those when trying to delete files with the immutable attribute.  (lsattr  or chattr +i filename.txt)10:18
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ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with CUPS. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows10:18
enviouzok idk about them ones. i only use the closed drivers10:18
dosageThe only restricted drivers I am using would be the atheros for my wifi10:18
=== phpcurious [n=jojo@] has joined #ubuntu
mcmx_LeoDioxide: i know i cant get my head round it lol10:18
gonzoismmcmx_ are you deleting ?10:18
dosageI have an older ati card though, the forums seem to conclude I sould continue with the default open drivers10:19
yo2k!cups | jepes10:19
ubotujepes: Printing in Ubuntu is done with CUPS. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows10:19
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enviouzdosage:  ati rage by chance?10:19
dosagemobility 910010:19
=== Valerie [n=tricky@] has joined #ubuntu
dosage<-- on a laptop10:19
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
mcmx_gonzoism: yeah  and its still creating directories as nobody10:20
gonzoism!ati | gonzoism10:20
enviouzi dont know much about ati's numbering. how old is it?10:20
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