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Shred01hello all06:41
Shred01i'm wondering how i can simulate events to test an upstart script i am writing.06:41
shawarmaShred01: initctl emit <event>08:40
shawarmaShred01: The initctl(8) man page is probably your friend.08:40
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JK44hi, here is my question :11:16
JK44in the FAQ, it is said "will upstart replace DBUs " (because of the respawn feature)11:17
Keybukright ... (though it's nothing to do with the respawn feature)11:18
JK44the answer is, "no but your software could directly tell upstart to restart program if they directly notice11:18
Keybuknot correct11:18
JK44oh ?11:18
Keybukthe question is simply about activation of services, not about respawning them11:18
JK44yes but if dbus that a setrvice is dead it respawn it11:19
JK44so if i set upstart to respawn, and i use dbus to tell upstart to respawn (with command line) will it respawn soft twice 11:20
JK44well it is another dumb question, if i tell upstart to respawn an active  program it does not restart it11:23
JK44so it should be ok11:23
KeybukI don't understand your questions11:25
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Keybukdbus isn't a service manager, so it doesn't respawn services11:27
Keybukit has some code to attempt to activate services in the user's session, but doesn't particularly deal with respawning, etc.11:27
JK44if Dbus receive a message for an inactive service, it launch the defined command line for this service11:38
JK44we use this feature as service respawning11:38
JK44well we dont detect crashes11:38
Keybukyes, it does that11:38
JK44but, its some kind of crash reactivation when needed11:39
JK44i would like to keep using this feature11:39
JK44and also the uspart respawning11:39
Keybukwhereas upstart's respawning is based on processes dying11:39
Keybukin the theoretical Upstart+Dbus world, the "defined command line" would be instead "defined upstart service"11:39
JK44so the command line in Dbus could be a call to upstart11:39
Keybukand dbus would send upstart a message to start a particular service11:39
JK44but isn't a risk to have double restarts if the process dying detection and the dbus command line are executed concurrently ?11:40
JK44for exemple : upstart detect a crashh and lose cpu11:41
JK44dbus send his message11:41
JK44the message is received, the service is activate11:42
Keybukdbus would send messages that affect upstart's state machine only11:42
Keybukupstart is very resilient to this kind of thing11:42
JK44ok, so its totaly safe, its a great thing11:42
JK44thk very much11:42
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shawarmaDoes it make sense at all to use upstart to call a regular init script for starting an stopping stuff or is it really only geared towards actual process supervision?03:46
KeybukI don't think it makes sense03:51
Keybukwhat's your use cas?03:51
shawarmaI'm just packaging some new stuff, and was about to install the symlinks in rc?.d, and thought how upstart was supposed to take over the world in this case.03:53
shawarmaWhen we want to ditch sysvrc, we need to completely rework each and every init script, I suppose.03:54
shawarmaI just hadn't really thought a lot about that.03:54
Keybukwe need only do them one at a time though03:55
shawarmaWell.. Yes, if we start with the low or high numbers and work our way up or down. We can't just cherry pick them?03:55
Keybukcherry picking is fine03:56
shawarmaIf something used to be S30foo and is dependent on bar (S20bar) and baz (S40baz) is dependent on foo, how would we do foo in isolation?03:56
Keybukyou would have to do bottom-up for "dependencies", yes03:57
Keybukbut we have very few of those in reality outside of initscripts03:57
Keybukthe baz bit doesn't matter, since the runlevel stuff would be run after any upstart stuff03:59
shawarmaRight. That's why I said we should work our way either up or down the list. Not from the middle and outwards :)04:00
Keybukfirst thing is to get filesystem mounting converted and bullet-proof04:02
Keybukthen the miscellaneous over things to do with block devices, and setting up the machine (hostname, etc.)04:02
Keybukafter that, networking04:02
Keybukand then services from the bottom up04:02
shawarmaRight. That should cover pretty much everything.04:03
shawarmaI have a hunch that it just sounds daunting, but when we actually start doing it, it's not that bad. Most init scripts are already split into a lets-prepare-everything bit and a actually-start-the-bugger bit (and possibly lets-clean-up-the-mess-after-this bit)04:05
KeybukAGA : Q)EGTT/QFAXX/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5227N00145W00504:08
Keybuk      FROM 07/04/30 07:19 TO 07/08/30 23:59               C1947/0704:08
Keybuk        FM THR 15 TO TWY K, SFC TO 100FT AGL, SR-SS.04:08
Keybuk^ rofl04:08
Keybuk(momentarily off topic)04:08
shawarmaEGTT is Heathrow?04:11
KeybukEGTT is the London FIR04:34
KeybukEGLL is Heathrow itself04:34
Keybukthat's a NOTAM for EGBB (Birmingham International)04:38
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Shred01does upstart in feisty emit events for old-style initscripts?12:21
Shred01i.e. can i write a bona-fide upstart script and have it wait for an old-style initscript to be done starting?12:21

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