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andrew_can someone help me think about server spec for a mixed thin / thick / Linux / Windows environment.   We're likely to have 45 thin clients, 25 thick...how many and what speed of server do I need to run fileserver, DHCP, terminal server, and Windows...?04:08
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andrew_can someone help me think about server spec for a mixed thin / thick / Linux / Windows environment. We're likely to have 45 thin clients, 25 thick...how many and what speed of server do I need to run fileserver, DHCP, terminal server, and Windows...?05:19
Burgundaviaandrew_: got your LDAP server running?05:20
andrew_I took an LDAP vacation this week and bought a bunch of books to get my grounding in Linux land before taking another swing at it.05:21
Burgundaviadon't fear, you will conquer LDAP05:21
andrew_The server is running fine...I just haven't succeeded in getting a client to authenticate against it...05:21
andrew_I'm in a position to be buying equipment and I don't want to screw up...05:22
andrew_So I'm looking for 2nd and 3rd opinions...05:22
Burgundaviawhat are you using for your thin clients?05:23
andrew_A mix of donated P4s and whatever we decide to buy, new...05:23
Burgundaviawow, those are massively powered05:24
andrew_Yes...lucky...should I just turn these into thin client servers?05:24
andrew_We'll have roughly 20 of these...05:25
andrew_but I want to reduce administration on the client side...05:25
Burgundaviahow many classrooms?05:26
andrew_three, really, with one computer/study room05:27
andrew_I want 12-15 thin clients in each classroom, with the ability to push in another 20 laptops (thick client)05:27
andrew_I'm constrained to using Dell as the vendor, unless I can show that they don't carry what I need.05:29
Burgundaviaas for teh actual servers, you need to talk to sbalneav or somebody similar05:29
andrew_He recommended 6-8GB of RAM for a single server running 45 clients...but as for processors, I can't tell.05:30
andrew_I'm also a bit shaky on what I need to set up the dual Windows/Linux thin client environment I've seen in some of the case studies...05:31
Burgundaviayou need one or several Windows servers, where the clients use seamless RDP to get an application from them05:32
andrew_He recommended three servers:  LTSP (Ram intensive), DNS/Filesever/Webserver (HD intensive), Windows (?)05:32
Burgundaviathat makes sense05:32
andrew_What hardware requirements would the Windows server have?05:33
Burgundaviahave you been a sysadmin much before?'05:33
Burgundaviathe requires of the windows server depend entirely on what you are running05:33
BurgundaviaI suggest you collect a complete set of all applicatiosn you expect to be run05:33
Burgundaviathe Windows ones05:33
Burgundaviathen fire up a thin client and connect to a Windows computer05:34
Burgundaviamonitor the RAM and network output on the windows machine05:34
andrew_If I understand properly, the Xterminal is still running on the LTSP server even when the clients are accessing the Windows server, is this correct?05:34
Burgundaviathe users would still be in an Ubuntu environment05:34
Burgundaviathey would just be accessing a single program off the Windows side05:35
Burgundaviaanother way to do it is to do what whiprush does05:35
Burgundaviahe has he machines dual boot05:35
BurgundaviaWindows and LTSP thin client05:35
andrew_That is preferable to me...I think.05:35
andrew_How difficult is that to do?05:35
Burgundavianot hard05:36
Burgundaviafor that you need a copy of windows on each computer05:36
Burgundaviaand then hack grub to do a network boot, I think05:36
Burgundaviayou need to ask whiprush (Jorge Castro)05:36
andrew_So windows runs locally, not as an application server...?05:37
Burgundaviain that case, they are in a full windows environment and you need to deal with each windows install05:38
Burgundaviathe advantage of an application server is that you minimize the number of windows instlals you have05:38
andrew_This would make a true "thin client" machine impossible to use as a dual boot machine.05:38
andrew_OK...I guess we can handle an emulator window...05:38
Burgundaviawell, with seamless rdp, it is as if the appliation is running locally05:39
Burgundaviathat is what is so brilliant05:39
andrew_In any case, it sounds like the Windows application server doesn't need to be as resource intensive as the LTSP server, is this correct?05:39
Burgundaviathat depends on the application being run05:40
Burgundaviayou also need to consider that graphics-intensive stuff does very badly when run over the network05:40
andrew_So streaming video = bad news...even with a blazing fast, 8MB RAM LTSP server?05:41
Burgundaviayes, because at that point, the bootleneck is not the server, it is the network itself05:41
andrew_Even with gigabit connection between the server and the switch?05:42
Burgundaviafor that, I would test05:42
Burgundaviagigabit might do for streaming, but more graphics intensive stuff like games would still choke, I imagine05:43
Burgundaviathat is off the top of my head05:43
andrew_I just need to know whether I need two $6000 servers to run Linux and Windows, or just one $6000 server and a smaller, say $2000 server to host windows apps...?05:44
Burgundavialike I said, I would figure out exactly which Windows apps you need to run and then take a look at their memory/cpu/network requirements05:44
andrew_Now as for the fileserver, LDAP, DHCP, and webserver...would all of these live on the same machine?05:46
andrew_A third machine, phsically separate from the LTSP and Windows machines?05:47
Burgundaviayes, if possibly05:47
Burgundaviapossible, rather05:47
Burgundavialdap/fileserver can share the same machine05:47
andrew_and also host a website...05:48
Burgundaviayou could repurpose one of yoru p4s for that05:48
BurgundaviaI am very conservative with stuff like that05:48
BurgundaviaI try and separate out the services as much as possible05:48
Burgundaviamakes backup/recovery schemes easier05:49
andrew_I want to give web users access to their LAN files05:49
andrew_Does this necessitate fileserver and webserver sharing the same machine?05:50
andrew_Here's where LDAP comes in, right?  Single authentication point for all services...05:52
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kjw75how come when I installed 7.04 I have no educational tools, but they were there in 6.06 and 6.10?05:52
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andrew_How do you install seamless rdp?05:57
Burgundaviaandrew_: yes, and NFS for single file point05:58
Burgundaviakjw75: there is a bug. You need to install them afterwards05:58
kjw75Burgundavia: ah, ok thanks05:59
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kjw75is there a synaptic package that will install the default educational programs that were supposed to come with 7.04?09:05
jsgotangcokjw75: try looking for edubuntu-desktop09:14
kjw75edubuntu-desktop is already installed. When I installed 6.06 and 6.10 it installed a menu called Education with educational software. Now that I installed 7.04 this was not included. I was told this was a bug in the 7.04 installer. Just wondering if there's an easy way to install all these apps or if I have to just pick them all myself and install separately.09:20
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cliebowanyone have a hunch why i have som much trouble with gnome-settings-daemon?anyone else have accounts that barf?04:00
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racterhiyall - how can i change the login screen for my edubuntu thin clients?  i made a theme and set it with gdmsetup but it's not appearing.08:02
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