aa_I really want to delete all the milestones and bluprints from my project12:26
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tristanbobhello all! I am trying to get an open source project to use launchpad01:09
tristanbob<brettw> i'm not sure how i feel about people branching off so easily.  seems like it almost encourages fragmentation rather than collaboration.01:10
tristanbob<brettw> "Anyone can create and publish their own branch of your code."01:10
tristanbobwhat is a good answer to that?01:10
carlostristanbob: I would say that that lowers the barrier to contribute to the project01:11
carlosyou don't depend on someone to approve your patch to publish it01:11
carlosand you can see all branches together in Launchpad, and thus, merge those changes in your branch if you want01:12
tristanbobcarlos: thank you - I am passing that along :)01:12
carlostristanbob: anyway, if you need better arguments try on Monday or mail directly to launchpad-users mailing list01:13
tristanbobthey are going to read the info on the website this weekend01:13
carlosso you could get some input from David (ddaa) or other maintainers of bzr integration in Launchpad01:14
LarstiQor join #bzr01:17
LarstiQsince distributed version control is not specific to launchpad, but for the flavor that comes with it we can certainly answer your questions 01:18
LarstiQtristanbob: in my experience, it promotes collaboration01:18
tristanbobcan you pick and choose what features to use?  like if they JUST wanted a bugzilla replacement?01:22
tristanbobthanks LarstiQ 01:22
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LarstiQtristanbob: sure, you can use the bug tracking without the code hosting or translations01:23
carlos night!01:35
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kosnickhi everyone. i try to translate some package with 500 parts. I have already translated the first 110. How can i get to 111 part of the package without keep using the next next next button until i get there ? is there some way?09:02
mptkosnick, yes there is09:38
mptyou can edit the URL09:39
mptone moment...09:39
mptkosnick, go to the first page of translations for the package09:40
mptthen change "+translate" to "+translate?start=110"09:40
mptI will report a bug that this should be easier to do09:41
mptActually, it's already reported, bug 10483909:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 104839 in rosetta "Navigation through batched translation pages is slow" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10483909:43
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AlexC_I imported a translation .pot file 18 hours ago and it's still not imported =\ why's it taking so long?01:10
mptAlexC_, you may not get a useful answer at this hour, try mailing the launchpad-users@ mailing list01:25
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Nick_HillI notice on Ubuntu there are bugs which have what may be useful information on them for someone who has the bug, but no activity for a year or more.03:25
Nick_HillI imagine there are therefore many bugs on Launchpad which have been fixed as an incidental effect of another fix.03:25
Nick_HillIf thee are huge numbers of bugs associated with a package, the sheer size of the apparent job might make developers shy away from clearing all bigs.03:27
Nick_HillToo bigger job to chew03:27
Nick_HillI suggest there be a way for bugs to die if nobody keeps them alive.03:27
Nick_HillFor example, if no messages on a bug for 10 months, a message asking for a viewer of the bug, if they are experiencing the bug, to post a message.03:28
Nick_HillIf no messages posted for 12 months, purge the bug.03:28
FujitsuNick_Hill: There is a bug/spec about closing inactive bugs in the `Incomplete' state scheduled for Launchpad 1.1.8, I believe.03:31
Nick_HillFujitsu, Great. I haven't checked, though, whether the old, untended bugs tend to me marked incomplete.03:33
FujitsuNick_Hill: When somebody has requested information, they should be.03:34
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jimqodeI found out today I accidentally registered two accounts on launchpad and have been using both of them (one from home, one at work)04:37
jimqodeis it possible to merge them?04:37
radixjimqode: https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge04:40
jimqoderadix, thank you04:42
radixno worries04:43
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_gpg_I wold like to know when canonical will open launchpad source please04:50
_gpg_(if it will be)04:50
jimqode_gpg_, it will be free software once it is complete.04:58
jimqode_gpg_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/faq04:59
_gpg_jimqode i'm so frustrated lol04:59
_gpg_jimqode and i think that too many developers are too05:00
jimqodemark thinks having a single Launchpad instance is the most practical way of maximizing the collaboration that Launchpad is designed to achieve :)05:00
_gpg_i'm not using google linux, nor sourceforge linux distributions ;) i'm using ubuntu for all my work (many people too) and i've migrate all my open source projects to bazaar vcs05:03
_gpg_so it's quite normal to ask :)05:04
_gpg_i dont think the same thing05:04
_gpg_"maximizing the collaboration" of what exactly ?05:05
_gpg_really i cant understand this 05:07
oojah_gpg_: The strength of launchpad lies in linking all of the projects that use it together.05:09
jimqodeif all projects stay on the same repository, rather than multiple unconnected launchpad instances on the net, it is easier for different projects to collaborate05:09
_gpg_im talking anout trac + svn model wich is equal to bazaar + launchpad one05:11
_gpg_it's like you say "You cant use launchpad to do anystuff with has no relatioship with ubuntu developpement)05:13
oojah_gpg_: I'm nothing to do with launchpad or ubuntu. I use launchpad for projects not related to ubuntu.05:13
oojahLaunchpad is for everyone.05:14
jimqodeyour project does not need to have a relationship with ubuntu to use launchpad05:14
_gpg_if it's for every one why can't install it on my personnal computer ? if you say that launchpad API isnt mature i'll believe, but when you say "just host it on launchpad server" that what i cant unserstand :)05:16
_gpg_what should happened if i want to add some features to launchpad to make it iso-xxxx or cmmi compilent ?05:16
oojah_gpg_: Again, speaking from my own perspective, if everybody had their own version of launchpad it would dilute the benefits that launchpad gives.05:17
oojahI find it frustrating when there are bugs in distros' bug tools that are related to packages I'm involved with yet never hear about.05:18
oojahLaunchpad allows them to be linked together.05:18
_gpg_oojah if every one had it own version, the number of plugins / extension will increase 05:19
_gpg_well, i've just to wait and see05:19
_gpg_good luck btw05:19
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DavieyHey, is it possible to mark a bug in two packages?06:46
Davieyie not upstream or other distro's06:46
Davieyjust two packages having the same bug?06:46
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DavieyShould the bug be reported twice (for both packages) then marked as dups?06:51
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siretartAnyone around who can tell me where my g-wrap have gone to? they seem to have been eaten!09:02
siretartI didn't get any reject nor accept, it just seems they went to limbus. I did other uploads later, which did got ACCEPTED09:02
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