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stu-mcjrib: here12:21
jribstu-mc: hi12:21
OmegaCentilistening in.12:21
jribstu-mc: what is the full path to the directory you want to modify?12:21
stu-mc it is /var/www/maison-paradis12:21
jribwhat is the output of: ls -ld /var/www/maison-paradis12:22
stu-mci have changed it by logging as the user who owns the dir. but the point of asking about it was that in future i would not know the pass of users i might want to change persmissions on folders to12:23
OmegaCentidrwxr-xr-x 78 omegacenti omegacenti12:23
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stu-mci can put back using the user to test with if you want12:23
jribstu-mc: if you want to figure out what is going on, sure12:24
stu-mcit read rxwr-xr-x 5 maison-paradis12:24
stu-mcok let me su back 2 mins12:24
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=== OmegaCenti giggles at nalioth
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stu-mcok changed back ill get that line for you12:26
stu-mcdrwxr-xr-x 5 maison-paradis maison-paradis 4096 2007-06-28 23:02 /var/www/maison-paradis12:26
jribit's still 75512:26
OmegaCenti4096? is that size?12:26
stu-mci just changed back to 755 using the user12:27
jribok, and what do you want to change it to now?12:27
stu-mcusing anything but the actual user12:27
OmegaCentiI just not understood the 775...12:27
OmegaCentiwhats the first second and third group?12:27
jribalright, what is the output of: sudo chmod 775 /var/www/maison-paradis12:27
stu-mcOmega : http://www.linuxheadquarters.com/howto/basic/chmod.shtml12:27
stu-mcno output12:28
OmegaCentiuser,group,everyone else12:28
stu-mcbut does not change the permissions12:28
jriband now, ls -ld /var/www/maison-paradis12:28
stu-mcdrwxr-xr-x 5 maison-paradis maison-paradis 4096 2007-06-28 23:02 /var/www/maison-paradis12:29
stu-mcill give you a history see if it impacts on this12:29
OmegaCentisudo ask you for password?12:30
stu-mcmade dir as root, added it as a apache viretual site directory, then wanted to create a user with it as a home dir so i could use it as a ftp user, so chnaged the owner to the user for ftp (maison-ftp) this broke apache so i re a2ensite'ed it and that then allowed it to work12:31
stu-mcsorry owner is (maison-paradis) not (maison-ftp)12:32
jribwhat does 'sudo echo hi' do?12:32
stu-mcdoes no output12:32
OmegaCentisudo broke12:32
jribwhat is the output of 'groups'?12:32
stu-mcfor the current user shows :12:33
stu-mcstuart adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner netdev lpadmin powerdev admin12:33
stu-mchowever i am also a member of maison-paradis even though its not listed there12:33
stu-mcif i do id stuart i get : uid=1000(stuart) gid=1000(stuart) groups=1000(stuart),1001(maison-paradis)12:34
jribstu-mc: 'getent passwd stuart'12:35
stu-mcthis is why i keep going back to windows i break things to easily lol, but with windows i have the knowledge to fix them12:35
jrib'getent group admin' is what I meant12:36
stu-mcnothing should i sudo it ?12:36
jribdo you have any other users with sudo access?12:36
jribhave you set a root password?12:37
stu-mci didnt think you could12:37
jribnot recommended, but would save some time now :)12:37
jrib'grep admin /etc/group'12:37
jribalright, I guess you just managed to remove yourself from the "admin" group somehow (/me notes to ask users to use 'id' from now on).  Try rebooting in recovery mode and issuing: adduser stuart admin12:38
stu-mcrecovery mode?12:39
jribyeah, should be an option in grub's boot menu12:39
stu-mcok ill look12:39
stu-mchaha give me a few i cant reboot ill have to go to the box12:39
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stu-mcok ther, sorry had to move lappy and goto the box12:43
stu-mcat # now12:43
jrib'adduser stuart admin'12:43
stu-mcok says done12:44
stu-mcok i think when trying to add myself to maison-paradis group i screwed up.12:44
jribyou used usermod eh?12:44
stu-mci did12:45
jribwithout -a?12:45
stu-mcusermod -G12:45
stu-mci think12:45
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stu-mci tried about 5 diff commands, all examples of the net12:45
jribyeah, without -a it replaces your current groups with the list you give12:45
stu-mcbut when using groups it didnt show me so kept trying12:45
jribit's easier to use adduser12:45
stu-mcbut if i had used id then it would have shown12:46
stu-mcwhat a git lol12:46
stu-mcbut ty v.much12:46
stu-mcok sudo echo working. all fixed. you are a star.12:47
stu-mcjrib sorry to bother you again, i need to find the pid of a task ( i only know about top which doesnt show it)12:56
jribstu-mc: I use:  ps -ef | grep PROCESS12:59
jribthere's also system -> administration -> system monitor01:00
stu-mci need to learn to use CLI as i will be ssh'ing when needed01:00
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:00
jribhttp://rute.2038bug.com/ is really great01:01
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stu-mcok what i expected to find isnt there, i belived firestarter was running by default ( i used it then decided against it). but its not listed.01:03
jribit's just a gui to iptables01:04
jribit sets up iptables rules so it doesn't need to be running for the rules to be active.  Try 'sudo iptables -L'01:04
stu-mcif i load it in gui from system>admin and turn it off then i get access to my dns server (on the same box)01:05
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stu-mcok for the record that list is far too long (when i do ipatbles -L)01:07
jribyeah, those are the iptables rules you currently have set01:09
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:09
stu-mccan i stop iptables from running ( allow full access to and from the box?01:09
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jribstu-mc: you can flush the rules01:12
stu-mcok ill look into it, one last thing if ya dont mind, how do i find what services run at startup ?01:13
jribit's on the page ubotu linked:  iptables -F01:13
jrib(to flush taht is)01:13
jribstu-mc: man update-rc.d  will explain how it works.  You may like to use sysv-rc-conf which is a nice ncurses interface to manipulating sysv init scripts01:14
jribsystem -> admin -> services for the gui01:14
stu-mcok ill look thanks ( ironicly i stop firestarter because it wouldnt let me add a network just ip's, even thought it states it should do network)01:15
stu-mcim behind a ipcop box so im safe.01:17
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Pirate_Hunterjrib: you here yet?01:33
Pirate_Hunterlike i was saying i need to just hide or delete the folder from applications01:34
jribrun this:  find ~/.local ! -user $USER01:34
Pirate_Hunterit doesnt do nothing just says bash: /home/me/.local: is a directory01:35
jribpastebin the command and all of its output01:35
Pirate_Hunterjrib: that was the only output01:36
jribright, but I need to see what you typed01:36
jribbecause that output doesn't make sense01:37
Pirate_Hunterme@medesktop:~$ ~/.local ! -user $USER01:38
Pirate_Hunterbash: /home/me/.local: is a directory01:38
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jribright, that's not the command01:39
jribrun this:  find ~/.local ! -user $USER01:39
jribyou forgot "find"01:39
Pirate_Hunterthat gives me nothing as output01:40
jribwhat directory are you trying to hide?01:40
Pirate_Hunteru were expecting that?01:40
jribwell no, that doesn't explain why it isn't working :)01:40
jribbut that's normal, yes01:40
Pirate_Huntertransgaming folder in applcation, why it created a folder for itself i have no clue01:40
jribrun 'alacarte' in a terminal01:41
jribactually, before that run this command: find ~/.config ! -user $USER01:43
Pirate_Hunterthat does nothing01:43
jribok, carry on with alacarte, click the checkbox next to the transgaming folder01:44
Pirate_Hunterif i right click the folder the option are greyed out01:45
Pirate_Hunterwhat does this mean: (alacarte:6786): GnomeUI-WARNING **: gnome_icon_entry_gtk_entry deprecated, use changed signal!01:46
jribignore it01:46
Pirate_Hunterso what do i do from here01:46
jribyou have "applications" selected on the left and "transgaming" displayed on the right along with "accessories", "games", etc...01:47
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jriband if you click on the checkmark, there is no output?01:47
Pirate_Huntertransgaming has created an actual folder for itself even knowing i cna find it in games01:47
Pirate_Hunteryeah i get not output if i right click the transgaming folder01:48
jribtry just clicking on the checkmark next to "transgaming"01:48
Pirate_Hunterdid that it unchecks the app inside the folder but i can still see it in application ti just checks itself01:49
jribI don't understand, what do you mean by "uncheckes the app inside the folder"?01:49
Pirate_Hunterin alacarte/ left side is where all the folders are (menus) right side are the apps and i cna uncheck them not to show in menu but transgaming just acting weird01:51
Pirate_HunterI might as well delete it aint using it now and delete all its folders which i dont know hwere they are01:51
jribon the left side you select "applications" so that the folders show up on the right01:51
Pirate_Hunterhow do i delete this completely and all its folder as well as setting01:53
jribPirate_Hunter: yes, I'm here...01:53
Pirate_Hunterkk you could answer my last question01:54
jribhow did you install cedega?01:54
Pirate_Hunterrpm converted to .deb which is a no no than i got a .deb package an official package01:55
jribyou should be able to use synaptic to remove it01:55
Pirate_Hunterwould it delete setting and folder as well as links if it made any01:55
jribit should01:56
jribso, it should, but I can't predict the future :)01:58
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stu-mcevening, I have created a user and set its home dir to a dir that already was there and not owned by the new user so it gave me an error, when i logged in under that user the home dir went back 1 place so instead of /var/www/if-guild it puts the user in /var/www/. I have then altered the the dir permissions using chown to the new user, i then usermod -d/var/www/if-guild <user>. the prob is it still los the user in /var/www/11:19
jribstu-mc: you should use #ubuntu for support, this channel doesn't have as many eyes watching it11:20
stu-mckk thanx11:21
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stu-mcjrib: ok ill sort out myself, thanks for help yesterday, it seems people only answer questions in there special area, and if its not they are just negative and un-helpful, critasise people for poor use of english, spelling, punctuation. end of the day i have been on widows using forums for years, the user base for linux maybe very large and so on these days but the most of them are actually less usfull than a floppy disk fo11:45
stu-mcsorry my english is crappy, but hey ho, im not english teacher nor do i expect others that speak to me to have perfect english.11:46
stu-mcso hey ho, have fun and thanks alot. but windows is calling me and beta server 2008 is now out.11:47
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