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spidermancan any one tell me why " interface implement interface not possible" ?06:59
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youssefI would like to start to program a basic graphic java program01:21
youssefthat is portable to Windows01:22
youssefI am using Edgy01:22
man-di_start like executing or start like begin to write?01:22
youssefbegin to write01:22
youssefI would like to refresh and upgrade my java skills which are very basic01:22
man-di_then you are probably better in ##java, this channel is about packaging java software for Ubuntu, not coding in Java01:23
youssefNetbeans is free software?01:24
youssefI mean free as in free speech01:25
man-di_according to http://www.netbeans.org/about/legal/license.html its licensed under CDDL01:25
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youssefsee you later01:27
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JWebDevsomeone here work with hibernate?07:26
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Evolution2um hello. i was wondering if i have the latest java because i keep getting aumatically kicked from this particular server. 11:05
Evolution2giving me "proxy"11:05
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