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defendguini had a regression in edgy when you guys rolled out that update to restricted modules to fix some madwifi deal now when i return from suspend my wireless id dead i have to rmmod and modprobe ipw3945 to get my wireless to work03:58
defendguinis dead*03:58
defendguinbug #123172 dmesg output is attached04:05
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jmghey all09:01
jmgwhere is the debian/rules file for linux-source-2.6.22?09:01
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jmgBenC: i installed the gutsy kernel on my feisty box and now i cant mount any usb drives at all!10:21
jmgthey lie, they lie and we have to be merciful to those who lie.10:23
jmgi am getting lots of [  709.597011]  device-mapper: table: 254:2: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed10:25
Mithrandirremote the evms package, unless you're using it10:27
jmghow is that breaking mounting?10:30
jmgmount("/dev/sdb1", "/media/EXTERNAL/", "vfat", MS_MGC_VAL, NULL) = -1 EBUSY (Dev10:30
jmgice or resource busy)10:30
jmgthe device isnt busy10:31
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jmgthis is bullshit10:40
Mithrandirremoving evms will get rid of the dm-linear messages, it won't fix anything else.10:40
jmgit helped a lot10:40
jmgbut using the gutsy kernel doesnt fix my issue any more10:40
jmgmust have been a regression10:41
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jerome_hello all05:14
jerome_i don't know if this is the right place but i don't get any answer on ubuntu-bugs05:14
jerome_i want to know if bug 123173 is really a kernel issue05:14
jerome_or an alsa, ... one ?05:15
jerome_thx if you can help me05:15
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xivulonhi mjg5910:10
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