=== gnomefreak goes for smoke while its starts
gnomefreakdebian/rules:96: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.12:33
gnomefreaki thought it was whitespace buts its not12:33
asacyeah thats whitespace12:33
asacalmost certainly12:33
asacor you forgot to remove an endif12:33
asacor something12:33
asacshow me rules12:33
asacyou forgot the last line of CONFIGURE :)12:35
asacit ends with \12:35
gnomefreakunder the last option?12:35
asacah i see12:35
asacyou messed up12:35
asacmove --enable-official-branding12:35
asacto the end12:35
asacgnomefreak: learn: \ means the line goes on at next line12:36
asacso actually for make (rules is makefile) the CONFIGURE variable ends right after --enable-official-branding12:36
gnomefreakah ok12:36
asacgnomefreak: while you are at it12:36
asacdrop USE_SYSTEM_CAIRO12:36
asacits of no use anymore12:36
asacthe \ are only used to make it more readable12:37
asacyou could write everything in one single line12:37
gnomefreaksame error on line 95 nowe12:37
asacbut imagine how bad that is to read :)12:37
asaclook ... there must be a typo somewhere12:38
asacor paste12:38
gnomefreak--enable-mathml \  --enable-svg \ --enable-system-cairo \12:38
gnomefreakdont see one12:38
gnomefreak--enable-svg is line 9512:38
asacpaste again please12:39
gnomefreakafter the \ in mathml there was a space12:40
gnomefreakdropped it and its not failing there12:40
asacsee :)12:42
asacgnomefreak: ok12:42
asacstop build12:42
asacand drop everything that is svg related12:42
gnomefreaki havent started12:42
asace.g. on top12:42
asac--enable-svg-renderer=cairo \12:42
asac--enable-svg \12:42
asacand in consequence we don't need12:42
asac--enable-system-cairo \12:42
asacthen spin12:42
asacmaybe set UUDECODE to just $(NULL)12:44
asac(if you are not already spinning)12:44
asacand bzr rm those files12:44
asace.g. wikipedia.gif + debsearch.gif12:44
gnomefreakalready building12:45
asacthose don't make sense ... but won't do much harm12:45
asackeep it going12:45
asaci will wait another 10 minutes ... to see if any early bail outs happen :)12:45
asacprobably it will fail when doing the the package installs12:45
asacif it fails just keep it that way ... we can go on tomorrow from there12:46
asacfixing those issues can be done in build-area/lightning-sunbird-...12:46
asacso you don't need a full respin for every change12:46
asacbut lets do it tomorrow :)12:46
bluekujaasac seems tired12:47
gnomefreaka few minutes and i should know12:47
asacbluekuja: yeah :)12:47
asachard day ;)12:47
bluekujaI know what you mean12:47
asacgood news is we will get another copy of mozilla source tree as package :)12:47
bluekujaoh cool12:47
asacthe mobile browser ;)12:47
gnomefreakits on to creating12:47
gnomefreakwe may have a winner12:48
asacthats good12:48
asaclets see if if succeeds to configure12:48
asacmaybe we have to drop a configure option here and there12:48
asacbut i hope not12:48
bluekujaI'm leaving ...bed is calling12:49
bluekujaasac: let me know if you have news tomorrow morning12:49
asacbluekuja: yeah ... night12:49
asacbluekuja: i will remember12:49
asacyou constantly remember me ;)12:49
bluekujaahha yeah12:49
asacremind :)12:49
bluekujaIt's something I care a lot12:49
asacI know ;)12:50
bluekujayou know what I mean :)12:50
bluekujacya later! night!12:50
asaci know ... that its important for you12:50
asacotherwise it would probably sink in my todo list :)12:50
asacit has high-prio for me12:50
asacbe assuredof that12:50
bluekujagreat! I really appreciate it12:51
bluekujanight :)12:51
asacsleep well12:51
asacgnomefreak: configure going?12:51
bluekujasame :)12:51
asacyeah ... i willl drop soon12:51
asacto bed12:51
gnomefreakits still building :)12:55
asacconfigure succeeded?12:55
asace.g. already compiling?12:55
gnomefreaki think so12:55
asaci will probably be awake for another 20 minutes or so12:56
gnomefreakcompiling == all the jumbled stuff12:56
asacwill get a beer12:56
asacgnomefreak: try to take a closer look12:56
asacyou should be able to distingish by now :)12:56
asace.g. is there a12:56
asacin line -> building12:56
asacconfigure looks pretty typical12:56
asacwith all those checks going on12:56
asacusually if lines are really huge ... its compiling12:57
gnomefreakyep now ther eis12:57
gnomefreaka few [make]  lines12:57
asacthat means its building12:57
asacconfigure is just those checks12:57
gnomefreak:) might have it ready for monday :)12:57
asacwhy not sunday :) ... a sunbird on sunday ;)12:58
gnomefreakconfigure has alot of ../../../../12:58
gnomefreakscared still12:58
asacit will probably fail in the end ... e.g. where files are copied to the package directories12:58
asacbut to fix those you don't need a full respin12:58
asacso it will be quicker to fix12:58
gnomefreakoh good :)12:58
gnomefreakshould i push tonight?12:59
asaclets wait till it builds and starts12:59
asac(unless you fear to loose your work)12:59
asace.g. hd crash12:59
asacor something12:59
asacmaybe push to a gnomefreak branch12:59
gnomefreaknot really i did today most of the day do to major storms running through12:59
asacwhich you can later mark as obsolet12:59
gnomefreaki was gonna12:59
asacgnomefreak: maybe push then :)01:00
gnomefreaki have to remember how if i remember i will do it01:00
asacyou need to create a project though01:00
=== gnomefreak should know by no
gnomefreakcreate a project? you mean push to a new sunbird branch01:00
asaccreate a sunbird project in launchpad01:00
asacthen you can push like:01:01
asacbzr push sftp:/..../~gnomefreak/sunbird/ubuntu.0.501:01
gnomefreakshould just beable to do that01:01
asacmaybe you need --create-prefix or however it was called01:02
asac(see bzr help push)01:02
asacthough i already did initial pushes without --create-prefix01:02
asac... so don't know if its really needed01:02
gnomefreaki think i have as well01:02
asacbut won't do harm01:02
gnomefreakbut i did need it once or twice01:02
asacmaybe it depends if ther eis alredy a bzr branch for that project or not01:03
gnomefreakah good point01:03
asacmight be the case that you need to use it for first sunbird branch or something01:03
gnomefreakbtw remind me tomorrow to ask you about a bug on sunbird01:03
asacgnomefreak: if you create sunbird project you also make it a subproject of mozilla01:03
gnomefreakits the wishlist bug01:03
asac(not important we can make it anytime later)01:03
gnomefreakoh yeah i will01:03
asacthere are already a bunch01:04
gnomefreakno ill wait til tomorrow to do mozillateams unless you think its good to push01:04
asacbut i see ther eis already clutter01:04
asacgnomefreak: push to private branch01:04
asacwhen its ready you can push over to mozillateam01:04
asacso mozillateam gets only high-quality :)01:04
gnomefreakyep i can always grab and merge to mine01:05
asacgnomefreak: i mean ... just push today to ~gnomefreak :)01:05
asacwe will create mozillateam once first version is buildable/usable01:05
gnomefreaklooking at hell zone01:05
asaclook at 366 36501:05
asacthose probable need to be removed01:05
asacdamn its a spammer01:06
asache wants to get higher rating for his site01:06
asaclook whats set as homepage01:06
asacbut don't click01:06
asac(who knows)01:06
gnomefreakyep see01:07
gnomefreakcan we remove them?01:07
asacdamn hilario is the leading contributor to mozilla :)01:07
asacnot me01:07
asacgnomefreak: almost certainly01:07
asacremind me and i will prod launchpad people01:07
gnomefreakasac: hes a devel01:07
gnomefreakoh nvm01:08
gnomefreakthats all of mozilla01:08
asacyeah he marked more bugs upstream then me :)01:08
gnomefreaknone of those are ours?01:09
asacwhat do you mean?01:10
gnomefreaki guess some are01:10
asaci think hell zone can be removed as well01:11
asacfor term blaster we should ping registrant01:11
gnomefreakhell zone 365 366 what about termblaster?01:11
gnomefreaki think it can go01:12
gnomefreakhomepage is no longer there01:13
asaci think tooo ... but the homepage url looked mozilla related01:13
asacnot ?01:13
asacthen it can go as well01:13
gnomefreaki opened it and it gave me 40401:13
gnomefreakhold that though01:14
gnomefreakyep 40401:14
gnomefreakThe requested URL /projects/termblaster/mozilla was not found on this server.01:14
asacok ... so all should go01:14
gnomefreakanything not ours01:14
asacubuntu firefox extension is ours :)01:14
asacits coming soon01:15
gnomefreaki never saw that01:15
asacyeah ... i uploaded it recently01:15
gnomefreakwhy isnt all up there01:15
asaci wll upload ubufox next week ... together with new firefox01:15
gnomefreaknew firefox?01:15
asacas ubuntu tweaks will go there01:15
asace.g. all those ubuntu-* patches01:15
asacwill go out of firefox01:15
gnomefreakbtw i found the issue on installing firefox removing a bunch of apps01:16
asacthey will be done be ubufox extension01:16
gnomefreak^^ on feisty preview01:16
gnomefreakthey need to be built01:16
asacits because epiphany et all depend on libnss301:16
asacits because i had to add a conflict to firefox just because libnss3 ships a bad file01:16
asace.g. a file that belongs to firefox01:17
gnomefreakyou did this01:17
asacwithout that file we would have had a clean transition01:17
asacyeah ...  i am not happy with that as well ... but well01:17
asaclets get over it01:17
asacitsnot really important to have the new package layout in preview archive01:17
gnomefreakill have to pull firefox than01:17
asacsince upsream version is still the same01:18
asacgnomefreak: afaik its not in there?01:18
gnomefreakyes it is01:18
asacitsjust firefox-trnunk01:18
asacwhich works well01:18
asacit is?01:18
gnomefreakwe added firefox01:18
asacyeah ... remove it ... sorry01:18
gnomefreaknewest rebuild you idd01:18
asacthunderbird can stay01:18
asaceverything else can stay01:18
gnomefreakill do it tonight or tomorrow01:18
asacjust firefox :(01:18
asacbut not a problem imo01:18
asacbtw, is alpha6 out?01:19
asacit was scheduled for today01:19
gnomefreaki havent looked01:19
asacnot yet on ftp.mozilla.or01:20
gnomefreakmake: *** [debian/stamp-makefile-build]  Error 201:22
gnomefreaknot helpfull i know01:22
asaclike 100 lines ;)01:23
gnomefreakor 17 :(01:23
gnomefreakill go back further if you need01:24
asacgnomefreak: change --enable-canvas to --disable-canvas01:25
asacor otherwise enable system cairo again01:25
asaci think disabling canvas should be ok01:26
asacdon't see much use for it in calendar application01:26
gnomefreakok repo should be good01:29
=== gnomefreak needs to eat dinner, its building again
gnomefreakbug 123118 is all yours :)01:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123118 in firefox-granparadiso "FF3, installed plugins not used" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12311801:32
asacok done01:45
asaci go to bed now01:45
asacsw ... crossing-fingers for sunbird build :)01:45
asacsleep well == sw :)01:45
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gnomefreakasac: tomorrow i will give you link to pastebin, the build failed once again i see alot of nsmodule and a common-install-impl. link is http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/596546 but ask again i will give it to you when i get here tomorrow02:56
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bluekujaasac: I'll be away for the weekend, be here again tomorrow11:18
bluekujacu tomorrow then!11:18
gnomefreakok im not awake yet01:03
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JenFragglehi guys, is there a way to search for bugs that haven't been updated for a while?  Looking to see if there are any I could close through lack of response01:21
gnomefreakJenFraggle: if you go to tags wiki there is a few tags (bugs already found) but i think for most part its automated01:35
JenFraggleok, i'll check it out. thanks01:49
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gnomefreakhmmmmm this is odd02:42
JenFragglejust posted my updated wiki page to the mailing list02:52
gnomefreakJenFraggle: good job03:04
gnomefreakschedule new_york03:12
gnomefreak@schedule new_york03:12
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 02 Jul 09:00: Desktop Team | 03 Jul 15:00: Technical Board | 04 Jul 16:00: Edubuntu | 05 Jul 16:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 10 Jul 11:00: Kernel Team | 11 Jul 08:00: Edubuntu03:12
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Admiral_ChicagoJenFraggle: i've got your bug page in front of me, i've been busy the last couple of days, so I'll respond to it soon06:20
Admiral_Chicagoits looking good06:20
JenFragglei didn't want to rush it, scrapped my first version of the bug flow part as i wasn't happy with it06:25
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asaci am not really here today ;)07:36
asacjust wanted to say hello :)07:36
gnomefreaki have a feeling its nss failing but im not here either07:36
asacmy body is more or less exploited ... i feel07:36
gnomefreakwe can work on it mondayish07:36
gnomefreakyep nsmodule07:36
asac@schedule berlin07:36
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 02 Jul 15:00: Desktop Team | 03 Jul 21:00: Technical Board | 04 Jul 22:00: Edubuntu | 05 Jul 22:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 10 Jul 17:00: Kernel Team | 11 Jul 14:00: Edubuntu07:36
asacyeah .... lets do tomorrow ... or monday07:37
asacmonday is desktop team meeting07:37
gnomefreakworry about it later im not up to work today07:37
asacsure ... relax07:37
gnomefreakyou going?07:37
asaci am doing it as well07:37
asaci will07:37
asacwant to figure out if they shoot me if i add a firefox safe-mode menu entry07:37
=== gnomefreak will be there i hope just to see wha tthey are doing
asacgnomefreak: is that their ffirst meeting?07:38
gnomefreak:) should be fine just keep it hidden07:38
gnomefreaklet people find it and enabel it07:38
asachow can you find it?07:38
gnomefreakasac: it better not be they have been around forever07:38
asaci mean without looking in /usr/share...07:38
gnomefreaksystem>preffernces> main menu07:38
gnomefreakmenu editor whatever its called now07:39
asacyeah ... but actually i haven't seen a meeting from them07:39
asacso far07:39
gnomefreaki dont think i have either07:39
gnomefreakif im not mistaken its been around since atleast hoary07:39
asaci think they have the feeling that mozilla-team is more effective :)07:40
gnomefreakwe are for as few people as we have :)07:40
asacbug rate is almost similar :)07:40
gnomefreakim assuming desktop team is ubuntu-desktop team07:40
asaci think so yes07:41
gnomefreakit should be a good meeting07:41
=== gnomefreak doesnt get it i can get a 160gig hard drive for $75.00 but i cant get an 80gig for under $150.00
asachope so .. which is why i plan to attend07:43
asacyeah ... 80gig as so rare07:43
asacthat you might even pay more07:43
asacwhy don't go for 300GB ... those should be $5007:43
gnomefreaki am scared of big drives ubuntu used to have issues with sata07:44
asaclong gone07:44
gnomefreakand all big drives are sata afaik07:44
asacif you have sata ... i would use it07:44
asacnot exactly ... i have a 320Gig ide as well07:44
gnomefreakoh cool07:44
asacbut my new system has two 300gig07:44
asacoriginally i planned to use raid-I07:45
asacbzut then i decided to use the second disk for regular backups :)07:45
gnomefreaki just want one so i can more this 40gig to feisty and use bigger one for gutsy and music07:45
asacright after i wiped my home .)07:45
gnomefreaki remember you doing that07:45
asacyeah ... me too ;)07:45
gnomefreakthats what propmted all the backups?07:45
asacbefore i didn't do regular backups07:46
gnomefreaki should back up my system one of these days07:46
asacgnomefreak: just push your whole disk to bzr :)07:46
asacin launchpad07:46
gnomefreakstill have to reinstall everything might get aaway with backing up my chroots atleast07:46
asacor upload to bug report07:47
asaclibrarien has 1000 terabyte or something that ridiculous07:47
gnomefreakholy crap07:47
asaci have no idea ... but the attitude is: we don't care how much data comes07:47
=== gnomefreak wonders about pushing to a branch
asaceverything can be stored07:47
asacyeah ... i think branches don't go to that librarian system though07:48
asacjust bug attachments07:48
gnomefreakbut hell im not using 20gig atm07:48
asacso risk is higher that someone will recognize07:48
gnomefreakmake an ISO of my disk and make it installable07:49
gnomefreakif an iso can handle the size07:49
asacno idea07:49
asacdvd iso07:49
asachas 8 gig max?07:49
=== gnomefreak knows a few people that would
gnomefreakasac: dvd;s are 7.9 or something like that07:49
gnomefreaknope 4.707:50
gnomefreakatleast mine are07:50
asacyeah that is the standard half-sized dvd you can burn07:50
asacbut real dvds have double size07:50
asac(though i won't bet much on my knowledge on dvds et al)07:51
asaci hate everything hardware related07:51
gnomefreakif i do it ill make mutilpe cd install07:51
asacthat might be possible07:51
gnomefreaki hope so, i imagine ISO are not the easiest thing in the world to make07:51
gnomefreakmaybe just have a folder for each disk installer and nneded packages on 1st and packages on the rest07:52
asachmmm ... no idea07:53
asacdebian distributes multi-isos07:53
asacso maybe take a look what they do07:53
asacthey have installer on first + packages07:53
asacthen 8 more with jsut packages07:54
asacbut i never used them07:54
asaci just go for 200mb netinstall07:54
gnomefreakyep  i will take a look inside one of them this weekend and see how its set up07:54
asacthats more decent07:54
asacthen getting 8 cds of garbage07:54
asacthat i won't use anyway07:54
gnomefreak8cds and only 2 repos07:55
gnomefreakwe have 8repos and 1 cd07:55
gnomefreakim gone to rest of a while07:56
gnomefreakhave a good rest of day07:56
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gnomefreakasac: when you have time can we ping upstream in some way to fix the way g_thread_init() is called, see if they are willing to fix it. as it stands upstream fails to accept this as a bug against glib and all apps should re-write the source to call g_thread_init() first, from gnome bug 33185310:16
ubotuGnome bug 331853 in general "Handle using gslice before g_thread_init() better" [Normal,Reopened]  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33185310:16
gnomefreaki have a really hard time understanding why glibc started showing warnings to begin with but i think this needs attention IMHO if you want people to test devel ubuntu this should be fixed. but we need to know if mozilla knows this issue and are willing to patch it10:18
gnomefreaksadly ther eis no upstream bug report on it :( will look at this more tomorrow or monday but the bugs are starting to pile up all over LP on this issue and gnome fails to say its them "ofcourse"10:25
gnomefreakok gone again more than likely for rest of day/night.10:35

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