tgm4883have you checked with the main mythtv channel?  They may be able to point out something i've missed.  Like I said, I could almost do it on my 2000+, and felt that I could have done it if I upgraded to a 2500+ (in fact tried to, but the seller on ebay listed and sent the wrong version of the processor and it wouldn't work)  So I upgraded to an X2.  The fact that it gets jittery on SD leads me to believe that xvmc is the problem12:29
superm1Daviey, i'm back12:33
superm1jasonbuntu i'm just reading the end here, but do you know for sure xvmc activated?12:34
superm1(grey osd)12:34
superm1is the tell tall sign its on12:34
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tgm4883_laptopalso, just thought about it, you did add whatever xvmc line it was to whatever xvmc file right?12:37
jasonbuntuyeah, grey osd when i use the nvidia library in the xvmc conf12:38
superm1jasonbuntu, okay there are a few other things to tweak12:39
superm1what interlacing method do you use?12:39
jasonbuntuum, i tried the two that xvmc will do, bob and the other12:39
superm1okay i was going to say bob is the best way to go12:39
superm1do you have opengl vsync turned on in myth?12:40
jasonbuntuyeah, thats what im using now12:40
jasonbuntuived tried it both way, dont really notice a difference, although i think with it turned off it works better12:40
superm1it does work better with it off12:41
superm1okay next thing12:41
superm1open up nvidia-settings12:41
superm1and there are a few setting in there related to a vertical sync12:41
jasonbuntuyeah, i turned em both off, video blitter and texture "sync to vblank"12:42
superm1the two that correspond to those12:42
superm1Do you have UseEvents "true"12:42
superm1in xorg.conf?12:42
jasonbuntuyeah, also Option "XvmcUsesTextures" "true" and Option "NVAGP" "1"12:44
jasonbuntuhmm, i just remember someone saying NVAGP 2 may work better12:45
jasonbuntugonna try that real quick12:45
superm1what version of nvidia driver is active right now too?12:46
superm1you'll want to make sure the driver you're using can actually use the UseEvents "true"12:46
superm1i dont remember offhand what driver that got activated in12:46
jasonbuntui think it was 63xx or something like that, im running the latest12:47
superm1yea its supported by that12:50
jasonbuntugonna figure out how to check dma real quick on my hd12:51
superm1also those nvagp options dont nec. work unless you have some agp drivers blacklisted12:52
jasonbuntuoh ok, cuz i saw no difference when i turned that on12:52
superm1and if you have a supported agp bus12:52
jasonbuntunow im not even sure what did it, but both audio and video are going super slow, been trying to test it with each change, but now its running worse...12:53
jasonbuntugonna be a min12:54
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superm1jasonbuntu, i'm gonna have to take off for a few hours01:04
superm1i'll be back on later this evening and tomorrow01:05
jasonbuntuok, thanks for the help so far!01:05
superm1hopefully the UseEvents "1" helps :)01:05
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rogue780is backing up the mysql database enabled by default?03:19
rogue780well off to reload my server. I'm an idiot03:30
=== rogue780 [n=rogue780@c-68-55-176-33.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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rogue780is there a fix_database script that will delete any recordings from the database that don't actually exist?03:55
=== defendguin [n=supertux@ip5-155.tvmax-fiber-1.hou.ygnition.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
OpenMediarogue780: That would be so useful, but I don't know if one03:58
rogue780 would it be bad to manually delete them from the recorded table w/phpmyadmin?03:58
OpenMediaYou'd need to clean up some other tables as well.03:59
rogue780that's what I was afraid of03:59
OpenMediaYou need to delete the same program from recordedmarkup04:05
rogue780OpenMedia, so just recorded and recorded markup is all?05:25
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rogue780how do I set it up so it does automagic database updates? I thought it was set to do it out of the box...but I was mistaken and have paid for it.05:41
OpenMediarogue780: Sorry off having coffee. Yes I think thats about it.06:18
OpenMediaWhat automagic db updates are you talking about? the EPG?06:18
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superm1DaveMorris, provided nothing gets messed up with dependencies, the ISO generated about 4 hours ago will be good for testing07:26
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EcHeLoNHi, I'm trying to configure my remote for mythtv with lirc. Everything works fine, except when I press a button, it's command is executed twice.10:42
EcHeLoNNot very usefull when you try to mute the sound10:42
EcHeLoNWhat should I do?10:42
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Davieysuperm1: ping11:14
=== fstxx [n=fstx@c83-253-239-72.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyrogue780: hey12:11
DavieyLooking for recordings that are in the database that don't have matching media files?12:13
Davieyuse myth.find_orphans.pl inside /contrib12:13
Davieythat will sort it out :)12:13
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ubotudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com04:05
DaveMorrislaga what docs you after?04:10
lagaoh, just https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV :)04:11
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV04:11
lagathanks :)04:11
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DaveMorrisI think we should write an article for fullcircle http://fullcirclemagazine.com/ about mythbuntu when we release version 105:28
Davieyversion 1 should come out about the same time as gutsy05:32
Davieytrouble is gutsy will have all the limelight05:32
Davieymaybe a few weeks after release, then any showstopper bugs get ironed out05:32
DaveMorrisyeah, but tis still good advertisement05:35
lagagood idea05:53
superm1hey Daviey05:54
lagai'll make sure some german news sites get to know about it05:54
superm1DaveMorris, you saw we were in full circle for feisty's mythtv right?05:55
=== fstxx [n=fstx@c83-253-239-72.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Daviey, what happened last night with regard to the metas?  We still on track?06:51
Davieysuperm1: hey06:52
Davieyyeah.. i checked something in06:52
Davieystill need to finialse listings06:52
Davieyregarding your postint scripts..06:52
Davieyshould they really go into a 'meta' package?06:52
superm1well i'd like them to be06:52
superm1because that makes the build script very very easy06:52
superm1but they dont have to be06:53
superm1i dont know for sure if they will be accepted to universe as is though06:53
superm1so that will be a bit iffy06:53
Davieymeh.. if it's sane and lintian doesn't whinge - then i expect it will06:54
superm1i figured as long as its done before all other packages get installed06:54
superm1and taken off after06:54
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1whats the big deal06:54
Davieymythbuntu/mythbuntu-meta/src/mythbuntu-meta-0.2/update fire's off the updating06:55
Davieythe seeds still need some tinkering06:55
superm1do they pull too much?06:56
superm1or too little?06:56
Davieytoo little06:56
Davieyi haven't added everything06:56
Davieyinfact, at this stage - only vnc06:56
superm1okay i'll hold out on running them then06:56
Davieyi made an extra seed, extra-apps06:56
Davieyname doesn't need to be final, but i thought that would be a good place for vlc etc06:57
=== mythtv786 [n=mythtv@82-47-211-68.cable.ubr09.brad.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyso can you confirm what extra packages need to be in there?06:57
superm1well however you want to organize it is fine with me as long as the right things are in -standalone and -live :)06:57
mythtv786lo there...i'm a noob who has install mythdora...my questions relate to mythtv and i would be most grateful if someone could help me please06:58
superm1mythtv786, generally #mythtv-users is the place to head for that sort of thing06:58
Davieymythtv786: we can but try.. :)06:58
superm1we deal with ubuntu related and mythbuntu related stuff in here :)06:58
mythtv786there is eithier noone there or no-one is talking on #mythtv-users....06:59
Davieymythtv786: tbh.. it's normally louder than here07:00
mythtv786my questions are setting up a dbox2 on mythtv07:00
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Daviey, for new versions of stuff in the branch, you should see how cool 'bzr mv' is07:02
mythtv786i'm a windows user and have never setup linux or used it.  I installed mythdora as it is easy-to-use for newbies like myself.  Could someone please help show me how i can setup the dbox and mythtv, so that i can view the live tv on my pc??07:02
Davieysuperm1: will do07:03
Davieyautomatic merges scare me07:03
superm1well they seem pretty smart in all honesty07:03
Davieysuperm1: i should warn you that i'm going out for the evening shortly07:04
superm1mythtv786, I can't say i've ever worked with a dbox2 myself.  I'm a US user, so we dont even have the option for them :)07:04
Davieymythtv786: i'm sorry i have no idea what that is.  is it a US thing?07:04
superm1Daviey, we'll be cutting a bit close then :)07:05
mythtv786no guys...a dbox2 is a german multimedia terminal...it has been modified and linux software is installed on it07:05
Davieyerm, trouble is.. i'm not sure exactly what packages are needed07:06
Davieyso i'm kinda stumpt07:06
Davieyhappy with the structure tho07:06
Davieymythtv786: Ahh, #mythtv-de might be a better place then07:06
mythtv786can they spk english?07:06
Davieyi don't know...  if you get no sucess the mythtv-users mailing list might be better07:07
Davieyme and superm1 can't really help as we've never seen a dbox07:07
superm1Daviey, as for what packages go in, put them where you think they should go, or ask me when your not sure07:08
Davieysuperm1: what packages are required for the desktop - alone?07:08
mythtv786daviey, mythtv-users has barred the ip of my ISP07:08
Davieysuperm1: i'm not sure... ;/07:08
superm1Daviey, you mean the standalone?07:08
Davieysuperm1: no07:08
Davieyi mean openbox07:08
superm1openbox, idesk07:09
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Davieysuperm1: i think i'm gonna need some help :(07:10
superm1and thats what i cna think are needed for the desktop itself07:10
superm1gdm is needed for the autologin07:11
=== Daviey didn't know gdm was a package of itself
superm1haha i didnt realize i said it twice07:13
Daviey!ohmy | Daviey07:13
DavieyThere's a heck of a lot of packages that ubuntu-meta requires07:15
Davieyi'm really scared to trash too many07:15
DavieyAs we won't know if it's broken until burn time07:15
superm1well if its less than 387 megs07:16
superm1we know its broken07:16
superm1cant you just depend on the minimal and standard seeds?07:16
superm1to get all those07:16
superm1and follow the ones explicitly listed elsewise in the build script07:16
DavieyIs your bzr up-to date?07:16
superm1i just updated and then pushed my last change07:17
superm1rev 8607:17
Davieylook  at /mythbuntu/mythbuntu-meta/seeds/mythbuntu.gutsy/STRUCTURE07:17
Davieythat's where you list what seeds are required for each listing returned07:17
superm1all i see there is a 'feisty' directory07:18
Davieythere's some dirt still in there, i know07:18
Davieyit's defiently there07:18
superm1did you bzr add it?07:18
superm1or is it in another branch?07:18
Davieyi rm -rf the pegasys branch and regot it to test07:18
superm1let me try to bzr pull again07:19
Davieywait 107:19
superm1and see if i get it07:19
superm1oh thats why the weekly_build_script broke, the permissions changed :)07:19
Davieyoh dear07:19
Davieywait 107:19
Davieybloody thing.  Because  mythbuntu-meta/seeds/mythbuntu.gutsy/ was a branch of itself, it didn't get added07:20
Davieythat's worth watching!!!07:20
superm1a branch that has its own branch.  what will they come up with next07:21
Davieythe fact that i had to rm .bzr from the directory mean's i've formed a bugg07:21
superm1Daviey, perhaps just add a new branch to launchpad07:22
superm1with the seeds07:22
superm1to a new branch?07:23
superm1or to same one07:23
superm1okay some time in the future we're going to have to retire that branch and move everything to its own.  for now thats fine though07:26
superm1i moved ubiquity out07:26
superm1into its own branch07:26
superm1so that it can be merged upstream easier07:26
superm1oh i just got an email07:26
superm1from the guy who mirrored us07:26
superm1he is glad to do it again07:26
Davieyoh good!07:27
superm1so can you see if popey will be able to put us on his tracker07:27
Davieywondered if it might be a pee'd off monkey07:27
superm1and then we can have pegasus seed for a limit of 50mbps or something like that07:27
Davieysuperm1: when you get this - i've added a new branch and remove the seeds from 'development' branch08:09
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rogue780err not database updates...I meant backups08:42
=== Hugol1 [n=jo@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1huh rogue780 ?08:52
superm1oh rogue780 libdatetime-prel?08:57
superm1* libdatetime-perl08:57
superm1or libdate-manip-perl08:57
superm1or libtimedate-perl08:57
rogue780superm1, tried that one...in needs the file Date/Parse.pm08:57
rogue780none of those had that file08:58
superm1ok one sec08:58
superm1you sure thats the only one missing?08:58
superm1because if so, its in libtimedate-perl08:58
rogue780well actually...one of the files I installed fixed the Date/Parse...but now it has another issue...hold on lemme find it08:58
superm1according to my search08:58
rogue780Can't locate Time/Format.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at ./myth.rebuilddatabase.pl line 55.09:01
rogue780superm1, my last to you09:02
superm1okay so thats a whole seperate one09:02
superm1lets see what thats in09:02
superm1oh wait09:03
rogue780how are you finding these out?09:03
superm1there is a local way to figure it out too, but i dont know that09:04
rogue780anyway...libtimedate-perl and libtime-format-perl should be dependencies for mythtv-backend don't ya think?09:05
superm1err i mean i'm just smart ;)09:05
superm1well no09:05
superm1because those are contrib scripts09:05
superm1so mythtv-backend itself won't need them09:05
superm1just those scripts09:05
superm1but this is useful information to add to the top of the scripts09:05
superm1as a readme of sorts09:05
superm1are those the only two you needed?09:06
rogue780yeah, those are the only two that the script needed that weren't installed already IIRC09:11
superm1alirght well i'll add a patch that puts a short readme at the top09:11
rogue780I tried installing a bunch of modules to g et it to work so I may have installed a 3rd one that it needed w/o knowing it09:12
rogue780afk-(gotta help pack the house up)09:12
rogue780thanks superm109:12
superm1alright see ya09:12
superm1not a problem09:12
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rogue780superm1_, how do I set mythtv-backend  to automatically backup mythconverg?11:44

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