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Yahooadamanyone know of a good place that can tell me how i can connect my r265 to my server, and share the printer over the network using ?samba? 01:19
mralphabetYahooadam: cups?02:12
Yahooadamim trying that02:20
Yahooadambut i ran into a problem02:20
Yahooadami converted the epson rpm with alien02:21
Yahooadamfollowed all the steps02:21
Yahooadamthen i got told to "sudo /usr/local/EPAva/LITE/pipslite-install"02:21
Yahooadamwhich gives an error because i dont have a graphical interface02:21
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root__anybody who can help up and about?08:01
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t0lst0yanyone awake?08:06
Burgundaviayou really shouldn't login as root08:06
Burgundaviain fact, disabling your root account is a great idea08:07
t0lst0yI don't have one08:07
t0lst0yhaving a little trouble with the IRC08:07
t0lst0ybut thanks for teh tip08:07
t0lst0yI've just installed the 7.04 server version on an x86 platform08:08
t0lst0ycan't boot, get an error which I researched but found few answers for08:08
t0lst0ythe real issue, now, is that my computer won't boot from any other CD except the 7.04 ubuntu server CD08:08
t0lst0yif I put a different distro in, it simply ignores the CD, goes straight to GRUB and boots my failed installation08:09
t0lst0yany thoughts?08:10
Burgundaviaboot order is controlled by the bios, not Ubuntu08:25
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t0lst0yyeah, that's why I have the question09:15
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tibbecould someone please check the deafult groups for user created during installation?10:46
tibbei.e. cat /etc/group | grep MYUSER10:46
tibbeI need to add one and want the same groups as the default10:47
r00tintheb0xjust type "groups username"10:53
r00tintheb0xand it'll give you that users groups.10:53
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tibbe_r00tintheb0x: I have a VPS server without the default user, only root, could you check on your machine?11:12
r00tintheb0xwhat a vps machine?11:13
r00tintheb0xAnd NO ubuntu installs cleanly without a user. Something happened to your install i believe.11:13
tibbe_r00tintheb0x: virtual private server, ie it was installed by some company. they might have removed the user and only kept root, in any case, could you just type groups youruser11:14
r00tintheb0xyou can type groups anyone11:14
r00tintheb0xyou could "cat /etc/passwd" and see what users are there11:14
tibbe_root is there11:15
tibbe_I'm sorry for not being so clear, here is my question, what default groups are the user created at installed added to11:15
tibbe_I don't have that user on my machine since they deleted it11:15
tibbe_so I can't check11:15
tibbe_I could download ubuntu server and run it in vmware and check but that sounds like alot of work11:16
tibbe_r00tintheb0x: anyway, I'm going out for a walk, thanks11:17
r00tintheb0xtibbe_, yourusername adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner netdev powerdev admin11:18
tibbe_r00tintheb0x: thanks!11:18
tibbe_r00tintheb0x: and this is from ubuntu server not ubuntu desktop right?11:18
tibbe_anyway, I'm off, bye11:19
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