tinin_well, tomorrow i'll try with the other network card12:29
tinin_i think i've learned too much weird words12:30
tinin_i'm going to google those files12:31
tinin_btw, i used alternate cd to install xubuntu, does the desktop cd recognize this things? will i have internet from a live cd?12:33
cellofellowyou may12:34
vidd_laptopyou can try it12:34
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=== huascar80 [n=chatzill@e179023019.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #xubuntu
huascar80hi, just installed xubuntu... is there any way of making the applications menu bigger? it is SO small...12:55
huascar80especially the icons12:56
vidd_laptopwhat is your resolution set at?12:59
huascar80i mean is it even possible? i've been searching the control panel upside down!12:59
vidd_laptopset your resolution lower01:00
=== tuna-fish [n=tuna@dna248-246.satp.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
huascar80guess that's a workaround (and i appreciate ayway) but not a solution01:01
geck0does anyone know how to use preload?01:06
geck0I did sudo apt-get install preload01:08
geck0But where do I set which applications I want to preload?01:08
TheSheep_geck0: I think it works dynamically01:09
TheSheep_geck0: that is, it "learns"01:10
geck0sorry, can you put that in stupid people terms?01:10
geck0ok thanks =P01:10
TheSheep_geck0: look into /etc/preload.conf01:10
geck0k I found it01:11
geck0so I don't set up which applications it will preload or anything, it will just go automatically right?01:12
TheSheep_geck0: yes01:13
geck0ok, thanks for your help TheSheep!01:13
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=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
geck0is there a good place to find themes for xubuntu?01:17
kalikianageck0, http://xfce-look.org/ :)01:17
geck0thanks =)01:18
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geck0how do I remove applications from the applications menu?01:25
geck0by the way, sorry for all the silly questions, I'm brand new to linux/xubuntu =)01:26
=== Eric [n=chatzill@CPE001346f06327-CM0011ae8cdc5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
EricWe can get help here?01:28
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-169-54.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
geck0I'm trying to get help too =) sometimes people respond01:28
geck0so ask away hehe01:28
=== scizzo [n=scizzo@vxj-104-197-233-83.3.cust.bredband2.com] has joined #xubuntu
EricOh, okay01:29
EricIf anyone is listening: I01:29
Ericam running Xubuntu 7.04 and need to know how to connect to WLAN01:30
geck0eric: try reading this, it may help01:31
EricAh thank you kind sir01:31
EricI'll try to get this workin01:31
geck0good luck =)01:31
cellofellow!wifi | Eric01:32
ubotuEric: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:32
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=== scizzo raises hand for asking a question or two
scizzoI have been following the instructions on http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_install_Beryl_.28Nvidia.2901:34
scizzohowever....they are saying that if I want to get this session started with the preferences I got I need to go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions and then to Startup Programs -> New and add a new session01:35
scizzohowever....to me that sounds like normal ubuntu path not the xfce path01:35
=== luisbg [n=d33p@] has joined #xubuntu
scizzoso....my question is pretty much if there is such a session editing in xfce?01:36
TheSheep_scizzo: settings->autostarted applications01:36
cellofellowscizzo: and in some things the good-old text editor.01:36
scizzohehe.. :)01:37
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scizzothanks guys...worked just fine01:42
vidd_laptopgeck0, what do you need help with?01:47
TheSheep_geck0: the menu is created from files in /usr/share/applications01:48
TheSheep_geck0: you can add 'Hidden: true' to any of these files to make them not appear in the menu01:48
=== Eric is now known as Xs1t0ry
vidd_laptopTheSheep_, how do we add things there to have them show up if they are not there already?01:52
=== kafran [n=kafran@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheep_vidd_laptop: well, create a new .desktop file...01:53
TheSheep_vidd_laptop: the spec is at freedekstop.org, but you should be able to ltell by just looking01:53
vidd_laptopwhere is the file stored?01:55
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vidd_laptophey GrueTamer02:27
vidd_laptophow goes it?02:27
Xs1t0ryAnyone: After choosing Xubuntu in Grub the screen goes black and the loading icon appears but nothing ever happens. Suggestions for troubleshooting?02:27
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, is there other items in grub?02:28
Xs1t0ryvidd_laptop: only the memtest and windows xp02:29
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, is it possible that the install failed?02:30
Xs1t0ryvidd_laptop: no because after the install, PC restarted and i went into fine, then after discovering WLAN didnt work, i went to windows to see how to fix it. when i tried to go back to fix it, i ran into this problem -- it's not starting02:32
=== scizzo is now known as scizzo-
=== suser1 [n=suser@] has joined #xubuntu
Xs1t0ryyes i cant figure it out02:34
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, did you install anything on the windows side?02:34
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, when the loading icon comes on, hit <ctrl><alt><f4>{i think} to see what system messages say02:37
Xs1t0ryok, be back in 5 mins02:38
=== Xs1t0ry [n=chatzill@CPE001346f06327-CM0011ae8cdc5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
Xs1t0ryvidd_laptop: i tried it but it just brought me to a console02:51
vidd_laptopone of the tty's will show system messages02:52
Xs1t0ryall i saw was tty4 written at the top02:53
Xs1t0rywhat am i looking for?02:53
vidd_laptopfor the last command02:53
=== luisbg [n=d33p@] has joined #xubuntu
Xs1t0ryok but to be clear, it isnt the loading screen that says xubuntu with the bar, it is the black screen after that which has the loading icon circle (the *buntu vers of the windows hourglass)02:54
Xs1t0rydoes that make any diff?02:54
vidd_laptopsomething that should be loading is not...and to fix it, we need to know what it is02:55
vidd_laptoptry tty1...i cant remember which one it is02:56
Xs1t0rytry it?02:58
Xs1t0rywhat do you mean?02:58
Xs1t0ryi type that in the cmd line?02:58
vidd_laptopsee if <ctrl><alt><f1> shows the commands as they are loaded02:59
Xs1t0ryok brb03:00
=== Xs1t0ry [n=chatzill@CPE001346f06327-CM0011ae8cdc5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopwb Xs1t0ry03:05
Xs1t0ryvidd: in tty1 it stops at 'running boot scripts' or something like that and it brackets says '/etc/r.local' or something03:06
Xs1t0ryin tty8 it says loading console fonts and keyboard stuff when it stops responsding03:06
Xs1t0rytty2-7 are just blank consoles03:06
Xs1t0ryand if i press enter it allows me to enter my username and password in the console and will log me in03:07
Xs1t0rybut only in the console, never to the desktop03:07
vidd_laptopdo there is an issue with your desktop.....03:07
=== Lanken [n=Lanken@cntcnhnas01-pool0-a84.cntcnh.tds.net] has joined #xubuntu
Xs1t0ryyes it doesnt seem to be loading03:07
Xs1t0rywhich ive never heard of03:08
Xs1t0ryits like bsod from boot03:08
Xs1t0rylike having hands but no eyes... advice?03:08
LankenI have a Xubuntu Dapper install whose kernel is too primitive for me to install modem drivers.03:08
Lankencan I download kernel sources or the next version of the kernel?03:09
Xs1t0rylanken: you can upgrade up to 7.04 now i think03:09
LankenXs1t0ry: the trouble is I don't have any bandwidth03:10
LankenXs1t0ry: I'm on dial-up03:10
Xs1t0rylanken: do you have a dual-boot?03:10
LankenXs1t0ry: and I need to upgrade the kernel if I want Xubuntu to have any connnectivity at all.03:10
LankenXs1t0ry: I have an XP machine next to it that has dial-up03:10
Xs1t0ryLanken: can't you mount the latest vers and then put it on your machine?03:11
LankenXs1t0ry: the latest version of what?03:11
Xs1t0ryLanken: the kernel/whole OS03:12
vidd_laptopbasically, i think your desktop needs to be restarted....03:12
LankenXs1t0ry: I'm sure I could if I had the bandwidth to download the new version of the kernel/whole OS03:12
Xs1t0ryLanken: what i mean is use your xp machine to d/l it and then burn it03:12
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, from comand line, type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:13
Xs1t0ryLanken: or does your xp machine not have enough bandwidth?03:13
LankenXs1t0ry: the XP machine has dial-up too.03:13
=== Laibsc1 [n=Laibsch@p54B975AA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Xs1t0ryLanken: shit. i would say order a new disk by snail mail but that takes 6-8 weeks03:13
Xs1t0ryvidd_laptop: ok ill try that one sec03:14
LankenXs1t0ry: in two weeks I'll have bandwidth again.03:14
Xs1t0ryLanken: how so?03:14
mrigns_Lanken: hey, long time no see :D03:14
Lankenmrigns_: hey dude.03:15
Xs1t0ryvidd: it will work with xubuntu also even though the desktop environment is xfce?03:15
Lankenmrigns_: I've been in #linguistics.03:15
mrigns_1337 :D03:15
Lankenmrigns_: your scrollback will tell you that I have dial-up here -_-03:15
Lankenbut I do have a sweet new thinkpad yay.03:16
vidd_laptopLanken, why do you need to update the kernel?03:16
Lankenvidd_laptop: the kernel I have (which came with a 6.06 iso) is too old to use the drivers for my software modem.03:16
mrigns_Lanken: I'm back idling. cya around03:17
vidd_laptopso you have no broadbrand?03:17
Lankenvidd_laptop: right.03:17
vidd_laptopdo you have dial-up?03:18
Lankenyes, on my XP box.03:18
vidd_laptopso why dont you do this....(man i hate suggesting this!)03:18
vidd_laptopon your xp box, set up internet connection sharing....03:19
vidd_laptopconnect your linux box to it via a crossover cable....03:19
vidd_laptopthen edit your sources.list file to edgy....03:20
vidd_laptopthen sudo apt-get (or aptitude if you prefer) update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:21
LankenI don't think I have a crossover cable.03:21
vidd_laptopdo you have a router?03:21
LankenI can look for a cat5 cable and maybe mod it.03:21
=== GrueTamer [n=tg@CPE-72-133-203-78.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Lankenno, no router03:22
Lankenno reason for any of that gunk in a house without broadband03:22
Lankenuntil now03:22
Lanken(actually, connection-sharing sounds neat, I should tell my dad about that)03:22
=== vidd_laptop works for a dial-up ISP
=== Xs1t0ry [n=chatzill@CPE001346f06327-CM0011ae8cdc5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, any luck?03:23
Xs1t0ryvidd: desktop flashed on the screen for a split second then went back to the loading screen again03:23
Xs1t0ryhowever I think i mightve turned on the remote login03:24
Xs1t0rywhere can i find the command to turn it off in the console?03:24
Xs1t0ryremote login seems like an explanation anyways03:24
vidd_laptopit is possible...i never used it03:25
Xs1t0ryin the options i mustve checked 'enable remote login'03:27
Xs1t0rythats the only thing i changed, before that it worked03:27
vidd_laptopLanken, you might be able to use a regular cable03:28
vidd_laptopXs1t0ry, if that is all you changed, then it is the likely cause03:28
Xs1t0ryvidd: yea i changed it because i was curious03:28
Xs1t0ryvidd: now i need to figure out how to turn it back03:29
Lankenvidd_laptop: I actually don't have any cat5 at all.03:31
Lankenvidd_laptop: thanks for the education though.03:31
vidd_laptopyou have wireless Lanken ?03:31
Lankenvidd_laptop: both machines have internal wireless cards03:35
Lankenvidd_laptop: the linux laptop has an intel card, so hopefully it's easy to get working under linux.03:35
vidd_laptopLanken, then try to steal a neighbor's broadband03:35
vidd_laptop=] 03:35
Lankenvidd_laptop: rofl.03:36
Lankenvidd_laptop: we have dial-up because we're in the boonies.03:36
vidd_laptopgee.... Lanken are you in virginia by chace?03:40
Lankenvidd_laptop: New Hampshire03:41
Lankenvidd_laptop: it's pretty remote.03:41
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vidd_laptopif both of your computers have wifi...then set up an ad-hok network, and send the ICS over that Lanken03:42
Lankenvidd_laptop: can you do that?  you don't need a router?03:43
vidd_laptopLanken, no...that is why its called "ad-hok"03:43
=== rexbinary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomad hoc03:53
vidd_laptopR[a] ndom, i never said i could spell =] 03:53
R[a] ndoms'aight.  I'm just a big correction nazi.03:54
R[a] ndomok, only sometimes03:54
R[a] ndomapparently ad hoc translates to "for this purpose"03:54
R[a] ndomI don't see how that describes a peer to peer connection03:55
vidd_laptopits a "for this purpose" network connection (this being purposely undefined)03:56
vidd_laptop=] 03:57
Lankengrrr...does xubuntu ship build-essential in the iso?03:58
Lankenwhat's the relevant metapackage called?03:59
vidd_laptopi guess....03:59
=== AlexC [n=AlexC@dragnet203419688.dragnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancy [21:58]  Lanken: grrr...does xubuntu ship build-essential in the iso?04:07
Catoptromancyi need to sudo aptitude install it04:07
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agentnoobwhat happened to #ubuntu?05:02
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agentnoob!ubotu #ubuntu05:05
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:05
agentnoob!ubotu irc05:05
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:05
vidd_laptoplooks like there was a flood attack05:06
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agentnoobyeah something not right05:10
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Chikubuhi ppl, ive lost my gui on boot...i don't get a what i think is the gdm greet screen with logon, i just get a plain terminal logon, which i have to run startx to get my desktop back, ive looked at the gdm.conf file and it looks ok, suggestions on how i can get the greeter back on boot?05:29
Chikubuthis happened after a distro upgrade of about 118 megs05:29
vidd_laptopChikubu, check your boot script...05:31
vidd_laptopit is possible that it is missing startx05:32
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uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free06:19
vidd_laptop!info unrar-free06:20
ubotuunrar-free: Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20060609-1 (feisty), package size 17 kB, installed size 80 kB06:20
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Chikubuwhat does the command cat /ect/fstab do??06:35
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tonyyarussoChikubu: lists the contents of the file located at /etc/fstab06:47
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:47
Chikubuand if your fstab file is mising or doesnt exist?06:47
tonyyarussoChikubu: similar to opening it a text editor read-only, kinda.06:47
tonyyarussoChikubu: then you have a mighty interesting situation....  Note that it's /etc, not /ect.06:48
Chikubuah heck i found it06:50
Chikubumy contacts need cleaning ugg06:50
Chikubuim having a problem at boot...i used to get a gui logon, but now all i get is terminal logon, with some kinit errors referencing /dev/disk/by-uuid06:51
Chikubui can logon at the terminal login and run startx to get my desktop06:52
Chikububut id like the old behaviour back06:52
Chikubuthere are a bunch of bug reports about this but no solutions06:52
tonyyarussoI haven't heard about it frankly, so I doubt I can help on that one.  (UUID is still a mystery to me)06:53
Chikubufstab file has refrences to my hard drive commented out - - -/dev/hda1 and hada5 and looks like UUID referneces instead...i wonder if the upgrade switched them06:56
Chikubuthe line # /dev/hda1  is replaced with a long UUID=yadayadayda  or so it seems....dare i switch them around?06:58
tonyyarussoYou could try - it wouldn't be the "preferred" way of doing things, but it may be a temporary workaround until you find a real solution.06:59
Chikubuah well i can always run tirc hehe06:59
Chikubuhere goes nuthin06:59
=== zen-afk [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-210-186.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
Chikubuthere is a fstab.pre-uuid right below it, but nothing much in it but a comment07:01
Chikubuah well reboot time07:01
cellofellownext time tell Chikabu about !uuid07:02
tonyyarussocellofellow: good catch - a moment too late :S  Thanks.07:04
Jester45i keep saying07:12
Jester45ubotu need to have some sort of wb message07:13
Jester45so that only register users (no spam) can tell it to tell a message to the person07:14
Jester45so like this case when chikubu come back ubotu would say right away, cellofellow wanted you to know !uuid07:14
cellofellowgood idea07:15
tonyyarussoJester45: There actually is such a function already written - it's just not in ubotu at this time.07:15
Jester45nobody likes me07:15
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shirishguys how do I enable compiz in xubuntu gutsy?08:03
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems - Help in #ubuntu-effects08:04
cellofellowtry the other channel08:04
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+108:04
shirishoh ok thanx guys08:05
shirishcellofellow: the thing is I'm running xfce & can't find desktop effects in xfce , but if you guys feel ubunut+1 is the correct place to ask that question, will do so08:06
cellofellowdesktop effects in xfce4 are limited to transparent windows.08:06
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HanselFor some reason every single window I open has the same window title... the letter o... any way I can get it to use whatever the default should be for each application I open?09:23
Hanselor what setting I may have jacked up?09:23
j1mcHansel: is the o in the upper left-corner?09:25
j1mcclick it.  :)09:25
Hansel...a dot gets filled in... ?09:25
j1mcyeah... sorta.  with it filled in, look in your lower-right corner09:26
Hanselah... okay, I'm retarded... lol09:26
j1mc... of your screen.09:26
j1mcit takes the app you're using, and puts it in all of your virtual desktops09:26
HanselI feel unworthy asking for help to get my wireless working now.. .hhehe09:26
j1mci can try to help with that if you'd like09:27
HanselI have a Cisco wireless card... Aironet 35009:27
Hanselit can detect the card cause all the lights come on...09:28
HanselI just cant get an IP from my wireless router.09:28
HanselI have WEP enabled.  I just want to be able to scan for local networks as opposed to having to type it all in manually.09:28
hyper_chwhy use WEP?09:29
Hanselwhen I go into Network Settings I see 2 wireless connections wifi0 and eth1... I believe eth1 is the one it should be.09:29
j1mcwhat version of xubuntu are you using?09:29
HanselI could use WPA or something else...09:29
Hanseluhm... Fiesty?09:29
HanselI just want to be able to scan for networks... so no matter what encryption they are using I can pick and choose.09:29
Hanselright now I'm not connected to anything and the lights are flashing like bonkers.09:30
j1mcso, do you know the command, "sudo iwlist eth1 scan"?09:30
Hanselstatus and activity lights...09:30
Hanselk... its just showing 1... the ESSID is baby.  Mine is pigvomit... it isnt in the list.  :(09:30
Hanselooh... I ran it again and it showed up!09:31
j1mcok... and it says the key is on?09:31
HanselEncryption key:on09:31
Hanselis there a way I can get this to show up in the gui interface?  I am giving this to my dad and he can't handle a command line...09:32
j1mci'm not sure what types of encryption this works on, and what it doesn't work on, but...09:32
hyper_chHansel: the only secure thing I know is Radius09:32
j1mchyper_ch: what is Radius?09:32
hyper_chRadius server so that even the login connection thing will be encrypted09:32
hyper_chWPA can "easily" be hacked because the handshake part is not encrypted09:32
hyper_ch!bug 109:33
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents09:33
j1mcHansel: if you want this to be done by a gui, then you'd probably want to use network-manager-gnome09:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in jl "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/109:33
j1mcnetwork-manager-gnome has some gnome-libs that it depends on, and xubunteros don't like that.  :)  ... but, it's better than nothing for those who need a gui for now.09:35
=== topcat1027 [n=Administ@] has joined #xubuntu
Hanseljlmc - k... I'm apt-getting it now... or attempting to anyhow.09:35
j1mcHansel: how are you connected to the internet now?09:35
topcat1027can somebody help me... when i go into add remove programs, all the programs say i can't download them, my hardware doesn't support it, blabla09:36
HanselI connected the cable to my laptop... google comes up but apt-get is attempting to pull from us.archive.ubuntu.com and stalling out...09:36
hyper_chHansel: can you ping anything?09:37
Hanselyeah... google responds09:37
HanselI pull up firefox and it loads fine.09:37
hyper_chHansel: maybe the that server is down09:37
hyper_chHansel: you know, this can happen ;)09:38
Hanselalways to me... :(09:38
j1mctopcat1027: can you post the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file in http://pastebin.ca ?09:38
hyper_chHansel: replace "us" with "ch"09:39
hyper_chHansel: and test if that works09:39
Hanselk... lemme pull up my sources.list09:39
hyper_chHansel: just a couple of minutes ago I looked if there are updates on the swiss servers09:39
Hanselrunning apt-get update... hold09:39
hyper_chand ..... ?09:41
=== topcat1027 [n=Administ@] has left #xubuntu []
j1mcsorry, but i need to go to bed.  take care, all09:41
Hanselstrange... I updated my sources.list then ran apt-get update and its stalling out on us.archive.ubuntu.com even though I replaced them all with ch.09:42
hyper_chhmmm, that is really strange09:42
hyper_chare you sure you have replaced them all=?09:42
Hanselvery odd09:43
Hanselmy laptop has a mind of its own09:43
hyper_chcool ;)09:43
Hanselnow I cant apt-get gnome-network-manager...09:43
Hanselerr... I guess thats probably because its network-manager-gnome, huh?  hehe09:44
HanselI'm retarded tonight09:44
=== cheeseboy , : ( sleep ) | : ( Friday, June 29, 2007. 13:39:25 ) Xlack v2.1
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=== Laibsc1 is now known as Laibsch
=== vinze [n=vinze@a80-126-159-235.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #xubuntu
=== maxamillion [n=adam@] has joined #xubuntu
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bart_17vinze: i have an amd k62-500, 256 ram, 8.7Gb HD, do you think i can run xubuntu fiesty decently on this pc?11:54
hyper_chyes, I think so11:55
hyper_chbart_17: yes11:55
bart_17does xubuntu play mp3's out of the box?11:55
vinzeBut it's not difficult to add support11:55
hyper_chbart_17: but it can be easily made to play them11:55
bart_17ok.. i'm a noob11:56
vinzeNo problem :D11:56
hyper_chbart_17: just add the medibuntu repository and fetch the codecs :)11:56
vinzehyper_ch, what's wrong with Gstreamer?11:56
vinze(Except that gxine doesn't use it ;)11:56
hyper_chvinze: I don't use it11:56
vinzeI always see this medibuntu repo mentioned but I have never used it and I'm playing an MP3 right now11:56
bart_17would i be able to do it even without an internet connection?11:56
vinzeWell, you'd have to download it from somewhere else11:57
hyper_chvinze: medibuntu repo has a few things more than just the mp3 codecs11:57
vinzeBut I suppose you'll then also be downloading the Xubuntu CD somewhere else11:57
vinzehyper_ch, like what?11:57
vinzeYou mean DVD's and stuff?11:57
hyper_chvinze: have a look at what they offer11:57
vinzeOh I see11:58
vinzehyper_ch, thanks11:58
bart_17i can download it here, but my old pc is in the farm and we don't have an internet connection there11:58
vinzeOK, do you have a USB drive or anything which you could save it to?11:58
AlexCcan you get mp3 codecs without adding repos?11:59
vinzeAlexC, you can download the packages manually11:59
hyper_chcan vlc by default play mp3s?11:59
bart_17yes, i just need to know where to download and how to install11:59
vinzeOK, hold on a sec..12:00
hyper_chbart_17: if you download the .deb files you just double-click them on the desktop12:00
hyper_chbart_17: they are sort of like .exe files12:00
vinzebart_17, what version of Xubuntu will you be using?12:00
bart_17ok.. where do i get the deb files?? i fiesty12:00
bart_17ok.. where do i get the deb files?? i'll be installing fiesty fiesty12:00
vinzeOK, I'll look it up12:00
bart_17ok.. where do i get the deb files?? i'll be installing fiesty12:01
AlexCvlc has codecs inclosed12:01
hyper_chbart_17: http://packages.ubuntu.com  --> but those are only the official repos... so no mp3 codecs12:01
=== hyper_ch likes vlc a lot
=== hyper_ch but prefers amarok for playing music
vinzehyper_ch, if you download vlc from there then I suppose you'll have MP3 support then12:02
hyper_chvinze: if it's enclosed I think they will play...12:02
hyper_chbart_17: how long will you still be online?12:02
bart_17long, y?12:02
vinzehyper_ch, only problem is the amount of dependencies when downloading it manually12:03
hyper_chI guess I'll just install xubuntu feisty in vmware and see what it fetches12:03
bart_17ok, thanx12:03
hyper_chbart_17: you have no inet available after you install feisty?12:03
vinzeI was thinking about the "Generate Package Download Script" feature in Synaptic12:04
=== hyper_ch doesn't use synaptic
=== vinze is starting VirtualBox
bart_17nope, as the pc is in our other house...12:04
bart_17and that pc doesn't have a network card12:05
hyper_chvinze: will you install xubi feisty in a virtual box?12:05
hyper_chvinze: my cpu is currently doing massive things ;)12:05
vinzeI'll just run the LiveCD and generate the download script12:05
hyper_chvinze: ok ;) thx12:05
bart_17heya guys, where are you from if you don't mind me asking12:06
hyper_chvinze: and you can also downloadand install vlc to see whether it does actually play mp3s out of the box12:06
hyper_chbart_17: from home12:06
vinzehyper_ch, yeah, that's what I planned to do first ;)12:06
vinzebart_17, the Netherlansd12:06
vinze*The Netherlands12:06
hyper_chHollnder ^^12:07
bart_17i'm from the philippines..12:07
hyper_chdamn, my cpu is constantly at 100% ^^12:08
vinzeMine too but I meant it to :P12:08
vinzeWhat're you doing?12:08
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.20-16-generic running Xfce 4.4.0, CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), HD: 531/1017GB, RAM: 996/1010MB, 157 proc's, 15.39h up12:08
hyper_chhmmm, ktorrent is running12:08
hyper_chamarok is playing music12:08
hyper_chI'm copying DVDs to my harddisk12:08
hyper_chI'm untarring downloaded torrents12:09
hyper_chthat'sa bout it12:09
bart_17which would be a better way to install xubuntu, with the livecd or the alternate?12:09
vinzeOooo, that's about nothing :P12:09
vinzeI prefer the LiveCD12:09
hyper_chvinze: got an old computer12:09
vinzeTry doing that with WinXP :P12:09
hyper_chfor installation the alternate normally gives less headache12:10
bart_17ok.. will be downloading the alternate then...12:10
vinzeMight be a bit more scary, but it's not really difficult12:10
bart_17just a sec..12:10
vinzehyper_ch, how did you get that sysinfo?12:10
hyper_chscary? I think it's a lot simpler than a winxp install12:10
=== vinze never did an XP install
hyper_chvinze: using konversation... it's a script there12:10
vinzeO k12:11
hyper_chvinze: want the source?12:11
vinzeNah don't bother12:11
=== vinze uses Xchat
hyper_chvinze: maybe you can adapt it for xchat:    http://phpfi.com/24608412:13
=== vinze already downloaded a similar script for xchat
vinzeNow just need to  figure out how it works ;)12:14
bart_17hyper_ch: u think its easier to install ubunut than winxp??12:14
=== hyper_ch uses lots of kde appz
hyper_chbart_17: yes, if the hardware is being recognized... it's a lot simpler12:14
bart_17i would say that they are probably at the same12:16
vinzeDoes Windows install as a LiveCD?12:16
bart_17i am downloading xubuntu fiesty alternate now..12:16
hyper_chdoes windows know what a livecd is?12:16
bart_17vinze: nope...12:16
=== hyper_ch thinks a WinXP LiveCD would probably require 2 GB Ram, P4 2.4 Ghz
bart_17i would disagree... probably 4gb ram, c2d 2.0Ghz ehhehe12:18
=== tuna-fish [n=tuna@dna248-246.satp.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
bart_17i have the xubuntu fiesty livecd and booted it before.... i had one problem though12:19
bart_17i could not go beyond a 640X480 screen resolution12:19
vinzeThat's annoying...12:19
bart_17nope... it's a built in videocard... sis, i installed suse 9.1 personal last wek and i was able to go to 1024X768, but it was kinda too slow for me12:21
bart_17SiS 530 chipset12:21
hyper_chno clue... I only use nvidia12:21
bart_17ok... but how do you configure the screen resolution?12:24
vinzeApplications->Settings->Display Settings12:24
bart_17but it only has 640X480 nothing else..12:25
vinzeThen you'd have to mess with some configuration files (Gutsy, the next version, will have a graphical tool to do this)12:26
vinzeSee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397312:26
bart_17btw, how can i play, divx/xvid avi and mkv videos in xubuntu??12:30
vinzeAlso with vlc I guess12:30
=== vinze is still busy with finding out
bart_17ok thanx12:30
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
bart_17hyper_ch: how do i get/install vlc?12:37
vinzebart_17, I'm still working on it, but it seems to hang a bit :(12:38
hyper_chif you have internet:  sudo aptitude install vlc12:38
=== slow-motion [n=JohnDoe@p5B06CC85.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
bart_17how about if i don;t have an internet connection??12:39
vinze<vinze> bart_17, I'm still working on it, but it seems to hang a bit :(12:39
bart_17i hope its not much of a bother12:39
vinzeNo, np12:39
slow-motionthe bars with the applicatians menu and the programs i have started are gone. how do i get them back?12:40
vinzePress Alt+F212:40
vinzeThen type "xfce4-panel"12:40
slow-motionah thank yoz12:41
bart_17would it be a lot easier if i have an internet connection??12:41
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
bart_17i'll ask my firends if they have a spare nic and i guess i'll just have to drive to the farm and bring the pc here... are you usually here??12:43
vinzeNo, I should though12:43
vinzeYou can also mail me if you'd like12:43
bart_17ok.. what's your email add??12:43
vinzeimnotb at gmail12:44
bart_17mine is12:44
bart_17bart1105 at gmail12:44
bart_17still there hyper_ch?12:45
hyper_chsort of12:45
bart_17vinze/hyper_ch: where do you work?12:48
=== vinze is a student
hyper_chbart_17: in a law firm12:48
bart_17vinze: what are you taking up?12:48
vinzebart_17, taking up?12:48
bart_17vince are you in college??12:49
vinzeHigh school12:49
bart_17hyper_ch: are you a lawyer??12:49
hyper_chbart_17: not yet12:50
bart_17hyper_ch: hw long have you been using linux??12:52
bart_17vinze: hw long have you been using linux??12:52
vinzeEmmm... Since Ubuntu Dapper I guess12:53
hyper_chon servers for 3 years12:53
vinzeEmm, Warty I mean12:53
hyper_chon desktops since last june12:53
bart_17what were your os before linux??12:54
vinzeWinME, the switch was not that difficult :P12:54
bart_17winME was crap12:55
vinzeStill is ;-)12:55
vinzeIt's still supposed to be lurking around somewhere on my computer12:55
bart_17i think they recalled it a year or two ago...12:55
vinzeYeah could be12:55
vinzeI haven't touched it in ages12:55
vinzeI might turn that hard drive into a backup drive or something12:55
bart_17hhahaha.. i still have a couple of winxp boxes runneing here in the ofc12:56
bart_17is it hard to set up my network so i can share files with my winxp boxes??12:57
vinzeNo idea, never done it before12:57
predaeusbart_17, I think you might need samba for that12:58
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT12:59
vinzeI believe this blog had quite some posts about it: http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/12:59
bart_17predaeus: i have 3 winxp box, that is connected to a router and has file sharing enabled.. what i would like to do is change the os in my laptop and configure it that i can share my files with the my laptop and the 3 boxes and vice versa01:01
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bart_17wb hyper_ch01:07
vinzeOh crap01:09
bart_17what happend vinze>01:10
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
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=== Fast-- [n=Fast@c-76-101-39-222.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Fast--I have VMware 6.0 installed on my Windows XP Laptop, Anytime I goto install Ubuntu either from mounted image or boot-CD, I get the error message about GBUB not being installed.  In VMware, I have set space for 4gig's for Ubuntu to run on.  Any suggestions?02:31
Fast--I have posted on Ubuntu forum and figured i'd try here also...02:31
Fast--^ <err VMware's forum> ^02:32
AlexCi've never used VMware02:33
AlexCbut i thought i'de add my two cents02:33
Fast--is GRUB boot issue common under Ubuntu?02:35
=== Mnabil [n=Mnabil@] has joined #xubuntu
AlexCGRUB is the loader that the bios looks at to load the OS02:36
AlexCwindows comes with it's own loader02:36
Mnabilwhy the dump xubuntu developers fix this crapy bugy installer02:37
Mnabil*why dun they02:37
AlexCmnabil, explane02:37
Fast--so i dont need to even use a boot loader in my config?02:39
MnabilAlexC, i got the gutsy release , desktop cd, then i tried to install it on my laptop, this installer is soo bugy !!!!02:39
MnabilAlexC, so it's hang , i dun know why is the fuck is this02:39
TheSheep_!language | Mnabil02:40
ubotuMnabil: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.02:40
MnabilTheSheep_, is that all you care about  ! language !!02:41
AlexCfast--, i've never used vmware02:41
TheSheepBug #3122902:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 31229 in debian-installer "Grub install fails on VMWare SCSI disk" [Medium,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3122902:43
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheephyper_ch: hiho02:46
hyper_chTheSheep: huhu :)02:46
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TheSheepFast--: maybe this is more relevant? Bug #7501002:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 75010 in ubiquity "GrubInstaller failed with code 1 " [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7501002:50
TheSheepadx: hello02:50
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adxGuys i have no clue about xfce , but can anyone tell me how to get a panel in xfce?02:52
=== vinze [n=ubuntu@a80-126-159-235.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepadx: it disappeared?02:53
TheSheepadx: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'02:53
adxbut this wont get me into shell?02:53
adxi see (run)02:53
=== sacater [n=sacater@ubuntu/member/colchester-lug.sacater] has joined #xubuntu
adxNow its great , i cant get the panel to stick02:56
adxWould you mind telling me how to get all the window on op of it? :)02:56
=== rokra [n=christor@ANancy-153-1-95-142.w81-49.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
adxNvm , i did it02:57
Fast--my drive is showing up as SCSI, but I cant change it to IDE.03:00
Fast--apparently that seems to be the issue03:00
Fast--^ when in fact it is IDE03:00
adxYou are using vmware?03:01
Fast-- Choose: VM > Settings > Hardware > Hard Disk > Advanced        no IDE selections, only SCSI in drop down03:01
adxi get this problem once in vmware but i dont remmber how i fixed it , try playing with the settings03:02
TheSheepFast--: I think you need to stop the machine before doing this kind of changes03:02
=== hyper_ch thinks TheSheep is right
Fast--and actually I deleted the virtuial partition to start over even lol03:03
TheSheepFast--: the virtual machine, I mean03:03
Fast--I know03:03
Fast--it's now recreating the v.partition, as I thought maybe under custom there was an option...but ther ewas not @ the point of creating it.03:04
Fast--would any SCSI selection = an IDE channel <kinda odd question and dont think so..but need to ask>03:04
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=== gambler2003 [n=michaelp@3-147-26-72-lbb.pgrb.com] has joined #xubuntu
gambler2003can somone help me with an install on a Dell Inspiron 1501?03:15
gambler2003My issue is that Ubutu won't seem to pick up the Hard Dive controler03:17
=== nzk [n=nzk@unaffiliated/nzk] has joined #xubuntu
nzkHow do I open up a rar archive I burned on a CD?03:27
gambler2003good morning nzk03:27
nzkIt's late afternoon, but ok.03:27
Fast--VM > Settings > Hardware > Hard Disk > Advanced03:28
gambler2003late afternoon ??? Where?03:29
nzkAnyway, I put in a PAL dvd into my player which is known to be region free, but Xubuntu isn't automatically detecting it.03:31
gambler2003Neet.  I was looking for some help with an Ubuntu install can someone help?03:31
gambler2003I wish I could help with the dvd but untill a few months ago I didn't even know they had "regional formats?03:34
gambler2003Looks like in I need to check a different place for my issue.03:36
Fast--gambler2003 <Fast--> VM > Settings > Hardware > Hard Disk > Advanced03:36
Fast--oh well, i tried03:36
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Fast--<nzk> How do I open up a rar archive I burned on a CD?                 winrar?03:36
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nzkI mean in Xubuntu03:42
nzkBut I got it, nevermind03:42
TheSheep!dvd | nzk03:42
ubotunzk: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:42
nzkWhat in god's name is making Xubuntu redline with FF, Pidgin, Xchat, and Rhythmbox running?04:01
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adxIs there any theme for the panel?04:21
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predaeuscan someone look at the Applicatons (XFCE menu) menu's icon, right click -> properties and tell me what the default xubuntu icon is called. I removed it but I want to have it back. Please.04:38
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masushi all04:39
masusi have install xubuntu with LTSP and configured it04:39
masusbut i can't login from a thinclient04:39
masuscan anybody help ?04:40
masusi can see the login screen but if i type a username and password i see the login screen again04:40
nzkYou typed it wrong04:41
masusthe relase of xubuntu is 6.06.1 Dapper Drake LTS04:42
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masusno from the server i can login04:42
totalwormageis it possible your harddisk is full04:42
masuswith  the same user and pass04:42
masusno it's a fresh copy04:42
totalwormageor is it possible your keyboardsettings are changed04:42
masusyes it can be04:42
masusif it's changed can i not login04:43
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totalwormageoh well, if it is actually changed then you don't type what you think you type04:45
masusno it's only numeric04:45
totalwormagehowever, i don't know how to fix that04:45
masusthe password04:45
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masus:( can anybody help04:51
adxbut not me04:51
illu45masus, I'm doubtful, but can try... what's the problem?04:52
masusok i'll explain again04:52
masusi have a xubuntu 6.06.1 Dapper Drake LTS with LTSP on it04:52
masusi have configured all the settings on the server04:52
masuseverything seems to be ok but if i connect via a thinclient ican see the login screen but cant login04:53
masusi type the user and pass and after 3-4 seconds the login screen is showing again04:54
illu45Hm... You might want to check the configuration readme, it seems like it may be set to re-request login. Although I've never run an uby server, so I'm not sure.04:56
masusok np thanks04:56
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HanselWhen I go into kwifimanager it says I'm connected to my wireless network but that my Local IP is unavailable.  Anybody know what I might be able to change?06:10
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Chikubuanyone know about a problem involving a kinit error about finding the disk by-uuid?  i used to get a gui logon at boot, but now i get two kinit errors and a terminal logon, have to startx manualy....(not at machine dont have exact error message)06:13
Jester45whats the erors06:15
Jester45couldnt you just add starx to init06:16
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atarinoxanybody have problems watching flash vids in firefox? the video always freezes on me randomly and the audio stutters06:19
Hanselnada.. mine works like a champ.  Occasionally a porn site will be slow and it will stutter while its waiting for more naked goodness to be downloaded06:21
Hanselotherwise if its a fast site it works like a champ.06:21
=== tinin [n=tinin@169.Red-83-41-162.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45atarinox, what version of flash are you using06:22
atarinoxJester45: 9.0 r3106:24
Jester45atarinox, would this be adobe's flash06:25
atarinoxim using the libflashplayer.so plugin06:26
atarinoxJester45: any ideas?06:30
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tinindoes someone know a lightweight downloader for firefox?06:37
tininlike kget06:37
Jester45wget, its not an extension for firefox but its lightweight, all you so is open a terminal type wget then paste the url and press eter06:38
tininfor my mom06:39
BFTDwrite I front end to wget06:39
=== cheeseboy ( 4 secs )
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HanselMy wireless card isn't working.  I've tried all sorts of stuff.  Right now iwconfig and all my other utils say I'm connected to my network but I dont have an IP...06:59
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SharnHello peeps07:01
Hanselhi Sharn07:02
SharnI'm learning Russian and looking for a way to type it alongside English. Anyone have a useful link or anything?07:03
BFTDHansel it says you're connected but no IP?07:03
BFTDis the router set to SHCP?07:03
HanselBFTD - set to dhcp, it works with my non-Linux boxes just fine.07:11
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Geck1I was wondering if I could get help with a couple questions, does anyone know how I can install a theme? I downloaded one from xfce-look.org, but I don't know how to get to it07:21
Geck1Secondly, if I make a new user, will that user have access to all the programs I already have installed on my computer? And is it possible to make this user not have a password, such as for a guest account?07:22
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HanselGeck1 - its a BAD idea to not have a password07:27
Hanseltechnically you can configure your Login manager to auto-login a user... setting NO password is BAD though...07:27
HanselI use Gnome so I can tell you how to install a theme for that... usually I just drag and drop from my browser to the Theme Manager window and it auto-installs.07:28
=== benoit__ [n=benoit@stc92-1-82-227-107-105.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
HanselIf you just downloaded a .tar.gz file or something like that with the theme in it you should just have to go into the theme manager and pick the file from your /home directory07:28
SharnShould work about the same07:28
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d15-164.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
SharnAppliacations > Settings > Desktop Settings07:29
SharnErm, no07:29
SharnThat's not right.07:29
Jester45or right click on the desktop and select desktop settings07:29
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Xs1t0ryAt startup, Xubuntu cannot configure network interface and is stuck at the loading bar indefinitely. Advice on troubleshooting please, anyone?07:42
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Geck1Hi, I just have one more question (sorry!) -- There are some screen shots here http://www.xfce.org/about/screenshots which are from xfce, which I think is the same thing that Xubuntu uses.  I can't seem to find any themes like in those screenshots with alpha blended (transparent) windows/window borders.  I didnt see any at xfce-look.org either.  Does anyone know where to look for these transparent themes?07:47
predaeus_Geck1, see Applications/Settings/Window Manager Tweaks   there is a tab where you can enable compositing (which allows for fast transparency)07:49
predaeus_Geck1, xfce comes with it's own composite manager, but you can use compiz too07:50
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Blais1Hello all07:56
Blais1I have a strange problem with my sound07:57
Blais1I get lots of noise coming through my speakers when there is activity on the screen, or even when I move my mouse around, how can I fix this?07:57
Xs1t0ryAre you drivers installed properly07:58
Blais1I believe so07:58
Blais1how can I tell?07:58
Blais1I have onboard sound07:58
Xs1t0ryDo you have a dual boot?07:58
Xs1t0ryIs it alright in Windows?07:58
Blais1I don't notice it07:58
Blais1so I would say yez07:59
Xs1t0rySo then its not the speakers..07:59
Xs1t0rythats an obscure problem07:59
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predaeus_I had this too, no idea what it was08:04
Blais1*had* this?08:04
predaeus_Not sure havent checked, was just very faint. very silent.08:04
Blais1I'm using Edgy08:05
Blais1perhaps the latest version would be better08:05
Blais1I can't seem to upgrade though08:05
Blais1using the system updater08:05
Xs1t0rywhy dont you just burn the iso and go from there08:07
BFTDBlais1 if you get the alt cd to feisty, you can upgrade off of that08:08
Blais1My PC is oldish (1.3ghz Athlon) will the performance suffer?08:08
Blais11GB RAM08:08
BFTDBlais1 that's not to bad, so Xubuntu is perfect for you08:09
Blais1so you wuold recommend 7.04 iso?08:09
Blais1of Xubuntu08:09
BFTDyes I do08:10
Blais1ok, I'll try it, thank you08:10
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krillepilleHi. I have a problem...08:15
krillepilleOr 2.08:16
tininHow do I change the refresh rate or resolution of the boot and power off screens?08:18
tinini've got a very old monitor08:19
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TaJMoXHow do I make a program auto start?09:36
TaJMoXfor example, I want tilda, gaim, and checkgmail to run automatically every time i start the comptuer09:45
j1mcTaJMoX: go to Applications > Settings > Autostarted Applications09:46
j1mcthen click on the "add" button09:46
TaJMoXoh dear me09:46
TaJMoXwas that there previous version??09:46
j1mcbtw, i know the guy who wrote tilda.  he's a cool guy.  :)09:47
j1mca previous version?09:47
j1mcof what?09:47
TaJMoXof xubuntu09:47
j1mcoh, i'm not sure...09:48
TaJMoXsomehow i remember having to make a ~/Desktop/Autostart folder09:48
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=== Sharn [n=brandon@dsl-216-128-233-200.teton.id.tetontel.com] has joined #xubuntu
ablomenTaJMoX, nah that is ~/.config/autostart/09:53
TaJMoXah thats right09:53
hyper_chhiho Jester4509:54
Jester45im having problems with cron09:54
hyper_chwhat problems?09:54
Jester45would anyone know why nothing runs by cron? i put the command in crontab but nothing happens09:55
hyper_chJester45: I use cron quite simple09:55
ablomenJester45, could you paste a line?09:55
hyper_chI write a text file:    cron.txt09:55
hyper_chand then I just add it by issuing:   crontab cron.txt09:55
Jester450,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * root xfdesktop --reload09:56
Jester45yea i didnt want to both with running itas a user09:56
hyper_chroot is not a command09:57
hyper_chadd the cron to the root crontab09:57
Jester45its the user thats runs xfdesktop --reload09:57
ablomenJester45, that doesnt work that09:58
Jester45that line is in /etc/crontab09:58
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ablomenjust run sudo crontab -e if you want to run something as root09:58
Jester45do i have to do that each boot?09:58
hyper_chJester45: I don't understand what you want to do09:59
ablomenhyper_ch, ah..09:59
ablomenhyper_ch, it adds the user in /etc/crontab09:59
Jester45i want to run xfdesktop --replace every 5 mins09:59
ablomen# m h dom mon dow user  command09:59
Jester45eer --reload*10:00
hyper_chJester45: do it differently10:00
Jester45hyper_ch, how10:00
ablomenJester45, use the full paths10:01
hyper_chJester45: use this as a shell script10:01
hyper_chand then run this script in cron10:01
hyper_ch0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * sh /home/hyper/wallpaperchanger.sh10:02
hyper_chthat is in my cron.txt10:02
hyper_chand then add it to cron itself by issuing:   crontab cron.txt10:02
Jester45im confused10:02
Jester45why renice xfdesktop to change the background10:03
hyper_chwell, if you have something important running that you don't want to lag10:03
Jester45it takes like 1/25th of a second10:04
hyper_chdon't renice it then10:05
Jester45so crontab cant do commands they have to be scripts?10:05
hyper_chcrontab can to an extent... but I found it simpler to make little scripts10:06
Jester45ok i got the script10:09
Jester45now how to add to cron?10:09
Jester45i have been editing /etc/crontab10:09
hyper_chJester45: I make im my home folder a cron.txt10:10
hyper_chcopy the cron command in there10:10
hyper_chand add it by:   crontab cron.txt10:10
Jester45so but the entries into the .txt then crontab it?10:11
hyper_chthis is in my cron.txt:   0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * sh /home/hyper/wallpaperchanger.sh10:11
Jester45sh is the user?10:11
hyper_chsh is the command to run a shell script10:12
Jester45how do i tell cron to run it as root10:12
hyper_chsudo crontab cron.txt10:12
hyper_chthen it will be added to the root cron10:12
hyper_chbut why do you want to do that?10:12
Jester45some times the diffrent ways to do 1 thing in linux is frustrating to learn10:13
Jester45so that anyuser's desktop changes10:13
Jester45and to update the entry? just sudo crontab it again?10:14
hyper_chedit the text file10:14
hyper_chand then again:  sudo crontab cron.txt10:15
Jester45now to make one start mpd as an alarm clock :)10:15
hyper_chI just like to have my cron jobs in a text files... makes it much simpler to edit and transfer10:15
Jester450 9 * * * alarmclock.sh10:16
hyper_chthat should work10:16
Jester45alarmclock.sh = mpc volume mpc play10:17
Jester45volume = 10010:17
Jester45and a htokey to turn it off :010:17
hyper_chI use my cellphone as alarm clock10:19
SharnOr just sudo crontab -e to edit roots crontab file....10:19
SharnAnd, if your using xfce you don't need a seperate script to change the wallpaper.10:20
hyper_chSharn: how do you do it then?10:21
SharnOne sec10:21
hyper_chkde has an integrated changer10:21
hyper_chxfce only changes upon boot10:21
Sharn0,15,30,45 * * * * killall -USR1 xfdesktop10:21
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SharnThat's mine10:21
SharnAnd it works great for me.10:21
hyper_chI had that also a long time ago10:22
hyper_chSharn: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32879210:22
hyper_chhiho slow-motion10:22
slow-motionhi hyper_ch10:23
hyper_chslow-motion: still up this late?10:23
hyper_chslow-motion: not going out?10:24
slow-motioni'm a linux user10:24
Sharnhyper_ch, so what is in your wallpaperchanger.sh?10:24
hyper_chSharn: well, I took one of the suggestions to my thread:   http://phpfi.com/24620610:25
hyper_chslow-motion: so? Linux is portable ;)10:26
SharnMmk. Is it better, or faster or something? I know so very little about bash scripting. :P10:27
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slow-motioni'm watching tv at the moment10:27
hyper_chell, if you play games e.g. cs and you don't want anything to use the cpu too much it will first set the priority to lowest....10:27
hyper_chit's just more advanced...10:28
SharnMeh, compiz-fusion has my desktop all confused anyway.10:28
hyper_chbut you're right, the killall -USR xfdesktop works fine10:28
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nihangI want a xubuntu cd10:30
hyper_chdownload it10:31
nihangAnyone there?10:31
nihangI can't. I'm on 56K.10:31
hyper_chorder one through shipit10:32
Jester45you can10:32
Jester45but you dont want to10:32
Jester45because it will take a month10:32
nihangCan I really order a xubuntu cd?10:33
hyper_chdunno, have a look there10:33
nihangNo, I checked and you can't order10:34
SharnI don't think you can10:34
Jester45you cn order a ubuntu, then convert it10:35
nihangHow to convert ubuntu into xubuntu?10:35
Jester45install a server (cli) version from the shipit cd then run apt-get install xubuntu-desktop10:35
=== linuxnub [n=ubuntunu@c-76-111-22-174.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
nihangThanks, Jester45. Will try...10:36
Jester45xubuntu is baseded off of ubuntu, it has all the same core packages10:36
linuxnubwow 1100 in #ubuntu and 73 in here lol10:36
hyper_chthat will still require a lot to download10:36
Jester45and the same repo, you can have ubuntu and xubuntu installed at the same time if you wanted10:36
hyper_chlinuxnub: so what?10:36
nihangJester45. Does that mean it will need to download something?10:36
hyper_chnihang: yes10:37
Jester45nihang, yes all the xfce stuff, ~300mb10:37
Jester45or can just install ubuntu10:37
linuxnubhow do you get rid of all the gnome specific crap after you apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ??10:37
hyper_ch!language | linuxnub10:37
ubotulinuxnub: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.10:37
Jester45linuxnub, have fun with that10:37
Jester45nihang, the only problem you might wantto tink about10:38
linuxnubi already did the apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop10:38
linuxnuband the autoremove for the libs10:38
hyper_chlinuxnub: have a look at psychocats website... all relevant packages are listed there10:38
=== nihang [n=nihangsh@] has left #xubuntu []
linuxnubya seen that its a very long list10:39
Jester45nihang, is that if you install a cli server, you have to set up your dial up via cli wich is harder. but if you dual-boot or have a 2nd computer you can transfer the xubuntu-dsktop packages over so that its simpler10:39
linuxnubive done the fusesmb install too for thunar works great10:39
=== Jester45 likes to fuse ftp
linuxnubwould doing an apt-get remove gnome do the trick or would that screw things up10:40
=== hyper_ch is using konqueror
Jester45fuseftp is better than any filemanager could do... it even lets to use it in the cli10:40
hyper_chlinuxnub: hmmm, if the trick to completly remove gnome can be done with removing one package, why do you think did psychocat list all the relevant packages?10:41
linuxnubto get back to pure xfce10:41
hyper_chJester45: ever had a look at konqui?10:41
linuxnubwhich is not necessarily the right thing to do with xubuntu10:41
linuxnubmatter of fact thats probably pretty dumb to do with xubuntu10:42
hyper_chlinuxnub: then you did not carefully read what psychocat writes10:42
Jester45nixternal, i could help you out a little by pre downloading the packages and compressing it all10:44
hyper_chJester45: nihang left10:44
Jester45i just ni<tab>10:44
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linuxnubwell fuseftp or fusesmb i guess they both work pretty well10:45
linuxnubfor me fusesmb absolutely screams in thunar10:45
Jester45yea... but the ubuntu repos doesnt have smb support :010:47
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TaJMoXhyper_ch im using your wallpaper script it works way better than what i had before (closer to what you used Sharn)10:53
hyper_chTaJMoX: those suggestions aren't from me... someone made them in my howto and I just use them now also10:54
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maximilian1stHi folks12:11
maximilian1stTo the gutsy gibbon users wanting to get rid of Network Manager for the wireless side, I can suggest to take a look at the Airconfig project. http://spuriousinterrupt.org/projects/airconfig It works here on my notebook and looks very promising.12:13
maximilian1stit depends on ghal which is to be found on the same svn server and location as airconfig itself.12:16
Jester45i will past that on, i myself im hooked to gbit networking12:18
Jester45i tink i would blast my brains out if transfering all my data over wireless12:18
Jester45hyper_ch, my cron is still not working but i will talk about that later12:19

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