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sitiI am triggering a timeout bug when I enter a semi-big bug title03:48
sitiI think it's searching is to slow with all those words (because it wants to find possible duplicates)03:49
mptsiti, if reloading doesn't work, go to the address field of your browser and change "+filebug" to "+filebug-advanced"03:53
sitiI just made the title smaller :p03:53
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sitiyeah it's happening with just bug searches as well03:55
ubotuNew bug: #123892 in malone "Duplicate search while reporting a bug times out more often than not" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12389204:00
mptOk, probably it will come up on our list of most common timeouts, and people will start fixing it04:00
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sandrotso I guess launchpad doesn't host bazaar repos?05:33
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jmlsandrot: you guess wrong :)05:33
lifelesssandrot: why do you guess tha ?05:34
sandrotsorry. jumped the gun I guess. clicked "register a branch" and saw a spot for branch url05:35
sandrotem, I still don't see it, how do I get my branch hosted?05:37
lifeless bzr push05:37
sandrotto what url?05:37
lifelessjml: this is where thumpers idea is a positive, but I still think we dont need a db record05:38
lifelesssandrot: I don't recall where the help is, but basically - sftp05:38
sandrotthat easy eh?05:38
sandrotand ssh key?05:38
jmlsandrot: you need to upload your SSH key to Launchpad. There's an "Update SSH keys" link on your LP homepage05:39
lifelessjml: so I see a 'type=hosted bazaar' page which gives you the URLs, and your ssh key status, but doesn't do DB stuff05:40
jmllifeless: i.e. it doesn't change the server in any way?05:40
jmllifeless: I think I like that idea.05:43
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sandrotis it just me or does bzr push take more time than svn commit06:03
Fujitsusandrot: The initial push isn't comparably to svn commit.06:03
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thumperjml: the above url pasted is a good place to use https://launchpad.net/people/+me06:33
jmlthumper: I'd forgot about that06:34
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thumperlifeless: and see, we do need it.06:34
=== Hobbsee waves
ubotuNew bug: #123915 in malone "Can't mark a patch as obsolete" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12391506:46
lifelessthumper: never claimed we didn't need a better ui06:52
thumperlifeless: true06:53
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statikhello world01:32
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mwhudsonsunscribers oops01:36
ubotuNew bug: #123968 in soyuz "broken security upload" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12396801:40
mwhudsoni'm about to restart codebrowse, should only be down for a minute01:49
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mwhudsoncodebrowse restarted again02:13
mwhudson... and one more time, sigh02:16
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sq89hi! I want to create a bzr branch hosted on launchpad for my new project. at the 'Register a branch' page I have to enter a branch URL, but I haven't got one yet. is it possible to create a new branch, or should I host it somewhere else?03:03
mwhudsonhave you looked at the help tab on that page?03:03
sq89ah, that helps, thanks :-)03:04
mwhudsonnp :)03:04
Fujitsumwhudson: Not many people will think to look at the help tab, as literally everywhere other than the bzr component of LP it is useless.03:07
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mwhudsonFujitsu: yeah, i know03:09
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=== carlos -> lunch
sq89if I want my launchpad hosted branch to be editable by other developers, do I have to use a team from the beginning? currently I'm still the only developer03:14
sq89or can I move the ownership to a team when there are other developers?03:15
sq89I'll probably be the only one directly committing to that branch for the next few months03:16
mwhudsonyou can reassign the branch to a team later03:17
sq89ok, thanks03:17
sq89what's a good name for a first branch, which is not ready for release yet? 'devel'?03:17
mwhudsonsq89: yeah, that's a pretty common one :)03:19
sq89ok, thanks!03:21
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statikBjornT: hi! reviewers meeting?03:58
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=== Hobbsee waves to statik
statikhey there hobbsee03:59
BjornTstatik: according to ReviewerMeetingAgenda it's at 1600 UTC (i.e. in one hour).04:03
bactwo hours, no?04:04
=== GladyoTR is back (gone 01:10:26)
BjornToh, right, i meant in two hours, not one.04:06
statikBjornT: sorry about that, one of these days I will learn how to tell time04:06
BjornTstatik: don't worry, we all make mistakes with time :)04:06
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Hobbseestatik: timeanddate.com is your friend.04:15
statikHobbsee: yes! that site is great. it also helps if I set google calendar back to the correct timezone when I return from a trip :)04:16
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Hobbseestatik: that's also true.  the default applet for clocks in kde is also brilliant, on the kicker04:16
LarstiQmiddag jtv 04:17
jtv(ik ben 'n paar tijdzones opgeschoven :)04:22
LarstiQjtv: Thailand, right?04:22
=== LarstiQ is still in good old Den Haag
jtv(sorry about not being very conversational right now: critical bug to fix!)04:34
LarstiQjtv: np, I routinely have conversations spanning multiple days ;)04:37
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harryhow do I delete a launchpad accaunt?05:37
salgadoharry, file a question at https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion05:39
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BjornTtime for this week's non-au reviewer meeting06:03
BjornT== Agenda ==06:03
BjornT * Roll call06:03
BjornT * Next meeting06:03
BjornT * Queue status.06:03
BjornTwho's here?06:03
Hobbseeno one's here, it seems.06:04
BjornT== Next meeting ==06:06
BjornTi'll be at euro python next week06:06
salgadoI'll be on holidays06:06
BjornTflacoste: can you chair the meeting next week?06:07
flacosteyes, i can06:07
flacostewe can move back to our regular schedule (14:00 UTC)06:07
=== bac cheers
BjornTcool. so flacoste will chair the next meeting, 2007-04-11, 1400 UTC06:08
BjornT== Queue status ==06:08
BjornTeh, 2007-07-11...06:08
BjornTthe queue is rather long at the moment, 26 open reviews06:09
flacostebut it's better than yesterday i think06:09
flacosteyesterday was: 28 open reviews, 19 over target.06:10
BjornT11 of them are over the 2-day service target06:10
kikohow many 1.1.7s?06:10
flacosteprobably all of them i guess06:10
flacostehard to tell from jamesh' script06:10
BjornTyeah, so it's an improvement. i should finish mpt's big one today.06:10
flacostei should nail two today06:10
flacosteand will try to maintain that pace06:11
kikoI can help next week06:11
BjornTyeah, it looks like pretty much all of them are for 1.1.706:11
kikobut not this one06:11
kikothat's a good thing, though BjornT -- lots of branches up early06:11
kikowe have 1.5 weeks for them all06:11
BjornTyeah, so i think we can do it. the main reason for the queue getting this long should be the sprint last week.06:12
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kikoand there won't be new branches placed after friday06:12
kikowhich is great too06:12
BjornTwell, there won't be any new 1.1.7 branches06:12
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BjornTthere are quite a lot of small branches, a bunch of them less then 100 lines, so it shouldn't be too much trouble catching up.06:14
BjornT== Other business ==06:14
BjornTanything else?06:14
flacostenot from me06:14
baci'd like to announce barry is my new mentor!06:15
bacgood news for all.06:15
flacostewho will mentor statik for the next two weeks (as salgado is on vacation?)06:15
BjornTbac: cool06:16
statikflacoste: do you want to do it?06:16
flacostei'd like to, but it wouldn't be realistic, i have lot of stuff for 1.1.706:16
BjornTi'm probably a bad choice for a mentor, since i'm off on friday, and on EP 3 days next week.06:16
flacostestatik: i could mentor /some/ of the reviews06:18
BjornTstatik: let's ask jamesh if he can do it. if not, i guess we could take turns on mentoring the reviews.06:18
flacosteif we don't have anybody else able to accept the responsibility completely06:18
statikBjornT, flacostesounds good06:18
BjornTi'll send a mail to jamesh about it.06:18
BjornTif nothing else, let's end the meeting. thanks for coming!06:19
baci've got a branch from mpt that is mostly javascript.  from the first pass until now it has gotten more complicated and neither barry nor i have a lot of JS experience.  what should i do with it?06:19
bacreject or try to find a reviewer with more JS to look it over?06:20
BjornTbac: i'd say first try to find another reviewer, and reject it if you don't find any.06:21
bacBjornT: ok.  any JS experts here that could look at it?06:21
BjornTbac: you could ask SteveA if he has time to review it. he's quite involved with the javascript usage in lp.06:21
bacBjornT: ok06:21
bacis jamesh?06:22
=== flacoste is now known as flacoste_lunch
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statikso, I guess the meeting kind of fizzled out?06:30
kiko<BjornT> if nothing else, let's end the meeting. thanks for coming!06:31
kikostatik, so...06:31
statikkiko: wow, I totally did not get that line06:31
statikthe last thing I saw was "is jamesh" from bac06:31
kikostatik, it was about 7 messages up from that.06:34
BjornTstatik: well, bac brought up the issue after the meeting had ended :)06:34
statikah, so he did. my mistake06:35
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LaserJockok, I how do I get rid of a bzr branch on LP? set it to the obsolete-junk product?07:48
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alefterisis there a way to ask a question at launchpad answers via email?09:02
ubotuNew bug: #124056 in launchpad "It should be possible to offer general mentoring for a project" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12405609:05
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mptGooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:30
=== zwnj [n=behnam@] has joined #launchpad
Nafalloevening mpt :-)09:31
mptLaserJock, yes, that's the best way at the moment09:33
mptalefteris, no09:34
alefterismpt, it would make a nice feature, especially it would make integration possible for the loco team websites :)09:36
alefterisi mean it would be possible for people to ask questions from the loco websites and those questions to be then emailed to launchpad09:37
mptalefteris, we may solve that problem in a different way, though I'm not sure of definite plans for it09:47
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YannigHello everybody :)10:30
YannigHi carlos  :)10:31
carlosYannig: hi10:31
YannigAny news from support-oc? :)10:31
YannigI've just requested a CVS account for Mozilla so it may be useful one day.10:32
Yannig(but it's not in a hurry, I'm just asking because you told me it was about to be done)10:32
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Yannigcarlos ?11:04
carlosYannig: sorry, didn't see your question11:04
=== GladyoTR [n=GladyoTR@] has joined #launchpad
carlosHmm, I guess you talk about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-pack-oc-base/+bug/8399311:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 83993 in rosetta "New locale request for Occitan" [Medium,Confirmed]  11:06
YannigNot necessarily11:06
YannigI told you about the fact that although OpenOffice was translated into Occitan in Rosetta, it's impossible to have it in Occitan in Ubuntu11:07
carlosto fix that bug, you need to rename all .po files in GNOME's and KDE's SVN repositories so we can do that change then in Gutsy (current development version)11:08
YannigSo you told me you were working on language-support-oc package and that it would solve the issue11:08
carlosoh, that one!11:08
carloswell, I'm not working on any package, but we are working on fix a problem that prevented us to deploy OO.org updates11:08
YannigGNOME repositories already have only oci.po files (and no files on KDE repositories)11:09
carlosYannig: Danilo has that task planned for this cycle (https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/82721)11:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 82721 in rosetta "Downloading all translated files for a project/product in a single tarball should be possible." [High,Confirmed]   - Assigned to   (danilo)11:09
carlosit should be deployed at the end of the month and then, will be able to deploy OO.org updates11:09
YannigThanks :)11:09
carlosYannig: ok, could you note that in the bug report so I don't forget it and take the needed steps to do the changes in Launchpad?11:10
YannigFair enough :)11:10
YannigIn https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/82721 ?11:10
carlosYannig: also, we don't have 'oci' language in Launchpad, could you provide us also with the plural forms and countries where that language is spoken? (I don't seem to have it written from previous conversations)11:11
carlosYannig: no, in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-pack-oc-base/+bug/8399311:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 83993 in rosetta "New locale request for Occitan" [Medium,Confirmed]  11:12
YannigIt's the same as 'oc' language :)11:12
carlosYannig: ok11:12
Yannig(but it would allow us to create other Occitan translations)11:12
carlosyeah, I know, don't worry11:13
carlosplease, remind me, with that change, will 'oc' be use ever?11:13
YannigIn fact, oci is ISO 639-2 but the best would be to use ISO/DIS 639-3 : lnc11:15
carloswell, by default, gettext uses 639-211:16
carlosso we should stick with that11:16
carlosalthough I guess if you are the only one starting Occitan translations is up to you11:16
YannigWell, while it's 639-2, it should be oci11:18
YannigWhen 639-3 is possible, we'll see :)11:18
Yannig<carlos>although I guess if you are the only one starting Occitan translations is up to you11:25
YannigWhat do you mean? If I wanted, I could set up lnc?11:25
carlosfree/open source follows the 'first doing something decides' policy11:26
carlosso if you choose to start using lnc (if it's already approved inside ISO 639-3) instead of oci11:26
carlosit should be ok11:26
YannigSo I think "lnc" would be more appropriate11:26
carlosanyway, 'oci' is not really two letters iso codes as 639-2 is supposed to define :-P11:27
carlosYannig: then you would need to do the rename (again) in GNOME...11:27
YannigI'll do this11:27
YannigThe only thing I need to do is renaming the files on GNOME SVN?11:28
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carlosYannig: and fix the configure.in/ac files like I guess you did for the first rename11:30
carlosYannig: also, you will need to define the locale information for lnc_FR (I'm not sure whether you finally did it for oci_FR)11:30
carlosotherwise no one will be able to use those translations11:30
YannigI've not done it for oci_FR :(11:30
YannigI must confess I don't know at all how to do11:34
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carlosYannig: please, talk with Danilo or Jordi about it11:45
carlosthey can help you11:45
YannigThanks :)11:45
Yannigdanilos: Are you here?11:45
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jordiYannig: it'll be simple11:53
jordiI'm assuming just copying oc_FR to lnc_FR and changing the obvious references to "oc" would be enough11:53
YannigAnd where can I find this file?11:55
YannigIn /etc/environment ?11:57
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ubotuNew bug: #124087 in rosetta "Rosetta shows fuzzy translations as 'used in' suggestions" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12408712:00
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