asaccan you paste the original patch as well please ?12:28
asace.g. the one that is still in debian/patches ?12:28
asacgnomefreak: you sure you saved?12:28
asacI don't see any PROGRAM lines in that diff12:28
gnomefreakasac: yes i was looking at that too let me see12:29
asacyou didn't save12:29
asacas you can see the diff for mozilla.orig/browser/app/Makefile.in is now completely missing in your new quilt diff12:30
asacplease do the change12:30
gnomefreakstill missing and yes i saved12:30
gnomefreaki did already12:30
asaclook into that file again12:30
asac(open in new editor)12:30
gnomefreakifeq ($(USE_SHORT_LIBNAME), 1)12:31
gnomefreakPROGRAM = $(MOZ_APP_NAME)-trunk$(BIN_SUFFIX)12:31
gnomefreakPROGRAM = $(MOZ_APP_NAME)-trunk-bin$(BIN_SUFFIX)12:31
asacyou sure you are in right directory tree?12:32
gnomefreakyes i opened it up new and save never saved it12:32
=== gnomefreak thinks gedit issue
asacplease save it  :)12:32
asacwhen your change shows up in quilt diff ... let me know :)12:32
asacyeah ... that looks better12:33
gnomefreaki did save it the whole time :(12:33
asacok ... updating patch is now really simple ;)12:33
asacjust do12:33
asacquilt refresh --diffstat -U812:33
gnomefreakin mozilla dir still i take it12:34
gnomefreakok refreshed12:34
asacdo it whereever you ran quilt diff12:34
asacok ... now you can stay in that directory and see if all other patches apply as well12:34
asac(e.g. lets excercise quilt a bit)12:34
asacrun quilt top12:34
asacit should show you the currently top-most patch applied12:35
asac(which should be trunk-fsh)12:35
asacyou see that?12:35
asacrun quilt series12:35
asacwhat do you see?12:35
gnomefreak3 of them12:35
asacthe whole series, right?12:35
asacthat should be all patches listed in series12:36
asacyou can do quilt applied12:36
asacto see which ones are currently applied12:36
gnomefreakalthough there are 5 or so in debian/patches so i may get rid of the non used patches12:36
asacyeah ... might be that i removed them from series weithout removing the in patches12:36
asacyeah ... and unapplied?12:36
gnomefreakmissing one12:36
asac -> quilt unapplied12:36
asacwhich is what we expected, right?12:37
gnomefreakwhy did we expect that one to not be applied12:37
asacbecause the trunk-fsh failed12:37
gnomefreakother than the other 2 were wuilt applied12:37
gnomefreakah ok12:37
asacwe now applied it manually12:37
asacand now we can apply the last one with12:38
asacquilt push12:38
asactry that12:38
asacdoes it fail?12:38
gnomefreakits patched12:38
asacok ... don't go out12:38
asacjust get a feeling for what quilt does12:38
asactry quilt pop12:38
asacthen look at unapplied and applied again12:38
asacthen do another pop12:38
gnomefreakpop redoes the last thing you did ?12:39
gnomefreakor just last patch applied12:39
asacpop unapplies what is currently on top12:39
gnomefreakah ok12:39
asacwith pop you unapply ... with push you apply12:39
asacyou can pop all by12:39
asacquilt pop -a12:39
asacthen all patches should be in unapplied12:39
asacand applied should be none12:40
asacdo you see?12:40
asacthen you can apply all again by quilt push -a12:40
asac :)12:40
asacafter that all should be in applied12:40
asacand non in unapplied12:40
asacok ...fine12:40
asacthe trunk-fsh patch is not fixed and applies cleanly12:40
asacjust ensure that you copy it to the debian/patches directory of bzr tree12:41
asac(so you don't loose it)12:41
gnomefreaknot fixed because we need to add quilt diff inplace of whats there?12:41
asacyou did quilt refresh12:41
asacthat updated the patch for you12:41
asacits already fine12:41
asacotherwise you would not be able to pop12:41
asacor push it12:41
gnomefreakmakes sense12:41
asaccool :)12:42
asacwell done12:42
asacyou merged the patch ;)12:42
gnomefreak:) sweet ty12:42
gnomefreaknow lets see if it works12:42
asacyeah (but please remember that bzr bd wipes your build-area)12:42
asacso copy the new trunk-fsh patch there12:42
gnomefreakim using dpkg-buildpackage12:42
asacyou can of course just build in build-area12:42
asac(but don't forget to copy it)12:43
gnomefreakcopy it12:43
asacto bzr tree ... so its preserved12:43
asac(unless you are in bzr of course) :)12:43
asaci don't know how you build ... and i don't really care ;)12:43
gnomefreakwait you mean  the .bzr dir?12:43
gnomefreakor you mean push to branch?12:43
asacgnomefreak: commit the new patch :)12:43
gnomefreakah yes12:44
asacdo you use bzr bd or not?12:44
asacif you don't use bzr bd ... its just commit12:44
asacand publish it12:44
asaconce the build went well12:44
asac(probably not before)12:44
asacgnomefreak: so basically what you did was the same what you do when you do a merge12:45
asace.g. manually applying changes that patch is to stupid to apply12:45
gnomefreakok lets try this again :)12:48
asacyou can just use12:48
asacdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -nc12:48
asacto go on12:48
asace.g. without unpacking and stuff like that12:49
asacis fucking mp3 player is driving me nuts12:49
asacit just refuses to get back to a sane state after you disconnnet it without pulling the plug12:50
asacwho knows ... maybe it just cannot reconfigure at all12:51
asacand i have to write a server that keeps line up until the plug is physically reset12:51
asacam i still here?12:54
asaclag is hitting me again12:55
gnomefreakirc lag?12:56
asacyeah ... but apparently my connection worked well12:57
asacgnomefreak: do you have access to a windows box?12:58
gnomefreakwin box is all fudged up from what im hearing i told her id get to it this weekend so shes using laptop until than12:58
asaci already have lag12:59
asaci probably will not survive long12:59
asacgnomefreak: let me know when you have access to win :)01:00
asaci just need to get a spec that is only shipped in .exe01:00
asacwhich i cannot extract01:00
asacthere is the spec01:00
asacthese bastards01:00
asaci hate ms so much01:02
asacthese ignorant bastards01:02
asachopefully they will suffocate from in their own ignorance01:02
gnomefreakwhy are you using it :)01:02
asaci don't use it01:03
asaci want to enable these shitty devices they force upon the world on linux01:04
asacalmost all high-end mp3 players use MTP01:04
asacno usb-storage anymore01:04
asaceverything that is more than a mp3-stick01:04
asacis mtp01:04
gnomefreakbrb smoke now that i got this to start01:05
=== cjwatson_ [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakbug 12382901:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123829 in dhcp "Latest Gutsy Upgrade does not connect to DHCP anymore." [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12382901:56
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacprobably a network manager issue ./02:37
gnomefreakasac: can you please test bug 123882 on feisty 64bit when you get time03:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123882 in firefox "Some web sites reload infinitely, but not on Opera" [Low,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12388203:31
asacgnomefreak: not reproducible .. added comment03:32
gnomefreakah ok ty i added one he had said more than 1 site so i wanna see the others03:33
gnomefreakasac: trunk failed to build03:33
gnomefreaki will look into it more in the morning im going to bed03:34
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmf_asac: I've submitted bug 12392608:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123926 in totem "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12392608:04
=== hjmf_ 's out for the morning
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=== gnomefreak is in for a while
asachjmf_: great10:54
asaci just want to verify that plugin-id is the right one ... then i push it10:54
asaclets see10:54
gnomefreakasac: is there a way to crash firefox just for shits and giggles?10:56
=== gnomefreak doesnt seem to be affected by libcairo(if causing crashes)
gnomefreakthis is annoying as hell11:01
gnomefreakgonna see if restarting fixes this brb11:04
=== jerome___ [n=jerome@gra94-2-82-66-142-60.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakwho has ~256mb ram that i can borrow to test something?11:16
gnomefreakwhy is it no matter what string i search for i can never find upstream bugs maybe i need to search for somethin unrelated :(11:22
asacgnomefreak: you say its because of too little mem?11:22
asacgnomefreak: what bug do you try to triage?11:22
gnomefreaki get crash and it cant send crash report due to not enough memory11:22
gnomefreakbug 8096411:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 80964 in mozilla-thunderbird "MASTER mozilla-thunderbird crashed [@nsNSSCertificateDB::ImportCertsFromFile]  " [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8096411:23
gnomefreakasac: do you remember seeing a thunderbird crash while deleting Imap message? i found upstream and i thought i remembered seeing it.11:34
asachjmf_: all sponsored ... rock!11:37
asachjmf_: i had to adapt changelog because uploads happened in the meantime ... though my bad11:38
asacgnomefreak: can you please verify that this crash happens with latest upstream binary release as well?11:39
asacgnomefreak: otherwise, they will probably hunt us down :)11:39
asacif we post upstream11:39
asachjmf_: would be great if you could verify tonight that the packages succeeded to build11:40
gnomefreaklet me know when you have a few minutes strange feeling we are gonna need a few patches for trunk11:43
=== jeromeg_ [n=jerome@gra94-2-82-66-142-60.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... i always have a few minutes for you ;)11:46
gnomefreakwell your not gonna like this im sure http://pastebin.mozilla.org/11439211:46
=== jeromeg [n=jerome@gra94-2-82-66-142-60.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: first think you should do if things fail on trunk is to look in bonsai11:54
asacif there has been a checkin after that .... if it fails for all11:54
asacthere is most likely a checkin that fixes this pretty quick11:55
asaclook what was checked in last week in mozilla/toolkit/xre directory11:55
asacon HEAD11:55
asacmaybe you just need to take a new snapshot11:55
asacand things will be done11:55
asac(that said: from a first glance, this looks like a bug in Makefile.in of that directory)11:56
gnomefreakhmmmm i cant open links from irssi anymore :(12:06
gnomefreakasac: do i want to look in thunderbirdtinderbox?12:08
asacwhy thunderbird?12:10
asacits firefox trunk that fails, right?12:10
asacgnomefreak: open the bonsai url above12:10
asacyou can fill in the fields12:10
asace.g. just set the directory like above12:10
asacensure that Branch is HEAD (should be default)12:10
gnomefreakoh damn12:10
asacand set how far you want to look in the past (e.g. today, week, month, since beginning of time)12:11
asacusually a week should give you enough info12:11
gnomefreakit lists the same as the thunderbird search i did by mistake12:13
gnomefreakshould i diff http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/toolkit/xre/Makefile.in against the makefile.in from the source i have? oh and i dont know how to do snapshots :(12:18
gnomefreakthunder crashes upstream as well12:19
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac_sprry this sucky connection is shaky again12:23
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaki dont see anything that jumps out and smacks me in face with this FTB12:24
asac_gnomefreak: do you have build failure again?12:30
asac_i lost my irssi history12:30
bluekujaheya guys12:30
asac_bluekuja: hey12:31
bluekujaasac_: is possible to add something to previous changelog's entries?12:31
bluekujadocumenting it in new one12:31
asac_bluekuja: imo yes ... but you should document that in new ... yes12:31
bluekujaasac_: I'll do that for regex12:31
bluekujaseems it's what we need12:32
asac_yes right ... fix the changelog to be more readable and add it to outstanding merges12:32
bluekujaasac_: I prepare a diff and I push it on pastebin12:32
bluekujafor you12:32
asac_of the merge changelog12:33
gnomefreakasac_: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/114392 build failure12:33
asac_if this connection resets one more time ... i will go kamikaze12:36
asac_i see lag already12:36
asac_still here?12:36
asac_gnomefreak: ??12:37
asac_am i still here?12:37
gnomefreakdid you get the failure?12:37
gnomefreakasac_: you still here or did you get dissconnected again12:38
asac_yeah i am here12:39
asac_please cross-fingers that i stay for an hour or so12:39
gnomefreakk good12:39
asac_until this mozilla bzr branch is completely scp'ed to people.ubuntu.com at lsat12:39
gnomefreakwhat branch is this?12:39
asac_a complete 350M branch12:40
asac_e.g. not just debian12:40
gnomefreakomg that is huge12:40
asac_like what i did for git ... but using bzr12:40
asac_gnomefreak: http://bonsai.mozilla.org/cvsquery.cgi?treeid=default&module=all&branch=HEAD&branchtype=match&dir=mozilla%2Ftoolkit%2Fxre&file=&filetype=match&who=&whotype=match&sortby=Date&hours=2&date=week&mindate=&maxdate=&cvsroot=%2Fcvsroot12:40
asac_if you look there12:40
asac_there is a change to Makefile.in12:40
asac_its not really huge12:41
asac_anyway ... its broken12:41
gnomefreakupstream is broken?12:41
asac_yeah ... look at the libs:: line they added12:41
asac_they should have done the same for install12:41
asac_so lest do a quilt patch for that12:41
asac_you ready?12:41
asac_have tree that failed lying around?12:41
gnomefreakgive me 1 minute to get set up for it12:42
gnomefreakok do i need to be in build-tree?12:43
=== gnomefreak there since we did that lastnight :)
gnomefreakok ready when you are :)12:44
asacyou have to go to build-tree12:52
asacyou in that directory?12:52
asacplease verify with quilt applied /unapplied that actually all current patches are applied12:53
asaclike we did yesterday12:53
gnomefreakall applied12:53
asacthen you create a new patch by12:53
asacquilt new PATCHNAME .... use ftbfs_toolkit_xre_Makefile_in12:54
asacas PATCHNAME12:54
gnomefreakend with .patch or no need to end with anything?12:54
asacno ... we usually don't use .patch in the end12:56
asacor can you see .patch in any applied?12:56
gnomefreakits now on top12:56
gnomefreakjust one12:56
asacnow quilt is not like bzr12:56
asacit doesn't know anything about the state12:57
asacso you have to tell quilt that it should observe the file you are going to touch12:57
asacin order to do that you have to12:57
asacquilt add path/to/file/you/want/to/Edit12:57
asacin our case its toolkit/xre/Makefile.in , right?12:57
gnomefreakah yes makefile12:58
gnomefreakthats a good question but yes i think it is makefile.in12:58
gnomefreakim looking at failure12:58
asaclook at bonsai12:59
asacits definitly toolkit/xre/Makefile.in12:59
gnomefreakah yes12:59
asacbecause it failed in toolkit/xre12:59
asacso add that file to be tracked in that patch12:59
asaclike above12:59
asacthen go into that file and fix the install:: target12:59
gnomefreakFile toolkit/xre/Makefile.in added to patch ftbfs_toolkit_xre_Makefile_in12:59
asac(look how the libs:: line looks12:59
gnomefreakwhere is the patch at this point?01:00
asacits been created in debian/patches/01:00
asacbut you don't need to care01:00
gnomefreakits not there01:01
asacit might even be not yet created (until first content is added)01:03
gnomefreakah ok01:03
asacit gets created lazily01:03
asacso edit makefile.in ... and look at your changes by01:03
asacquilt diff01:03
gnomefreakk let me see what we have01:03
gnomefreakthat page (shows diff)01:03
asacthey added new targets for platform.ini01:03
asacbut failed to do it right for install:: target01:03
asacbecause nobody upstream uses make install01:03
asacso we ran into this01:03
asaclook how the libs:: line looks like01:04
asacthe install:: line should be similar01:04
asacjust fix that and show me quilt diff01:04
gnomefreakoh so just use whats on the right hand side01:05
asacthey forgot01:05
asacbecause they never use install01:05
asacits always the same01:05
asacinstall is always broken if they add something01:05
asaceither it forgets something ... or it has a typo01:05
gnomefreaki have to find right makefile :(01:07
asachey ... its the one you just added to patch01:07
asacgnomefreak: you should learn to use vi at some point01:08
asacgedit will bring you to a mental institution at some point01:08
asacanyway ... not today ;)01:08
asacgnomefreak: you said:01:10
asac12:59 < gnomefreak> File toolkit/xre/Makefile.in added to patch ftbfs_toolkit_xre_Makefile_in01:10
asacif that helps ;)01:10
gnomefreakyeah i know but it looks exactly the same01:10
asacsame like what?01:11
gnomefreaki guess its not hte green part i need to be looking for01:11
asacthe green part is what was added01:12
asacso naturally its the same01:12
gnomefreakthe libs:: lines are the same but the makefile is missing the section above01:12
asacbut the green part has a fault01:12
asacjust fix the install:: line01:12
asacbut look closer if you want to understand01:12
asactake your time01:12
asacgnomefreak: maybe you got this wrong ... the patch you see in bonsai is the patch that broke this thing01:13
gnomefreakit looks like the makefile.in has different indentions but that shouldnt matter01:13
asac(its not the cure)01:13
asacwe are developing the cure right now01:13
asacand will submit upstream01:13
gnomefreakah ok01:13
gnomefreakwhat should i be comparing it to?01:13
asacyou should not compare against anything01:14
asacyou have to fix the install:: line01:14
asacand then produce a patch by quilt refresh01:14
gnomefreakah ok01:14
asacbut you can take alook01:14
asacand show me your changes01:14
asacbefore refresh01:14
asacwith quilt diff01:14
asacjust run quilt diff after you fixed the makefile01:14
asacand show :)01:14
asacso i can confirm that you did right ;)01:14
asacthough the change is pretty trivial01:15
gnomefreakit is?01:17
gnomefreakim lookingt at error i got from build atm01:17
asacits just a one line change01:17
asacgnomefreak: you see that the nsinstall run is missing an argument01:17
asacif you look to makefile you see that $^ is empty01:17
asacdo you see that01:17
asac   $(INSTALL) $(IFLAGS1) $^ $(DESTDIR)$(mozappdir)01:17
asac$^ will be replaced with whatever is after instal::01:17
gnomefreaki have that in makefile01:17
asacand since there is nothing ... this will be replaced by empty01:17
asacso the error you see during build will happen01:17
asac(e.g. wrong arguments to nsinstall)01:17
asacyou understand?01:17
asacjust assume:01:17
asacthere would be01:17
gnomefreak^ == nothing01:17
asac    cp $^ /tmp/01:17
asacwhen make is run01:17
asacit will be just cp /tmp01:17
asacso it would fail01:18
asacsame goes for $(INSTALL) ....01:18
asacso fix the install:: line will cure you01:18
asaclike it is for libs::01:18
asaca few lined above01:18
gnomefreak$^ $(DIST)/bin01:18
asacjust fix the install:: line01:19
gnomefreakis the line for libs::01:19
asacthe line for libs::01:19
gnomefreaki no im not changing that line01:19
asaclibs:: platform.ini01:19
asacwhile install:: is just01:19
asacyou look at the line below libs:: :)01:19
asacso fix the install:: line ;)01:20
gnomefreakinstall:: should have something after it01:20
asacthe same01:20
asacinstall should install platforms.ini01:20
gnomefreaki couldnt find that in error from build :(01:21
asacyeah ... just look again ... $^ is empty ... which causes a command line error in build01:21
asacso of course you cannot see it ;)01:21
asacanyway ... now fix it :)01:21
asacand show me quilt diff :)01:21
asaclibs:: platform.ini01:22
asacinstall:: platform.ini01:22
asacnow the standard refresh we use:01:22
asacquilt refresh --diffstat -U801:22
gnomefreakit was refreshed01:23
asacyeah then you are done ... add the new patch to bzr and commit series and the new patch01:23
asace.g. bzr add debian/patches/howver_the_new_patch_is_called01:23
asacbzr commit debian/patches/series debian/patches/howver_the_new_patch_is_called01:23
gnomefreakok so i can get out of buil-tree now01:24
asacbzr status should show you one unknown file (the new patch)01:24
asacand modified series01:24
asaccan you confirm that?01:24
asacif so you need to add the unknown file and commit01:24
asacuse bzr add debian/patches/however_new_patch_is_called to add01:25
asacbefore commit01:25
gnomefreakok its added01:26
gnomefreaknow just commit01:26
asacafterwards you should not see it as unknown file with bzr status anymore, right?01:27
gnomefreakgive me a minute :)01:28
gnomefreakit shows a bunch of unknown files01:31
gnomefreakbut not that patch01:31
asacso you committed the patch?01:34
asacwhat revision is latest?01:34
asacbzr log | more01:34
asacok show me a bzr diff -r 23..2401:34
gnomefreak23 is commited and 24 is commited01:35
gnomefreakbrb more coffee01:35
asaclooks good01:36
asacplease try to build now01:36
gnomefreakim thinking of pulling them both and commiting the whole patches dir. since i removed those 2 patches01:41
gnomefreakand ill do it all as one commit with rules and changelog (rules i have to check on first01:41
asacplease rephrase01:44
asaci don't understand what you want to do01:45
asacplease test if build works now first01:45
asacand bring up the patch somewhere so i can submit upstream ;)01:45
gnomefreaki changed rules to not use png so needs to be commited changelog as well and patches dir. since i added 1 patch modified series and antoher patch01:46
gnomefreakpatch you can wget http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/ftbfs_toolkit_xre_Makefile_in01:47
asacgnomefreak: please do a distinct commmit01:48
asacfor the series and ftbfs01:48
asacotherwise merging that to granparadiso branch becomes a crux01:48
gnomefreakso dont do them all together01:48
gnomefreakoh ok01:48
asacalways commit changelog in its own commit01:48
asacat the end01:48
asacbecause that will always cause conflicts01:48
asacif you merge it somewhere01:48
asacno ... commit per issue01:48
asaccommit for the ftbfs01:48
asacthen commit if you want to do cleanup (like removing patches)01:49
asacthen commit changelog documenting all this01:49
asacgnomefreak: please verify first that the build succeeds now01:49
asaci want to be sure before submitting (though its a safe bet)01:49
gnomefreakwhy is trunk depending on quilt and cdbs arnt they both for patching?01:54
asaccdbs is build system01:57
asacquilt is a patchsystem01:57
asaccdbs allows you to use multiple patch systems01:57
asace.g. quilt, dpatch, simple-patchsys01:58
gnomefreakah ok01:58
asacwe use quilt as its most sophisticated and we can use it without cdbs-edit-patch (e.g. which does the same stupid thing as dpatch-edit-patch)01:58
gnomefreakwhen you get time (its not important) take a look at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam and let me know if i am missing packages in the list02:00
asacdon't know what install-flash-player is02:02
asacmaybe drop it from that list02:02
asacunless you know that its still valid02:02
gnomefreakok ill look into it02:08
gnomefreakfeisty was last time it was uploaded02:09
gnomefreakits not in feisty hmmmm02:10
gnomefreakonly flash packages now is gnash and flashplugin-nonfree as none of the others showed up in feisty or gutsy02:14
gnomefreakasac: for granparadiso did you forget to add name and email time and date to changelog?02:19
asacno its just how its displayed in launchpad02:23
asaci explicitily included both changelog entries in changes02:23
gnomefreakah ok02:24
gnomefreaknow our homepage should be up to date02:24
=== DarkSun88 [n=Ma@ubuntu/member/darksun88] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
DarkSun88Hi all02:32
DarkSun88I'm off now.02:32
=== gnomefreak gonna take a break since it is a holiday ;) but it shouldnt be too long as holiday or not i want trunk done
asacDarkSun88: hey ... cya02:51
=== jeromeg [n=jerome@gra94-2-82-66-142-60.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacDarkSun88: pushed03:09
DarkSun88asac: Thanks for upload.03:13
DarkSun88Change I the status of bug as "Fix Committed"?03:14
asacDarkSun88: sorry no idea :) ... i am not the man to ask about exact motu procedures03:24
DarkSun88Ok, sorry.03:24
asacmy bet would be that its released as soon as builds have finished ... but no idea03:24
asacmaybe ask on -motu and let me know :)03:25
DarkSun88Usually, the MOTU changes the status of bug as Fix Committed after to have uploaded the package.03:28
DarkSun88So, change the status. :)03:28
asacso i shall change it?03:28
asacso the sponsor changes it?03:28
DarkSun88Thanks :)03:29
DarkSun88Are you the sponsor of bluekuja, right?03:29
asacyes his mentor03:30
asacactually i don't like sponsoring ;)03:30
asacunless its mozilla related of course03:30
DarkSun88I've read the Andrea's MOTU Application in this days.03:31
asacread is right i guess :)03:32
asacread read read :)03:32
asacread red red03:32
asacthough i might be wrong03:32
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jeromegno it's ok :)03:34
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
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asacgnomefreak: did build go well04:16
=== bluekuja [n=andrea@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
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shirishasac: what is that ubufox , can you tell me something about it?05:29
asacits a package where ubuntu specific tweaks will go05:30
asace.g. for now it ships all preference changes we have05:30
asaclater report a bug menu entry et al will go there05:30
asacthe efford is to bring our firefox closer to upstream05:31
asacso we only carry patches that are prefetched bugfixes from bugzilla05:31
asacpackage ... aka an extension05:31
asacshirish: ^^05:31
shirishasac: ok but this is just good for firefox or also for firefox-granparadiso?05:31
asaccurrently only for firefox05:32
asacmaybe i will develop ubufox for firefox 3 ... which could be installed in-granparadiso then05:32
asacbut not yet in pipeline05:32
shirishasac: one thing though, the description is kinda off for this, maybe you could set it right05:33
shirishDescription: modifications for ubuntu firefox (default) install05:33
shirish Extension package for firefox, that ships various modifications for the ubuntu default install of firefox.05:33
shirish You can uninstall this package if you prefer to use a genuine firefox install.05:33
shirishasac: see you buddy, will be bbl05:34
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam []
asacDarkSun88: thanks05:37
DarkSun88asac: ;)05:38
DarkSun88asac: Your version is *ubuntu2, right?05:39
asacfor xulrunner?05:43
asacdid it fail or what?05:43
DarkSun88asac: Ok.05:43
DarkSun88No no.05:44
DarkSun88asac: Currently building again05:45
asacgood ... ;)05:46
asacfor a secod i felt this pain ... you know ;)05:46
DarkSun88asac: On i386 it's ok.05:58
DarkSun88Waiting for others arch.05:59
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@150.Red-83-44-175.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmfasac: howdy, just stepping in!05:59
hjmfbug 12401605:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124016 in sun-java5 "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12401605:59
hjmfprobably tonight when I'll be back I'll do sun-java6-plugin05:59
hjmfif not then tomorrow morning05:59
=== hjmf will be back at night (hopes)
asachjmf_: great ... thanks06:04
asacprobably upload tonight ... everything else went in already06:04
asacDarkSun88: two architectures failed?06:31
DarkSun88asac: No, three successfully built. :)06:31
asacah ;)06:31
asacgnomefreak: build succeeded?06:34
DarkSun88asac: Last architecture.06:41
=== JenFraggle [n=jen@host86-134-24-44.range86-134.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgone for a few hours07:05
gnomefreakasac: yep it did07:41
gnomefreakasac: are you updating granparadiso or did they not release a tarball for it08:08
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@150.Red-83-44-175.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@150.Red-83-44-175.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
hjmfasac: sun-java6-plugin: bug 12405909:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124059 in sun-java6 "added Xb-Npp-xxx tags accordingly to "firefox distro add-on suport" spec" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12405909:05
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
shirishguys anybody here has firefox-granparadiso?09:13
gnomefreakshirish: what ubuntu and what is the question09:15
shirishgnomefreak: I'm on FF3 alpha 5 & there is no option to save page as a pdf09:16
shirishgnomefreak: wired tells me that this was introduced in FF3 alpha 309:16
gnomefreakdo you have a link for pdf09:16
shirishgnomefreak: look up :)09:16
gnomefreakshirish: wired isnt working on it and you didnt give me link to the pdf09:17
shirishgnomefreak: right, wired isn't working on it, would investigate & report further. They reported it hence thought its there.09:17
gnomefreakshirish: your missing point. not everything happens when it is first said to happen. can i have a link to the pdf please09:18
shirishgnomefreak: I think I must have jumped the gun, there is no link to the pdf atm, I'm trying to find out09:19
=== gnomefreak goes back to work
=== shirish goes back to investigating & finding more about FF3
gnomefreakshirish: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firefox/3.0a3/releasenotes/ doesnt say anything about it09:23
shirishthat's what I got, dunno from where the wired guys got that added.09:24
gnomefreakneither does a1 or a209:24
gnomefreakif you dont hear it from a source that would know be very carefull what you believe, im not saying its not there but its a good chance that it was postponed09:25
shirishgnomefreak: got it, although it would be cool to have that09:27
gnomefreakyeah and its proibly in the windows or mac versions09:30
shirishgnomefreak: will check out l8ter & let u know if its there, as they have moved on alpha 709:32
shirishgnomefreak: another thing, .xpi are not associated with either firefox or firefox-granparadiso, shouldn't they be or are there other apps. (besides archives which can use .xpi)09:38
shirishbesides archive managers like Xarchiver & like09:39
gnomefreak.xpi are different source09:39
gnomefreakthey are not built with firefox (except for lang packs09:40
shirishright, what I was thinking is its just an extension, just like .odt for openoffice.org, so shouldn't they be associated with each other, or is this something that should be done upstream?09:43
gnomefreakis firefox the only ones that use .xpi?09:44
gnomefreak.odt == open office doc  .exe == windows archive(for most part)09:45
gnomefreakshirish: btw afaik both of these are wrong: # Boomarks are now called Places, new menu structure09:47
gnomefreak# Save web pages as PDF09:47
gnomefreakatleast on linux09:47
shirishgnomefreak: wikipedia talks of all mozilla browsers, but 4 other apps. which I don't think have nothing to do with browsers, seems to be similar to the .exe you were stating.09:48
shirishgnomefreak: you are right, bookmarks is known as places & they got that one wrong also, save pages on pdf (isn't even in the alpha 6 release notes also).09:49
gnomefreakand if you look at link they gave you to release notes none of those are stated09:49
gnomefreakand they are behind09:49
gnomefreakim uploading alpha 6 atm they are still on 409:50
shirishwow, you are doing this on ubuntu straight alpha 6 or on debian also09:50
gnomefreakjust feisty atm09:51
shirishI am sure you noticed the wishlist bug I had put yesterday about alpha 609:51
gnomefreakdebian can get thier own09:51
shirishah ok, feisty, on gutsy :(09:51
gnomefreakshirish: nope09:51
gnomefreaki saw alot of bugs yesterday09:51
shirishI'm sure09:51
gnomefreak40+ bugs yesterday iirc09:52
shirishwow, that's a big big triage09:53
gnomefreakno not really09:53
gnomefreakhjm^f does alot more09:53
gnomefreakalot maybe like 100+ a day09:53
gnomefreakwhen he does them09:54
shirishwow, that's quite a lot of bugs09:54
gnomefreakwhen firefox has 500+ bugs you have to09:54
gnomefreakasac: i finally got my first bug on iceape (that i didnt file) and its a damn crash if i had to guess without seeing the debugging info its cario09:55
gnomefreaki guess i can replace old tarball with new one10:02
shirishgnomefreak: enjoy yourself, will be looking forward to alpha 6 whenever its ready to hit gutsy :)10:08
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam []
gnomefreakwhen is sprint week?10:23
gnomefreakalphs6 in feisty preview archives10:26
asacgnomefreak: does trunk build?10:38
asacgnomefreak: does it crash for you?10:38
asacor display wierd stuff on shutdown on console?10:39
gnomefreakso far it built i havent gotten crash in feisty yet10:39
gnomefreakgive me a few minutes to finish email and ill run through a series of tests10:39
asachjmf: i dropped a comment on your java5 debdiff10:39
gnomefreakwtf is wrong with people10:40
asachjmf: in  your java6 diff it locks good though10:40
hjmfasac: ok looking10:40
asacok i am out ... have to arrive really before i can seriously do anything10:40
asac30 minutes i guess10:40
gnomefreakasac: someone replied to your answer on the ML10:40
gnomefreakwe dont work fast enough is how i read it10:41
hjmfasac: bug 123687 is the same problem than bug 11757510:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123687 in firefox-granparadiso "/usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/firefox doesnt run" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12368710:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117575 in firefox "[GUTSY]  Cannot execute /usr/lib/firefox/x-www-browser-bin." [High,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11757510:41
gnomefreakwhy is bug #1 in our bugs :(10:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/110:42
gnomefreakson of a bitch10:43
hjmfyeah gnomefreak :)10:43
gnomefreakasac: this isnt good! and i think it might have been granparadiso in gutsy i tested :(10:43
gnomefreak(Feisty)gnomefreak@GutsyGibbon:~$ firefox-trunk10:43
gnomefreakCouldn't read application.ini10:43
gnomefreakthe patch seems to not have worked10:43
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakno patch maybe ok since i didnt add applications.ini to it10:51
hjmfasac: gnomefreak, I'm not sure if it is the same problem, I think I'm too tired to be productive at this hour, I'll look at it tomorrow evening10:58
gnomefreakanyway in my chroot it doesnt launch crash or anything else except couldnt read applications.ini10:59
gnomefreakasac: did you try granparadiso yet?11:00
asac_sorry had a call11:00
gnomefreakits k11:00
asac_whats the problem?11:01
asac_but let me get something to eat first11:01
gnomefreakok ill be in a nd out11:01
asac_i built granparadiso a6 ...11:01
asac_however its somehow instable11:01
asac_which i refer to cairo11:01
asac_when i shutdown i get crash11:01
asac_100% reproducible11:01
asac_its an assertion crash11:02
gnomefreakcant be any worse than getting Couldn't read application.ini on start up11:02
asac_do you see it in console on trunk?11:02
asac_hmm application.ini11:02
asacgnomefreak do you steill have built directory?11:02
gnomefreaki get that error and it brings me back to prompt11:02
asacits probably just not installed11:02
asacgo to debian/firefox&11:02
asacinside it try to find that file11:02
asacis it there?11:03
asacsomewhere beneath11:03
asacdo a deep search11:03
asacin console like find | grep application.*ini11:03
asacsorry forgot that you are using trunk ;)11:03
gnomefreakfind | grep application.*ini just gives me prompt11:04
asacand if you do that find in build-tree ?11:05
asacmight give you garbage11:05
asacplease just look careful if there is any application.ini in between11:05
gnomefreakthey seem to be in build-tree/mozilla11:07
gnomefreakthere are 4 or so11:07
gnomefreak./browser/app/application.ini seems likely to be the one?11:07
asacdo exist?11:07
asacstupid mob11:08
asacyou see ... its exactly like with our build failure11:08
asacthey give a damn shit about standard way of doing linux build11:08
asacthey just forget to add that file to install:: target11:08
asacas they just don't remember that there is somebody out there who runs make install11:09
asaclets look11:09
asacit should be missing in browser/app/Makefile.in11:09
gnomefreakthey are all there11:09
gnomefreakall the application.ini are there11:09
asacyes ... but not installed, right?11:09
gnomefreakhow would i find out if installed?11:10
gnomefreakthey werent in debian/11:10
asacyeah then they are not installed11:11
asacit looks complicated11:11
asace.g. they just have in that makefile11:11
asacDIST_FILES = application.ini11:11
asacwhich means they have some generic make rule coded for that variable11:11
asacprobably in config/rules.mk11:12
asac(which is where most of their generic make system code lies)11:12
gnomefreaki dont see a config/rules.mk11:13
asacyeah they just coded it and ignored install target11:13
asacits in mozilla/config/rules.mk11:13
asacthats the file11:13
asacsearch for dist_files11:14
asacand you see that they just have a libs:: target for it11:14
asacnothing about install::11:14
asacgnomefreak: do you have orig.tarball somwhere?11:14
asacof what you try to build?11:14
asacand pushed your changes to mt branch or so?11:14
gnomefreakyes the one made with build11:14
gnomefreakasac: already done11:15
asacgood ... where can i get the orig?11:15
asacis it on your server?11:15
asaci have to do a patch for that ... again11:15
gnomefreakgive me a sec ill get link11:15
asacdo you have url at hand?11:15
asacand bzr branch url?11:17
asacsftp of mozilla branch or something11:17
asacthough i should be able to figure out11:17
asachow is the branch called?11:17
gnomefreakdo you want sftp or http11:17
asacjust tell me the name11:17
asacthe rest i can see on my own11:17
gnomefreaktrunk i think11:18
gnomefreakim frozen11:18
gnomefreakcant do anything but type here11:18
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacthere you are :)11:28
gnomefreakbrb strange dog11:29
gnomefreakn-m is borked11:29
asacnm is my realm :(11:30
asaci don't feel good about it11:30
asactomorrow i have to wlan router + usb dongle ... and pray that this works11:31
asacin my lunchtime :(11:31
asacand i need a power adapter for uk11:31
asacgnomefreak: did you push to mt branch?11:33
gnomefreakits not connecting i have to disconnect and reconnect it :( ok whats up with firefox-trunk11:33
gnomefreaki hope so11:33
gnomefreakbzr push sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/trunk11:33
gnomefreakyep i did11:34
gnomefreaklooked with arrow ;)11:34
asaci got it11:34
asaclets see11:34
asacthis might take some time ;)11:34
gnomefreaktake your time11:35
gnomefreakwhen did you adopt n-m?11:35
asacas was voluntold11:35
asaci was11:36
gnomefreaksorry to hear that11:36
asacactually if i don't have enough time i can push it away11:36
asacbut i like the challange11:36
=== gnomefreak wants to know how your gonna fix this issue with it
asacactually i am more a high level programmer and always hated things that have remotely todo with hardware11:36
asacme too :-D11:36
=== gnomefreak here if needed
asac quilt new config_rules_install_dist_files11:38
asacPatch config_rules_install_dist_files is now on top11:38
asacquilt add config/rules.mk11:38
asacFile config/rules.mk added to patch config_rules_install_dist_files11:38
asacok ... now lets fix rules.mk ;)11:38
gnomefreak2 patches?11:38
gnomefreakoh and next time you might want to type that in terminal11:38
gnomefreakplaces menu changed i think11:39
gnomefreakstarting to look alot like windows :(11:39
asacin fox?11:40
gnomefreakno in gnome menu11:40
asacwhat is windowish now?11:41
gnomefreakplaces>Documents and places>bookmarks11:41
gnomefreakasac: problem11:46
gnomefreaki saw this in -devel and i didnt even know we had a middle click patch11:46
gnomefreakasac: bug 12408411:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124084 in firefox "patch dropped: disable middle-click paste" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12408411:47
asacok lets see whats worth this patch11:49
gnomefreakim looking into lost patch maybe we took it out for a reason11:50
asacgnomefreak: rejected11:53
asacits now in ubufox11:53
asacas almost every preference tweak11:53
asaci commented accordingly11:53
gnomefreakasac: i dont think hes gonna like that11:53
asacdoesn't matter11:53
asacits just the smarter way11:54
gnomefreaki agree11:54
gnomefreakgrabbing firefox now so i can merge to mozillateam branch11:54
asacgnomefreak: if he complains ... let me know11:55
asaci have a huge bugmail backlog atm11:55
asacbecause i worked too much on other things11:55
asactime is getting short of getting all my specs implemented11:55
asacand the mobile browser eats time too11:56
asaci want almost all of my specs be done by end of july11:56
asacso i can concetrate on stabilizing and bug fixing till gutsy is out11:57
asacgnomefreak: if there is something serious popping up ... like firefox doesn't run for a bunch of users anymore, please raise11:57
asacotherwise it might go unseen for too long11:58
asacsame for thunderbird ... my picture of thunderbird state is atm a bit too blurry imo11:58
asacgnomefreak: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/config_rules_install_dist_files11:59
asacthats the path11:59
asacits not verified if it fixes it11:59
asacbut i think so11:59
asacbuild still going11:59
asacif you want to prefetch it go ahead11:59
asacand tell me if you want to push this to mt branch or if i should push it12:00
asacjust add to series at the end12:00
asacgnomefreak: now its good ... i uploaded a bogus version12:01
asacyou can pull if you want or wait till i confirmed that it works12:02
asacpull == prefetch the patch from my p.u.c account12:02
gnomefreakill grab it throw it  in and wait12:08
gnomefreakonce you confirm ill build and make sure it works on feisty build (im assuming your doing gutsy) and ill push it12:10
gnomefreaki can use the practice with bzr12:11
asacits your branch12:14
asacgnomefreak: ok ... you have to add application.ini to firefox-trunk.install12:17
asacsame goes for platform.ini ?12:18
asacotherwise the patch looks good12:18
asacif you want i can do the firefox-trunk.install modification12:18
asacbut maybe just try12:18
gnomefreakok i have to add it12:18
asacits /usr/lib/firefox/application.ini12:18
asacand probably platform.ini in same directory12:18
asacjust verify after build if both files are installed in debian/firefox-trunk/usr/lib/firefox/12:19
gnomefreaki dont see application.ini in debian/firefox-trunk/usr/lib/firefox-trunk12:20
asacgnomefreak: look in the patch12:21
asacgnomefreak: it will not be there until you applied patch and build12:21
asacthe patch is to install it there ;)12:21
asacactually it will end up in debian/tmp/usr/lib/firefox-trunk by make install12:22
asacyou have to add that file to firefox-trunk.install to get it installed in package target directory12:22
asac -- which is debian/firefox-trunk/usr/lib/firefox-trunk12:22
asaclike i just said :)12:22
asacgnomefreak: look in the patch ... there is a typo in it12:22
gnomefreakin the config/rules.mk patch?12:23
asacin documentation (in the top) DEST_FILES --> should be DIST_FILES12:23
asacyes its just a documentation typo12:23
asaclook in12:23
asacyou will see12:23
gnomefreakyes i see it12:23
gnomefreakin the comments under --evaluation12:24
gnomefreakok so in debian/firefox-trunk.install i add application.ini and platform.ini right?12:26
gnomefreaklike that?12:27
asacgnomefreak: ok ... please add another documentation line to the patch ... right on top:12:27
asacThis is from:12:27
asac  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38690412:27
ubotuMozilla bug 386904 in Build Config "DIST_FILES and DIST_CHROME_FILES not implemented for install:: target in config/rules.mk" [Normal,New] 12:27
asac  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=27096712:28
asac^^ those three lines ... then add two new-lines before text begins12:28
gnomefreakabove --summary12:28

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